NCIS (season 17)

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Out of the Darkness [17.01]Edit

Ziva: This is the only path that will lead me back to Tony. Back to my Tali. I will find Sahar and I will kill her.

Ziva: Do not count your crocodiles before they hatch.

Gibbs: If you go outside the law, you will lose who you are.
Ziva: You don't know who I am.
Gibbs:(exasperated) You think I don't know?! What you asked me on the bus, the answer is yes, Ziva. Yes I would do anything to have one more minute with my daughter. But it doesn't matter, Ziva. She's gone!
Ziva: I was not talking about Kelly. I was talking about me! They reported my death and you did not question it. You did not come looking for me. You abandoned me!

Into the Light [17.02]Edit

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