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7th Heaven (1996-2007) is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on a minister's family and their lives in the fictional town of Glenoak, California.

Monkey Business (1) [7.01]Edit

Ruthie: Why don't you just marry him and get it over with?
Lucy: Maybe I don't wanna get married.

Kevin: How can you be jealous of any other woman when you know how I feel about you?
Lucy: Jealous?! You think I'm jealous?! Hey! Just because you love me and want to marry doesn't mean you can't be attracted to another woman.
Kevin: Alright.
Lucy: Alright?!
Kevin: [smiles] Thanks.
Lucy: Thanks?! What is wrong with you?!

Eric: Well that was a long drive to the airport.
Mary: Say what you want to say.
Eric: He's too old for you, way too old for you.
Mary: I am an adult, I have a job, I pay my bills, I'm responsible around here and I'm responsible when I'm not around here and I'm in Buffalo, so I think that who I go out with should be left up to me. You are my dad and I love you, but I'm over 21 now and I think I have to decide who I wanna be with for the rest of my life.
Eric: Rest of your life?

Kevin: What's a guy in his 40s going out with a girl in her 20s for other than the obvious?
Mary: He's going out with me for the same reason any man goes out with any women, he likes me, he's interested in me.

Ruthie: Hey, Dad, do you mind if my boyfriend comes over tonight?

Lucy: When are we gonna meet Mr. "None of Our Business"?
Mary: You're not gonna meet him.
Lucy: Because?
Mary: Because Mom and Dad wouldn't understand.
Lucy: Because?
Mary: Because, they don't think of me as an adult women with a career.
Lucy: Just tell me why he is not a good idea?
[Mary walks out]

Monkey Business Deaux (2) [7.02]Edit

Kevin: Don't you think I have enough problems with Lucy without your help?
Ruthie: What kind of problems? Is it sex? Is that you're problem with Lucy?
Kevin: No, it is not sex and I don't think it's cute for you to ask me that because it's completely inappropriate.

Eric: Simon! Kitchen! Now!
Annie: What's going on?
Simon: I think Dad wants to see me in the kitchen.

Lucy: Robbie said that you said that Mary told you Robbie and I slept together.
Kevin: So, are you mad at Mary because she said something to me or because I said something to Robbie?
Lucy: I don't know why she would say something. and I don't know you said something to Robbie, especially without saying something to me first. And I'm still upset with your new partner. Is she still around?
Kevin: Yes, and I'm sorry if there a rule that I have to discuss everything I say to Robbie with you? Because I didn't know that was a rule. And now that I do I'm not agreeing to it.
Lucy: You don't have to agree with it because it's still a rule.
Kevin: Let's see how that works out.
Lucy: See how what works out?
Kevin: This. (He kisses her)
Lucy: Wait. You can't... you can't...
Kevin: I can't do what?
Lucy: You can't just do that every time I try to talk to about something serious.
Kevin: Why not?
Lucy: Because it's a rule and I don't care if you agree to it because it's still a rule. (runs upstairs, yelling down at Kevin) And change partners!
Kevin: [to himself] Man I love that woman.

Kevin: Last night when I was talking to Mary.
Robbie: Mom said we shouldn't talk to her.
Kevin: I know but I did it anyways and you know what she said. She said,”Oh, really? Did you know Robbie and Lucy had a little sleep over in his room last year.” Is that true? Did Lucy ever spend the night with you in this room?
Robbie: Is that why you want to trade my room for yours?
Kevin: I'll take that as a yes.

Sam: Shh! Don't wake up Mom.
David: Dad said let her sleep.

Ruthie: Is this a way a woman who wants to be a minister should behave?
Lucy: No...

Eric: You'd consider leaving your family in order to be with this low-life sky jockey who's got a daughter your own age?
Mary: I really have to go now! Would you please get out of my car!?
Eric: I hope that every time that you even think about kissing him you think about kissing your father! And for anyone who's listening, that came out completely wrong!

