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Donna Noble is a fictional character played by Catherine Tate in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. A traveling companion to the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, she was fully introduced in "The Runaway Bride".

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He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures... and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved.

Doomsday [2.13] edit

(1 July 2006)

[The Doctor looks up to find a woman in a wedding gown in the TARDIS]
The Doctor: What? [the woman turns around in surprise and gasps] What?!
Donna: Who're you?
The Doctor: But...!
Donna: Where am I?
The Doctor: What?!
Donna: What the hell is this place?!
The Doctor: What?!

The Runaway Bride [3.X] edit

(25 December 2006)

[After Donna appears in the TARDIS]
The Doctor: You can't do that! I wasn't... We're in flight! That is- that is physically impossible! How did-?
Donna: Tell me where I am! I demand you tell me right now, where am I?!
The Doctor: Inside the TARDIS
Donna: The what?
The Doctor: The TARDIS!
Donna: The what?
The Doctor: The TARDIS!
Donna: The what?!
The Doctor: It's called the TARDIS.
Donna: That's not even a proper word! You're just saying things!
The Doctor: How did you get in here?
Donna: Well, obviously, when you kidnapped me! Who was it? Who's paying you? Is it Nerys? Oh my God, she's finally got me back. This has got Nerys written all over it!
The Doctor: Who the hell is Nerys?
Donna: Your best friend!
The Doctor: Hold on, wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?
Donna: [sarcastically] I'm going ten pin bowling. Why do you think, dumbo? I was halfway up the aisle! I've been waiting all my life for this! I was just seconds away, and then you... I don't know, you drugged me or something!
The Doctor: I haven't done anything!
Donna: I'm having the police on you! Me and my husband, as soon as he is my husband, we're going to sue the living backside off you! [runs down the ramp towards the doors]
The Doctor: No, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Don't! [Donna opens the doors and looks out, shocked] You're in space. Outer space. This is my space ship. It's called the TARDIS.
Donna: How am I breathing?
The Doctor: The TARDIS is protecting us.
Donna: [looks at him] ...Who are you?
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor. You?
Donna: Donna.
The Doctor: Human?
Donna: Yeah. Is that optional?
The Doctor: Well, it is for me.
Donna: [realises] You're an alien?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Donna: [beat] It's freezing with these doors open.
[The Doctor slams the doors shut and goes back to the console]
The Doctor: I don't understand that and I understand everything. This this can't happen! There is no way a human being can lock itself onto the Tardis and transport itself inside. It must be- [grabs an ophthalmoscope and uses it to look into Donna's eyes] Impossible. Some sort of subatomic connection? Something in the temporal field? Maybe something pulling you into alignment with the Chronon shell. Maybe something macro mining your DNA within the interior matrix. Maybe a genetic- [Donna slaps him] What was that for?
The Doctor: Right! Fine! I don't want you here anyway! Where is this wedding?
Donna: Saint Mary's, Hayden Road, Chiswick, London, England, Earth, the Solar System! [sees Rose's blouse hanging over the railing and snatches it up] I knew it! acting all innocent... I'm not the first, am I? How many women have you abducted?!
The Doctor: [hurt] That's my friend's.
Donna: Where is she, then?! Popped out for a space walk?!
The Doctor: She's gone.
Donna: Gone where?!
The Doctor: [softly] I lost her.
Donna: Well, you can hurry up and lose me! [The Doctor turns away. Less harshly;] How do you mean, lost?

Donna: [checks her watch] Ten past three. I'm gonna miss it.
The Doctor: You can phone them, tell them where you are.
Donna: How do I do that?
The Doctor: Haven't you got a mobile?
Donna: [extremely annoyed] I'm in my wedding dress. It doesn't have pockets! Who has pockets, have you ever seen a bride with pockets?! When I went to my fitting at Chez Alison, the one thing I forgot to say is "Give me POCKETS!"
The Doctor: ... This man you're marrying, what's his name?
Donna: Lance.
The Doctor: Good luck, Lance.
Donna: Oi!

