This page is intended to eventually present a very extensive a chronology of my activities at Wikiquote and elsewhere (especially the Wikimedia projects), and other's responses to them, whether positive, negative or non-committal — including very definite and extensively revelatory commentary upon many of my motives and considerations for disclosing or not disclosing much information in the past; as well as some information on related or relevant activities of others as well, whether directly involved in my own activities or not. Other pages relevant to my activities or motives for them are Outrages of October - November 2010, Restorations, Worldsong, Vox Box and 2011 Contentions.


Discovered the predecessor to the Wikipedia project Nupedia online — I was intensely interested in the project as one with eventual potential, but recognized that its modus operandi was far too restrictive to permit it to become a highly important source of information any time soon.


January 2001 — intensely interested in the the emergence of Wikipedia out of the Nupedia project, immediately recognizing that it has the potential and likelihood to rapidly grow to be an important source of information on the internet. Refrained from becoming involved in the project as an editor, but intended to eventually become at least slightly involved with it as Kalki; I might possibly have registered the name sometime during this year or the next, but it seems I definitely did not edit under it until early 2003.


Very pleased with expansion of WIkipedia's usefulness and internet profile. Continue to refrain from becoming involved with it as an editor, though I probably reserved the name Kalki for myself, either this year or very early in 2003.


7 February 2003 : do my first editing as Kalki on Wikipedia; adding to the article on the Cumaean Sibyl, and creating my first article, starting the one on Cumae, one of the places in the world most dear to me, which I explored extensively several times, and passed by on a nearly daily basis for the major portion of many years, and one which was very instrumental in deciding upon Kalki as one of my primary personal identifiers, though I first began using it to some extent, in rather obscure and cryptic ways, at least as early as the age of 4.
27 June 2003 : Wikiquote project is started. Not highly attentive to activities going on with the expansion of WIkipedia, I remain ignorant of that fact until late July or early August.
July 2003 : Decide it is time for me to become much more active on the internet, and to start more strongly and publicly indicate many of the views and attitudes most dear to me. I was intent on creating quote compendiums to provide access to a great many of the most significant quotes of the ages, eventually including a consolidated presentation of many I consider the best of best, to be called Worldsong. I had actually first thought of such a presentation many years before — but I have only recently begun to work upon that particular effort here, starting such a page on 4 April 2010.
Very late July or Early August 2003 : Discover the existence of Wikiquote, register here as Kalki — am quite delighted, and decide not to reinvent the wheel in work on any alternate site, and abandoning many of initial personal and private efforts, turn much of my attention to this worthy project, as well as many others.
11 August 2003 : Edit here and do my first creation of articles here, with Kate Bush and then Walt Whitman.
In accord with guidelines existing at WIkipeda, I create the alternate accounts Moby, and MOBY (openly linked as those of one user) — these accounts inadvertently become deeply involved in disputes with a neo-nazi vandal-troll here and at WIkipedia who is eventually banned from WIkipedia, and I largely abandon the name, as not one I wish to use too extensively, in ways that might inadvertently link it to my primary account as Kalki, and disruptions that might ensue.
1 November 2003 : Many of the quotes I add to pages have become Quotes of the Day, as selected Nanobug, but as there is little activity here, and days go by without selections of Quotes of the Day, I do my first selection of the QOTD as Moby. I follow this on the 7th with my first selection as Kalki, and with the implicit acceptance and later open approval of Nanobug, I continue making most selections from that point on, based entirely upon my own judgment, until I devised the ranking and selection process currently in use, with MUCH help from others in setting it up.
For the first few months I did not endeavor to do daily selections, but eventually start doing this in January 2004:
My first selections for November 2003:
1. God is an Iron ~ Spider Robinson (selected as Moby)
7. Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. ~ Anaïs Nin (selected as Kalki, from this point onward)
12. The Enlightened take things Lightly. ~ Principia Discordia
14. The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs. ~ George Eliot
17. A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct. This every sister of the Bene Gesserit knows. ~ Frank Herbert in Dune
19. One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
24, A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. ~ Mohandas Gandhi
27. If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'Thank You', that would suffice. ~ Meister Eckhart
28. Security is mostly a superstition... Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen Keller