Robbie: Simon, you're not just a date, you're running an escort service. You can't do that.
Simon: Why not? It's not illegal.
Robbie: It's immoral.
Simon: No, it's not. It's practically a public service. I'm not selling sex.
Robbie: You're one step away from it!

Simon: You let Mary date a man as old as Dad and I can't even have my own apartment.
Annie: That's really lame, Simon.

Ruthie: Can a guy under age 18 can get arrested for soliciting?
Simon: You don't even know what that means?
Ruthie: Yes I do, I asked Kevin what it is when one person pays money to another person to go out with them, and he said it's soliciting. Women are actually paying you money to go out with them? That's where you are evey night?
Simon: How do you know that?
Ruthie: Deductive reasoning.
Simon: It's nothing bad. It's just when a woman at my school needs a date because she's broken up with her boyfriend or she wants to make her boyfriend jealous, or has a special function, like a wedding to go to and se doesn't want to go herself, then I just help them out.
Ruthie: For money?
Simon: It doesn't matter how nice you try to make it sound. It's still wrong, and I think you should stop doing it. And I think if you don't something bad is going to happen to you.

Ruthie: You're amazing. You have no fear of me whatsoever. I admire that... sort of.
Kevin: Upstairs. All the way upstairs. And if I ever catch you listening on one of my conversations I'm not going to let you off with just a warning.
Ruthie: Is that a threat? Man, you give a guy a uniform and a gun and they think they rule the world.

The Enemy Within [7.03]Edit

Ken Smith: I'm Jack's dad, Captain Jack Smith. The pilot your daughter Mary seduced.

Kevin: What happened to snooping around in my room?
Lucy: Ben talked me out of it, probably because he needed a ride to the airport.
Kevin: I can't stay long. I just came by to tell you I loved you and even if you had been with another guy I would still love you.
Lucy: Well, I haven't.
Kevin: Well that's your business. What's in the past is in the past.

Ken Smith: [about Mary] How many times has she claimed to be in love?
Ben: I met Mary when she was engaged to Wilson, then I dated her and she dumped me for your son, so if I were you I wouldn't worry about Mary and Jack. [Robbie walks in and out] That was Robbie, another one of Mary's old boyfriends before me, after and before Wilson. So, as you can see for yourself, Mary's not that serious with anyone.
Ken Smith: Thanks for confirming my worst fear.

Bowling for Eric [7.04]Edit

Eric: [to Lucy] You're intelligent, kind and sweet, you'd do anything to help anyone. You're a wonderfull daughter and a caring sister. You have principles, and no matter how hard it is for you, you live by them. You constantly challenge yourself, your friends and your family. You're extremely passionate about all things and people you love. You, Lucy Camden, are a fantastic person and if they gave out an award for best in the human race, you would win it year after year.

Eric: I'm ready to talk.
Annie: Oh, really? Because I'm not talking to you.
Eric: You were right. There's something going on, and I need to tell you what it is. I'm going to tell the kids tomorrow, but you should know first. I have to have open heart surgery. A bypass. A double bypass.
Annie: I knew you were going to say that. [cries and hugs him]

The Heart of the Matter [7.05]Edit

Ben: Okay, Kevin, why don't you want to marry Lucy?
Kevin: I do want to marry her.
Lucy: Then why won't you ask me?
Ben: I thought you weren't talking to him.
Lucy: [rolls her eyes, looks at Ben] If Kevin wants to marry me, he should ask me.
Ben: Yes, Kevin, why is that?
Kevin: Well, Ben, maybe you can tell her that the only reason she wants to get married is because her father is sick and she feels scared and vulnerable. Once her father gets better, then what happens?
Lucy: That's not true!
Ben: You said you weren't talking to him.
Lucy: Shut up!

Regarding Eric [7.06]Edit

Ruthie: [to Kevin, Lucy, Ben, Robbie & Simon] Don't be stingy. Go to Dad with your problems. Make him feel needed.

Kevin: [to Ben] I'm not coming home any time soon. I'm going to marry Lucy.

Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn [7.07]Edit

Ruthie: You wouldn't happen to know how to bake a cake?
Gabrielle: I'm not baking a cake for your stinkin' boyfriend!

Gabrielle: [to Lucy and Ruthie] Hopefully I'll be so drunk, I'll be cremated before they find me. Then they can just put me in an old peanut butter jar and toss me out to sea. [laughs] Which reminds me, do your parents got any booze in the house?

Kevin: Yeah, I think she's got a crush on that new guy.
Lucy: What new guy?
Kevin: The new minister at your dad's church.

Peer Pressure [7.08]Edit

Simon: [to Kevin] You know there's a reason why Lucy gets left out and told about stuff last. She's... crazy.

Yasmine: I'm impressed. I've never met anyone who developed such skills at make-up at this age.
Ruthie: I've watched Mary and Lucy for years.
Yasmine: And has it paid off? All that make-up, I mean?
Ruthie: Have you seen Kevin? It totally paid off. It helps. Believe me.

Lost Souls [7.09]Edit

Lucy: I want to be a minister because I want to be like my dad. I want to do what he does, I want to be who he is in the community. I want to serve God and I want to serve mankind. And I believe that this is my purpose in life and I was guided to that purpose in a unique way by being the daughter of a minister.

Ruthie: [about Eric] He's gonna be fine in time.
Annie: He had enough time.

A Cry for Help (a.k.a. Female Trouble) [7.10]Edit

Ruthie: Can I move to a foreign country?
Annie: No.
Ruthie: I'll write.

Lucy: [to Kevin] Sometimes when it comes to you and me and us, I'm not so logical.

Sunday [7.11]Edit

Lucy: [to the Congregation] It was my dad's wish that we return to the Sunday night services after the first of the year. And it was Chandler's wish that I take the first service, being my dad's daughter and a divinity student myself. So, the text of the sermon is quite short. Genesis 2, 2nd and 3rd verse. "And he rested on the 7th day from all of his work he had made. And God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it". It wasn't that long ago that Sunday was the day we all rested. We treated Sunday as a special day, when we came to Sunday school and church. And we rested when we went home. We talked, we read, we spent time to ourselves. Meditating. Or praying. Or just reflecting on our lives, our purpose, our behavior. Or even just the events of the week that just passed. It wasn't that long ago that businesses weren't open on Sunday. If you got in your car it was to visit your friends and family, just to let them know that you care, or maybe check out their situation, or just help out. At the end of the day of what used to be Sunday, people were rested and looked forward to the following week, sometimes with the determination to be kinder, to do better, to work harder. What happened to Sunday? Our parents grew up with Sunday's off. That means they had 52 days a year to rest. And those were the years when there was a summer. A real summer. Three months off from school for children to play. A break from the 9-month long school year when the routine was different. The energy was different. The air was sweeter. The nights longer, and children stayed up late because they could sleep in the next morning. It was when children wore themselves out with the fun of summer and longed for school again. We don't really have those summers anymore. We don't have those Sunday's anymore either. Children and parents and families and adults have 52 more days a year to do stuff. Sunday is the day we catch up on our work and our homework, because there is so much work and so much homework there's no time to do it. We work 7 days a week or at least are on the go 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. And yet we wonder why children grow up so fast. Why people need drugs to relax. Why they need human contact even if it's in the form of inappropriate unfulfilling sex. Could it be because we've lost 52 opportunities a year to rest and reflect and/or visit our friends and loved ones? That's 520 days in 10 years. That's 1,040 days in 20 years. I've lost 1,040-plus days in my life because Sunday is no longer Sunday. And I'm stressed and tired and irritable, and I feel as if I have no time to do the things I need to do and never have the time to do the things I want to do. And I'm just turning 21. How am I going to feel when I'm my dad's age? How are all of us going to feel when I'm my dad's age? Yet I fear we've lost our Sunday's forever unless we make an effort to reclaim them. And in losing our Sunday's, we're losing a lot more. We're losing ourselves. It's just something I was thinking about. God bless you for hearing my thoughts and being with me.