[Donna and the Doctor try to hail cabs. With no success]
Donna: Taxi! Oi!
[they stumble into the road in their effort to catch the driver's attention—but again, it just drives straight past]
The Doctor: Do you have this effect on everyone? Why aren't they stopping?
Donna: They think I'm in a fancy dress.
[A taxi passes them, driver tooting his horn]
Taxi Driver: Stay off the scotch, darlin'!
Donna: They think I'm drunk.
[A car passes by going the other way. The two occupants yell out their window as they pass by]
Driver and Passenger: You're fooling no one, mate!
Donna: [affronted] They think I'm in drag!

[In a taxi]
Donna: Saint Mary's in Chiswick, just off Hayden Road. It's an emergency, I'm getting married, just... hurry up!
Taxi Driver: That'll cost you, sweetheart. Double rates today.
Donna: Oh my God. Have you got any money?
The Doctor: Umm... no. Haven't you?
[Later, as they get out]
Donna: ... and that goes double for your mother!

Donna: [being told to jump from the taxi into the TARDIS] I'm in my wedding dress!
The Doctor: Yes, and you look lovely! Come on!

Donna: I can't do it!
The Doctor: Trust me.
Donna: Is that what you said to her? Your friend? The one you lost? Did she trust you?
The Doctor: Yes, she did. And she is not dead. She is so alive. Now jump!

The Doctor: Someone's been digging. Oh, very Torchwood. Drilled by laser. How far down does it go?
The Empress: Down, and down. All the way to the centre of the Earth.
The Doctor: Really? Seriously, what for?
Donna: Dinosaurs?
The Doctor: What?
Donna: Dinosaurs.
The Doctor: What are you on about, dinosaurs?
Donna: That film, Under the Earth. 'Bout dinosaurs. Trying to help.
The Doctor: That's not helping.

[Donna's fiancé, Lance, is revealed to be in league with the Empress]
Donna: But...But... We were getting married.
Lance: Well, I couldn't risk you running off. I had to say yes, and then I was stuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new flavour Pringle! Oh, I had to sit there and listen to all that yap yap YAP! "Oh, Brad and Angelina!, is Posh pregnant?, X Factor, Atkins diet, feng shui, split ends, text me, text me, text me!" Dear God, the never-ending fountain of fat, stupid trivia! I deserve a medal.
The Doctor: Oh, is that what she's offered you, the Empress of the Racnoss? [makes a face] What are you, her consort?
Lance: [glances at Donna] It's better than a night with her.
Donna: But... I love you.
Lance: That's what made it easy. It's like you said, Doctor. The big picture. What's the point of it all if the human race is nothing? That's what the Empress can give me... The chance to... to go out there to see it, the size of it all. I think you understand that, don't you, Doctor?

The Doctor: Guess what I've got, Donna? [holds up the roboform remote control] Pockets!
Donna: [surprised] How did that fit in there?
The Doctor: They're bigger on the inside.

The Doctor: So, what will you do with yourself now?
Donna: Not getting married, for starters. And I'm not going to temp anymore. I don't know. Travel. See a bit more of planet Earth. Walk in the dust. Just go out there and do something.
The Doctor: Well, you could always-
Donna: What?
The Doctor: Come with me
Donna: [immediately] No.
The Doctor: ...Okay.
Donna: I can't.
The Doctor: No, that's fine.
Donna: No, but really. Everything we did today. Do you live your life like that?
The Doctor: Not all the time.
Donna: I think you do. And I couldn't.
The Doctor: But you've seen it out there. It's beautiful.
Donna: And it's terrible. That place was flooding and burning and they were dying, and you were stood there like, I don't know, a stranger. And then you made it snow. I mean, you scare me to death.
The Doctor: Right.

Donna: Am I ever going to see you again?
The Doctor: If I'm lucky.
Donna: Just promise me one thing: Find someone.
The Doctor: I don't need anyone.
Donna: Yes you do. Because sometimes... I think you need someone to stop you.

Partners in Crime [4.1] edit

(5 April 2008)
[The Doctor and Donna spot each other with soundproof glass between them. Note: The following quotes are mouthed]
The Doctor: Donna?
Donna: Doctor!
The Doctor: Wha... Wha... What?
Donna: Oh! My! God!
The Doctor: How?
Donna: [pointing at herself] It's me!
The Doctor: I can see that!
Donna: Oh, this is brilliant!
The Doctor: What the hell are you doing there?
Donna: You! I was looking for you!
The Doctor: What for?!
Donna: [miming in a surreal sense while the Doctor looks more and more confused] I was reading... on the Internet. This place is weird. Crept along... Heard them talking. [She mimes peeking through the window] You! [Donna gestures and looks toward Miss Foster, who is staring at her]
Miss Foster: [out loud] Are we interrupting you?
The Doctor: [still mouthing] Run!

