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7th Heaven (1996-2007) is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on a minister's family and their lives in the fictional town of Glenoak, California.

Don't Take My Love Away [2.01]Edit

Annie: [to Simon] Doing something for your sister out of love is far more important than doing something for me out of guilt.

Ruthie: The old lady that left this house to the church died in this attic. Matt told me.
Annie: The lady that left the house to the church died in Florida in a senior home.

Simon: You missed a great chick fight!

Ruthie: Can I wear a tuxedo too?
Annie: I'll think about it
Ruthie: What's a tuxedo?

See You in September [2.02]Edit

Sergeant Michaels: [to Eric] Hey, Reverend.
Eric: Hey, Sergeant.
Sergeant Michaels: Your kids' school have been trying to reach you. I guess your beeper's off.
Eric: [looks for his beeper in his pockets] I don't even have my beeper.
Annie: Which school? Which kid?
Sergeant Michaels: All three schools, all five kids.

Teacher: No hats in school, Ruth.
Ruthie: My name is Ruthie. Ruthie Camden.
Teacher: Why don't we call you by your proper name, Ruth?
Ruthie: Ruthie is my proper name. It's the name my Mommy and Daddy gave me. And that's the hat they gave me!

Mrs. Rainy: [to Ruthie not listening to her about taking off her hat] Ok, Ruth, time out.
Lynn: Can I have a time-out too?
Mrs. Rainy: Ok, time out for you too.

Lucy: You'd think that having dad as a minister, God wouldn't hate me so much.

Principal Russell: [when Matt, Mary, and Lucy are in her office] Ok, I'll give the family rate, one day suspension each.

Who Knew? [2.03]Edit

Eric: [about the joint he found in the house] I just.... I know it's Matt's.
Annie: If it isn't, and if you accuse Matt of something this serious, who knows what will happen. I don't think your relationship with Matt can afford to withstand any false accusations.

Annie: If you're doing drugs, Matt, I want you to stop. If anything ever happened to you, I would never forgive myself.
Matt: Sounds like I'm already guilty.

Eric: What were you thinking?! It's bad enough you're smoking dope, but then you had to bring it in here where someone else could find it. What if one of the younger kids had found it first?
Matt: I didn't think...
Eric: That's just it, you didn't think, because if you thought of anyone besides yourself, you'd know that the look you just saw on Simon's face was the look of a boy who has lost all respect for his older brother!

Matt: That's not why!
Eric: I'm not finished! Just answer me one thing, it will help me sleep better. Just tell me you wanted to get caught? Because you couldn't have possibly expected to get away with this. Or better yet, tell me why anyone could be so stupid as to do drugs in the first place!?
Matt: I don't know, Dad! Why don't you ask Mom? Maybe she can tell you!
Eric: Don't you dare bring your mother into this. Apologize right now! [Someone honks a car horn outside, waiting for Matt] Oh, you're not going anywhere.
Matt: Well, I'm not staying here. [leaves]

Ruthie: [to Simon] Why are you so mad, and why is Daddy shouting?
Simon: Because our big brother is a jerk, and a major loser.
Ruthie: But I don't understand. I love Matt and he loves me.
Simon: I'll explain when you get a little older. Just go to sleep.

Lucy: I don't know if things will ever be the same between Dad and Matt. Or even Mom and Matt.
Mary: Yeah, I mean, I don't see how they could be. It's like Wilson said. It's one of those mistakes that you can't take back.

Eric: I can't believe you told Matt you did drugs.
Annie: I thought it might be useful! I thought you understood I was going to tell him!
Eric: I was never under that impression. We don't have to share everything with our kids! We don't share our sex lives with them!
Annie: I'm sorry! I thought maybe Matt wouldn't feel so far away from us if I told him! I had no idea he would throw it back in my face.
Eric: Well, that was another issue entirely. He shouldn't have done that.
Annie: Oh, I didn't think it would turn out this way. [starts crying] I'm just so disappointed.

Wilson: Some mistakes are like jumping out of a plane. Once you do it, you can't take it back.

