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I intend to develop this page in coming weeks and months, as a place for exposition of some of the reasons how and why certain ideas, attitudes and inclinations developed in my peculiar life. I believe a roughly chronological exposition is probably appropriate for this...


Eternal aspects of awareness and appreciation of all abide and arise in all people and all things. It cannot arise equally in any, but must arise or manifest uniquely in each and all, in ways worthy of faithful celebrations of genuine differences and similarities as well as respectfully responsible skepticisms without scornfulness, towards many forms of pretensions or appearances of differences or similarities, which arise amidst ignorance and confusion. This I believe, beyond all doubts or denials. I am one of those who have long been especially attuned to significant aspects of such belief in ways others seem relatively ignorant about, or even oblivious towards. I believe such faith in the ALL and of MANY aspects of all within all gives me a particular disposition to accept genuine necessity, and yet, thus resolve to fiercely fight many forms of error and evil vigorously, which often take on false appearances of necessity, and yet continuously forgive those who fall into error and even paths of evil will, even though they often remain so ignorant and confused as to persist in it. I recognize the importance of DIVERSE forms of mysticism, ethics, rationality, and that only through respectful loving integration of diverse needs and inclinations can there be genuinely harmonious unity. I view all attempts to impose absolute conformity to only some narrow and overly defined norms or very shallow and flawed notions of ideal perfection as abominations of depravity.

I intensely hate many forms of bigotry and the extremely foul, dangerous and destructive delusions and crimes they promote, and vigorously fight them in what ways I believe I most effectively can, but one aspect of my attitude which I realize others find difficult to understand or accept is that I reject injustice and bigotry even against those who have been and remain bigots. I do not seek to promote hatred of the ignorant and confused, no matter how much they might be inclined to promote hatred of me or those I most love and admire. I also assert that this certainly does NOT mean that I cannot be angry at their attitudes and actions, and actively oppose their efforts in sometimes very harsh ways. I find I must repeatedly emphasize this when I indicate such attitudes. I am NOT a pacifist, and I don't believe many would mistake me as being overly polite when I am adequately angry at some actions or attitudes which I believe give sanction or support to various forms of open and overt or subtle and camouflaged forms of bigotry.

Since my early childhood I have admired many diverse spiritual and scientific traditions, some far more than others, and yet I embrace or endorse no particular identifiable traditions of study or reverence as absolutely superior to all others, and respect most as having uniquely beautiful qualities, despite there also being peculiar tendencies towards certain flaws in many. I especially respect many of the most mystical and tolerant traditions of many faiths, and the most rigorous forms of scientific investigation and exploration, believing these come closest to the ideal paths of humility and courage which humans can attain. Though there are certainly difficulties and corruptions which have existed in certain forms of religious and scientific traditions, I perceive no innate contradictions in both scientific and spiritual competence, and believe that there can be profound harmony in scientific and religious forms of faith and knowledge. I believe that only through respectful integration of these can stable and enduring forms of Wisdom arise.

The ideals and principles which I have rigorously focused upon serving, from the earliest years of my life, are what I sometimes refer to as Vital Virtues: Humility, Courage, Honesty and Compassion. I believe that respecting and developing these lead to ever greater respect for the social and spiritual imperatives of Justice, Unity, Liberty and Joyous Universal Love of ALL in all.

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