Annie: The twins need a bath, Happy needs a bath, I need a bath.
Lucy: What does that have to do with Sunday?
Annie: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Back in the Saddle Again [7.12]Edit

Ruthie: I was surprised to hear that you have CF. My dad told me a little about it, but I'd like to more, or really, I'd like to know more about you. I just don't want to pry. I mean, we just met and everything. We don't have to talk about anything you don't want to talk about, but I'm a pretty good listener, if you want to try me.
Katelyn: I have good days and bad days with my CF. Some days are tough, and the medical treatments are a pain in the butt, but you know what? I get through those days, just so I can enjoy the good days. I have plenty of good days.

Randy: [about his daughter Katelyn] She was symptomatic from birth. She had a lot of lung infections and poor weight gain, but she wasn't diagnosed until age two. We just have to be diligent with the meds, and even then, we have the occasional trips to the hospital.
Eric: What about you? How are you?
Randy: [points to his chest] When I first found out, I had a lot of numbness right here. Then the numbness wore off, and I felt extreme pain. My heart broke in a million pieces. But over time, the pieces got put back together again, and I'm stronger than ever. I realized that I don't have time for pity, and she doesn't want it, so I spend my days being grateful for the opportunity to know such an inspiring young woman. (looks at Katelyn, smiling and laughing with Ruthie) Just look at her. Isn't she great?

Kevin: [to Annie] I'm going home. Evidently Roxanne has turned into Lucy, and if I'm going to deal with Lucyness in my life twenty-four hours a day, I'm going to need my rest. Do you have any advice?

It's Not Always About You [7.13]Edit

Ruthie: So, tell me the truth. Are you gonna join all my friends' parents and get a divorce?
Eric: A divorce? Why would you think that?
Ruthie: Ben told me.
Eric: He what?
Annie: I called him and he agreed not to give any of our kids any more advice without consulting us first. (turns to Ruthie) Therapy can help people when they want the help.

Annie: Your father and I would never get a divorce.
Ruthie: How do you know that? You won't even go to therapy with him! Maybe he'll decide without you! This isn't just about you. It's about our whole family!

Smoking [7.14]Edit

Sam & David: We like Kevin.
Lucy: I like Kevin too.
David: Then marry him.
Sam: Yeah, marry him.
Lucy: He hasn't asked me yet.
Sam & David: Why?
Kevin: Did you pay them to say that?
Lucy: No, I didn't pay them to say that! They're children. They're naturally curious. But since the boys brought it up.
Kevin: They're asking because you want to know!
Lucy: How do you know that?
Kevin: Everyone in this house is asking me when I'm going to ask you to be my wife. And after they ask me when I'm going to ask you. I ask them why they're asking because it's nobody's business except yours and mine. And they say they're asking because you're driving them nuts too! Won't you just throttle back and let me surprise you?
Lucy: Fine. Surprise me. But whatever you're doing, better be fantastic. Because if I waited all this time for a proposal over a burger and a coke at the dairy shack, I'm going to be very upset!

I Love Lucy [7.15]Edit

Lucy: I told you something bad was going to happen. When she's in the middle of her crab legs, it'll suddenly occur to her that Chandler is not the guy for her and she'll find us and...Oh my God. She said he was going to ask her to marry him. Ugh. I hate her. I hate him too. They don't even know each other. Kevin and I know each other. We're in love with each other. We should be getting engaged tonight. Not them. I may look like the crazy person, but they're the crazy people. Crazy people who are going to get married before I do. When I see Kevin, he is so going to get a piece of my heart. He probably knows Chandler is going to propose to her and that's why he is being nice and going through all this trouble.
Kevin Kinkirk: Lucy Camden, will you marry me?
Lucy: [to God] Thank you. [to Kevin] Yes, Kevin Kinkirk, I will marry you.

