Ross Douthat

American author and columnist

Ross Gregory Douthat (/ˈdaʊθət/ ( born November 28, 1979) is an American conservative political analyst, blogger and author and New York Times columnist. He was a senior editor of The Atlantic.

Ross Douthat in 2008

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  • Conservatism-under-liberalism should defend human goods that are threatened by liberal ideas taken to extremes. The family, when liberal freedom becomes a corrosive hyper-individualism. Traditional religion, when liberal toleration becomes a militant and superstitious secularism. Local community and local knowledge, against expert certainty and bureaucratic centralization. Artistic and intellectual greatness, when democratic taste turns philistine or liberal intellectuals become apparatchiks. The individual talent of the entrepreneur or businessman, against the leveling impulses of egalitarianism and the stultifying power of monopoly.

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