Frank Meyer

American conservative philosopher

Frank Straus Meyer (/ˈm.ər/; May 9, 1909 – April 1, 1972) was a jewish American philosopher and political activist best known for his theory of "fusionism" – a political philosophy that unites elements of libertarianism and traditionalism into a philosophical synthesis. Meyer's philosophy was presented in two books, primarily In Defense of Freedom: A Conservative Credo (1962) and also in a collection of his essays, The Conservative Mainstream (1969).

Meyer (1930s)

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  • In fact, conservatism is not a body of principles, but a tone, an attitude. That attitude does indeed tend to conduce towards a respect for the wisdom acquired by human beings through long ages and towards skepticism of social blueprints...
    • Collectivism Rebaptized

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  • [His fusionism is all about] utilizing libertarian means in a conservative society for traditionalist ends.
    • E. J. Dionne, Jr., Why Americans Hate Politics, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1991, p. 161

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