America's Next Top Model (season 2)

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Originally aired January 13 – May 11, 2004.

The Girl Who Overslept [2.1]

Jenascia: I don't know why they didn't wake me up this morning, but if this doesn't get me eliminated, it's on. It's so on!

Camille: Maybe I'm just a little more, um, educated than some of these girls.

J. Alexander: Okay girls, so that was your first fashion experience, and personally I think you all sucked.

Jenascia: I'm really not that nice of a person, I don't know what's come over me.

J. Alexander: Walk like it's for sale and the rent is due tonight!

Sara: I can tell that Camille is going to be somebody that causes a lot of problems. I think she just really believes that she's…the stuff.

Bethany: I have a lot more talent than the boobs.

Nigel Barker: [to Jenacia] You, young lady, were late to my shoot.
Janice Dickinson: [to Jenacia] What?!
Nigel Barker: [to Jenacia] You didn’t show up until two hours after.
Jenacia: [to Nigel Barker] It might have been three.
Eric Nicholson: [to Jenacia] You’re wasting other people’s money.
Janice Dickinson: [to Jenacia] 5’7 is a little short to be a model so we have to compensate like punctuality.
Tyra: [to Jenacia] Time is money.

Tyra: [to Nigel Barker, Eric Nicholson and Janice Dickinson about Anna] Just because she did not do the photoshoot, it does not mean she is automatically eliminated.

Tyra: [to Jenacia] America’s Next Top… “On Time”… Model! [to Anna] Thank you, Anna.
Anna: [to Tyra] Thank you, Tyra.

Anna: [in confessional after getting eliminated first] I do not regret any decisions that I made here, That I've got knocked out and knocked down it hurts for a few moments, But I'm stronger now and you know I can get back up and still keep going. I'm excited to go back and see my son and my husband.

The Girl Has a Temper [2.2]

Bethany: I have more talent then most of these girls.

J. Alexander: [To Xiomara] Girl, you walk like you're on crack. Your eyes are so bugged out of your head like something just scared the hell out of you.

Carmen Marc Valvo: [To Yoanna] If you came in for a casting, and you looked the way that you look, I probably wouldn't even ask you to put on a dress. Usually ugly women put on a lot of makeup.

Camille: Don't play me. You have a better chance playing Lotto.

J. Alexander: [To Yoanna] Your walk was as useless as a flashlight with no batteries in the dark.

J. Alexander: [To Camille] Oh! Black girls always have to give that something extra. I ain't mad at chu though!

Yoanna: Camille is the most exhausting experience I've ever encountered.

Yoanna: [To Camille] so negative in this house, the energy is driving me crazy! It's like we have to open the windows and... Wait! Just... I'm not finished! Just wait! Because you know why it's just so built up!

The Girl Who Can Cry at the Drop of a Hat [2.3]

Shandi: Everything's come together and I feel so pretty... right now.

Xiomara: [About Camille] Her butt is taking up the whole counter space!

Catie: This is a once in a lifetime thing, I am not gonna care what they do to my hair.

Sara: I see a lot of unattractive models and a lot of girls that they put magazines, and I'm just like, 'Why the hell do they put these girls in this magazine?' But it's because it draws people to them.

Tyra: [To Catie] You are a girl, you still have titties and a booty.

Heather: One man's trash is another man's treasure, I'm trash here and I'll guess I'll go be a treasure somewhere else.

The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School [2.4]

Jenascia: This house is totally gonna suck without me, now I'm gonna go back to slinging chicken wings at Hooters and back to my friends and being the happy person that I am.

Photographer: April is that unique find that comes along every now and again.

Adrianne: That's what you deal with in the real world, these bitches don't care.

Simon Doonan: [To Catie] I think there's a little bit too much hooker style going on... Go down where the hookers hang out by the docks, see what they're wearing, and avoid it.

Jenascia: I'm short and I don't care. Look how short I am!

The Girl is a Visual Orgasm [2.5]

Eric: [To Yoanna] Your picture looks a bit like an adult ultrasound.

