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Originally aired September 9 – November 18, 2009.

How Short Can You Go [13.1]


Tyra: [after seeing Amber awkwardly walk towards the judges] What was all of that?!
Amber: My catwalk. Meow! [Tyra and Jay laugh hysterically]

Tyra Banks: You look like you're kind of a chill girl. Are you a chill girl?
Nicole: I have really bad nerves. Trying to channel that, though.
J Alexander: You seem like you took five downers before you came up the steps.
Nicole: [in confessional] My last year in high school was miserable. I sat by myself all the time and was never very popular. Just even from a very young age...I felt very different.

Nicole: [in confessional] I can't connect with these girls. I don't have anything to talk with them about. [to the other girls] This necklace here, it's my lucky necklace. It has an eyeball. I like eyeballs because I was born with a bloody eyeball. [points at right eye] I believe it was this one. But, yeah. So, my nickname when I was little was Bloody Eyeball. [in confessional] I don't know. I was just want to model and skip socializing.

Tyra: There’s only four more girls’ names left and that next girl is... Nicole. [Nicole stands still for a moment before walking up to Tyra; some of the girls laugh]
Nicole: Uh-huh.
Tyra: [laughs nervously] Come here! Are you okay? Are you breathing?
Nicole: I'm just surprised to hear my name!
Tyra: Three names left. The next name that I am going to call is... Amber!
Amber: Thank you!

Tyra: [to Amber, Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] This is going to be intense and it's harder for you girls. You have to be better! You have to be better than a tall girl. You can't be just as good. I will see you later and you're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Jennifer: I'm going to be America's Next Top Model!

Courtney: This is going to be the best season!

The Early Bird Gets a Makeover [13.2]


Jay Manuel: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] It's probably obvious to you guys right now that we're missing someone.
Everyone: [to Jay Manuel] Yeah.
Jay Manuel: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] Unfortunately due to personal issues, Amber will not be continuing on in the competition. However during casting week, we saw someone with amazing potential who just missed out on being one of the final 14 girls. She is going to be joining us. [Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai cheer when replacement finalist Lisa appears] Obviously you girls remember Lisa?!
Lisa: [in confessional] It feels great to be back in the competition. I just feel like I'm going to work extra hard. Just because I was not meant to be here doesn't mean I won't get far.

Kara: [in confessional about Nicole] I'm not a big fan of Nicole. I don't know if she's being sarcastic. I don't know if she's being humorous, or if she's being serious. She makes me nervous when she speaks. She's, like, very strange.

Jay Manuel: [to Nicole] Are you awake?

J Alexander: [laughing at Laura's outfit during the judging] Girl, you look like you're wearing your bloomers.
Laura: My grandma made it.
J Alexander: I love it! Grandma!
Laura: She makes all my clothes!
J Alexander: I love it. What's your grandma's name?
Laura: Wanda Sue.
J Alexander: Oooh!
Tyra: Wanda Sue!
J Alexander: Oh, Lord, I love it! Oh, that is major!
Tyra: It's actually not really bad, Laura. I just don't think it's appropriate for judging.
J Alexander: I can't wait to meet Grandma Wanda Sue.

Tyra: [to Lisa who is standing in the bottom two with Bianca] I hate that Lisa's standing before me in the final two. That first girl that was on my mind when it didn't work for one of our girls, and I said, 'Call Lisa, I think she's got some potential.' But then we look at your photo and the judges are not impressed. When a photo is not very strong, they go to personality: Is she memorable?"

Lisa: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] Obviously I'm upset that I was eliminated and upset that I came back and was the first to leave. I do feel like it's a lost opportunity, but I also feel like I was very fortunate to have been able to come here. I definitely will continue to try to model.

Fortress of Fierceness [13.3]


Bianca: [to Nicole] Why don't you talk a lot?
Nicole: [to Bianca] I don't know. Like, I get in my head a lot, and I'm...
Bianca: [to Nicole] What do you mean you get in your head?
Nicole: [to Bianca] I just, like...I stop, like, noticing what's going on around me, and I'm just thinking about stuff. I don't know.
Bianca: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole, the girl takes good pictures. She's competition, I do admit that. But she's just weird, and she's quiet, and still waters run deep. [to Nicole] I think something's wrong with you.

Sean Patterson: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] One of you doesn't have what it take to be a Wilhelmina Model.
Nigel Barker: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] That lady's going to have to leave the competition right now.
Sean Patterson: [to Rae, Nicole, Jennifer, Ashley, Courtney, Erin, Lulu, Rachel, Laura, Kara, Brittany, Bianca and Sundai] The one of you that will be going home... is Rachel.