29 January 2004 : I become an admin here (as well as at the earliest multi-lingual incarnation of Wikisource) after the suggestion of Angela (talk · contributions), and with the immediate approval of the only previously existing admin, Nanobug (talk · contributions).
In the early days the spam and vandal fighting tools currently available did not yet exist. I create other alternate accounts, and largely use many of them as vandal fighting disguises — as many of the most prolific spammers and vandals seemed inclined to wait until there was no apparent activity by an admin before launching massive attacks of extensive spamming or vandal activity. I am lauded by others on other projects for my swift and extensive responses to cross-wiki vandalism, and mention a few of my strategies in fighting it, but refrain from mentioning my alternate accounts as one of the means available to me to do this, as this could rather reduce their effectiveness in many regards.
June 2004 : First use alternate account Achilles (talk · contributions), with specific intentions of it being a major alternate account, with a slightly more bold persona than I intended to let "Kalki" seem, in clearly approved ways according to the guidelines then existing for alternate accounts at Wikipedia, permitting the creation of them to prevent harassment or disruptions of one's primary editing identity because of controversies one might get involved with.






6 October 2007 : Jeffq (talk · contributions) One of the most prominent, diligent and well-respected of my fellow admins and extensive co-workers on the Wikiquote project serves proper notice at User talk:Accountability that he suspects some of my accounts, OPENLY created as alternate accounts of Accountability might possibly be accounts of a vandal or troll in preparation for multiple account abuse. I make a rather light-hearted response, feeling far more amused than threatened by such suspicions, and he seems to take my response in kind with light banter of his own. I give some very strong clues and hints as to my primary identity, but don't state it outright, as little would have been served by that. Confrontations with the expectations or presumptions of others that later occured were far less amusing. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 15:15, 10 January 2011 (UTC)


6 July 2008 : Publicly post a small essay "Rumour and Reality" at User talk:Rumour, because of further suspicions which had arisen of my alternate accounts, with MOST of the discussion probably occuring in private emails. This makes a deliberate revelation to some people that Rumour, one of the most notable of my many alternate accounts is actually mine, and openly reveals to anyone interested in the matter that Rumour and Accountability and its openly associated (and therefore rather inert and relatively useless) accounts are all alternate accounts of one user. If the issue had been pressed far more than I wished it to be, I had intended to have Rumour as the primary account by which I would have publicly addressed the issue and controversies which were now beginning to emerge because of my alternate accounts, both here and at other Wikimedia projects. I would have much preferred to NOT have been openly revealed as Kalki (talk · contributions), for my sake, the sake of others, and the sake of many worthy endeavors I have been engaged in for many years, including the Wikimedia projects. That option was later taken away from me with a sudden, unwarranted disclosure of many of my usernames, in what I consider an increasingly concerted effort to discredit me and disregard, deny or denigrate many of the valid and proper ethical reasons for my actions and activities, and to impel me to conform in ways I see no ethical reasons to do, and to reveal things I truly believe it would be very unethical for me to prematurely reveal, to people who have increasingly revealed themselves as overly presumptuous, dictatorial, and intolerant of many forms of innovation and diversity. ~ Kalki 15:44, 10 January 2011 (UTC)




4 April 2010 : create the page Worldsong as a roughly chronological presentation of what I consider to be many of the most significant and interesting expressions of the ages.
23 April 2010 : Though in my own thought processes and many private conversations, I most commonly and regularly refer to all people as angels — in the sense that they are ALL messengers of many forms of significant truth, I also sometimes refer to myself and all others as idiots — in reference to our innately limited capacities to appreciate and honor such facts. In response to increased levels of idiotic vandalism that does not receive an adequate response after several incidents, and no longer having admin tools, I develop a more strongly worded assertion of testimony of the abuses evident on the part of vandals and other idiots of low comprehension, who have not responded to more mildly worded messages. I fully understand that "idiot" is often used as an appropriately intense epithet of condemnation of people who have engaged in contemptible behavior — and certainly do not repudiate its use in such a context, and use it as such, but I have also long used it in a much broader context, whereby even the most intelligent and truly wise of people can be properly and quite safely be called idiots . I have long noted that the most wise of idiots don't much mind being called idiots by other idiots, and often delight in good-naturedly calling each other idiots to keep each other humble, and as actually a show of respect of their strength of character to take little or no offense at such displays of fondness and trust of their ability to transcend any absolutely contemptible implications of the word, while the least wise take intense offense at it, totally immersed in resentment or distaste for its most common connotations. As with other very versatile and often used words, I have also noted that many in the most conniving and hypocritical states of confusion often only take offense at the use of many terms to the extent it is convenient to their own personal aims to do so. Many of these who most strongly object to such words actually go about treating others as infantile idiots who are entirely incapable of developing strength of character and discernment, and must abjectly and absolutely obey them and their pronunciations of judgments — or be severely punished for their defiance of their will and presumptively superior forms of idiocy. I did not so extensively note such things in the comment itself, but I did give some indications of such ideas — and used it quite often for months, with no objections arising from it, and even some mildly amused and respectful responses from those vandals on whom it was used. In November 2010, it was cited as something that should be censured — I do not agree, but I can agree to refrain from using it, until after a period of discussion some acceptable revision of it can be found. Here is the version which existed since 23 April, as of 8 November 2010:

