It will happen — a seeing
It is the display of B'olon-Yokte'
in a great investiture.
~ Mayan prophecy relating to 21st December 2012 ~

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May it ever be remembered that "Kalki swords" are Kalki's words and they are ever words of Truth that cut deeply and strongly through the lies and deceits and illusions and delusions to which many have grown deplorably addicted. The greatest use of words by the wise are always as weapons against evil and falsehood and error, and as tools used not for purposes of destruction or death, but to find ways to help heal the sick and protect the healthy and in all possible ways, promote vitality rather than harm it.

I first so played with words in such ways as I do now when I was but a very young child and I was always somewhat astounded at the idiotic foolishness of irate fascists who made idolatrous fetishes out of words and even more foolish rules devised with them, and what they believe or insist should be their ONLY meaning and usage or interpretations by others. I was always aware that WHAT words might be used by people was NEVER so significant as HOW they used them in relation to others, and to the general aims and notions of Humanity within Universe and Kosmos.

I love the fact that many can laugh at the fact that our world continues to go on, much like it ever has, and I expect the laughter will actualy grow about things that have and have not occurred this day, in the months to come.

I do NOT expect many of my statements to be easily or soon understood to an adequately satisfactory degree from my perspectives, nor from others. That is one of the perils and frustrations of trying to communicate that which one knows will take a greater deal of time and effort than can immediately be made plain through limited and limiting but necessary words and systems of semiotic associations.

I have smiled a lot today, busy with many things I believe will eventually be of benefit to others, despite the sorrow and distress that still abound because of so much past and present nonsense and foulness. I had originally intended to place some of these statements and many others elsewhere, but after doing a bit of work at other places, I decided I would add a bit more here today, to clarify a few things, and mystify a few things in an amiable way.

What I currently intend to do on this page is to gradually present many indications of truth in ways which I believe can and will provide rich examples of the complexities of malleable impressions which abound in anyone's life, and eventually enlighten at least a few people as to the perils of presumptive judgement, and the merits and wisdom of encouraging provisional assessments and decisive actions well warranted by circumstances of crises, and yet not based upon or motivated merely by common or popular prejudices and presumptions. I intend to be meticulously honest about all I state here, as I usually am, to the consternation of others, but I seek to make it very clear that I expect much of the true information I provide will leave many with false or extremely faulty impressions about many things, until further indications are provided. I also expect that in at least a few instances, the more genuinely true and honest information is provided, the more difficult it will be for some to believe it, or even to properly understand it, until much stronger evidence or proof is delivered than could immediately be provided.

I do not want people to take me or anyone else too seriously when we are obviously ignorant or confused, and I do not want any of us to be taken too lightly when we are well informed and concerned about all the forms of ignorance and confusion which abound around us.

Though I believe I am certainly competent in using what others might consider more substantial tools as well as extraordinary clever or simple procedures to cultivate good results, my primary equipment in most my experiments and adventures in life have been a very broad base of knowledge to fuel and feed my expansive imagination and further develop my extensive experiences, memories, conceptions, provisional theories and operative models relating to Reality and many diverse modes of progress, retreat, stabilization and promotion of Justice, Unity, Liberty and Joyous Universal Love.

I believe that nearly all who are wise and well informed on matters relevant to me and my concerns will eventually have a good strong laugh at those pathetically paranoid and wretched fools who believe that any forms or manifestations of Kalkisword or the primary tools of my allies, friends and fellow angelic idiots are meant to spill blood or do harm or even kill and destroy any form of beautiful Awareness, Life, Love, Liberty or pursuits of happiness. Rather they exist to enlighten and amuse the soul, and prevent many a foul death, destruction or deceit from appearing as necessities to the extremely ignorant and confused.

I confess that some of the words we must sometimes use can and will puzzle and alarm and do harm to some, primarily BECAUSE of their confusions about many things, but that is certainly NOT the primary intention or aim of WE who wield them, and we only send forth the most dangerous, destructive or lethal of words and deeds out of our wills when there appear to be no other choices available than to do such harm as we can to some, to prevent such greater harm as others are inclined to do.

Remember this fellow Absurdist Libertarian Mystics, Artists, Scientists, Warriors and Magicians of various sorts — and all other helpers and healers of Life who might eventually study many of my methods, strategies and accomplishments in dealing with major and minor fascist idiocies of absolutist judgement, authoritarian tyranny and nihilistic terrorism in all their various guises:

No matter what your particular inclinations in regards to credible or incredible creeds or faiths apart from or beyond all creeds, though we must always respect the truly necessary rules and demands of any circumstances or situations, it is NOT our duty or obligation or inclination to inform fascist idiots of all of our actual or potential capabilities in relationship to ANY thing we do or attempt, but we will generously provide them some information, when we truly believe it can be helpful to them and to others, without extreme risk of being misused in extreme ways to the detriment of Humanity.

