America's Next Top Model (season 8)

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Originally aired February 28 – May 16, 2007.

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking [8.1]


Jaslene: [in confessional after arriving in Los Angeles Airport] My name is Jaslene. I was here last season. I'm so happy and excited to be back.

Jaslene: [to Tyra] I'm back!
Tyra Banks: [to Jaslene] You're so calm this season.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] I am. I'm actually very confident this season. [in confessional] I auditioned for Cycle 7. [flashback walking out after finishing the audition in Cycle 7] I walk like this every day, all day! [back to present in Cycle 8 in confessional] Unfortunately I did not make it into the house. [flashback to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen in Cycle 7] I’m not giving up.
Tyra: [flashback to Jaslene in Cycle 7] You shouldn’t give up.
Jaslene: [flashback to Tyra after missing out on the top thirteen in Cycle 7] I’m coming back.
Tyra: [flashback to Jaslene in Cycle 7] You're coming back? [back to present in Cycle 8 to Jaslene during her audition] You seem almost too calm. There was some spice and some fire that I loved last time. Now you're almost becoming a little bit boring, Jaslene.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Oh no, girl! Don't make me turn it up!
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Turn it up!
Jaslene: [to Tyra] I still have the Latina in me.
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Show me something different that I loved from last time but not that catalogue pose. [Jaslene runway walks] Work it girl!
Jaslene: [to Tyra] And yes, I still walk like this every day, all day!

Jay Manuel: [about Dionne] I love that she has diarrhea of the mouth because we don't have to hear in a photograph.

Natalie: I really like Audrey Hepburn. I love her in Dinner at Tiffany's.
Tyra: Dinner at Tiffany's?
Natalie: I'm sorry. Lunch at, brunch at Tiffany's. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Tyra: [laughing] Lunch at Tiffany's?
Jay: Guess what honey? It was breakfast at Tiffany's!

Samantha: [about her hometown] I think the biggest thing that ever happened was the Butter Bean Festival.

Kathleen: My Grandma has no booty. My Mama has no booty. Then, therefore, I have no booty. Okay, I'm a black girl with no ass. But I have... That's what I have. I have... [flashes other girls]

Tyra: And I want you to be all you can be, not bitch all you can bitch.

Jael: It's just modeling. We're not curing cancer here.

Brittany: I get very loud. I talk probably almost at this level like when I'm sitting at home.
Tyra: Have you ever had your hearing tested? You think that has something to do with it?
Brittany: Pardon?

Kathleen: Aaaghhhh! Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!!!!!
Tyra: Why you screaming so loud?
Kathleen: Cause you're so pretty! Oh my God!!!
J. Alexander: What about me?

Natasha: [notices some of the girls burping] Oh, come on, girls. Don't do that.
Renee: I think that models should be themselves.
Cassandra: [in confessional about Kathleen] Kathleen was saying she likes to burp. She was like, [imitating Kathleen] "I don't care! If it's in me, imma burp! Right? Imma just be like, ugh!"
Kathleen: Who cares if we burp or fart?
Natasha: I was born in a different place than you girls!
Renee: I burped, and you tell me you think models shouldn't act like that?!
Cassandra: [in confessional about Natasha] Natasha said, [imitating Natasha] "Well you're supposed to be a lady! Models don't burp!"

Renee: [in confessional about Jael] The only reason that Jael won is because she’s a thrift shopper! It’s not like it was even a modelling thing! It’s not fair! It’s not fair at all!

Renee: [in confessional about all the other girls] In my mentality they can win all the little battles I’m going to win this war!

Twiggy: You kinda want to take Kathleen home and look after her.
J. Alexander: I don't!

Kathleen: I believe that if the animal's alive you shouldn't kill it to make a coat of anything, but if it's already dead than you can take the skin off, and just make a coat.
Tyra: [to Kathleen] How would it already be dead? Like, uh . . .
Kathleen: [to Tyra] Let's say, 'cause animals fight each other in the jungle, right, in the woods?
Twiggy: [to Kathleen] Well, unfortunately, that's not how they get fur coats.
Kathleen: [to Twiggy] Animals die, like people die naturally sometimes, right?
Twiggy: [to Kathleen] But that's not the ones they use for fur coats, I'm afraid.

Kathleen: I think every model wants to date Nigel Barker, 'cause he's so tall.

Kathleen: My theme today is anti-fur like I hate fur. Actually, I really do like fur. I mean, it makes you look hot.

Kathleen: [at her photoshoot] Should I look at the fur like it's stank?

Nigel: [to Kathleen] That was the easiest one to fit into but I think you didn't completely understand the concept.
Kathleen: [to Nigel] I know right? I didn't!
Tyra: [to Kathleen] If you don't understand something, you have to ask.