This IP address or username appears to have been used by such an idiot as takes pathetic delight in vandalizing pages of a wiki, and thus someone oblivious, ignorant or even in denial and opposition to some essential truths of Reality. May all such idiots eventually be healed of their time-and-life-wasting delusions, and may all the worst forms of idiocy with which they are afflicted come to be diminished by greater levels of awareness of vitally important truths, through the help of people honest and compassionate enough to humbly and courageously declare their particular forms of idiocy to actually be idiocies, and not charming or admirable ones at all — save to people in various states of extreme idiocy. This message is not intended to be an insult to anyone's intelligence, but rather an indication that I suspect some people might actually have more intelligence and capacity for wisdom than they have thus far exhibited in their actions, and to give notice that if anyone wants to experiment responsibly, they can use the sandbox.

Wikiquote exists for the collecting of notable quotations of famous people and famous works. For a quick overview of what Wikiquote is, read Wikiquote:Wikiquote, and also What Wikiquote is not for a list of common activities that Wikiquote does not support.
Adding patent nonsense to Wikiquote is considered vandalism. When people are not interested in responsibly contributing to the development of the project incidents of their deliberate vandalism can result in their usernames or IP addresses being blocked from editing.
With such honest declarations I am resolved to send what blessings I can, even to some of the more irritating of fools. ~ A fool called Kalki (talk · contributions) 07:44, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

Hidden after the peace symbol is the phrase: "Let there be Peace with Truth, and thus such Honesty, Compassion and general Wisdom as can only grow with respect for Truth."
I could of course make that statement more obvious and easily visible (and perhaps my generally broader use than that of most of the terms "idiot" and "fool" more explicitly apparent in some revision of the message), if that is actually required to prevent it from being construed as being too severe an insult to people's intelligence. I actually consider some people's efforts to totally proscribe such words as "idiot" because of their own very limited comprehensions of their meanings and applicability a far more severe insult or slighting of the intelligence and potential integrity of others. I persist in asserting my right to assert that all people are idiots as well as angels with many forms of truth to deliver to each other in both harsh and gentle ways — and that the most wisely angelic idiots don't seek to constrain others too narrowly to their own inclinations.

