Fifteenth Doctor

fictional character from Doctor Who

This page is a collection of quotations from the era of the fifteenth official incarnation of The Doctor from the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who, during which the role of the Fifteenth Doctor was played by Ncuti Gatwa, who played the role during a series of specials aired over the course of November 2023. He is the second actor of color to take on the role of the Doctor, with the first being Jo Martin.

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2023 Specials edit

The Giggle [0.X] edit

(9 December 2023)
The Fifteenth Doctor: [first words] No way!

The Fourteenth Doctor: You're me!
The Doctor: No, I'm me... I think I'm really, really me! Oh-ho, I am completely me!

The Doctor: Hello! So good to see you! So good! Now... someone tell me what the hell is going on here?!

The Doctor: Our whole lifetime... That first Doctor that met the Toymaker never, ever stopped. Put on trial. Exiled. Key to Time. All the devastation of Logopolis...
The Fourteenth Doctor: Adric...
The Doctor: Adric. River Song. All the people we lost... Sarah Jane is gone, can you believe that for a second?
The Fourteenth Doctor: I loved her.
The Doctor: I loved her. And Rose. But the Time War, the Pandorica, Mavic Chen... We fought the Gods of Ragnarök, and we didn't stop for a second... to say "what the hell?"
The Fourteenth Doctor: But you're fine!
The Doctor: I'm fine because you fix yourself. We're Time Lords, we're doing rehab out of order.

The Doctor: Now, you two, if you don't mind, there is a great big universe out there calling, and I've gotta get going. So off you pop, old man.
The Fourteenth Doctor: You're the old man; you're older than me!
Donna: Actually, that is true. He's younger, 'cause you came after him, so you're the older Doctor.
The Doctor: Okay, kid. I love you, get out.

Series 14 edit

The Church on Ruby Road [0.X] edit

(25 December 2023)
The Doctor: Okay. Name: "The Doctor". Occupation: "Not a doctor". Current status: "Just passing by". Employer: "Myself". Address: "That blue box over there". Now, if you don't mind, I just got snowmanned, and I would like to go home.
Police Officer: Um... Uh, Doctor what would that be?
The Doctor: Just the Doctor!

The Doctor: Who sees a ladder and just hops on? A ladder in the sky, and you thought "Yeah, I'll give that a go, babes!"

The Doctor: What's your name?
Ruby: Ruby. Ruby Sunday.
The Doctor: Hello, Ruby Sunday. And it's a Sunday right now! That's a coincidence. I'm the Doctor. Hi!

Ruby: No, but who are you? Why are you an expert in time-traveling goblins and--
The Doctor: Oh! Pssh... They are not time-travelers, excuse me! Time travelers are great. Like, the best -- like, wow. This lot's just bimble.

The Doctor: I am learning the vocabulary of rope!

The Doctor: I'm adopted.
Ruby: Were you?
The Doctor: Yeah! Yeah, I, uh... I only found out recently.
Carla: That's a coincidence!
Ruby: Oh, don't be saying that!
Carla: So, uh you know who your parents are?
The Doctor: No. No, I was, uh, I was abandoned.

Mrs. Flood: Busy man, sweetheart! You and your box of tricks... You look like you've lost a pound and found a sixpence. What's wrong?
The Doctor: Just wondering... Maybe I'm the bad luck.

Ruby: Who are you?
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor!

Mrs. Flood: Never seen a TARDIS before?

Space Babies [14.1] edit

Ruby: Is that a monster?!
The Doctor: No. No, don't be silly -- There's never any such thing as monsters, they're just... Just creatures you haven't met yet.

Boom [14.3] edit

The Doctor: Honey, I'm a much bigger bang than you bargained for. I will shatter this silly little battlefield into dust. In a heartbeat, into dust.