Nolé Marin: [to Mercedes] You are a visual orgasm.

Pyschic Suzannah Galland: [To Camille] I don't care if you punch me, but I'm going to level with you. You put people off.

Camille: [Reading the list of what the other girls think of her] Superior, relentless, headstrong, defiant, outspoken, cunning, aggressive, opinionated, demanding and single-minded.

April: I haven't been connected with my Japanese heritage and I'm not going to pretend I have. I'm not going to market myself to just Asian girls.

Nolé Marin: April was like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Matrix... she was FABULOUS!

Nolé Marin: [About Shandi] She looked petrified... just like a drowning chicken.

Nolé Marin: [About Xiomara] Absolutely gorgeous girl, but underwater she looked like a walrus wearing chiffon. It was a disaster from start to finish.

Janice: I was offended that she called me a bitch. I am a member of the PTA.

The Girl Whose Lips Puffed Up [2.6]

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [To Camille] Come on, you're sucking right now!

Eric: She's kinda the girl next door, but I think America's Next Top Model has to be like, the girl way over there.
Tyra: Down the street and around the corner!
Eric: EX-actly.

Jay Manuel: Talk tough superhero, not tough Bronx.
Mercedes:Well, I'm from Jersey!

Mercedes: [about Camille] Where the hell did the Cuban come from? I'm more Cuban than her, honey, and I'm not even Latin!

Tasha Smith-Arquese: [to Camille] I just feel like you're still on the surface. There's stuff inside your heart that you just refuse to let out... You just want to have this perfect mask on. God bless you in your career, but you're just boring.
Camille: [in confessional] I'm sitting up there with Yoanna...I'm coming into this new situation now, missed the first half of the acting exercise. My mouth is the size of a freakin' watermelon! I was just like...okay.

Mercedes: I hope I go first so that I don't have to taste any of you other hoes.

Yoanna: [about the kissing scene during the acting challange] What do you expect?! We've been stuck with twelve girls! It's time for some testosterone!

Mercedes: [about April] I love her but she's going to die of a heart attack before she hits 27 because she puts so much stress on the little things and doesn't listen to the positive things.

Janice: [about Catie] She looks like a child prostitute in this picture.

Janice: Convince me that you are funny, just once.

The Girl is Dripping with Hypocrisy [2.7]

April: The competition is not just about winning... it's honestly something that my heart really desires.

Shandi: [About her boyfriend] Going to the movies, that's like our secret thing that we shared, and it really hurt when he said that.

Tony Michaels: [About Shandi] You don't look at her and think ‘top model' off the bat, but by the second glance you see, wow, she's got it.

Yoanna: I think it's sad being away from your own home and not having a cake, and plus, I wanted some cake too!

The Girl Goes to Milan [2.8]


Camille: This is my signature walk and this is the walk that's gonna make me famous. Actually, I'm here because I got chosen out of six thousand girls, and twelve were chosen for America's Next Top Model.
Tyra: [after the judges watch Camille's clip at judging] I have to do a Janice. [buries her face in her arms]
Janice: Camille, what were you thinking?!
Nigel: Time and time again, we've talked to you about attitude.
Tyra: You know what it looked like to me when you ran off the whole America's Next Top Model? [imitating Camille] "Look, bitch, I was chosen over a million people, so I don't know what your problem is!"
Camille: When the go-see process was over, I won the award.
Tyra: Yeah, they said you presented yourself very well, but this was a test of your go-sees, and this was a test of a go-see from Hell.

Jay: We should do a word count of how many times Nole says fabulous in a day.

Shandi: [About Liliana Rolando, casting director] She's a meany and she is a bad woman and I don't like her!

Mercedes: My little Italian man, he did not speak that much English, but other than that, I'm having fun.

Mercedes: This is where I've wanted to go my whole life! As a model, getting this type of's probably better than sex, so...nah. No...yeah, well...I don't know!

Janice: [About April's photograph] She looks like the batteries died in her vibrator.