Stand Up [7.16]Edit

Lucy: [to Eric] I've dreamed about my wedding day ever since I was a little girl and when I dreamed of it I could see everything family, friends, flowers, the church, me in a beautiful wedding dress. Then there was you, watching me walk down the aisle. Watching my fiance who back then happened to be Brad Pitt pull back my veil. Then Brad would take my hand and we would turn to you and with tears in your eyes, you would marry us. I know that my dream has changed a lot over the years especially the Brad Pitt thing, but Dad, one thing that has always remained the same, you were always the person I saw marrying me and if you don't, it won't feel like I'm really married.

Peter: I told you, women love dogs.
Ruthie: No, women love Ben.

Kevin: Isn't bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony?
Lucy: I think having to wear this dress just to make my mother happy is bad luck enough.

High Anxiety [7.17]Edit

We Do [7.18]Edit

Eric : Uh, and then I pronounce you husband and wife. Then I tell you, Kevin that you may kiss the bride. And you may. And then, as I present you to the church, everyone stands, and you take his arm, Lucy, and then I nod to Ruthie and she returns your flowers to you, and then Lucy and Kevin will proceed back down the aisle, and this time Ruthie and Simon follows you hopefully along with Matt and Mary, Oh and Uh, Kevin's sister uh, Patty Mary, and your brother Ben
Kevin : Sounds good to me
Lucy : What if the storm keeps Matt and Mary and your mom and Patty Mary, and Ben from getting here?
Kevin : The airport will open up tomorrow
Lucy : It has to. And if it doesn't?
Ruthie : Yeah, what if it's just us? What if none of his family gets here?
Kevin : As of tomorrow, my family is Lucy and me
Lucy : I feel like the luckiest woman in the entire world
Eric : Yes you are. I think you're both...very lucky to have found each other
Annie : It is so good. To see you back in your church again.
Lucy : So, are we really gonna do this? I'm gonna be Mrs. Kevin Kinkirk?
Kevin : Are you still having doubts about me? Even now?
Lucy : Promise me you'll be here. Promise me that you won't leave me standing at the altar. Promise me that nothing will keep you from marrying me. That neither rain nor snow nor heat nor...gloom of night will keep you from your appointed rounds
Kevin : I promise
Gabrielle : Is it too late?
Eric : T-Too late? Uh...n-n...for the wedding, no. We just finished the rehearsal
Gabrielle : The colonel sent me -- they're not gonna make it. I'm here to help in any way I can
Annie : I'm sorry you had to drive all the way from here from...wherever you drove, but I-I-I don't think there's anything you can do, Gabrielle. You're welcome to come to the wedding...of course
Gabrielle : Well not unless I can make some sort of contribution. I insist on helping
Eric : Well, r-really we're happy to have you, Gabrielle, uh, but I don't know aside from showing us tomorrow night at 7:30 and having a good time, there's nothing you can do
Gabrielle : I'll call the colonel and let him know

Hank : Oh, thank God. I've got to get to the hospital to deliver a baby, some guy ran me off the road
Roxanne : There are accidents all over the city, but we've got a break in the rain for a few minutes. Come on, I'll get you some help.
Hank : Oh boy
Roxanne : Aren't you...?
Hank : And you're...
Roxanne : Roxanne, Kevin's partner!
Hank : Of course, I'm hank. I'm married to Eric's sister, Julie
Roxanne : Right. We met at the house, Christmas. Come on, I'll get you to the hospital
Hank : Thank you

Lucy : [knocks] Kevin it's me. Kevin, we have to talk
Eric : I'm awake; I heard her
Lucy : Kevin?
Kevin : Lucy?
Lucy : Hi
Kevin : Hi yourself. Can't wait until tomorrow night?
Lucy : I'm scared
Kevin : It's going to be fine. I love you
Lucy : What if no one makes it?
Kevin : Are you talking about the wedding?
Lucy : Yes, what did you think I was talking about?
Kevin : The wedding night
Lucy : You think I'm scared of...you> No, I can't wait, believe me

[Thunder crashing]

Eric : [whispering] Did she say anything to you?
Ruthie : No
Simon : You think she'll call it off?
Annie : No
Ruthie : Then what are they doing in there?

