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NCIS: New Orleans is an American police procedural television series, which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2014. The series aired in the 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays timeslot following NCIS during Seasons One and Two. Since Season Three the series airs in the 10:00 p.m. timeslot on Tuesdays.

Pilot: Crescent CityEdit

Part 1Edit

Gibbs: Anything I can do?
Bishop: Uh, it's pretty self-explanatory, really.
Gibbs: Did you check to see if that little gizmo there is attached to that other giddy-bop?
Bishop: Mmm. Not yet. You think that'll do it?
Gibbs: If you spit on it. Sometimes that works.
Bishop: All right.
Tony: Oh, come on!

Vance: Special Agent Barkley is sending additional manpower to Louisiana to assist. An interrogation expert, to be exact.
Pride: Don't need one. Agent Lasalle and I can question suspects just fine.
Vance: Recent flaws in your technique would suggest otherwise.
Pride: I only punched that XO once.
Vance: Once was enough.

Wade: Pride. The damn FBI burst in here claiming McLane is solely their jurisdiction. They just carried him out of here like an overstuffed sack of potatoes.
Pride: Who was it, Loretta?
Wade: Agent Doyle and her flying monkeys.

Gibbs: How's your love life, DiNozzo?
Tony: Huh?
Gibbs: You still seeing the secretary?
McGee: He means Andrea.
Bishop: Andrea. Hmm. Who's Andrea?
Tony: Andrea. Oh yeah. Yeah. She's uh, I mean, it's kind of on an as-needed basis.
Pride: Friends with benefits?
Gibbs: Yeah well those aren't benefits like dental insurance.

Speakman: Elected officials need to be strong. McLane was anything but.
Pride: I think you're being a little disrespectful.
Speakman: I think he deserved it.
Gibbs: Uh oh.

Part 2Edit

Wade: This town really gets into your DNA. I flew out here for a visit in 97. Still got the return ticket. I know folks die the same here as anywhere else, but in New Orleans, most people depart with a good heart and a whole lot of soul.

Brody: You always start your mornings in a bar?
LaSalle: This is New Orleans. Might be daylight but the evening's still young.

McGee: It's a voodoo doll that looks just like you, right down to the insincere grin. What's the note say?
Tony: Little Tony will bring you good luck and happiness. That's not funny. There's nothing funny about voodoo, ever since I saw "Live and Let Die" when I was a kid.
McGee: It's a doll. It's a stuffed toy.
Tony: So was Chucky.

Lamar: Found your card. You're a long way from home, baby.
Brody: How old are you?
Lamar: Old enough to make a deal. These eyes don't lie. Something the other night woke me up.
LaSalle: Yeah, what time was that? 7:00?
Lamar: Shut up, tool. I look out the window. Girl that got in the car never got out.
Pride: Somebody in there with her?
Lamar: Yeah, but I can't recall what he look like. Maybe Andrew Jackson could help me remember.

Pride: There's things you trust when you live in Louisiana. Trust the river will rise, people will rise to the occasion, no matter what the challenge. Trust the rain will never stop pouring, the drinks will never stop flowing and music will never stop playing. After all the hell you go through living here, you trust in God almighty, and you trust in friends and family. All those years, the man I call my brother was living a lie and I took it, hook line and sinker.
Gibbs: You know the truth now.

Season 1Edit

Musician Heal Thyself [1.1]Edit

Pride: Something… might have happened to Calvin. Something bad.
Parks: But you’re not sure
Pride: I’m not sure
Parks: Only two things I ever loved in this life. Calvin and jazz. Going to hold on tight to one, and pray I haven’t lost the other.

Pride: All I’m saying, where you lay your head in this city defines you.
Brody: Okay so where do I go if I want to be defined by a full night’s sleep?

Pride: Don’t ever go into politics, Christopher. All of a sudden your definition of good and evil becomes defined by how many votes it gets you.

LaSalle: You present yourself all buttoned up, but you’re an odd bird, Brody.

Pride: Go grab your coat and hat. We’ll take a walk. We’ll talk.
Parks: I got nothing to say, old friend.

Carrier [1.2]Edit

Pride: Let me re-phrase the question. Why did the sailor cross the road?
Wade: Let me re-phrase the answer. The sailor crossed against his will. Something made him do it. Now he's dead.

Pride: Talk to me Loretta.
Wade: Steinbeck.
Pride: Pardon?
Wade: Gone are the days when people died of working too hard in the field. And old age was a legitimate medical diagnosis. I bring up Mr. Steinbeck because those were simpler times. Now it's all about peeling back the layers. Cases like this are mysteries, wrapped in complex enigmas.

Vance: Pride, it's clear we need to contain the situation fast. If word gets out, a city-wide panic would be just as deadly as the plague itself.

LaSalle: Brody you've been a big help. Pride and I want you to know we kind of like having you around. There's been way too much testosterone in this office for too long.
Brody: Well, you two know I needed a change. Guess I got lucky.

Brody: It really smells awful in here.
LaSalle: Smells like stupidity to me.

Breaking Brig [1.3]Edit

Pride: Why they pay you the big bucks.
Sebastian: Well not exactly Daddy Warbucks. Then again, better than a barista at Starbucks.
Pride: Just take the compliment, kid.

LaSalle: You don't worry much about cholesterol do you?
Addie: I try not to worry about anything, LaSalle. You only live once. You might as well enjoy it while you got it.
LaSalle: Don't mind if I do.

Pride: Help me out, Gibbs. Need to know what was in Babakov's interrogation file.
Gibbs: Heavily redacted?
Pride: That's why I'm on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. Anything that's there I need to know. You got to read me in on it.

Vance: You disobeyed a direct order, Agent Pride, which puts us in the dark. We've no clue what intel Nash compromised or who Babakov was selling it too. Needless to say there's fallout. Both the CIA and SecNav want an internal investigation.
Pride: With all due respect, Director, you want me to make a choice between a traitor and one of my own, I'll take the shot every time. You want my badge, you know where to find me.

LaSalle: Can I ask you a question?
Addie: Shoot.
LaSalle: Why haven't we....
Addie: Dated? You know that's funny, because I was just asking myself the same thing.
LaSalle: Come up with anything?
Addie: Cause in about two seconds we'd be broken up. Crossing paths at work and that would just be....
LaSalle: Uncomfortable.
Addie: Bingo.

The Recruits [1.4]Edit

Wade: Sebastian's a connoisseur of conspiracy theories.
Sebastian: Well they're not conspiracies, okay? They're discernments. Just wait until I show you how the fake moon landing fits in with why we haven't found Bigfoot yet.

Wolf: We fought cause I called his girlfriend what she is: a whore.
Brody: This her?
Wolf: That's her. Natalie..someone. Two words: hook-er.

Brody: What's going on in there?
LaSalle: Chill and spill. Chill out over food, spill what you know.

Pride: Alright. I'll speak to Blake's Master Chief, find out more about Blake and that mission in Somalia.
LaSalle: King, you know how SEALS don't like anyone poking in their business. Especially NCIS.
Pride: I'll use my gentle face.

Sebastian: Ballistic fingerprinting began when scientist Alexandre Lacassagne matched an individual bullet to the inside of a gun barrel. He realized that the imperfections inside made every gun unique and special. Not unlike the imperfections of a snowflake.
[Softly, with a nostalgic look in his eye]
Sebastian: Or a toddler with a large nose whose mother still loves him.
[Brody and LaSalle exchange looks]
Sebastian: Right. Moving on.

It Happened Last Night [1.5]Edit

LaSalle: Great storyteller. I mean he tells me a beauty.
Brody: About?
LaSalle: About you.
Brody: Well a - I don't have anything to hide. And b - you should mind your own damned business.
LaSalle: Well a - everyone has something to hide. And b - he offered it up. I didn't even have to ask. And c - since you don't seem to like to divulge, I was all ears.

Wade: I broke up with James.
Pride: Why?
Wade: He was too interested and available for my tastes.
Pride: Since when is available a problem?
Wade: He's never been married, Dwayne. Any man his age who has never made a serious commitment, sends up red flags.
Pride: Loretta - you're his age. You've never been married either.
Wade: This is why I like the dead. They don't call me on my hypocrisy.

Pride: Bad timing?
Sebastian: Oh, not at all. I was just trying an experiment in weight distribution. Someone once said to me "always expect the unexpected". Unfortunately it was my urologist and that is not someone you want to hear that from.

Morgan: That's Jessica Flint, biggest gossip in uptown. You would think that between her husband having an affair and her gambling issues, Jessica would be more discreet. I work at Harrah's; I deal blackjack. I see that woman there all the time.
Brody: So much for minding your own business.

LaSalle: You never played mailbox baseball?
Sebastian: I grew up in the city. The only mailbox was in the lobby of our building. That would have been awkward.

Master of Horror [1.6]Edit

Watch Over Me [1.7]Edit

Wade: No matter how quiet and gentle a soul, you get 'em behind a wheel and suddenly they revert to the most base and primal.
Pride: I know - I've driven with you!

Oscar Randolf: But the truth is, the technologies we develop are the cutting edge. They're worth killing for. A fact we're admittedly quite proud of.

Patton: Bio track is the purest fusion of biology and electronics. There's a whole branch of tech devoted to craziness just like this. It's all the rage with guys like me.
LaSalle: Hackers like you.
Patton: Investigative computer specialists. Too legit to quit.

Pride: How you doing with Wilson's computer?
Patton: Oh, I'm into it. I'll tell you what. This puppy is buttoned up tighter than a... very... tightly... buttoned up puppy. [pause] Okay, I got lost in the middle of that one.

Sebastian: Afternoon... friends.
Patton: Mr. Lund.
Sebastian: Mr. Plame.
Patton: How's my favorite conspiracy theorist doing?
Sebastian: I prefer the term creative realist.

Love Hurts [1.8]Edit

Martino: I've never heard of Drayer, but, I mean, that doesn't mean anything-- military Web sites are targets for lots of groups. Think this ties in with Jonathan's death?
LaSalle: We don't know yet.
Martino: You know, he was helping with Robbie's charity. I didn't even ask him to-- he just showed up and donated his time and helped us raise money.
LaSalle: Hey, did Robbie ever get that-
Martino: Replica NCIS badge? Are you kidding me? He wears it constantly. He tried to arrest the neighbors the other day.
LaSalle: Tell him I'll give him a call when I'm in a fix.
Martino: I will, I will. He'd love that. He'd probably wait by the phone. Man, you know, the kid was dealt a tough hand, but he's always got a smile on his face.
LaSalle: And you?
Martino: It, uh it's a struggle. Kid requires a lot of care. But, um I put him to bed at night, I watch him sleep, and I-I can't imagine my life without him. Guess once you're responsible for another human being things change. You understand that.
LaSalle: My brother's issues aren't physical.
Martino: But they're no less real.
LaSalle: Yeah. Well I feel like I've done everything I could do for him. That's when I started going to see the kids at the hospital. Felt good to make 'em smile. You know, hope is still alive, my brother.
Martino: That's right.
LaSalle: Hey, I'm gonna throw another name at you.
Martino: Mm-hmm.
LaSalle: An alleged associate of Drayer's, back in his Stealth days-- James Walker.
Martino: James Walker? I know that name. That guy's dangerous.

