America's Next Top Model (season 1)

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Originally aired May 20 – July 8, 2003.

The Girl Who Wants It So Bad [1.1]

Janice: America's Next Top Model is not a plus-sized model!

Douglas Bizzaro: [about Shannon] I can tell she tans a lot, and I can tell her skin on her face is starting to get a little leathery.

Tyra Banks: What I'm looking for is a star. That's all I'm looking for.

Tessa Carlson: [on being eliminated first in the competition] I tried, and you can't do any better than that. And everything happens for a reason, right?

Robin Manning: [on the prospect of getting a Brazilian bikini wax] There's only two people that's been down there: myself and my gynecologist—and I give him crap.

Adrianne Curry: [about making the final ten contestants] I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up!

Elyse: [in confessional] I really just want to get away from everybody right now. The other girls are this high volume, high energy all the time. I'm so tempted to just sit in here and be away from all the noise! [after hearing Robin, Ebony, and Shannon fighting during her confessional] Alright, I'm gonna stay in here with the door locked for just a couple more minutes!

Elyse: Robin, of course, qualifies every statement with, "I'm not saying that you're going to Hell, but you're going to Hell."

At panel Kesse ,Giselle And Nicole received praise for their outstanding photos ,Ebony, Adrannie ,Katie ,And Elyse received lukewarm praise for their photos While Robin , Shannon ,And Tessa were critiqued for their photos Robin was told she was too old in the industry , And they didn’t like her body in the photo,Shannon was critiqued for her photo ,And Tessa was told she was in the wrong Industry. Elmantion call out order Kesse Giselle Nicole Ebony Adrannie Kaite Elyse Robin Shannon 10th place Tessa

The Girl Who Is Here to Win, Not Make Friends [1.2]

J. Alexander: My motto is, walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight.

Elyse: [about Ebony] Her jaw was clenched. She didn't say a word to anybody—for once.

Elyse: [in the confessional] I do not have the will to walk in the catwalk like I give a damn! ... But I don't want to be model. I don't. I can't. It is so—augh! It's so irrelevant. Eliminate me. Do it!

Elyse: If I don't win this contest, I'll start medical school in August.
J. Alexander: That's a lot of work.
Elyse: Oh, I know.

Elyse: I am a militant atheist, and Robin actually showed me this Bible verse. [reading from the Bible at the request of Robin] "Foolish is the man who says there is no God..." That was a really forward thing to do. I don't believe in God, and it was offensive.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Adrianne, stop interrupting me. Stop quoting Jay and Silent Bob right next to my ear. I've had enough of you. I don't want to hear the same stories over and over. Robin, how fucking dare you show me that "Foolish is the atheist" Bible verse this morning, and ask me "What do I think of it?" What the fuck am I supposed to think of it? And you know what I think of you? Foolish is the woman who believes that goddamn tripe! Giselle, you fucking worthless cunt. You're so wasteful, bitchy, stupid—you're worthless. Your parents must be ashamed of you. J, you offended me today. I know that medical school is hard work. How could I possibly not be aware of that?! And secondly, how dare you imply that I'm uppity because I want to be a life saver and you don't? It takes a fucking ass to cover every seat, you shit slice! What else? Katie, I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You're the most insincere person I've ever met. Goddamn it. Let me fucking die. You bitches.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Robin sort of, calmed everyone down by...making us all say a prayer.
Robin: People are taking the word, "competitiveness", and are turning this definition around, Lord. And Lord, I ask that you remove any negative thing...that is...anything that is not like you, that is not of you. And Lord, only one person can win, and the awesome thing about it is that you already know who that is. Lord, give us a clean spirit, Lord. Pure and whole, Jesus. Clear our minds, Lord.
Elyse: [in the confessional] I was really emotional during the prayer because...I was so uncomfortable with the entire situation.
Robin: And don't let us...look to be vindictive and catty and...self-righteous, and all those other things that are of demonic presence. And Lord, you don't have to believe in order to know's just about being a good person, Lord. And I know that's not fashionable, being a good person. And bind Satan, Jesus. Amen.

