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7th Heaven (1996-2007) is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on a minister's family and their lives in the fictional town of Glenoak, California.

Turn, Turn, Turn [11.01]Edit

Annie: [about Lucy] She'll come around.
Kevin: I don't think she's going to come around anytime soon and I'm tired of her being angry all the time. I mean, I understand it, but I'm tired of it.

Lucy: I've been doing some thinking over the summer, because I didn't want to decide too quickly, but I think I've decided now. I don't ever want to try to have kids again, Kevin. Even if it's nobody's fault. It's you and me and Savannah and these guys (points to the dogs). That's a big enough family for me.
Kevin: I understand. And if you decide to change your mind, I understand that too.

Martin: What's ridiculous is the fact that you even want to be a minister. I think you just want to be a Camden. You think that if you're a minister, then maybe Simon Camden will start to like you better, maybe even love you, maybe even marry you. Then you can be a Camden. And when I say "you," I do mean the old you as well as the new you. I mean, isn't that what you really want--to be a Camden?
Sandy: Listen, I think you should go.

And Tonight's Specials Are... [11.02]Edit

T-Bone: I mean, don't you get a little tired of being around them?
Lucy: No. They're my family!
T-Bone: Exactly. You can't talk to your family about your family. I mean, that's how you ended up losing it in church. You need a friend to talk to.

Annie: It's going to be all right, Kevin. Everything will be all right. Just go home to Lucy, and hang out with her, be with her, talk to her, let her know how much you care about her.
Kevin: No offense, Mom, but I don't think things are going to get better. In fact, I think they're just gonna get worse.

Lucy: I can't believe I spent the whole day hanging out with a teenager who has a crush on me. And I really can't believe that he actually made me feel better.
Eric: You never know where help is gonna come from.

A Pain in the Neck [11.03]Edit

Stanley: What happened to you?
Eric: I'm just having a bad day.

Eric: (to Stanley, telling him why he shouldn't smoke and drink): 'Cause Stanley, I want you to live!

Don't Ax, Don't Tell [11.04]Edit

Eric: [to Sam & David] So, starting today, we are going to have school right here at home.
Sam: Is that legal?

Ms. Margo: Lots of women fall in love with married men.
Eric: Yeah, lots of women do and it's always a mistake.
Ms. Margo: It can't always be a mistake.
Eric: Yes, it can. You know, I don't say never or always very often, but I'm saying always here because it's true. It is always a mistake.
Ms. Margo: Still, it happens.
Eric: It doesn't happen here.

Eric: You can think of how you want to feel and act as if you actually feel that way, and you will feel that way. You can decide that your feelings are completely inappropriate and choose some other feelings.
Ms. Margo: What if I don't want to choose? What if I want to feel what I feel? What if I want to follow my heart?
Eric: What if you let your mind lead what you want your heart to follow? And what if you choose good things for yourself? What if you even love yourself?
Ms. Margo: Hey, what if you love me?
Eric: But I don't. I don't love you, Ms. Margo. I don't want to love you.
Ms. Margo: Could you choose to love me?
Eric: (long pause) I could...but I'm not going to. Why would I? I love my wife. I love my children. I love my grandchildren. I even love myself.

The Replacements [11.05]Edit

T-Bone: [to Eric after Eric invites him and the two homeless girls to spend the night at the Camdens] You can't die from having too big a heart, can you?

Broken Hearts and Promises [11.06]Edit

You Take the High Road (1) [11.07]Edit

Lucy: I think you've been over there a little too long because you're starting to sound like a brat! And look here, little sister, when Mom and Dad show up, you better act as if you're happy to see them.
Ruthie: Why?
Lucy: Because they're your parents! They're your mom and dad, and you should be grateful that you even have a mother and father!
Ruthie: Yeah, well, I'm not right now, okay? They just want to ruin my life!