Says Who? [2.04]Edit

Mrs. Bink: [yelling at Eric] You call yourself a minister?! [slams the door in Eric's face]

Mrs. Hinkle: Do you think some stranger could hurt me worse than my own children trying to scare me out of my house so they can pay off their credit cards and travel? I think I'd rather take my chances with the stranger. It would be less painful and frankly, a lot less embarrassing. You're lucky I'm not carrying my pepper spray.
Mrs. Bink: Oh, I've got mine. [starts digging in her purse]
Eric: Ah, no, I don't think we'll need that.

Matt: What's going on?
Annie: Well, dinner's almost ready, the trash needs to go out, and your brother is shrinking.

Ruthie: [to Simon] You need to see a doctor.
Simon: I am shrinking. For real.

Annie: So what did the doctor say?
Matt: Well, Simon's not the same height he was this time last year.
Simon: I'm and inch taller and I'm broader around the chest, but I'm not surprised. I work out.
Annie: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah.

Lucy: I could never be bulimic like Shelby. I just don't have the self-discipline to make myself throw up.
Mary: You know, this conversation wouldn't annoy me so much if we actually knew Shelby was bulimic, but we don't, and you and this conversation have both crossed the line from "annoying" into the land of "I'm going to have to kill you if you don't shut up."

Lucy: You know sometimes, word of mouth gets around because it's true.
Mary: And sometimes word of mouth gets around because there are a lot of mouths. I don't believe everything I hear. You should give it a try sometime.
Lucy: Like I don't.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do [2.05]Edit

Ruthie: I had no idea kissing was such a big deal.
Lucy: Well, let me tell you something, sister, it is!

Eric: [to Matt] I couldn't let you spend three days on a bus with a broken heart. Let's go home.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun [2.06]Edit

Lucy: Mom...
Annie: I'm still a little angry.
Lucy: I know, but why? All I was trying to do was express my unique personality--a personality which, I might add, I'm not allowed to express at home.
Annie: First of all, it didn't appear to me that you were expressing any unique personality at all, because you and your friends were expressing the exact same unique personality! So maybe you should look up what the word "unique" means, because judging from what I've seen, it's not very clear to you!

Karen: My friends are there for me, they make me strong, they protect me.
Annie: Oh, really? The same friends who will beat you and rape you so you can get into a group where you can mule drugs and do drive bys and be available to sex on demand?
Karen: You are so out there! My friends would never betray me.
Annie: Well, it's good you're that strong, because this is going to take all the strength you have.

Ruthie: When's eventually?
Mary: Sometime in the future, but you're not sure when.
Ruthie: Is it for sure?
Mary: What?
Ruthie: Eventually?

Joe: We don't search our kids' rooms.
Eric: I don't search mine, either, but I can't be with them every minute. I've got to tell you, I don't always know what they're doing when I'm not around, and the possibilities and getting more and more frightening.

Joan: [to Karen] How can you do this? How? I work. Your father works two jobs, all so we can live in a safe neighborhood, so our kids will be safe! And all the time, the drugs, the violence, and the weapons were in our house? In our house?
Joe: And you brought them in.
Joan: We have to protect Stan. No wonder he isn't sleeping. I'll take him to my mom's. He'll be safe there.
Karen: No, you don't have to!
Joe: I'll see if I can get a transfer. Maybe we can move.
Karen: No! Why are you doing this?
Joe: Haven't you heard? Our daughter is in a gang! There are weapons in our son's bed! He is in serious danger! We all are!

Do Something [2.07]Edit

Eric: Matt, if something had happened to Steve while he was with you today, what would you have done?
Matt: I'm not sure, other than I would have tried to get him back to the hospital. If it was too late for that, then I guess I would have just held him. Been with him. If something had happened, Dad, at least the kid would have had a day out. I mean, he's dying and there's nothing anyone can do but let him live a little.