Donna: You look older.
The Doctor: Thanks.
Donna: Still on your own?
The Doctor: Yup. Well, no... I had this friend. Martha, she was called. Martha Jones. She was brilliant. And I destroyed half her life. But she's fine, she's good. She's gone.
Donna: What about Rose?
The Doctor: Still lost. I thought you were going to travel the world?
Donna: Easier said then done. It's like, I had that one day with you, and I was going to change. I was going to do so much - Then I woke up the next morning, same old life. It's like you were never there. And I tried. I did try. I went to Egypt. I was going to go barefoot and everything. And then it's all bus trips and guidebooks and "don't drink the water", and two weeks later you're back home. It's nothing like being with you. I must have been mad turning down that offer.
The Doctor: What offer?
Donna: To come with you.
The Doctor: Come with me?
Donna: Oh yes, please!
The Doctor: Right.

Donna: [about the Adipose] What you going to do, then? Blow them up?
The Doctor: They're just children - They can't help where they come from.
Donna: Oh, that makes a change from last time. That Martha must've done you good.
The Doctor: She did, yeah. Yeah. She did. [beat] She fancied me.
Donna: Mad Martha, that one. Blind Martha. Charity Martha.

Donna: I don't need injections, do I? You know, like when you go to Cambodia. Is there any of that? Because my friend Veena went to Bahrain, and she- [cuts off, noticing the Doctor is silent] You're not saying much.
The Doctor: No, it's just. It's a funny old life, in the Tardis.
Donna: You don't want me.
The Doctor: I'm not saying that.
Donna: But you asked me. Would you rather be on your own?
The Doctor: No. Actually, no. But the last time...With Martha, like I said, it got... complicated. And that was all my fault. I just want a mate.
Donna: [alarmed] You just want to mate?!
The Doctor: I just want a mate!
Donna: You're not mating with me, sunshine!
The Doctor: A mate! I want a mate!
Donna: Well, just as well, cos I'm not having any of that nonsense! You're just a long streak of nothing! You know... Alien nothing!
The Doctor: There we are, then. Okay.
Donna: I can come?
The Doctor: Yeah. Course you can, yeah. I'd love it.

The Fires of Pompeii [4.2] edit

(12 April 2008)
The Doctor: It's 79AD, 23rd of August, which makes Volcano Day tomorrow.
Donna: Plenty of time! We can get everyone out, easy.
The Doctor: Yeah, except we're not going to. [starts to pull her away]
Donna: But that's what you do! You're the Doctor; you save people!
The Doctor: Not this time. Pompeii is a fixed point in history; what happens, happens. There is no stopping it.
Donna: Says who?
The Doctor: Says me.
Donna: What, and you're in charge?
The Doctor: TARDIS, Time Lord, yeah!
Donna: Donna, Human, no! I don't need your permission, I'll tell them myself!

[The TARDIS is missing]
Donna: You're kidding. You're not telling me the TARDIS has gone.
The Doctor: ...Okay.
Donna: Where is it, then?
The Doctor: You told me not to tell you.
Donna: Oi! Don't get clever in Latin!

Lucius Caecilius Iucundus: Who are you?
The Doctor: I am... Spartacus.
Donna: ...And so am I.
Lucius Caecilius Iucundus: Mr and Mrs Spartacus?
The Doctor: Oh, no no no no no, we're not married...
Lucius Caecilius Iucundus: Oh, brother and sister? Yes, of course, you look very much alike!
[The Doctor and Donna look at each other, surprised]
Both: Really?

