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The day may dawn when fair play, love for one's fellow men, respect for justice and freedom, will enable tormented generations to march forth triumphant from the hideous epoch in which we have to dwell. Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair. ~ Winston Churchill
One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than fifty preaching it. ~ Knute Rockne (born 4 March 1888)
There was a young fellow from Trinity,
Who took the square root of infinity.
But the number of digits, Gave him the fidgets;
He dropped Math and took up Divinity.

~ George Gamow ~ (born 4 March 1904)
In all living nature (and perhaps also in that which we consider as dead) love is the motive force which drives the creative activity in the most diverse directions. ~ P. D. Ouspensky (born 4 March 1878)
Philosophy is based on speculation, on logic, on thought, on the synthesis of what we know and on the analysis of what we do not know. Philosophy must include within its confines the whole content of science, religion and art. ~ P. D. Ouspensky
When I listen to love, I am listening to my true nature. When I express love, I am expressing my true nature. All of us love. All of us do it more and more perfectly. The past has brought us both ashes and diamonds. In the present we find the flowers of what we've planted and the seeds of what we are becoming. I plant the seeds of love in my heart. I plant the seeds of love in the hearts of others. ~ Julia Cameron
I honor my importance and the importance of others. None of us is dispensable, none of us is replacable. In the chorus of life each of us brings a True Note, a perfect pitch that adds to the harmony of the whole. I act creatively and consciously to actively endorse and encourage the expansion of those whose lives I touch. Believing in the goodness of each, I add to the goodness of all. We bless each other even in passing. ~ Julia Cameron
The idea of "crime" in existing criminology is artificial, for what is called crime is really an infringement of "existing laws", whereas "laws" are very often a manifestation of barbarism and violence. Such are the prohibiting laws of different kinds which abound in modern life. The number of these laws is constantly growing in all countries and, owing to this, what is called crime is very often not a crime at all, for it contains no element of violence or harm. On the other hand, unquestionable crimes escape the field of vision of criminology, either because they have not recognized the form of crime or because they surpass a certain scale. In existing criminology there are concepts: a criminal man, a criminal profession, a criminal society, a criminal sect, and a criminal tribe, but there is no concept of a criminal state, or a criminal government, or criminal legislation. Consequently what is often regarded as "political" activity is in fact a criminal activity. ~ P. D. Ouspensky
Focused on our good, focused on our abundance we naturally attract more of the same. This is spiritual law. Our consciousness is creative. What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of? ~ Julia Cameron
We know that with the very first awakening of knowledge, man is confronted with two obvious facts:
The existence of the world in which he lives; and the existence of psychic life in himself.
Neither of these can he prove or disprove, but they are facts: they constitute reality for him.
~ P. D. Ouspensky ~
Creativity — like human life itself — begins in darkness. We need to acknowledge this. All too often, we think only in terms of light: "And then the lightbulb went on and I got it!" It is true that insights may come to us as flashes. It is true that some of these flashes may be blinding. It is, however, also true that such bright ideas are preceded by a gestation period that is interior, murky, and completely necessary.
~ Julia Cameron ~
The problem of Eternity, of which the face of the Sphinx speaks, takes us into the realm of the impossible. Even the problem of Time is simple in comparison with the problem of Eternity.
~ P. D. Ouspensky ~
How far should one accept the rules of the society in which one lives? To put it another way: at what point does conformity become corruption? Only by answering such questions does the conscience truly define itself.
~ Kenneth Tynan ~
Life is a creative endeavor. It is active, not passive. We are the yeast that leavens our lives into rich, fully baked loaves. When we experience our lives as flat and lackluster, it is our consciousness that is at fault. We hold the inner key that turns our lives from thankless to fruitful. That key is "Blessing."
~ Julia Cameron ~
The greatest barrier to consciousness is the belief that one is already conscious.
~ P. D. Ouspensky ~
Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points.
~ Knute Rockne ~
Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough — that we should try again. No. We should not.
Focused on process, our creative life retains a sense of adventure. Focused on product, the same creative life can feel foolish or barren.
~ Julia Cameron ~
Knowledge must start from some foundation, something must be recognized as known; otherwise we shall be obliged always to define one unknown by means of another.
~ P. D. Ouspensky ~
Now, at more than any other point in recent history, the United Nations is being challenged. If the United Nations has any purpose, it is to prevent war, it is to condemn war, to stop war. That is our job here today. It is the job you were sent here to do – not just by your capitals, but by all of humanity.
~ Linda Thomas-Greenfield ~
Every shot that takes an innocent life must result in a legal and fair sentence that punishes murder.
Every violence that destroys a person's life must result in a legal and fair judicial decision that protects human dignity.
These are constants for civilized and democratic countries. For the countries in which the rule of law is consistently ensured.
But it is time to make it constant for international relations as well.
The constants that will act universally and most importantly — irrevocably in relation to any violator of international law.
Especially when it comes to the crime of aggression.
The world needs a real embodiment of the rule of law, which is guaranteed to protect humanity from the "right of force" — from the source of all aggressions.
~ Volodymyr Zelenskyy ~
Nothing dies harder than a bad idea.
~ Julia Cameron ~
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I've found that the chief difficulty for most people was to realize that they had really heard new things: that is things that they had never heard before. They kept translating what they heard into their habitual language. They had ceased to hope and believe there might be anything new. ~ P. D. Ouspensky

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I felt that on a basis of a "search for the miraculous" it would be possible to unite together a very large number of people who were no longer able to swallow the customary forms of lying and living in lying. ~ P. D. Ouspensky

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First to dream and then to do— isn't that the way to make a dream come true? ~ Meindert DeJong

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Anger is meant to be acted on. It is not meant to be acted out. Anger points the direction. We are meant to use anger as fuel to take the actions we need to move where our anger points us. With a little thought, we can usually translate the message that our anger is sending us. ~ Julia Cameron

  • 2 Zarbon 01:40, 3 March 2009 (UTC)
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  • 2 InvisibleSun 23:19, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

I have learned, as a rule of thumb, never to ask whether you can do something. Say, instead, that you are doing it. Then fasten your seat belt. The most remarkable things follow. ~ Julia Cameron

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Love is the substance of all life. Everything is connected in love, absolutely everything. ~ Julia Cameron

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The growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in love. All that I touch, I leave in love. I move through this world consciously and creatively. ~ Julia Cameron

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There are eight million stories in the Naked City; this has been one of them. ~ The Naked City

Art is an act of the soul, not of the intellect. When we are dealing with people's dreams — their visions, really — we are in the realm of the sacred. We are involved with forces and energies larger than our own. We invoke the Great Creator when we invoke our own creativity, and that creative force has the power to alter lives, fulfill destinies, and answer our dreams.
~ Julia Cameron ~

"A busy eleven minutes later we were in Earth orbit. The Earth didn't look much different from the way it had during my first flight, and yet I kept looking at it. From space it has an almost benign quality. Intellectually one could realize there were wars underway, but emotionally it was impossible to understand such things. The thought reoccurred that wars are generally fought for territory or are disputes over borders; from space the arbitrary borders established on Earth cannot be seen."
~ Buzz Aldrin ~

Nicole Sharp (talk) 21:46, 3 March 2022 (UTC)

  • 2 ♌︎Kalki ⚓︎ 00:07, 4 March 2022 (UTC) for this date, but a probable 4 on Aldrin's next birthdate, or perhaps sooner,