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American military drama/police procedural fictional television series (2003-)
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NCIS (2003–present) is a CBS network television series about a team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service that investigates any crime involving personnel or dependants in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

JAG Pilot Episodes edit

  • Before being launched as its own series, NCIS was featured as a 2 part episode in Season 8 of the Series JAG

Ice Queen edit

Ducky: Agent Blackadder reminds me of a young woman I autopsied once.
Gibbs: [looking at the body] When'd she die?
Ducky: Oh, gosh, in Hollywood. Let's see, it's got to be at least 20 years ago. She was an assistant film editor and the film editor's wife caught them in flagrante delicto--
Gibbs: [interrupting] This one, Ducky. When did this one die?

Gibbs: Cause of death?
Ducky: Well, it wasn't the arrow.

Tony: [referring to the Caf Pow] Is that number 2 or 3 today?
Abby: If you must know, it's number 4.
Tony: [holds up evidence bag] I brought you a present.
Abby: [smiles] And you wonder why you're still single.

Tony: You redecorating?
Abby: I thought I'd brighten the place up a bit.
Tony: You take these?
Abby: Yeah, that's a cross section of what a 12 gauge did to an L3 to L5.
Tony: Shotgun-shattered backbone?
Abby: Ya, the middle one there is a cross section of an icepick to a cerebellum.
Tony: [grimaces, then looks at another picture] Duodenum?
Abby: Yeah; I like to call it "Duodenum with a lye chaser". It's a sad end of a Drano drinker.
Tony: You need to get out more, Abby.
Abby: Is that an invite?

Abby: [lifting a fingerprint for the victim's car] Let your fingers do the talking. [to Tony] Why'd they tow it?
Tony: It was abandoned in a lot at Great Falls. Any of those finger prints big enough to be a man's?
Abby: Yep. Whoever was riding shotgun.
Tony: How fast can you run 'em?
Abby: Usually about 12 hours, but for dinner...
Tony: Get me an ID in two, and I'll make it Cafe Alantico.
Abby: Sweet.

[Gibbs and Rabb are in the interrogation room at NCIS headquarters]
Gibbs: You're more comfortable asking questions than you're answering them.
Rabb: Guess I'm not used to being a suspect.
Gibbs: Suspect? You said you were a suspect. Have I read you your Article 31 rights?
Rabb: No you haven't. Which means you're playing a very risky game, Gunny.
Gibbs: I'm not smart enough to play risky games with a lawyer of your caliber, Rabb.
Rabb: That's Commander Rabb. Or Commander. Or Sir, Gunny. I believe as a reservist, you're still technically in the Marine Corps.
Gibbs: [calmly] I'm an NCIS special agent. I don't have to salute you or "sir" you or give you any military courtesy. But you know that. So who's playing the games here?

[Vivian is reading Rabb his rights]
Rabb: I know my Article 31 rights, and I waive them.
[she continues reading them]
Rabb: I said I waive them.
Gibbs: She used to be FBI.

Meltdown edit

Rabb: There are enough holes in this case to raise reasonable doubt.
Lt. Cmdr. Coleman: There is also enough evidence to tie you to the murders and a string of witnesses. Your colleagues will testify to angry words between you and Lieutenant Singer right up to the time of her death.
Rabb: Well, it could be worse, I guess.
Coleman: How?
Rabb: I could not have an alibi.
Coleman: [in annoyance] You have an alibi?
Rabb: No.

[Ducky is telling his findings in court]
Major McBurney: What else did you discover?
Ducky: On her left buttock, I found a tattoo of a stalking leopard. Majestic. Brilliant. I've only seen one other like it: on a tango dancer in Buenos Aires who died of dehydration. I was on sabbatical at the ti--
McBurney: [interrupts] Doctor, I was asking about Lieutenant Singer.
Ducky: She wasn't in Buenos Aires...

Coleman: Doctor isn't it possible that the LT's injuries were a result of an accidental fall?
Ducky: [very seriously] Well the railing is very high. It's quite unlikely. Unless the LT's unconscious body levitated and dropped over the side. I've heard--
Coleman: [cutting him off] Thank you Doctor.

[after finding Commander Rabb's name on the hat]
Abby: If the hat does fit, you can't acquit.
[both lawyers give Abby a funny look]
Abby: Oh, come on; one of you would have said it if you had thought of it first.

Vivian: I'm sorry, I almost blew it.
Gibbs: [disapprovingly] Almost?
Tony: I still like you.

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