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7th Heaven (1996-2007) is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on a minister's family and their lives in the fictional town of Glenoak, California.

The Long Bad Summer (1) [8.01]Edit

Twins : Daddy! Daddy, Daddy!
Eric : Hi, guys
Lucy : How you doing?
Eric : I'm okay. How are you?
Lucy : Okay. As okay as any of us
Kevin : Looks like it's going to be a nice day today
Eric : Where's Simon?
Annie : Please, it's the last day of vacation. Simon...
Simon : I don't want to be on vacation. I don't want to have a picnic on the beach.
Annie : I'm gonna keep saying this to you until I get through to you: it was an accident

Kevin : I love you
Lucy : I love you, too
Kevin : It's been a tough summer. You know, ever since you told me you thought that you might be pregnant, I felt really happy, not that you weren't pregnant, but because you will be someday. Someday, you and I will have children together, and I can't wait
Lucy : Well, I'm afraid you're gonna have to. We're due downstairs for some more family fun
Kevin : What do you think?
Lucy : About?
Kevin : About having children?
Lucy : I still have 2 years of school left I think we better wait until I get out of school
Kevin : If that's what you want
Lucy : It's not what I want. What I want is to have a baby. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since the scare either. No, we can't. We really can't
Kevin : I could baby-sit while you go to class

[Lucy chuckles]

Kevin : No, I could
Lucy : Are you serious? You want to have a baby?
Kevin : I need something life-affirming


Lucy : We all do

Ruthie : Do you have any kings?
Sam : N...no
David : Yes, he does
Sam : No, I don't
Peter : Are you sure? If you have a card with a king on it, you have to give it to Ruthie
Sam : I'm sure
Peter : Sorry this is the last day of vacation. It's been really fun
Ruthie : This is the best vacation I've ever had. I'm really glad you came
Peter : I'm really glad you invited me

[Boys making kissing sounds]

Peter : Why do you guys want to give me a hard time huh?
Sam : Because we love you
David : We love you
Sam : And you love Ruthie
David : You love Ruthie

[Boys making kissing sounds] [Peter scares them] [Boys laughing and running away]

Ruthie : I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about having a good time
Peter : I feel badly for Simon, too but I'm still having a good time

Eric : What are you doing here?
Chandler : Uh, I was wondering what you were doing here
Eric : We have the house until Sunday
Chandler : Uh, you have the house till Saturday, and, it's uh, late Saturday. And we're here because it's our turn
Eric : We're not going home until tomorrow
Chandler : What about church?
Eric : We'll be home in time for church
Chandler : You said you wanted to be home for the weekend
Eric : Did I? Uh, I meant I wanted to be home for Sunday
Chandler : Well, It's a very long drive. We can just turn around and go back
Eric : No, no, of course not. Uh, come on in
Chandler : Oh, no, no, I don't want to spoil you last night here, which was supposed to be last night
Eric : I wouldn't want to spoil your first night here, which is supposed to be tomorrow night
Roxanne : [Talking to Simon] How are you doing?
Simon : How do you think I'm doing?
Roxanne : I was just making polite conversation. But if you want to, we can talk. I've been worried about you
Simon : I wish everyone would stop worrying about me. It just makes it worse
Roxanne : To have people care about you?
Simon : I don't want anyone to care about me
Roxanne : Not even Cecilia?
Simon : No, not even Cecilia
Roxanne : Simon, don't do this to yourself
Simon : I killed someone. And don't say it was an accident...because it was an accident that happend when I was driving. I'm responsible for killing someone
Chandler : How's he doing?
Eric : Not so well
Chandler : When do you go to court?
Eric : Next week. Unless our insurance company settles, and they don't want to settle
Chandler : Does Simon have to go?
Eric : He doesn't have to go. But I think he should. It was an accident
Chandler : Look, I almost forgot why you were on this vacation. Roxanne and I will get a hotel and we'll come back tomorrow
Eric : No, you should stay here
Chandler : No, you spend you last night with your family, all right? I'm sorry about the mix-up
Eric : No, there are plenty of rooms here for everyone. There's a room for you...and a room for Roxanne. Unless, of course, if you decide to get married tonight
Chandler : Ah, we'll just leave and come back
Eric : Come back married?
Chandler : I don't want to get into this right now...again
Eric : Ok, no judgement
Chandler : You don't know that we're doing anything. She's not sure if she wants to get married right now
Eric : Depends on whether or not the fun lasts?
Chandler : What time are you leaving tomorrow?
Eric : No matter when we leave, whether we're here or not, God knows what you're doing
Chandler : God does, but none of you do.