Rachel: [in confessional after getting eliminated second at Wilhelmina Models] I was expecting somebody to pop out and say, 'Just kidding!' But it never came. I have to go home. Opportunities like this don't really come for girls like me. I just wanted to show a lot more and I feel like I didn't get the chance to

Make Me Tall [13.4]


Lulu: [in confessional after getting eliminated fourth] It sucks being eliminated. I'm going to go home and I'm going to work on the things Tyra told me to work on because this is not the end of the road for me. Top Model just opened a lot of doors for me and I'm going to enter those doors.

Take My Photo, Tyra! [13.5]


Tyra: [to Jennifer] Runner up for best photo is... [flips over Jennifer's photo and screams] Aaaggghhh! [Jennifer laughs] Jennifer!

Tyra: [to Ashley in the bottom two with Bianca] If I would have told you how difficult it was, you might not have been able to continue. You were the most difficult girl for me to shoot out of all of the 10 girls here.

Dance With Me [13.6]


Nigel: [in a repeat scene to Nicole at the last judging panel] You tend to talk in a bit of a monotone and it's all stoned it seems.
Nicole: [in confessional] That's just the inflection of my voice.

Kara: [to Jennifer about Erin and especially Nicole] Let's say Nicole or Erin ended up winning and I'm always going to be associated with them. People will be like "You were on America's Next Top Model. You were on Nicole's season.” [in confessional about Nicole] I'm not a big fan of Nicole. I try to avoid her as much as possible. She definitely really is just awkward and slow and she'll just make a fool of herself with every five words that come out of her mouth.
Jennifer: [back to the present to Kara] Nicole might make it far!

Nicole: [in confessional about the dance challenge] I do not dance. In high school, I avoided dances like the plague. I was never asked to prom. I–I don't know... what were they thinking?

Nicole: [in confessional about Benny Ninja asking to convey anger for the dance] He asked me for angry, and I think my dance ended up being way more bipolar. My mind was just blacking out in horror.

Ashley: [in confessional after being on the same team as Erin and Nicole] Erin and Nicole? NOOOOOOOOO! I feel like they are the two least coordinated girls in this house!

Tyra: Best photo this week is going to be a little bit different. It’s going to be the best group and that group photo will be displayed as digital art. Best group photo is…. Brittany, Rae and Jennifer.

Tyra: Now each girl will be called individually. Laura. Congratulations.

Tyra: [to Kara in the bottom two with Ashley] Kara, you were one of our favorite girls in terms of what you brought to this competition naturally but as we've said before, it's not just about being a model the noun but you have to model, the verb and right now, you're just resting on the noun.

Ashley: [in confessional after getting eliminated sixth] I do feel cut short. I feel like I have so much more to give, so much more to show. I think it's more I wanted to do a lot more. I wanted to keep on proving that I could do a lot more. I came into this telling myself, 'You can be a model. You've never done it before but it's something you can do.' So it hurts to be going home right now. It just sucks. It's a bad feeling.

Petite Ninja Warriors [13.7]


Kara: [to Sundai, Rae and Erin about Nicole] She has the social graces of a fetus. [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole always sounds so robotic and monotone. She's excelling so much more than me when I just don't understand it.
Sundai: A fetus? I'm sorry, that's hilarious!

Nicole: [in confessional] We arrive back at Wilhelmina and we're kind of concerned because I know the judges are being really tough on us short girls.
Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] Ladies welcome back to Wilhelmina.

Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] Here are the teams, Erin and Jennifer, Brittany and Kara, Sundai and Rae and Nicole and Laura.

Sean Patterson: [to Nicole, Laura, Erin, Jennifer, Sundai, Brittany, Rae and Kara] You may go to all five go-sees in any order however you have to be back by 4:30 because as anyone will tell you the number one thing that I cannot stand is a late model. Are you ready? Pick up your portfolios, pick up your maps, grab the car keys and I'll see you back here.

Brittany: [in confessional about travelling to the go-sees with Kara] I have five places to go to and four hours to do it.
Kara: [in confessional about traveling to the go-sees with Brittany] I know that Brittany’s really competitive so I was excited to be partners with her.

Laura: [in confessional about traveling to the go-sees with Nicole] I was scared to drive in L.A. traffic. Plus if I had my own car, it’s okay if I put a few dents and scratches in it, but I have this nice car.

Nicole: [to Laura whilst trying to find parking during the go-see challenge] I've never parked before. Haven't you parked before?
Laura: [to Nicole] I've never used a parking meter. I don't… I've never put money in a meter!
Nicole: [to Laura] You just stick it in! Here, you just, like, jam it in there.

