America's Next Top Model (season 15)

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Originally aired September 8 – December 1, 2010.

Welcome to High Fashion [15.1]

Tyra Banks: I think Kayla is killing Jane in this picture.
J. Alexander: And she's not trying.
Tyra: She's not doing a damn thing.

Jay Manuel: [about contestant Esther Petrack's "30 G" bust] Having that bust size is gonna be a problem... We're not talking D, we're talking G.
Tyra: She holds her Gs better than my Ds!

Tyra: And I understand that you're pure.
Kendal Brown: [coyly] Yes.
Tyra: Tell me why being, um, intimate with a guy grosses you out, or freaks you out.
Kendal: Like—I don't like semen. I don't like semen on my hand. I don't like—I'm like, kinda... grossed out about it.
Tyra: So you've seen it before?
Kendal: Yeah I seen—[catches self and laughs] Yes, I've seen it before. Yes.

Kendal: I just like to cuddle. Something wrong with cuddling?

Chris White: Lemme lift the weave. [lifts a strand of hair above her ear] Lemme hear it.

Chris: [showing Tyra how she poses] Tick, tick, tick, tick, flash!

Diane von Furstenberg [15.2]

Chris White: After this, we're gonna find you a man. [Ann chuckles] You're laughing, but I'm for real! What's your type?
Ann Ward: Uh, hobos are kinda hot.
Chris: Big beard, yellow ring around their mouth. Yeah, that turns me off. [in confessional] Ann's different. Me being nice, I'm just trying to hold a conversation. [to Ann] What's the oldest you'll go to?
Ann: Sixty. [laughs]
Chris: What kind of man do you want?!
Ann: He has to be a warlock, and he has to spit fire, and he has to know how to make sushi.
Chris: [chuckles] You're gonna be single.

Ann: [in confessional] Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

Tyra Banks: [at first judging, referring to contestants] André, do you see any dreckitude right now?
André Leon Talley: Mmm, let's discuss.
Tyra: [to contestants] That means "yes".

Patricia Field [15.3]

Terra White: [when asked why she was becoming emotional during her makeover] Like somebody cut all your hair off, you wouldn't be sad?
J. Alexander: Girl, they didn't cut my hair because my shit was fallin' out—from stress.

Jay: When you guys walked in this morning, you were like, "Oh, we're gonna do makeovers!" But there was something you guys didn't really know, because we have a little bit of bad news.
J. Alexander: And the bad news is that one of you will be going home tonight.
Lexie: [in confessional] When they said that someone was going home, instantly my stomach just drops, because I knew I didn't do well.
Jay: So there were a few issues that we had with some people today. Liz, if you were in a fitting with Karl Lagerfeld, and he put a dress on you, and you say, "Well, I wouldn't wear it quite like this. I've got my own plans for it" don't belong. Sara, on set you felt and looked a little uncomfortable. Lexie, I felt that you embraced your makeover before you went on set, but that confidence...
J. Alexander: She left it in the chair. Right in front of the mirror.
Jay: And then, Terra, you were like, "How is this gonna work? Why is everyone else getting the long hair? What's going on with this hair?" Those are the things that the client sees, that the designers see. And you guys always have to evaluate yourselves against each other out there. Because again, there's only one that can be left behind.
J. Alexander: So, the girl who will be going home tonight...and will pack her bags...will be Terra.
Jay: [to Terra] You are so exquisite, and you're this stunning girl. [Lexie comforts Chris as Terra is eliminated] The issue that we're struggling with, is that we don't believe that you believe that you belong.
Terra: I want more time just to show you guys that it can happen.
Jay: Well, go out there and show us. Go out there and show us.
Terra: Okay. [hugs Jay; in confessional crying] I just don't think it's right. I'd much rather they send me home before they cut my hair than after. I don't feel like it was a good decision at all. To my sister, I love you. Keep your head up. She's my second chance. [to Chris] You look so good! You do good, okay?
Chris: [crying] I'll do it for us.
[Liz, Ann, and Lexie give Chris a group hug after the Jays dismiss them]
Lexie: [in confessional] I feel like I got lucky. It just makes me thankful for still being here, and it's kind of a wake-up call for everybody.

Lexie: [in confessional] So myself, Rhianna, and Ann, we put every girl's name in alphabetical order and we wrote what their "makeover" was going to be.
Liz: [finds paper on the floor] Somebody's trash. Uh-oh, I'm about to read it. Hair agenda? [running to the other girls] Dude, look what I found on the floor! Tyra could've came in and dropped it here.
Lexie: [gasps and pretends to be excited] Is that the makeover?!
Liz: Lexie, sewn-in afro, strawberry blonde. Oh my God, don't cry!
Ann: It's okay.
Lexie: [pretends to be upset] I'm so pissed!
Liz: [runs back down the hallway] Look what we found. Where are you, Kacey? Four-inch fade.
[Kacey laughs in disbelief]
Ann: [in confessional] The list was originally supposed to be a prank, but people started getting really freaked out by it.
Liz: Kacey is getting her head shaved. [pointing at Terra] And she's getting apricot perm extensions.
Ann: [in confessional] ...Oops.

Tyra: Before we start the judging, I have to say that everybody looks absolutely lovely with their makeovers. But, I heard a little bird tell me that there was a fake list of makeovers that somebody in your group made.
Nigel: [chuckles] Brilliant!
Tyra: So who made up that list?
[Lexie, Rhianna, and Ann raise their hands]
Liz: Ann?!
Lexie: It was Ann's idea!
Tyra: Alright.
Liz: Damn!

