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Love is our beginning and our end, and in many diverse ways our substance and sustainer, as peculiar manifestations of Eternal Awareness, Life, and Love. In appreciation of this, may such words as these arise from the hearts and minds of many, as awareness and appreciation grow of the beauty and worth of all things, and the worth of ALL which is beyond all things. Thus do we pray:

Ultimate Spirit of Ultimate Love of the Ultimate Presence which abides within all and beyond all creeds and creations, we thank you for all that has been provided in our lives, and may awareness and appreciation of thy True Eternal Grace grow ever greater among many throughout the coming years, increasing the joys and happiness of all humankind.

The imperialist ideology of force, from whatever side it comes, must be shattered for all time.
~ The White Rose ~

A brief exposition of influences of the Wisdom of wizards of many types against the STUPIDITY of those dull dullards who delight in doing harm to others and their proper rights, who often seek to absolutely control and constrain others, primarily or even entirely for their convenience — thus ignoring and violating their proper dignity as human beings — so that they might seem little or nothing more than merely playthings or tools to their own personal whims or partisan ideologies, and thus easily disposed of and denigrated with little to trouble the miniscule and corrupted forms of consciousness and conscience which can long persist in some.

I have started this page on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in the US, 2011·11·24 as a place to gather quotes and reflections on a subject very dear to me, as one I have always appreciated since infancy, and tried to find ways to help others to appreciate more. I expect it shall be a page on which I can provide much explanation of my persectives in coming months and years. For more of what the Magic of Life means and can mean to various people, I would suggest browsing through the thoughts and testimony of many people, with many diverse views on these pages:

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I testify in many ways of the magic of Awareness, Life, and Love — and of respect for Liberty and Laughter as both necessary in any human society, despite the inconveniences such can be to those not discerning of why others should laugh more strongly than they, or others be more free in some ways than they are, or choose to be. Many people can cite the words Justice, Unity, Liberty, Awareness, Life, Love or Truth as desirable things — but often only so much so as are clearly advantageous to themselves — and that is but a show of small faith and small devotion of such people as have but small understanding of these words or concepts. With small understandings and with great they are all such things as people can laugh at — but they can bear the laughter and be all the stronger, and it is ever those who think them ONLY laughable who are most pitiable of all. They are among the most sacred things conceivable, and always shall be.

In testifying of the Magic of Life, and a capacity to be fascinated by many forms of it, I expect to often be counted a fool by many — but I do not mind that, so long as I can help others to find many of the ways to greater awareness and appreciation of those principles of Joyous Universal Love which truly matter most, and permit ever greater harmonies and beauties to be created within the realms of mortal minds.

In testifying to my perceptions of the Magic of ALL Awareness, Life, and Love it is important that I contrast what I call the Wisdom of True Magic which is ALWAYS TRUTH Magic born of LOVE of ALL, and the WILL to BE HONEST and FAIR, to INSIST upon TRUTH, which the great Mahatma Gandhi called Satyagraha or TRUTH-FORCE, in comparison to many forms of Ignorance, Confusion, Stupidity, and EVIL, which I tend to define as the doing of needless harm to others, and many of the ways of DISGUISING evil will and practices to make them seem acceptable and even DESIRABLE to the ignorant and confused. Though the wise will sometimes concede that there are some circumstances when it can seem that some forms of typically EVIL actions actually MUST be done, permitted, or simply cannot be prevented within available circumstances — as FOULER forms of EVIL would likely arise otherwise, there is NO form of deliberately promoting EVIL itself, or the desire to do EVIL things which is ever truly WISE. Many people doubt or deny the truth of this, misguided by the fact that many who fall into foul and evil practices are often quite intelligent, clever, strong, popular and well fortuned in many ways — but to be graced with such generally desirable qualities as these is NOT necessarily to be WISE in knowing how to employ them. To understand what is good and best for oneself, others, and human beings generally, one MUST be aware of MUCH that is EVIL, in order to know how to EFFECTIVELY OPPOSE it, or to simply avoid needless or extremely detrimental forms of conflict or confrontations with it. To understand more of the nature and qualities of EVIL, and how it often attains positions of power from which it can often foully influence or manipulate many, even the wise, I would suggest examining the views of many people with many diverse perspectives, beginning on such pages as these:

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I truly hope and pray that ALL who examine material provided on this project gradually or swiftly can find MUCH that will be BENEFICIAL to their lives, and the lives of others. BLESSINGS TO ALL.

So it goes…

~ Kalki·· ~