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Wikiquotians are the people who write and edit articles for Wikiquote. There are currently 100 confessed contributors (although there are over 20,000 user accounts and an unknown number of anonymous contributors). This is the beginning of a community.

Here is a listing of all the contributors who have chosen to add their names. There are no particular requirements for Wikiquotians' personal pages; some people write up a biography, some don't; some Wikiquotians maintain a private catalogue of their work, some don't. Different listing methods have been created due to demand.

Alphabetical listingEdit

  1. Abattoir666(active)
  2. adrian.wallis (inactive)
  3. Alan Liefting - sorting out environment and religion quotes.
  4. Ali Rana - Lahore, Pakistan. Interested in politics.
  5. allixpeeke -
  6. American Eagle
  7. AmethystAngel (inactive)
  8. Andrew Davidson
  9. Angela
  10. Antiquary – the clue's in the name.
  11. Aphaia
  12. Ardonik (here and on most of the other English MediaWiki projects) (inactive)
  13. Arjen Dijksman - mainly physics related quotes
  14. Ashraf, N.V.K. (currently placing quotes from Tirukkural in English)
  15. Basil Fawlty (inactive)
  16. BD2412 (currently working through Wikiquote:Bartlett's 1919 Index)
  17. Boylo (inactive)
  18. Cbrown1023 talk
  19. Chokolattejedi
  20. Cimon Avaro
  21. Sondra Crane - (Florida , Editor,Copyeditor,Writer of another Wiki site} (inactive)
  22. Curlyro - Ohio, U.S. I mainly edit TV shows or film pages.
  23. Danilo Andres Ramirez – Santiago, Chile. (I contribute writing films quotes.)
  24. Deepak IND :] (inactive)
  25. Dev920 - I do films, mostly. (inactive)
  26. DFA Newbie, Cleaning up in themes (inactive)
  27. Diego Grez - From Pichilemu, Chile. To contribute with Chile quotes.
  28. Donald Antonini - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - United States
  29. Doshea3 (inactive)
  30. Ellmist (inactive)
  31. Emirati Icon - Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  32. erto6521 Mhs :] (inactive)
  33. FWN Canadian contributor hoping to expand pages on Canadian politics. (inactive)
  34. Ffirehorse (inactive)
  35. Fonzy (inactive)
  36. Formulax (inactive)
  37. Fys - British politics mainly but not exclusively
  38. Gininap - Los Angeles, California (United States) (inactive)
  39. glennobrien
  40. gz33 (talk)
  41. Holy Ganga, India (inactive)
  42. Hooloovoo (inactive)
  43. HorsePunchKid (talk) (inactive)
  44. iddo999
  45. Idont Havaname (Most of the time, I just edit at the English Wikipedia.) (inactive)
  46. Illegitimate Barrister, also known as "I.B." or "Ill Barr".
  47. ILVI, Jay Bowks, Keene, New Hampshire, U.S. (inactive)
  48. Infrogmation New Orleans, Louisiana
  49. InvisibleSun
  50. Izwalito Presipauté du Groland (inactive)
  51. Jacob J. Walker
  52. Jaxl - New York, U.S. (inactive)
  53. Jeandré
  54. Jeff Q, Virginia, U.S.
  55. Jimregan (inactive)
  56. jni, Finland
  57. Joe Beaudoin Jr., Florida, U.S. (Began Battlestar Wiki and works on other English MediaWiki projects.) (inactive)
  58. Jusjih, U.S. (administrator at nine Wikimedia sites)
  59. Juxtaposed, Devon, UK (inactive)
  60. Kalki
  61. Kingdok KS
  62. koavf
  63. Koxinga (want to help if there is a French Wikiquote...) (inactive)
  64. Kpjas (waiting for the Polish Wikiquote to be operational) (inactive)
  65. LittleDan (inactive)
  66. Lorenzarius (inactive)
  67. LrdChaos, Long Island, New York, U.S.
  68. man man aka Thomas miller, a transformer nut (inactive)
  69. Medea1919 (inactive)
  70. Mic (inactive)
  71. MosheZadka
  72. Nanobug (inactive)
  73. Neolux (inactive)
  74. Newsong (also active on most of the other English MediaWiki projects) (inactive)
  75. Nvvchar (also active on some of the other English MediaWiki projects)
  76. Ole Holm
  77. Paddy_whack (At least during the Holidays I am) (inactive)
  78. Paranoid1 (Usually trying to fix up tv shows or just anything I spot)
  79. PedanticallySpeaking (inactive)
  80. Peter1c
  81. Pharaoh Hound, Nova Scotia, Canada (active editor on Wikipedia and the Commons, somewhat new to Wikiquote)
  82. PodPedia
  83. Putowtin
  84. Quadell (inactive)
  85. Razorflame
  86. Redux (inactive)
  87. Rmhermen
  88. RoboAction (I like films, See also: Category:Wikiquote maintenance) (inactive)
  89. RyanCrossmeta:User:RyanCross
  90. Sarsaparilla39 (Canberra, Australia. No romance for me.) (inactive)
  91. Sasha (no longer reading through Les Miserables...) (inactive)
  92. Sbohra
  93. Scarequotes (inactive)
  94. Schnee (inactive)
  95. Scholar (also available for a French Wikiquote...) (inactive)
  96. Seadog.M.S (inactive)
  97. Sketchmoose
  98. Sir James Paul (inactive)
  99. Simon Shek (inactive)
  100. SkyOdyssey (also active on Wikipedia) (inactive)
  101. Slac (inactive)
  102. SpringSummerAutumn (active on Wikipedia project wine)
  103. Steve Sliva Burlington, Vermont (inactive)
  104. Teena (inactive)
  105. Ubiquity Oswego, New York, U.S.
  106. UDScott ~ New Jersey, U.S.
  107. ZachsMind (newbie. =) (inactive)'"
  108. Zanimum (inactive)

For a complete listing of all registered users see Special:Listusers.