Jay: [during a shoot about gay marriage] I like the smiling, why don't you guys have a happy moment? Lesbians aren't serious all the time.

Tyra: I have to tell you, I am probably the least satisfied that I've ever been for a photoshoot. As controversial as it was, the majority of you just stood there in your photo. As a model, it's important for you to be inspiring, to entertain as well.

Tyra: [flips over Jael's photo] Jael you won the challenge... [Jael hugs Kathleen before coming to collect her photo] ...and you won it because you did well and that's okay. You can still be liked and be successful.

Kathleen: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I feel sad right now. I feel like I didn't get a chance to compete. You know if Tyra Banks sees I have potential. She chose me to be in this house. That means a lot to me. I'm going to go home and still try to pursue modeling. This is what I want to do so bad. I'm going to go home and I'm going to work hard

The Girls Who Go To Prom [8.2]


Samantha: [about her photo shoot] Last week I was a lesbian and now I'm a ho. [laughs] So much fun.

Jay: [to Samantha] put your hands between your thighs, pretend that you're all alone and you're masturbating!

Jael: [about Sarah flashing the high school students] I thought it was very liberating for her and I'm so proud of it. She got to experience that next to me!

Tyra: [flips over Jaslene's photo] For the second week in a row, Jaslene. [Jaslene comes to collect her photo] Stunning. Amazing. Strongest shot of the bunch, again.
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Congratulations
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Thanks.
Tyra: [flips over Felicia's photo] Felicia. [Felicia comes to collect her photo feeling relieved to be safe from elimination] Congratulations, Felicia.
Felicia: [to Tyra] Thank you.
Tyra: [flips over Diana's photo] Diana. [Diana comes to collect her photo smiling, flips over Renee's photo] Renee. [Renee comes to collect her photo]

The Girl Who Cries All Time [8.3]


[Jael is in the phone booth when she receives a message about the death of her close friend back home]
Jael: [after learning her friend died] Oh my God! Oh God!
Renee: [to Jael] What happened? [Jael waves for Renee to leave as she dials the phone; in confessional about Jael] Jael checked her messages and found out that a close friend of hers had passed away.
Jael's Friend: [to Jael on the phone] Hello?
Jael: [to her friend on the phone] What's going on?!
Jael's Friend: [to Jael on the phone] Uh, she overdosed.
Jael: [to her friend on the phone] Oh no! [Brittany walks in] Okay, I'm–I'm gonna call you back 'cause I'm gonna go outside. I'm gonna freak out, okay? [Brittany holds her hand as she hangs up the phone] Oh God!
[Jael goes outside and starts sobbing while Natasha and Cassandra walk outside to the couch where Jael and Brittany are seated]
Natasha: [to Jael] What's going on?
Cassandra: [to Jael] What happened?
Jael: [sobbing] My whole life, because it's like this can't be real right now!
Natasha: [to Jael] What happened?
Jael: Oh God, no! This is the worst thing I can possibly hear in the entire universe! My friend died of an overdose.
Sarah: [hugs Jael] Oh my God.
Brittany: [to Jael] It's okay.
Jael: I don't understand this! [sobs] This doesn't make any sense.
Cassandra: [to Jael] Life doesn't make sense sometimes.
Jael: [in confessional] I'd rather not be dealing with...this situation that's going on in my life, but I think modeling's a good distraction for me right now.

Brittany: [to Jael about Renee] She keeps looking at us again.
Renee: [to Diana] I swear to God, I'm gonna knock Brittany on her ass one of these times.
Diana: [to Renee] I can't stand the bitch either.
Renee: [to Diana] Jael needs to go through what she needs to go through, and what she doesn't need is a bunch of fake bitches running around trying to be her friend. You know what I mean?
Diana: [to Renee] Seriously, dude, I could not handle Brittany, like, one more time.
Renee: [to Diana] Do you think Brittany's fake? Do you think that's all fake? Like an act?
Brittany: [in confessional] Some of the girls apparently seem to think that I'm "acting" all the time because I've been getting a little emotional lately.
Diana: [to Renee] I don't believe anything. I don't believe her, and I don't trust her.
Brittany: [in confessional] I don't like confronting people about things, but I felt like I should say something. [to Renee] The walls in a house full of women are paper thin. That's all I gotta say.
Renee: [to Brittany] Okay, listen. I'm just gonna say to you right now, I've been nothing but nice to you, nothing but genuine to you. [in confessional about Brittany] It's not like it's uncommon to have girls talk about girls, and to make people feel bad about gossiping or about having conversations about somebody else. For me, it's just so pious. She just needs to come down off her pedestal.
Brittany: [to Renee] I don't have anything to say to you.
Renee: [to Brittany] Right. You know what, Brittany? You being twenty-one years old, sure do act like you're still in high school.
Brittany: [to Renee while rolling her eyes] I'm still kicking your ass in this competition! [Renee flips her off]

Sarah: [to Renee while watching Natasha during her photoshoot] She looks like Kate Moss.
Renee: [to Sarah] No she doesn't. Do you even know who Kate Moss is?

