America's Next Top Model (season 3)

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Originally aired September 22 – December 15, 2004.

The Girl With the Secret [3.1]


Tyra: And I have some nicknames for them. Jay Manuel is Mr. Jay and J. Alexander is Mrs. Jay.

Eva: Everyone has their bathing suit on. Why not get in the water instead of standing next to it, ya dumbasses!

Amanda: My child is so wonderful, he will blossom. It's like a rose growing through a concrete crack.

J. Alexander: [about Toccara's breasts] Baby when she released those puppies, they were full-grown dogs.

Toccara: I love my skin and I'm workin' it. I'm hitting 200 in the butt, what?

Norelle: [in confessional] I'm the only one with braces. I'm the only one with bling-bling on my grill, okay?

Toccara: [in confessional] And I looking like, "Are you serious?!"

Tiffany: Dance! Dance!
Yaya: [in confessional about Tiffany] So we decided that there was going to be a dance competition so Tiffany starts dancing. Homegirl starts dancing. [Tiffany has beer poured over whilst dancing]
Tiffany: [in confessional] Bitch poured beer on my weave so I'm thinking of... You know, everybody... I had the evil twin and the good one. So, as we all know the evil one won!
Yaya: [in confessional about Tiffany] As soon as I turn around... [imitates glasses being thrown] I hear glasses breaking. Oh no, she did not. Unbelievable!
Kimberley: [in confessional] All you start hearing is like bottles crashing! You see beer flying around!
Toccara: [in confessional] It was glass and everything been thrown everywhere! I've never been in a bar fight like that and that was the best!
Tiffany: [to Kimberley and Magdalena] That stank hoe poured beer on my weave! This is not even my hair!
Magdalena: [to Tiffany] I know you're mad.
Tiffany: [to Magdalena] I'm cool!

Eva: [to Tyra] I don't compare myself to other people. I'm Eva. I'm no comparison to anyone.
Tyra: [to Eva] About eighty percent of the girls that walk in here have something negative to say about you.
Kelle: [about Eva during casting week] Eva! She's saying this about me and saying that about me.

Mary: [about Eva during casting week] She was always mean to me.

Norelle: [about Eva during casting week] She's out of control.

Julie: [about Eva during casting week] Diva Eva!

Cassie: I might look like the All-American girl, but I don't have the All-American job because I'm a stripper.
J. Alexander: That's the All-American job to me!

Amanda: I'm legally blind. And I'm going to be about 30 when I go completely blind. It's a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and I just wanted ya'll to know I will always see your face. Please don't cry, I've had 10 years to get used to this. I've seen my son smile and that's all I ever wanted.

Tyra: Can I get a Yaya?

The Girl Who is Co-Dependent [3.2]

Janice: [to Toccara] Oh, I dunno. You might be giving these skinny little bitches a run for their money.

Tyra: [to Amanda] You continue to raise your eyebrow. You know, the Zoolander.
Janice: I used to be able to do it, but I have so much botox in my face I can't really do it anymore.

Janice: [about Kelle] The hand coming through your legs looks like something that is on a man.

Tyra: Nolé is a very prominent fashion editor and a stylist. And of course, we can't forget...
Nolé Marin: Empress Mini, the legendary girl herself.

Amanda: It's really easy for somebody to pass a judgement on something without knowing all the information.

Toccara: Ann, big deal, tough tittie!

Kelle: Tyra had arranged a huge SUV limo to pick us up which is you know, we're all big pimpin'.

Jay Manuel: OK, Norelle, that one feels a little like you're taking a dump.

J. Alexander: [To Kristi] It looks like you got gas baby, like you gotta fart.

Eva: Kelle, she's just so white-washed it's not even funny.

Magdalena: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I just got eliminated. The first girl.
Ann: [hugging and saying goodbye to Magdalena] Bye. Take care.
Magdalena: [to the girls in Jamaica] Bye, guys! [in confessional after getting eliminated first] Just the fact that I did, like I’m proud of myself. I’m really proud of myself. I’m so going to do me and do whatever I have to do to make myself happy. [leaves the apartment]

The Girl Everyone Thinks is a Backstabber [3.3]

Toccara: You can shave my head off bald and I'll still walk around here like I'm a goddess.

Amanda: The girls are starting to feel intimidated by me and its really making me feel good as hell.

Yaya: Julie cracks me up. It's nice to see someone proud of where they come from.

Tyra: You guys look like the pretty girls walking down the street. Maybe she can model but ehh...

Danilo: [To Amanda] How does it feel waking up with it? Does it feel possessed by the previous owner?