Sam : We're hungry
David : Yeah, we're hungry
Eric : You just ate
Sam : The beach makes me hungry all the time
David : When are we eating dinner?
Eric : In an hour or so. How about a snack?
Sam : What's for dinner?
Eric : Whatever your mom wants to cook
Sam : She's sleeping
David : If she sleeps until tomorrow morning, we won't have dinner
Eric : Well, she won't do that. She only did that once, and we still ate, didn't we?

An Early Fall (2) [8.02]Edit

Mary: Carlos and I got married... last April. A week after Lucy and Kevin.

Sam & David: What's for dinner?
Annie: Same thing we've been having all summer. Trouble. A big bowl of heaping trouble, with a Mary on top.

Eric: [about learning that Mary and Carlos got married] I hope they will be very happy. For the rest of their stupid lives.

Annie: Simon, no more running away. We want you home with us. You scared me.

Mary: You know, don't you?
Carlos: All I know is that I love you.
Mary: How do you know?!
Carlos: Just say it.
Mary: I can't.
Carlos: Why?
Mary: Because once I say it, it'll be true.
Carlos: And I want it to be true.
[Long pause]
Mary: We're gonna have a baby.
Carlos: Yes! [hugs Mary] Oh, yes!
Mary: Soy una gallina loca emperazada!

P.K. [Preacher's Kid] [8.03]Edit

Chandler: [to his date] I don't want to talk about the Camdens anymore. Can you go back to the anti-depressants?

Kevin: I don't think that this is funny. You should never play hide and seek with a babysitter. In fact, hide and seek may not be a good game to play at all.
Haley: Could you be a little nicer? You're scaring me.

Lou: [about Carlos and Mary getting married] So, are you going to make a formal announcement?"
Eric: What? And spoil all the fun at the church?

I Wasn't Expecting That! [8.04]Edit

Peter: Sam and David ate the coal.
Sam: I like coal.
David: Me, too. I'm gonna be a miner.

Eric: Are you ok?
Kevin: Lucy and I haven't had sex since I got pummeled by that woman.
Eric: Good night.

Chandler: I don't think you're that close yet. I don't think you'll ever be that close where you can talk to him about having sex with his daughter.

Eric: [about Annie] She's always cranky when she comes back from her little trips.

Simon's Home Video [8.05]Edit

Simon: This is our house...only it's not our house because it belongs to the church. My dad is a Protestant minister. Because my dad and mom moved here shortly after they were married with my dad's first big assignment, we all grew up here. Or we're growing up here...in this house that really isn't ours. Most of the time, that doesn't bother me, but...you know, sometimes it does. Maybe someday I'll become rich enough to buy it from the church, so we can keep it in the family. It's not impossible. I've always been known as the Bank of Simon. I'm good with money. When I was 10, I begged my dad for a dog. And when that didn't work, I went to a higher authority. I was certain that a dog would just appear out of the either, but...(chuckles) Dad wasn't so sure. "Simon, if by some great cosmic coincidence, a dog happens to come to you here at the house, fine, but you don't go out looking for a dog, and you don't trick one into coming into the yard." Fortunately, in addition to delivering many heartfelt prayers, I also begged my mom for a dog, and she stopped by the pound and rescued one -- this one, Happy. So I believed my prayers were answered. Dad let me keep her, even though we found out she was having puppies.

Simon : The curly-haired one is Ruthie. She's my youngest sister. We shared a room at one time for a long time, and that's probably why I still feel closest to her. We've been through a lot together -- that and the and fact that she's saner. Than My 2 older sisters. Lucy is 21. She's been married about 6 months to Kevin. He's a cop. Lucy wants to follow in my father's footsteps and become a minister. And evidently, Mary has decided to follow in my mother's footsteps because she's 22 and she's gonna have a baby with her husband, Carlos. They got married the week after Lucy and Kevin...only, no one knew. They just told us when they found out they were pregnant. This is my older brother, Matt. He's 24 now. 2nd year of medical school. He's married, too, to Sarah. She's also 24 and in her 2nd year of medical school. They've all married young, but what are we supposed to do? It's get married and have sex or don't get married and don't have sex. And of course, we've all wrestled with the other choices. Although she better not be wrestling with anyone soon, especially him. He better not even think about coming anywhere near her. Oh, that's...that's Peter, Ruthie's boyfriend. And these 2 are Sam and David my youngest brothers, they're 4. They're twins. Right, 4 year old twins. Matt's 24. Uh, here's the family. Mary's 22. Lucy's 21. I'm 17. Ruthie's 13. And then Sam and David are 4. We were all surprised when Mom and Dad decided to have more children...and happy. We were happy -- happy and surprised. But...we shouldn't have been. My mom and dad have always been hot for each other. I can't think of a better way to describe them. I think they're the reason Matt, Mary, and Lucy got married. They want that. We all want that. It's like...being in 7th Heaven. Permanently.