Sebastian: Her Instagram was just deactivated.
Patton: Same with the Twitter account.
Sebastian: She just deleted all her remaining online accounts.
Patton: Well, that's all right. I'll find her. Nobody gets away from Double P, baby.
Sebastian: Double P?
Patton: Yeah, that's my nickname.
Sebastian: Nobody calls you that.
Patton: I do
Sebastian: You can't give yourself a nickname!
Patton: Why not?
Sebastian: You just you can't. It's a known rule. You're breaking a known rule.
Patton: Wait a minute. You're supposed to be helping me-- why is there a ape on your screen?
Sebastian: A, it's not an ape, it's a yeti, all right? And B, I am helping you-- I just also happen to be having a conversation with my girlfriend about the Ape Canyon conspiracy.
Patton: Well, A, I would very much like to lay eyes on said girlfriend; and B, this is the way the conversation should go. Is there a such thing as a yeti? No.
Sebastian: Well, we have a different point of view.
Patton: No, you don't have a different point of view. You're just wrong. There's a huge difference. (computer beeping) Oh, wait a minute. I knew she'd make a mistake. Yeah, she's back online.
Sebastian: Well, track her IP address.
Patton: That's what I'm doing, Captain Obvious. All right, stay on there, baby. Just a little longer. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Right on, right on. Keep on going. Yes! Got a IP address. She's on her cell phone, just by Chartres and Dumaine.
Sebastian: Okay, I'll call Pride.
Patton: Call Pride.
Sebastian: I just said I'm gonna call Pride.

Patton: I cracked the encryption on Drayer's computer. Chalk up another V for double P. Boy, this Drayer was good. This guy designed a cryptographic attack so that the output of the infected cryptosystem could be computationally indistinguishable from the output of the corresponding uninfected cryptosystem, then used an asymmetric encryption to implement a cryptographic back door.
Pride: What do you mean by that?
Patton: Which part?
Pride: All of it.
Sebastian: The only thing you gotta understand is back door.
Patton: Which is what I said.
Sebastian: Yeah, except I'm saying it in English.

Sebastian: [Referring to his girlfriend] What do you think?
Pride: [Smiles and puts his hand on Lund's shoulder] Terrified?
Sebastian: Oh, big time.
Pride: Then you're doin' good.

Wade: Science doesn't care about the lies men tell.

Chasing Ghosts [1.9]Edit

Pride: And sometimes it's not such a terrible thing when your father has a bromance with your boyfriend!

Pride: Show her how you use your 'Bama charm to sway the judicial process!

Pride: What do you want me to do? Give him that Clint Eastwood stare your grandfather gave me when I started dating your mother?

Pride: "Lynching," "hate crime": different term, same sentiment.

Stolen Valor [1.10]Edit

LaSalle: I didn't have time to stretch. Why do they always run?!

Pride: What do you think, good cop or bad cop?
Brody: I'm thinking girl cop.

LaSalle: I wonder if Trish knows she's shacking up with a charlatan!

LaSalle: Sorry to disappoint you, Brody, but Christmas just ain't my thing.

Baitfish [1.11]Edit

Brody: This is what happens when you use the b-word!

LaSalle: Let me put this in terms you'll understand: move, and the gun goes boom!

Paul "Baitfish" Jenks: He's not an idiot.
Pride: That's debatable.

Wade: Sebastian, yelling at evidence is rarely effective.

Wade: I will not quit until I find a rear admiral to shake his rear admiral!

The Abyss [1.12]Edit

Borin: Come on, Merris. We know you've been selling your booty on the Internet. ...Did I really just say that?

LaSalle: "Rich Kimble" Really? as in "Dr. Richard Kimble"? So, you're The Fugitive now?
Cade: Yeah, well, it seemed kinda fitting. I mean, I am being chased and all.
LaSalle: Yeah, I have searched every gas station, residence, warehouse, farm house, hen house, outhouse and dog house for you.

Borin: How much is one of those pesos worth today?
Sebastian: Five hundred a pop. Then the government turned the area into a marine research preserve before anyone could find out how many were really down there. Makes you wonder what else they're keeping from us.
Borin: We should call Mulder and Scully.
Sebastian: Best villain. Toomes or Pusher?
Borin: Toomes.
Sebastian: Best episode. Squeeze or Drive?
Borin: Squeeze.
Sebastian: Who are you?
[Borin raises her eyebrows teasingly at him]
Pride: Okay. So. Anna steals the pesos, killed her friends and escaped on the dinghy. Or, she got in the way of someone who did.
Borin: The truth is out there, Pride.
[Gives Sebastian a meaningful glance]
Borin: We just haven't found it yet.

Sandra: A few months ago, I saw Mark and Cindy at dinner.
Pride: Friends can have dinner.
Sandra: Friends don't kiss other friends on the lips.
Borin: Well, sometimes after a few drinks... [At Pride's sideways look] Well, I'm just saying it happens.

Sebastian: [Pointing to an area on the deck of a boat] See this discoloration here? Watch what happens when I drop some acid. [pauses when Pride and Borin look at him] For... science.

The Walking Dead [1.13]Edit

Pride: Our case, our hands. You just watch.
Borin: I like to watch!

Wade: What we are doing here is called a live autopsy.
Dr. Lin: Yes, I can see why that would be uncomfortable.

Dr. Lin: I think I've been poisoned. So I'm here today to ask you for a favor.
Pride: Find your killer before it's too late.

LaSalle: Skydiving sounds fun. Sky crashing, not so much.

LaSalle: I know you didn't fly all the way down here just to give us an address.
Borin: No. I flew all the way back down here because we've been waiting for Dominic to screw up so we can get our hands on him.
Pride: Our case. Our hands. You just watch.
Borin: I like to watch.

Careful What You Wish For [1.14]Edit

Pride: Know that joke? "How can you tell a politician is lying?"
Brody: "His lips are moving."
Pride: That's it. Save yourself some embarrassment.

Brody: Everyone always accuses me of running. But there is a difference between running and putting something behind you!
Wade: There is. But if you keep avoiding that something, people still wonder if you have your track pants and jogging shoes on.

Wade: Merri, how I see this space: it's my temple. And all who enter here are afforded solace and protection. And that goes for both the dead as well as the living.

Patton: "Lab assistant" is not cool!

Le Carnaval de la Mort [1.15]Edit

My Brother's Keeper [1.16]Edit

Ross P.: Oh, sure thing, you know. I'll just, I'll just step on out and get my cell phone a ring-a-ding-ding. Hold up, hold up. What's that? Oh, I'm still in prison? Oh. I'm still in prison.

LaSalle: Hell hath no fury like a pissed off teenage drug dealer.

Pride: Stealing from foster kids. That's "klassy" with a K, my friend.

Sebastian: So, even though we've identified the vehicle, I kept trying to reconstruct that headlight. But, of course, I got nowhere cuz it's like trying to put together one of those crazy thousand piece puzzles where the whole image is just one color. I mean, give me a point of reference on those, you know, like a fire hobgoblin, or a... basilisk. Something to- [At Pride's hard look] A basilisk is a reptilian monster that petrifies with a single gaze.
Pride: A gaze like this?
Sebastian: Yeah, you... you got it down.

Pride: When we get back you can tell me what the Hell a fire hobgoblin is.
Sebastian: Most dangerous of all the hobgoblins. Thought it was obvious.

More Now [1.17]Edit

Brody: I'm not LaSalle, I know we don't share any kind of past. I just want you to know I've got your back.

LaSalle: I'm telling you, worried or not, we keep looking.

Pride: [about Baitfish] One of those individuals who can't seem to stay dead.

Patton: Got your message. The doctor's phone SIM card? Pride, how'd you get that? By my mind, that's supposed to be property of the Charleston PD.
Pride: I borrowed it.
Patton: You stole it.
Pride: Stole implies that you have no intention of giving it back.
Patton: You say tomato; I say stole!

The List [1.18]Edit

LaSalle: Have a drink, catch up, and end the story.

LaSalle: If you bust the foundation over a few measly cracks, the whole house is liable to come down.

Pride: Believe me, I know how flawed the system can be. But taking matters into your own hands is no better. And at the end of the day, it won't bring back your son.

LaSalle: Must be tough, Brody, torn between two lovers!

Brody: Don't you have servers to upload or motherboards to crack?
Patton: There's so many things wrong with that sentence, it hurts.

The Insider [1.19]Edit

Pride: Heard Sebastian dug deep today.
Wade: He did indeed. Sidekick no longer. He's been my silver lining on an otherwise cloudy day.

Timofey: No talk! No talk! America, rights, da?
LaSalle: Well, what about the rights of that girl you murdered?
Timofey: I don't understand. Stupid Police!
Brody: NOPD's on the way.
LaSalle: You tell 'em to bring a translator? 'Cause I can't understand a word Baryshnikov here is saying.
Brody: Why murder the girl?
Timofey: I didn't murder anyone
Brody: Rosetta Stone. I was gonna take a semester in Moscow, but it's too cold.
LaSalle & Brody: Tell us what's going on here?
Timofey: Why should I talk to you?
LaSalle: Because you're facing the death penalty if you don't. How do you say "lethal injection"?
Brody: Uh, Rosetta Stone doesn't really cover stuff like that.

Wade: [Speculating about the latest victim's cause of death] No way to tell for sure until I get...
Pride: Get him on the table?
Wade: Yeah.
Pride: Gonna get you a t-shirt made with that written on the front.

Sebastian: And yet someone got to go to the crime scene today.
Danny: Jealousy ain't a good look, bro.
Sebastian: Me? Jealous? Why would I be jealous? After working here for, like, five years and only getting to go to the crime scene from time to time.
Wade: Danny merely drove me.
Sebastian: I have a license. I can drive.
Danny: Says the dude who's afraid to make left turns.

Wade: Hello, Dwayne.
Pride: Not taking my calls. Something I said, Loretta?
Wade: Busy morning, that's all.
Pride: Just following up on Armstrong.
Wade: Of course. After further examination of the petty officer, my initial suspicions are correct.
Pride: Cardiac arrest?
Wade: From Larrabee Syndrome. A fatal spasm of the coronary artery. Investigation's open and shut as far as I can tell.
Pride Easy day for everyone concerned, then.
Wade: Even planning a long lunch.
Pride: Contact Jefferson Parish SWAT and EMTs. We're headed to the morgue now.
LaSalle: Never heard of Larrabee Syndrome.
Pride: Cause it's not a syndrome. Captain Adam Larrabee. Case we worked on before your time. He died in a hostage standoff.

Rock-A-Bye-Baby [1.20]Edit

Pride: Most people believe fatherhood begins at birth. The moment I heard my daughter's heartbeat on the ultrasound, she was instantly my whole world.

Sebastian: Has anyone ever told you that you bear a striking resemblance to Gandalf?

Brody: Nothing helpful at the first three places Josh took the baby.
LaSalle: What's next?
Brody: Supermarket, two blocks up.
LaSalle: You ever consider kids?
Brody: Consider? Yeah. But living life as an agent all you ever see is things gone bad. Makes it hard to think about bringing home a little bundle of.
LaSalle: Potential things to go bad.
Brody: Yeah.
LaSalle: I got to say I'm into having a whole basketball team full of little LaSalles. But procreating in my family is like playing the gene pool lottery. My brother Cade, he's not the only branch off the family tree with issues
Brody: I get it. But a LaSalle family basketball team? That'd be pretty cool.

You'll Do [1.21]Edit

How Much Pain Can You Take [1.22]Edit

Pride: Your 'business' is using Navy resources to turn the port into a Hellmouth!

[After Savannah's death]
LaSalle: [heartbroken, in disbelief] I stopped to get wine!

Wade: Last few weeks, that poor boy has drawn every bad card in the deck.

Pride: You're small time, Baitfish. Always have been, always will be.

Jenks: Still alive, huh? I figured I had a 50/50 shot.
Pride: Where you at, Baitfish? I'll come by. Give you another chance.
Jenks: Not your Baitfish anymore.
Pride: Sure, you are.
Jenks: Grown into a whale, didn't I? Your partner's girlfriend, those cops - just a preview. Harder you come at me, the more bodies drop. That's a guarantee. How much pain can you take, Pride?
Pride: No. Question is: how much pain can you? Hear me.I will never stop until I end you.

My City [1.23]Edit

Wade: Safe for tonight.
Pride: Tonight. Tomorrow's another story.

Pride: Where are we with that security footage?
Patton: Where you're about to be is Patton Plame's love shack! Follow. It's where the fun starts.

Pride: If there were a Professional Corruption League, you would have been the LeBron James.

Percy: Knocking just gives the dudes on the other side of the door time to load up and aim!

