America's Next Top Model

television series

America's Next Top Model (2003–18) is an American reality television show created and hosted by Tyra Banks in which several young women (regularly called "girls" on the show) compete to win a modeling contract. Each "cycle" of the show constitutes roughly half of a regular U.S. TV season (9–14 episodes).


Cycle 1Edit

Originally aired May 20 – July 8, 2003.

The Girl Who Wants It So Bad [1.1]Edit

Janice: America's Next Top Model is not a plus-sized model!

Douglas Bizzaro: [about Shannon] I can tell she tans a lot, and I can tell her skin on her face is starting to get a little leathery.

Tyra Banks: What I'm looking for is a star. That's all I'm looking for.

Tessa Carlson: [on being eliminated first in the competition] I tried, and you can't do any better than that. And everything happens for a reason, right?

Robin Manning: [on the prospect of getting a Brazilian bikini wax] There's only two people that's been down there: myself and my gynecologist—and I give him crap.

Adrianne Curry: [about making the final ten contestants] I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw up!

Elyse: [after hearing Robin, Ebony, and Shannon fighting during her confessional] Alright, I'm gonna stay in here with the door locked for just a couple more minutes!

The Girl Who Is Here to Win, Not Make Friends [1.2]Edit

J. Alexander: My motto is, walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight.

Elyse: [about Ebony] Her jaw was clenched. She didn't say a word to anybody—for once.

Elyse: [in the confessional] I do not have the will to walk in the catwalk like I give a damn! ... But I don't want to be model. I don't. I can't. It is so—augh! It's so irrelevant. Eliminate me. Do it!

Elyse: If I don't win this contest, I'll start medical school in August.
J. Alexander: That's a lot of work.
Elyse: Oh, I know.

Elyse: I am a militant atheist, and Robin actually showed me this Bible verse. [reading from the Bible at the request of Robin] "Foolish is the man who says there is no God..." That was a really forward thing to do. I don't believe in God, and it was offensive.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Adrianne, stop interrupting me. Stop quoting Jay and Silent Bob right next to my ear. I've had enough of you. I don't want to hear the same stories over and over. Robin, how fucking dare you show me that "Foolish is the atheist" Bible verse this morning, and ask me "What do I think of it?" What the fuck am I supposed to think of it? And you know what I think of you? Foolish is the woman who believes that goddamn tripe. Giselle, you fucking worthless cunt. You're so wasteful, bitchy, stupid—you're worthless. Your parents must be ashamed of you. J, you offended me today. I know medical school is hard work. How could I possibly not be aware of that? And secondly, how dare you imply that I'm uppity because I want to be a life saver and you don't? It takes a fucking ass to cover every seat, you shit slice. What else? Katie, I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. You're the most insincere person I've ever met. Goddamn it. Let me fucking die. You bitches.

Elyse: [in the confessional] Robin sort of, calmed everyone down by...making us all say a prayer.
Robin: People are taking the word, "competitiveness", and are turning this definition around, Lord. And Lord, I ask that you remove any negative thing...that is...anything that is not like you, that is not of you. And Lord, only one person can win, and the awesome thing about it is that you already know who that is. Lord, give us a clean spirit, Lord. Pure and whole, Jesus. Clear our minds, Lord.
Elyse: [in the confessional] I was really emotional during the prayer because...I was so uncomfortable with the entire situation.
Robin: And don't let us...look to be vindictive and catty and...self-righteous, and all those other things that are of demonic presence. And Lord, you don't have to believe in order to know's just about being a good person, Lord. And I know that's not fashionable, being a good person. And bind Satan, Jesus. Amen.

Ebony: When it comes to prayer, I will always hold hands. But Robin, this is not a Bible study program. This is not a... sorority. I'm sorry, this is a model competition.

Giselle: Elyse, I love her, but her dream is to become a doctor. It's like, well, why are you here? That really, really pisses me off.

Katie: I love runway. It's like a whole different way to express yourself. Some girls don't have it naturally. I think that I've got a natural walk.

Adrianne: [about Robin's prayer] I hope nothing like this morning ever happens again. It pissed me off.
Elyse: You know what? That prayer was so inappropriate.

The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room [1.3]Edit

Jay Manuel: The make-up artist is your last front to the world, so you never want to piss them off, because they'll mess you up.

John Ward: [after photographing the contestants] I think if I was going to book a girl today based on where they are right now, I would probably pick Adrianne. She's very beautiful, she has a good time, I think she'd be fun to work with.

Jay: [trying to comfort Robin during her makeover] Don't look so sad. Models are canvases, and they're also chameleons.
Robin: I really don't have a choice.
Jay: [smiling] No, you don't.

Jay: [referring to Robin] If you didn't want to be in the game, you might as well go home and just be Miss Soymilk, or whatever.

Robin: [to Ebony] We know you black, I'm black, too. I'm not happy with my hair, you know? I look like an albino prostitute.
Elyse: I completely didn't understand Robin's assertion that her haircut made her look like a prostitute, but then again, I'm not really familiar with...prostitute trends.

Ebony: It is very upsetting to an African American woman to walk into a salon and have the person do her hair incorrectly! It is very inappropriate!

Adrianne: Robin was very scared to take her old weave out, because she wanted everybody to think it was natural, but it wasn't.

The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy [1.4]Edit

Adrianne Curry: [About when Giselle is going to confront Ebony] What is she going to tell her?
Elyse Sewell: I don't know but I hope I'm there for it.

Tyra Banks: [to Ebony] You are beautiful, your smile is breathtaking, but you have anger that makes you push yourself too hard, to the point where you lose focus and become difficult to work with.

Elyse: [about her commercial] It was embarrassing. Can't wait to see that and laugh at it.

Adrianne: They're so innocent. You know, a gay person, they're like, "Gay! That's wrong, wrong, wrong!" I'm like, "What are you gonna see in this industry?" Are you gonna sit there and preach to these people, and tell them they're gonna burn in the fiery pits of Hell because they have a gay lover?

Adrianne: [about Ka, Ebony's girlfriend] I have so many gay friends, I don't care. She was really, really cool and she really loves her girlfriend.

Robin Manning: Ebony is a lesbian, and I found this offensive. I cannot pass judgment on her, but I just know that some people who claim to love the Lord and are Christian are not always, you know, cut the right way.

Elyse: Ebony-esque freak out...

Shannon: I've never drank, never smoked, and I'm still a virgin.

Elyse: Everybody gets together and shakes their donk-donk for a prize. I don't think I'm going to participate in that.

The Girl Who Everyone Thinks is Killing Herself [1.5]Edit

Giselle: Britney Spears did Star Search and she lost, and look at where she's at now. I don't consider myself a loser.

Janice: [About Elyse] She looks like a gazelle from the American Ballet Theatre. I love this photograph.

Adrianne: I really missed my mom, and it kicks ass to have her here...a lot of ass!

Christine: [About Adrianne] I gave birth to such a beautiful human being.

Elyse: I'm not willing to alienate Giselle, because she's the only one with a straightening iron.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She's killing herself. There's no other way to put it. This girl is killing herself.

Elyse: [about Robin's comments which suggest she has an eating disorder] Robin, you're an idiot, and frankly, you're starting to act like a bitch too.

Adrianne: Giselle found out that pretending to be so negative about yourself and so insecure is a great way to fish for compliments.

Giselle: I need to build some freakin' confidence. How do I do that?
Elyse: You get out of puberty.

Janice: [About Kesse's photo] This looks like she escaped from a mental institution. This is the worst photograph I've ever seen! You look deranged! Your arms look amputeed [sic], your legs look amputeed [sic], and it looks like you have a penis! I'm sorry.

Janice: You've got a killer smile.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: You can loosen up, and not be so pagaentry standing in front of us.
Robin: Yes, ma'am.
Janice: I don't like when you call me, ma'am. I think it's condescending. Just say, "Okay," you know? You don't have to say "yes", or "no", or "Yes ma'am, no ma'am." 'Cause this is not a pageant.
Tyra: If she wins this contest is she gonna go, "Thank you! Thank you!" [pretends to cry while waving] You need to just pull back a little bit, alright?
Beau: Robin, one more thing.
Robin: Yes, sir?
Beau: You can call me ma'am any time. [Tyra laughs]

The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert [1.6]Edit

Adrianne: There was this man, who started brushing my leg like there was something on my knee, so I was thinking "Oh, there might be something on my knee." Then he proceeded to try to shove his hand up my skirt towards my crotch. I was very upset. I was right by the agency, but I just couldn't go in at all.

Tyra: [To Elyse] You were the one girl who took Paris by storm.

Photographer Michel Haddi: [About Elyse] She was a little fawn out of a Walt Disney movie.

Shannon: [About masturbating] I didn't know we could do it to ourselves.

Adrianne: [About Shannon] I think she's just so crazy, because she's never done anything. She's never touched herself, she's never watched a porn, she's never done anything.

Adrianne: This place is the most beautiful place in the world. New York was the most beautiful place in the world last week, but this week it's Paris.

Shannon: Please, Lord, send me somebody sometime.

Shannon: [when she finally meets Brad Pinkert] Oh, my word!

Adrianne: I told Shannon, she thought, "Oh, this guy likes the Bible. He's gonna be so nice!" Well, in his little spreadsheet in Cosmo Girl, it said that his favorite movie is Boogie Nights.

[The remaining girls debate over what they should do in Paris]
Shannon: Who wants to go shopping?
Adrianne: You guys wanna go shopping?! [in confessional] I really don't like to shop. It gets really old after an hour.
Shannon: Why don't you wanna go?
Adrianne: I don't have money to go shopping! I just wanna go see Jim Morrison's grave.
Robin: Who is Jim Morrison, Adrianne?
Adrianne: He's the lead singer of The Doors, one of the most influential bands that has ever existed on the face of the Earth.
Elyse: [in confessional] Adrianne wanted to go see Jim Morrison's grave, and she wanted to go up the top of the Eiffel Tower, and Robin and Shannon wanted to go shopping.
Shannon: If she's willing to go shopping with us, we should do something for her too.
Elyse: Well, we have to compromise so we can stay together, because I don't wanna split up into two groups.
Robin: I wanna go shopping.
Elyse: I think we can all compromise so we can stay together.
Shannon: [in confessional] Robin did not want to budge. She did not wanna go along with her.
Elyse: So, she's gonna have to compromise and go shopping with us, and we're gonna have to compromise and go to the grave with her.
Robin: And I said I wanted to go shopping.
Elyse: You're not willing to go to Jim Morrison's grave for Adrianne?
Robin: This conversation can go on all night.
Elyse: Because you won't compromise!
Robin: Respect me when I say that I don't wanna go see the grave! Just respect me for that, just like I respect you!
Adrianne: [in confessional] I didn't want to listen to what that bitch had to say. She's psychotic.
Robin: I said I wanna go shopping, Shannon said she wanna go shopping.
Elyse: It just sucks that I'm the only one that has to compromise, and you guys don't.
Robin: I don't go see graves. Just like you don't believe in God, I don't go see graves! I don't try and make you believe in God, do I?
Elyse: [in confessional] I got really upset when I saw this stubborn, bitchy side of Robin. I...sort of fled away from her.
[Later, Adrianne finds Elyse on the stairs crying]
Adrianne: What?
Elyse: She's such a bitch!
Adrianne: Who is a bitch?
Elyse: Robin.
Adrianne: I just...Dude, seriously?
Elyse: She's so mean to you! And she's so mean to me! [in confessional] I think I was crying mainly out of frustration because Robin wouldn't see things my way, and was being so intolerant. It really pissed me off.

The Girls Who Get Really Naked [1.7]Edit

Adrianne: [about Robin] She doesn't seem very Christ-like to me. In fact, I think she secretly worships the devil.

Tyra: Robin, I admire your faith. I admire your strength, and I admire the fact that you said, "I am me, and I have my standards, and I will not sacrifice that." But one thing that you have to remember is human is beautiful; perfect is boring.

Robin: My body is sacred, and it's mine. And my religion teaches me that my body is a temple.

Jay: [about Robin] She opened up the drape, and she was just in a panty, no bra, and was like, shaking her boobs at me. What she didn't know was Tyra was standing right next to me, around the corner.

Tyra: Robin, you were supposed to have a nude photo shoot. We don't have a photo for you this week. Why is that?
Robin: I didn't want to feel uncomfortable. Um... my body is mine. I just didn't think that was what I needed to do in order to get ahead.
Tyra: I don't understand how you can say no to something like that, but then, in the dressing room, when you think no one is looking...I saw you open the dressing room at the couture house, and you were nude, and you shook your chest at Jay...You're shaking your chest, jiggle, shimmy, I saw them go round and round and up and down...

Beau: [To Shannon] Do you have any idea what it's like backstage at a fashion show?... Because you've got 30 girls that have to just strip completely naked.

Tyra: [to Elyse] I think you look so sexy, and your booty looks kind of big and juicy. That's great!

Adrianne: [about Robin] One day, she's gonna go against somebody that does not care about how much money you have, or how much Mommy and Daddy have given you, and she's gonna get her fuckin' ass whooped. It's just how it is. The word says that if you were standing there, and somebody asks you for your coat, you're supposed to give it. You know? 'Cause you're "Christian." Christians are not selfish. If, you know, there really is this big, wonderful man in the sky, then he's gonna whoop her ass when she gets up there!