[as Donna lays tied to a sacrificial altar.]
Donna: You have got to be kidding me!
Spurrina: The false prophet will surrender both her blood... and her breath.
Donna: I'll surrender you in a minute. Don't you dare!
Spurrina: You will be silent!
Donna: Listen, Sister. You may have eyes on the back of your hands; but you'll have eyes on the back of your head by the time I'm finished with you! Let me go!
Spurrina: This prattling voice will cease forever! [raises her knife]
The Doctor: [sardonically] Oh, that'll be the day.
Spurrina: No man is allowed to enter the Temple of Sybil!
The Doctor: Oh that's all right. [mocking] Just us girls. You know, I met the Sybil once. Hell of a woman! Blimey, she could dance a tarantella! Nice teeth... Truth be told, I think she had a bit of a thing for me. I said it would never last, she said "I know". Well, she would. [to Donna, who is still tied to the altar] You all right there?
Donna: [sarcastic] Oh, never better.
The Doctor: I like the toga.
Donna: Thank you. And the ropes?
The Doctor: Eh, not so much. [cuts her free with the sonic screwdriver]

[after the Doctor squirts a Pyrovile with water]
Donna: You fought her off with a water pistol! I bloody love you!

[on announcing that they are to escape into the heart of Mount Vesuvius]
Donna: No way!
The Doctor: Yes way, Appian Way!

Planet of the Ood [4.3] edit

(19 April 2008)
The Doctor: Sorry, sorry! We're late! Don't mind us! Hello. The guards let us through.
Solana Mercurio: And you would be...?
The Doctor: The Doctor and Donna Noble.
Donna: Representing the Noble Corporation, PLC Limited, Intergalactic.
Solana Mercurio: Must have fallen off my list. My apologies, it won't happen again. Now then, Dr Noble, Mrs Noble, if you'd like to come with me.
The Doctor: Oh, no, no, no. We're not married.
Donna: We're so not married.
The Doctor: Never.
Donna: Never ever.

The Sontaran Stratagem [4.4] edit

(26 April 2008)
Donna: Do you think I should call my mum, about the ATMOS in our cars?
Martha: Better safe than sorry.
Donna: I'll give her a call.
Martha: they know where you are? I mean, your family, that you're travelling with the Doctor?
Donna: Not really, although my granddad sort of waved us off. I didn't have time to explain.
Martha: [shocked] You just left him behind?
Donna: Yeah.
Martha: I didn't tell my family. I kept it all so secret, and it almost destroyed them.
Donna: In what way?
Martha: They ended up imprisoned. They were tortured, my mum, my dad, my sister. It wasn't the Doctor's fault, but you need to be careful, because you know the Doctor's wonderful and he's brilliant, but he's like fire. [pause] Stand too close, and people get burned.

The Doctor's Daughter [4.6] edit

(10 May 2008)
The Doctor: I don't know where we're going but my old hand's very excited about it!
Donna: I thought that was some bloody alien thing! You're telling me it's yours?!
The Doctor: Well...
Martha: It got cut off. He grew a new one!
Donna: You are completely impossible!
The Doctor: Not impossible... just a bit unlikely.

Donna: Let me distract this one. I've picked up a few womanly wiles over the years.
The Doctor: Uh... let's save your wiles until later. In case of emergency.

Donna: He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures... and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved.

The Doctor: [about Jenny] See? Nothing but a solider.
Donna: She's trying to help!

The Unicorn and the Wasp [4.7] edit

(17 May 2008)
The Doctor: [stepping out of the TARDIS] Ah! Smell that air! Grass and lemonade! And a little bit of mint. Just a hint of mint. Must be the 1920s.
Donna: You can tell what year it is just by smelling?
The Doctor: Oh, yeah.
Donna: Or, maybe, that big vintage car coming up the drive gave it away.

Agatha: You make a rather unusual couple.
The Doctor: Oh, no, no, no, no, we're not married.
Donna: [at the same time] Yeah, we're not a couple.
Agatha: Well, obviously not. No wedding ring.
[Donna and the Doctor exchange admiring glances]
The Doctor: Oh, oh! You don't miss a trick.

Donna: It's a murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie!
The Doctor: So? Happens to me all the time.
Donna: I know but isn't that a bit weird? Agatha Christie didn't walk around surrounded by murders, not really. That's like meeting Charles Dickens surrounded by ghosts at Christmas!
Doctor: Well...
Donna: Oh come on! It's not like we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy! Could we? Noddy's not he? Tell me there's no Noddy!
The Doctor: There's no Noddy.

