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You are tangling with a long running troll and POV vandal from Wikipedia. THe puppetmaster account is Eleemosynary. He is permanently blocked for outing the personal details of an administrator and had a longrunning history of bans for edit warring, 3RR, POV, personal attacks, etc. He has branched out to Wikiquote since his banning and employs the same tactics of blind reverts (claiming "vandalism" or whitewash") and refusal to discuss on talk pages. Good luck in dealing with him.

Some helpful links:

Not sure how to do interwiki lins, however from Wikipedia, check out the following:

w:User:Eleemosynary - puppetmaster w:User: - most recent ip, banned 6 months at Wikipedia. w:User_talk: - long running ip, perma banned from Wikipedia

Keep an eye on User_talk:Slivowitz as well. See Talk:Matt Sanchez. Another sock.

He is active here on Rush, as well as Matt Sanchez, which relates to the dispute he was perma-blocked for on Wikipedia. This should be enough for you to build a case. Happy hunting!