Adrianne: I do believe in God...I'm just not psychotic about it.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [1.9]Edit

Adrianne Curry: Tomorrow we fight to the death!

Janice Dickinson: [At the Baby Phat fashion show] Shannon was dope last night...

Beau: You can tell Adrianne's lived a little more. There's something cooking behind Adrianne's eyes.

Tyra: Hopefully it was fierce. Hopefully it was perfect. And if it wasn't, then the whole room, and the whole world, just saw you screw up.

Tyra: You should know your real measurements and your fake measurements.

Adrianne: [About Elyse] She hates everything we do, yet she's the best at it.

Adrianne: I don't know what to feel. I feel I love Janice Dickinson.
Janice: Well, I didn't vote for you.

Adrianne Curry: I'm gonna have a good life now. My family's gonna have a good life now. A lot is going to change, and it kicks so much ass.

Cycle 2Edit

Originally aired January 13 – May 11, 2004.

The Girl Who Overslept [2.1]Edit

Jenascia: I don't know why they didn't wake me up this morning, but if this doesn't get me eliminated, it's on. It's so fucking on!

Camille: Maybe I'm just a little more, um, educated than some of these girls.

J. Alexander: Okay girls, so that was your first fashion experience, and personally I think you all sucked.

Jenascia: I'm really not that nice of a person, I don't know what's come over me.

J. Alexander: Walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight!

Sara: I can tell that Camille is going to be somebody that causes a lot of problems. I think she just really believes that she's…the stuff.

Bethany: I have a lot more talent than the boobs.

Anna: I do not regret any decisions that I made here, That I've got knocked out and knocked down it hurts for a few moments, But I'm stronger now and you know I can get back up and still keep going. I'm excited to go back and see my son and my husband.

The Girl Has a Temper [2.2]Edit

Bethany: I have more talent then most of these girls.

J. Alexander: [To Xiomara] Girl, you walk like you're on crack. Your eyes are so bugged out of your head like something just scared the hell out of you.

Carmen Marc Valvo: [To Yoanna] If you came in for a casting, and you looked the way that you look, I probably wouldn't even ask you to put on a dress. Usually ugly women put on a lot of makeup.

Camille: Don't play me. You have a better chance playing Lotto.

J. Alexander: [To Yoanna] Your walk was as useless as a flashlight with no batteries in the dark.

J. Alexander: [To Camille] Oh! Black girls always have to give that something extra. I ain't mad at chu though!

Yoanna: Camille is the most exhausting experience I've ever encountered.

Yoanna: [To Camille] negative in this house, the energy is driving me crazy! It's like we have to open the windows and... Wait! Just... I'm not finished! Just wait! Because you know why it's just so built up!

The Girl Who Can Cry at the Drop of a Hat [2.3]Edit

Shandi: Everything's come together and I feel so pretty... right now.

Xiomara: [About Camille] Her butt is taking up the whole counter space!

Catie: This is a once in a lifetime thing, I am not gonna care what they do to my hair.

Sara: I see a lot of unattractive models and a lot of girls that they put magazines, and I'm just like, 'Why the hell do they put these girls in this magazine?' But it's because it draws people to them.

Tyra: [To Catie] You are a girl, you still have titties and a booty.

Heather: One man's trash is another man's treasure, I'm trash here and I'll guess I'll go be a treasure somewhere else.

The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School [2.4]Edit

Jenascia: This house is totally gonna suck without me, now I'm gonna go back to slinging chicken wings at Hooters and back to my friends and being the happy person that I am.

Photographer: April is that unique find that comes along every now and again.

Adrianne: That's what you deal with in the real world, these bitches don't care.

Simon Doonan: [To Catie] I think there's a little bit too much hooker style going on... Go down where the hookers hang out by the docks, see what they're wearing, and avoid it.

Jenascia: I'm short and I don't care. Look how short I am!

The Girl is a Visual Orgasm [2.5]Edit

Eric: [To Yoanna] Your picture looks a bit like an adult ultrasound.

Nolé Marin: [to Mercedes] You are a visual orgasm.

Pyschic Suzannah Galland: [To Camille] I don't care if you punch me, but I'm going to level with you. You put people off.

Camille: [Reading the list of what the other girls think of her] Superior, relentless, headstrong, defiant, outspoken, cunning, aggressive, opinionated, demanding and single-minded.

April: I haven't been connected with my Japanese heritage and I'm not going to pretend I have. I'm not going to market myself to just Asian girls.

Nolé Marin: April was like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Matrix... she was FABULOUS!

Nolé Marin: [About Shandi] She looked petrified... just like a drowning chicken.

Nolé Marin: [About Xiomara] Absolutely gorgeous girl, but underwater she looked like a walrus wearing chiffon. It was a disaster from start to finish.

Janice: I was offended that she called me a bitch. I am a member of the PTA.

The Girl Whose Lips Puffed Up [2.6]Edit

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [To Camille] Come on, you're sucking right now!

Eric: She's kinda the girl next door, but I think America's Next Top Model has to be like, the girl way over there.
Tyra: Down the street and around the corner!
Eric: EX-actly.

Jay Manuel: Talk tough superhero, not tough Bronx.
Mercedes:Well, I'm from Jersey!

Mercedes: [About Camille] Where the hell did the Cuban come from? I'm more Cuban than her, Honey, and I'm not even Latin!

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [To Camille] I just feel like you're still on the surface. There's stuff inside your heart that you just refuse to let out... You just want to have this perfect mask on. God bless you in your career, but you're just boring.

Mercedes: [About April] I love her but she's going to die of a heart attack before she hits 27 because she puts so much stress on the little things and doesn't listen to the positive things.

Janice: [About Catie] She looks like a child prostitute in this picture.

Janice: Convince me that you are funny, just once.

The Girl is Dripping with Hypocrisy [2.7]Edit

April: The competition is not just about winning... it's honestly something that my heart really desires.

Shandi: [About her boyfriend] Going to the movies, that's like our secret thing that we shared, and it really hurt when he said that.

Tony Michaels: [About Shandi] You don't look at her and think ‘top model' off the bat, but by the second glance you see, wow, she's got it.

Yoanna: I think it's sad being away from your own home and not having a cake, and plus, I wanted some cake too!

The Girl Goes to Milan [2.8]Edit

Camille: This is my signature walk and this is the walk that's gonna make me famous.

Tyra: [Imitating Camille] Look, bitch, I was chosen out of a million people, I don't know what your problem is.

Jay: We should do a word count of how many times Nole says fabulous in a day.

Shandi: [About Liliana Rolando, casting director] She's a meany and she is a bad woman and I don't like her!

Mercedes: My little Italian man, he did not speak that much English, but other than that, I'm having fun.

Janice: [About April's photograph] She looks like the batteries died in her vibrator.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Snakes [2.9]Edit

Jay: [About Heather's photo] She looks like a porno star.
Janice: No, she does not!
Jay: Yes... she does.
Janice: So do you!
Jay: We're talking Silicone Valley on the other end of the table.

Xiomara: Of course I want to stay here, I don't want to go. I want to stay but if I'm not what someone wants, I'm cool with that. Like I'm not going to sit here and beat myself up because I'm not what someone wants.

Tyra: Your moms have that responsbility to keep you sane because this business is insane.

Janice: If a photographer offered you guaranteed fame if you slept with him for a cover of a magazine or a makeup campaign, what would you do?
April: Is he attractive?

Sara: [Betting Heather to run around the house naked] I dare you... I swear to God I'll give you $5 dollars if you do it.

Jenascia: You see how when I'm upset and can still be funny? You see how I do that? I'm fucking great!

J. Alexander: [To Jenascia] There's a boy somewhere inside of you, you gotta beat him outta you.

The Girl Who Cheated [2.10]Edit

Mercedes: Modeling is art, but I wasn't ready for this type of art. Especially with April!

April: DING! Hold on a second Shandi, you've got a boyfriend!

April: These girls, myself included, have been like monkeys in a cage, and you drop big bananas inside, of course they're going to tear the peels off.

The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model [2.11]Edit

Mercedes: Yoanna is a great person, I've shared a lot with her but if Yoanna wins, I'm gonna pull her hair out and yell, 'It wasn't meant to be!'

Shandi: I've grown into a person I like and appreciate more.

Janice: [To Mercedes] Never touch your face, girl, or I will come after you. You are beautiful!

DSquared: A girl who hangs up their own clothes is better loved. I hate those bitches that just throw them on the floor!

Mercedes: Oh Bitch, you ain't go gonna go nowhere! [pause] Sorry!

The Runway Ahead [2.12]Edit

April: I'm a mutt, loud and proud.

Jenascia: [To Hooters customers] Do you guys need anything? Good, because I didn't want to get it anyways!

Shandi: When I get home, I won't feel so lost. I won't feel so insecure.

Anna: Their coochie was showing...
Jermaine: Eww, baby you can't say that on television!

Catie: [During preliminaries] If they said, "Catie, to make it you're going to have to shave your head", my hair's gone!

April: I like the feeling I get when I'm creating art with my body.

Cycle 3Edit

Originally aired September 22 – December 15, 2004.

The Girl With the Secret [3.1]Edit

Amanda: I'm legally blind. And I'm going to be about 30 when I go completely blind. It's a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and I just wanted ya'll to know I will always see your face. Please don't cry, I've had 10 years to get used to this. I've seen my son smile and that's all I ever wanted.

Amanda: My child is so wonderful, he will blossom. It's like a rose growing through a concrete crack.

J. Alexander: [About Toccara's breasts] Baby when she released those puppies, they were full grown dogs.

Toccara: I love my skin and I'm workin' it. I'm hittin 200 in the butt, what?

Norelle: I'm the only one with braces. I'm the only one with bling-bling on my grill, ok?

Tiffany: That stank ho poured beer on my weave! This is not even my hair!

Cassie: I might look like the All-American girl, but I don't have the All-American job because I'm a stripper.
J. Alexander: That's the All-American job to me!

Tyra: And I have some nicknames for them. Jay Manuel is Mr. Jay and J. Alexander is Mrs. Jay.

Eva: Everyone has their bathing suit on. Why not get in the water instead of standing next to it, ya dumbasses!

The Girl Who is Co-Dependent [3.2]Edit

Janice: [To Toccara] Oh, I dunno. You might be giving these skinny little bitches a run for their money.

Tyra: [To Amanda] You continue to raise your eyebrow. You know, the Zoolander.
Janice: I used to be able to do it, but I have so much botox in my face I can't really do it anymore.

Janice: [About Kelle] The hand coming through your legs looks like something that is on a man.

Tyra: Nolé is a very prominent fashion editor and a stylist. And of course, we can't forget...
Nolé Marin: Empress Mini, the legendary girl herself.

Amanda: It's really easy for somebody to pass a judgement on something without knowing all the information.

Toccara: Ann, big deal, tough tittie!

Kelle: Tyra had arranged a huge SUV limo to pick us up which is you know, we're all big pimpin'.

Jay Manuel: OK, Norelle, that one feels a little like you're taking a dump.

J. Alexander: [To Kristi] It looks like you got gas baby, like you gotta fart.

Eva: Kelle, she's just so white-washed it's not even funny.

The Girl Everyone Thinks is a Backstabber [3.3]Edit

Toccara: You can shave my head off bald and I'll still walk around here like I'm a goddess.

Amanda: The girls are starting to feel intimidated by me and its really making me feel good as hell.

Yaya: Julie cracks me up. It's nice to see someone proud of where they come from.

Tyra: You guys look like the pretty girls walking down the street. Maybe she can model but ehh...

Danilo: [To Amanda] How does it feel waking up with it? Does it feel possessed by the previous owner?

Amanda: What I did to Cassie was bring her secret out in the open. It wasn't my place to do it and now I'm the evil person, and everyone thinks I'm a backstabber.

Nicole: I'm excited actually for eliminations. I'm going, 'Let's get some of these bitches outta here!

Nolé Marin: Where'd you come from, baby?
Amanda: Your dreams.

The Girl Who Sets a Trap [3.4]Edit

Jay Manuel: Norelle was trying to show me how gorgeous her boobs were, which they are! She's got gorgeous boobs, but that doesn't mean she's gonna be America's Next Top Model.

Eva: Have you seen Ann's biceps? Ann will beat your ass, Jenn.

Kelle: Does anyone have a pair of sunglasses? [repeated line]

Toccara: Jennipher busts out, "I'm glad the bitch gonna gone for a day." And so, Eva hears her, and Eva thinks that everyone's mad at her because she won the contest.
Eva: This whole thing is a freakin' competition. So find your niche, and do your thing, and don't hate on the next person when they win.
Jennipher: I just don't like when you get up and you try to do whatever. You're like, "Fuck you, skinny bitches!"
Eva: I didn't say "skinny," I said "tall."
Ann: So you don't think anyone's gonna hate against that? Because I wouldn't do that.
Eva: That's you, though. My personality is still Eva. I'm not gonna change my personality so I can win something.
Ann: Well, then why do you change your personality when you go in front of the judges?
Eva: When did I change my personality?
Jennipher: You go up there, and you do this [imitates shaking her hips] Why don't you be the bitch diva?
Eva: Because I'm cute! I'm sorry, Jennipher, I am!
Kristi: Hey, guys, can you just keep a little more quiet by the phone? Sorry.
Eva: Sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: It's just my boyfriend can hear everything you're saying.
Eva: I'm sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: It's okay.