Season 2Edit

Sic Semper Tyrannis [2.1]Edit

LaSalle: Now, you can uh...
Percy: Clean the shotguns? Done. Get Agent Pride his chicory? Also done. And that mail? Collated by recipient, stacked by size.
Brody: Kind of into having a newbie, especially one that's not me.
Percy: Listen here, luscious locks, I transferred from ATF, which means I come in as a full agent.

Shadow Unit [2.2]Edit

LaSalle: If I tell you I went to the MCRD to see the RTB to meet the SDI.
Percy: You'd go to the Marine Corps Depot to the Recruit Training Battalion to see the Senior Drill Instructor.

Sebastian: Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Louisiana anymore

Touched by the Sun [2.3]Edit

Wade: In my opinion, she was poisoned.
Pride: So this "plane crash"...
Wade: Just became a murder investigation.

Sebastian: [At the scene of the jet crash in full body protective coveralls] Because Lt. Garrett and Franco both presented damaged lung tissue, I knew that the mercury poisoning had to be the result of inhalation. But, my test of the oxygen system aboard the Skystormer came up empty handed.
Dave: You know he doesn't need to be wearing that suit, right?
Sebastian: If there's a chance for me to dress up like Doc Brown from Back to the Future, I'm just... I'm gonna take it.

Percy: You want to know who led the Pelicans in assists last year? Tyreke Evans. You want to talk micro brews? DBA on Frenchman has a solid 20 taps. And if the conversation moves to supermodels I'm a Kate Upton girl. 'Cause I appreciate curves.
LaSalle: Do you, now?
Percy: You know, I would totally ace boys' night.
LaSalle: I'll make sure and spread the word.
Wife: How long have you guys been trying?

Pride: As an agent, I cannot condone what you did today... As a father... Come on, I've got some coffee going.

I Do [2.4]Edit

Pride: I see what's going on here, Chris. Partying, women, not sleeping...
LaSalle: It hasn't interfered with my job, King. There's no reason for this.
Pride: It's all just a temporary fix.
LaSalle: Okay?
Pride: Just so you don't have to deal with Savannah's death.
LaSalle: It's the noises outside my window. All right? That's why I can't sleep at home. People yelling, street musicians... Savannah and I, we used to we used to just lay there listening and laughing. And now, when I slow down, I hear those noises.
Pride: There's no way around pain. All you can do is make friends with the devil. Feel it move through it. For me, I got my music. Piano. That's how I lean in find peace.Just need to figure out what that is for you.
LaSalle: And then what? I'm all better?
Pride: Then you're on the road to better. Hear Me?

Foreign Affairs [2.5]Edit

Pride: [to Laurel] I'm the father, you're the daughter. It's my job to worry about you.

Ross P: I'm really tryin' to walk on the straight side of the street here. I mean, a leopard can change his stripes, huh?
LaSalle: Only problem with that is leopards have spots.
Ross P: Change those, too!

LaSalle: Come on, Ross P.! Nothing good was ever transported from one trash can to another!

Brody: What the hell was that?
Pride: That was what my mother would call a tornado riding on the back of a hurricane.

Insane in the Membrane [2.6]Edit

Pride: You're not respectful, I look the other way, her knee ends up in your lap.

Percy: Wordy and Nerdy awaits us.

Percy: She made a choice, and choices have consequences.

LaSalle: I'm not some piece of meat!

Broken Hearted [2.7]Edit

Olivia: [greeting Brody at the Airport] I like this hair. This is much better than that boy cut, don't you think?

Patton: You gotta move forward. That's what life is.

Patton: Would you stop it with the odds, kid? Listen, man, after I had my accident, the odds of me moving anything below my neck was a million to one. Had I given up, I'da gotten a bed instead of a sled.

Brody: It's still blurry.
LaSalle: If only we knew someone with access to top secret photo software...!
Brody: Fine, fine, fine, fine. I will call her.

Pinzon: How'd you end up in that chair, anyway?
Patton: Bear attack. Accident in a demolition derby.

Brody: Still haven't said why you're in tow. Hovercraft conference, invisibility cloak expo?
Olivia: So close, but you know I don't work for Hogwarts anymore.

Confluence [2.8]Edit

Sebastian: Well, then I guess it's a good thing Chris and Merri are on the case. Not you Chris and Merri, the other Chris and Merri.
Brody: Really?
Sebastian: named the bees. So, most of the specimens came back DOA, but two of them were just stunned. So I nursed 'em back to health and when they're no longer evidence, I'm considering becoming an urban apiarist. Chris and Merri, meet Chris and Merri.
Brody: Hmmm. Which is which?
Sebastian: Well, Chris is the one with the funny accent.

Brody: Okay, the third thing?
Sebastian: I killed Chris.
Brody: Chris as in LaSalle?
Sebastian: Chris as in LaBee. There was an incident when I tried to run further tests. We got into it, and he stung me.
Brody: Ouch.
Sebastian: Honestly, you know, I think he was just depressed. It was one of those classic death-by-scientist kind of things.
Brody: [phone beeps] Chris.
Sebastian: The person, I assume?
Brody: Yeah, gotta go.
Sebastian: Okay. Hey, when you see him, you'll tell him it wasn't personal.

Darkest Hour [2.9]Edit

Pride: Thing is, family is what you make of it. Sometimes, it's simple. Most times, it's not.

Pride: Somehow, the past always manage to catch up to us.

Patton: This case is goin' all kinds of Ocean Eleven now!

Pride: City's been through more than its share. Blackouts, floods, storms. Sometimes it brings out the worst. But then, just when you think you've figured out how it's all gonna go, a stranger brings your cat back to you, three months after the storm, then stays to help fix your busted-up roof. That's New Orleans: doesn't take electricity to light it up.

Billy and the Kid [2.10]Edit

Blue Christmas [2.11]Edit

Dinah: Friend's a pretty strong word, Christopher. I always liked King. [about LaSalle] I tolerated him.
Brody: I know what you mean. Nice to meet you.

Danny: If I tell you...
Wade: Stop! Don't say another word.
Pride: Loretta?
Wade: I'm sorry, Dwayne. But Danny's not saying another word until he sees a lawyer.

Danny: I see how it is. Once a gangster, always a gangster, right?
Wade: Don't you ever play that card with me. I'll come back later when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

[gate buzzes]
Danny: Sorry.
Wade: Come here. [hugs Danny] They've dropped all charges.
Danny: Still, I sh-shouldn't have lied to you about what I was doing that night. It was stupid.
Wade: You can tell me things.
Danny: Thank you, Doc.
Wade: What do you say we just go on home now?
[Danny and Wade get in the car]
Danny: Doc? Alonzo-- is he gonna make it?
Wade: Oh, they're still trying to stop the internal bleeding from the gunshot wound. But if he pulls through, all his friends are all pointing the finger at him.
Danny: Someone's got to take the fall, right?
Wade: Danny, he may be your friend, but he's involved in this.
Danny: Involved maybe, but... I'm telling you, he's not the killer.
Wade: They have a time line now. 9:30, Alonzo went back to the house, which aligns with the victim's time of death.
Danny: It's not possible.
Wade: Why is that?
Danny: 'Cause Zo was in my car at 9:30 on the way to that party.
Wade: Oh, you have anybody who can corroborate that?
Danny: Yeah. You. What time's our nightly check-in?
Wade: 9:30.
Alonzo': [over phone] Yo, Drizz, get off the phone! Let's go, man!
Wade: And I heard you talking to someone who called you Drizz.
Danny: Yes
Wade: If he didn't pull the trigger, who did?

Sister City, Part 2 [2.12]Edit

Bishop: No time. You need to take me to Dr. Wade. I come bearing gifts. [uncovers a body]
LaSalle: You could've just brought bagels.
Bishop: Who says I didn't?

Bishop: Never racking. I was sure I'd get pull over by Highway Patrol. I had no idea how to explain a dead Russian diplomat in my van.
LaSalle: Wouldn't be the weirdest thing they ever saw - not by far.

Brody: I may have let it slip once.
Bishop: Okay.
Pride: [enters] Ellie! [hugs Bishop]
Bishop: Hey.
Pride: Hey, how you doing?
Bishop: Good.
Pride: Good. Good. Listen once this case is done, we'll had over to Sal's. Crawfish and beer. And we'll sort all this out.
[Bishop glares at Brody]
Brody: Maybe twice.

Pride: You can think about everything I just said. However, I'm the least of your worries.
[Pride dials a number. Over the phone]
Abby: Hello, Dwayne?
Pride: Abby.
Abby: Please tell me my brother is there.
Pride: Yeah, he's right here.
[Pride puts the phone down in front of Luca]

Luca: Abby put a tracking device in my shoe, didn't she? It's like college all over again.

Undocumented [2.13]Edit

Pride: I'm gonna make an executive decision here and end this conversation!

Randy Wilson: Your name popped up. I hear they put a--
Pride: --bounty on my head?
Randy Wilson: Seventy-five thousand!
Pride: Hm. Used to be fifty. Gettin' popular.

Brody: This has 'epic fail' written all over it. Loretta, please back me up!
Wade: All I know is I tried setting Dwayne up one, and he ducked me like Muhammad Ali!

Sebastian: Do you know the one thing that a woman looks for in a man?
Brody: Well, since I am a woman, I can tell you it's--
Sebastian: --high earning potential. It's a biological fact!

LaSalle: Listen, I've got an older brother myself, and he's had his fair share of problems. Always fell on me to look after him. So I can relate. You can't blame yourself.

Father's Day [2.14]Edit

Percy: Getting the mayor... alone... that didn't strike you as strange?

LaSalle: [having just arrested a suspect in front of a crowd of drunken Mardi Gras revelers] We'll be here every Tuesday night! Happy Mardi Gras!

Douglas Hamilton: People like to talk to me. They tell me a lot of things. How do you think I became mayor?
Pride': The other candidate was flooding your district with drugs!

Brad Curry: What makes you think this isn't about your guy?
LaSalle: Well, we can debate character later.

Douglas Hamilton: [on being kidnapped] I'd just like to go on record and say this is NOT my kind of party.

No Man's Land [2.15]Edit

Pride: I talked to the CIA. They denied knowing anything about your 'op.'
Nolan Griffith: It's the CIA. They deny everything.

LaSalle: You hang around crazy long enough, it'd be hard not to get suckered in.

Brody: You ever been in a terrorist chat room?
LaSalle: It's not on my bucket list.

Calloway: You think I asked to meet at the the local zoo, I must be a spy!
Pride: We think you're a spy because you have the Agency written all over you!

LaSalle: 'Work husband'? Now what in the Sam Hill does that mean?
Brody: It's a thing, everyone knows it! And you're Sonja's.

Second Chances [2.16]Edit

LaSalle: I spy with my little eye... what looks like explosive residue.

LaSalle: Look, you don't let the secrets out, they'll take you out.

Brody: Now, is it just me, or does it look like we stepped into a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

LaSalle: [on a suspect just killed in a car accident] Apparently, he doesn't abide by Click It or Ticket.

LaSalle: I'm not a creeper, I'm a coworker.
Brody: You're a work husband!

Radio Silence [2.17]Edit

Patton: I know this woman! Pride. She leave her socks on the floor? Yes. She cheat on the Sunday crosswords? Regularly. But she would never steal money from her own charity. And she damn sure wouldn't bother trying to kill anyone!

Patton: The only difference between this computer and those nasty zombies on The Walking Dead is this thing is actually deceased.

Laurel: No, Dad. Music is what you love. It's just what I do.

Wade: [on Pride's busy life] Your work... the bar... your daughter... not to mention the bounty on your head...

Kayla Anderson: You're a federal agent?
Patton: Well, I like to think of it more like superhero. When NCIS needs me, I swoop in to save the day.

If It Bleeds, It Leads [2.18]Edit

Percy: Well, you are the guy who said JFK got abducted by aliens.
Sebastian: I don't say that. The evidence does.