[Lucy laughs]

Lucy : Shh
Kevin : What did you think, I was going to be wearing my pajamas and a smoking jacket? I didn't know you were gonna wake me up in the middle of the night
Lucy : Put something on, and I'll step out into the hall

[thunders crashing] [door closes]

Lucy : [whispering] What are you doing here?
Eric : We might ask you the same thing
Lucy : I wanted to talk to Kevin about whether or not we should go through the wedding considering no one can get here and it's still storming
Kevin : I didn't realize everyone was waiting for me
Lucy : They're not -- they're going to bed
Ruthie : Without knowing whether or not you're calling pf the wedding? I don't think so
Kevin : We're not calling of the wedding
Lucy : But even if the airport opens, it's been closed for over 24 hours. The flights are gonna be backed up
Kevin : Do you mind?

[everyone walks away] [Lucy and Kevin kiss]

Kevin : As much as I want my mom and Ben and Patty Mary to be at my wedding, if they're not there, I'll be okay
Lucy : I want my grandparents and Matt and Mary to be there

[Lucy and Kevin kiss]

Lucy : [groans} It's just that...I want everything to be perfect, and yet, I know life's not perfect.
Kevin : No, it's not [they kiss] But parts of it are very, very good [kiss again]

That Touch of Bink (1) [7.19]Edit

Dick (2) [7.20]Edit

Peter : This is all your fault. I should've put a stop to my mom dating this guy before they decided to get married.
Ruthie : They're not gonna get married. My father won't let it happen.
Peter : I have a feeling Dick isn't gonna let Reverend Camden or anyone else get in the way.

Paris : Your son, Matt, got engaged on the first date, didn't he?
Eric : Uh...yeah.
Dick : I knew my 1st wife for years before we got married. That was a mistake. This isn't a mistake.
Eric : How does Peter feel about you getting married?
Dick : Well, Peter's opinion is very important to me, but what kid Peter's age wouldn't resent a man coming into his mother's life? It's to be expected. But I'm confident that I can win over him. I'm working on it, and I'm gonna make it work. Because I'm not just marrying Paris, I'm marrying Paris and Peter.
Eric : Okay.

Dick : Hey. How's the homework coming?
Peter : It's coming fine.
Dick : Need some help?
Peter : No I don't need some help.
Dick : I was just asking. But you can drop the attitude.
Peter : And if I don't.
Paris : And if you don't?
Dick : [sighs] let me handle this between me and Peter.
Peter : Stay. This isn't between just me and him. It's between all of us. I don't want you to get married. You don't even know him. We don' t even know him.
Dick : But I want you to get to know me.
Peter : Why, so you can be my new dad?
Dick : I...I don't want to be your new dad. I know you have a dad. I just want you to be your friend.
Peter : You don't fool me. You know all the right things to say, but it doesn't matter, because we both know something isn't right here
Paris: [sigh] I'm sorry. I'll go talk to..
Dick : No, no, no, I...I don't want to upset him more than he's already upset. This is hard for him. He...he's used to being the man of the house, and I'm stepping on his territory. I understand completely. Let him cool down and...I'll try again tomorrow. And if that doesn't work, I'll try the next day and the next, because now that I've found you, I'm never gonna lose you, Paris Petrowski.