Natasha: [to the judges about her photo during her evaluation] I love this picture anyway because it's so much better compared to other pictures I had.
Tyra: [to Natasha] You're the best sales person in the world.

Tyra: [to Jaslene] Do you know why you were called so late?
Jaslene: [to Tyra] Personality?
Tyra: [to Jaslene] Mmm. Hmmm.

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude [8.4]

Renee: I feel like a lot of the girls in the house don't understand me like they're just looking for ways to be offended by me. I don't know why; I feel like they just don't like me.

Jay: [after Brittany does a shoot on a wet, grimy bathroom floor] Someone get this girl a towel and a tetanus shot.

Jay: I already told them you were really good.
Renee: Oh! They already hate me enough as it is!
Jay: Oh, they do? Why? What happened?
Renee: I'm a bitch.

Felicia: [to Dionne after getting eliminated] Go get your picture.

Felicia: [in confessional after getting eliminated] I'm sad because I expected to go further than this but you just got to deal with it I guess.

The Girl Who Takes Credit [8.5]

Jay: [as Natasha is doing very well in her photo shoot] There is a reason those Russian people compete and get gold!

Jay: Tell me again why you want to be America's Next Top Model.
Diana: Just...'cause.

Sarah: [about how Natasha can explain away any negative feedback] Natasha is the used car salesman of America's Next Top Model.

The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool [8.6]

Jael: Thank you for coming to our party.
50 Cent: This is actually my party, you know, Smart Water all over the place?
Jael: Well you know how us from Detroit have a smart ass mouth.

Jael: Listen, my mom is Black and my dad's a Jew, I'm Blewish you can't hang with that!
Whitney: [in confessional about Jael] Jael has a very "in-your-face" personality and I say this time after time, after time: you can hate it or you can love it.
50 Cent: I asked you to leave.
Jael: Be a man! [gets pushed into the swimming pool by 50 Cent ]
Dionne: [about Jael] He just threw her in the pool! [in confessional about Jael] Jael deserved it because she didn't leave that man alone.

Renee: I'm Nayien.
Benny Medina: Nice to meet you.
Renee: Nice to meet you, too.
Benny Medina: You 're supposed to have a name.
Renee: My name?
Benny Medina: No, what is the name?
Renee: Nayien.
Benny Medina: No, what is the "sell yourself" name?
Renee: Nayien.

Renee: Nicole Ritchie asked me who was the crazy one in the house. And I said, "Jael is the crazy one in the house."
Jael: She told me you said you hated me. So you can get out of my face, bitch.
Renee: I'm not in your face, bitch!
Jael: Exactly. Don't be jealous, Jesus! You're really beautiful, and it's such a fuckin' waste.
Whitney: [in confessional] Jael always prevails in any situation. She can cuss you out, up and down the street!
Jael: [sees Renee walking in] Get the hell away from me. Don't walk past me. There's a big space over there.
Renee: Jael, I'm not gonna walk around on eggshells. I am not a mean person!
Jael: Well, you've been disrespectful to every single girl in the house.
Renee: And people have been disrespectful to me!
Jael: With good reason! And I understand, and I back them all.
Renee: [to Jaslene and Whitney] Is that true? Y'all don't like me either? [in confessional] "Nobody in the house likes you. You're the outcast and blah-blah-blah." And I'm just like...[shrugs]
Jael: [to Renee] 'Cause I put others before myself, and you never will.

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro [8.7]


Brittany: [during the skit with Tia Mowry and delivering her lines during the challenge] There's traffic... [gasps] ...up and down Fifth Avenue!

Efren Ramirez: [to Renee, who won the acting challenge] You get to pick a friend actually.
Renee: Oh, okay. Hmmm... Dionne.
Dionne: No way! [in confessional about Renee picking her to share the reward] And I'm like... "Me?!"
Renee: [to Dionne] You said that you weren't gonna give me another chance, so...
Dionne: [in confessional about Renee] I was like, "Damn, Renee don't like me for real!" But, then she's trying to make a change. So, okay, I'm gonna go with the flow.
Efren: You two get a prize. You're gonna love it! [hands a T-shirt to Dionne] This is for you...
Dionne: What the...?!
Efren: [hands a T-shirt to Renee] ...and this is for you. [Renee laughs]
Whitney: [in confessional] They got T-shirts. We are on America's Next Top Model, and these fools just got up there and got some darn T-shirts!
Dionne: [in confessional] A T-shirt?! A T-shirt?! Whatcha going to do with a T-shirt?! [looking at the shirt just received] This is so cute! [Whitney, Brittany, Jael, Natasha and Jaslene awkwardly smile and laugh]
Renee: Yay.

