Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Season 2

second season of the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated television series

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Many Unhappy ReturnsEdit

Episode 2Edit

Todd ScoutsEdit

Goyles, Goyles, GoylesEdit

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Flushed, but Never ForgottenEdit

Lair GamesEdit

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Breaking PurpleEdit

Repairin' the BaronEdit

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The Hidden City JobEdit

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Always Be BrowniesEdit

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Tales of the Hidden CityEdit

Mikey: Hidden City zoo?
Leo: Oh, luxury resort.
Donnie: Battle Nexus.
April: Oh, Witch town!
Raph: Alright, we melt down are listed 200 activities. I don't wanna spend my whole thing in the Hidden City voting, so I say we each do our own thing.
All: Bye

Episode 8Edit

Raph's Ride-AlongEdit

Donnie vs. Witch TownEdit

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Hidden City’s Most WantedEdit

Bad Hair DayEdit

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Fists of FurryEdit

The Clothes Don't Make the TurtleEdit

Battle Nexus: New YorkEdit


Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless MindEdit

Part 2: Shreddy or NotEdit

Splinter: Everybody, out!
All: WHAT?!
Mikey: I wanna hang out with Gram-Gram!
[Splinter karate chops their foreheads]
Splinter: NO! GRAM-GRAM NEEDS QUIET!! Sorry.

Shredder: You demand my attention.
[Shredder strains and yells as he breaks free of the chains on Mikey's kusari-fundō, throwing him, Raph and Donnie off their feet. Now wide-eyed, Mikey looks up at Shredder in horror around his destroyed weapon]
Shredder: And you have it!

[The lair is engulfed in orange and pink flames! Mikey is thrown back. Leo turns to see Shredder and attacks. He creates a portal but is back where he started. Shredder lands behind Leo and grips the blade in his hand]
Shredder: Enough of that! No more escape!
[Shredder bends the blade and breaks it, much to Leo's dismay]
Leo: My ōdachi!

[Raph gapes then glares as he puts his tonfās in Shredder's mouth, causing him to crunch them and leaving him holding the handles]
Raph: My tonfās!

Splinter: What happened to Karai?

Part 3: Anatawa HitorijanaiEdit

Part 4: RiseEdit

[With the people finally free, the whole world is at peace]
Splinter: My family, I am proud of each and every one of you. You're no longer children, you're true heroes. It wouldn't surprise me if someday someone made a movie about you.
[The Turtles grin, striking poses. Splinter pops up near the camera and points at Leo]
Splinter: Oh, and blue, you're the leader now.
Leo: Wait, what?
[Raph is shocked because he's been demoted as Mikey screams]

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