Amanda: What I did to Cassie was bring her secret out in the open. It wasn't my place to do it and now I'm the evil person, and everyone thinks I'm a backstabber.

Nicole: I'm excited actually for eliminations. I'm going, 'Let's get some of these bitches outta here!

Nolé Marin: Where'd you come from, baby?
Amanda: Your dreams.

The Girl Who Sets a Trap [3.4]

Jay Manuel: Norelle was trying to show me how gorgeous her boobs were, which they are! She's got gorgeous boobs, but that doesn't mean she's gonna be America's Next Top Model.

Eva: Have you seen Ann's biceps? Ann will beat your ass, Jenn.

Kelle: Does anyone have a pair of sunglasses? [repeated line]

Toccara: Jennipher busts out, "I'm glad the bitch gonna be gone for a day." And so, Eva hears her and Eva thinks that everyone's mad at her because she won the contest.
Eva: [to Jennipher] This whole thing is a freakin' competition. So find your niche, and do your thing, and don't hate on the next person when they win.
Jennipher: [to Eva] I just didn't like when you get up and you try to do whatever. You're like, "[bleep] you, skinny bitches!"
Eva: [to Jennipher] I didn't say "skinny," I said "tall."
Jennipher: [to Eva] So you don't think anyone's gonna hate against that? Because I wouldn't do that.
Eva: [to Jennipher] That's you, though. My personality is still Eva. I'm not gonna change my personality so I can win something.
Jennipher: [to Eva] Well, then why do you change your personality when you go in front of the judges?
Eva: [to Jennipher] What? When did I change my personality?
Jennipher: [to Eva] You go up there, and you do this [imitates shaking her hips] Why don't you be the bitch diva?
Eva: [to Jennipher] Because I'm cute! I'm sorry, Jennipher, I am!
Kristi: [to Jennipher and Eva] Hey, guys?! Hey, guys, can you just keep a little more quiet by the phone? Sorry!
Eva: [to Kristi] Sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: [to Jennipher and Eva] It's just my boyfriend can hear everything you're saying.
Eva: [to Kristi] I'm sorry, Kristi.
Kristi: [to Jennipher and Eva] It's okay.

Jennipher: [to Eva] You try to be like, "Oh, this is who I am," and then you go in front of other people, and you do this. Why don't you go around and ask every person, "Why am I such a bitch?"
Eva: [to Jennipher] Why don't you go around and ask every person?!
Ann: [to Jennipher] No, you don't! You change your personality all day.
Eva: [to Jennipher] You're two-faced! Extremely!
Jennipher: [to Eva] Oh, I was nice to you. And I liked both of you, and I go in the room and I talk about you right now.
Eva: [to Jennipher] You're Camille and you go back and forth.
Jennipher: [to Eva] Oh, and you're not?!
Eva: [to Jennipher] How am I Camille?!
Jennipher: [to Eva] You go and tell me, "Oh, Amanda's getting special treatment for her eyes." And then yesterday, you're like, "I didn't say that."
Amanda:[to Jennipher] I hope she's not gonna get special treatment.
Jennipher:[to Amanda] That's great!
Amanda: [to Jennipher] That's what I heard you say!
Jennipher: [to Amanda] Great!
Ann: [to Jennipher] I'm not even trying to be rude, but like, to us we see you...
Jennipher: [to Ann] To us!
Ann: [to Jennipher] ...go up to Jay, and...
Jennipher: [to Ann] It's us. Why don't you let her talk?
Ann: [to Jennipher] No, it's me! This is me! I'm Ann, and I'm gonna tell her what the hell I think, so you can shut your mouth. This is what I said! You know what, I don't feel...
Jennipher: [to Ann] Get out of the way!
Ann: [to Jennipher] Don't ever touch me again or else you will get knocked out.
Jennipher: [to Ann] Oh, I'd like to see it.

Amanda: What's a 10 dollar bill to catch a bitch, hmm?

Amanda: [singing] I'm missing 100 dollars and my laundry's gone. Cuz of a certain bitch, uh, certain bitch, certain bitch.

Norelle: My biggest dream, Heatherette fashion show. My worst nightmare: falling. All in the same night!

Eva: Toccara actually disclosed to me that she thought she was gonna win because she got a lot of applause. You got applause because your titties are out, girl!

J. Alexander: Their show is usually the hottest ticket in town during New York Fashion week. It's so hot that I don't get a ticket.

J. Alexander: It's really funny because it's about to fall but you're not lettin' it happen.
Eva: It's not gonna fall.

Yoanna: So I know what you guys are going through, but it's worth it. It's such a short time, and you're so young and you'll sleep when you're dead, so...