Jay: [about Shandi] She looks like she's in Italian Vogue. I don't know how she came from Walgreens to this.
Nole: That's where they all come from, Walgreens and Dairy Queen.

The Girl Who is Afraid of Snakes [2.9]

Jay: [About Heather's photo] She looks like a porno star.
Janice: No, she does not!
Jay: Yes... she does.
Janice: So do you!
Jay: We're talking Silicone Valley on the other end of the table.

Xiomara: Of course I want to stay here, I don't want to go. I want to stay but if I'm not what someone wants, I'm cool with that. Like I'm not going to sit here and beat myself up because I'm not what someone wants.

Tyra: Your moms have that responsbility to keep you sane because this business is insane.

Janice: If a photographer offered you guaranteed fame if you slept with him for a cover of a magazine or a makeup campaign, what would you do?
April: Is he attractive?

Sara: [Betting Heather to run around the house naked] I dare you... I swear to God I'll give you $5 dollars if you do it.

Jenascia: You see how when I'm upset and can still be funny? You see how I do that? I'm fucking great!

J. Alexander: [To Jenascia] There's a boy somewhere inside of you, you gotta beat him outta you.

The Girl Who Cheated [2.10]


Mercedes: Modeling is art, but I wasn't ready for this type of art. Especially with April!

April: [in confessional] These girls, myself included, have been like monkeys in a cage, and you drop big bananas inside, of course, they're going to tear the peels off.

April: [in confessional about Shandi] DING! Hold on a second Shandi, you've got a boyfriend!

Mercedes: [in confessional about Shandi] We're in the jacuzzi and I know Shandi has a boyfriend.

Yoanna: [in confessional about Shandi] Why is she going this far?

Shandi: [in confessional about confessing to her boyfriend, Eric that she cheated] This is probably the most overwhelming stressful thing.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] How're you doing?
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Not so good.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What's wrong?
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Um...I don't know how to start this.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What'd you do?
Shandi: [in confessional] I just want to let my boyfriend know what happened, but I'm so scared.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Just please tell me what you did. Just tell me!
Shandi: [crying to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] I just did maybe the worst possible thing I could do!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] YOU HAD SEX?!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Yeah.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Oh my God, honey! Oh my God!
Shandi: [in confessional] I don't expect want to continue, like, to want to work it out. I don't think he's going willing.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Why did you do that?!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] I don't know!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] Were you that lonely? If that was last night... Wow, you've changed. You're... you're not Shandi. To cheat on someone you've known for four years, I never thought you could do that.
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Please forgive me.
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] I can't be with someone who cheated on me!
Shandi: [to her boyfriend, Eric on the phone] Oh, God!
Eric: [to Shandi on the phone] What do you want me to do?! W–What can I say to this?! How can I hug you?! This is so messed up. Don't you think back to everything we've been through? You think about how we wanted to be together forever and then you throw it away?! You stupid bitch! [starts sobbing with Shandi] WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I'm hanging up.
Shandi: [in confessional] I just wanna see Eric and look him in the eye and just let him know that I cared about him.

The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model [2.11]

Mercedes: Yoanna is a great person, I've shared a lot with her but if Yoanna wins, I'm gonna pull her hair out and yell, 'It wasn't meant to be!'

Shandi: I've grown into a person I like and appreciate more.

Janice: [To Mercedes] Never touch your face, girl, or I will come after you. You are beautiful!

DSquared: A girl who hangs up their own clothes is better loved. I hate those bitches that just throw them on the floor!

Mercedes: Oh Bitch, you ain't go gonna go nowhere! [pause] Sorry!

The Runway Ahead [2.12]

April: I'm a mutt, loud and proud.

Jenascia: [To Hooters customers] Do you guys need anything? Good, because I didn't want to get it anyways!

Shandi: When I get home, I won't feel so lost. I won't feel so insecure.

Anna: Their coochie was showing...
Jermaine: Eww, baby you can't say that on television!

Catie: [During preliminaries] If they said, "Catie, to make it you're going to have to shave your head", my hair's gone!

April: I like the feeling I get when I'm creating art with my body.