The Flash (2014 TV series)

2014 American superhero television series

The Flash is a TV show based on the fictional character Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. It is the second entry of the Arrowverse, a series that includes Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

Season 1 edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. When I was a child I saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world I am an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me. And one day, I'll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. I am the Flash.

Pilot [1.01] edit

Oliver Queen: So why come to me? Something tells me you didn't just run 600 miles to say hi to a friend.
Barry Allen: All my life I've been wanting to do more. Be more. And now I am. And the first chance I get to help someone, I screw up. I was chasing the bad guy and... and someone died.
Oliver: If you really do this, you're gonna make mistakes. I've made mistakes. But the good you do will far outweigh the bad.
Barry: What if Wells is right? What if I'm not a hero. What if I'm some guy who was struck by lightning?
Oliver: I don't think that bolt of lighting struck you, Barry. I think it chose you...
Barry: I'm just not sure I'm like you, Oliver. I don't know if I can be some vigilante.
Oliver: You can be better. Because you can inspire people in a way that I never could. Watching over your city like a guardian angel, making a difference, saving people in a flash. Take your own advice. Wear a mask.

Barry: I wasn't the only one affected by the particle accelerator, was I?
Dr. Harrison Wells: We don't know for sure.
Barry: You said the city was safe. That there was no residual danger. But that's not true. So what really happened that night?
Wells: Well, the accelerator went active. We all felt like heroes and then... it all went wrong. A dimensional barrier ruptured unleashing unknown energies into our world. Anti-matter dark energy. X-elements.
Barry: Those are all theoretical.
Wells: And how theoretical are you?

[Barry uses Detective Chyre's pen to pick up cow shit]
Det. Fred Chyre: My Dad gave me that pen before he died.
Barry: Sorry.

Wells: You can do this, Barry. You were right. I am responsible for all of this. So many people have been hurt because of me, and when I looked at you, all I saw was a potential victim of my hubris. And yes, I created this madness, but you, Barry, you can stop it. You can do this. Now, run, Barry, run!

Clyde Mardon: It's time to think big.

Fastest Man Alive [1.02] edit

Barry: I'm dealing with a lot right now.
Det. Joe West: Look, I know you are. Believe me, I'm dealing with it, too. I've always had a very simple set of beliefs. Gravity makes things fall. Water makes things wet. And up until a few weeks ago, I believed the fastest man could run a mile in four minutes. Not four seconds.
Barry: I could do it in three. [Pause] Not relevant.

Barry: Yeah, I might be in the suit doing all the running... but when I'm out there helping people, making a difference... you're all out there with me. Finally realized something, we were all struck by that lightning.

Barry: Joe, what I said to you about not being my father...
Joe: Barry, I know. I know I'm not your father.
Barry: You're right, you're not. You're just the man who kept me fed and in clothes, who sat by my bed every night until I fell asleep because I was afraid of the dark, helped me with my homework. You taught me how to drive, and shave... and you dropped me off to college. Sounds a lot like a dad to me.

Barry: [voice over] Every kid dreams about being a superhero. Having powers, saving people. But no kid thinks about what it's like to be a hero and not saving people. Truth is, not much else changes. You still hurt, you still love, you still wish and hope and fear things, and you still need people to help you with all of it. In some ways, that's the best part.

Simon Stagg: Wells. Who the hell let you in here?
Wells: You been having a party out there?
Simon: Well, I'm sure you saw on TV. Former employee of mine tried to kill me.
Wells: Former employee with the ability to replicate... faced off against a man who could move at super speed.
Simon: You've seen him too, haven't you?
Wells: Indeed I have.
Simon: Extraordinary. The power he possesses, it's like... it's like the gods of olds! Like Mercury on Earth! Could you imagine if you could control his power, if you could... if you could harness it, you could change what it means to be human. The man in the red mask is the key, and I'm gonna get him.
Wells: [takes off his glasses] The man in the red mask. He's called the Flash... or at least he will be one day. [stands up from his wheelchair]
Simon: What the hell...?
[Wells stabs Stagg in the stomach with a knife]
Wells: Forgive me, Simon. I worry that you will think this is personal, and it's not. It's just that the man in the red mask, the fastest man alive... he must be kept...
[draws his knife out of Simon's stomach, who falls over dead]
Wells: ... safe.

