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Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (12 April 1962 – 29 March 2012) was an English painter, novelist, essayist, playwright, actor, orator and activist. Initially a Conservative, he later became involved in far-right organisations such as the British National Party. Bowden has been described as a "cult Internet figure" in the alt-right, even after his death.

Quotes edit

Speech to the British National Party, Blackpool, 21 June 2005 edit

  • But the truth of the matter is the more English you become through remembrance and historicism and identification, the more British you are. And the more British you are, the more European you are. And by European, I mean White. Nothing to do with an endorsement of the politics of the European Union. And the more you esteem and value yourself the more you will be interested in the culture of your own people and what they have achieved.

Speech to the 11th New Right meeting, London, 8 September 2007 edit

  • Everything is ideological. Every BBC news broadcast is totally ideological, and is in some respects a soft form of Communism, which is what liberalism is... If I was running the BBC, it would be slightly different from what's on tonight.
  • Liberalism is moral syphilis, and I'm stepping over it!
  • People are unequal! 75% of it's genetic and biological. Partly criminality's biological; predispositions to drug addictions are biological; intelligence is biological; beauty is biological; ferocity or a predisposition to it is biological; intellect is biological. You can do a bit, but you're born to be what you are, and we should celebrate what we were born to be.
  • If people with our sorts of values ruled modernity, everything about this society would be at one level the same, and in every other respect completely different. People would still drive contemporary cars, there'd still be jets, and there'd still be supercomputers and so on, but the texture and the nature of life would be different in every respect. How so? Firstly, cultures would be mono-ethnic. Secondly, there would be a respect for the past glories of our civilisation. Thirdly, we would not preface every attempt to be strong by saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what we have done..." We're not sorry! And we've stepped over the prospect of being sorry.

Speech to the British National Party, North Wales, October 2008 edit

  • We have become subordinate to the United States, and those in our clerisy, our elite, who think that the United States isn't the answer, want to get closer to Europe as an alternative model. In other words, whatever model they choose, Britain isn't in the middle or the first port of call, because they believe that Britain is over. They believe they can rule over the ruins, but it's the culture of the ruins that ruins the culture.

Speech to the British National Party, Wigan, 2009 edit

  • What do we think should be done with the murderers of Baby P? Yes, we should hang them until they are dead, and we should let the masses see it, and we should televise it and put it on before Question Time.

Speech to the New Right, London, 13 June 2009 edit

  • The point of the New Right is to support all discourses that portend to inequality. If the Right believes in anything it believes in the moral goodness of inequality in all forms, and therefore we support discourse that manifests inegalitarianism and inequality.
  • This mantle of the heroic whereby Right-wing existentialists like Captain America fight against the extreme Right in accordance with democratic values is one of the interesting tricks that’s played with the nature of the heroic... They’ve always known this. Michael Moorcock, amongst others, speaks of the danger of subliminal Rightism in much fantasy writing where you can slip into an unknowing, uncritical ultra-Right and uncritical attitude towards the masculine, towards the heroic, towards the vanquishing of forces you don’t like, towards self-transcendence, for example.

Speech to the British National Party, Lancashire, 17 September 2009 edit

  • So, there's a total disconnect now between the ruling group and the masses and the masses have got to show some stomach for once, and they've got to be prepared to vote for radical people who will clear out New Labour. Here in the north, in the south, in the east and the west outside England, within Britain and elsewhere. Clear them out! And the Tories will do no good either. You’ve got to clear them out. The Liberals are just a bloc in between the two that give the other two their ideas, all the sort of destructive ideas that Phillips is in favor of and that I talked about earlier. You've got to clear them out as well. There needs to be a new start! And it won’t be UKIP and it won’t be the Greens, even though there are good ideas which are Green and the idea of leaving the European Union (the UKIP option) is an attractive one that should be supported. But there is only really one option for this country and that is to vote for a party that is patriotic, which is British, which is elitist, which is nationalistic, which believes that the only socialism or the only social concern that really is validated by history, by genetics, by identity is patriotism.

Speech to the London Forum, 3 December 2011 edit

  • The danger of the ideology of the victim, which I don't really subscribe to except as a tactic on occasion, is that you begin to think like a victim, and you begin to act like a victim. Many of our people now are almost asking for a whipping, asking for a collective beating, asking to be forgiven for the past, asking to be forgiven for sins and crimes of the past which they never committed, which they’re hardly aware of, which can be reconstrued as episodes of heroic cruelty or glorious vanguardism that don't even need to be apologised for in the past or in the present.

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