Ebony: When it comes to prayer, I will always hold hands. But Robin, this is not a Bible study program. This is not a... sorority. I'm sorry, this is a model competition.

Giselle: Elyse, I love her, but her dream is to become a doctor. It's like, well, why are you here? That really, really pisses me off.

Katie: I love runway. It's like a whole different way to express yourself. Some girls don't have it naturally. I think that I've got a natural walk.

Adrianne: [about Robin's prayer] I hope nothing like this morning ever happens again. It pissed me off.
Elyse: You know what? That prayer was so inappropriate.

At panel Giselle , Ebony , Shannon , And Nicole received praise for their photos and their walks Adrianne And Elyse did average for their photos and walks Kesse ,Katie And Robin were criticized for their bad photos and bad walks Katie was told her walk wasn’t memorable and her photo was not either it was also too sexy, Robin had too much of a pageant walk and photo looked like she was lost Kesse had a too slow walk and a weird photo but she was told her photo looked like Tyra .Elimination call out Giselle Shannon Ebony Nicole Adrianne Elyse Kesse It was between Robin And Katie But It was Katie Who was eliminated for not being memorable and for a bad photo and Robin was spared.9th place Katie

The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room [1.3]

Jay Manuel: The make-up artist is your last front to the world, so you never want to piss them off, because they'll mess you up.

John Ward: [after photographing the contestants] I think if I was going to book a girl today based on where they are right now, I would probably pick Adrianne. She's very beautiful, she has a good time, I think she'd be fun to work with.

Jay: [trying to comfort Robin during her makeover] Don't look so sad. Models are canvases, and they're also chameleons.
Robin: I really don't have a choice.
Jay: [smiling] No, you don't.

Jay: [to Robin] You have real issues with your hair, and you said you feel like a clown. You got to understand that you're here to compete to become a Top Model. If not, you might as well go home and just be Miss Soymilk, or whatever. You know what I mean? It's not going to work!
Robin: [laughs] It's Miss Soybean.

Robin: [to Ebony] We know you black, I'm black, too. I'm not happy with my hair, you know? I look like an albino prostitute.
Elyse: I completely didn't understand Robin's assertion that her haircut made her look like a prostitute, but then again, I'm not really familiar with...prostitute trends.

Ebony: It is very upsetting to an African American woman to walk into a salon and have the person do her hair incorrectly! It is very inappropriate!

Adrianne: Robin was very scared to take her old weave out, because she wanted everybody to think it was natural, but it wasn't.At panel Elyse ,Shannon ,Adrannie ,And Giselle we’re praised for their photos While Kesse Did ok but her photo wasn’t amazing While Robin was criticized for her bad photo and her complaining about the snake on set Ebony was criticized for her mediocre performance on the shoot and for her photo Nicole had a bad photo and for her not being memorable enough .Elimination call out order Elyse Shannon Adrannie Giselle Kesse Ebony The bottom 2 was between Nicole And Robin But in the end it was three strikes and your out for Robin and Nicole was spared. 8th place Robin

The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy [1.4]

Adrianne Curry: [About when Giselle is going to confront Ebony] What is she going to tell her?
Elyse Sewell: I don't know but I hope I'm there for it.

Tyra Banks: [to Ebony] You are beautiful, your smile is breathtaking, but you have anger that makes you push yourself too hard, to the point where you lose focus and become difficult to work with.

Elyse: [about her commercial] It was embarrassing. Can't wait to see that and laugh at it.

Adrianne: They're so innocent. You know, a gay person, they're like, "Gay! That's wrong, wrong, wrong!" I'm like, "What are you gonna see in this industry?" Are you gonna sit there and preach to these people, and tell them they're gonna burn in the fiery pits of Hell because they have a gay lover?

Adrianne: [about Ka, Ebony's girlfriend] I have so many gay friends, I don't care. She was really, really cool and she really loves her girlfriend.

Robin Manning: Ebony is a lesbian, and I found this offensive. I cannot pass judgment on her, but I just know that some people who claim to love the Lord and are Christian are not always, you know, cut the right way.