Matthew Rolston [15.4]

Tyra Banks: [after spending "tea time" with 3 contestants] There's no more carrot cake—so that means it's time to go. [laughs]

Karolina Kurkova [15.5]

Liz: [in confessional about her tripping on the conveyor belt runway] I've never felt more embarrassed at one time in my life. I'd rather have natural labor again than do this.

[The contestants often try to predict upcoming challenges based on hints given in "Tyra Mail" messages]
Several contestants simultaneously: Tyra Mail!
Kayla Ferrel: [reading Tyra's words] "Don't let the competition throw you."
All: [reading] "Love, Tyra!"
Chris White: Somebody's gonna throw us.
Liz Williams: Guess what? We're about to get thrown out of a helicopter. I'm gonna be acting like, [poses with hand behind her head, smiling] "Aaagh!" [sinking to the floor] all the way down.

Nigel Barker: [critiquing contestant Ann Ward's photo] Look at your eyes!
André Leon Talley: And the mouth!
Nigel: And the eyes!
André: And the mouth!
Nigel: The eyes!

Patrick Demarchelier [15.6]

Ann Ward: [to camera and in voice-over] My confidence is just really high right now—being able to go from not being sure about myself to getting top photo four times in a row. So, you know, I actually do feel like, uh, I'm a model, and I'm not just the gangly girl that sits in the back of class. So, I really do feel pretty now. So, I'm really happy here.

Patrick Demarchelier: [looking at a picture he just took of Tyra on a monitor] Who's this girl? I think she's going to win this. She's going to win the Next Top Model.
Tyra Banks: Thank you! [points to photo] I hear she's the bitch in the house. [laughs]

Kayla Ferrel: [to camera, describing photo shoot with Demarchelier] Patrick—I think he's speaking English to me, but I'm not really sure.
Patrick: [to Tyra, during photo shoot] Sometimes they look at me like I speaks [sic] Chinese, eh?

Tyra: [critiquing a good photo of Ann] Ann, walking down the street in person: perhaps one of the most awkward photo shoots, in person, I've ever seen in my life. And then I look at the film, and it's shot after shot like this. I don't get it.

Tyra: [at elimination] Best cumulative photos this week—Ann. [facetiously] Ann, you're making this so not interesting!
Ann: [quietly] I'm sorry.
Tyra: Do apologize for being amazing!

Francesco Carrozzini [15.7]

Liz Williams: [on losing best picture the previous week] I was so upset that I didn't win it, 'cause I was so friggin' close. It just brought me down. And then I said, "Hmm—alcohol!"

Tyra Banks: [to Nigel Barker and other panelists before judging] I never told you this, but the first time I met you in person, and I was like, [mouth agape] "I'm gonna shoot with this fine-ass man?" And I was like, "I'm gonna be naked?" Augh! And he was like, [adopts British accent] "All right, Tyra, stand right there." And I was like, [cradles breasts] "OK, baby!" [laughs] And now he's like, Nigel, my friend.

Zac Posen [15.8]

Liz: [in confessional] I got best photo, and she (Ann) got five in a row. I'm the only other girl to get best photo! You know how good that feels? I don't wanna get conceited and big-headed, but...I got best photo! [to Ann] God, Ann, I know how you feel!

[The girls must shoot a TV commercial for the fictional product H2T water, the opening line of which is: "Looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside." The commercial includes a list of ingredients including acai berry, guarana, and chromium.]

Kayla Ferrel: Looking good on the inside starts with feelingggg— [long pause] great on the outside? Hold on. [thinks] Ok, can I start over?

Kayla: [in her "best take" shown at judging] Looking good on the inside starts with feeling good on the outside. With seven ingredients including asabi [phonetic transcription] berry, gorona [phon.], and chron—and— [shrugs] grabana [phon.]. And when you feel beautiful on the outside, you always feel beautiful on the inside. H2T: feel beautiful inside and out.

Nigel Barker: [mocking Kayla's performance] This water has an iguana in it, and Corona in it, and it has some Asahi berries.

Margherita Missoni [15.9]

Liz Williams: [to camera] When I hear "Milan", I think Mulan—like, the movie? So, I'm thinkin' Japan, dragons—you know, I don't even know where my mind was at. But, of course, I always looked at Chelsea, 'cause if Chelsea's freakin' out, it must be something big.

Tyra Banks: I like this picture of you, Chris, in the wide. It has a—a sexuality that borders on a slight hoochie, but you didn't get off on the hoochie stop. You've stayed on the train.

Franca Sozzani [15.11]


[An acting coach is helping the contestants to present themselves in a strong, friendly manner]

Barbara Terrinoni: [to Ann] You.
Ann Ward: [barely audible] Hello, I'm Ann.
Barbara: [inhales sharply] Are you sure you're alive?

Barbara: Smile. [Ann smiles] Not like Frankenstein. Smile!

André Leon Talley: [describing Ann] There's some super power pushing her. There's a force of nature that's propelling her.

Roberto Cavalli [15.13]

Ann Ward: [on how people used to treat her] All these comments about being too tall, or just being not normal—
Nigel Barker: Guess what? You're not normal. You're America's Next Top Model.