Simon : It takes a lot of work to get that kind of relationship and keep it going, and no one's tried harder than Lucy. She got off to a bad start

Charity Begins at Home [8.06]Edit

Getting to Know You [8.07]Edit

Baggage [8.08]Edit

Go Ask Alice [8.09]Edit

The One Thing [8.10]Edit

Dr. Norton : It's a classic indication of obstructive lung disease, and it...Miss Glass, welcome. Mr. Simon here has a long-standing history of asthma. He presents today with increasing SOB.
Sarah : SOB?
Dr. Norton : No, it's not an epithet.
Matt : Uh, shortness of breath.
Dr. Norton : Well, thank you for interrupting, Mr...Camden. Why don't you listen to Mr. Simon's lungs and tell us what you hear.
Matt : I've lost my bag.
Dr. Norton : Your what?
Matt : My stethoscope -- it was my black bag. I must have left it in the subway.
Student : Wow, you have a black bag.
Dr. Norton : Okay, anyone willing to help out our poor Mr. Camden? Oh, look. No one else left theirs on the subway. On second thought, you may need those. Uh...Nurse Kelly...
Nurse Kelly : Yes?
Dr. Norton : Would you be kind enough to lend our Mr. Camden here your stethoscope for the day?
Nurse Kelly : No.
Dr. Norton : Don't worry, I'll make sure he gives it back. Consider it your contribution to medical education.
Nurse Kelly : Find me when you're done. Okay?
Dr. Norton : Oh...[stammers] Doctors are a lot like boy scouts. They're expected to be prepared and on time. Understood, Miss Glass? Mr. Camden? Mr. Camden?
Matt : Uh...bilateral exploratory wheezes with rails at the right base?
Dr. Norton : Brilliant.

Dr. Norton : Write this down, Mr. Camden. Turn off phone. All right, the lab is down the hall. Time-stamp your requisitions. Curtains three, four, five. Psych patients are stored next to bed eight. Try not to lose anybody
Sarah : What's the problem?
Matt : I can't turn it off
Sarah : Why?
Matt : It won't turn off
Dr. Norton : Then, get rid of it. Trauma rooms one, two, three
Student : Do we get to work on traumas?
Dr. Norton : No. Are you getting all of this Mr. Camden? Main desk, Dr. Sterling. This is one of our residents, Dr. Lisa Sterling. Dr. Sterling will assign you your patients. You're expected to do histories and physicals, draw bloods and gather lab results.
Dr. Sterling : Okay. Drawing blood, room three
Nurse : They look like little vampires

Patient : Ouch!
Sarah : Sorry
Dr. Sterling : No, never say sorry. It's a sign of weakness
Patient : Is it all right to say ouch? Ouch! How about getting a nurse to do this?
Matt : Uh, I'll give it a shot
Dr. Sterling : All right, Mr. Adams, if Mr. Camden here can't get it on the first try,then I'll do it myself
Patient : I thought the nurses drew blood. Do you even remember how?
Dr. Sterling : Tourniquet. Prep the area
Matt : Got it. Bevel up 20 degrees immobilize the vein and...
Patient : Hey, you drew first blood. I hardly felt it
Dr. Sterling : Good job. Make sure it gets to the labs
Patient : Hey doc, can you get this guy to do all my tests?
Dr. Norton : The rest of you guys need to practice
Patient : Not on me
Sarah : You going to tell them

When Bad Conversations Happen to Good People [8.11]Edit

The Prodigal Father [8.12]Edit

Major League [8.13]Edit

Healing Old Wounds [8.14]Edit

Don't Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living [8.15]Edit

The Anniversary [8.16]Edit

Two Weddings, an Engagement, and a Funeral [8.17]Edit

Angel [8.18]Edit

There's No Place Like It [8.19]Edit

High and Dry [8.20]Edit

Lost and Found [8.21]Edit

Little White Lies (1) [8.22]Edit

Little White Lies (2) [8.23]Edit