[The Doctor has been poisoned with sparkling cyanide]
Agatha: There's no cure, it's fatal!
The Doctor: Not for me. I can stimulate the inhibited enzymes into reversal. Protein! I need protein!
Donna: Walnuts!
The Doctor: Brilliant! [stuffs his mouth full, and proceeds to mime the next food he needs]
Donna: I can't understand you... How many words? [The Doctor holds up a finger] One! One word! [he mimes shaking something] Shake... milkshake... milk?! No, not milk. Shake, shake, shake?! Cocktail shaker! What do you want, a Harvey Wallbanger?
The Doctor: Harvey Wallbanger?!
Donna: Well, I don't know!
The Doctor: How is "Harvey Wallbanger" one word?!
Agatha: Doctor, what do you need?
The Doctor: Salt! I was miming salt! I need salt, I need something salty!
[Donna grabs a brown bag]
Donna: [showing him the bag] What about this?
The Doctor: What is it?!
Donna: Salt!
The Doctor: That's too salty!
Donna: [mocking him] Oh, "that's too salty!"
Agatha: [hands him a jar] What about this?
The Doctor: Mmm! [eats]
Donna: What's that?
Agatha: Anchovies.
Donna: What is it? What else? [The Doctor mimes open palms, with arms outstretched.] Um, it's a song... Mammy!? I don't know, Camptown Races?
The Doctor: [incredulous] Camptown Races?!
Donna: All right then, Towering Inferno?
The Doctor: It's a shock, a shock, I need a shock!
Donna: All right then. big shock, coming up...
[Donna kisses him on the lips, and he exhales the toxins]
The Doctor: [breathing normally] Ahh, detox. Oh, I must do that more often. [beat] I mean, the detox.
Agatha: [stunned] Doctor, you are impossible!
[The Doctor winks.]

Silence in the Library [4.8] edit

(31 May 2008)
[Donna takes a book in her hands, but the Doctor takes it away from her immediately]
The Doctor: Spoilers!
Donna: What?
The Doctor: These books are from your future. If you read ahead, it will spoil all the surprises. Like peeping at the end.
Donna: Isn't travelling with you one big spoiler?
The Doctor: I try to keep you away from major plot developments. Which, to be honest, I seem to be really bad at.

River: Pretty Boy! With me, I said.
The Doctor: Hmm? [beat] Oh! I'm "Pretty Boy"?
Donna: Yes. Oh, that came out a bit quick...
The Doctor: Pretty?
Donna: Meh...

Midnight [4.10] edit

(14 June 2008)

The Doctor and Sky: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, TARDIS!

Turn Left [4.11] edit

(21 June 2008)
[in flashback mode]
Donna: [voiceover] My mum knew this man...
Sylvia: [as she and Donna get into the car] Jival, he's called, Jival Chowdry. He runs that little photocopying business in Merchant Street, and he needs a secretary.
Donna: [emphasizing each word] I've got a job!
Sylvia: As a temp. This is permanent. It's £20,000 a year, Donna.
Donna: H.C. Clements is in the city. It's nice, it's posh, so stop it!
[Donna snaps out of her flashback]
Fortune Teller: Your life could have gone one way or the other. What made you decide?
Donna: I just did.
[The time beetle scuttles across the floor, towards Donna]
Fortune Teller: But when was the moment. When did you choose?
[Donna flashes back to the moment of choice. A Wright's Haulage truck races through an intersection, past Donna and Sylvia, who are waiting for a chance to turn.]
Sylvia: It won't take long. Just turn right! We'll pop in, and see Mr. Chowdry! Suzette can introduce you.
Donna: I'm going left. If you don't like it, get out and walk.
Sylvia: If you turn right, you'll have a career, not just filling in!
Donna: You think I'm so useless!
Sylvia: Oh, I know why you want a job with H.C. Clements, lady! 'Cause you think you'll meet a man with lots of money and your whole life will change! Well let me tell you, sweetheart; city executives don't need temps except for practice.
Donna: Yeah? Well, they haven't met me! [she continues to turn left]
[out of flashback mode, and back in the fortune teller's stall]
Fortune Teller: You turned left. But what if you turned right? What then?
Donna: [uncomfortable] Let go of my hands.
Fortune Teller: What if it changes? What if you go right? What if you could still go right?
Donna: Stop it! [the time beetle jumps on her back] What's on my back? What is it? What's on my back?
Fortune Teller: Make the choice again, Donna Noble. And change your mind. Turn right.
Donna: I'm turning...
Fortune Teller: Turn right. Turn right! Turn right! Turn right and never meet that man! Turn right and change the world!
[in Donna's mind, at that intersection]
Sylvia: Well, let me tell you, sweetheart. City executives don't need temps, except for practice.
Donna: ...Yeah, I suppose you're right. [she turns her blinker and turns right]