Nicole: [to Brittany and Kara who just finished at Trina Turk] Is it this way?
Brittany: [to Nicole] I don't know.
Nicole: [to Brittany and Kara who just ran away] Hey!
Kara: [in confessional about Nicole, Laura and Brittany] They asked us which direction Trina Turk was in and then Brittany was like, "Just find it!" Brittany’s definitely a fierce competitor when it comes to stuff like that. I just don’t do that.

Nicole: [to Laura about Brittany and Kara] I think they're tricking us. [in confessional about Brittany and Kara] It is a little rude and honestly I’m irritated but I have to focus on finding Trina Turk.

Sean Patterson: [to Sundai and Rae who both arrived late] Are you even aware of how much damage this can do to a model's career? Are you even aware of how much money is lost when you show up to a booking for example late? I don't have time to deal with you two. I don't even want you in the room. I want you to go and wait in the lobby.
Sundai: [in confessional about Sean Patterson] Sean! He was so mad. I wasn't even expecting that to come out of that nice man's mouth. I've never been embarrassed like that in my life.

Nicole: [in confessional about winning the go-sees challenge] It feels amazing to win and it's coming after a week when I got a terrible critique on my photoshoot. I really needed to prove to myself that I could still do this and I definitely did.

Nicole: [in confessional about winning the go-sees challenge and Laura being a good partner] Laura is really sweet. The other girls underestimated us but we kicked butt!

Erin: [to Nicole] Maybe they just wanted you to win.
Nicole: [to Erin] No. I earned it.

Kara: [in confessional expressing her anger at Nicole winning the go-see challenge] I'm going to channel this anger into the next photoshoot and kick her out and at panel, when they're like, "This picture's awesome. What was your inspiration?" I'm going to be like, "Oh, Nicole." Yeah. I hate her.

Jay Manuel: [to Nicole] Hey Nicole! You look great. You get to choose your weapon. Each of these weapons have different levels of difficulty.
Nicole: [to Jay Manuel] I think I’ll go with just the sword.
Deborah Chen: [to Nicole] One!
Nicole: [in confessional about the classic sword chosen for the photoshoot] I chose the classic sword because it would give more variety of poses if I had one hand free.

Nicole: [in confessional] The harness it was terrible my skin was like oozing out!

Nicole: [to Kara with Sundai] When you have a smoking eye it looks like it's burnt. Like someone took a flame and burnt the edges. Are you making fun of me?
Kara: [in confessional about Nicole] Nicole just won the Go-See challenge.

Kara: [in confessional] I don’t really care for weapons at all. I don’t want to like pose with the sword.
Patricia Von Ah: [to Kara during the photoshoot] Change your face a little.

Kara: [in confessional] I was up in the air on this harness spinning around. Whatever I did just wasn't going to look good. You just want to give up but you know you can't.

Nicole: [to Tyra] Rozae Nichols.
Tyra: [to Nicole] From the Go-Sees.
Nicole: [to Tyra] Yes.
Tyra: [to Nicole] Pays to win a Go-See.

Tyra: [to Nicole] What do you think?
Nicole: [to Tyra] I just wish there was more variety in my facial expressions.
Nigel Barker: [to Nicole] It’s interesting that you say you wish there was more variety but even when you speak you kind of talk in a monotone and your face doesn’t change.
Tyra: [to Nicole] And it’s not about learning to talk how Tyra talks. Yeah, girl! It’s becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Tyra: [to Nicole] Nicole and best outfit too. Congratulations. You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.
Nicole: [to Tyra] Thank you.

Tyra: [to Brittany] Brittany. Goodness that top is low! Oh my gosh! I think if I had that on it would be like pornography! Congratulations!

Tyra: [to Kara and Sundai in the bottom two] Kara when you came into the competition, Mr. and Ms. J. and I said, 'Whoa, face.' And in your first photoshoot, you showed us just how special that face was but from week to week to week, we see someone less invested in this competition. We see someone struggling that seems lost and does not know how to be found and then we have Sundai, the judges see you as an underdog. The shortest girl in this competition. In the pictures, the judges feel you are stuck in a three-quarter face. As a model, it is important to be versatile. So who stays? [flips over Sundai's photo] Congratulations Sundai.

Tyra: [to Kara] When you entered this competition I thought you were going to be one of the top three.

Kara: [in confessional after getting eliminated seventh] I just fell really disappointed in myself. I hope that I'm still able to do modeling but right now it obviously doesn't feel like such a viable option. I feel like what was even the point of coming into this competition if I was just going to go home in the middle of it? If I wasn’t going to win? I left Costa Rica and bought plane tickets for this. [cries] If I didn’t want I wouldn’t have came!