Though I know that in writings I often can sound overly harsh and unjustly derisive or even denigrative when I am actually more amused than angered, and calmly serene when I am actually rather distressed and frustrated, I truly do seek to eventually give much more accurate and thorough details about many things here, which I believe can provide a much needed restorative and corrective dose of wisdom, though certainly not a complete panacea for all the ills that ail us.

ALWAYS BLESSED BE ALL who abide with patience and devoted efforts to DO GOOD. This has been a mostly amusing and busy and inspiring day for me, and certainly has not been the final END of this little world we continue to laugh in, live in, and love. ~ Kalki·· 23:11, 21 December 2012 (UTC) + tweaks

When all's said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it's not so much which road you take, as how you take it.
~ Charles de Lint ~

    ⨀ Kalkisword ⨀

The realization that life is absurd and cannot be an end, but only a beginning. This is a truth nearly all great minds have taken as their starting point. It is not this discovery that is interesting, but the consequences and rules of action drawn from it.
~ Albert Camus ~

There are many forms and aspects of Awareness Life, and Love I consider vitally important for human happiness and progress, and beyond the normal and familiar forms of personal and social awareness, which are very richly beautiful in many ways, I value even richer forms of Kenotic Awareness, which permits a mystical transcendence of many personal or social concerns, and perceptions beyond many forms of illusion and delusion associated with them, without rejecting or scorning any aspects of them in irrational or detrimental ways. Many aspects of such awareness will be difficult to INDICATE to those who have not clearly or extensively EXPERIENCED it — but I intend to make some attempts to clarify what I mean by it in coming days and weeks and months.

Kenosis does not require the embrace or rejection of any particular creeds or formulas, nor any less definite and fixed forms of faith, belief or science, it simply requires a capacity to realize there ALWAYS IS, always has been and always WILL be MORE at work and at play within REALITY than can ever be apparent to mortal minds, and a willingness to embrace many diverse and vital virtues, especially the crucial core of Humility, Courage, Honesty and Compassion. These are to varying degrees present in everyone, but human potentials for realizing them are often corrupted and obscured by many forms of ignorance and confusion and other detrimental conditions of intellectually, emotionally and spiritually poor and decaying environments. Since early childhood I have found many of the profound insights of many forms of Absurdism to be a major remedy to many of these things — but I realize that NO form of absurdism or ANY other form of philosophy is totally reliable or incorruptible, though some forms of it are among the least corrupted, corruptive and corruptible philosophical stances I am familiar with, and even some of the worst are are far less repugnant to me than nearly any form of adamantly bigoted and intolerant absolutism or authoritarianism or extremely cynical or ignorant forms of relativism, nihilism or anomie. As an absurdist, I recognize MANY forms of innate paradox at work at ALL levels of perceivable Reality, and though I certainly accept there can be Absolutes of different types and generally reliable Authority — I do not and cannot accept the absurdly naïve belief that there IS or CAN be any absolutely reliable expressions or INDICATIONS of such between mortal minds — only more or less accurate approximations and evocations. KNOWING this there can be an acceptance and forgiveness of many inevitable errors, as well as a determination to minimize the worst of them, rather than ignore or deny their likelihood or existence. ~ Kalki··

The absurd … is an experience to be lived through, a point of departure, the equivalent, in existence of Descartes' methodical doubt. Absurdism, like methodical doubt, has wiped the slate clean. It leaves us in a blind alley. But, like methodical doubt, it can, by returning upon itself, open up a new field of investigation, and in the process of reasoning then pursues the same course.
~ Albert Camus ~
We are, the great spiritual writers insist, most fully ourselves when we give ourselves away, and it is egotism that holds us back from that transcendent experience that has been called God, Nirvana, Brahman, or the Tao.
What I now realize, from my study of the different religious traditions, is that a disciplined attempt to go beyond the ego brings about a state of ecstasy. Indeed, it is in itself ekstasis. Theologians in all the great faiths have devised all kinds of myths to show that this type of kenosis, or self-emptying, is found in the life of God itself. They do not do this because it sounds edifying, but because this is the way that human nature seems to work. We are most creative and sense other possibilities that transcend our ordinary experience when we leave ourselves behind.
~ Karen Armstrong ~