Steve: I have a question. What do you think dying is like?...You don't have to answer that if you don't want. I'll understand.
Matt: No. No, it's okay. I'll answer it. I think about it sometimes. I think it's kind of like when you're little, and you're sick, and your parents pick you up and put you in their bed. Then you wake up, and you don't know where you are, but then it just takes a second, and you remember where you are and that you're okay. I think it's like that.

I Hate You [2.08]Edit

Annie: What are our rules with drawing?
Ruthie: No drawing on the walls, or the tables, or furniture, or anywhere but paper.
Annie: That's right. So why break the rules if you know the rules?
Ruthie: I don't know. I just got bored, I guess.

Ruthie: I didn't paste or cut anything, it's not fair!
Annie: I think it's plenty fair.
Ruthie: I hate you!

Mary: We're really sorry if we hurt your feelings.
Joanne: If? If you hurt my feelings? You think I have fake teeth, a boob job, and that I can't microwave my own food. That's right, I have perfect hearing too. I heard every word you said.

Lucy: We're really sorry.
Joanne: You should be! If you had bothered to get to know me, I'm a pretty nice person. And I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.
Lucy: And yet, if you made the same mistake we did, you'd want them to forgive you, right?
Joanne: I wouldn't make the same mistake you did.

Annie: You know, Ruthie, when someone does something wrong, they need to take responsibility for it. And sometimes when they're angry, they say things that aren't nice and aren't true. I was hoping that after a while you would have time to think about what you said, and you would apologize. Do you remember when you said you hated me? I know you don't like to be punished, but saying you hate me really hurt my feelings.

Eric: I'm really sorry if Simon bothered you.
Mrs. Kerjesz: I know what he wanted. He wanted to ask about something he saw the other day. [pulls up her sleeve to reveal numbers] Could an innocent boy like that really understand my story?
Eric: Well... yeah, I think he can. But I don't want you to feel pressured to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable.
Mrs. Kerjesz: Oh, I talk about it. With my friends who are survivors. We have common ears, we can hear each other. Other people... they don't hear us so well.

Mrs. Kerjesz: If only we could we just stop hating each other...if only.

Truth or Dare [2.09]Edit

Mary: [to her parents] Matt paid Brian $20 for him to go out with me! [to Matt] I can't believe you!
Annie: Like I said...
Matt: Yeah, yeah it'll blow up in my face.

Beverley: [with Lucy is hiding under the bed listening] So I've been dying to ask you...what do you think of Lucy?
Shelby: I think she's pretty nice.
Girl: Pretty nice? Please! She's absolutely rude to Ashley.
Shelby: It probably just gets to her that Ashley and Jimmy are boyfriend/girlfriend. I mean, he and Lucy had been going out for a long time.
Beverley: Yeah, I always wondered why he broke up with her anyway.
Ashley: Well, for one thing, Jimmy says she's incredibly insecure.
Shelby: So she's a little insecure...okay, she doesn't have a lot of self-confidence.
Beverley: No kidding!
Girl: You're exactly right.
Shelby: Yeah, but who would with an older sister who's a basketball star and a brain?
Girl: Yeah, I mean, if Mary hadn't made us invite Lucy over tonight, believe me...

Lucy: [to Mary] Did you pay Beverly to invite me to her sleepover or did you just threaten her?

Annie: Simon, you're going to have to tell Ruthie that despite your teaching, she's still going to have to take swim lessons.
Simon: Why me?
Annie: Because you're the one who let her believe that she could learn how to swim by splashing around in a bathtub!
Simon: But it will break her heart. Her teeny-tiny heart.
Annie: Whose fault is that?

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way [2.10]Edit

Ruthie: Mommy's upstairs yelling at Mary and Lucy, and I'm pretty sure the roast is burning.
Colonel: Why do you think that?
Ruthie: Because there's smoke coming out of the oven.
Colonel: Ruthie, you get off the phone right now and go upstairs and get your mother. Right now, that's an order! Understand?
Ruthie: Yes, sir! [hangs up]
Colonel: Ruth! Pack my bags, I'm shipping out!