LaSalle: [about some intoxicated female witnesses] One less daiquiri, and they could've been useful.
Percy: You sure you don't want to give it another try?
Brody: Practice your 'enhanced interrogation techniques'?
LaSalle: Y'all have dirty minds.

Pride: Well, we just need one reason to have ten days of fun.

Means to an End [2.19]Edit

Pride: They'll be relocating to this prison soon.
Zed: Guess I'll have some company.
Pride: No, Zed. You won't.

Wade: You're perfectly able to look after yourself normally, but when things get personal, I can't help but worry about your judgment.
Pride: Loretta!
Wade: That you may end up on the wrong side of my autopsy table.

LaSalle: Then you get the recent additions to the I hate Dwayne Pride club.

Lamont: I don't know how you Navy cops work a case, but I do it like I'm walking down the street -- one foot in front of the other.

Percy: Look, I've been where you are, Laurel. I *know* how you feel.
Laurel: How do you get over it?
Percy: You don't. You learn to live with it. You survive it. You survive.

Second Line [2.20]Edit

LaSalle: You know me -- I'm always up for a good party!

Pride: Face-to-face with mortality affects a person. You're no different. Denyin' it doesn't do you or anyone else any good.

Wade: We all die, Sebastian. That doesn't mean we don't celebrate the life that was led.

Pride: Killin' a man at another man's funeral. Doesn't get much worse than that.

LaSalle: Where I grew up, you live, you die, you get buried -- no fuss, no muss. Besides, I appreciate life just fine, thank you.
Percy: I'm sure you do. You live, you party, meet some girls, party some more. No fuss, no muss.
LaSalle: Something like that!

Collateral Damage [2.21]Edit

Brody: You wanna explain why you karate-chopped my coffee back there?

Brody: I smell you, Nancy Drew!

Pride: In this room, your stars mean nothing! Now sit down!

LaSalle: I don't care what track he's on. Fraternizing with a superior officer is no bueno.

Sam Nilsen: That's an assumption!
LaSalle: No, sir. Observation.

Help Wanted [2.22]Edit

Blake: She tried to take you away from me!
Elaine: So you tried to blow her up?!

Brody: I thought I was buying you dinner?
Special Agent John Russo: Saved you the receipt!

Taylor: I'm clean! I reinvented myself.
Percy: Oh, is that why you've been missing all those meetings with your probation officer?

The Third Man [2.23]Edit

Pride: [on the former Marine he hired] Did I mention? He plays a mean banjo!

Patton: After all of that, you hired the guy who tried to blow your head off?!

LaSalle: [on two foreign operatives posing as husband and wife] It looks like they were trying to make baby agents!

Brody: Since when do we threaten family members?
Russo: Since they started decapitating people.

Percy: Who knew Alabama here SCUBA dived?
LaSalle: Roll Tide!

Sleeping with the Enemy [2.24]Edit

LaSalle: [hugging Percy tightly] I'm glad you didn't die.
Percy: You're an ass!

Russo: I'm a patriot. Just not for your side.

Brody: [on a pen that's actually a stun gun] Am I supposed to write for help?

Patton: [regarding Russo] He makes a Boy Scout look corrupt!

LaSalle: You hired a new bar manager just in time to become Mr. Fix-it at home!

Season 3Edit

Aftershocks [3.1]Edit

Suspicious Minds [3.2]Edit

LaSalle: You good, King?
Pride: Dandy.

Man on Fire [3.3]Edit

Pride: The fastest way to get Gregorio and the FBI back to DC is to root out the cartel, and the fastest way to do that is to work together.

Gregorio: When you guys finish a case, doesn't it get reviewed?
Percy: Pride reviews it.
Gregorio: Right. But who reviews him?
Percy: Girl, I give you a week.

Pride: [to Gregorio] Just a different way of doing things. We're a one-stop shop. Get you a hat if you like.

Gregorio: I know better than to let my emotions dictate how I do my job, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do my job.
LaSalle: That's not how we do things down here.

Gregorio: It's bad policy. Emotions cloud judgment, get in the way. Look at me. I'm a wreck.
Pride: it just means you care is all. How is that bad? if you can't connect with the victim, you can't connect with yourself and that's worse.

Escape Plan [3.4]Edit

Sebastian: Mom, I work at a crime lab, not a coffee shop.

Pride: Suit at the cleaners?
Gregorio: Casual Tuesdays.

Gregorio: There's a reason we don't have permanent partners at the FBI. It helps with objectivity, especially in situations like this.
Pride: Well, I like having skin in the game. It means you'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Gregorio: He could have just thrown the tablet in the pickup truck and saved himself. I'm just sayin'.

Patton: Oh, Lord! We done created a monster!

Course Correction [3.5]Edit

Gregorio: I've been in NOLA longer than I expected. I'm starting to succumb to its charms, I'll admit. It's time for me to go home, you know.

Percy: Why can't they just let us find someone like Gregorio then leave us alone?
LaSalle: You're not telling me she's actually growing on you, are you?

Gregorio: [about Sebastian] These tangents, are these common?
Percy: It's a lovable quirk.
Sebastian: Thanks, Percy.

Gregorio: [about Loretta] She's tough.
Pride: Trust me, you don't want to mess with Miss Loretta.

Percy: One more agent to replace Brody, and that's it. Because we're fine the way we are.

One Good Man [3.6]Edit

LaSalle: It's just an old friend.
Gregorio: By old friend, you mean former hookup.

Sebastian: I did some rough calculations, and he's got to be 45% muscle mass. I'm maybe 25, if you count sinew, which most people don't.

Gregorio: Is everything in this town dirty?
LaSalle: In D.C., it's so squeaky clean?

Pride: He doesn't see the Navy as a hardship. He sees it as an opportunity to serve, and he asked me to tell you.
Wade: Why can't he tell me?
Pride: I guess he takes after his mother in that way.

Hamilton: You think I knew he was sexually abusing players on the team. Is that what you're telling me?
Pride: I think you didn't want to, and made sure you didn't have to.
Hamilton: And how did I do that?
Pride: You made allegations disappear.

Outlaws [3.7]Edit

Percy: This wasn't us bonding, right?
Gregorio: God forbid, no.

Patton: But isn't that illegal, Agent Gregorio?
Gregorio: Don't ask, don't tell, right?

Patton: If you brought an FBI surveillance van to this part of town, you'd stand out like a sore thumb.
Gregorio: And the A-Team was the only alternative? I'm sorry.
Patton: Crafty pop-culture reference, Mrs. T.

Gregorio: [to LaSalle] You know what? You oughta talk to Pride about this. That man's got more homespun advice than Dr. Phil.

Gregorio: I take it family life is just peachy.
LaSalle: A week ago, it was just me. Now I've got a cryin' toddler keeping me up at night and a momma I barely know.

Music to My Ears [3.8]Edit

LaSalle: You got questions.
Percy: So many.

Percy: Just like it's none of my business that you told everyone else on the team about your love child except me. It doesn't mean a thing. We're good.
LaSalle: So, wait, you are mad.

Gregorio: FBI's my day job. You guys are more of a hobby.

Gregorio: [to Pride] I'm flattered, really, but as fun as it's been, this was always going to be temporary.

Sebastian: Is that all there is for me?
Wade: I have stomach contents.

Percy: [to LaSalle] How long you been doing this, for like a minute? Give yourself a chance for your kid's sake.

Sebastian: It's good to get out in the field, away from the lab, and breathe in the fresh air, even if it's filled with deadly fumes.

Pride: [to LaSalle] You take care of them the best you can, teach them how to take care of themselves, it takes work, sleepless nights, a lot of faith.

Sebastian: [to Pride] I don't know if I'm ready for it, but I want to give it a shot.

LaSalle: I thought you weren't supposed to play with us.
Gregorio: What can I say? I just can't quit you.

Overdrive [3.9]Edit

Gregorio: They don't call it NOLA down here. They prefer New Orleans.
Pride: Glad to see we made an impression on you, Gregorio.
Gregorio: Oh, absolutely.

Percy: Are you sure about making this guy an agent?
Sebastian: I find that hurtful. [points to his heart] You know, right here.

Wade: I think you need to worry more about Sebastian driving you crazy in the field if I were you.
Pride: There's a big possibility of that.

Pride: [to LaSalle] This isn't you, Christopher. Maybe who you used to be, but not who you've become. It's an emotional situation, I get it. But you can't just go running off hotheaded to solve problems anymore.

Hannah: You really have changed since you've been down here.
Gregorio: How so?
Hannah: You seem happier, which is a good thing. Not for us, maybe, but for you. Maybe you finally have stopped running.
Gregorio: I think so.

Follow the Money [3.10]Edit

Swanson: Looking a little green there.
Sebastian: I just need to get my sea legs.
Swanson: You know that we're docked, right?
Sebastian: I do.

Swanson: Triple tat to the chest. That's on me.
LaSalle: Remind me not to piss you off.

Gregorio: It's what we do, sir.
Isler: No, it's what he does. [pointing to Pride] What we do is protocol and procedure, or we did, until you came south.

Wade: You can't fix what's broken standing around feeling sorry for yourself.
Gregorio: Is that the kind of tough love you give Pride?
Wade: All the time.

Sebastian: Good idea. Weapon, in case I need to defend myself.
Gregorio: Flashlight, in case you need to see.

Let it Ride [3.11]Edit

Sebastian: It wasn't just lack of training that made me freeze up. It was also lack of confidence.
Wade: Don't be too hard on yourself.
Sebastian: It's one thing to want to expand your horizons, but a lot of people's lives depend on it. I want to help the team, not hurt them. I'm just not sure how I can.

LaSalle: [to Percy] Tease me about being a country mouse all you want, but it's about to pay off.

Pride: Garcia's made a lot of high-level inroads in New Orleans, quickly. We both know that can't happen without your help. The kind that probably wouldn't stand up to FBI scrutiny.
Hamilton: I'm the mayor. I attract businesses, just like every other mayor before me.
Pride: Most of whom are still in jail. Exactly my point.

Garcia: Listen to me very carefully. I am betting more than just money on this race. I'm betting my life. That makes you my insurance policy. Which means if it doesn't work out exactly the way you say it will, you'll be betting your life too. We understand each other?
Sebastian: Yeah. Yeah.

Wade: First of all, you didn't ask for our help. In fact, it was the opposite. We chose to help.
Gregorio: We knew all the risks going in, even Sebastian.
Wade: Patton too. He may be struggling, but he's still at OTB, still game. If you want to blame yourself for anything, blame yourself for surrounding yourself with people who are just as stubborn and bullheaded as you.
Gregorio: You're not the only one who wants to see Garcia pay. We all do, because it's the right thing to do. That's how you taught us to roll.

Hell on the High Water [3.12]Edit

LaSalle: Ladies first.
Gregorio: No, you're senior ranking agent. So, by all means ...
LaSalle: That's true. But I'm also a gentleman, so after you.
Percy: Hey, you're both pretty. Let's go.

Gregorio: Of course Pride spent summers working on his uncle's oil rig. What hasn't the guy done?
LaSalle: Certifiable Renaissance man. That's why he's the boss.

Sebastian: Yeah, I disobeyed a direct order, but I don't give a damn. If becoming an agent means abandoning my team when they need me the most, then you can take that badge and shove it ...
Perkins: Lund, you did good.

Gregorio: Hey, look, LaSalle. I know we've been butting heads. But today was ...
LaSalle: A huge success. It was. After all, we took down the bad guys and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.
Gregorio: Still we were at each other's throats.
LaSalle: It's growing pains. Ancient history.
Gregorio: History tends to repeat itself.
LaSalle: As far as I'm concerned, we were arguing because we both care. And that's a good thing.
Gregorio: All right, I'm down with that.

Percy: We're like a well-oiled if extremely loud machine.
Pride: Do I want to know what that means?
LaSalle: It means we're glad to have you back.

Return of the King [3.13]Edit

Gregorio: This guy's in the middle of a crusade, exposing people left and right, then he just offs himself. Does that seem right to you?
Pride: Nothing about this seems right.

