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industrial activity producing goods for sale using labor and machines
A wide market awaited the manufacturer... who would set purity and quality above everything else in their preparation.
- Henry J. Heinz.

Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.

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  • INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is destined to become a universal language ; for in our material age of rapid transition, from abstract, to applied, Science — in the midst of our extraordinary tendency towards the perfection of the means of conversion, or manufacturing production — it must soon pass current in every land.
  • Mechanical engineering may be defined as the manufacture, installation, and repair of all kinds of machinery (including machine tools), prime movers and boilers, and engines.
    • N. K. Buxton, ‎Derek Howard Aldcroft (1979) British industry between the wars. p. 129

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  • A wide market awaited the manufacturer of food products who would set purity and quality above everything else in their preparation.
    • Attributed to Henry J. Heinz in: J. N. Garfunkle (1910), The American Pure Food and Health Journal. Vol. 2 p. xxxviii
  • The two main purposes of mechanical engineering are: first, to design and make tools and equipment for turning out machinery required by all branches of engineering, industry, and commerce, and, second, to design and manufacture, by means of said tools and equipment.
    • Theodore Jesse Hoover, ‎John Charles Lounsbury Fish (1941) The Engineering Profession. p. 133

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  • There are many branches of manufacturing industry which greatly depend for their success upon the designer's art, and it is necessary that the industrial designer should possess a knowledge of the processes of the manufacture in which his designs will be utilized, as well as of the properties and capabilities of the material to which they will be applied.

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