The Colonel: It's important to know when to be helpful and how to be helpful. When you don't know either one, it's important to be harmless.
Matt: What?
The Colonel: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Eric: I finished my sermon.
Colonel: I knew you would.
Eric: Gosh, you know... I've been dreading tomorrow all week, and now I can't wait.

Rush to Judgment [2.11]Edit

Ms. Russell: Why did you think it was not just a hug?
Lucy: I don't know... something just didn't seem right. I got a bad feeling about it... but I'm sorry. That's just the way I felt... I must've been wrong. I was wrong, I mean obviously.
Ms. Russell: Are you sure you were wrong, Lucy?
Lucy: Off course I'm wrong, I'm always wrong. But how was I supposed to know about that mile record thing?
Ms. Russell: I'm going to have to talk to one of your parents.
Lucy: At least you know the number.

Stuck in the Middle with You [2.12]Edit

Mary: [to Lucy] How are either of them going to call you if you are on the phone?
Lucy: They're not, I'm playing hard to reach until I can make up my mind which one I want.

Eric: It's just that I always thought we'd be buried in upstate New York in the Camden family graveyard on the Colonel's property. Camden's have been buried there for hundreds of years.
Annie: A hundred years!
Eric: It's just a hole in the ground, so what difference does it make anyway, right?
Annie: Right, unless by that you don't want to be in the ground next to my mother and father.

Red Tape [2.13]Edit

Annie: [angry because the store owner won't let her return a poor quality sweater without a receipt] I'm just trying to return a sweater.
Store Owner: You're just trying to create a disturbance.
Annie: A disturbance? You want a disturbance? I'll give you a disturbance! What ever happened to common decency? What ever happened to service and a simple thank you for shopping here? What ever happened to the store standing behind the merchandise that it sells? What ever happened to truth, justice, and the American store taking returns?
Store Owner: I'll tell you what happened. People started shoplifting and then returning things for cash, or buying things, wearing them, and returning them for no reason! Profits started coming down, and insurance rates started going up, so shop owners had to start looking for merchandise with a higher mark-up. What do you want from a twelve dollar sweater? What ever happened to "You get what you pay for"? If the manufacturer doesn't stand up for the merchandise, then why should I get stuck? I've got kids to feed too, you know! That's what happened to this American store taking returns!

Homecoming [2.14]Edit

Annie: [to Mary] Well, if you run away from everything that scares you, you're gonna miss out on some great stuff in life.

Suzanne: I wish we had dates to the dance, though.
Lucy: Me, too. I know it sounds shallow, but just once in my life I'd like to walk into a gym with a really cool guy. Somebody tall, handsome and not my dad!

It Takes a Village [2.15]Edit

Annie: What do you want to tell me that you're not telling me?
Eric: Nothing. Oh, I did speak to Morgan last night. He was thinking that maybe instead of the whole family outing thing that you and Patricia could take the kids and let us have a guys' night out. Just the two of us, just hard-working minister guys just getting away from it all, shooting a little pool.
Annie: What are you two really up to?
Eric: Such a suspicious mind for such a pretty lady.
Annie: Flattery. Nice choice.
Eric: Thank you.

Patricia: If I saw one of my daughters in a theatre making out like these two, I send her to a convent.
Annie: I mean, this is a kid's movie for goodness sake.

Annie: Ah, ah, you can run, but you can't hide.
Lucy: I'll take hiding for now. But you know, Mom, technically aside from making out, I really didn't do anything wrong.
Annie': Oh, well this may sound harsh to you. To start with, you're on house probation for three months. Now if you an stay out of trouble for that long, I might consider letting you out the house before you turn 21. But if you so much as cross the line once, I'm going to have you lo-jacked, got it? Good!