Things You Can't Outrun [1.03] edit

Barry: It doesn't matter if you're the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive, every one of us is running. Being alive means running; running from something; running to something or someone. And no matter how fast you are, there are some things you can't outrun; some things always manage to catch up to you.

Barry: [answers cell phone] Hello.
Cisco Ramon: Code 237 on Way Boulevard.
Barry: Public indecency?
Cisco: Wait, I think I meant a 239.
Barry: Dog leash violation?
Dr. Caitlin Snow: Bad man, with a gun, in a getaway car. Go!

Barry: My dad has spent 14 years in a six-by-eight foot cell for a crime he didn't commit. I couldn't save my mom, but I can save him.
Joe: Didn't I promise you that we would get your father out of prison, together?
Barry: I don't need your help Joe. I can be in and out of there with him before anyone even sees me.
Joe: Okay, you break him out of there, then what? He's on the run for the rest of his life. Something tells me he's not as fast as you are.
Barry: You don't know what it's like there.
Joe: You think I don't understand what you're feeling? I have been a cop for almost as long as you've been alive. So you should know, putting on that suit does not make everybody safe. For every person you save there's going to be someone you can't. And the hardest thing you're going to have to face is not some monster out there with powers. It's gonna be that feeling of uselessness when you can't do anything. Or the guilt that weighs on you when you make a mistake. Some things Barry, you can't fight. Some things, you just have to live with.

Barry: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, leaving like that.
Caitlin: It's okay, I get it, you had to go. It's just... that's the last thing Ronnie said to me that night.
Barry: My mother died 14 years ago. I used to think that the further away I got from it the less it would hurt, but some days the pain is worse than the day that it happened. Some things you can't fight.
Caitlin: For so long I've been terrified of going into that hole.
Barry: What if I went with you?
[They go down to the particle accelerator and Caitlin flashes back to that night.]
Caitlin: He saved so many lives that day, and no one will ever know what he did.
Barry: I do. He was a hero.
Caitlin: I didn't want him to be a hero, I wanted him to be my husband.

Barry: Turns out no one can outrun pain. Life is tragedy, but it's also precious and sweet and extraordinary. And the only way I know to honor my mom's life is to keep running.

Going Rogue [1.04] edit

Leonard Snart: Once the armored car called 911 we had 182 seconds before any cop could be on the scene. No one could get there fast enough to stop us. But something did. And you lost your cool. You know the rules, we don't shoot guards or cops unless it's the only option. We don't need the heat.

Iris West: I am dating Eddie whether you like it or not.
Joe: Eddie's my partner.
Iris: I know.
Joe: But you don't. You're not a cop. You don't know what having a partner means. Wherever I go, he goes, and where I go isn't always safe, Iris. I need to be 100% focused. Now, there's a part of me who isn't focused, who doesn't see Eddie as my partner but as your boyfriend. So if he gets hurt, or worse, and I'm there? How am I gonna look at you? How are you gonna look at me? Now I'm not mad at you, but that's why this is so hard for me. Do you understand?

Barry: I mean, if you had just told me, I could have been prepared. But instead, someone died tonight.
Cisco: And I have to live with that.
Barry: No, Cisco, we all do

Felicity Smoak: Believe me. It took much more than seeing Oliver do the salmon ladder for me to trust him. I've seen first hand what this life can do to people. It's a lonely path. Don't make it any lonelier than it has to be.

Felicity: Remember when you told me you had a little experience, liking someone who didn't like you the same way? That was Iris, right?
Barry: How did you know?
Felicity: It's the little things. The way you linger on her when she isn't looking, the smile you fake to play the part. The quiet dreams you keep to yourself.
Barry: Like you and Oliver. Takes one to know one. I'm afraid it will change everything.
Felicity: It will, but maybe that's not such a bad thing? What is wrong with us? We are perfectly perfect for each other.
Barry: Yet we're sitting here pining for people we can't have. I guess what they say is true. Opposites do attract.