Eva: You're two-faced! Extremely!

Ann: Don't ever touch me again or you'll see you'll get knocked out.
Jennipher: Oh, I'd like to see it.

Amanda: What's a 10 dollar bill to catch a bitch, hmm?

Amanda: [Singing] I'm missing 100 dollars and my laundry's gone. Cuz of a certain bitch, uh, certain bitch, certain bitch.

Norelle: My biggest dream, Heatherette fashion show. My worst nightmare: falling. All in the same night!

Eva: Toccara actually exposes to me that she thought she was gonna win because she got a lot of applause. You got applause because your titties are out girl.

J. Alexander: Their show is usually the hottest ticket in town during New York Fashion week. It's so hot that I don't get a ticket.

J. Alexander: It's really funny because it's about to fall but you're not lettin' it happen.
Eva: It's not gonna fall.

Yoanna: So I know what you guys are going through, but it's worth it. It's such a short time, and you're so young and you'll sleep when you're dead, so...

Toccara: Ms J. comes down and she has her little apple, she's just fabulous.

J. Alexander: You walk like you're chewin' gum between your legs.

Eva: First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch!

Kelle: I look like a platypus!

The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror [3.5]Edit

Jay Manuel: Kelle just told me that you won the posing competition, which I still find hard to believe, but alright, work it out girl!

Norelle: I look like one of those dolls that's like, so pretty but if you look at it at night, you'd be running out of the room screaming. I loved it.

Simon Doonan: Jennipher, she's a little dull, slash very dull.

Simon Doonan: You've gotta look alluring, you've gotta look interesting, but you can't look cheap and slutty.

Kelle: The past 3 panels, I've had probably the worst photos in the group. I've had a penis, I've been a deer in the headlights in the middle of a cemetery, I've been a platypus that's just came from a dentist...!

Janice: [To Ann] Bring motion to those stringy thingies!

Toccara: I was sweatin' soo hard...I don't think I like yoga.

The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies [3.6]Edit

Jay Manuel: Ten people will say, 'Don't do this. Don't do this.' You know what you're going to end up with? Nothing.

Eva: [about Yaya's facial prize for winning the challenge] The person that needed the facial got the facial.

Eva: Cassie is the biggest punk I have ever met.

Yaya: Someone had the audicity to mutilate her precious brownies.

Amanda: It's like living with eight other beautiful...pigs.

Kelle: Daddy, I don't have intensity in my eyes.

Ann: What does your shirt mean?
Yaya: It's "respeito." In Portuguese, it means "respect." There's a big lack of it in the house, so I felt the need to wear it today.

Yaya: Some people think it's funny to kill people. That doesn't make it funny.

The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes [3.7]Edit

Nigel: Toccara, there's just something about her. She's interesting.
Janice: Yeah, a lot of flesh!

Janice: Eva's still short.
Nigel: Perhaps she'll grow by next week?

Toccara: I wanna know why all the girls were so nice lookin', and here I am looking like I work at Home Depot.

Cassie: [About Jay in drag] This woman walks out, I thought, this is a really ugly woman.

Cassie: I don't want to be here anymore, but I don't want to be known as the girl who quit.

Norelle: I may not be good enough now, but I'll be good enough someday.
Norelle's Mom: You're good enough now.

Toccara: I'm very happy for Yaya, and at the same time, I was getting nervous and scared because you don't see a lot of negroes in high fashion.

Marc Bouwer: [To Amanda] Alright, let's try to walk without tripping this time!

The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken [3.8]Edit

Yaya: Maybe there's a wall, you know, with nine blocks that spell out 'competition'.

Tyra: Toccara, I knew from day one that you wanted this and was f-a-b-o
Toccara: I am fabulous and I want this.

Toccara: I'm proud of myself. I'm the largest girl to get here and I made it this far. Someone has to start to break the barrier, so hopefully the next plus size girl that comes along, she makes it a little bit further. It's gonna take time, it doesn't happen over night. But I'm just grateful that maybe I made a path for someone else.

Tyra: Yaya, it was like you were on this pedestal and this hat smelt like dookie!

Tyra: [To Yaya] You want your outfit to be, 'Look at me' and this outfit is 'Look over there'.

Nolé Marin: [To Yaya] You're I feel... half African, half cowgirl. Looks like you're about to ride a giraffe.

Eva: I was petrified of this spider.
Janice: Try posing on a live crocodile honey.

Eva: You see this face? This is a confused face!

Sarah Pyper: Who's the most annoying girl in the group?
Eva: Everyone's equally annoying!

Eva: Everyone freakin' says to me that I'm a diva! So how do I not be a diva?

The Girls Meet Taye Diggs [3.9]Edit

Tyra: [To Yaya] Now we need you to eat the product because I've never heard of a girl having a commercial and not tasting the product.
Janice: Eat! Eat! Eat!

Norelle: The first thing we saw was a hospital bed. Prepare to die? I'm sorry, but I am not a good die-er.

Tyra: [To Yaya] I suggest you go to the nearest bakery in Japan and order up the biggest slice of humble pie.

Nolé Marin: [About Eva] In your commercial, she was an absolute Tokyo disaster.
Tyra: She was a typhoon!
Nolé Marin: She was a typhoon, a buffoon, she was a cocoa puff mess.

Amanda: I just look like a pair of ears on an onion.

Yaya: There's one person eliminated every single time. And that one person should not be me. And if it is, I need to have a talk with the judges.

Norelle: I can barely speak English, and you want me to speak Japanese?

Norelle: I don't know if they're called Japanese people if they are from Tokyo, or Tokyians?

Taye: Julia? Julia? That's a cruel trick. That's a cruel trick, Julia.

Taye: You died in your favourite shoes.

Nicole: The first thing I saw was not appropriate, so I had to just say I didn't see anything!

The Girl Who Goes Ballistic [3.10]Edit

Jessie, Yaya's sister: [On phone with Yaya, who is crying] Regardless of what people think about you, continue to bless people with your compassion and your wisdom. They have the blessing of being with you.
Eva: And I have all that fucking tension and animosity...
Yaya: Sorry, Jessie, one second. I CAN'T HEAR, I'M ON THE PHONE!
Norelle: [after long pause] ... go on.

Norelle: [To Ann and Eva] Hopefully, one of us makes it to number one. And hopefully, it's us three!

Yaya: Don't exoticize me!

Norelle: Holy crap, Toccara. Your boobs are as big as my head.

Toccara: [About Amanda] Her eyes are too blue, and her hair is's scary. I mean, I don't want to be around her at nighttime when she's walking down the hallway!

Ann: Taye Diggs wants me. [laughs]
Eva: Taye Diggs is so married.
Ann: He's married?
Eva: So married.
Ann: To who?
Eva: To his wife!

Tyra: Now 5 girls remain. Eva, the controversial diva. Ann, the All-American athlete. Yaya, the wordly Ivy League graduate. Amanda, the free-spirited mom who's going blind. And Norelle, the Orange County Cinderella. Don't miss out on the drama as we find out who will be America's Next Top Model!

The Girl The Lionesses Are Hunting [3.11]Edit

Norelle: Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes five minutes.

Amanda: With my blindness I appreciate every sunrise, butterfly, the dew drop on a petal.

Norelle: Eva had said that she hoped I did bad so I would go home and then Eva was like, "Oh yeah? Ann, well you think Norelle's ugly and fat!"
Tyra: Well, Norelle, you're one of the top 5. And you have to realize that's what makes beauty interesting, is when it's debatable. Do you know what I mean? There's so many people that say, 'Oh Tyra Banks is beautiful.' And there's so many people that say, 'Tyra Banks has a big ass forehead and I think shes ugly!' One thing you need to realize is everybody talks about everybody.

Eva: I think Ann knows I've been nothing but a friend to her. So for her to bring that situation on the table, without trying to understand me or try to clear it up, is like 'Woah. That' very whack right now homie. Like, you are so whack'.

Norelle: I was so confused. Pink Positive, what's going on? Are we getting a divorce?

Amanda: When the lionesses are hunting in a pack, when there's a flaw, you see it. And everybody goes for it.

Amanda: Yaya has won like, 5 times? More power to her, 'cause I'm sharing in the fruits of her labor.

Norelle: Oh my god! I don't understand Japanese food. I do not eat Japanese food. If I do, I eat like... Panda Express?

Norelle: [about a Japanese tea ceremony] Uhh! There is so much detail. You think have tea is going to your friend's house, have time for tea? Woo... It's not. It's so hard.

Amanda: I feel like a lot of people in the house don't necessarily want to be around Eva. The house has to have a target. That's just mob mentality and human nature and competition.

The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye [3.12]Edit

Yaya: I did the girls a favor because my nonpresence there gave someone else a chance to win.

Ann: We're still Ann and Eva even though we've had some marriage problems.

Jay Manuel: [To Ann] You're lucky you're still in this competition. You barely got a photograph.

Amanda: It's good to have family around, even if it's not your own.

Ann: [About Japanese street fashion] When I first saw it, I was kinda like, Ok, where was your mirror this morning?

Amanda: When you're looking for something, vision's important!

Eva: My idea was find things that don't go together and look really stupid and you'll win. How dumb do I look?

Eva: Ahh! Lost my shoe! I'm flying, rolling down the street honey!

The Girl Who Wins It All [3.13]Edit

Amanda: I want to inspire people that have disabilities, or you know, shortcomings to just like, work through it and to find joy and everything.

Janice: [To Amanda] Japanda!

Yaya: The skirt was kinda see through. I didn't want to be disrespectful, but if that idea had been done in the States, it could look very...hoochie.

Amanda: I was serving up a piping hot plate of smile!

Amanda: I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France.

Yaya: If there were anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included or comfortable, I don't think we would.

Tyra: Will it be Yaya, the Ivy League grad who's road to become a top model had more than a few bumps on it?

Eva: I'm 5'7, but I don't have to be tall to be great!

Eva: Watch out world, here comes Eva!

Cycle 4Edit

Originally aired March 1 – May 18, 2005.

The Girl Who Suddenly Collapsed [4.4]Edit

Noelle: [about Rebecca suddenly fainting during judging] When something like this happens, you can't believe it just happened. I mean, Becca, she just explained to me that she has a preexisting condition where she collapses. She's had tests done since she was three years old, but it's been six or seven years since her last collapse.

The Girl with the Worst Photo in History [4.5]Edit

Beverly Johnson: [referring to Rebecca's "Virgo" photograph] Even though you're the virgin, you're the virgin that everybody wants.
Nigel: Right.
Beverly Johnson: So you have to be very sensual.
Janice: Tyra, when you're strutting down the runway doing Victoria's Secret, wearing those bat wings, what are you thinking?
Tyra: I ain't thinking I'm no virgin.

Noelle:[about tennis shoot photographer] I dont know whether he wasn't hugged enough as a child or what.

The Girl Who is Contagious [4.6]Edit

Kahlen: I think the reason Mr. Jay dressed up was to show us that even though Michelle has scabies, she can still be beautiful.

The Girl Who Pushes Tyra Over The Edge [4.8]Edit

Tyra: [after eliminating Tiffany and Rebecca] Can you guys stand in front of me? I just want to say one more thing to you. Rebecca, I admire your emotion right now. It shows to me that this is something that's very important to you. Tiffany, I'm extremely disappointed in you. This is a joke to you. You've been through anger management, you've been through your grandmother getting her lights turned off to buy you a swimsuit for this competition, and you go over there and you joke, and you laugh? This is serious to these girls, and this should be serious to you.
Tiffany: Looks can be deceiving. I'm hurt. I am, but...I can't change it, Tyra. I-I've been...
Tyra: You can't change what?
Tiffany: I'm sick of crying about stuff that I cannot change. I'm sick of being disappointed, I'm sick of all of it. I'm not...
Tyra: You're not sick of being disappointed.
Tiffany: Obviously, I am.
Tyra: No, you're not. If you were sick of being disappointed, you would stand up, and you would take control of your destiny. Do you know that you had a possibility to win? Do you know that all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? And then you come in here, and you treat this like a joke? You come in here and look at that, and say, "I can't read that?" You read ten times better than half of those girls over there!
Nigel and Nole: You did.
Tyra: And you come in here with a defeatist attitude.
Tiffany: I don't have a bad attitude! Maybe I am angry inside! I've been through stuff, so I'm angry!
Tyra: Yes, but that's not the point. It's... Be quiet, Tiffany. Be quiet! What is wrong with you? STOP IT! I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this! When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you?! Learn something from this! When you go to bed at night, you lay there and you take responsibility for yourself, because nobody's going to take responsibility for you. You're rolling your eyes and you act like it's because you've heard it all before - you've heard it all before - you don't know where the hell I come from! You have no idea what I've been through. But I'm not a victim; I grow from it and I learn. Take responsibility for yourself!

Janice: Kahlen, where'd that man come from?

The Girl Who Gets Bad News [4.9]Edit

Naima: [referring to a photo shoot at the bottom of a grave] Michelle's a little weird, so she's like "This is cool! This is cool!"—and I'm like, "This is freaky."

