Who United the Western Front During World War I?

theatre of WWI in France and Belgium
  • March 21, 1918: General Humbert to General Gough (on reserves to help the B.E.F.): "All I have is the pennant on my car." From David Lloyd George, Memoirs, Vol. V, pg. 380: Link
  • March 26, 1918: Prime Minister Clemenceau to Lord Alfred Milner (at the front steps of Doullens Town Hall): "Do not forget that today will be a date in history." From, Raymond Poincaré, "In the Service of France, Vol. X", pg. 89.
  • March 25 & 26, 1918: General Ferdinand Foch on confronting the German assault on the Western Front: "I would fight without a break. I would fight in front of Amiens. I would fight in Amiens. I would fight behind Amiens. I would fight all the time. I would never surrender." From, Marshall, S.L.A., "World War I", pg. 357: Link
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