Dionne: [in confessional] I see my Mom, my sister, and my baby. And the first thing that came to my mind is...what is wrong with my baby's hair?

Dionne: [in confessional about doing a lesbian kissing in limousine photoshoot with Kim Stolz from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5 who kissed Sarah Rhodes in the limousine] Hold up. I'm no lesbo! I'll give you a hug but that kissing, I don't even kiss my own damn boyfriend!

The Girls Who Went Down Under [8.8]


Renee: Avro!

Dionne: That's cool!

Jaslene: [in confessional about CariDee's photo] My girl, CariDee!

Natasha: [in confessional after settling into the Sydney apartment] I know that there are six of us but only one is going to be the winner. It's the break point of the competition where you have to get serious.

Natasha: [in confessional about doing Covergirl commercial] I'm very nervous about this challenge because I have an accent and I have to put my Aussie accent on top of my Russian accent.

Natasha: [in confessional after doing Covergirl commercial] I feel bloody good mate about my Covergirl commercial.

Jael: [in confessional] I don't want to go home. I'm not finished spreading the joy to the universe.

Renee: [during her Covergirl commercial in a thick Australian accent] I wish I could capture the drama of the outback in my look.

Renee: [during her Covergirl commercial in a thick Australian accent] Now that's easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl!

Brittany: [crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl commercial during her evaluation at judging in Sydney] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short term memory!

Miss. J Alexander: [to Brittany] Fashion has no sympathy or empathy.

Natasha: [to Tyra] I cannot believe it!

Jael: [to Brittany] Go get 'em".

Jael: [to Tyra] Thank you so much. Honestly, this experience has changed my life tremendously.

Jael: [to Brittany, Natasha, Renee, Jaslene and Dionne] I love all of you to death.

Jael: [in confessional after getting eliminated eight] I've been through so much here and it's been such a learning experience and I'm so thankful to have had it. I am so proud that I have gotten this far. I am going to miss each and every one of the thirteen girls who started off in the house equally and in different ways. I created bonds with each and every one of them and I might be the only person who's been here fortunate to do so.

Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] Coming up on America's Next Top Model, when it's time to impress the designers down under...
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] What's your name?
Renee: [to Wayne Cooper] NeNe!
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] I'm Way Way!
Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] ...Brittany leaves her manners behind!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It's okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] It's not okay!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It is okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It sucks because it's not my fault! It's his because I asked him to meet me over there! [Natasha shakes her head]

The Girl Who Picks a Fight [8.9]


Renee: [to Dionne about her previous argument with Brittany] If I have beef with her, we talk it out, it's over, it's squashed, we're done. Why shouldn't I be nice to her?
Dionne: [to Renee] Y'all are lying because when y'all have beef, y'all do not squash it.
Brittany: [to Dionne] We just did five minutes ago!
Dionne: [to Renee] Watch, watch, watch! A few days from now, y'all gonna be talking about it again! Somebody's gonna bring something up, and one of y'all are gonna be like, "Oh, yeah? Well, yadda-yadda-yadda." So y'all need to stop lying.
Renee: [to Dionne] Why are you getting up in our face telling us we're fake?
Dionne: [to Renee] Because you are fake! You are fake! You be up in everybody's business. [gets up] You be in everybody's business!
Renee: [to Dionne, while also getting up] You want to get up in my face?!
Dionne: [to Renee] Bitch, I will punch your ass and your face! [Whitney pulls Dionne away from Renee]
Whitney: [in confessional] Dionne gets pissed, Dionne stands up. Like, she's getting so pissed, she's ready to take this girl's head off. I'm like, "Oh, Jesus. Please don't let this be no bloodbath up in here!"
Dionne: [to Whitney about Renee] This bitch—!
Whitney: [to Dionne] It ain't worth it! It ain't worth it!
Dionne: [to Renee] You always up in everybody's face!
Whitney: [to Dionne] It ain't worth it!
Dionne: [to Renee, who rolls her eyes and walks away] You always in someone's face!
Brittany: [to Dionne] You're talking about what isn't our business and you're the one in somebody else's business.

Renee: [to Dionne] Do you want to get up in my face?!

Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] Coming up on America's Next Top Model, when it's time to impress the designers down under...
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] What's your name?
Renee: [to Wayne Cooper] NeNe!
Wayne Cooper: [to Renee] I'm Way Way!
Tyra: [voiceover about the next episode] ...Brittany leaves her manners behind!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It's okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] It's not okay!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It is okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It sucks because it's not my fault! It's his because I asked him to meet me over there! [Natasha shakes her head]

The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver [8.10]


Renee: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael] Brittany used her short-term memory as a crutch in panel.
Brittany: [in a repeat scene crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl commercial during her evaluation at judging in Sydney just last week] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short-term memory!
Renee: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael] I feel like it was unfair that Jael goes home.

Brittany: [in confessional about surviving the bottom two for the first time ever staying over Jael who was eliminated in her third bottom two appearance after previously surviving over Kathleen in week one and Whitney in week seven] It sucks Jael went home but I seemed to be doing a lot better at the photoshoots then Jael.

Dionne: [in confessional about Brittany staying over Jael and about the skit with Tia Mowry two weeks ago] I really wanted Brittany to go home because when we did that skit with Tia Mowry, Brittany was all excited about acting. She knew every line word for word...
Brittany: [in a repeat scene during the skit with Tia Mowry and delivering her lines during the challenge] There's traffic... [gasps] ...up and down Fifth Avenue!
Dionne: [in confessional about Brittany's Covergirl commercial] ...but when it came to this commercial...
Brittany: [in a repeat scene crying to the judges about her performance in the Covergirl commercial during her evaluation at judging in Sydney just one week ago] I just had a really hard time with it because of my short-term memory!
Dionne: [in confessional in shock about Brittany's Covergirl commercial and everything else] Short-term memory!? You are lying! She always makes up an excuse for every single thing!

Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Brittany, Natasha, Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Now you must be back here by 4:30. Anybody who comes here after 4:30 will be disqualified. We'll see you back here at the end of the day.

Brittany: Thirteen Cook Road.

Jaslene: [in confessional] My strategy is to stay calm, cool and collected.

Tina Kalivas: [in confessional about Brittany's runway walk] Brittany needs a lot of work with her walk so I would not book Brittany for a show. [to Brittany] Hope the rest of your stay's pleasant. [Brittany leaves and goes back to her taxi cab]
Brittany: [in confessional] I guess I have a lot of pressure but I don't really feel it. If one designer doesn't like it's not the end of the world.

Dionne: [in confessional] Go-sees are fun.

Dionne: [to the Sydney clients during the go-see challenge when trying on clothes and accessories] Can I keep this?

Wayne Cooper: [in confessional about Dionne] Definitely put her in a show!

Wayne Cooper: [to Natasha] How tall are you? Five nine? Five nine and a half-ish?

Wayne Cooper: [in confessional about Brittany] Very uncoordinated.

Renee: [in confessional about arriving first] I was the first one back at Pricilla’s agency because if you don’t make it back by 4:30 you’re disqualified.

Brittany: [leaving the designer's] Okay, my cab driver, obviously didn't come over here like I asked him too! [in confessional] I see that the taxi's not there I'm like "Oh"!
[commercial break]
Brittany: [in confessional] I asked my cab driver to meet me over on Cooper Street and he obviously didn't listen. [to her taxi cab driver] I asked you to meet me on Cooper Street.
Brittany's Taxi Cab Driver: [to Brittany] You didn't say to meet you.
Brittany: [to her taxi cab driver in a repeat scene only saying where she is going and to saying to meet there] I'm going to go over to Cooper. [back to the present where her taxi cab driver is taking her back to Priscilla Leighton Clark's agency] Can't believe this!
Natasha: [in confessional] My strategy is to see as many designers as possible but it's really really important to be back on time.