The Girls the Lionesses Are Hunting [4.10]Edit

Nole: Girl, that's a drag queen after my own heart. A girl in high heels running.

Nigel: [about Brittany] She's an exaggeration. She's like a walking exclamation mark. And it's not pretty.

Jay: We're gonna do a photo shoot today, but you guys are going to be the animals. So, I've picked an animal that I think represents each and all of you. I'm gonna start with you, Kahlen. You are actually going to be a springbok. Christina, you're gonna be an ostrich.
Christina: Oh, wow!
Jay: Brittany, you're so tall and long. You're going to be...
Brittany: A giraffe!
Jay: A giraffe. Michelle, I'm making you a zebra.
Michelle: Ooh, there we go.
Jay: Naima, you're a silent predator. A cheetah!
Michelle: Oh no!
Naima: Aw, cheetah!
Jay: Keenyah, you get to be the elephant. I don't know how you end up with these. One week is gluttony, next week is an elephant! [he and the rest of the girls laugh]
Keenyah: Alright. [in confessional] Everybody else has these sexy little animals, and I get to be the big, fat elelphant! Ugh! Why do I keep getting stuck with these fat, like, characters? What is going on?!

Gerda: [about Kahlen's picture] She really got this deer, and I know this animal well.
Janice: How well do you know it?
Gerda: It's my national animal.

Kahlen: [[after feeding a bear a marshmellow from her mouth] I want to go home and brush my teeth for the next 5 days.

The Girl Who Walks on Water [4.14]Edit

Naima:I am speechless.

Cycle 5Edit

Originally aired September 21 – December 14, 2005.

The Girl with the Twisted Catch Phrase/The Girls Become Super Heroes [5.2]Edit

Ebony Taylor: Don't get it twisted.

Jay Alexander: So you're on the Jehovah's layaway plan.
Jayla: Yes, that's it.
Jay Alexander: Buy now, pray later.

The Girl Who Needs a Miracle [5.3]Edit

Cassandra: If this doesn't work for me, then I'm definitely going to go back to pageants because I think that really helps you develop more as a woman, where modeling is just more of a career.

The Girl Who Makes a Disclaimer [5.4]Edit

Jay Manuel: [to Cassandra] So, are you ready to cut your hair?
Cassandra: No!
Jay Manuel: You know, I really don't have time for this today so... you just gotta leave my set.

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles and Talks to Plants [5.6]Edit

Lisa: You're the only one that seriously, like, dislikes me, and so-
Coryn: I'm the only one that told you to your face that I do not like you.

Coryn: [to Lisa] Will you shut up? Why are you still talking to me? Shut up!
Lisa: Okay, well...
Coryn: I do not like you. I've told you that a long time ago.
Lisa: Then don't talk about me, don't talk to me, don't make snappy comments to me. Just pretend I don't exist.
Coryn: Shut up, and I can pretend like you don't exist.
Lisa: That is so rude! Grow up, Coryn. You're basically presenting yourself like a moron! Okay?
Coryn: And what are you doing, alcoholic bitch?

The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating on Her [5.9]Edit

Kim: The person who would most likely get along with the Wild Boyz is disgusting, crazy: Lisa.

Nik: I just kept seeing everyone laugh, and I knew they weren't laughing at me, cause whatever I was doing wasn't that funny.

Lisa: [to the Wild Boyz, upon entering in a diaper] I'm wearing you guy's underwear!
Steve-O: Why?
Lisa: Why not?
Bre: Why is she wearing a diaper again?
Jayla: I don't know.
Bre: Oh, just thought I'd ask.
Lisa: We have to see if they work!
Bre: Lisa don't pee in it! [in confessional, referring to Lisa] Then Lisa announces that she's going to pee in a diaper. No woman of class, especially a supermodel in the making, is going to do something as disgusting as pee on herself at her job!
Nicole: [referring to Lisa] I feel disgusted!
Bre: Lisa, she's a sick individual, and if she wins this competition I hope she uses that $100,000 and checks herself into a psych ward, ASAP.

Lisa: [in the confessional] Everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy... Everybody's taking themselves way too serious... Everybody just needs to calm down. Calm down! Take a break. [takes out a jar of cookies] Eat a cookie!

Tyra: [to Jayla and Nicole] Will Jayla and Nicole, please step forward. You two are exquisite, beautiful girls. You take beautiful pictures, but when you open your mouths, they [referring to the judges] say, that there is no way that they can represent a product. You both are the top of the pack, but now you stand before me, at the bottom. With modeling, you guys have to be on point, you have to be fierce, you have to be ready. But the judges were so disappointed in you that tonight both of you must pack your bags... [pauses] Because we're all going to London!

The Girl Who Retaliates [5.11]Edit

Nicole: [referring to Bre] She's like the spawn of the devil or something. Freak!

Cycle 6Edit

Originally aired March 8 – May 17, 2006.

America's Next Top Model: Where the Girls Are [6.1]Edit

Leah: I'm awesome. I'm like the best go go dancer ever to be created.

Jade: I am the undiscovered supermodel.
Janice: Why? What makes you so hot?
Jade: I feel that I have the most potential. I'm versatile, I'm totally different...
Sara: We're all gonna have to take "No" to that.
Jade: ...I'm—Shut up, up there! Shut up!
Janice: "Zip it," is nicer than, "Shut up."

The Girl Who Learns How to Dance, The Girls Go Bald [6.2]Edit

Kathy: I feel like a penis with ears.

Dani: I know what I feel, and I am not a racist.

Danielle: Jay is like ‘You look regal’. I did know what regal meant so I didn’t say nothing cause I was like if it’s bad I don’t wanna be like ‘thank you!’.

J Alexander: Jade is a bit tranny to me, and that's why I love her.

Danielle: [when Dani makes racist comments about her] Don't ever, as long as you are living, ever make another statement like that around me.

Dani: [in her audition tape] I am the most uber conservative, Republican, hardcore Baptist you can ever imagine in your whole life. I don't like gay people, I don't like Muslims, I don't like abortions, I don't like anything liberal. But other than that, I really like to get along with people.

The Girl Who is A True Miss Diva [6.3]Edit

(prior to makeovers, Tyra is telling each girl what they're going to get) Tyra: Brooke, when we look at you, we think Victoria's Secret, we think high fashion, so you know who's hair you're gonna get? Miss J. Alexander: Mine. (everyone starts laughing)

Tyra: Jade you are standing right in front of me because you have a lot of excuses, that you don't take responsibility for your actions.

Jade: Long hair, baby! Furonda is really feeling this hair, now that is a true Miss Diva.

Sara: [About Jade] I think the Peroxide's are starting to mess with her head.

Joanie: [about Jade] She's not from this planet, so she says. And you know what? I think I believe it.

Jade: [in confessional] I don't know who I am right now. I'm lost, I need balance. Yo, I'm tired of struggling. I feel like I am the undiscovered supermodel, you know what I'm saying? I live in New York City, the belly of the beast. I'm tired of this.
[Furonda starts laughing]
Jade: This is a competition! This is not America's Next Top Best Friend! I wanna be America's Next Top Model, because I have everything that it takes to be that. [in confessional] I know I'm a threat. I'm a strong-ass woman, I'm a soldier sister. Recognize.
Furonda: [in confessional] Maybe she's bipolar, or something? Because the behavior that she displayed was just totally erratic.
Jade: I am blonde, I am short! I'm un...unbalanced. You're wearing a crown on your head. You look ridiculous!
Furonda: You're up here in your panties.
Jade: Of course I'm in my panties, and I look damn good! Broke-ass crown, they ain't even real diamonds.
Wendy: You need to not take your attitude out on other people!
Jade: Goodbye, J-Lo! Goodbye, J-Lo!

Jade: I'm not worried about Furonda right now because she did really bad.
J. Alexander: Furonda really impressed me. She did much better than last time!

The Girl Who Kissed the Roach [6.4]Edit

Nigel: [about Danielle spraining her ankle] Falling is definitely your expertise.

Jay:Right now you look like your clunkin on a mat.
Furronda: Really? What does my face look like?
Jay: Like you're clunkin on a mat.

Janice: Gina, no matter what...rule #1, we never rat out our bitches.
Gina: The thing is, I never...
Janice: Zip it!
Gina: The thing is, though...
Janice: There is no thing! Zip it, bitch! Zip it, you're dead in my book.
Jade: [in confessional] That's Janice, you know. What you get is what you get...
Janice: Holla!
Jade: ...and you gotta be prepared no matter what.

The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model [6.5]Edit

Joanie: [After Nnenna kisses the male model] He totally pitched a tent while they were in Africa. And not one you camp in.

Danielle: It's just so random to hear Jade say she wants to be a kindergarten teacher. I would homeschool my child before they went to Jade's class.

Jade: Everybody that meets me for the first time thinks I'm like a bitch. They think I'm...arrogant. Everybody that knows me knows I'm not like that. I'm, like, the realest individual.
Furonda: If you're a real person, and a nice person why would you do that?
Jade: You keep on going off on this nicelessness. It's not about that.
Furonda: You're like, "I'm so positive, I'm so this, I'm so that." But that's...that's the facade you got going on, and I don't know what kind of issues you got...
Jade: Facazz? What the hell is a facazz?
Furonda: A facade. And that's...
Jade: Facazz?
Furonda: Facade.
Jade: Man, my life story...I need to write a book, and maybe one day, I will. And you should read it.

The Girl With Two Bad Takes [6.6]Edit


Nick Cannon: The next game is called Questions.
Furonda: The questions game is where you would ask a question, and the person would ask a question back.
Nick: A TV and a remote.
Brooke: Why do you keep changing me all the time?
Joanie: Why is your antennae all crooked?
Nick: A job interview.
Jade: I'm sorry you don't have the right qualifications. [A negative buzzer rings and a big red x appears on screen saying Not a Question]
Nick: You gotta ask questions.
Jade: Oh, see, this is confusing. Man...
Nick: The game is called Questions!
Joanie: Jade, she just sucks at all of the stuff that we do.
Nick: Start it all off with who, what, when, where and why. If you start with one of those, you're gonna be good.
Jade: Alright, man.
Nick: I'ma give one where you can figure it out. A rich man and a poor man.
Jade: My dick is bigger than yours.[Another negative buzzer rings and a big red x appears on screen saying Definitely Not a Question]
Joanie: You totally just lost!
Jade: You know, even though it was fun, laughter and jokes, that wasn't humor to me. I was just like what? [affirmative buzzer rings with a green checkmark, saying "question"]] What? [Buzzer rings again] What? [buzzer rings again]

Danielle: [rapping] Roses are red, violets are blue, i'm a win the title, and you look like boo-boo.
Nnenna: [Rapping] You are a model, I knew that (laughs). But you could at least? Learn how to talk!

Mollie Sue: [rapping] Walk is good, might not fall, your head's as shiny as a big rubber ball.
Joanie: [rapping] Yeah, my name is Joanie, you know what I mean, it's me and this white dude on this here black team, I got a volleyball diva, a hot Latina and two African, queens!

Jade: [rapping] My name is Jade. The ace of spades. Furonda, my dear, I know your skin is bumpy, but my skin is flawless and you look really lumpy.
Nick: Oh!
Joanie: [about Jade's rap] Nobody else took it there, like nobody was like, "Yo Jade, you look like an 85 year old woman."
Jade: [rapping] Yo, you’re blonde, you’re too tall for this industry, you know what, I’m in this real, if you’re not, because let me tell you they're gonna not blow up your fuckin' body.
Joanie: I feel like Jade tries to make you feel low, so she can bring herself up.

Sara: [rapping] I think i'm gonna puke in the bottle if I hear one more thing about Jade, the undiscovered supermodel.
Jade: That doesn't rhyme. [silence voice]
Furonda: [rapping] I hate the bust on you, cause I know it's your world, hey man get rid of your "s" curl.

Jade: [before Furonda picks someone to share her prize PSA] I volunteer.
Furonda: [in a behind the scene interview] Jade and I are not friends. We're not friends. [back to the present] I'm going to pick Nnenna.

Jay: [about Jade's bad take for a CoverGirl commercial] She doesn't quite grasp the fact that she's got to improvise in this scene. It was thirty seconds of me listening to her heels clap on the concrete.

Jay: [to Jade] This was you. [impersonating Jade's blowing kisses at the camera] What was that?! It was like...
Jade: I was making my entrance.
Jay: You were making your entrance, but you didn't improvise anything. Take two.
Jade: You guys look fabulous. What a party, oh my gosh! [in confessional] The second time, I just took my time, talking to people! Wonderful, fabulous.
Jay: [whispering to camera crew] She's a drag queen!
Jade: [holding up product] Okay...this is...[laughs] Okay! [pause] Lightweight makeup...fuck.
Jay: CoverGirls don't say that!

Jade: [after seeing her bad take that the judges chose] You guys used my worst one.
Nigel: You're saying that this was your worst one?
Jade: Because the other one I did the lines perfectly, and my improvving wasn't good.
Nigel: You're only given one chance at casting to deliver your lines.
Tyra: Who doesn't think it was their best take? Be honest. [two girls raise their hands] You have to know that you're not the only person thinking that right now.
Nigel: Yeah, it happens to all of us, in all walks of life.
Tyra: I have worked for Victoria's Secret for ten years, and I'm like, "Why the hell did they choose that shot?" You'll never be 100% happy as a model. It was just very unnatural, and pushing too hard. Like, "Hey girl! Mmm, ahh!", twisting and turning. And... that was very draggish. [later when deliberating with the other judges, she holds up Jade's photo] If this wasn't a drag queen walking through that party, I don't know what was!