Toccara: Ms J. comes down and she has her little apple, she's just fabulous.

J. Alexander: You walk like you're chewin' gum between your legs.

Eva: First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch!

Kelle: I look like a platypus!

The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror [3.5]

Jay Manuel: Kelle just told me that you won the posing competition, which I still find hard to believe, but alright, work it out girl!

Norelle: I look like one of those dolls that's like, so pretty but if you look at it at night, you'd be running out of the room screaming. I loved it.

Simon Doonan: Jennipher, she's a little dull, slash very dull.

Simon Doonan: You've gotta look alluring, you've gotta look interesting, but you can't look cheap and slutty.

Kelle: The past 3 panels, I've had probably the worst photos in the group. I've had a penis, I've been a deer in the headlights in the middle of a cemetery, I've been a platypus that's just came from a dentist...!

Janice: [To Ann] Bring motion to those stringy thingies!

Toccara: I was sweatin' soo hard...I don't think I like yoga.

The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies [3.6]


Jay Manuel: Ten people will say, 'Don't do this. Don't do this.' You know what you're going to end up with? Nothing.

Eva: [about Yaya's facial prize for winning the challenge] The person that needed the facial got the facial.

Ann: [in confessional] Cassie had made brownies. You know low-carb brownies. They could only be Cassie's because who else eats low-carb brownies.
Cassie: [in confessional] Which are six dollars a bag which is very expensive for low carb brownies.
Ann: [in confessional] And they were sitting on the bench with all of the things she used to make them.
Eva: [to Ann in the kitchen] Ugh! So, is your oil finished?!
Ann: [in confessional] I will not cook in a kitchen this dirty! That is disgusting!
Eva: [to Ann in the kitchen] What is this doing here?
Ann: [to Eva in the kitchen] It's disgusting!

Eva: Cassie is the biggest punk I have ever met.

Yaya: [in confessional about Ann writing in Cassie's brownies] Someone had the audacity to mutilate her precious brownies.

Amanda: It's like living with eight other beautiful...pigs.

Kelle: Daddy, I don't have intensity in my eyes.

Toccara: [in confessional about Ann who is sitting right next to Eva looking at Yaya who is sitting right next to Cassie] So, we get to the dinner and everything's fine and then, Ann looks over at Yaya and she says...
Ann: [to Yaya who is sitting right next to Cassie] Yaya, what does your shirt mean?
Yaya: [to Ann who is sitting right next to Eva] It's "respeito." In Portuguese, it means "respect." There's a big lack of it in the house, so I felt the need to wear it today. Cassie's brownies were fingered. I just think it's immature and disrespectful, and that's exact...
Ann: [to Yaya and Cassie] Why is that immature?
Yaya: [to Ann] Why is it immature?
Cassie: [to Ann who is sitting right next to Eva] Who writes in food? Like, who writes in someone's brownies?
Ann: [to Cassie] Well, I was gonna say something to you anyways. I did that today to be funny. It wasn't to be mean or anything. I didn't do it to hurt you or because I don't like you.
Cassie: [to Ann who is sitting right next to Eva] But you shouldn't have touched it.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, that's fine, it was a joke! I'm sorry! I swear I was trying to be funny. I thought you would think it was funny.
Cassie: [to Ann who is sitting right next to Eva] It's not funny.
Yaya: [to Ann who is sitting right next to Eva] Do you have a relationship with Cassie where she would honestly think it was funny? Maybe if you did it to Eva, you'd be like, "Ha ha ha!" But that's not funny.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, well...I guess I look at it as if one of you guys did it to me, I'd laugh!
Yaya: [in confessional] Some people think it's funny to kill people. That doesn't make it funny.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, well, I'm sorry that you're so mature and that you have no sense of humour.
Cassie: [to Ann] I mean, we don't have to be hostile to each other, but don't touch my stuff, 'cause it's not funny to me.
Ann: [to Cassie] Okay, when you were making yourself throw up, and you didn't want anyone to talk about it, you said that, and we stopped talking about it.
Cassie: [to Ann] That's fine!
Ann: [to Cassie] So stop talking about me because I don't appreciate that.
Cassie: [to Ann] I'm gonna talk about it. I'll tell you that right now.
Ann: [to Cassie] Well, I'm gonna talk about how you're bullimic.
Cassie: [to Ann] That's fine. Go ahead.
Ann: [to Cassie] Great! I'll tell Tyra tomorrow.
Cassie: [to Ann] You know, she came up and we actually talked about it today.
Eva: [to everyone at the table] Let’s try this! How about everyone just needs to wash their own dishes!
Ann: [to Cassie] Clean your dishes! Don't be a pig, that's disgusting! Who wants to live with your dishes in the sink for a week?!
Cassie: [to Ann] Who wants to live with you, Ann?! Don't touch my shit! I don't need you to tell me to wash my shit! And I don't need you to put a knife in my brownies, and write, "Clean your shit"! Don't ever touch my stuff!