Renee: [to Dionne] Here comes Jaslene. [as Jaslene runs into the room] One minute! One minute!
Jaslene: [in confessional] I make it back to Priscilla's agency a minute before and I'm like, "Where's Natasha? Where's Brittany?" We have two slackers. :[Natasha and Brittany are in their taxicabs]
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [counting down the last few seconds until 4:30pm in Sydney] Four, three, two, one! Ugh!
Jaslene: [in confessional]These girls are late, late, late for something that's very, very important. [sees Natasha arrive only seconds after the due time of 4:30pm and running out of the taxicab to the modeling agency unaware she is about to be disqualified and tells Dionne and Renee] Look at her! Running for nothing! [sarcastically to Natasha behind her back] Run girl!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [comes to see Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Hi, girls!
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [to Priscilla] Hi!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Well, congratulations to you. It's 4:30 and you've made it back on time.
Natasha: [walks into the room just after Pricilla arrives thinking she is on time] Yes!
Renee: [to Natasha] Don't "yes"! You missed it!
Natasha: [to Renee] No, I did not! [Jaslene points at Pricilla Leighton Clark]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Natasha] It's so important to be on time. Even if you're a minute late, the designers don't want to see you and consequently, you're disqualified from the challenge. Could you please wait outside? Now.
Natasha: [to Priscilla Leighton Clark] Yeah, sure.
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Natasha going outside] Thanks.
Natasha: [in confessional] Ugh. I know that if I wouldn't be disqualified, I would win the challenge because I definitely would book more jobs than any of those girls. [Brittany arrives and gets out of her taxicab]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Congratulations, you three. You've really shown that you're true professionals and you know the importance of being on time. [Brittany runs to the agency and meet with Natasha]
Natasha: [to Brittany whilst standing outside the door of modeling agency with her arms crossed, shaking her head and telling Brittany they are both disqualified from the go-see for being late] I was late for thirty seconds.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street and he didn't show up! [throws portfolio on the ground, inside, Renee looks stunned] I made it to five! I have a cab driver that didn't listen.
Natasha: [to Brittany] It's okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] It's not okay!
Natasha: [to Brittany] It is okay.
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It sucks because it's not my fault! It's his because I asked him to meet me over there!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Um... [Brittany is crying]
Natasha: [to Brittany] I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries.
Brittany: [to Natasha] I can be upset right now if I want to.
Dionne: [in confessional about Priscilla's reactions to Brittany cursing and shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver before the go-sees challenge winner is announced] When Priscilla comes in to announce who won the challenge, Brittany is cursing and just going off and you can actually see the expression on Priscilla's face like "What the heck is that about?"
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver] It's not driving slow! I asked him to meet me there and it took me two minutes to run back and I would have made it!
Natasha: [to Brittany] Don't be... Please don't be...
Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha] STOP TELLING ME NOT TO BE UPSET! [Renee looks stunned when hearing this] I can be upset if I want to! I have a cab driver that doesn't listen and I get...! [walking away from Natasha who is in shock]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene about Brittany shouting right at Natasha] I assume that Brittany knows she's been disqualified as she hasn't come into the room but anyway girls I now have the results from designers.

Jaslene: [to everyone after winning the go-see challenge] I won?! Oh my gosh! I won a challenge! Oh my gosh, guys! I have not won a challenge!

Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Congratulations. All of you have done a terrific job today!
Renee, Dionne and Jaslene: [to Priscilla] Thank you!
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] See you later. [Renee, Dionne and Jaslene meet with Natasha and Brittany outside]
Natasha: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] Can I hug the winner? [Jaslene comes for a hug] The winner! Come here!
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene about the taxi cab driver whilst holding an unlit cigarette] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street!
Renee: [to Brittany] Uhh huh.
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] So because my guy didn't listen and said "Okay!" I got...!
Jaslene: [in confessional about Brittany] Brittany, why do you put up these excuses and make yourself look bad?! She just has some excuse all the time!
Brittany: [to Renee, Dionne and Jaslene] I missed it by a minute.
Renee: [to Brittany about Natasha] No, because she showed up at 4:31. [Natasha sees what's happening] She was just one minute late. [Brittany looks peeved]

Renee: [in confessional] I'm very excited to see Tyra. I'm excited to have her on set and see how we work.

Brittany: [in confessional] I don't think I'm going to be in the bottom two again because I think I did a damn good job.

Brittany: [shouting right at Natasha about the taxi cab driver in a repeat scene] I asked my cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street and he didn't show up! [throws portfolio on the ground, inside Priscilla Leighton Clark is not happy]
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [back to the present, to Brittany at judging] You really need to learn to contain yourself.

Tyra: [to Brittany at judging] I got a word back that none of those clients that you saw said they wanted to book you. Not one of them, which is strange to me because you take some of the strongest pictures.

Twiggy: [to Brittany at judging] I'm absolutely shocked.

Tyra: [to Brittany at judging] I think you're a very good example of it's not just about being pretty and having pretty pictures but there might have been an energy or personality thing that didn't click with the designers.

Twiggy: [to Brittany at judging] The camera loves you. That's why you've got to find this personality when you do your meetings.

Tyra: [to Natasha at judging] What was your issue?
Natasha: [to Tyra] I was late.
Priscilla Leighton Clark: [to Brittany at judging] I thought you handled it very well. You were a bit cross but you handled it well.
Natasha: [to Priscilla Leighton Clark] Thank you!

Jaslene: [to everyone after winning the go-see challenge in a repeat scene] I won?! Oh my gosh! [back to the present, to Tyra at judging] About time!
Tyra: [to Jaslene at judging] You're first win.