Donna: Leeds?! I'm not moving to Leeds!
Housing Officer: [in no-nonsense tone] I'm afraid it's Leeds, or you can wait in the hostel for another three months.
Sylvia: All I want is a washing machine.
Donna: What about Glasgow? I heard there were jobs going in Glasgow.
Housing Officer: You can't pick and choose. We've got the whole of southern England flooded with radiation. Seven million people in need of relocation, and now France has closed its borders. So it's Leeds, or nothing! [She stamps LEEDS down on the relocation paper in a "final answer" sort of way]

Sylvia: Mary McGinty. Do you remember her?
Donna: Who was she?
Sylvia: Worked in the newsagents stand on a Sunday. Little woman. Black hair.
Donna: Never really spoke to her...
Sylvia: She'll be dead. Every day, I think of someone else - all dead.
Donna: [half-hopeful] Maybe she went away for Christmas.
Sylvia: Maybe.
Donna: I'll go out tomorrow, I'll walk into town. There's got to be work. Everybody needs secretaries. Soon as I'm earning, we'll get a proper place. Just you wait, Mum.
Sylvia: What if it never gets better?
Donna: 'Course it will!
Sylvia: Even the bees have disappeared. You never see bumblebees, any more...
Donna: They'll sort of out, the Emergency Government, they'll do something.
Sylvia: What if they don't?
Donna: Then...we'll complain!
Sylvia: Who's gonna listen to us? Refugees. We haven't even got a vote. We're just no one, Donna. We don't exist.

Donna: [talking about the Doctor] But if he was so special, what was he doing with me?
Rose: He thought you were brilliant.
Donna: Don't be stupid.

Rose: Just remember: when you get to the junction, change the car's direction by one minute past ten.
Donna: How do I do that?
Rose: That's up to you.
Donna: Well, I just have to run up to myself and have a good argument.
Rose: I'd like to see that!

Donna: I'm nothing special.
The Doctor: Yes you are, you're brilliant. [Donna has a flashback of Rose saying "he thought you were brilliant"]
Donna: She said that.
The Doctor: [frowns] Who did?
Donna: That woman. I can't remember.
The Doctor: She never existed, now.
Donna: No, but she said, the stars, she said the stars are going out.
The Doctor: Yeah, but that world's gone.
Donna: No, but she said it was all worlds, every world. She said the darkness is coming, even here.
The Doctor: [worried] Who was she?
Donna: I don't know.
The Doctor: What did she look like?
Donna: She was... blonde.
The Doctor: [now extremely worried] What was her name?
Donna: I don't know.
The Doctor: Donna, what was her name?
Donna: But she told me, to warn you. She said two words...
The Doctor: What two words? What were they? What did she say?
Donna: Bad Wolf. W-What does it mean?
[absolutely horrified, the Doctor runs out of the fortune teller's shop to see any and every visible text rendered as "Bad Wolf". Horrified, he runs to his TARDIS, only to find that it too displays only the words "Bad Wolf". He enters the TARDIS, which is bathed in a red light and is ringing the Cloister Bell]
Donna: Doctor, what is it? What's Bad Wolf?
The Doctor: It's the end of the universe!

The Stolen Earth [4.12] edit

(28 June 2008)
Donna: So...I just meet Rose Tyler.
The Doctor: Yeah.
Donna: But she's locked away in parallel universe.
The Doctor: Exactly.

Donna: Thing is, matter what's happening- and I’m sure it's bad, I get that. But...Rose is coming back. Isn’t that good?
[The Doctor looks up from the TARDIS console, and after a moment, starts to grin.]
The Doctor: Yeah.

Donna: And who's...he?
The Doctor: [reluctantly] Captain Jack [Donna opens her mouth] Don't. Just...don't.

The Doctor: Think, Donna; when you met Rose in that parallel world, what did she say?
Donna: Just "the darkness is coming".
The Doctor: Anything else?
[Donna starts to think, then spots Rose in the distance behind the Doctor]
Donna: Why don't you ask her yourself?