Elyse: Ebony-esque freak out...

Shannon: I've never drank, never smoked, and I'm still a virgin.

Elyse: Everybody gets together and shakes their donk-donk for a prize. I don't think I'm going to participate in that.

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks is Killing Herself [1.5]

Giselle: Britney Spears did Star Search and she lost, and look at where she's at now. I don't consider myself a loser.

Janice: [About Elyse] She looks like a gazelle from the American Ballet Theatre. I love this photograph.

Adrianne: I really missed my mom, and it kicks ass to have her here...a lot of ass!

Christine: [About Adrianne] I gave birth to such a beautiful human being.

Elyse: I'm not willing to alienate Giselle, because she's the only one with a straightening iron.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She's killing herself. There's no other way to put it. This girl is killing herself.

Elyse: [about Robin's comments which suggest she has an eating disorder] Robin, you're an idiot, and frankly, you're starting to act like a bitch too.

Adrianne: Giselle found out that pretending to be so negative about yourself and so insecure is a great way to fish for compliments.

Giselle: I need to build some freakin' confidence. How do I do that?
Elyse: You get out of puberty.

Janice: [About Kesse's photo] This looks like she escaped from a mental institution. This is the worst photograph I've ever seen! You look deranged! Your arms look amputeed [sic], your legs look amputeed [sic], and it looks like you have a penis! I'm sorry.

Janice: You've got a killer smile.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: You can loosen up, and not be so pagaentry standing in front of us.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: I don't like when you call me, ma'am. I think it's condescending. Just say, "Okay," you know? You don't have to say "yes", or "no", or "Yes ma'am, no ma'am." 'Cause this is not a pageant.
Tyra: If she wins this contest is she gonna go, "Thank you! Thank you!" [pretends to cry while waving] You need to just pull back a little bit, alright?
Beau: Robin, one more thing.
Robin: Yes, sir?
Beau: You can call me ma'am any time. [Tyra laughs]

The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert [1.6]

Adrianne: There was this man, who started brushing my leg like there was something on my knee, so I was thinking "Oh, there might be something on my knee." Then he proceeded to try to shove his hand up my skirt towards my crotch. I was very upset. I was right by the agency, but I just couldn't go in at all.

Tyra: [To Elyse] You were the one girl who took Paris by storm.

Photographer Michel Haddi: [About Elyse] She was a little fawn out of a Walt Disney movie.

Shannon: [About masturbating] I didn't know we could do it to ourselves.

Adrianne: [About Shannon] I think she's just so crazy, because she's never done anything. She's never touched herself, she's never watched a porn, she's never done anything.

Adrianne: This place is the most beautiful place in the world. New York was the most beautiful place in the world last week, but this week it's Paris.

Shannon: Please, Lord, send me somebody sometime.

Shannon: [when she finally meets Brad Pinkert] Oh, my word!

Adrianne: I told Shannon, she thought, "Oh, this guy likes the Bible. He's gonna be so nice!" Well, in his little spreadsheet in Cosmo Girl, it said that his favorite movie was Boogie Nights.