J. Alexander: [about Brooke] She looks like a trout, but I love her.

The Girl Who Has a Temper [6.7]Edit

Dani: You see the sun rise, you see it set, you see the Eiffel Tower, you see the crows cock...all that going on, and Nnenna's still on the phone.

Brooke: [About Nnenna] She's from Africa? Go back to Africa if it's so damn great.

Joanie: [with a basket on her head] I'm a basket case!

Jay: Please do the black girls proud.
Danielle: You know they call me a white girl back home but imma ...
Jay: So you can’t dance?
Danielle: Imma do, imma do what I do..
Jay: Wait, can you dance?
Danielle: I mean, imma do what I do.
Jay: Okay if you’re a white girl think Irene Cara.

Jay: [After Danielle danced well] Danielle you were lying to me. You were like ‘Uh uh I just got a little white girl thing in me’.

The Girl Who Has Surgery [6.8]Edit

Sutan [Make-Up Artist]: Every morning when I wake up, little Woodland animals come to greet me.

The Girl Who is a Model, Not a Masseuse [6.9]Edit

Jade: Sometimes I keep wondering why I am landing in the bottom two, but I'm coming back with a vengeance, I'm coming back strong.

Furonda: I don't really get to know this stuff, I am a model, not a masseuse.

Jade: [during her interview] I'm an exotic biracial butterfly.

Danielle: A couple minutes ago I was depressed about the gap. I’m like, forgot the gap sucker, I’m going to Thailand!

Joanie: [About the products used by the makeup artists] I own that one! And the one for your face too!

Joanie: [during the mermaid photo shoot] My boobs are falling out. I would be extremely embarassed if the boobs fell out.

Danielle: [during an interview about the mermaid photo shoot) If a piranha start biting my neck, imma be a mad sister.

Danielle: [during the mermaid photo shoot] I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Danielle: Aww fish juice!
Jay: Fish juice? Work with it girl!

Danielle: I’m going through so much pain right now cause the harness was getting tighter so, my uterus is probably flat as a pancake right now.

Jay: When I put Danielle out there, I feel like a proud papa cause she knows what she’s doing.

Twiggy: Jade frightens me. Don't leave me in a room with Jade!

The Girl Who is Going to the Moon [6.10]Edit

Danielle: I'll give you a hundred dollars if you eat this.
Joanie: Get out of here!
Danielle: A hundred dollars.
Joanie: A hundred dollars, I'll have E. coli and be dead at 6 am!
Danielle: But you'll have a hundred dollars. Furonda! You want some money? These girls are filthy! They eat and leave things everywhere. Look at this. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Joanie: What else can we throw away?!

The Girl Who is Rushed To The Emergency Room [6.11]Edit

Joanie: [about Furonda's dance] It wasn't anything Thai, it was hula, it was club, it was everywhere.

Jade: Shooting with an elephant, that reminds me of an ancient dinosaur. 'Cause they are in the dinosaur family.

Furonda: When I hear Jade and Joanie fighting I was like whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk whonk, I was trying to tune them down.

The Girls Go To Phuket [6.12]Edit

Jade: If it was up to me, I wouldn't have chose to ride in the toot-toot...hoop-hoop...pu-pu...tut-tut...hoopty. Okay?

The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City [6.13]Edit

Furonda: [interview about CoverGirl photoshoot] When I’m shooting today, I’m thinking about my mum. Whenever I think about my mum, you know, a smile comes across my face.

Danielle: The last runway show. This is gonna make me or it’s gonna break me.
Joanie: The best girl won!

Cycle 7Edit

Originally aired September 20 – December 6, 2006.

The Girl Who Marks Her Territory [7.1]Edit

J. Alexander: I love one of the twins, I just can't remember which one it is.

Tyra: [about Melrose's attitude during the shoot] I'm just so disappointed in her performance on the set. And to be talking back to Mr. Jay and flipping out and blaming this and blaming that. It's like, "Honey, this is the first week. You could be cut like that." If you're a bitch...hide it.

The Girl Who Hates Her Hair [7.2]Edit

Tyra: [to Jaeda] Maybe you should go home and count the days till your hair grows back.

[J Alexander and Jay Manuel check on Monique, who is having a meltdown over her makeover in the bathroom]
Jay: Girl, I am not in the mood for these girls. What's the story?
Monique: I'm just having a bad day. I can't even speak 'cause it's like, the water's going off!'s nothing I can't see.
Jay: [rolls his eyes] Do you want this career? This is not hard. You are getting a fresh hair weave by a master stylist, and if the alarm's going off, put in earplugs. [in confessional] To see these young girls who supposedly wanted to be here so badly, to just kind of throw it off, and say, "Ugh, I don't like it!" It just disgusts me, and it makes me not want to be here.

Melrose: Monique, how long are you going to be on the phone?
Monique: [to her mother on the phone] I'm so pissed off. You know they got to meet Queen Latifah?
Melrose: [in confessional] Tonight, I really need to get on the phone with my landlord. I need to talk to her about potentially getting my deposit back. I'm gonna lose a thousand dollars.
[After an hour and twenty-three minutes have passed, Monique is still on the phone]
Melrose: [tries to get Monique's attention] Yeah, I need two. No response. I got nothing.
Michelle: This is her way of getting back at us for her getting DQ'd.
Monique: [to her mother on the phone] These little, raggedy not-talented models ain't never even thought about being a model until they walked into the audition, and all of a sudden they wanna come in here and act like they the stuff. What?
Michelle: [in confessional] We were trying to get her attention, so everyone was thinking of funny ways to piss her off, and just joke around. [while Amanda flashes at Monique] There's one way to do it! Oh, wait! Oh, wait! Oh wait, here she comes!
Monique: [noticing the other girls distracting her while she's on the phone] I'm just enjoying this phone call. It's great!
Amanda: [in confessional, impersonating Monique] "I'm really enjoying my phone conversation!" Who does that?! Two-year olds do that!
Brooke: It's not our fault you couldn't get in the damn elevator. Don't take it out on us.
Monique's Mother: [on phone with Monique] When they mess with a child of God, they've got trouble on their hands. You tell them, "I am a 'Princess of the Throne.'"
Anchal: She's a drama queen. She's just a stupid little bitch!
[Later, Anchal and Michelle barge in after Monique talks on the phone for over three hours]
Anchal: Bro! There's people who gotta pay for their fucking apartment!
Monique: Okay! And you don't know what the hell I'm on the phone talking about, okay?! So, you get out of my face, and go in there! I'm not here to make friends with you guys. I could care less.
Anchal: Learn to respect other people [flips Monique off]!
Monique: And you know what? This is my time, I'm not getting off the phone. You guys can all kiss my grits as far as I care. [finally, and three and half hours, she comes out after everyone has left] Oh, I'm sorry I spent so long on the phone! Sorry, you guys can use the phone! Oh my God, is that Tyra mail?!

The Girl Who Punk'd Ashton [7.5]Edit

CariDee: [in a "red carpet interview" challenge with Janice Dickenson] Why, why, why—Why are you so over-pungent?
Janice: Over-pungent!?

Jaeda: [same challenge] I don't know what to say?
Janice: Fine, gimme the mic! [grabs microphone out of her hand] Bye! Yeah, I got the mic...

Brooke: [same challenge] What makes you so bitchy?
Janice: [walks away without saying anything]

Janice: [to AJ, after red-carpet challenge] Yo, why are you still wearing that ugly pink thing on your head?
AJ: [later, to camera] I don't care what she said, I love my hat

AJ: [during photoshoot as Marc Anthony] God, what am I doing?

Michelle: I might be—gay.

The Girl Who Graduates [7.6]Edit

Brooke: I got eliminated on my freaking high school graduation! I gave everything up to come here and ironically enough this the night that I get chosen to go home.

The Girl Who Wrecks the Car [7.8]Edit

Eugena: [After a 30 second shopping spree race, where only one constant walks away with everything] We were all in the back laughing, because Melrose grabs everything. Because Melrose understood the rules, but the other girls didn't.

The Girl Who Breaks Down [7.9]Edit

Eugena: [About Melrose] I think she might be bipolar or something.

Amanda: Spanish guys and American guys are very similar. They all have the same jokes and stuff. But Spanish guys smell better.

Eugena: [about Jaeda's bad experience with her male model partner] Jaeda's partner, Nacho, tells Jaeda that he doesn't even like black girls. She's like..."Are you serious?"

The Girl Who Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth [7.10]Edit

CariDee: [to Nigel] Did you just remove that (referring to a large stick Nigel held) from your ass from the last panel?
Melrose: I can't believe she said that!

Eugena: Mr. Jay didn't look like a matador at all. He looked like.. Mr. Jay in a matador costume.

Tyra: [during the evaluation at Eugena's bullfighting pictures] Eugena this week is like model, slash, acrobat...
Miss J.: ...and slash Miss J.

The Girl Who Grates [7.11]Edit

Jay Manuel: Today was a typical Eugena shoot -- flat, boring, and it looked like she was drowning in the water.

CariDee: I don't respect Melrose... if Melrose becomes America's Next Top Model I'm going to puke... all over. I'll just puke.

CariDee: Melrose has three different personalities and she's really good at it, she's really convincing... it's creepy... maybe she should be medicated.

The Girl Who Becomes America's Next Top Model [7.12]Edit

CariDee: I'm America's Next Top Model, baby! Yeah!

Melrose: I’m pissed. I’ve put my heart and soul into this, and it wasn’t enough. And I got called a bitch the whole way through it and it sucks. And I feel really misunderstood and I’m sad.

Cycle 8Edit

Originally aired February 28 – May 16, 2007.

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 1 [8.1]Edit

Jay: [about Dionne] I love that she has diarrhea of the mouth because we don't have to hear in a photograph.

Natalie: I really like Audrey Hepburn. I love her in Dinner at Tiffany's.
Tyra: Dinner at Tiffany's?
Natalie: I'm sorry. Lunch at, brunch at Tiffany's. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Tyra: [laughing] Lunch at Tiffany's?
Jay: Guess what honey? It was breakfast at Tiffany's!

Samantha: [about her hometown] I think the biggest thing that ever happened was the Butter Bean Festival.

Kathleen: My Grandma has no booty. My Mama has no booty. Then therefore I have no booty. Okay, I'm a black girl with no ass. But I have... That's what I have. I have... [flashes other girls]

Tyra: And I want you to be all you can be, not bitch all you can bitch.

Jael: It's just modeling. We're not curing cancer here.

Brittany: I get very loud. I talk probably almost at this level like when I'm sitting at home.
Tyra: Have you ever had your hearing tested? You think that has something to do with it?
Brittany: Pardon?

Tyra: Why you screaming so loud?
Kathleen: Cause you're so pretty! Oh my God!!!
J. Alexander: What about me?

The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking, Part 2 [8.2]Edit

Twiggy: You kinda want to take Kathleen home and look after her.
J. Alexander: I don't!

Kathleen: I believe that if the animal's alive you shouldn't kill it to make a coat of anything, but if it's already dead than you can take the skin off, and just make a coat.
Tyra: How would it already be dead? Like, uh . . .
Kathleen: Let's say, 'cause animals fight each other in the jungle, right, in the woods?
Twiggy: Well, unfortunately that's not how they get fur coats.
Kathleen: Animals die, like people die naturally sometimes, right?
Twiggy: But that's not the ones they use for fur coats, I'm afraid.

Kathleen: I think every model wants to date Nigel Barker, 'cause he's so tall.

Kathleen: My theme today is anti-fur, like I hate fur. Actually, I really do like fur. I mean, it makes you look hot.

Kathleen: [at her photoshoot] Should I look at the fur like it's stank?

Nigel: That was the easiest one to fit into, but I think you didn't completely understand the concept.
Kathleen: I know right? I didn't!
Tyra: If you don't understand something, you have to ask.

Jay: [during a shoot about gay marriage] I like the smiling, why don't you guys have a happy moment? Lesbians aren't serious all the time.

The Girls Who Go To Prom [8.3]Edit

Samantha: [about her photo shoot] Last week I was a lesbian, and now I'm a ho. [laughs] So much fun.

Jay: [to Samantha] put your hands between your thighs, pretend that you're all alone and you're masturbating!

Jael: [about Sarah flashing the high school students] I thought it was very liberating for her, and I'm so proud of it. She got to experience that next to me!

The Girl Who Cries All Time [8.4]Edit

Renee: [to Brittany] For a 21 year old, you still act like you're in high school.

Sarah: [watching Natasha during her shoot] She looks like Kate Moss.
Renee: No she doesn't. Do you know who Kate Moss is?

Dionne: You know what, Jay? I think I'm more comfortable naked.
Jay: That's uh... interesting.

The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude [8.5]Edit

Renee: I feel like a lot of the girls in the house don't understand me, like they're just looking for ways to be offended by me. I don't know why; I feel like they just don't like me.

Jay: [after Brittany does a shoot on a wet, grimy bathroom floor] Someone get this girl a towel and a tetanus shot.