Nothing Endures But Change [2.16]Edit

Lucy: [at a support group] My friend was killed in a car accident. Her sister was with her. She was injured, and now I don't know what to say to my friend's sister.
Counselor: What did people say to you that was comforting?
Wilson: Actually, we talk a lot about what people say that doesn't comfort you at all.
Girl #1: "You'll see her again when you die".
Guy #1: "He's resting now". I was seven. I thought it meant that when my dad rested enough, he'd come back. It totally spooked me.
Girl #2: "It was meant to be". That's my favorite.
Guy #2: "Meant to be". I mean, what is that? My brother was meant to get shot?
Lucy: Is there anything anybody can say?
Wilson: Maybe the truth. Things like "This totally sucks".
Guy #2: That's what I wanted to say out loud at the funeral, but I couldn't because nobody would have understood! That and "I'm glad it wasn't me". It sounds selfish, but I'm glad to be alive. I've got a lot of things I want to do with my life.

Sgt. Michaels: There's been an accident.
Eric: Tell me it's not Lucy.
Sgt. Michaels: No. But the girl does go to Lucy's high school. Their car smashed into a telephone pole. One girl was killed instantly. The other one survived, but she's not in good shape. Evidently, they were trying to dodge a kid who ran in the middle of the street.
Eric: Which one?
Sergeant Michaels: Sarah. Just fourteen years old. This is gonna be a tough call to make, Rev. I was hoping you'd go with me.

Mary: You're mad at Lucy? Mad about what?
Matt: I think she was going to run off with those girls. They weren't going to get a pizza.
Mary: You don't know that.
Matt: Yeah, I do. It was written all over her face when I dropped her off, but I didn't press her on it. She was trying to trick me. How do you think I would have felt if she had been in that car? She could have been killed, too!
Lucy: [walks in crying] You think I don't know that? You don't think that if they hadn't been on their way to pick me up, Sarah would still be alive and she wouldn't have died?
Matt: Sarah died because she was driving the car and the kid ran out in front of her!
Lucy: I know that! And that's my fault too; it's all my fault!

Annie: Luce, the accident.
Lucy: It wasn't them. Tell me it wasn't them Mom, please?!
Annie: I'm sorry. Sarah was killed Luce, and Jen's in the hospital in serious condition! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Oh, I'm just glad it wasn't you! [they both begin to cry]

Annie: How's Jen doing? Any word?
Eric: I just got off the phone with her parents; she's still in the hospital. Her leg's going to be okay. But she's got a heavy burden to carry, and... and unfortunately, it could take years to develop the strength for it. Having to be there for Jen is what's keeping the parents going. They're just so grateful they didn't lose her too- What, Annie?
Annie: I just keep thinking that Lucy could have been in that car, too.

Lucy: That's so weird. I feel the exact same way, like every single person on this earth is one second away from leaving the planet, me included. And you know, it's like there must be a reason I'm here. God must have had a reason for keeping me here. Otherwise, why wouldn't I have been in that car?
Wilson: Right after my wife died, I felt the exact same way. Why didn't I die? Why her? Why did she have to suffer through such a difficult labor and then die in the end?

Lucy: It is my fault! It's all my fault! Nothing will ever be the same again! Nothing! [runs up to her room]
Eric: It'll take awhile.
Annie: I know. But I'm glad that she has awhile to take.

My Kinda Guy [2.17]Edit

[Eric has invited a foreign exchange student to stay]
Annie: You invited a guest to stay in our house without even consulting me?
Eric: ...I just thought it would be a great cultural experience for the kids, for all of us.
Annie: Well so's a museum, but unfortunately we don't have room for one in our house!

Time to the Leave the Nest [2.18]Edit

Simon: [about Sarah] What, you think this girl has parents? What kind of parents would let their child run around hungry and dirty like that? She must be an orphan. I can feel it in my bones!
Sergeant Michaels: I think we owe it to the child to go a little bit beyond that.
Simon: Why? Even if she does have parents, they shouldn't get her back. When something belongs to you, you have to take care of it! It's the law.
Sergeant Michaels: Well, not exactly.

Joe: Listen, sweetie, you've been taking care of me for a long time. But I think I need more help than a little girl can give.
Sarah: I wasn't doing a good job?
Joe: No, no, no, honey. I wasn't doing a good job.

