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π is a symbol extremely dear to me, of absolutely absurd and necessary and absurdly absolute concepts beyond all finite notions of necessity. It represents or indicates MANY concepts to me. It is a gateway or doorway to explorations, and not merely the "P" sound in the greek alphabet, nor merely a convenient mathematical symbol of the numerical concept of the proportions of the diameter of a circle to its circumference, but also a mystically significant symbol of the generally irrational and variably ambiguous, beyond all precise definition, and even for the concept of ambiguity itself: it is a symbol of the absurdly profound potential for infinite variety and proportions in each and every particular thing and of all conceived or inconceivable things within the All.

I intend to make this page and a few others linked to it, places of exposition or indication of some ideas and notions I find very significant, often for very complex reasons, which I know will not always be familiar or easily understandable by others, though some of them perhaps should be, and I believe that most might eventually be well understood by others even more than I presently understand them. Yet first there must be sufficient introductions and contemplations of diverse aspects of the ideas and their influences, and this is often aided by increasing the numbers of interrelations that are or can become evident through each of them. It is a reminder of the points of apparent balances between the regions of the infinitesimally small and the infinitely great.

I began a far more random and graphically intensive page Vox Box that indicated some aspects of my impressions of some of these ideas some years ago, but I realized that was far too random in many ways, and it has been neglected as I pursued other means of exposition, and I wish to make generally simpler and at least slightly more compact and methodically organized presentations of significant ideas in the coming year.

See also:
User:Kalki/Life (currently a meagre start on a generally chronological exposition of some aspects of when and how and why certain forms of awareness and attitudes developed in my life)
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A symbol of the All, and of many other individual or partial things in relation to all; to me, and to others of various traditions, one of the most all inclusive and ambiguous and everywhere relevant symbols of all, and of respect for the innate complexity, simplicity, absolutely absurd and absurdly absolute aspects and qualities of ALL.

The seed, the monad, the Unity, the Sun, Gold and all gold symbolizes or represents, beyond all dross and corruptions.


Because of the particular descent of each and all, into the apparent realms of the particular and individual, thus or therefore — all else is, or arises, and can be, as it is.

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A is for ALL, and The All, and all forms of Awareness, Life and Love.
AND also for Absurdism, Absurdity, Alchemy

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Therefore… Thus… ALL IS … and ALL in all, all and ALL is what it is. So it goes…