Interview 101 [13.8]


Jessica Lowndes: [to Nicole during the Insider interview] Because of the pressure she's under, she turns to drugs and then, after she goes to rehab, she finds out she's pregnant.
Nicole: [in confessional about the Insider interview] I remember you have to make connections with what they say and keep rolling with it. And so, I think pregnancy and I say... [back to the present to Jessica Lowndes during the Insider interview] And have you ever had kids yourself?
Jessica Lowndes: [to Nicole the Insider interview] No! I'm twenty years old, so no. I haven't had kids.

Ann Shoket: [to Nicole] You let your nerves get the best of you! You asked a couple of really inappropriate questions!
Nicole: [in a repeat scene to Jessica Lowndes the Insider interview] And have you ever had kids yourself?
Ann Shoket: [to Nicole] Not the type of question you want us to answer!

Nicole: [in confessional about Erin] Erin was inconsiderate.

Rae: [in confessional after getting eliminated eighth] So it's the end of the Top Model journey for me, I really haven't allowed myself to think about it but I cannot wait to see my daughter. I miss her so much. Now that I have this taste for what modeling can really be all about, I have even more of a passion for it and I'm ready to go out there and work to achieve this dream.

Let's Go Surfing [13.9]


Erin: [in confessional] My commercial sucked. I just got really stressed. I got really frustrated. I'm only eighteen but I have to get better at shutting off the fact that I'm disappointed and just keep working.

Brittany: [in confessional about Erin] Erin is the most annoying person in the house. Sometimes I just don't want to be there.

Erin: [in confessional about Brittany] Brittany better watch her attitude. She's still up and down with how well she performs.

Jennifer: [in confessional about Erin] She has spoiled brat syndrome.

Brittany: [in confessional about Erin] It's just not the right attitude to have in this competition.

Brittany: [in confessional after getting eliminated ninth] It's definitely hard to say goodbye but I'm so proud because I get critiqued like, 'Oh, you look like a catalog model.' What little math nerd doesn't want to hear that? That's a great compliment to me. So it's really frustrating to think that it's over with but it is difficult being a petite model, and this competition is the first time petite models are really going to be shown to the world, so I don't feel like this is the end. I just feel like this is the jump-off point.

Dive Deeper [13.10]


Erin: [in confessional] I was so sure that I was going home. Panel wants to see me succeed, so I don't want to let them down. It's just a lot of pressure. I'm 18. This is the biggest thing I've ever done with my life. I definitely need to prove myself at the next photoshoot.

Tyra: [to Erin and Sundai in the bottom two] Sundai you had twice the amount of photos that Erin had and probably 10-times the amount of excuses. You said that you have asthma, but many divers have asthma, and also athletes and models. We don't want our photos to be the product of our excuses and then we have Erin, a girl who was at the top of this pack when this competition started but from week to week, it's getting weaker and weaker and weaker and Erin you had half the amount of photos and it showed.

Sundai: [in confessional after getting eliminated tenth] I definitely underestimated myself coming into this competition so that's one thing that I've gained here is confidence. I got a lot from this, so I'm glad I had the chance to be here. Life does go on and it's going to have to go on. I'm going to have to keep doing well as I go through the rest of my life. I can't just give up here.

Hawaiian Hip Hop [13.11]


Jennifer: [in confessional] I am scared out of my pants. In a way, I feel like Nicole already has a seat in the Top 2 because she's never done poorly and Laura's never been in the bottom two and I've never been in the bottom two. Yeah, maybe Erin's done poorly, but the judges love her. I honestly don't know how tomorrow's going to go.

Erin: [in confessional after getting eliminated with Jennifer] Right now, it's kind of just like a punch in the face. It sucks to make it this far and not get it. I could have put a lot more vigor into the last few things but I can't change it now. This was a really great experience for me but I don't want it to be over and it is over.
Jennifer: [in confessional after getting eliminated with Erin] It feels amazing to have made it as far as I have and it hurts to be so close to it. It's like ripping my heart out. It sucks.

America's Next Top Model is... [13.12]


Tyra: [to Nicole and Laura] This show is called America's Next Top Model. No America's Next Top Models and America's Next Top Model is... Nicole!

Cycle 13: Revealed [13.13]


Nicole: [in confessional] I'm not that great at remembering names and so I made up something a little more original that fit the girls a little better. Lisa is "Smush," I guess because of her lips. Laura is "Kentucky," Rae is "Athletic Blonde Mother." Very descriptive, I know. Brittany is "Creepy Mermaid Girl." Immediately she just creeped me out, I love it. Rachel is... "Nerdy Girl."
Sundai: [in confessional] Nicole is a weirdo. [chuckles] I'm gonna have to watch you!
Nicole: [in confessional] I don't even know sometimes why I think the things that I do. It's just... instinctive.