Dick : I know that Peter's having a hard time, but if we could just get him to see the possibilities, you know, it could be so nice for all of us. I've always wanted to have the opportunity to be involved with Little League. I like to fish, go camping.
Paris : I just don't think you're even giving Dick a chance.
Peter : I'm just not comfortable around him.
Paris : Is there anything he could do to make you more comfortable?
Peter : Yeah, he could leave.
Eric : Or he could give you a little more time. Would that work?
Dick : Maybe it's not a matter of time. Maybe this just isn't going to work.
Paris : But I want it to work, and you want it to work.
Eric : Could I talk to your mother and Dick alone?
Peter : Be my guest.
Dick : Do you see what I'm up against here?
Eric : Yeah.
Dick : No offense, Reverend, but this just isn't going to working. I-I think maybe we need a child psychiatrist, somebody who specializes in child therapy, un-unless of course that would offend you, and then, well...I-I'm willing to go along at this pace, if that's what it takes to get you to marry us...because Paris wants you to marry us. And I do, too.
Eric : Well, It doesn't offend me at all, and I know how much you love to jump right in and, and take action, Dick, and it's a good thing you have initiative. So I-I'm going to set you up with the best child psychiatrist I know. Dr. Gibson? Hey, It's Eric Camden. Well, I, uh...I have a bit of an emergency. Could you see a young man and his mother and prospective stepfather, tonight? I'd really appreciate it. How's 7:30? It's great. Okay, yeah. Bye.
Paris : [sigh] Thanks.
Dick : Great.
Eric : Let me break the news about this to Peter alone, since we don't want him to resent you anymore than he already does, Dick. And I can walk him home.
Dick : That's okay. We'll wait outside.

Dick : I just want to be part of what Paris and Peter already have. I want to be a family.
Dr. Gibson : Yeah. They are a good family, aren't they?
Dick : Yes they are.
Dr. Gibson : Okay, we just have a couple of minutes left, Peter and I you've been patiently waiting for me to get around you, and you've probably wondering why I haven't. I've just been letting Dick talk because the more he talked, the more certain I became of something. Peter, has Dick ever threatened you?
Peter : Yes. He told me in church last Sunday that...If I messed things up between him and my mom...that he'd get rid of my dog and...that he'd get rid of me
Dick : [chuckling] Peter? We're all being truthful here. Come on
'Dr. Gibson : Oh, I don't doubt Pete's being truthful. I don't doubt it at all. Because, Dick, you're the classic abuser. You just met Paris, and already you want to marry her. You want her to spend less time at work, more time at home maybe even quit her job. You know just what to say to gain control. You've already made Paris lose some of her confidence in her parenting skills, and I imagine, pretty soon, you'd have her feeling so badly about herself that she'd let you make all the decisions, maybe even the ones regarding her son. And if you could just get the two of them separated...well, it'd just became so easy, the emotional abuse...and then the physical abuse. And certainly it would help for you to get rid of the dog. You are an abuser, aren't you Dick? We're ready.
Dick : Wait, wait a minute. Wait a minute. I-I don't know what kind of crazy scheme this is, but whatever it is, you better have proof of what you just accused me of, Dr. Gibson...if you are a doctor.
Dr. Gibson : I'm a doctor all right. And Kevin has the proof. And not of my having a Ph. D, and an MD...but your being an abuser.
Kevin : After ending a violent marriage to you, your ex-wife filed a restraining order against you. And you're on probation for violating that restraining order right now, aren't you? Don't go near Ms. Petrowski or Peter ever again. Don't call, don't write. If you even look over the back fence, I'll come after you
Eric : However, you're...welcome in my office any time, day or night.

Life and Death (1) [7.21]Edit

Lucy: [to Annie] What do you mean, sometimes a birth control doesn't work?

Matt: I guess I'm stronger than the pill.
Sarah: Let's hope not.

Sarah: I'm stressed out from school and this is the last thing I need, a health problem.
Matt: It's going to be fine and it's funny your referring to this as a health problem.

Nurse: Good night, Grandpa.
Eric: Grandpa?

Life and Death (2) [7.22]Edit

Annie: [to Eric] As of yesterday, Ruthie became a woman.

Annie: I know what's going on. I know you've started your period. Now is there anything you'd like to talk about?
Ruthie: I'm going to kill Peter Patrowski!

Ruthie: Mom, if I can't go kill Peter, I just want to be alone! [goes upstairs]
Eric: Ruthie just started her period?
Annie: Yes. [starts crying] And she doesn't want her mother!