Pride: I'm surprise at how little it took to throw us off our game.
Wade: No one's off their game. We're a family and families bicker.

Pride: No matter what any emails say, we're a team first. We've got each other's back, right?
Gregorio: Yeah.
Percy: Totally.
LaSalle: We're good, King.
Pride: Gotta work on that enthusiasm.

Pride: Leaving without a goodbye drink?
Elvis: I raided your cabinet while I was planning my exit.

Pandora's Box, Part 2 [3.14]Edit

Torres: Think you could take these handcuffs off me yet?
Pride: Haven't decided yet.
Torres: Pride, my second impression is so much better than my first.
Pride: One can only hope.

Gregorio: I may not be fluent in Arabic, but I am fluent in body language. And it's killing you to ride the bench.
Torres: It's killing me to ride the bench. I'm not a bench guy. I'm an out-in-the-field kind of guy.
Gregorio: Not much of a team player, huh?
Torres: This team thing has been recent. It's been an adjustment.
Gregorio: I get it. It's not easy being the new guy in a group that has worked so long together.

Sebastian: Hi. Uh... I'm a federal agent... [fights with man] Stop-stop resisting. Stop resisting. It's gonna be okay. [Man groans] Just... [man grunts] We're all gonna be fine.
[McGee outta nowhere takes down man with a move that Ziva taught him]
Sebastian: [groans] What was that, like, a... like, a Vulcan nerve pinch?
McGee: Mossad technique an old friend of mine taught me. All right, we got to get him up here, get him in the car.
Sebastian: Yeah. No problem. Okay. God i wish we didn't park so far away.

LaSalle: You really like McGee, don't you?
Percy: Yeah, a bit of a man crush.
Sebastian: A total man crush. Also it's like looking to a crystal ball, to see what I could become. McGee is basically future Sebastian.

Pride: Fifty ways this goes south.
Gregorio: That's optimistic. I can think of a hundred.

End of the Line [3.15]Edit

Sebastian: You're like the mother I never had.
Wade: You have a mother. I've met her.
Sebastian: Exactly.

LaSalle: I never knew you were a romantic, Gregorio.
Gregorio: Profiling isn't just for criminals. It comes in handy, trust me.

Sebastian: Please tell me that getting my ass kicked all the time is part of the whole newbie thing. Because, if not, I'm going back to the lab. Or buying a bunch of life insurance.
Gregorio: You did great, baby, and you're doing great. Just hang in there.

Gregorio: I think I've identified his type. Tough, loyal, whip-smart, sassy. Can hang with the boys and give as good as she gets.
Patton & Sebastian: Percy?
Gregorio: Like I said, I'm not sure how to break it to him.

Wade: [to CJ] I'm not going to let the past weigh me down any longer. I'm moving on.

The Last Stand [3.16]Edit

Rita: You seem a little tense. You might want to lighten up on the keys.
Pride: Music critic, huh? Do you play?
Rita: No. I used to sing a little, though
Pride: Why'd you stop?
Rita: Lost my piano player.

Pride: Look, i know that Noah was your friend.
Rita: That's got nothing to do with this.
Pride: It does when you're not thinking straight, 'cause you're loaded for bear.
Rita: [sighs].
Pride: Probably the first argument I ever won with you.

Wade: Sounds like a field trip to me.
Sebastian: Yeah. Wait, do you mean me? You want me to go back out there to deadly gator world by myself?
Wade: Tick tick croc.
Sebastian: All right. See you never.

Rita: [to Pride] I know how you want to give everyone, especially the underdogs, the benefit of the doubt. But sometimes they don't deserve it.

Gregorio: I'm just sayin' we usually start things off with an actual crime, a phone call, a body. But here you're basing a lot of this Rita friend of yours. You must have good reason to trust her instincts.
Pride: I do.
Gregorio: Huh.
Pride: Keep fishing, New York.

Swift, Silent, Deadly [3.17]Edit

Rita: The end doesn't always justify the means, especially if it ends up getting you killed.
Pride: That's not going to happen.

Pride: You think I'm gonna let him drown?
LaSalle: The thought did cross my mind.
Pride: Good. Then it's crossed his mind too.

LaSalle: You do know there's sharks in the Gulf.
Pride: Fully aware.

Gregorio: I feel humiliated. I don't want anyone knowing one guy kicked all our asses.

Pride: Everybody all right?
Sebastian: Define all right.

Slay the Dragon [3.18]Edit

Gregorio: Clever. Frightening, but clever.
Patton: Don't worry. Big Brother Patton only uses his power for good.

Gregorio: Picked the lock? Is that a new skill?
McKinley: A man's got to grow. Food just arrived. I have been dreaming about this spread.
Gregorio: You know how pissed off I am right now?
McKinley: Have a glass of Brèzè. Make you feel better. Same one from our fifth anniversary.
Gregorio: Alex Aufiero was murdered. But you know that since you fled the crime scene in his car.
McKinley: I was gonna tell you right before your friend interrupted us.
Gregorio: My friend, the NCIS agent, who was coming to take me to investigate the homicide you're involved in!
McKinley: Alex was a good kid. I didn't kill him.
Gregorio: Every cop in the city is after you right now. No more lies, Ethan.
McKinley: I haven't lied. Call the FBI. They'll tell you I was in WITSEC, and that someone tried to attack me.
Gregorio: I called, and they confirmed it.
McKinley: So, see? I'm in danger.
Gregorio: Okay, and you thought it was a good idea to escape my hotel room and come here and have dinner in the middle of a restaurant?
McKinley: Nobody's gonna shoot me here. And I was hungry. Oh Besides, I left a note. It's not like I'm a flight risk.
Gregorio: You are the definition of a flight risk, and maybe a murderer.
McKinley: Come on, baby, let me explain.
Gregorio: Do not baby me. You have 30 seconds. You better start talking.
McKinley: I've never explained anything in 30 seconds.
Gregorio: 25 seconds.
McKinley: T, relax. We've got plenty of time to sort this out.
Gregorio: Don't tell me to relax.
LaSalle: Ethan McKinley. NCIS. Get your hands up.
Percy: Gregorio?
McKinley: Oh, this just got awkward.

McKinley: Where are you taking me?
Gregorio: Safe house.
McKinley: Safe house in the Ninth? Kind of a contradiction, isn't it? Look at this place, they haven't even rebuilt.
Gregorio: Someone stole their money.
McKinley: Look, T, I know I did wrong. I had a lot of time to think, all those lonely, winter nights in Iowa. I learned humility. And if I could fix it all
Gregorio: Maybe you can. What if you helped return the $80 million? Took the Aufieros down, got your life back.
McKinley: My life means nothing to me. But our life, what we had, I'd do it in a nanosecond.
Gregorio: Ethan.
McKinley: Remember that first trip we made? Anguilla. Just you, me and umbrella drinks. [sighs] No lies, no resentment, not a care in the world. You know I've always loved you, T. [sighs]
Gregorio: I'm gay.
McKinley: Not the response I was expecting.
Gregorio: Yeah, well, there's a lot about me you don't know.
McKinley: [sighs] Gay, huh? So, in a way, my betrayal kind of gave you a chance to find yourself.
Gregorio: Wow. How does my personal revelation become your victory?
McKinley: I'm just saying. I've always been good for you.
Gregorio: You do know what gay means, right? Can we just focus on the case? Excuse me.
McKinley: I-I wish I knew where the money was.
Gregorio: It's in an offshore account under Alex's name. That's why his brothers killed him. Probably why they tried to kill you.
McKinley: Yeah, they thought I knew about the account. Yeah, I wish I did, but it's too late now. They got the money.
Gregorio: They haven't accessed it yet. They tried to get Alex's body. I'm figuring they needed a fingerprint or eye scan. Hey, listen. We got a chance, with your help, to stop them. Please.
McKinley: [sighs] I want to help you, T. I-I want to spend the rest of my life making up for what I did, but I have no idea how to get that money.
Gregorio: [scoffs] Let me sweep the house. Stay here.
[McKinley tries to steal Gregorio's car but Gregorio remotely shuts it off]
Gregorio: Some people never change. You hotwire cars now, too?
McKinley: Not very well, apparently.
Gregorio: That was all me. See, I have an app on my phone that remotely shuts my car off because I knew you'd try to escape.
McKinley: Come on, what did you expect? $80 million is a lot of money, T. Can't blame me for trying.
Gregorio: Oh, I blame you for a lot of things. And I know you have some kind of devious plan to get that money.
McKinley: Doesn't matter now, because I am going to jail. Sure your little team is waiting in the bushes ready to arrest me.
Gregorio: No, you're not going anywhere, Ethan. You're gonna help the Aufieros steal that money or I will throw your sorry ass in jail.

Gregorio: He's lying.
Pride: How can you tell?
Gregorio: His lips are moving.

Percy: You're going to have to stop hiding sometime.
Gregorio: Ok, Dr. Phil. Relent.

Quid Pro Quo [3.19]Edit

Wade: [to Sebastian] You faced your fears, risked your life to save others. I heard you even went rogue.

Pride: You were really going to inject him?
Sebastian: To save Loretta, yeah?
Pride: Good job.

Hamilton: You got stones, Dwayne, I'll give you that much. Last thing we both need is for the media to get ahold of this. They've already contacted my office, more than once.
Pride: Media hysteria is not gonna help me find out who's responsible. In fact, it'll hurt the cause. I got a lead, just need a day or two, maybe less.
Hamilton: Still, I couldn't very well lie to the people. I wouldn't be a very good mayor if I did, now would I? Apparently the Office of Public Health is getting calls, too. They're asking for an official statement. And by the way, how's Loretta doing? Real shame, isn't it?
Pride: So, what? You're gonna make this personal, is that it? This is about trying to stop an outbreak, saving innocent people; this isn't about us, Hamilton.
Hamilton: Everything's about us since Garcia. You may not see this, Dwayne, but the truth is we both want the same thing: what's good for this city. The only problem is that you think that bringing me down is the best way to do that, and I can't allow that to happen.
Pride: So what do you want?
Hamilton: I want whatever you got on me. Whatever you think you got. Vis-a-vis Garcia
Pride: Sounds like an admission to me.
Hamilton: Not admitting anything. I just want you off my back once and for all.
Pride: So you're threatening to impede my investigation, risk causing widespread fear just to cover your own ass?
Hamilton: You're the one doing the threatening, and I'm not gonna stand for it, not anymore, even if it means getting you and your whole damn team kicked out of New Orleans.
Pride: NCIS is federal. You don't have the power or the jurisdiction
Hamilton: Oh, man, jurisdiction doesn't mean anything if you got connections. And me and SECDEF go way back, believe me. Apparently, there's something called a mobility agreement. Says that if Navy brass thinks NCIS and the city aren't getting along, well, they can re-assign you to God knows where. Gloves are off, Dwayne. You want my help, hmm? Cooperation? That only happens you get me everything you got on Garcia by this time tomorrow. Understand?

Pride: How much time do we have?
Wade: You mean how much time do I have?

Wade: Sebastian's a hypochondriac.
Sebastian: Some might call it extra careful.

NOLA Confidential [3.20]Edit

Sebastian: [to Gregorio] What you're saying is I'm kind of awesome.

Sebastian: [to Pride] I don't know what came over me. It was like I had superpowers.

Sebastian: That was unexpected.
Gregorio: You did great, baby. You did great.

Pride: You know who did it?
LaSalle: I do, and I sure as hell wish I didn't.

Sebastian: [to Gregorio] I love boats. It's just the water that makes me want to hurl.

Krewe [3.21]Edit

LaSalle: Honestly, I don't know what I felt. Maybe I could have been a little jealous.
Percy: Maybe I could have let Nadine go.

Percy: You mean we're going to trick Nadine?
Pride: We're going to trick her, to save her life and to keep Boko Haram from getting those guns. And that's going to have to be enough for you.

Gregorio: Maybe we should walk a little slower, so we could catch the show.