Joe: It's your turn to be taken care of, and Grandma's great at taking care of people, honey. So I want you to do me a favor and let Grandma take you home for a while. I'll miss you so much. But you deserve everything...some new toys, and some pretty dresses.
Sarah: I don't need new toys or dresses! I need you!
Joe: That's why I'm going to stay here and get some help. But I don't think I'll be much good at it unless I know you're with my mom. That way, I won't worry about you.
Sarah: I love you, Daddy.

Sarah: Please take me back to my daddy. He needs me. I shouldn't have left him alone.
Simon: Well, that's okay. Daddies can take care of themselves.
Sarah: But he's really sick, and we don't have any money, so he needs me to go into town with him, and ask people for money so we can buy stuff.
Simon: Wait. What kind of sickness?
Sarah: I don't know, but if he doesn't drink a lot, he hurts real bad.

Joe: But I love her. I love Sarah!
Eric: If you mean that, then you need to do what's best for her. Do the right thing, Joe.

Eric: I know how you feel, Simon, but we still need to do whatever we can to find Sarah's family.
Simon: You're on your own there, Dad. I want her.

Mrs. James: Joe, I need you to tell Sarah to come with me. I need you to talk to her, make it okay for her.
Joe: Why would I give up the only person in this world who loves me?
Mrs. James: Oh, Joe! I love you. I've always loved you! But even more than that, someone upstairs must really love you, to find people like this to help you.

Annie: Everything will be okay.
Mrs. James: I used to say that about my son. But it never was. It never was.

Like a Harlot [2.19]Edit

Ruthie: Why didn't you tell me Snappy was real!? What's next, Santa Claus? How many years have you been lying to me? Am I really 6!?
Annie: You went backstage.
Ruthie: And you know what else? I don't believe in God either.

Eric: I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning. I turned Ruthie into an atheist, I forced Matt to go out with Connie, Lucy and Mary are both dating 11-year olds and I still have to talk to Simon about that movie.

Eric: Anyway, you don't believe in God, huh? (Ruthie shakes her head yes) Kinda gets me in the heart 'cause God is so real to me.
Ruthie: But you can't see God.
Eric: Well, the wind is real, but you can't see the wind. You know, you can only see the leaves rustling in the trees. Pain is real but you can't see pain. You can only see tears. Happiness is real, but you can't see happiness. You can only see the smile on someone's face.

Boyfriends (1) [2.20]Edit

Matt: [to Eric and Annie] The good news is I'm valedictorian. The bad news is I leave before I have a chance to make my speech. I got a job in Washington, D.C. Summer work program.

Simon: Ruthie's mad because you're abandoning us.
Matt: I'm not abandoning anyone. I'm going to college!

Matt: [to Mary & Wilson on her bed] Have you two lost your minds!? Haven't you learned anything from your mistake? [to Mary] You're acting more like he's your husband!

Annie: [to Eric] Mary's.... Mary's... pregnant.

... And Girlfriends (2) [2.21]Edit

Ruthie: Mr. Martin can bite me.
Simon: Where are you learning words like that?
Ruthie: Around. I have ears, you know!
Simon: Well, if anyone hears you talk like that, this cleanser's going to end up in your mouth.

Ruthie: [after dropping a book] Darn it.
Simon: You and your mouth are treading a mighty fine line, sister!
Ruthie: Don't worry, it's almost out my system, I can feel it.

Mary: Is there something wrong with me?
Annie: Not exactly. You're... you're... I can't.
Eric: There is just no easy way to say this Mary, it seems that you're pregnant.
Mary: I don't think so.
Annie: Why, because your birth controls infailable?!
Mary: Yeah, it's called not having sex, it works 100% of the time; and hey, if I'm lying we'll all know in a couple of months now, won't we?

Annie: I have something to tell you. We're going to have a baby. A baby... we're having one. You can't get any closer and we're still having a baby. Uh-huh... you and me together. Wacky Dr. Peterson got the tests mixed up.
Eric: WHAT!?

Matt: [upon finding out Annie's pregnant] You didn't do this just to get me to stay home and go to school, did you?
Eric & Annie: No.
Matt: Well, you can't get me out of here now, things are just starting to get good.