Account and IP Blocks of October 2010

Response to an editorial dispute resulted in what I cannot honestly characterize as anything but an extremely improper and unjust block, followed by a rampage of blocks, defamation and destruction, while I was prevented from fairly and adequately responding to the circumstances by both my own involvement in far more important matters, and blocks that prevented me from doing much, even to the extent I had the time to attend to things. I expect it will take months yet to make clear to many some of the extreme violations of actually honorable procedures and protocols which have occurred, as well as disregard for simple fundamentals of common sense and human decency. At the end of this period I hope that no undue animosity remains toward anyone, and that those who will be shown to actually have most violated the trusts and confidences placed in their care will not be too severely scorned or reviled. Some might think it strange or impossible, but I have full confidence that when all is exposed as fully as possible I will not be among these. ~ Kalki 17:17, 4 November 2010 (UTC)
I have preserved an extensive but not a thorough record of the disputes and incidents at Outrages of October - November 2010. After blocking my IP here at WQ, Cirt (talk · contributions), taking advantage of my inability to respond to outrageous accusations and oppressions of my rights as a long established and well motivated editor here, proceeded to have me blocked from editing for an indefinite period at various other Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikimedia commons by implying strongly that I was proven "abuser" of multiple accounts here and elsewhere — which I continue to assert is NOT the case, and has NEVER actually been the case. I have diligently opposed the will and suppositions of a relatively few people, who seem to have supposed that they have the right to issue commands and set policies for others without properly establishing community mandates, merely because of their status, powers and abilities as admins or checkusers. I have used multiple accounts in the past and used them in ways that were never intended to be malicious or disruptive towards anyone, and to claim otherwise is simply a despicable fraud or profound delusion, based upon very little evidence, MUCH ignorance, and avalanches of innuendo and unwarranted surmisals based upon mere suspicions, accusations and a few questionable incidents and accidents that some diligent and apparently rather obssessive investigators found had occured YEARS AGO, among my tens of thousands of edits under various usernames. I assert that even those very few incidents were presented to others in ways deliberatedly designed to make them seem far more "definitely" violations of policies than they actually are, or ever could actually be, and I intend to eventually give far more revealing expositions about the nature of many of the distortions and misrepresentations by others which have occured. I am very convinced, for many definite reasons, that many of the revelations I shall make WILL be severely disruptive to MANY people in MANY ways, and have thus far been very reticent in making them, until certain accomplishments have been made elsewhere, and some dangers and detriments involved in premature revelations of many things have passed, so much as they can ever be expected to within my lifetime. I am in no particular hurry to vindicate myself from all the unjust accusations made against me — but though I have let many falsehoods and extreme distortions stand for a time, I don't intend to let many of them go unanswered by revelations of significant truth beyond this coming year. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 09:44, 10 January 2011 (UTC)


1 November 2010 : I create Restorations in response to massive deletions of material I had originally intended to provide as anonymous or pseudonymous reminders of amusing or profound observations about Reality and Life, much in the tradition of many writers and editors of the past — as I went about my very extensive work of contributing to this project and others, under various names. I create this page to consolidate and restore the actual material that had existed upon these many pages — so that their actual nature can be preserved, for the amusement and edification of others, despite the efforts of some to delete and mischaracterize what they actually were. I had sought to avoid any extraordinary notoriety — others have increasingly insisted in trying to make me seem notorious in a sinister and nefarious way, thus prompting me to present a more extensive account of my actual actions and opinions to the extent I can, and leave it to others to make their own assessments, free of any threat of any retaliatory suppression of their rights to speak their opinions with similar candor, no matter what they might be. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 06:19, 5 November 2010 (UTC)
4 November 2010 : IP blocks exemption granted to my account as Kalki — and for the first time since 13th October I am able to actually communicate on the Wikimedia projects from my home computer, rather than through other computers or devices. Using the opportunity to begin responding to recent incidents and resume normal editing here, I create this page and a page to consolidate a record of what I referred to as the Outrages of October - November 2010.
7 November 2010 : In response to further controversies about some of my activities I decide to create Vox Box to gradually provide some indications of some of my perspectives upon things, that some of my attitudes and the motivations of my actions can be better understood.
18 November 2010 : Create the index page, to provide a complete section list of my talk archives, and other user sub-pages, as well as an extensive overview of pages I have created or done extensive work upon, under various names. I begin this rather tedious process to eventually provide a substantial counterweight to the absurd accusations that a few apparently questionable or suspected incidents or edits that occurred years ago, out of all my tens of thousands of edits, amount to proof of deliberately malicious deceitfulness or other despicable intentions on my part. I do not expect any body of evidence will be sufficient to those most hostile to my contentions, but I have hope that most people who examine the actual facts, many of which have yet to be openly presented, will not be so presumptive of malice or guilt as some have already been.