Sebastian: Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

Percy: Are you jealous?
LaSalle: You're tripping, girl.

Knockout [3.22]Edit

Wade: [to Pride] When you carry the weight of the city on your shoulders, it's OK to stumble every now and then.

Pride: I'm tired of being a step behind Hamilton. We need a win.

Pride: [to Rudd] An eye for an eye, is that what Chaplain Morgan taught you?

LaSalle: [to Pride] What would you say to me? You'd say work the case. See where it leads.

LaSalle: [to Percy] Orange just may be your color.

Down the Rabbit Hole [3.23]Edit

Pride: Bug's in Hamilton's pocket.
Patton: Reading him loud and clear. And he is pissed.
Pride: So am I.

Pride: If any of us want to bow out ...
LaSalle: You know us better than that.
Gregorio: In for a penny, in for a pound.

Wade: [to Pride] Use your team. They'll follow you down any rabbit hole, and you know it.

Pride: Good work getting us those names, Patton.
Patton: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Gregorio: It's not your fault, Pride.
Pride: No, it's Hamilton's.

Poetic Justice [3.24]Edit

LaSalle: [to Pride] Don't say anything, King. You did everything for this city. It's time to let them do something for you.

Hamilton: [to Pride] No matter what you think of me, we both love New Orleans!

Hamilton: I'm going to be under nine feet of water.
Pride: Then you'd better hope I save the day.

Pride: [to Hamilton] You're not going to push these people out. You're going to flood them out.

Percy: I hate it, but it kind of makes sense.
Isler: Thanks for your generosity of spirit.

Season 4Edit

Rogue Nation [4.1]Edit

Gregorio: Special Agent Boyd is kind of a stickler when it comes to protocol.
Percy: And forms. Lots of forms.

Pride: [to Patton] Bringing Hamilton down cost folks jobs. I guess I might not be as popular as I used to be.

Boyd: Just out the SCIF with HQ, found out that the big rig was from a subbase and they were hauling
LaSalle: Radioactive waste, we already know.
Boyd: How? I just got read in myself.
LaSalle: We can't always wait to be read in. By the time we get read in, it's already too late.

Mayor Taylor: [to Pride] No one cares about New Orleans more than you do, Dwayne.

Boyd: You cheated.
Pride: I improvised.
Boyd: You broke the rules. Some things never change.

#1 Fan [4.2]Edit

LaSalle: [phone chimes] That's Pride. Wants us to give him an update after we're done here.
Gregorio: You've been updating him?
LaSalle: Of course I have. Look, it's killing Pride not being here with us. Our smart money said he's on his way back as we speak.
Gregorio: Meh, not this time.
LaSalle: How long you been working with him?
Gregorio: Long enough to know that he's changed since last year.
LaSalle: You want to bet?
Gregorio: Yes.
LaSalle: All right, Pride comes back early.
Gregorio: Right.
LaSalle: The next time we watch your Yankees, you wear a Big Papi jersey.
Gregorio: Okay, okay. Or when Pride doesn't come back, because he won't, you got to paint your face purple and gold for the next LSU game.
LaSalle: It's on like Donkey Kong.

Pride: Why does it matter to you so much?
Martha: Because I know what it's like to be forgotten, just like them.

Martha: What do you have against me, New York?
Gregorio: That you creepily know my nickname.
LaSalle: And that you beat the crap out of our boss.

Gregorio: He's got no reason to talk.
Pride: No rational reason. Time for the irrational.

LaSalle: Pride sent me a text. He got a tip from a law enforcement buddy. "Check Lindsey's apartment for a book on Renaissance art, sundial, and exotic flowers.
Patton: Pride's buddy's onto something.
LaSalle: Well, you mean Pride's onto something. He must be working the case from Gulf Shores, which means New York here just earned herself a Red Sox jersey.
Gregorio: Uh, no, not until I see him walk through that door I haven't. Besides, this stuff doesn't get us any closer to finding Lindsey or the stalker.
Sebastian: That's not entirely true. The Madagascar jasmine, that's that's promising. Let's see, yeah. Pyrethrum isn't just used on crops. It's also used on exotic flowers. Patton, can you search for for Southern Louisiana specialty nurseries, ones that deal in exotic flora?
Patton: I'm on it. Rare Earth Nursery on the West Bank. But it went under last year.
Sebastian: That doesn't mean that the greenhouses still aren't functioning. Stalker tracked in the pesticide. There's a good chance that he's growing those flowers out there himself.
LaSalle: Well, there's only one way to find out.

The Asset [4.3]Edit

Pride: Are you suggesting we're searching for James Bond here, Sebastian?
Sebastian: A boy can dream.

Pride: You're going to have to follow all the rules.
Isler: You're enjoying this, aren't you, Pride?
Pride: A little.

Gregorio: You do anything, I'll break your jaw.
Eva: I've missed you.

Eva: Are those bullet holes?
Gregorio: We like a place with character.

[rapid gunfire in distance]
Gregorio: Get down! Get down now! Three rounds.
Eva: I saw at least three guys.
Gregorio: All right, listen, I'll draw their fire. Get Alexander back to the car and get the hell out of here. It's not up for debate! Go!
Barns: It's okay. Coast is clear. - Gregorio? - She's behind us. Good. (Shoots Eva three times)
Alexander: Eva! No!
Gregorio: [tackles and fights Barns] Alex, get out of here! Go!
LaSalle: [they shoot a gunman] Get down! Alexander, you're all right. We're NCIS.
Percy: You're safe now. Listen, where is Gregorio and Eva?
Alexander: A woman attacked us. Eva's dead.
Percy: Pride, we secured Alexander and one suspect. Gregorio's in the park with Barns. She needs help.
Pride: Copy, Sonja. On our way.
Percy: Come on.
[Fight between Barns and Gregorio continues until Barns gets the upper hand Barns almost shots Gregorio]
Pride: Drop it now!
Barns: I can explain what happened here.
Gregorio: She shot Eva is what happened.
Barns: No, she was gonna attack me.
Gregorio: Load of crap!
Barns: Shut up! I'm telling the truth, Isler.
Isler: You're a double agent, Barns.
Pride: Put the gun down now, or we will shoot.
Barns: I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Gregorio: [takes down and arrests Barns] You don't get off that easy. You got too much to answer for. [Barns groaning] Alexander?
Pride: Safe with LaSalle and Sonja. Hey. You okay, New York?
Gregorio: Honestly I don't know.

Dead Man Calling [4.4]Edit

Percy: A ghost has been seen knocking at the door of that mansion.
LaSalle: If he's a ghost, why doesn't he just walk through the door?
Percy: Good question.

Pride: The past is what it is. You just got to find a new way to move forward.

Gregorio: [to Pride] If it walks like a ghost and talks like a ghost.

Sebastian: I'm a scientist. You've got to show me proof that something exists.
Gregorio: Can you prove that love exists?

Sebastian: No, but maybe this'll help. I digitized the photos that Pride took from the seance, which, scientifically speaking, is a total quack. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love, uh, The Haunting, I love Poltergeist-- the originals, I mean, not the remakes. - You guys want to talk about quacks?
LaSalle: Sebastian
Sebastian: They're not good movies. What do you want me to say?
LaSalle: The photo.
Sebastian: I was able to isolate a, uh, fingerprint smudge on one of the candles-- you see it right there?
Gregorio: Any matches?
Sebastian: Oh, yeah. No surprise-- a, uh, con artist psychic who is on probation for taking tourists for everything they got.
LaSalle: Got a name on this joker?
Sebastian: Name and an address. [pulls up the information] Otis Bartholomeus the Third. He, uh, works at one of those haunted mansions called The Mortuary.
Gregorio: Wait a minute.
Percy: Isn't that the
Gregorio: creep from our crime scene?
Percy: Yeah
Gregorio: Yes spirit chaser, my ass. That's probably our perp.
LaSalle: All right, call Pride. He's with Jacob's sister. Tell him we got a legit suspect.

Viral [4.5]Edit

Pride: You OK, Sebastian?
Sebastian: No. I shot someone.

Wade: [to Sebastian] You defended yourself, Sebastian. End of story.

Mayor Taylor: [to Wade] A lot of people are angry. I'm angry.

Pride: [to Isler] If I thought Sebastian was guilty, I would have taken his badge myself.

Wade: You have always been stubborn.
Mayor Taylor: I have. That's why I need someone like you around to challenge me.

Acceptable Loss [4.6]Edit

The Accident [4.7]Edit

Gregorio: Do me a favor? Talk some sense into Patton.
Pride: Lost that battle years ago.

Anna: He's still mad at me, isn't me?
Pride: That's not for me to say.
Anna: I think you just did.

Gregorio: No need to explain. I've got an ex too.
Anna: Any tips?
Gregorio: I just arrested my ex and threw him in jail. So no.

Anna: Does that mean no more paragliding?
Patton: I already apologized. Don't be getting greedy now.

Gregorio: [to Patton] You really are crazy.
Pride: We've known that for a long time.

Sins of the Father [4.8]Edit

Danny: I know I love her, and I know I'd do anything to protect her. What?
Wade: You sound like Dwayne.

Wade: Get to them before Dwayne goes too far.
Sebastian: Yeah.

Donner: What makes you think you're going to leave here alive?
Pride: Your son's life depends on it.

LaSalle: I don't know how you did it, but you did it.
Pride: No I didn't. I almost got Danny killed.

Hard Knock Life [4.9]Edit

Percy: Way to go, Meryl Streep.
Gregorio: Bite me.

Tita: NOPD, DCHS, NCIS. All those letters mean the same thing to us.
Lil Man: C.O.P.S.

Percy: [to Gregorio] It's becoming a pattern. Pride gets tunnel vision, and we get lucky and pull out a win. But one of these days, our luck is going to run out.

Wade: [to Pride] You get the job done, you save lives and that means more to your team than any one single error.

Gregorio: Like I said, I've got your back.
Tita: For real?

Mirror, Mirror [4.10]Edit

Rita: Hamilton's about to make a deal, Dwayne. He's getting out of prison.
Pride: Over my dead body.

Gregorio: [to Hamilton] Two strikes: I'm gay and I hate your guts.

Pride: [to Gregorio] Let him walk and let his partner take care of him.

Hamilton: [to Pride] Really? I'm the biggest threat right now?

Rita: You're not just doing this to get your old job back. You actually care about Dwayne.
Isler: I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Monster [4.11]Edit

Percy: Girl, we [she and Roman] are just friends.
Gregorio: No, you and I are just friends.

Sutter: [to Pride] Yes, it has Dwayne Pride written all over it.

Estes: [to Pride] I've had problems with you in the past, but you sure throw a mean wake.

Percy: [to her dog] Don't give me that judgey look, girl. I've known him longer than I've known you.

Pride: It's a fine line to walk.
Percy: It's an impossible line to walk.

Identity Crisis [4.12]Edit

Sebastian: Was it me, or was that wizard staring at us?
Gregorio: Everyone is staring at us.

Sebastian: C'mon, New York. Let's roll.
Gregorio: Now you're pushing your luck.

Sebastian: She couldn't dissect a frog in high school. She's no killer.
Gregorio: I don't think that will hold up in court.

Pride: A little timely help might help us cut some corners.
Isler: Since when do you need help cutting corners?

Gregorio: How we suppose to do all this without technology?
Pride: We're going to do it old school.

Ties That Bind [4.13]Edit

Pride: Hey, what's wrong?
LaSalle: My dad. He's dead. He was out on the balcony, drinking coffee, reading the paper. All the sudden collapsed. Gone before the ambulance got there.
Pride: I'm so sorry, Chris.

LaSalle: [to Rachel] That's my dad for you. Even in death, he gets the last word.

Rachel: [to LaSalle] Beau chose you because he knew you could handle it.

Pride: [to LaSalle] Your father was a complicated man and he believed in you.

Felix: How's the club?
Pride: Still standing, but a little worse for wear.
Felix: Just like us.