[The Doctor lies, wounded, on the floor, with Donna and Rose beside him.]
Donna: [panicking] What do we do?! There must be some medicine or something!
Jack: Just step back. Rose! Do as I say and get back! He's dying, and you know what happens next!
Donna: What do you mean?!
Rose: [crying] But he can't! [The Doctor writhes in agony on the TARDIS floor] Not now, I came all this way!
Donna: What do you mean?! What happens next?!

Jack: Here we go! Good luck, Doctor!
[The Doctor, wracked with pain, hauls himself on to the TARDIS control panel.]
Donna: [hysterical] Will someone please tell me what is going on?!
Rose: When he's dying, his body, it repairs itself, it changes... but you can't!
The Doctor: I'm sorry, it's too late...I'm regenerating!
[energy courses from his head and hands. Donna, terrified, looks away, while Jack and Rose force themselves to watch]

Journey's End [4.13] edit

(5 July 2008)
[as The Doctor and Rose hug]
Donna: [to Jack] You can hug me if you want. [Jack chuckles] No really, you can hug me!

Donna: It's you!
Metacrisis Doctor: Oh, yes.
Donna: [looks overjoyed, then realises something;] You're naked!
Metacrisis Doctor: Oh, yes!

Metacrisis Doctor: Shh! No one knows we're here. Got to keep quiet. Silent running, like on submarines when you can't even drop a spanner. Don't drop a spanner! I like blue, what do you think?
Donna: You. Are. Bonkers!
Metacrisis Doctor: Why, what's wrong with blue?
Donna: Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You're like worms!
Metacrisis Doctor: No, no, no, no, no, I'm unique! Never been another like me. Because all that regeneration energy went into the hand. [holds up his hand] Look at my hand, I love that hand. But then you touched it, wham! [Donna gasps, startled] Shhh! Instantaneous biological metacrisis. I grew out of you. Still, could be worse.
Donna: [indignant] Oi, watch it, spaceman!
Metacrisis Doctor: [same tone of voice] Oi, watch it, Earth girl! [stops] Oh... I sound like you! I sound all.. all sort of rough.
Donna: Oi!
Metacrisis Doctor: Oi!
Donna: Oi!
Metacrisis Doctor: Spanners! Shh. [frowns] I must have picked up a bit of your voice, that's all. [alarmed] Is it? Did I? No! Oh, you are kidding me! No way! One heart. I've only got one heart. [places hand over his chest] This body... Has got only one heart!
Donna: [shocked] What...? [places her hand over his chest, and hears his heartbeat] like you're human?
Metacrisis Doctor: Oh, that's disgusting!
Donna: Oi!
Metacrisis Doctor: Oi!
Donna: Stop it!
Metacrisis Doctor: No, wait, I'm... part Time Lord, part human. Well, isn't that wizard?
Donna: [realises] I kept hearing that noise, that heartbeat.
Metacrisis Doctor: Oh, that was me! My single heart - because I'm a complicated event in time and space, must have rippled back, converging on you.
Donna: But why me?
Metacrisis Doctor: Because you're special.
Donna: Oh, I keep telling you, I'm not!
Metacrisis Doctor: No, but you are! [beat] Oh. You really don't believe that, do you? I can see, Donna, what you're thinking. All that attitude, all that lip... Because all this time, you think you're not worth it.
Donna: Stop it.
Metacrisis Doctor: Shouting at the world because no one's listening. Well, why should they?
Donna: Doctor, stop it.
Metacrisis Doctor: But look at what you did! [frowns] No... It's more than that... It's like we were always heading for this. You came to the TARDIS... And you found me again! Your granddad! Your car, Donna your car! You parked your car right where the TARDIS was going land! That's not coincidence at all! We've been blind! Something's been drawing us together for such a long time.
Donna: But you're talking like... Destiny. There's no such thing, is there?
Metacrisis Doctor: It's still not finished. It's like the pattern's not complete. The strands are still drawing together... But heading for what?

The Star Beast [14.X] edit

Donna: Nice to meet you, skinny man. Ooh -- word of advice: You can only wear a suit that tight up to the age of 35. And no further.