8 January 2011 : I begin the page imago as a pallete of images available at the commons, easily accessible by myself or others at any location, for use with quotes.
10 January 2011 : I create the page 2011 Contentions to deal with significant disputes and commentary made in 2011.
14 February 2011 : I begin the page α as a pallete of animations available at the commons, easily accessible by myself or others at any location, for occasional use with quotes.
17 April 2011 : Prompted by a recent spate of vandalism here, and many other considerations and concerns, I make a request for a re-acquisition of admin status at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship/Kalki.
23 May 2011 Cirt (talk · contributions) creates a protected page 'User:Kalki/Restrictions" in my user space which I am unable to edit, where he makes a summary in which he characterizes some events of the past in the most absurdly stern and presumptive of ways, and MAKES UP some entirely NEW impositions or threats upon me, regarding any future events — AS IF these punitive fantasies had been endorsed by community sanctions. Beyond being contemptible, I consider it QUITE laughable, and intend to eventually provide more elaborate indications as to why.
Update (2014·02·04): After nearly 3 years in which this deplorable page was repeatedly linked to as "evidence" against me by its creator in various campaigns against me, AS IF it was an actual and official declaration of community consensus, another user brought this matter up at the admins notice board, and several others commented on its impropriety. Prior to this my own occasional objections to it seemed to have been largely ignored, but now, at last, this egregiously skewed and inaccurate assessment of both my actual activities and of this community's activities has been moved by Cirt from my user space to his own. I take this as an indication that he is willing to at least behave a in a somewhat more rational and decent manner, though I cannot pretend to have abandoned my skepticism towards many aspects of his ethical integrity, after so many years of regular hostility towards the proper rights of me and others who might often express ideas he seems hostile to. If it had remained in my userspace, and I was able to edit it, I would have liked to simply been able to point out the falsehoods and distortions evident in it. As it is now in Cirt's userspace I have no inclination to touch it — though in the future, within my own pages and statements, I might more extensively point out some of its misstatements of fact and misuse to abuse me in the past. ~ Kalki·· 09:02, 4 February 2014 (UTC)
27 May 2011 accepted that my nomination was not likely to succeed in the existing state of affairs, and declared that it could be closed as unsuccessful without objection from me.
24 November 2011 : Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the US, created page User:Kalki/Magic as a page to begin to gradually indicate some perspectives on diverse subjects related to the "Magic of Life" involving responsible personal action and respectful regard for the perceptions and limitations of others, as well as ultimate Necessity.


January : The first pages of the year which I create: {Semiotics · Sword · War Horse · Existentialism · Absurdism} include several on subjects of strong significance to me, which I had long intended to start pages for, and consider of vital importance in combatting many forms of ignorance, confusion, presumption and bigotry.
Create a new signature style, some elements I had actually had in mind since my first months here, in 2003 — but only this year have decided to begin to use: Kalki··
14 March 2012 : I once again place a request for adminship at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship/Kalki (2nd request)‎‎


In some ways the span between mid 2012 and late 2013 was one of my least active and involved periods here — for the first time, the AVOIDANCE of the site and disgust at much that has occurred here becomes quite marked in me.


January 17 after combatting hours of vandalization that kept me from constructive edits in recent days, and the prompting of DanielTom (talk · contributions) to do so, I submit another self-nomination at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship/Kalki (3rd request) to restore official adminship here. However things go, I do expect the opportunity to be busier on the site more this year than I was in the last two years. ~ Kalki·· 17:49, 18 January 2014 (UTC)
The above nomination was slated to be closed on the 24th, and was actually closed on the 27th. From the 21st up through the 24th things appeared rather well, despite some rather improper and obvious attempts by Cirt to seek votes against me on other wikis, with 6 votes in my favor, and only 3, somewhat predictably, opposed, though significantly some people had declined to get involved, and Cirt, perhaps believing I did not have enough votes, because I had not gone beyond a 66.7% threshold, unaware that the threshold is 60%, suggested it be closed swiftly on that date and placed notices that it should be. Thus for a time it appeared I might re-aquire adminship, and had it been closed out at that time, I would indeed have become an administrator, and what I consider a long miscarriage of justice in many ways at last ended. It was allowed to remain open and on the 25th one long standing editor and admin declared "reluctant" and "sad" opposition because of "uncivil" attitude and behavior on my partr, which I take refers to the rather vigorous ways I sometimes try to defend and promote Liberty and Justice and Truth rather than accept and constrain myself always to such "polite" conformity as are often deemed the marks of "true civility" by the extremely shallow, naïve or insincere. This still made it a passable nomination, perhaps, and then a couple other people with a relatively few edits here added their objections. And it was closed.
I believe that Time and the weird ways of Wyrd Eternal will eventually reveal how amusing this all is. So IT goes… ~ Kalki·· 16:11, 28 January 2014 (UTC) + tweaks