A New Dawn [4.14]Edit

Wade: Please don't tell me we've got a case.
Pride: We've got a case.

Wade: [to Noora] You came to this country for a chance at a better life, for you and Sharif.

Zahra: I won't condemn an entire group of refugees, even if it costs me the election.

Wade: [to Noora] I understand the love of a mother, but you can't do this.

Team's Toast: To a new dawn.

The Last Mile [4.15]Edit

Percy: He's not ready, Dwayne.
Isler: Hey, I'm standing right here.

Pride: NOPD is less than a mile away. If this gets messy, we'll call in the cavalry.
Sebastian: You expecting messy?
Pride: Not if Sonja's done her job.

LaSalle: That's not what you were saying all the way over.
Gregorio: That's because you were hitting every pothole.

Isler: I used to think your greatest skill was snark.
Percy: Why, thank you!

Isler: I wanted to thank you.
Pride: Nothing to thank me for. We're friends.

Empathy [4.16]Edit

Pride: [to LaSalle] Taking care of a person with mental challenges can be challenging for the caregiver too.

Pride: Jack cared about Molly, at least long enough to save her. Maybe he still does.

Jack: [to Pride] Did anyone ever tell you your bedside manner sucks?

Percy: What do you want to do?
Gregorio: Try not to die young.

Pride: [to LaSalle] You know me, always looking for the good.

Treasure Hunt [4.17]Edit

Pride: It looks like we beat whoever killed Elaine to the first clue.
Sebastian: So that means we are on a real-life treasure hunt.

Dodd: Treasure hunting sure has changed. It used to be all about the hunt.

Michelle: You know your history, Agent Pride.
Percy: No. He knows his pirates.

Sebastian: How about we each take the Napolean Fleur-de-lis home for a day, like they do with the Stanley Cup?

Sturges: They won't let nothing stand in their way, not even cops.

Welcome to the Jungle [4.18]Edit

Sebastian: Dangerous? Is it snipers? It's snipers. I should have packed my camo.

Halliday: [to Pride] I am screwed, Agent Pride. The only one who knows the truth is lying dead in the jungle.

Patton: I never condemn anyone for following their bliss, brah.
LaSalle: Yeah, but what if it's not?

Halliday: I wanted to say goodbye, but I don't have the words.
Pride: Maybe you don't need words.

Pride: What are you going to do?
Percy: Honestly, I have no idea.

High Stakes [4.19]Edit

Percy: [to LaSalle] City Mouse and Country Mouse, together again.

LaSalle: [to Percy] Don't get cocky. The last person that lady recruited is laying on Miss Loretta's table.

Wade: A wise man once told me that our kids don't tell us things because they're afraid of disappointing us.
Pride: You didn't believe me at the time.
Wade: But you were right.

Pride: I'm not sure that was the best decision you were about to make there.
Percy: That seems to be a pattern lately.

LaSalle: Now that you're really leaving, I can't help but wonder what might have been.
Percy: Me, too.

Powder Keg [4.20]Edit

Gregorio: How many cups of coffee have you had?
Sebastian: Five. No, six. Seven.
Gregorio: I'm going to need you to dial it back.

Curtis: Those cops out there want to kill me.
Boomer: They're going to have to stand in line.

Wade: I've been stuck in here all day. How's Dwayne?
Gregorio: He's fine. He can handle himself.
Wade: You didn't answer my question.

Sydney: So much for putting the easy in the Big Easy. I had an easier time in Fallujah.

Estes: You think what I'm thinking?
Pride: Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Mind Games [4.21]Edit

Brooklyn: Hi. What's your name?
Sebastian: I don't remember.

Sebastian: I covered that house inside and outside, and all I got was a rash, which I hope isn't ringworm.
LaSalle: Me too.

Pride: [to Sebastian] We're going to find Gregorio, but only if we work it like any other case.

Pride: [to LaSalle] Gregorio helped bring down a serial killer. It may not make it for what she feels guilty about, but it's close.

Sebastian: What do you think? "Silence of the Lambs?"
Gregorio: Sebastian!
Sebastian: No, you're right. We should probably watch "Seven."

The Assassination of Dwayne Pride [4.22]Edit

Gregorio: We have to play it cool.
LaSalle: You know me. I'm ice cold.

Rita: You're in trouble, Dwayne.
Pride: I got that when the brick came flying at me.

Pride: [to Rita] I'm to blame myself for my situation. I have pushed the limits throughout my career.

Crane: What do I get?
Rita: How about continuing to breathe? That's always a plus.

Rita: What are you going to do?
Pride: I'm not sure. But whoever is after me is not taking me down without a fight.


Part 1 [4.23]Edit

Gregorio: We need to figure this out fast, before Pride tries to figure it out.
Estes: Yeah, that's what worries me.

Gregorio: [to Pride] We care, so get over it.

Elvis: Let's figure out a way to kick some ass.

Pride: We don't need it to hold up in court.
Hallyday: We're going to try this in the court of public opinion.

Wade: Dwayne, you're amazing. You're still trying to save the city, even though the city's turned against you.
Pride: What am I gonna do?

Part 2 [4.24]Edit

Sydney: [to Gregorio] Boy, you people really are intrusive!

Gregorio: Are you OK?
Sydney: [referring to Parsons] I'm better than her.

Sydney: I'm healthier than most of the patients you see.
Wade: Mouthier too.

Sydney: [to Barlow] Make a bold choice, disappear yourself. It's up to you.

Season 5Edit

See You Soon [5.1]Edit

Gregorio: We need to maintain the media blackout.
Sebastian: That's easy because we don't know anything.

Rita: What are his chances?
Wade: Slim.
Rita: I hope that's not your version of sugarcoating.

Rita: [to Pride] If this was an excuse to get me to down here, I didn't need a grand gesture. All you had to do was call.

LaSalle: That plan's audacious with a limited margin for error.
Gregorio: Yep.
LaSalle: Dwayne would approve.

LaSalle: (cell phone chimes) HQ. They need me in SCIF.
Gregorio: Well, get to it, boss. (sighs)
Gibbs: Christopher
LaSalle: Gibbs
Gibbs: How's he doing?
LaSalle: Honestly? Not good.
Gibbs: Yep. I know both sides of that. His and yours. You stay strong.
LaSalle: I'm trying to. Director Vance doing all right?
Gibbs: Yeah, he's on the mend. Your suspect, Amelia Parsons.
LaSalle: The best we can tell, she was tying up loose ends for her former employer. Probably fleeing now.
Gibbs: It's not about loose ends.
LaSalle: You got a lead?
Gibbs: Yeah, we sent you a classified file on your shooter.
LaSalle: We've already been read in on Amelia's file.
Gibbs: No, you haven't. Not on this one.
LaSalle: She's CIA?
Gibbs: She contracted for them. Off the books, wet work.
LaSalle: Part of a hit team.
Gibbs: Yeah, with someone you might recognize. Her husband, John Stone.
LaSalle: Mr. Stone and Pride tangled about a year ago. He went over the side of a roof. Means this wasn't about business.
Gibbs: Means she's making it about revenge.
LaSalle: Helps a lot. Thanks, Gibbs.
Gibbs: Christopher? We know what Dwayne means to you.
LaSalle: All of us.
Gibbs: You take it personal.
LaSalle: Know what you're going to say. Keep my feelings out of it and work the case.
Gibbs: No. Just the opposite. You use those feelings. You make it personal. You do what you have to do to get Amelia.

Inside Out [5.2]Edit

Pride: [to Gregorio] I'm taking a break from taking a break.

Gregorio: [to Khoury] Who the hell are you?
Pride: She's your new boss.

Pride: I know I'm blessed.
Wade: Do you, Dwayne?

Patton: If I get killed, I'm going to be pissed.

Pride: [to Walker] I guess you're right. Today is my lucky day.

Pride: Good seeing you.
Man: We'll see you later on today, all right?
Pride: Thank you. Hey.
Laurel: Okay, Mr. Rogers.
Pride: What?
Laurel: Now that you've literally said hello to every person in your neighborhood, can we please keep it moving?
Pride: What's the rush?
Man: Glad to see you, Dwayne.
Pride: Thank you. The sun is out, there's not a cloud in the sky; it's a perfect day for a walk.
Laurel: A short walk is what we agreed to.
Pride: People want to chat. How you doing?
Man: Hey, Dwayne.
Pride: It'd be rude to ignore them.
Laurel: You are loving it, Dad.
Pride: Ah, maybe a little.

Diplomatic Immunity [5.3]Edit

Gregorio: Are they having a bulk sale at Suits R Us?
Sebastian: As a matter of fact, yeah. Pretty snazzy, right?
Gregorio: Yeah, if it's your First Communion.
Sebastian: Or if you're picking up the keys to the sweet new house you just bought.
Gregorio: Are you serious?
Sebastian: Yeah.

[cell phone rings]
Pride: Carry on. [scoffs] Loretta.
Wade: Well, I guess old habits do die hard. I meant to call Hannah.
Pride: You're not the only one struggling with transitions.
Pride: First day frustration. No one will let me do anything.
Wade: Oh, perhaps you're trying to do too much. You took the job for a reason. Just slow down, focus on health. You should give it more than an hour and a half. Doctor's orders.
Pride: Yeah. Before you go, what do ya got?
Wade: Don't you think that should be Hannah's concern?
Pride: Uh maybe, but I'm invoking SAC's privilege. Spill.

Sebastian: Okay. What-Whatever that was was not Klingon.
Carmen: You're quite the detective, aren't you?
Sebastian: Yeah, kind of. Well, I'm sort of like, um, Bill Nye the Science Guy. You know? But armed.
Carmen: Bow tie would really bring that look home.
Sebastian: Yes. Yeah. Sebastian - Hmm? - is my name. My name is Sebastian. That's me. Hi.
Carmen: I'm your saving grace, Carmen Delahoy, diplomatic translator, United Nations Trade Association.
Sebastian: That is an incredibly long title. [Carmen laughs] Very impressive.

Gregorio: Is this a witness interview or a date?
Sebastian: An interview. Definitely an interview.

Sebastian: [to LaSalle and Gregorio] Listen, guys, don't shoot. Carmen is British Intelligence. She's on our side.

Legacy [5.4]Edit

LaSalle: I can handle this.
Pride: You can, but you don't have to do it alone.

Gregorio: [to Pride] I just hope [LaSalle] can live with what he finds.

LaSalle: They weren't just employees. They were family.

Hannah: [to Amy] If you're looking for justice for your family, this is not the way.

Gregorio: Maybe I just missed your face.
Pride: I've missed you too.

In The Blood [5.5]Edit

Jimmy: Don't move.
Pride: Or what? You gonna shoot your own brother?
Jimmy: (chuckles) Been imagining this moment my whole life, actually meeting my half brother face to face.
Pride: Always pointing a gun at me when you imagined it?
Jimmy: No, that part's a little bit of a surprise. (chuckles)
Pride: Gonna need the weapon, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Yeah, of course. Sorry. I mean, guns aren't really my style.
Pride: Yeah, I can tell. Safety's on.

[Pride enters the office with Jimmy Boyd in handcuffs]
Pride: Got your text. You found something.
Gregorio: Uh, looks like you did.
Jimmy: Well, technically, I found him. Jimmy Boyd. Dwayne's brother.
Gregorio: What?
Patton: Excuse me?
Pride: Half brother, actually. Another byproduct of Cassius' colorful personality.

Pound of Flesh [5.6]Edit

Calvin: Hey.
Pride: Calvin. What?
Calvin: Sorry to let myself in, but nobody was out front.
Pride: Yeah, no, no, my assistant's not here. It's not like her to be late.
Calvin: Yeah, well, Monday mornings are rough for everyone, right?
Pride: Yeah. What are you doing here, Cal?
Calvin: What do you mean?
Pride: Our appointment's not until tomorrow.
Calvin: I couldn't wait that long to see Dwayne Pride in a suit and tie.
Pride: It almost makes me look respectable.
Calvin: Almost.

