User:Cirt/Kalki Restrictions

  1. October 2007 - Jeffq (talk · contributions) notices a sock account of Kalki that created multiple other sock accounts.
  2. July 2008 - Three local checkusers at en.wikiquote and a WMF Steward investigated Kalki's socking.
    • Kalki was warned by a Wikiquote checkuser to stop socking. Kalki did not agree. (per summary by Aphaia diff)
  3. February 2009 - Kalki restarted new socking activity.
    • Kalki was asked by Aphaia and Wikipedia Checkuser Thatcher for an explanation and to stop socking.
    • Kalki chose not to respond to this request. (per summary by Aphaia diff)
  4. November 2009 - Investigation by FloNight (talk · contributions) into socking and sockfarms maintained by Kalki.
  5. December 2009 - Kalki was desysopped, after an investigation which revealed socking including a massive sockfarm of over 200 sock accounts.
  6. October 2010 - Kalki was blocked for one week, for socking and disruption. When asked, Kalki openly refused to stop socking.
    • This block was reviewed by another admin, Aphaia (talk · contributions).
    • Aphaia declined the unblock review of the block on Kalki. diff
  7. November 2010 - Kalki is restricted to one account. This is as per result of community imposed restriction proposal, from Village Pump. diff
    • The adopted restriction is:
      • Kalki be allowed to edit only with the account User:Kalki.
      • Any violations of the above can result in a 3 month block.
      • Further transgressions, result in blocks of increasing severity (perhaps 6 months, 1 year, indefinite).