Doctor Strange

fictional character in Marvel Comics

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, also known as Doctor Strange, is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books and other media produced by Marvel Comics. Created by artist and character conceptualist Steve Ditko, the character first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963). A former neurosurgeon, Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.

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Many things there are that mankind must not know — not until the human race stands ready to accept that which is, but can never be seen!
Quotes of the character, from various works

Strange Tales Edit

  • It is time for me to visit the master, from whom all my powers stem…
    • 110 : Dr. Strange : Master of Black Magic, by Stan Lee (July 1963), p. 2
  • The mystic arts of black magic are older than the memory of man! In time to come, let us peer behind the enchanted veil together!
    • Statement to the Ancient One, in 111 : Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo, by Stan Lee (August 1963), p. 5
  • I have finally reached my goal! But what inconceivable wonder awaits me now?
    One star … gleaming more brightly than all the rest, seem to be beckoning me!
    I have no choice but to follow it … and hope it will lead me to him whom I seek!
  • Every sense … every emotion I possess … is drawing me toward that shimmering light at the end of this fantastic corridor! I have reached my destination at last!
    But … it is no mere light! It is an actual Universe … in microcosm! A world within a world!
    • 138 : If Eternity Should Fail (November 1965), p. 3

Doctor Strange : Master of the Mystic Arts (Vol. 1) Edit

  • The weariness of a thousand battles sorely oppresses me!
    I must sleep … that I may thus regain needed strength!
    For who knows what phantom terrors the morrow may bring?
    And whatever they be, Dr. Strange must be ready to face them.
    • 169 : The Coming of Dr. Strange, by Roy Thomas (June 1968), p. 1

Marvel Premiere Edit

  • I am displeased. It is unseemly to practice the mystic arts before the eyes of others.
    I must seek seclusion. There is much to think upon.
    • 3 : While the World Spins Mad, by Stan Lee, (July 1972), p. 3

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