[The remaining girls debate over what they should do in Paris]
Shannon: Who wants to go shopping?
Adrianne: You guys wanna go shopping?! [in confessional] I really don't like to shop. It gets really old after an hour.
Shannon: Why don't you wanna go?
Adrianne: I don't have money to go shopping! I just wanna go see Jim Morrison's grave.
Robin: Who is Jim Morrison, Adrianne?
Adrianne: He's the lead singer of The Doors, one of the most influential bands that has ever existed on the face of the Earth.
Elyse: [in confessional] Adrianne wanted to go see Jim Morrison's grave, and she wanted to go up the top of the Eiffel Tower, and Robin and Shannon wanted to go shopping.
Shannon: If she's willing to go shopping with us, we should do something for her too.
Elyse: Well, we have to compromise so we can stay together, because I don't wanna split up into two groups.
Robin: I wanna go shopping.
Elyse: I think we can all compromise so we can stay together.
Shannon: [in confessional] Robin did not want to budge. She did not wanna go along with her.
Elyse: So, she's gonna have to compromise and go shopping with us, and we're gonna have to compromise and go to the grave with her.
Robin: And I said I wanted to go shopping.
Elyse: You're not willing to go to Jim Morrison's grave for Adrianne?
Robin: This conversation can go on all night.
Elyse: Because you won't compromise!
Robin: Respect me when I say that I don't wanna go see the grave! Just respect me for that, just like I respect you!
Adrianne: [in confessional] I didn't want to listen to what that bitch had to say. She's psychotic.
Robin: I said I wanna go shopping, Shannon said she wanna go shopping.
Elyse: It just sucks that I'm the only one that has to compromise, and you guys don't.
Robin: I don't go see graves. Just like you don't believe in God, I don't go see graves! I don't try and make you believe in God, do I?
Elyse: [in confessional] I got really upset when I saw this stubborn, bitchy side of Robin. I...sort of fled away from her.
[Later, Adrianne finds Elyse on the stairs crying]
Adrianne: What?
Elyse: She's such a bitch!
Adrianne: Who is a bitch?
Elyse: Robin.
Adrianne: I just...Dude, seriously?
Elyse: She's so mean to you! And she's so mean to me! [in confessional] I think I was crying mainly out of frustration because Robin wouldn't see things my way, and was being so intolerant. It really pissed me off.

The Girls Who Get Really Naked [1.7]

Adrianne: [about Robin] She doesn't seem very Christ-like to me. In fact, I think she secretly worships the devil.

Tyra: Robin, I admire your faith. I admire your strength, and I admire the fact that you said, "I am me, and I have my standards, and I will not sacrifice that." But one thing that you have to remember is human is beautiful; perfect is boring.

Robin: My body is sacred, and it's mine. And my religion teaches me that my body is a temple.

Jay: [about Robin] She opened up the drape, and she was just in a panty, no bra, and was like, shaking her boobs at me. What she didn't know was Tyra was standing right next to me, around the corner.

Tyra: Robin, you were supposed to have a nude photo shoot. We don't have a photo for you this week. Why is that?
Robin: I didn't want to feel uncomfortable. Um... my body is mine. I just didn't think that was what I needed to do in order to get ahead.
Tyra: I don't understand how you can say no to something like that, but then, in the dressing room, when you think no one is looking...I saw you open the dressing room at the couture house, and you were nude, and you shook your chest at Jay...You're shaking your chest, jiggle, shimmy, I saw them go round and round and up and down...

Beau: [To Shannon] Do you have any idea what it's like backstage at a fashion show?... Because you've got 30 girls that have to just strip completely naked.

Tyra: [to Elyse] I think you look so sexy, and your booty looks kind of big and juicy. That's great!

Adrianne: [about Robin] One day, she's gonna go against somebody that does not care about how much money you have, or how much Mommy and Daddy have given you, and she's gonna get her fuckin' ass whooped. It's just how it is. The Lord says that if you were standing there, and somebody asks you for your coat, you're supposed to give it. You know? 'Cause you're "Christian." Christians are not selfish. If, you know, there really is this big, wonderful man in the sky, then he's gonna whoop her ass when she gets up there!

Adrianne: I do believe in God...I'm just not psychotic about it.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [1.9]

Adrianne Curry: Tomorrow we fight to the death!

Janice Dickinson: [At the Baby Phat fashion show] Shannon was dope last night...

Beau: You can tell Adrianne's lived a little more. There's something cooking behind Adrianne's eyes.

Tyra: Hopefully it was fierce. Hopefully it was perfect. And if it wasn't, then the whole room, and the whole world, just saw you screw up.

Tyra: You should know your real measurements and your fake measurements.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She hates everything we do, yet she's the best at it.

Adrianne: I don't know what to feel. I feel I love Janice Dickinson.
Janice: Well, I didn't vote for you.

Adrianne Curry: I'm gonna have a good life now. My family's gonna have a good life now. A lot is going to change, and it kicks so much ass.