Ruthie: You don't understand. This is my life we're talking about. It's not your life, it's mine. I love it here. I am perfectly happy being halfway across the world, away from the Church, and Dad and the school where you and Matt and Mary and Simon all went to. I'm not the preacher's kid anymore, I'm just Ruthie Camden. Do you know how great it is to just be Ruthie Camden without everyone knowing I'm the preacher's kid? I love it. I'm a normal girl here.I just want to be normal!
Lucy: Normal is completely overrated. And quit whining about being the preacher's kid. What's wrong with being the preacher's kid? There are a lot worse things to be. You know, maybe you'd like to be the daughter of a.....a bad person!

Lucy: [about Eric and Annie leaving to get Ruthie from Scotland] They just decided to take off, okay?
Ruthie: And you let them?
Lucy: I had nothing to do with it. They're our parents. They do what they want.
Ruthie: Yeah, well, what about me? When do I get to do what I want?
Lucy: Ruthie, they let you stay in Scotland for the semester. You were supposed to come home at the end of the summer. I think they've been pretty generous in letting you do what you want!

Ruthie: I don't want to be just sitting there and watching Dad be sick. I mean, he's going to be fine. He's had heart surgery before!
Lucy: That.....that's incredibly selfish, don't you think?

...And I'll Take the Low Road (2) [11.08]Edit

Ruthie: [about Eric] I just don't know if I'm strong enough to be around him right now, Mom.
Annie: Oh, Ruthie. It's all going to be fine. It's all going to be fine. It has to be. Come on, your dad's waiting outside. Give us a tour of Edinburgh. We want to see your school and your friends. And we want you to know that you can come back here. We'll help you, Ruthie. If this is where you really want to be, then....one day. Not now, but one day.

Annie: Honey, didn't I explain to you that your dad's having some heart problems?
Ruthie: Yeah, I know and I feel really badly that he's not feeling well. But Mom, Dad's always going to have heart problems and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.
Annie: [shocked] I, uh.....I guess I must be feeling jetlag, because I'm suddenly feeling so.....irritable, or confused. Yeah, maybe that's it. Confusion. I'm going to go back to the hotel and get some rest. I'll see you tonight at dinner. Oh, and you think about this: Scotland is always going to be here. I'll see you later, Ruthie.
Ruthie: [after Annie leaves] They just don't get it.

Ruthie: Nobody cares about me or how this crisis is affecting my life!
Lucy: We're not going to continue to pay for this anymore. We shouldn't have even paid for it in the first place. We just wanted to encourage you to be your own person and take interest outside your own little world, and now....now it seems that you've completely forgotten where you came from and who your family is. You know, we love you, Ruthie.
Ruthie: I know, and I love you too. But Mary's not going to give up her family and come home, and Matt's not going to give up his practice and his family to come home and Simon's not going to drop out of his senior year of college and come home. So why do I have to?
Lucy: Because you can, and because he wants you to.

Eric: Ruthie, I just.....I really want you home right now.
Ruthie: But don't you think that's kind of.....selfish?
Eric: I beg your pardon?
Ruthie: Dad, you've been living with heart problems for years now, and you're probably going to spend the rest of your life living with heart problems. That doesn't mean I have to come home and watch you have heart problems, does it?
Eric: Uh, no, I guess not, but on the other hand, I really want you to come home. I need you to come home, and the entire family needs you to come home, and I'm afraid that as a parent, I'm going to make a decision for you that you're not going to be happy with. You're coming home, Ruthie. You're coming home with me and your mom. Life isn't always about you. Sometimes it's about other people or sometimes even about your parents and your family. I need my family around me right now. And I don't care if you think that's selfish. Fine, I'm selfish. I get to be selfish. I'm the one who's in need right now, and I need you home. I could leave this decision up to you, but you're 16, and....I'm afraid you might really regret it later, so I'll decide for you.
Ruthie: You really think you can decide for me?
Eric: If you can't make the right decision yourself, then yeah. Yes, I can.

