Reason will not decide at last; the sword will decide.
The sword: an obsolete instrument of bronze or steel,
formerly used to kill men, but here
In the sense of a symbol.
~ Robinson Jeffers ~
Long live freedom and damn the ideologies.

~ Robinson Jeffers ~
I am also Achilles at Wikipedia. For other past comments and dialog see : Achilles Archive I

I wield words and I wield a weird sword of the Wyrd called Awareness.

The Sword of Awareness is the Sword of Life and the Sword of Ultimate Love. Like the Light from which it is formed, and the darkness by which it is tempered and honed, it kills none and destroys only ignorance and confusion, by which the ignorant and confused seek to intimidate and control each other with ever fouler paths of error and ever deeper pits of stupidity. The Sword of Awareness liberates the mind from such foolish games, and radiates a light by which even the blind can often come to see. ~ Achilles 20:20, 22 March 2009 (UTC)Reply

This is one of the openly revealed accounts created by Kalki (talk · contributions) ~ Taliesin 00:53, 12 November 2009 (UTC)Reply

This was one of the accounts I created, with one intention of it being a means of contributing some quotes of a sometimes far harsher but valid perspective than I generally promote, and occasionally venting my temper at certain situations, with honest expressions of anger and outrage, without doing so as an identified administrator, because I felt I could speak much more freely about some things, without burdening myself, the project or such people as I might speak to with any indication that I was also an admin here. Aphaia (talk · contributions) actually asked me to become an admin at one point, under this name and I immediately and firmly declined, as I had no actual need to have more than one account here with admin status, and have never sought to provide any of my various names other than Kalki with anything more than a status as a productive and well trusted user. ~ Taliesin 00:53, 12 November 2009 (UTC)Reply

Be Aware

Wyrd Musings of a Warrior Poet :

Be Aware.
New Dawns approach.
When the Comet shines forth
From the Heart of the Lion,
Then shall come a Great Awakening.
The Great Sword
Severing past from future is ever present,
And ever here,
And ever every where —

Ever meaningful,
Within and beyond the realms of Time.

Slowly the Greatest Light grows brighter
Amidst enlightened Lightnings
And Thunderings of the Soul.
The Silence of Quietude persists even amidst the storms
And the Light shines bright
Even amidst the deepest darkness
To those with minds to see.
The Great Noontide is ever NOW
And ever one with the Midnight reflections.
There is never separation by Time or Space
From the One Eternal Spirit.

It is ever thus,
Though much be hidden from the ignorant and confused.

Refracted and reflected amidst the Light
The fragments testify of the Glories of the Whole.

The harmonies increase.
The World Song shall slowly grow mightier
And be made plain
As the World Storm whirls
And weird words of the Wyrd Eternal
Gather new meanings.
There are no true commanders.
There are only Leaders
In the ways of Virtue, Truth and Grace.
The Time is NOW to begin to understand.
Be Aware.

Within The Hidden Heart

The Hidden Heart of ALL
Shines every where
For those with minds to see.
Its Energies and Potentials are Limitless and Real
Beyond all the imaginings of mortal minds.

Now and For Ever

Now and for Ever,
The time has come
For Awareness of what NOW is True.
The secrets of the Heart remain in the Heart
Yet they shine brightly and beautifully
And soon shall come the times
When all with minds to see
Shall truly see.
And the glories of these minds
Shall shine forever
Across the Universe.

A Sword Shines

A Sword of Light shines ever bright
As words shine ever brighter.
Testifying of the Lore of ALL.
Swords of dark ill will penetrate flesh deeply
Seeking to end lives and their testimony, forever.
Yet it forever fails to destroy the Soul.
And from the wounds of many a sword of spite
Emerge even greater swords of Light.
The Sword of Truth
Ever wielded by Righteous
Is such a Sword as never fails to find it's mark.
No matter how deeply its aims be hidden
It will find its way.
Within Eternity, it will be
The Ultimate Tool of Victory.
It is a sword as draws no blood,
And ends no life, but rather
Puts an end to deathly fears of death
And gives birth
To ever greater Awareness of ALL.
Awakenings come
Amidst many forms ignorance,
But Truth ultimately
Shall prevail, and
Does prevail,
With LOVE.



Hi, Achilles, would you like to consider to be a sysop? You are one of most active and experienced editors here, submitting many good quotes and caring for the maintenance. You know to pay attention to other editors (I'm inpressed by your comment to RPickman). If you would like me to nominate you as a candidate at Wikiquote:Requests for adminship, please reply me here. Of course it will be welcome that you nominate yourself ;-) --Aphaia 05:32, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for the inquiry as to my interest, but for now I will decline. The existing group of sysops seem to be doing a fine job, and I might occasionally prefer to be a bit more blunt or harsh with some people than might be proper for someone speaking in any "official" capacity as representative of the project. I plan to remain active here on at least an intermittent basis, and check things out, but I probably shouldn't be relied upon to be constantly involved. ~ Achilles 18:31, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)
Thank you for your reply - or replies. Also your applause for our activities. It is sorry now you would like to decline. Seriously I think the number of administrators on this project is not enough keep it in a proper way. There are almost 500 users per a sysop; avarage is 200-250 users and there is already a heap of deletion candidates, though Kalki have been doing a good job. As for "representation" your idea is a bit surprise for me ;-) If I would have shared this idea, I wouldn't have accepted the recent nomination. And I would like to add I am known with my blunt, hasty and bossy attitude ;-) I can call my friends to evident my bluntness *g And since you are more active than I, so from this view you are more appropriate to represent this project than I in my humble opinion.
Anyway I would like you to know I admire always your fine work. You submit many good articles I have read with a great joy! :: Chers, --Aphaia 19:33, 2 Apr 2005 (UTC)