Tyra: [to Renee at judging] You're getting softer and sweeter which turns into commercial and safe.

Tyra: [to Dionne and Brittany in the bottom two] Will Dionne and Brittany please step forward. I only have two photos in my hands and those two photos are of the same girl. I will only call one name and the girl that I do not call must immediately return to the hotel, pack her belongings and go home. Brittany, you've taken some of the strongest pictures but this week you went on go-sees and not one of those clients that you saw said that they would book you. All the pretty pictures, it's great but if you can't get hired you don't exist in the world of modeling. Dionne your pictures have been nice. By far not as strong as Brittany's and this week I happen to know why. You have to be coached so, so, so much as if this is week one of America's Next Top Model. So who goes home? The girl who needs no coaching but can't book a job or the girl what needs so much coaching but the clients here in Sydney like her. [flips over Dionne's photo] Dionne. [Dionne comes to collect her photo]

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] When I get told that I didn't get booked for any of my Go-Sees, it makes me just sort of realize that I have a lot to work on. I've never been like the emotional person and I don't know what made it come out here but it shocked me and then I didn't know how to handle it. I'm going to miss the whole experience. I mean, I'm just happy that I got it. There's a lot of girls out there that wish they could have this experience and it's a great opportunity and it's been a lot of fun.

The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance [8.11]


Renee: [in confessional about Natasha on the phone] Natasha's crazy! She's psychopathic! She's making out with the phone with her husband on it. She's weird!

Natasha: [in confessional about Jaslene, Renee and Dionne] These girls are very, very into my behavior. Every move I do they watch me. The girls are a little bit intimidated by my look. I'm such strong competition that no matter what I would do, they would judge it.

Renee: [to Natasha] You're going to get like really sick Natasha.

Renee: [in confessional about Carissa Rosenberg] I saw Carissa sitting there and obviously it's important to impress her because she's from Seventeen magazine but I really was just more concerned about making sure that my story was heard.

Dionne: I don't wanna do no damn dance. First of all, how the hell do you think I can dance while telling a story? Tell what story, what story do you want to hear?! My boyfriend tries to get me to dance with him all the time, and I just do not do it! I do not want to dance! Period!

Natasha: [during her interpretive dance] When I used to be a child, I was very weak...and I remember having big dreams.
Dionne: [in confessional about Natasha's dance] I see her lips moving, but I don't hear a thing. It's just like...[imitates Natasha moving her lips] I'm like, "What the hell is she saying?!"

[Jaslene, Renee and Dionne go out on a night in Sydney alone and use the opportunity to talk about Natasha behind her back]
Jaslene [in confessional about Natasha] I think we were better off not having Natasha come with us. She was this funny, Russian girl but now she’s just annoying to me.
Renee : [to Jaslene and Dionne] You guys better really bring it at the photoshoot tomorrow. [to Dionne] Dionne, none of this no contact with the camera thing. [to Jaslene and Dionne] We need to send someone home and you guys all know who I’m talking about.
Jaslene: [to Renee and Dionne] To be honest, I don’t see her going home right now. She’s improving week by week, so...
Dionne: [in confessional] I want to see Natasha go home. Right now, I’m over her. [to Renee and Jaslene] Something is going on with her but I don’t know what it is. She got some lies floating around somewhere.
Jaslene: [to Renee and Dionne] I’m really curious about how she lives her life, like at home and her husband.
Renee: [in confessional] Natasha doesn’t have a wedding ring. I’ve never seen a picture of her husband. I’ve never seen pictures of her daughter. I don’t know. It’s just confusing for me.
Dionne: [to Renee and Jaslene] She doesn’t talk about her family, for real.
Renee: [to Dionne] Yeah.
Dionne [in confessional] We don’t know anything about her husband at all! I don’t even know his name!
Renee: [to Jaslene and Dionne] Her story has changed...
Jaslene: [to Renee] ... a million times.
Renee: [to Jaslene] Yes that’s the thing, it’s like if you’re going to lie at least be good at it!
Natasha: [in confessional about Jaslene, Renee and Dionne] Throughout the whole competition, I'm talked about. I'm in every conversation. They're nice to my face because they don't want me to know they're feeling jealous. I didn't let it touch me because it would distract me from the competition to let these girls get in my head.

Jay Manuel: [to Natasha] Natasha, this is do or die. We're down to four girls and we'd hate to see you throw a whole competition away because you couldn't push through this one shoot. So I need you to try a little harder because right now it just looks really, really weak.

Renee: [in confessional about her photoshoot] I feel like I got some killer shots.