The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes [3.7]

Nigel: Toccara, there's just something about her. She's interesting.
Janice: Yeah, a lot of flesh!

Janice: Eva's still short.
Nigel: Perhaps she'll grow by next week?

Toccara: I wanna know why all the girls were so nice lookin', and here I am looking like I work at Home Depot.

Cassie: [About Jay in drag] This woman walks out, I thought, this is a really ugly woman.

Cassie: I don't want to be here anymore, but I don't want to be known as the girl who quit.

Norelle: I may not be good enough now, but I'll be good enough someday.
Norelle's Mom: You're good enough now.

Toccara: I'm very happy for Yaya, and at the same time, I was getting nervous and scared because you don't see a lot of negroes in high fashion.

Marc Bouwer: [To Amanda] Alright, let's try to walk without tripping this time!

The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken [3.8]

Yaya: Maybe there's a wall, you know, with nine blocks that spell out "competition."

Tyra: Toccara, I knew from day one that you wanted this and was f-a-b-o.
Toccara: I am fabulous and I want this.

Toccara: I'm proud of myself. I'm the largest girl to get here and I made it this far. Someone has to start to break the barrier, so hopefully the next plus size girl that comes along, she makes it a little bit further. It's gonna take time, it doesn't happen over night. But I'm just grateful that maybe I made a path for someone else.

Tyra: Yaya, it was like you were on this pedestal and this hat smelt like dookie!

Tyra: [to Yaya] Why did you choose the cowboy hat?
Yaya: [to Tyra] It's more on the simple side compared to the other hats, so I can go crazy with accessories and express myself without being cliché.
Nigel: [to Yaya] Yaya, I think you look beautiful. I think everyone probably pegged you as going for the typical African hat.
Nolé: [to Yaya] You're I feel... half African, half cowgirl. Looks like you're about to ride a giraffe. I think... I'm not feeling it.
Rebecca Weinberg: [to Yaya] You have this intensity to prove your, sort of, African-ness. And I think that sometimes it's overbearing. It's just too much, it's sort of a layer on top of a layer.
Yaya: [to the judges] In response to trying to prove myself as an African, that's just where I come from. It's very natural to me... and [points at the African hat on the judges' panel] I did not chose that hat for the very specific reason that it's very cliché. The fabric that it's made from is very artificial, very cheap fake kente!
Nigel: [to Yaya] Yaya.
Yaya: [to Nigel] I didn't have the time–I know I'm running on.
Tyra: [to Yaya] There's a different way of explaining yourself and being defensive. And you're being very defensive, and it's not attractive.
Yaya: [to Tyra] Just because we had a talk about, you know, Afro-centricity before, and it's kind of... misunderstood.
Tyra: [to Yaya] I'm all about, like, expressing yourself and your culture, but it's still done in a fashion way. You want your outfit to be, "Look at me!" and this outfit is, "Look over there!"

Eva: I was petrified of this spider.
Janice: Try posing on a live crocodile honey.

Eva: You see this face? This is a confused face!

Sarah Pyper: Who's the most annoying girl in the group?
Eva: Everyone's equally annoying!

Eva: Everyone freakin' says to me that I'm a diva! So how do I not be a diva?

The Girls Meet Taye Diggs [3.9]

Tyra: [To Yaya] Now we need you to eat the product because I've never heard of a girl having a commercial and not tasting the product.
Janice: Eat! Eat! Eat!

Norelle: The first thing we saw was a hospital bed. Prepare to die? I'm sorry, but I am not a good die-er.

Tyra: [To Yaya] I suggest you go to the nearest bakery in Japan and order up the biggest slice of humble pie.

Nolé Marin: [About Eva] In your commercial, she was an absolute Tokyo disaster.
Tyra: She was a typhoon!
Nolé Marin: She was a typhoon, a buffoon, she was a cocoa puff mess.

Amanda: I just look like a pair of ears on an onion.

Yaya: There's one person eliminated every single time. And that one person should not be me. And if it is, I need to have a talk with the judges.

Norelle: I can barely speak English, and you want me to speak Japanese?

Norelle: I don't know if they're called Japanese people if they are from Tokyo, or Tokyians?

Taye: Julia? Julia? That's a cruel trick. That's a cruel trick, Julia.