Thanks and Giving [11.09]Edit

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til He's Gone [11.10]Edit

Christmas! [11.11]Edit

Can't I Just Get Something to Eat? [11.12]Edit

Script Number Two Hundred Thirty Four [11.13]Edit

Deacon Blues [11.14]Edit

Tit for Tat [11.15]Edit

Gimme That Ol' Time Religion [11.16]Edit

Small Miracles [11.17]Edit

Inked [11.18]Edit

Some Break-Up and Some Get-Togethers [11.19]Edit

Nothing Says Lovin' Like Something from the Oven [11.20]Edit

Good News For Almost Everyone [11.21]Edit

David: [to Margaret on the phone] We're over at Lucy's house and we're hungry. Me and Sam.
Sam: Sam and me!
David: [putting the phone off his mouth] You're Sam!
Sam: I know, I was correcting your English!

Kevin: [spots Ruthie and T-Bone making out in a corner] Excuse me!
Ruthie: Oh, hi, um
T-Bone: We made up!
Kevin: I can see that. Come on we got to go to the hospital. Your dad's there.
Ruthie: But when I left this morning he was fine.
Kevin: I know, it's good news. I thought you'd like to be there when we all got the good news.
Ruthie: But we can't just leave school.
Kevin: Sure you can! There will be plenty of places to make out at the hospital!

Martin: Ruthie, I lived at your house. You were like a little sister to me, and then you.....and then you grew up. And then I grew up, when Sandy and I had a baby--at least I tried to grow up, and I tried to do the right thing and marry Sandy. That's what I felt I should do. I love my son, and I'd do anything for him, and I really do care about her. But my heart was just never really in it, and that's maybe why I screwed up. I guess I've never really wanted things to work out, and whatever chance I had with her, with the relationship--a romantic relationship--well, I screwed that up.
Ruthie: Isn't this the conversation you should be having with Sandy?
Martin': That's kind of funny, because I've had this conversation with Sandy. This was our conversation last weekend, when she told me she was marrying Jonathan, the doctor she's been going out with. But we didn't talk like you and I talk. It was more of a--it was more of a lecture from her than a conversation.
Ruthie: You're all over the place. What are you trying to say to me? And whatever it is, you should start with an apology for not telling me that you were also dating Jane.
Martin: I'm sorry, I am. I like Jane, she's really attractive......but not as attractive as you. I'm really physically attracted to you, and it feels incredibly awkward saying that, and also, I can't talk to Jane the way I can talk to you. And I think that if we can just start over, if we can agree to date each other and not date anyone else, and if you can let me be more than a friend.....I think we could be really good together.
Ruthie: What?
Martin: I keep trying to treat you like a friend or a sister, but you're older now, I'm older, and that's not the way I see you. And we did kiss.
Ruthie: [pause] Yeah, we did.

And Away We Go [11.22]Edit

Margaret: Are you ever coming back?
Eric: I don't know that, either.
Margaret: But what about everything here? Your home, your things?
Eric: Oh. You know, I've lost my enthusiasm for "things", so......I don't really care.

Ruthie: Martin, you're not in love with me. I really am like a sister to you, and when you do find the right woman to be with, I'll be happy to baby-sit for you, okay?
Martin: But all this time, you've been, like, wanting to go out with me, and now that I want to go out with you--
Ruthie: It's too late. I found someone else.
Martin: For now. But you're 17. Maybe you'll change your mind.
Ruthie: I can't. I have his name tattooed on my back.
Martin: Why'd you do that?
Ruthie: I don't know. It was an impulse, a bad impulse. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.
Martin: So you're staying with him because of a stupid mistake?
Ruthie: He's staying with me. We're staying together, and if we're lucky, we'll be together for the rest of our lives.
Martin: But his mother is...you know...
Ruthie: I know. And despite how she treated him and who she is, the fact that he treats me and other women so respectfully...it just amazes me. He amazes me. I'm in love with T-Bone.
Martin: So you don't think you'll be taking off for Scotland next year, when you graduate?
Ruthie: But if I go, I'm dragging T-Bone with me. He loves Scotland, and there's a whole world out there--a world I want to see. And I want to see it with him. Maybe we'll go somewhere we've never been for college, or maybe we'll take a year off after high school and just travel together. I don't know what will happen, but I do know how I feel.
Martin: Well, someday, I hope to find a woman who feels the same way about me. (they hug)
Ruthie: Bye, Martin.
Martin: Bye, Ruthie. [she leaves]