Jay: I already told them you were really good.
Renee: Oh! They already hate me enough as it is!
Jay: Oh, they do? Why? What happened?
Renee: I'm a bitch.

The Girl Who Takes Credit [8.6]Edit

Jay: [as Natasha is doing very well in her photo shoot] There is a reason those Russian people compete and get gold!

Jay: Tell me again why you want to be America's Next Top Model.
Diana: Just...'cause.

Sarah: [about how Natasha can explain away any negative feedback] Natasha is the used car salesman of America's Next Top Model.

Sarah: [about Natasha] She looks like Kate Moss.
Renee: No she doesn't. Do you know who kate Moss is?

The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool [8.7]Edit

Jael: Thank you for coming to our party.
50 Cent: This is actually my party, you know, Smart Water all over the place?
Jael: Well you know how us from Detroit have a smart ass mouth.

Jael: Listen, my mom is Black and my dad's a Jew, I'm Blewish, you can't hang with that!
Whitney:[in the confessional] Jael has a very "in-your-face" personality, and I say this time after time, after time: you can hate it or you can love it.
50 Cent: I asked you to leave.
Jael: Be a man!
50 Cent: [pushes Jael into the swimming pool]
Dionne: He just threw her in the fucking pool! [in confessional] Jael deserved it, because she didn't leave that man alone.

Renee: I'm Nayien.
Benny Medina: Nice to meet you.
Renee: Nice to meet you, too.
Benny: You 're supposed to have a name.
Renee: My name?
Benny: No, what is the name?
Renee: Nayien.
Benny: No, what is the "sell yourself" name?
Renee: Nayien.

Renee: Nicole Ritchie asked me who was the crazy one in the house. And I said, "Jael is the crazy one in the house."
Jael: She told me you said you fuckin' hated me. So you can get out of my face, bitch.
Renee: I'm not in your face, bitch!
Jael: Exactly. Don't be jealous! Jesus. You're really beautiful, and it's such a fuckin' waste.
Whitney: [in confessional] Jael always prevails in any situation. She can cuss you out, up and down the street!

The Girl Who Impresses Pedro [8.8]Edit

Dionne: [on doing a lesbian kissing photoshoot] Hold up. I'm no fucking lesbo! I'll give you a hug, but that kissing shit, I don't even kiss my own damn boyfriend!

Dionne: I see my mom, my sister, and my baby. And the first thing that came to my mind is...what the fuck is wrong with my baby's hair?

The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver [8.10]Edit

[Natasha and Brittany are disqualified from the go-see for being late, and are standing outside the modeling agency]
Natasha: I was late for thirty seconds.
Brittany: I asked my fucking cab driver to meet me on Cooper Street, and he didn't fucking show up! I have a cab driver who didn't listen.
Natasha: It's okay.
Brittany: It's not okay! It sucks because it's not my fucking fault, it's his, 'cause I asked him to meet me over there!
Natasha: I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries. Don't be...please don't be—
Brittany: STOP TELLING ME NOT TO BE UPSET! I can be upset if I want to! I have a cab driver that doesn't listen, and I get fucked!

Jaslene: I make it back to Priscilla's a minute before, and I'm like, "Where's Natasha, where's Brittany?" We have two slackers.

The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance [8.11]Edit

Dionne: I don't wanna do no damn dance, what do you mean, dance?

Natasha: [during her interpretive dance] When I used to be a child, I was very weak.
Dionne: I see her lips moving, but I don't hear a thing.

Jaslene I think we were better off not having Natasha come with us. She was this funny, Russian girl but now she’s just annoying to me.
Renee : You guys better really bring it at the photoshoot tomorrow. Dionne, none of this no contact with the camera thing. We need to send someone home and you guys all know who I’m talking about.
Jaslene: To be honest, I don’t see her going home right now. She’s improving week by weeek, so.
Dionne: I wanna see Natasha go home. Right now, I’m over her. Something is going on with her but I don’t know what it is. She got some lies floating around somewhere.
Jaslene: I’m really curious with how she lives her life, like at home and her husband.
Renee: Natasha doesn’t have a wedding ring, I’ve never seen a picture of her husband, I’ve never seen pictures of her daughter. I don’t know, it’s just confusing for me.
Dionne: She doesn’t talk about her family, for real.
Renee: Yeah.
Dionne We don’t know anything about her husband at all! I don’t even know his name!
Renee: Her story has changed...
Jaslene: ... a million times.
Renee: Yes that’s the thing, it’s like, if you’re gonna lie at least be good at it!

[When asked who had the least amount of potential to be America’s Next Top Model]

Dionne I think I’m going to have to say Natasha. It’s just like something about Natasha, like her personality, I feel like something is missing. I just don’t believe it.
Jaslene I like Natasha but to be honest I feel the same way. I respect her and I care for her dearly bu she comes off real phoney.
Renee I would have to agree and say Natasha. I feel like she plays games. She’s a beautiful girl but there’s something lacking in the personality. I feel like a lot of its fake.

Natasha I am thankful for the critique that girls just said. I still like them and they’re still my friends.
Twiggy I must say, I’m completely shocked by the reaction of the other girls because seeing you every week you are one of the warmest girls, you make us laugh, you take critique. And so to hear what they were saying and then I suddenly thought ‘Well you are very very beautiful, so is this a truth coming out or is there a slight jealousy because they think you’re ahead of them?’. I don’t know, it’s very weird.
Natasha If Gisele Bündchen would be standing behind me now right now, I’d say she has the least potential because she’d be the biggest competition for me.
Tyra How does it feel hearing all the girls say such negative things about you?
Natasha I feel like I’m always being talked about. Like I was always in the centre of all the conversation. But it’s better to be talked about than being not noticeable.

[Judges discussing it later]

Tyra You guys don’t know this but I had to hold almost like an intervention with the girls because they were also against Renne at one point and now then week its all about hating Natasha! What does that mean?
Twiggy Is there a jealously element in this?


Twiggy I think this is her weakest photograph but I think she dealt with the negativity today miraculously.
Tyra Do you think what Natasha said was right? Like, (Imitating Natasha) ‘If Gisele Bündchen was behind me I would say she didn’t have potential too because I’d be threatened.’ Do you think the girls are threatened?
Carissa They really were ganging up on her.
Twiggy They were!
Tyra Yeah that might be but you guys, her photoshoot was a disaster.

The Girl Who Does Not Want To Dance [8.11]Edit

Renee : I would hope that they don’t let Natasha do the final runway because she walks like a pigeon toed duck with a piece of [explicit] hanging out of her ass.

Cycle 9Edit

Originally aired September 19 – December 12, 2007.

The Girls Go Cruisin’ [9.1]Edit

Heather: [in front of Tyra and J. Alexander] Hey pretty lady—and Tyra.

Ebony: Let's play a game and see who has an eating disorder.
Marvita: Why would someone say something like that?
Ebony: [tilts head] Because I wanted to.
Marvita: When was your last damn meal? 'Cause you look anorexic.

Janet: [about her home town] We just got a Walmart.

The Models Go Green [9.2]Edit

Heather: [in confessional about Bianca and Lisa arguing] I started getting a headache from all the stupid yelling. I'm like, "Ugh!"
Bianca: Lisa, listen. I don't see you as my competition.
Lisa: But you're—
Bianca: I'm not 20 stripping in some clubs! You really think America's Next Top Model's gonna be an exotic dancer? What a role model! Give up, go home.
Lisa: You wanna bring it to that fuckin' level?! You can bring it to that fuckin' level! But I don't say that to you, don't say that!!

The Girls Go Rock Climbing [9.3]Edit

Bianca: Honestly, I don't feel that you're my competition!
Saleisha: And I don't feel that you're my competition!
Bianca: Your body type is not better than me. You're borderline plus-size!
Saleisha: [in confessional] I was like, "Okay, just stay calm." But once you're yelling at me, and you're pointing your fingers at my face, I'm gonna eventually go off.

Bianca: [to Saleisha] Check your thighs out in the mirror—and I'm done!

The Girls Who Gets a Mango [9.6]Edit

Heather: [upon meeting Mary J. Blige] Excuse me while I breathe!

The Girls Who Crawl [9.8]Edit

[The girls notice Heather looking very unwell and nearly passing out after their video shoot]
Lisa: It was kind of a scary sight because I didn't know, I...I thought maybe she was having a seizure. I had no idea.
Jenah: She did not look well. She looked dead. Like...dead. I mean, it was scary.
Saleisha: Why are they filming her? [in confessional] Her body just kind of gave out for a quick second. She just needed to, you know, sit down, and drink some water and get some nutrients back into her body, and just eat. It was just too much, it was very overwhelming her. I don't think Heather, you know...parties til two o'clock in the morning on just high energy. So, I think that was just a lot for her.
Gil: [to Heather] Well, from now on, as thin as you are, and as hot as it, tomorrow you have to eat. It's like a car, you got to put gas in it.
Heather: I think I just pushed myself way past my limit.
Chantal: Did you get some food? Did you drink water?
Heather: Yeah, they gave me Gatorade.
Chantal: And you feel better?
Heather: Yeah.
Chantal: Don't ever scare us like that again. I mean it!

Saleisha: Wait, I'm not done! I still gotta check and make sure there's a supermodel in there.

The Girl Who Starts to Lose Her Cool [9.9]Edit

Heather: I'm not the ocean. In fact, I'm not even a water sign. I'm a fire sign.

Heather: [in confessional] Lisa and Saleisha just go running to the shower. And I'm thinking to myself, "No!" Dude, I called shower first!
[Bianca and Sarah laugh as Heather storms into the shower]
Saleisha: You better move, Heather!
Heather: [in confessional] They know that I did call shower first, and they know very damn well that I'm having... not the best of days. No. That is bull!
Saleisha: You're in the shower, so shut up!
Lisa: You're in here, so shut up!
Heather: [in confessional] They forget I have a breaking point, too. They feel like they need to pick at me whenever I'm not acting like my happy, cheery self.
Bianca: Saleisha stop, my stomach hurts!
Ambreal: [in confessional] She snaps, and it's scary because... you can't do that!
Bianca: Heather's gonna kill both of y'all. Y'all gotta stop laughing at her.
Saleisha: [in confessional] She looked like she wanted to do voodoo on me. I was like, "I am not messing with you, girl. Let me just shower, and get the heck up outta here!" Did you see how she looked at me? That was not very nice!

The Girls Go to Shanghai [9.10]Edit

Jenah: ‘I don’t feel like this a modelling competition anymore, I feel like this (expletive) is a personality competition and that pisses me off.’

The Girls Go on Go-See Adventures [9.11]Edit

[The girls watch Heather's lackluster photo shoot]
Jenah: Dude, I'm telling you, if I had that dress, I would be workin' it!
Bianca: What would you do with it?
Jenah: This would be my first pose. [spreads her arms out] Ow!
Nigel: [as he's directing Heather] A little bit too much noise from the peanut gallery!

Cycle 10Edit

Originally aired February 20 – May 14, 2008.

Welcome to Top Model Prep [10.1]Edit

Dominique: I showed him that you can't put a price on all of this.
Tyra: What is, "all of this?"
Dominique: Pretty!

Shaya: [about Fatima] The girl from Africa, she called me ghetto. But she didn't say ghetto like, "Aww, Shaya you so ghetto." Like, she said it, "Ugh, you so ghetto".

Shalynda: I have accepted the fact that I'm a bitch. I've been called everything in the book. I've accepted that. I know who I am.
Fatima: So you are a bitch?
Shalynda: You maybe don't...
Fatima: You are a bitch?
Shalynda: I am. I'm everything...
Fatima: Okay. Can I call you bitch?
Shalynda: I've been called—no you cannot fucking call me bitch...
Fatima: But you just said...
Shalynda: ...'cause that is not my name!
Fatima: You just said...
Shalynda: That is not my government name! So you would not fucking call me bitch to my fucking face!

Top Model Takes It to the Streets [10.5]Edit

Dominique: [to Whitney] You're pretty on the outside, but your attitude sucks.
Whitney: Dominique, you have no education, you have no class...
Dominique: I have more education than you...
Whitney: speak all the time out of your ass. You are ridiculous.
Dominique: I don't speak like that. Excuse me, honey.
Lauren: Where does this conversation end? There's no significance in it at all.
Dominique: There is no significance when you're talking to a big brick wall who's, like, racist towards everyone and anyone.
Whitney: Excuse me?! I'm racist? [in confessional] Call me a bitch? Yeah, probably. But...don't call me racist. Like, I'm from the South, you don't joke about being racist. It isn't funny, it's not a joke. Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me? My best friend is black!
Dominique: You think it's cool that just because you have a black friend, that you can make derogatory comments to black people?
Whitney: This has nothing to do with being black! [in confessional] Dominique definitely crossed the line when she called me a racist. Like, before I was sarcastic. "Dominique's dumb, whatever." But now, I'm like offended. You don't know who I am. Call me anything else, but don't you fucking call me that! Don't call me racist, don't. [in confessional] I was angry, and I probably said some things that were super, super out of line. But, it's just, you have to use different tactics when you argue with different people, and arguing with Dominique is like yelling at a wall.
Dominique: And you look like all of 30, and act like you're 12.

