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Social Holistics and Harmony vs Partisan Politics and PolemicsEdit

Images well suited for use with quotes contrasting or comparing Free, Ambiguously Beautiful Harmonies of Justice, Unity, Liberty, and Life itself against mortifying strictures of Authoritarianism, Nihilism, Ugliness, Stupidity, and all manner of Tyranny and Terrorism. Many of the images, words and ideas employed by the first can often be adapted and perverted by the second — but human integrity involves being able to discern the distinct differences in the ways terms, images and efforts are used — not merely the apparent or incidental forces and particular entitiies employed.





Martial Arts and Artlessness: War, Devastation, & DeathEdit





Medical Arts and Artlessness: Healing, Health, and HappinessEdit



Art, History, Legends, Mythology, Folklore and Popular CultureEdit