Roman Dmowski

Polish politician (1864-1939)

Roman Dmowski (9 August 18642 January 1939) was a Polish politician and statesman, chief ideologue and co-founder of the right-wing National Democracy ("Endecja") political camp.

I am Polish, therefore I have Polish obligations.


  • In relations with other nations, there is neither right nor wrong; there is only strength and weakness.
    • Myśli nowoczesnego Polaka, 7th ed., 1953, p. 14.
  • The nation becomes the master of its fate not only when it has many good sons, but also when it possesses enough strength to restrain its bad ones.
    • "Podstawy polityki polskiej", Przegląd Wszechpolski (July 1905): 343, 349, 358-359.
  • The only salvation for us is to stop being an incoherent, loose mob and to change into a strongly organized, disciplined army.
    • "Walka o prawo i organizacja narodowa", Przegląd Wszechpolski, vol. 9 (June 1903).
  • To be a Pole does not mean just to speak Polish or to feel close to other Poles, but to value the Polish nation above all else … [A Pole] must accept everything Polish, both good and bad, and must accept every period of the nation's history, both strong and weak.
    • Myśli nowoczesnego Polaka, 7th ed., 1953, p. 26.
  • Wherever we can multiply our forces and our civilizational efforts, absorbing other elements, no law can prohibit us from doing so, as such actions are our duty.
    • Tomaszewski J. Kresy Wschodnie w polskiej myśli politycznej XIX i XX w.//Między Polską etniczną a historyczną. Polska myśl polityczna XIX i XX wieku.—T.6.—Warszawa, 1988.—S.101. Cited through: Oleksandr Derhachov (editor), "Ukrainian Statehood in the Twentieth Century: Historical and Political Analysis", 1996, Kiev

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