(car alarm chirps)
LaSalle: I checked the perimeter. No sign of movement.
Sebastian: Entergy says the power's been cut off to the whole building.
Gregorio: Hmm? Wait, you're telling me I have to go into Dracula's castle in the dark?
Sebastian: You want me to hold your little hand?
Gregorio: You touch me, Sebastian, I'll shoot you.

(phone ringing)
Pride: Hannah, please tell me you found Ginny.
Hannah: No, not yet, but a neighbor did see Marquez loading her into a black Toyota. We got three agencies assisting with the manhunt.
Pride: Well, he came after Ginny twice. She must have the liver that he needs.
Hannah: Yeah, and whoever he needs it for probably can't wait much longer.
Pride: We need to track down every doctor in this area who has the training required to perform the transplant.
Hannah: Well, I would ask Dr. Welles for a list, but after our last conversation, I doubt he'd cooperate.
Pride: Well, I'm not gonna give him a choice.
Wade: I'll drive.
Pride: I'm fine, Loretta. I'm fine, I'm fi
Wade: Dwayne. Give me your keys, Dwayne. If you're nice, maybe I'll let you pick the music.

Sebastian: Hannah, will you tell her that she's got to put the ears on, please?
Hannah: (laughs) Wow. I thought you hated Halloween.
Sebastian: She's had a bit of a change of heart.
Gregorio: I did not. I still hate it.
Sebastian: Well, why are you going out with me, then?
Gregorio: Because I owe you, for scaring the living crap out of me at that abandoned lab, and because payback's a bitch, right? - I got a plan to get him back.
Sebastian: Okay, all right. That's fine. This is gonna be the worst Halloween of my life.
Gregorio: You're welcome to join.
Hannah: Maybe next time.
Sebastian: I'm actually, I think I'm gonna chill out here. I was gonna watch a-- maybe a movie.
Gregorio: Oh, Sebastian, put the damn ears back on and move your tail.
Sebastian: (sighs)
Gregorio: Night, Hannah.
Sebastian: Meow.
Hannah: Meow.

Sheepdogs [5.7]Edit

LaSalle: Sure you know what you're doing?
Sebastian: Sure you want to know the answer?

Hannah: [to Yasmin] You are a truly troubled young lady, and I feel sorry for you. I told you I'd show you what I'm capable of.

Wade: I'd say good morning, but 7 a.m. is too early to deal with this kind of tragedy.

Pride: [to Hannah] You should come to the Tru Tone. The team drinks for free tonight.
Gregorio: The team always drinks for free.

Close to Home [5.8]Edit

Steven: What should I tell them?
Pride: Tell them I'm bringing a couple boxes of the best pastries in New Orleans.
Steven: They'd better be good.

Gregorio: Wouldn't have one of those yearbook photos lying around?
Hannah: Burned 'em all.

LaSalle: We're not the enemies here.
Jimmy: Every time I hear a cop say that, my life got worse.

Pride: I'm pretty sure Mateo's one of the reasons I came back from the dead.
Steven: Next time lie to me.

Jimmy: Dwyane happens to be bulletproof.
Pride: A bit of an exaggeration.

Mateo: Looks like the house with the chainsaw killer living in the basement.
Jimmy: You're in luck. No basements in New Orleans.

Mateo:: Hold up. You two are brothers?
Pride and Jimmy: Half!

Risk Assessment [5.9]Edit

Pride: Think that will make your problems go away?
Jimmy: It will keep you from being caught up in them.

Patton: It's a reminder of how bad drivers are around here.
Hannah: You've never been to Istanbul.

Charlie: You make it seem so easy.
Hannah: It's not, Charlie, and I think you know that.

Tick Tock [5.10]Edit

Parsons: Just so I'm clear, are you killing me or you breaking me out?
Pride: Breaking you out.

Parsons: Who are you talking to?
Pride: Your friends.
Parsons: I don't have any friends.

Pride: Let me make one thing clear: I don't trust you.
Parsons: I don't trust you either.

Pride: [to Parsons] You aren't behind this. They want something from you too.

Parsons: [to Pride] We both looked death in the face, and you know what I saw? I saw myself. What about you?

Vindicta [5.11]Edit

Wade: I'll spare you my two cents on coping.
Pride: Thank you.

Sebastian: What if we can't find Apollyon?
LaSalle: That's not an option.

Pride: Walker.
Walker: What took you so long?

Jimmy: Here I'm a grown-ass man, and I'm still the bastard.
Pride: Not to me.

Pride: Your ex, huh? Kind of buried the lead.
Hannah: Kind of a sore topic.

Pride: You have been taking in easy?
Wade: I'm stubborn like a mule, just like you, but I'm trying.
Pride: That's all I can ask.

Desperate Navy Wives [5.12]Edit

Sebastian: Hannah usually says please when she gives us orders.
Pride: Get the hell out of here, please.

Gregorio: What is Pride thinking? I don't fit in with this social set.
Sebastian: I don't know. I think you're rocking that sweater set.

Pride: I'm OK.
LaSalle: That's what I said too. Then my father's death hit me like a ton of bricks.

X [5.13]Edit

Sebastian: I want you to know that if anything goes wrong, I appreciate you.
Gregorio: Same here babe.

Nero: [to Loretta] You are one of a kind. Hand to God.

Hannah: You'd be surprised at what's in my bag.

Nero: [to Gregorio] What's in here makes Ebola look like the hiccups.

Pride: Drop that container!
Nero: If I do that, we all die.

Conspiracy Theories [5.14]Edit

Hannah: Isn't this NOPD's jurisdiction?
Pride: I spoke to the chief, explained our history with Crane. NOPD'll run point but welcome any help we can offer.

Sebastian: You want to go finish that game of Risk we started?
Oliver: I thought you'd never ask.
Gregorio: Nerds.

Oliver: Even compliments from you come off as snarky.
Gregorio: It's a gift.

LaSalle: I thought this was an open forum.
Ferrington: Well, it's closed now.

Oliver: Man, I hate when I'm wrong.
Wade: I think you'd be used to it by now.

Oliver: This is exciting! We got the band back together. What can I do?
Gregorio: Roll over and play dead.

Crab Mentality [5.15]Edit

Pride: This is legal?
Patton: Not in the strictest definition.
Sebastian: Not in any definition.

Sebastian: Where's DHS taking Hannah.
Gregorio: To the gallows.

Gregorio: You OK?
Hannah: I just need a minute.

Jax: Why did you do that?
Pride: Because I really want to believe you.

Pride: Liam doesn't want to be found.
Hannah: Would that stop you?
Pride: Probably not.

Survivor [5.16]Edit

Pride: Naomi's a fighter, just like her momma.
Hannah: Can I get that in writing?

Sebastian: I can't believe I hit him from here.
Gregorio: You didn't.
Sebastian: That makes more sense.

LaSalle: We've all got skeletons in our closets.
Gregorio: But Hannah's are up and walking around.

Reckoning [5.17]Edit

Isler: They need you. I get it.
Pride: Actually, I need them. I've been through a lot in the last few months.

Conroy: They don't need no protection. I'm their protection.
Gregorio: You're doing a crap job.

Pride: Hannah, be careful out there.
Hannah: You too, Pride.

Isler: This is different.
Pride: How?
Isler: We're the good guys.

Pride: How'd you get this information?
Kirby: Don't ask.

In Plain Sight [5.18]Edit

Patton: Ain't no one gonna die today?
Reed: And how can you be so sure?
Patton: Cause I was stalling, jackass.

Patton: No need for weapons. I'm just a computer specialist.
Simms: I'm not.

Patton: Pride, I'm a grown man. I watched him die. I want to see my friend.
Pride: I know what you're facing. I've been through it. You have to face it before it gets away from you.

LaSalle: Nick Taylor was a wounded warrior. Who would have wanted to target him?
Pride: Let's find out.

A House Divided [5.19]Edit

LaSalle: According to the guests, there was an argument that broke out right before the lieutenant came tumbling.
Pride: Any details?
Hannah: Tammy and Sebastian are questioning the guests now.
Pride: And the Prescott family?
Hannah: We're looking for 'em.
Pride: What do mean "looking"?
Hannah: Well, it is a big house, as Loretta said. The mother disappeared as soon as NOPD arrived. Hasn't been seen since.
Pride: Well, let's get on that.

Hannah: Are we going to let the Prescotts get away with this?
Pride: Not by a long shot.

Hannah: There was an argument. Did someone want to hurt Wyatt?
Bryce: Only those who have met him.

Pride: What can you tell me, Loretta?
Wade: My entire house can fit in this room.
Pride: About Lieutenant Prescott.
Wade: Broken neck as far as I can tell. There's 21 steps in the staircase. It's quite a fall.
Hannah: Did he fall? Or was he pushed?
Wade: I cannot tell yet.
LaSalle: [approaching with an evidence baggie in hand] If it was an accident, I may have the cause. These were hidden in Lieutenant Prescott's room.
Pride: That's a lot of pills.
LaSalle: [showing more evidence baggies] Yeah, and that's not all. May have been having a private party.
Hannah: Ooh, well, depending on what's in those pills, combined with alcohol, that could send anyone tumbling down those stairs.
Wade: Yeah, well, we'll know more once I've run a full tox screen.

Jackpot [5.20]Edit

Elvis: [to Wendy] I was 30 before I got my first felony.
Pride: That's not a good thing, Elvis.

Pride: Any way to figure out where they're buying [tickets]?
Wendy: Yeah, but I may need to break a few more laws to do it.

Elvis: My therapist says hacking is my love language.
Pride: Some people just pick up the phone.

Sebastian: How is Wendy Cotts your daughter?
Elvis: Well, Sebastian, when a man and a woman ...

Trust Me [5.21]Edit

Gregorio: Having someone who cares about you helps.
LaSalle: You're talking about me, aren't you?

Pride: You were a little harsh on the phone.
Gregorio: I had to sell it, didn't I?

Pride: I heard you talked to Ryan.
Hannah: It wasn't a talk. More of a skirmish.

Hannah: You can't make unilateral decisions that affect our family.
Ryan: Of course I can. I learned from the best.

Hannah: I'm not hiding anything from you. I promised I wouldn't.
Ryan: Oh, you're keeping your promises now.

Pride: Natalie's mom is married to the victim's ex.
Gregorio: You'd think that was something he'd have mentioned, huh?

Chaos Theory [5.22]Edit

Pride: You want to go first?
LaSalle: After you, King.

Pride: If you ever try anything like this again ...
Sebastian: I knew. Gregorio's going to kill me.
Pride: She's going to have to wait in line.

Sebastian: [to Neela] You can't stop chaos. But a friend of mine told me you need to find some order.

Lana: [to Sebastian] Hey, Sebastian. You really are an inspiration for geeks everywhere.

Sebastian: When I was climbing the ladder, I was hit by something ...
Pride: Dizziness.

The River StyxEdit

Part 1 [5.23]Edit

Hannah: I know where Pride's heading and I'm going to help him.
Sebastian: Do you want to share with the class?

Pride: You'd do the same thing for me.
Isler: I kind of have to say that under the circumstances.

Isler: Dwayne, what are you doing here?
Pride: I had a bunch of vacation days saved up.

Pride: What is this place?
Luka: My office.

Pride: We paid them $5,000.
Luka: You were robbed.

LaSalle: Are you sure we can trust this guy Luka?
Pride: I'm sure we don't have a choice.

Pride: What'd you say?
LaSalle': I meant to say we mean them no harm. But it's possible I insulted their mamas.

Part 2 [5.24]Edit

Rita: What is that place, Patton?
Patton: Walker's personal Alamo.

[Pride is hallucinating]
Walker: [to Pride] There's nothing more important than family.
Jimmy [to Pride]: What are you going to do to preserve yours?

Pride: And I'm just supposed to trust you.
Angel of Death: Trust your instincts, Dwayne.

Sebastian: When this is over, we've got to invest in a lock.
Patton: Yeah, if we still have jobs.

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