Plastique [1.05] edit

Barry: How often do you think about why your friends came into your life? Was it random? By design? Or maybe a little of both? Regardless of the reasons, some friends you just know are gonna be by your side for a while. Others, you're not so sure. And then there's that one friend who... well, you hope one day becomes something more, but friend will have to do for now. And that's okay, I guess.

Barry: Guys? I have a problem.
Cisco: We all do when guys like him exist.
Caitlin: [looking at Eddie] Yeah, he's so hot. Uh, I mean, genetically speaking. Because I'm a geneticist, of course. Oh, my God, do I sound like Felicity?

Barry: Don't ask.
Cisco: I'm gonna ask. Where's my suit?
Barry: It's... gone.
Cisco: What do you mean, it's gone? What did you do with my suit?
Barry: It blew up, dude. I managed to get out of it before it went "kaboom."
Cisco: My suit went "kaboom"?
Barry: Fun fact about Bette Sans Souci. She's not carrying bombs. She touched the emblem on the suit and turned it into a bomb. She's a meta-human.
Wells: With the ability to cause spontaneous combustion upon tactile contact.
Cisco: She blew up my suit.
Caitlin: You have, like, three more.
Cisco: Okay, I have two. And I loved that one.

Joe: So, human bomb. Must be Tuesday in Central City.

Caitlin: [to Barry] You can walk on water. Puts you in a pretty interesting company.

The Flash Is Born [1.06] edit

Iris: To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first, you need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. Because all of us, we've forgotten what miracles look like. Maybe because they haven't made much of an appearance lately. Our lives have become ordinary. But there is someone out there who is truly extraordinary. I don't know where you came from. I don't know your name. But I have seen you do the impossible to protect the city I love. So for those of us who believe in you and what you're doing, I just want to say thank you.

Wells: What exactly are we debating?
Cisco: The average number of bugs Barry swallows in a day of running.
Wells: I look forward to seeing you accept your Nobel.

Cisco: Dude, that had to feel great.
Barry: You have no idea.
Caitlin: Almost as proving me wrong about the supersonic punch?
Barry: Actually, that part hurt. Like, a lot.

Iris: I've been trying to get answers from him. Where does he come from? How does he do what he does? But he dodges everything. Literally, with this super-speed power. When he moves, Barry, you don't even see him. He comes and goes in the blink of an eye, in a...
Barry: Flash?
Iris: In a flash. Yeah.

Iris: Today, I was saved by the impossible. A mystery man. The fastest man alive. Then a friend gave me an idea for a new name, and something tells me it's gonna catch on.

Power Outage [1.07] edit

Caitlin: You can't just lose your powers. Your DNA was transformed by the particle accelerator blast, OK? There's no way to un-transform DNA.
Barry: Tell that to the Uber driver that charged me sixty five bucks to take me here. I had to tell her I was coming from a cosplay party.

Barry: I haven't had my speed for very long, but now that it's gone it feels like part of me is gone too.
Caitlin: With or without your speed, you're still you Barry.
Barry: No I'm not. I'm not the best version of me. I love being The Flash. I love everything about it. The feeling of running hundreds of miles per hour. Wind and power just rushing past my face. Being able to help people. I'm not sure I can live without it Caitlin.

Barry: So why do you do what you do? Why get up in the morning?
Wells: Because I believe in a better future. One that I very much want to see. One that you are a part of. I might not very much care for people, Barry, but I care for you.

The Flash: I promise I'll never be late again.
Iris: My best friend is always saying that and he is always late.
The Flash: You're worth being on time for.

Wells: Subject has made a great leap forward, causing me to revise my initial thesis. I thought...I thought his attachment to people was a distraction, now I realize the opposite is true. Barry's attachment to people, the people he cares about, is actually key to getting him up to speed.

Flash vs. Arrow [1.08] edit

Oliver: Last month you took on a man named Leonard Snart.
Barry: We call him Captain Cold.
Oliver: We can talk about you giving your enemies silly code names later.
Barry: You mean like over coffee with Deathstroke and the Huntress?