House of Pain [10.6]Edit

Claire: Dominique causes a lot of negative controversy in the house. Like, she just doesn't really care about anyone else. [sarcastically] Oh, I'm so pissed. I'm so fucking sick of your alarm!
Dominique: I'm not cursing at you.
Claire: You're a shady bitch. You're obviously a shady bitch!
Dominique: If you can't talk to me with respect, then don't open your mouth to me. Period.
Anya: Dominique, just take responsibility.
Dominique: I set my alarm clock at 6:45 every time.
Anya: No, it went off at 6:04. [in confessional] Sometimes it's frustrating to have Dominique in the house. It just seems like she drains everything out of you. And it's like, she just has to learn to communicate better.
Dominique: I don't care about what your opinion is right now.
Claire: You gonna let me speak?
Dominique: I'm not gonna let you speak 'cause I got your point. So, you can shut up now.

[Some of the girls confront Dominique about her not controlling her alarm clock]
Dominique: I didn't do anything to hurt you! Did I break a limb?!
Claire: I only called you a bitch after you started bitching at me.
Dominique: But that doesn't give you a right to call me a bitch. Do you call your husband a bitch when you guys get in an argument?
Claire: Why are you bringing up my home life?
Dominique: Because that's obviously how you communicate.
Claire: At least I have a husband, okay! Why are you going there? [in confessional] I gave Dominique ample opportunity to fix her alarm, and she didn't, and it's not until I called her a bitch and yelled at her that she actually responded. This is, like, the seventh time your alarm has given me problems. I'm sorry if I called you a bitch, but that's really fucked up.
Dominique: But you still called me bitch, you still crossed boundaries with me, that's what I'm saying.
Fatima: But...but she just apologized...
Claire: Just time your alarm properly, oh my God.
Lauren: You're having a communication problem.
Dominique: [to Lauren] I'm not even talking to you, so stay in your place.
Lauren: Stay in my place?! Who the fuck are you to put me in my fucking place?! [in confessional] I don't like having conflicts, but...when you tell me to get in my place, I will rip you apart.
Dominique: I told her to stay in her place 'cause I'm not talking to her.
Whitney: Well, you can go to your place in the trash where you belong. That's where your place is. Don't you dare speak to her like that.
Dominique: [in confessional] Claire, Whitney, and Lauren, they all banged up on me and they ran with it. I was like, "Yeah!" It's like Christmas for them, okay? Let's see if we can get her going, and really put her down, and make her look really bad.
Lauren: You are not listening to what other people have to say! And the problem is you can't run your mouth the way you do! We are in a house with nine other girls! YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY! [in a confessional] She's nuts. Every word that she says has no meaning.

(The models have just done a music-themed photo shoot. Upon evaluating Katarzyna's "emo" photo):
Miss J: See I'm confused, this looks grunge to me.
Tyra: well, this is emo.
Miss J: (squinting at the photo): this is white music?
Paulina Porizkova: (almost deadpan): yeah, this is white music. Welcome to our world Jay.
(the models all burst into laughter)

If You Can't Make It Here, You Can't Make It Anywhere [10.7]Edit

Fatima: Did anyone pour my coffee out?
Anya: No, I didn't touch it.
Lauren: It just had grinds in it.
Fatima: [in confessional] I made coffee for myself, I went back to the room to grab a jacket. And I come back, coffee is gone.
Lauren: When you made your cup, there was like this much left of water.
Fatima: Just admit that you poured my coffee out, that's all.
Lauren: I'm not admitting to anything. [in confessional] I'm not gonna let another girl bother me. I'm not gonna take your crap.
Fatima: All you had to say was, "I'm sorry, it was an accident. Accidents happen," and I will back away.
Lauren: Here's your cup of coffee, you big baby.
Fatima: You are not even worth it, sweetheart.
Lauren: Choke on it!

Viva Italia! [10.10]Edit

Anya: "My first steps into Rome and I eat it on the ground."

We Are Spartans! [10.11]Edit

Whitney: [about Dominique's eating habits] She eats worse than I do.
Anya: She eats candy constantly.
Whitney: All the time. And she's always taking other people's food. She always takes my food. Get your own damn food! [in confessional] I literally wake up in the middle of the night, and hear Dominique eating, two o'clock in the morning! She's, like, stuffing her face with M&M's out of her bag.

Cycle 11Edit

Originally aired September 3 – November 19, 2008.

Fierce Eyes [11.5]Edit

Elina : I’ve let so much out and I’ve learned so much about myself. That to me is worth it and that it me is the most important thing.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't [11.9]Edit

Tyra : [upon seeing Analeigh’s CoverGirl commercial] Girl, that is the best CoverGirl commercial I have seen in the history of America’s Next Top Model! I’m blown away.

Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles [11.10]Edit

Jay : This is when you go hallelujah! Literally! Analeigh finally brought the skater to set and used it to her advantage. You go supermodel!

Sheena : There’s never gonna be another Sheena ... I’m not gonna be forgotten.

The Final Five [11.11]Edit

Analeigh : [trying to navigate through Amsterdam] I was completely confused and I’m like trying to read the signs and it’s like habbersticktingstein and then I would look and there was laubersricktingstein, no habbersticktingstein!

Analeigh : [on the go-see challenge] God I just want this so badly because if I win this challenge it means that international designers see something in me and that I can get hired.
Hans Ubbink : [on Analeigh] This is great. She was really there. And presentating herself right from the start, which I think is a good thing.

Analeigh : If the other girls don’t see me as competition, I’m just gonna use it as inspiration. I’ve got to prove them wrong. Prove that I am America’s Next Top Model.

Good Times & Windmills [11.12]Edit

Analeigh : If you were drunk off your ass, wouldn’t you want someone to look after you?

Jay : See? You give a girl a rake and she becomes a model.

Ann Shipley : [on Analeigh’s photo] Analeigh’s taking flight in this photo. She’s a girl to be reckoned with I think.

America's Next Top Model Is ... [11.13]Edit

Analeigh : I’m very upset. But I’m coming out of this a lot stronger, a lot wiser and no regrets. I think regrets are mistakes that you don’t learn from. And everything that I faltered on here I learnt from. Therefore I don’t look back in shame of anything, no. I think I did my best and I gave my heart, that’s all I can give.

Cycle 12Edit

Originally aired March 4 – May 13, 2009.

What Happens in Vegas [12.1]Edit

Tyra: [to Allison] There's one thing that you say is beautiful, and it's unfair that you've never had one. What is that?
Allison: Nosebleeds.
Tyra: What does that mean?
Allison: I have a really big fascination with blood. And I just think it looks really pretty.
Tyra: I used to get them all the time as a child.
Allison: Jealous!

Sandra: Look at them long, ugly toes.
Angelea: Bitch, you got ugly ass corns!
Sandra: Yeah, that's why I'm beautiful!
Angelea: Bitch need a fucking perm. That's what she need.
Sandra: I don't care. I do not care!
Jay: Why are you fighting?
Angelea: This bitch tryna try me!
Sandra: I don't care about you. I'm not trying to be your friend.
Jay: You couldn't just turn a blind eye? Really? Regardless of what she did, and I don't even know what she did, let's just get you up and do your photo shoot.

Celia: [about Sandra's walk] She gets up on that runway, and I'm like, "Girl, what are you doing?" Have you not been practicing this since you've been in the fetus? No? Really? I have!

Fun and Games [12.2]Edit

Tyra: Once there lived a supermodel who wanted to guide a future girl, so she broke out the rules to own your inner fierceness.

Do You Light the Way I Look? [12.3]Edit

Tyra: When beauty is reflected, beauty is perfected.

New York’s Finest [12.4]Edit

Tyra: Sometimes getting lost is the only way to be discovered.

Aminat: Keep the cute, or put it on mute.

Put Your Best Face Forward [12.5]Edit

Tyra: As a Top Model, you’ll have to travel to many foreign places.

Celia: Tyra, with all due respect, I think there's something you should know about what was said this week by Tahlia. Before you send Kortnie home, I think you should know that Tahlia did express that she did not want to be in this competition anymore, and that she did not feel that this was a wise career move on her part. It's quite unfair for someone who doesn't even want to here, to remain in the competition.
Tyra: You know what I think is unfair? That you're saying this, and not Tahlia. Tahlia did not say that to me, she did not say that to the judges. So what is truly you saying that to me.
Celia: I apologize.
Tyra: So, the judges have made their decision. Take your place, Celia.

Here’s Your Test [12.6]Edit

Tyra: You need to paint on your game face, and show the industry your true colors.

Sandra: [to Celia about what she said about Tahlia] You know how I feel about this whole thing? It's none of your business.
Celia: It is my business if she's taking a spot in this house when her heart's not in it, and other people's are.
Sandra: It's just none of your business. The only person who should have said something was Kortnie.
Allison: You're contradicting yourself right now, because you're saying that it's nobody else's business but Tahlia's. But then you're saying if anyone should have said something it was Kortnie.
Sandra: Yeah, not Celia.
Allison: You don't have to raise your voice.
Sandra: I do have to raise my voice 'cause it's not getting through your head!
Allison: [in confessional] I don't understand Sandra sometimes. She just wants to come off like she's dumb. Maybe it's just the language issue? You're just restating something you already said.
Sandra: I am not restating something, do not go there with me! Do not go there with me!
Allison: I don't know where I'm going.
Sandra: Do not go there, 'cause I'm not the one you play with! Do not go there with me, okay? Don't you go there with me.
Celia: [in confessional] We don't understand Sandra because the second you start rushing your words, or using bigger language, she goes crazy. Like, she starts malfunctioning.
[Later that night...]
Sandra: [to Celia] You are 25 years old. 25! You're 25 years old! You act so, so immature. Grow up!
Celia: [in confessional, mocking Sandra] You are 25, you are 25! I can't fight with her. I can't even argue with her, I'm just, like, dumbfounded.

Take Me to the Photo Shoot [12.9]Edit

Tyra: Music always helps a model find her own rhythm.

The Amazing Model Race [12.10]Edit

Tyra: Once you plant seeds of success, your tree will bear fierce fruit.

Let’s Go See the City [12.11]Edit

Tyra: Work hard, perfect your poses, and life will seem like a day at the beach.

Cycle 15Edit

Originally aired September 8 – December 1, 2010.

Welcome to High Fashion [15.1]Edit

Tyra Banks: I think Kayla is killing Jane in this picture.
J. Alexander: And she's not trying.
Tyra: She's not doing a damn thing.

Jay Manuel: [about contestant Esther Petrack's "30 G" bust] Having that bust size is gonna be a problem... We're not talking D, we're talking G.
Tyra: She holds her Gs better than my Ds!

Tyra: And I understand that you're pure.
Kendal Brown: [coyly] Yes.
Tyra: Tell me why being, um, intimate with a guy grosses you out, or freaks you out.
Kendal: Like—I don't like semen. I don't like semen on my hand. I don't like—I'm like, kinda... grossed out about it.
Tyra: So you've seen it before?
Kendal: Yeah I seen—[catches self and laughs] Yes, I've seen it before. Yes.

Kendal: I just like to cuddle. Something wrong with cuddling?

Chris White: Lemme lift the weave. [lifts a strand of hair above her ear] Lemme hear it.

Chris: [showing Tyra how she poses] Tick, tick, tick, tick, flash!

Diane von Furstenberg [15.2]Edit

Chris White: ...We're gonna find you a man... What's your type?
Ann Ward: Uh, hobos are kinda hot.
Chris: [later in same conversation] What's the oldest you'll go to?
Ann: Sixty. [laughs]
Chris: What kind of man do you want!?
Ann: He has to be a warlock, and he has to spit fire, and he has to know how to make sushi.
Chris: You're gonna be single.

Ann: [to camera] Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

Tyra Banks: [at first judging, referring to contestants] André, do you see any dreckitude right now?
André Leon Talley: Mmm, let's discuss.
Tyra: [to contestants] That means "yes".

Patricia Field [15.3]Edit

Terra White: [when asked why she was becoming emotional during her makeover] Like somebody cut all your hair off, you wouldn't be sad?
J. Alexander: Girl, they didn't cut my hair because my shit was fallin' out—from stress.

Lexie: [in confessional] So myself, Rhianna, and Ann, we put every girl's name in alphabetical order and we wrote what their makeover was going to be.
Liz: [finds paper on the floor] Somebody's trash. Uh-oh, I'm about to read it. Hair agenda? [running to the other girls] Dude, look what I found on the floor! Tyra could've came in and dropped it here.
Lexie: [gasps and pretends to be excited] Is that the makeover?!
Liz: Lexie, sewn-in afro, strawberry blonde. Oh my God, don't cry!
Ann: It's okay.
Lexie: I'm so pissed.
Liz: Look what we found. Where are you, Kacey? Four-inch fade.
Kacey: [laughs in disbelief]
Ann: [in confessional] The list was originally supposed to be a prank, but people started getting really freaked out by it.
Liz: Kacey is getting her head shaved. [pointing at Chris] And she's getting apricot perm extensions.
Ann: [in confessional] ...Oops.