Renee: [in confessional about Natasha being sick] I just hope Natasha doesn't use this as an excuse because the judges will eat her alive! There's been plenty of models that have been sick and gone to work and got good photos.

Dionne: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I think I’m going to have to say, Natasha. It’s just like something about Natasha, like her personality, I feel like something is missing. I just don’t believe it.

Jaslene: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I like Natasha but to be honest I feel the same way. I respect her and I care for her dearly bu she comes off real phony.

Renee: [when asked by Tyra out of the four remaining girls who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model] I would have to agree and say, Natasha. I feel like she plays games. She’s a beautiful girl but there’s something lacking in the personality. I feel like a lot of its fake.

Natasha: I am thankful for the critique that girls just said. I still like them and they’re still my friends.
Twiggy: I must say, I’m completely shocked by the reaction of the other girls because seeing you every week you are one of the warmest girls, you make us laugh, you take critique. And so to hear what they were saying and then I suddenly thought ‘Well you are very very beautiful, so is this a truth coming out or is there a slight jealousy because they think you’re ahead of them?’. I don’t know, it’s very weird.
Natasha: If Gisele Bündchen would be standing behind me now right now, I’d say she has the least potential because she’d be the biggest competition for me.
Tyra: How does it feel hearing all the girls say such negative things about you?
Natasha: I feel like I’m always being talked about. Like I was always in the center of all the conversation but it’s better to be talked about than being not noticeable.

[Judges discussing it later]
Tyra: You guys don’t know this but I had to hold almost like an intervention with the girls because they were also against Renne at one point and now then week it's all about hating Natasha! What does that mean?
Twiggy: Is there a jealously element in this?

Twiggy: I think this is her weakest photograph but I think she dealt with the negativity today miraculously.
Tyra: Do you think what Natasha said was right? Like..., [imitating Natasha] "If Gisele Bündchen was behind me I would say she didn’t have potential too because I’d be threatened." Do you think the girls are threatened?
Carissa: They really were ganging up on her.
Twiggy: They were!
Tyra: Yeah that might be but you guys, her photoshoot was a disaster.

Tyra: [to Natasha and Dionne in the bottom two] Dionne, you started off rough and then you got better and better but the judges feel like your ascent is not like this... [smooth ascent demonstration] They feel it is like this... [rough ascent demonstration] ...and when I asked who has the most Top Model potential, you're the only one that did not say yourself and that worries the judges because if the path is rocky and you don't believe in yourself, who's going to believe in you? And then we have Natasha. The girl who started off awful. We saw this beautiful face and great personality but couldn't capture it on film but she continued to get better and better and better and then this week comes, you come down with a cold and your photo shoot was dreadful. It was worse than your first two photoshoots and the judges go this "Sick Thing" is the oldest Top Model story and we're over it and on top of that, we asked every single girl here who had the least potential and they all said you. Is there something about Natasha she's hiding?There's got to be a reason why those girls have bounded against you. [flips over Natasha's photo] Natasha and the judges think maybe they're just jealous. [Jaslene looks stunned, Renee looks peeved, Natasha does not receive a hug back from Dionne, Natasha goes to collect her photo] This competition is not about doing one bad photoshoot and getting sent home. We looked at your body of work and looked at Dionne's body of work and we feel that your body of work is stronger than Dionne's and that's why you stand before me but I have to be hard with you and say "I don't care if you're sick. I don't care if you have a cold. I don't care if you have a flu." This final three and there's no more second chances when it comes to that.

Natasha: [to Tyra] I'm so shocked.

Dionne: [in confessional after getting eliminated tenth] All I can say is that I'm just very disappointed. I knew I could have did a better job but I did try. I really did try. Going back home, it's going to be a big change. I'm actually going to miss getting up early in the morning, getting beautified of course I'm going to miss that! I'm mad that I failed but I still got a good chance and still had an opportunity to do something people don't normally do. I am proud of myself.

The Girl The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [8.12]


CariDee: [to Natasha, Renee and Jaslene] I'm so glad I'm not in your place!

Renee: [in confessional about Natasha] I would hope that they don’t let Natasha do the final runway.

Tyra: [to Natasha, Renee and Jaslene] The two finalists will go to a Seventeen Magazine photoshoot and tomorrow they'll face off in a Sass and Bide fashion show. The girl's name I do not call will pack her bags and leave.

Tyra: [to Jaslene] How does it feel to have come this far after not even making it last cycle?
Jaslene: [to Tyra] It feels so good!

Jaslene: [in confessional about Natasha being a finalist] I'm surprised that Natasha's here and Renee's not!

Jay: [to CariDee from behind the scenes] Have fun, CariDee! [CariDee opens the final runway show]
Tyra: [watching CariDee opening the final runway show] CariDee!