Oliver: There's a difference, Barry, between having powers and having precision.
Barry: When I came here thinking about going out helping people, you said I could be an inspiration.
Oliver: Living this life... well, it takes more than a mask. It takes discipline. And since you are probably as stubborn as I am... [Oliver brings out his bow and arrow]
Barry: What is that for?
Oliver: You're going to run over there, you're gonna come back at me, and you're going to get hit with an arrow.
Barry: [laughs] No, I'm not.
Oliver: Yes, you are.
Barry: Okay. Fine. I will humor you. [runs up the field]
Barry: Ready?
Oliver: Ready.
[Oliver fires an arrow at Barry, he runs towards Oliver and catches it]
Barry: Nice try. [hidden arrows behind Barry strike him in his back] Gah! Ah! What, you shot me?
Oliver: I heard you heal fast. [Oliver pulls the arrows out of Barry's back]

Felicity: How did it go with Oliver?
Barry: You know, to be honest, not exactly the partnership I thought it would be.
Felicity: Did he really do the thing with the arrows?
Barry: [exasperated] You knew he was gonna shoot me?
Felicity: Well, it is practically impossible to tell when Oliver's making a joke.

Caitlin: Barry has super powers. Oliver has a bow and arrow.
John Diggle: Do you have any idea how many people Oliver has killed with that bow and arrow?
Cisco: Recurve bow arrows can travel up to 300 feet per second, so, like, 200 miles an hour. Barry can run three times that fast.
Diggle: Whatever. Oliver's been doing this a lot longer. My money's on experience.
Cisco: My money's on speed.
Felicity: Please tell me you're not actually having this conversation right now.

Oliver: There's one more thing and you're not going to like it.
Barry: Does it involve you shooting me in the back?
Oliver: No. No, the heart. [nods over at Iris] That's not going to work out for you. And you need to let her go, for both of your sakes. [Oliver and Barry look over at Felicity and Iris. Oliver turns back.] Guys like us don't get the girl.

The Man in the Yellow Suit [1.09] edit

Barry: Who are you?
Reverse-Flash: You know who I am, Barry.
Barry: I don't know who you are.
Reverse-Flash: But you do, Barry. We've been at this a long time, you and I, but I'm always one step ahead. It is your destiny to lose to me, Flash, just as it was your mother's destiny to die that night.

Joe: The witness described seeing a yellow blur. Just like the one that killed Barry's mother.
Cisco: Then we need to get cracking and stop this speed psycho. That - I wasn't trying to give him a name.

Reverse-Flash: Not fast enough, Flash.

Joe: There's only two boxes left.
Barry: You know, at this rate, we'll be finished by Easter.
Joe: Don't even... [Barry decorates the Christmas tree in super-speed] Okay, the only red-suited dude I want in this house right now is Kris Kringle, you got it?

Eddie Thawne: And the Flash. Do you know who he is?
Joe: Yeah, I do. He's the guy that saved both of our lives tonight.

Revenge of the Rogues [1.10] edit

Barry: My name is Barry Allen. I am not the fastest man alive. That title belongs to the man who killed my mother. But not for long.

Wells: Very impressive, Mr. Allen. Your reaction to stimuli at super speed continues to improve.
Barry: It's still not enough.
Wells: It will be. You keep working like you are, you stay focused like you are, and you will be ready the next time the man in the yellow suit comes around.
Cisco: I think you mean the Reverse-Flash. What? He said it, not me. And he's right. Yellow suit, red lighting, and evil - the reverse of Barry.
Caitlin: Meh.
Wells: Actually, I kind of like it.

Snart: This is what we came for.
Mick Rory: That's worth money.
Snart: It's called Fire and Ice. An abstract modern day masterpiece said to represent the dichotomy of being.
Mick: It represents to me that people with lots of money buy dumb stuff.

Mick: You're a friend of his, huh? He's fast... like fire. Fire, it's undefinable. Heat, light, energy. It's an evolution when things burn.
Caitlin: You're sick.
Mick: Maybe you're the sick ones. You ever think about that?
Caitlin: Not really.
Mick: Mm.
Caitlin: You have third-degree burns. Why didn't you get skin grafts?
Mick: The fire revealed my true self, showed me who I really am. I wonder what the Flash will reveal when I burn his suit and skin off.
Caitlin: Do whatever you want to me, but leave him alone.
Mick: Oh, okay. You and this Flash must be really close if you're willing to die for him, hmm? [grabs his flamethrower and points it at Caitlin] You want me to show him who you really are? That'd be really fun. Show you who you... really are.