Matthew Rolston [15.4]Edit

Tyra Banks: [after spending "tea time" with 3 contestants] There's no more carrot cake—so that means it's time to go. [laughs]

Karolina Kurkova [15.5]Edit

[The contestants often try to predict upcoming challenges based on hints given in "Tyra Mail" messages]

Several contestants simultaneously: Tyra Mail!
Kayla Ferrel: [reading Tyra's words] "Don't let the competition throw you."
All: [reading] "Love, Tyra!"
Chris White: Somebody's gonna throw us.
Liz Williams: Guess what? We're about to get thrown out of a helicopter. I'm gonna be acting like, [poses with hand behind her head, smiling] "Aaagh!" [sinking to the floor] all the way down.

Nigel Barker: [critiquing contestant Ann Ward's photo] Look at your eyes!
André Leon Talley: And the mouth!
Nigel: And the eyes!
André: And the mouth!
Nigel: The eyes!

Patrick Demarchelier [15.6]Edit

Ann Ward: [to camera and in voice-over] My confidence is just really high right now—being able to go from not being sure about myself to getting top photo four times in a row. So, you know, I actually do feel like, uh, I'm a model, and I'm not just the gangly girl that sits in the back of class. So, I really do feel pretty now. So, I'm really happy here.

Patrick Demarchelier: [looking at a picture he just took of Tyra on a monitor] Who's this girl? I think she's going to win this. She's going to win the Next Top Model.
Tyra Banks: Thank you! [points to photo] I hear she's the bitch in the house. [laughs]

Kayla Ferrel: [to camera, describing photo shoot with Demarchelier] Patrick—I think he's speaking English to me, but I'm not really sure.
Patrick: [to Tyra, during photo shoot] Sometimes they look at me like I speaks [sic] Chinese, eh?

Tyra: [critiquing a good photo of Ann] Ann, walking down the street in person: perhaps one of the most awkward photo shoots, in person, I've ever seen in my life. And then I look at the film, and it's shot after shot like this. I don't get it.

Tyra: [at elimination] Best cumulative photos this week—Ann. [facetiously] Ann, you're making this so not interesting!
Ann: [quietly] I'm sorry.
Tyra: Do apologize for being amazing!

Francesco Carrozzini [15.7]Edit

Liz Williams: [on losing best picture the previous week] I was so upset that I didn't win it, 'cause I was so friggin' close. It just brought me down. And then I said, "Hmm—alcohol!"

Tyra Banks: [to Nigel Barker and other panelists before judging] I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person, and I was like, [mouth agape] "I'm gonna shoot with this fine-ass man?" And I was like, "I'm gonna be naked?" Augh! And he was like, [adopts British accent] "All right, Tyra, stand right there." And I was like, [cradles breasts] "OK, baby!" [laughs] And now he's like, Nigel, my friend.

Zac Posen [15.8]Edit

[the competitors must shoot a TV commercial for the fictional product H2T water, the opening line of which is: "Looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside." The commercial includes a list of ingredients including acai berry, guarana, and chromium.]

Kayla Ferrel: Looking good on the inside starts with feelingggg— [long pause] great on the outside? Hold on. [thinks] Ok, can I start over?

Kayla: [in her "best take" shown at judging] Looking good on the inside starts with feeling good on the outside. With seven ingredients including asabi [phonetic transcription] berry, gorona [phon.], and chron—and— [shrugs] grabana [phon.]. And when you feel beautiful on the outside, you always feel beautiful on the inside. H2T: feel beautiful inside and out.

Nigel Barker: [mocking Kayla's performance] This water has an iguana in it, and Corona in it, and it has some Asahi berries.

Margherita Missoni [15.9]Edit

Liz Williams: [to camera] When I hear "Milan", I think Mulan—like, the movie? So, I'm thinkin' Japan, dragons—you know, I don't even know where my mind was at. But, of course, I always looked at Chelsea, 'cause if Chelsea's freakin' out, it must be something big.

Tyra Banks: I like this picture of you, Chris, in the wide. It has a—a sexuality that borders on a slight hoochie, but you didn't get off on the hoochie stop. You've stayed on the train.

Franca Sozzani [15.11]Edit

[An acting coach is helping the contestants to present themselves in a strong, friendly manner]

Barbara Terrinoni: [to Ann] You.
Ann Ward: [barely audible] Hello, I'm Ann.
Barbara: [inhales sharply] Are you sure you're alive?

Barbara: Smile. [Ann smiles] Not like Frankenstein. Smile!

André Leon Talley: [describing Ann] There's some super power pushing her. There's a force of nature that's propelling her.

Roberto Cavalli [15.13]Edit

Ann Ward: [on how people used to treat her] All these comments about being too tall, or just being not normal—
Nigel Barker: Guess what? You're not normal. You're America's Next Top Model.

Cycle 16Edit

Originally aired February 23 – May 18, 2011.

Erin Wasson [16.1]Edit

Tyra Banks: [spoofing stereotypical contestant] I'm 19 years old and my favorite designer is Hello Kitty. I would do anything, anything, anything to become America's Next Top Model—except cut my hair.

Tyra: [spoofing stereotypical contestant] I want this. My name is [pointing to letters tattoed on arm] Angora Nylandra Tafatia Michaels. I'm not here to make friends.

Jay Manuel: [referring to "sexiness" of contestant Monique Weingart] You might be bringin' the wrong crowd to the table.
J. Alexander: Or the right crowd, if you ask me. Go on, baby!

Tyra: [pretending that this season's contestants have been eliminated] So, unfortunately, you guys have to go home now. But you don't have to go far. [pushes button to reveal this season's "model house"] Because you're home!

Dominique Waldrup: Today we were inside of this big-ass bubble, lookin' like a fuckin' gerbil.

André Leon Talley: [to Tyra, referring to contesant Molly O'Connell's choice of wardrobe for the first judging] Would you go to your first go-see with your midriff showing like that?
Tyra: I wouldn't go to my last go-see with my midriff— [trails off amidst laughter]

Nigel Barker: Nicole isn't truly present in this shot—and the mouth, you know, it's too tight. [unintelligible] sort of cat's bottom. [purses his lips to illustrate]

Jaclyn: [to Alexandria as she critiques her walk] I feel like you're my mother.

Alek Wek [16.2]Edit

[after contestant Ondrei Edwards has voluntarily quit the competition during the judging session, the judges have just finished deliberating over who will be formally eliminated, her or another contestant]
Tyra Banks: We've reached a decision.
André Leon Talley: We've reached a decision.
Nigel Barker: No, we haven't!
André: Yes, we have!
Nigel: No, we have not!
Tyra: Yes, we have!
Nigel: No, we haven't!

Tyra: [alluding to the uncertainty over whether another contestant will actually be eliminated this week] Twelve beautiful girls stand before me—and who knows how many photos I have in my hands.

Alexandria: [notices her bowl of raw chicken] What's this? This was supposed to be in the fridge. Was this in the fridge?
Monique: Yeah, but for, like, days.
Dalya: If you're not gonna eat it right away, it needs to go in a freezer bag, and...
Alexandria: Um, I'm sorry. Please don't talk to me like that.
Dalya: We're just saying that...
Alexandria: I know that! I don't need a lesson on chicken!
Dalya: 'Cause raw chicken does not belong in a bowl that we eat cereal in. It needs to go in a plastic baggy.
Alexandria: I know about chicken. I cook...Dalya! [in confessional] Being 21, I know how to do things. And I'm like, "No, I don't need you, missy to be pointing at my fuckin' face and telling me how to wrap a damn chicken." I completely know and understand that you're supposed to wrap chicken before you put it in the fridge. No reason to get in front of me like that! [sees Dalya walking upstairs] Okay, walk away.
Dalya: That shit right there is annoying.
Alexandria: Don't talk to me like that!
Dalya: I did not talk to you, Alex!
Alexandria: You did!
Dalya: How you talk to me is annoying! [in confessional] Alexandria is crazy loud. I don't like confronting, 'cause I've confronted my mother all my life, and it...doesn't vibe well with me.
Monique: We were just showing you that it was in there.
Alexandria: I know. But the way she came out, she's like, "Okay, ladies. Um, the thing about raw chicken is, um, you have to wrap it." I know that, I cook!
Jaclyn: [in confessional] I am scared to get into a conflict with Alexandria because she could whoop my butt. I'm just gonna stay back, and I-I'd rather just shut my mouth because I'm a watcher. I don't like to fight.
Dalya: Are you like some kind of mother or something? Like, you're not the mom! You're not the elder, you're not someone...who's superior.

Lori Goldstein [16.3]Edit

[the contestants address the camera after learning what styles will be given in the coming "makeovers" but not who will get which each style]
Monique Weingart: [whining] I just really like my hair, and I don't want to cut it.
Jaclyn Poole: I don't want blonde. Please don't give me blonde hair!
Brittani Kline: I really, really, really, really, really, really want the red hair!

Sara Longoria: [on feeling less attractive than the other contestants after getting made over with "manly short brown spikes"] I feel like dirty Sméagol in the corner, like, trying not to be jealous.

Jaclyn: [after getting her hair curled] I expected straight hair. Just because I have curly hair. But this is fine with me.
J. Alexander: Now, you realize that once you leave this chair, there's a razor back there. How do you feel about that?
Jaclyn: [looking scared] ...Okay.
J. Alexander: Psyche! [he and Jaclyn laugh]

Molly: [expressing her anger over her "Diana Ross" weave] My hair is disgusting! My whole head hurts, my ass hurts! I sat in a goddamn chair for six fucking hours!

[Note: "panel" is the judging session after which someone is eliminated]
Sara: [to camera] I am always nervous about panel. I shake like a little housebroken Chihuahua.

Tyra Banks: [on the need to upstage the other girl in a two-model shot] So many models that when they get to a certain level, they're like, "I don't do doubles. I don't do doubles." I never said no to a double; I just said, "Back up, bitch."

André Leon Talley: [praising the swan-like neck extension of the models in a photo] And both Kasia and Molly have taken us to the level of swandom!

Rachel Zoe [16.5]Edit

[All the girls make confessionals about how they feel about Alexandria]
Monique: I guarantee everyone goes in the confessional room and bitches about Alexandria, because she's getting on everyone's nerves.
Brittani: She's like obnoxious, controlling...
Hannah: I feel like maybe she's bipolar.
Kasia: Severe psychological issues...
Jaclyn: I'm kind of scared of her.
Monique: Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

[Monique decides to read Alexandria's diary while Alexandria is on the phone]
Monique: I wonder how she feels about all of us, honestly. Should we look at her diary right now?
Brittani: What? No.
Hannah: No, that's dirty!
Brittani: If you're gonna do it, you better fucking hurry your ass up.
[The girls laugh as Monique runs into Alexandria's room]
Monique: We have to know if she likes us or not. [opens Alexandria's diary] Oh my God! It's bad, it's bad!
Hannah: We're all sitting in the living room area, minus Alexandria, and Monique is reading Lex's diary.
Monique: She said this! "I don't even know how to feel right now." Sad smiley.
Kasia: This is terrible!
Monique: She doesn't know how she comes off to us...
Molly: That's, like, worse.
Monique: ...and she's like, "Why am I a loner?" It's like, why are you such a raging bitch?
Molly: It's so confusing to me.

[Monique, Molly, and Alexandria are getting frustrated with one another during a team challenge]
Monique: [to Alexandria] Should we all hug or something? Do a three-way kiss? Like, what's gonna make you feel happier?
Molly: An orgy.

Eric Daman [16.7]Edit

Tyra Banks: A lot of young girls think that the opposite of fake is rudeness. And just as ugly as fake is, so is saying whatever is on your mind because it's the truth.

Nigel: [to Alexandria] Something interesting happened that I wanted to bring up. There was this sort of extraordinary performance between you and Brittani. What was that about?
Brittani: We all kind of think far as a role model goes, you really chose the wrong spokesperson because...we see the true Alexandria.
Nigel: As far as being a role model is concerned, to be that outspoken at a photo shoot, in front of the photographer, in front of the clients by the way—Ford were there—was extremely unprofessional. There is a reason why we don't know all of Alexandria's business. It's because what you do at what you do at home. So, it's worth bearing that in mind. 'Cause now, know, I have a different idea about you.
Brittani: That's fine.
Tyra: Brittani, why in front of the client?
Brittani: I didn't confront her! I wasn't like, "Oh, you didn't deserve to win!" I didn't say that about her!
Alexandria: Yes, you did.
Brittani: I was talking with them, and she overheard, and I—
Tyra: But the client heard. So...
Brittani: And I apologize if I didn't hear. We were talking quietly, and Alexandria said, like, "I'm right here, I can hear you." I understand it was the—[starts sobbing] the wrong time, and I just feel horrible...that I made myself look like a bad person, because of how I felt about her, and I'm mad at myself for letting her do this to me!
Tyra: Brittani, we're talking about role models, right?
Brittani: Yeah.
Tyra: In terms of sportsmanship, what you have done is...probably one of the weakest things that a role model could do, no matter what you feel inside. If you think somebody else is getting something that they don't deserve, you shut your lips, especially in front of a client. This is a business. You have to respect the client, you have to respect your co-workers, and you have to respect yourself.

Highlights and Catfights [16.9]Edit

Molly: [cradling her old weave] I birthed a little child today. I'm gonna send this home, and have them make a sweater out of it, maybe.

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The Guy Who Gets a Beard Weave [21.4]Edit

Tyra Banks: [on deciding her score for Lenox’s commercial] It is so bad I want to give you a ‘zero’. But that’s not possible. So I give you a ‘one’.

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