Donna: Sometimes, I think there's something missing -- like I had something lovely, and it's gone. And I-- I kinda-- I kinda look to the side, like... Like something should be there, but it's not. And I know I've got Rose and Sean and you and the biggest sausage roll I've ever seen. Frankly, I should be happy. I should be really happy... but some nights, I lie in bed thinking "what have I lost?"

Donna: I gave away my money.
The Doctor: ...Right, but--
Donna: I gave away all my money! And do you know why, Doctor? I gave it away to be like you, so I could be kind! So I could be nice. So I could be helpful, I g-- I-- I had a subconscious infracutaneous retrofold memory loop, making me act as soft as you and give away one hundred and sixty-six million pounds!
The Doctor: Yes, Donna, but-- destruction of London?
Donna: Oh, I'll show you destruction, mate!

Donna: How long have I got to live?
The Doctor: Fifty-five seconds.
Donna: Fifty-five seconds... Best fifty-five seconds of my life! Because I get to do this. [She flicks some switches. A panel pops off the ship's wall.] Donna Noble is descending!

Donna: Why did this face come back?
The Doctor: I don't know.
Donna: To say goodbye. Good fun, though...

Donna: It's a shame you're not a woman anymore, 'cause you'd have understood.
Rose: We've got all that power, but there is a way to get rid of it. Something a male-presenting Time Lord will never understand.
Donna: Just let it go!
Rose: And we choose to let it go.

Wild Blue Yonder [14.X] edit

[The TARDIS has crashed into Sir Isaac Newton's infamous apple tree.]
The Doctor: Oh! Sorry, we're just slightly out of control. My friend Donna -- this is Donna, Donna Noble
Donna: Hi!
The Doctor: She just dropped some coffee into the console!
Donna: But don't worry! He's got a time machine, which means he can blame me for all eternity.

Donna: There's something so bad the TARDIS ran away?
The Doctor: Yes...
Donna: Then. We go... and kick its arse!

Not-Donna: You are so amazing! We stare at that universe, so far away. But you have owned it! You are such a prize! What are ya?!

Donna: I was born in Southampton, 'cos my Mum and Dad were there for the weekend to visit my Auntie Iris. My mother was nine months pregnant, but would Iris come to her? No she would not. So, I arrived in Southampton, which allowed my mother to say I was a problem since the day I was born, and I've not come to the edge of the universe to discover I'm still dealing with that. So yes! You can copy my memory, but there's only one person who can understand my family like that and that is me. I am definitely Donna! Where's your tie?
Not-Doctor: What?
Donna: Your tie, where has it gone?
Not-Doctor: I took it off.
Donna: I know. It was there, on the floor. So where is it?
Not-Doctor: Oh, I see...! When something is gone, it keeps existing... [he laughs then bends, inhumanly, backwards] "Auntie Iris, Mummy and Daddy! Yeh-deh-deh-deh-deh!" Why does he travel with someone as stupid as you?!

The Doctor: You think you're stupid?
Not-Donna: Of course I do!
The Doctor: That's very Donna.
Not-Doctor: That's so Donna! That's my Donna.
The Doctor: Except... Donna does not think she's stupid.
Not-Donna: Oh, I do.
Donna: Hold on, I do.
The Doctor: No. Donna thinks she's stupid and, sometimes, she thinks she's brilliant. She thinks both. Because that's the astonishing thing about people from our planet, they can believe two completely different things at exactly the same time.
Donna: ...Brainbox!
The Doctor: Earthgirl!

Donna: Doctor, come back! She's not me! I'm me! You've got the wrong one!

The Giggle [14.X] edit

[The Doctor has reunited with one of his prior companions, Melanie Bush.]
Mel: I used to be like you -- I was one of his companions.
Donna: I wasn't the first redhead?
Mel: No, that was me.
Donna: Although, don't say "Companion". That sounds like we park him on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare. [to Shirley, who is in a wheelchair:] Is "park" rude?
Shirley: Borderline.

Donna: I know we've only got minutes to live, but give me a second because I spent six months teaching my daughter how to play the recorder 'til she said "This is not who I am", and that was the start of a whole other conversation, believe you me.

Donna: My name's Donna. And I warn you now, if this is a trick, I will kill you.

The Doctor: Donna,...!
Donna: [running] I'm already running!

Quotes about Donna Noble edit

  • I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her — while she can never remember. … But for one moment... one shining moment... she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

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