Ludwig Klages

German psychologist and philosopher

Friedrich Konrad Eduard Wilhelm Ludwig Klages (10 December 187229 July 1956) was a German philosopher, psychologist, graphologist, poet, writer, and lecturer, who was a two-time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Ludwig Klages

Quotes edit

  • The profundity of truth varies with the seeing power of the spirit which seeks it.
    • The Science of Character (1929), as translated by W. H. Johnston, p. 18
  • The great masses, who have never been, in the history of mankind, more subject to hypnotic suggestion than they are right now, have become the puppets of the “public opinion” that is engineered by the newspapers in the service, it need hardly be emphasized, of the reigning powers of finance. What is printed in the morning editions of the big city newspapers is the opinion of nine out of ten readers by nightfall. The United States of America, whose more rapid “progress” enables us to predict the future on a daily basis, has pulled far ahead of the pack when it comes to standardizing thought, work, entertainment, etc.
    • Sämtliche Werke, vol. 4, p. 408, as translated by Joseph Pryce
  • Whereas the Americans thought that they were fighting for such high-minded slogans as "liberty" and "justice," they were actually fighting to stuff the money bags of the big bankers. These "free citizens" are, in fact, mere marionettes; their freedom is imaginary, and a brief glance at American work-methods and leisure-time entertainments is enough to prove conclusively that l’homme machine is not merely imminent: it is already the American reality.
    • Sämtliche Werke, vol. 4, p. 409, as translated by Joseph Pryce

Rhythmen und Runen (1944) edit

  • Many first possess wealth, and are then possessed by it.
    • p. 253
  • A man who cannot climb a tree will boast of never having fallen out of one.
    • p. 466

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