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Not viewable in all fonts (most are viewable with most modern browsers — but not always in optimal or desirable forms)

☥𓂗𓂖𓂀𓉳𓋠𓊗𓉕☸𓉖𓈌𓇴𓇵𓁿☤♘☥♌⚚☮⚓☺♒♌♒🙏😱👽◍🐚⊙क⎈⚡☠𝄐𝄑☮👼⚔☸♖ ҜⓥⓋ☋☊☉ⓀΨ༜Ẏ♥♡💔 💗 💜 💙

🌈🌀🐴🐰🔱🔌𝍦𐆓∴∵ ⑂ϟ ❽⚑ᖿᖼᖽᖾᏐփ ⩙ ⩗⩘ ∽༜☯♁ ㊌⌘ Ωohm Ω omega Ʊ𐄿𐄺𐄻 𐂂𐂃𐂄𐂅𐀸𓃗𓆙𓍶㊉

✌✌ ䷊Peace ䷋Standstill 凭 🐶犬 kangxi dog /⺨cjk dog

☳ Thunder ☶ Mountain


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