November 4

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After looking at mothers-in-law and seeing sons-in-law — I always felt that the jokes were on the wrong ones. No sir, you can look through everything I ever did write or say, and you never did hear me tell a joke about any mother-in-law — or any creed, color or religion, either. ~ Will Rogers (born 4 November 1879)
A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted. You should live several lives while reading it. ~ William Styron (recent death)
There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you. ~ Will Rogers
On account of being a democracy and run by the people, we are the only nation in the world that has to keep a government four years, no matter what it does. ~ Will Rogers (date of birth + US election day 2008)
All a poet can do today is warn. That is why the true Poets must be truthful. ~ Wilfred Owen (died 4 November 1918)
People often ask me, "Will, where do you get your jokes?" I just tell 'em, 'Well, I watch the government and report the facts, that is all I do, and I don't even find it necessary to exaggerate. ~ Will Rogers
Oh, Death was never enemy of ours!
We laughed at him, we leagued with him, old chum.
No soldier's paid to kick against His powers.
We laughed, — knowing that better men would come,
And greater wars: when each proud fighter brags
He wars on Death, for lives; not men, for flags.
~ Wilfred Owen (90th anniversary of death)
The battle for the airwaves cannot be limited to only those who have the bank accounts to pay for the battle and win it. Democracy is in danger. Seats in Congress, seats in the state legislature, that big seat in the White House itself, can be purchased by those who have the greatest campaign resources, who have the largest bank accounts or own riches.
That, I submit to you, is no democracy. It is an oligarchy of the already powerful.
~ Walter Cronkite ~
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in thee.
~ Augustus Toplady ~
The first priority of humankind in this era is to establish an effective system of world law that will assure peace with justice among the peoples of the world.
~ Walter Cronkite ~
With curious art the brain, too finely wrought,
Preys on herself, and is destroy'd by thought:
Constant attention wears the active mind,
Blots out our powers, and leaves a blank behind.
~ Charles Churchill ~
Many things there are that mankind must not know — not until the human race stands ready to accept that which is, but can never be seen!
~ Stan Lee ~
in lines for
~ Doctor Strange ~
  • proposed by Kalki for the US opening date of the film based upon the character.
If you ever injected truth into politics you'd have no politics … Humanity is not yet ready for either real truth or real harmony.
~ Will Rogers ~
Christ whose glory fills the skies,
Christ, the true, the only light,
Sun of Righteousness, arise,
Triumph o'er the shades of night;
Day-spring from on high, be near,
Day-star in my heart appear.
~ Augustus Toplady ~
You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
~ Will Rogers ~
In the present stages of spiritual experience, the believer's interior comfort, and his exterior lustre, greatly depend on the position of his heart toward the uncreated sun of righteousness. How obscure and benighted are our views, and how languid our exercise of grace, when an unbelieving, a worldly, or a careless spirit, interrupts our walk with God! But, if the out-goings of our souls are to him, and if the in-pourings of his blessed influence be felt, we glow, we kindle, we burn, we shine.
~ Augustus Toplady ~
I am a peace man. I haven't got any use for wars and there is no more humor in 'em than there is reason for 'em.
~ Will Rogers ~
For many years, I did my best to report on the issues of the day in as objective a manner as possible. When I had my own strong opinions, as I often did, I tried not to communicate them to my audience.
Now, however, my circumstances are different. I am in a position to speak my mind. And that is what I propose to do.
Those of us who are living today can influence the future of civilization. We can influence whether our planet will drift into chaos and violence, or whether through a monumental educational and political effort we will achieve a world of peace under a system of law where individual violators of that law are brought to justice.
~ Walter Cronkite ~
Those who would make us feel — must feel themselves.
~ Charles Churchill ~
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Men the most infamous are fond of fame,
And those who fear not guilt yet start at shame. ~ Charles Churchill (date of death)

Be England what she will,
With all her faults she is my country still. ~ Charles Churchill (date of death)

AIDS respects no national boundaries; spares no race or religion; devastates men and women, rich and poor. No country can ignore this crisis. Fighting AIDS is an urgent calling — because every life, in every land, has value and dignity. ~ Laura Welch Bush

The power of a book lies in its power to turn a solitary act into a shared vision. As long as we have books, we are not alone. ~ Laura Welch Bush

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Ours will neither be a perfect world, nor a world without disagreement and occasional violence. But it will be a world where the overwhelming majority of national leaders will consistently abide by the rule of world law, and those who won't will be dealt with effectively and with due process by the structures of that same world law. We will never have a city without crime, but we would never want to live in a city that had no system of law to deal with the criminals who will always be with us. ~ Walter Cronkite

We can draw on the wisdom of the framers of the US Constitution in 1787. The differences among the American states then were as bitter as differences among the nation-states in the world today.
In their almost miraculous insight, the founders of our country invented "federalism," a concept that is rooted in the rights of the individual. Our federal system guarantees a maximum of freedom but provides it in a framework of law and justice.
Our forefathers believed that the closer the laws are to the people, the better. Cities legislate on local matters; states make decisions on matters within their borders; and the national government deals with issues that transcend the states, such as interstate commerce and foreign relations. That is federalism.
Today we must develop federal structures on a global level. We need a system of enforceable world law — a democratic federal world government — to deal with world problems. ~ Walter Cronkite

Not the labors of my hands
Can fulfill thy Law's demands:
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All for Sin could not atone:
Thou must save, and Thou alone!
~ Augustus Toplady ~