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7th Heaven (1996-2007) is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on a minister's family and their lives in the fictional town of Glenoak, California.

It's Late [10.01]Edit

Home Run [10.02]Edit

Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring [10.03]Edit

Ring Around the Rosie [10.04]Edit

The Rat's Out of the Bag [10.05]Edit

Helpful [10.06]Edit

Soup's On [10.07]Edit

Sandy's Dad : I'm looking for the Reverend Lucille Kinkirk
Eric : Oh, it's Lucy, and she's out this morning, making some hospital calls. I'm her father
Sandy's Dad : Oh what a coincidence. I am, too. A-A Father

[Eric chuckles]

Eric : Well, sit down, why don't you? I'm just -- I'm guessing that you must be Sandy's father
Sandy's Dad : I must be

[Both chuckle]

Sandy's Dad : I was hoping to see Lucille
Eric : Lucy
Sandy's Dad : That's the one. Uh...I-I wanted to drop something off for my daughter. I found it
Eric : You found it?
Sandy's dad : Well, at the bank. Tell Lucille not to give it to her all at once. She'll know why. Problems in the past

[phone rings]

Eric : Excuse me for a second. Hello?
Simon : Hey, dad, how's it going?
Eric : Uh, well, I-I have somebody in the office
Simon : Oh, this won't take long but a second. I just need to borrow, like...100 bucks until my next paycheck
Eric : I'm not paying for the ring
Simon : No, no, no, no, no. I'm paying for the ring. Which is why I'm having a little trouble making the rest of my bills. But I'll be caught up as soon as I get my next paycheck
Eric : Hmm, no. I'm sorry. I can't help you out
Sandy's Dad : Uh, you can take some out of that, if you need it
Simon : Look dad, I could probably borrow the money from someone else, but I'm coming to you first
Eric : Well, I appreciate that, but I still -- I can't help you out
Simon : But, Dad, they're going to cut off my phone service
Eric : Well, you know, that's hardly an emergency you can always get your phone turned back on. Oh, absolutely. They-they do that all the time. Simon, I-I have somebody in the office, and I-I really have to go
Simon : Good luck

[line disconnecting]

Sandy's dad : Yeah. Just give that to Lucille. She'll know what to do

Ruthie : I got it
Eric : Dinner?
Ruthie : No. A project that helps other people. A

Chicken Noodle Heads [10.08]Edit

Turkey [10.09]Edit

Apple Pie [10.10]Edit

X-Mas [10.11]Edit

Got MLK [10.12]Edit

And Baby Makes Three [10.13]Edit

The Magic of Gershwin [10.14]Edit

Love and Obsession [10.15]Edit

Eric : Ruthie? Ruthie are you okay? Your mom says dinner's almost ready
Ruthie : All right, I'm coming

Ruthie : Can I please be excused?
Annie : No, you should eat just a little something
Ruthie : I don't really feel like eating
Sam : Are you sick?
Ruthie : Not really, I just don't feel like eating
David : You look sick
Ruthie : Thanks. Please?
Annie : Go ahead
Eric : Please make it stop
Annie : I'm trying
David : What's wrong with Ruthie?
Sam : Yeah, what's wrong?
Annie : She misses Martin. And Valentine's Day is coming up and -- hey, speaking of Valentine's Day...
Sam and David : It's our birthday!
Annie : It's your birthday. What kind of cake do you want me to make?
David : We want one from the store
Annie : You don't want me to make you a cake?
Sam : No, one from the store
Annie : But the chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting and the vanilla ice cream on top
Sam : No, from the store
David : The one with the ice cream already in it
Annie : Oh I can make you an ice cream cake. I know how to do that. Just, you know, white cake with a layer of ice cream and then the frosting on top
David : No. We want one, from the store, please
Sam : Can we be excused?
Annie : You could've said something
Eric : Uh, I've talked to her all week and gotten absolutely nowhere. Although I am working on a little something
Annie : No, not Ruthie, the boys. I mean, they want a, they want a cake from the store
Eric : And? [Annie sighs]

Moving Ahead [10.16]Edit

Highway to Cell [10.17]Edit

Invitation to Disaster [10.18]Edit

Secrets [10.19]Edit

And More Secrets [10.20]Edit

Goodbye (1) [10.21]Edit

...And Thank You (2) [10.22]Edit