Taye: You died in your favourite shoes.

Nicole: The first thing I saw was not appropriate, so I had to just say I didn't see anything!

The Girl Who Goes Ballistic [3.10]

Jessie (Yaya's sister): [on phone with Yaya, who is crying] Regardless of what people think about you, continue to bless people with your compassion and your wisdom. They have the blessing of being with you.
Eva: And I have all that tension and animosity...
Yaya: Sorry, Jessie, one second. I CAN'T HEAR, I'M ON THE PHONE!
[Eva, Norelle, and Toccara suddenly stop talking and look at each other in surprise]
Norelle: [after long pause] ...Go on.

Norelle: [To Ann and Eva] Hopefully, one of us makes it to number one. And hopefully, it's us three!

Yaya: Don't exoticize me!

Norelle: Holy crap, Toccara. Your boobs are as big as my head.

Toccara: [About Amanda] Her eyes are too blue, and her hair is's scary. I mean, I don't want to be around her at nighttime when she's walking down the hallway!

Ann: Taye Diggs wants me. [laughs]
Eva: Taye Diggs is so married.
Ann: He's married?
Eva: So married.
Ann: To who?
Eva: To his wife!

Tyra: Now 5 girls remain. Eva, the controversial diva. Ann, the All-American athlete. Yaya, the worldly Ivy League graduate. Amanda, the free-spirited mom who's going blind. And Norelle, the Orange County Cinderella. Don't miss out on the drama as we find out who will be America's Next Top Model!

The Girl The Lionesses Are Hunting [3.11]

Norelle: Opening a sliding door in Japan seriously takes five minutes.

Amanda: With my blindness I appreciate every sunrise, butterfly, the dew drop on a petal.

Norelle: Eva had said that she hoped I did bad so I would go home and then Eva was like, "Oh yeah? Ann, well you think Norelle's ugly and fat!"
Tyra: Well, Norelle, you're one of the top five. And you have to realize that's what makes beauty interesting, is when it's debatable. Do you know what I mean? There's so many people that say, 'Oh Tyra Banks is beautiful.' And there's so many people that say, 'Tyra Banks has a big ass forehead and I think shes ugly!' One thing you need to realize is everybody talks about everybody.

Eva: I think Ann knows I've been nothing but a friend to her. So for her to bring that situation on the table, without trying to understand me or try to clear it up, is like 'Woah. That' very whack right now homie. Like, you are so whack'.

Norelle: I was so confused. Pink Positive, what's going on? Are we getting a divorce?

Amanda: When the lionesses are hunting in a pack when there's a flaw, you see it. And everybody goes for it.

Amanda: Yaya has won like, 5 times? More power to her, 'cause I'm sharing in the fruits of her labor.

Norelle: Oh my god! I don't understand Japanese food. I do not eat Japanese food. If I do, I eat like... Panda Express?

Norelle: [about a Japanese tea ceremony] Uhh! There is so much detail. You think have tea is going to your friend's house, have time for tea? Woo... It's not. It's so hard.

Amanda: I feel like a lot of people in the house don't necessarily want to be around Eva. The house has to have a target. That's just mob mentality and human nature and competition.

The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye [3.12]


Yaya: I did the girls a favor because my nonpresence there gave someone else a chance to win.

Ann: We're still Ann and Eva even though we've had some marriage problems.

Jay Manuel: [to Ann] You're lucky you're still in this competition. You barely got a photograph.

Amanda: It's good to have family around, even if it's not your own.

Ann: [about Japanese street fashion] When I first saw it, I was kinda like, Ok, where was your mirror this morning?

Amanda: When you're looking for something, vision's important!

Eva: My idea was find things that don't go together and look really stupid and you'll win. How dumb do I look?

Eva: Ahh! Lost my shoe! I'm flying, rolling down the street honey!

Ann: I can't cry.

The Girl Who Wins It All [3.13]

Amanda: I want to inspire people that have disabilities, or you know, shortcomings to just like, work through it and to find joy and everything.

Janice: [To Amanda] Japanda!

Yaya: The skirt was kinda see-through. I didn't want to be disrespectful, but if that idea had been done in the States, it could look very...hoochie.

Amanda: I was serving up a piping hot plate of smile!

Amanda: I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France.

Yaya: If there were anything that Amanda and I could do to make Eva feel more included or comfortable, I don't think we would.

Tyra: Will it be Yaya, the Ivy League grad who's road to become a top model had more than a few bumps on it?

Eva: I'm 5'7, but I don't have to be tall to be great!

Eva: Watch out world, here comes Eva!