Wells: So potentially, these two guns could cancel each other out.
Cisco: Yeah, but to do that, you'd have to make them cross streams.
Barry: You mean like Ghostbusters?
Cisco: That film is surprisingly scientifically accurate.
Wells: And really quite funny.

The Sound and the Fury [1.11] edit

The Flash: It's over, Rathaway.
Hartley Rathaway: You know my name. I know some names too. Caitlin Snow. Cisco Ramon. Harrison Wells. I can hear the radio waves emanating from your suit. About 1900 megahertz. Is that them on the other end, listening? Are they going to hear you die?
The Flash: No. They're gonna hear you get your ass kicked.

Barry: Who is Hartley Rathaway?
Wells: Hartley Rathaway is the prodigal son. And he has returned.

Barry: You guys never mentioned his name.
Caitlin: That's because Hartley had a challenging personality.
Cisco: Which she means is, he was mostly a jerk. But, every once in a while, he could be a dick.

Wells: Hartley, allow me to introduce to you to Cisco Ramon. Mr. Ramon is one of the finest mechanical engineers I have ever seen.
Cisco: Wow. I can't believe Harrison Wells said that about me.
Wells: I'm sure he'll prove to be an invaluable member of your team. Trust me.
Hartley: You I trust. I don't foresee myself trusting someone who showed up his first day of work at a billion dollar research facility wearing a t-shirt that says "Keep Calm and Han Shot First".

Hartley: Well, well, well, the gang's all here. You've lasted a lot longer than I would've thought, Cisco.
Cisco: And you didn't last ten seconds against The Flash.
Hartley: I was thinking of calling myself "Pied Piper".
Cisco: Hey! I decide the nicknames around here. [pause] Although that one's not bad.

Crazy for You [1.12] edit

Cisco: That was insane. I mean, I'm even having a hard time getting mad at you for dirtying up my suit.
Barry: Okay, when are we gonna start considering it my suit?
Cisco: I'd be more comfortable calling it our suit.
Barry: [under his breath] Our suit.

Cisco: [to Hartley] How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?

Caitlin: Cisco says I don't have a life.
Barry: You don't, do you?
Caitlin: I do! I cook and I eat and I read and I help you.
Barry: So what you saying is, you do everything that has nothing to do with having a life.
Caitlin: [smiling] You don't have to be rude about it.
Barry: Hey, I'm not doing any better than you. My social life consists of running at superhuman speed and Netflix.
Caitlin: We are quite the pair, Mr. Allen.
Barry: Yes, we are, Dr. Snow.

Barry: Every time I got close, she'd disappear. It was like we were playing a game of...
Caitlin: Peek-a-Boo. Come on, can't I name one?

Barry: Dad. If I was the Flash, don't you think that you'd be the first to know about it?
Henry Allen: Yeah. Well, if the Flash were my son, I'd tell him a few things. First off, I'd tell him it's a dangerous world, so be careful. Then I'd tell him he's a hero. And he's saving a lot of lives. But the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father's proud of him.

The Nuclear Man [1.13] edit

Cisco: I'm not picking up anything, not even with the superlight.
Joe: Superlight?
Cisco: Technically, it's a multi-spectrum ultraviolet laser-enhanced scanner that detects molecular schisms in the 600 megavolt range, but I figured "superlight" was easier to say.

Cisco: Dr. Wells is a great man. I was nothing when he gave me a job, a chance to change my life. He has helped so many people. He's not a murderer!
Joe: Cisco, I'm a cop. I'm good at reading people, so I know I can trust you with my suspicion. When I go talk to the family and friends of a murder suspect, somebody I know is guilty, and I tell them the person they love is a killer, guess what they all say? "That's not the person I know."
Cisco: I think I'm done being a cop for today.

Dr. Martin Stein: I thought people your age didn't read actual books anymore.
Barry: Oh, I'm the only one.

Stein: [speaking through Ronnie's body] This body's taste buds would obviously be different from my own. Perhaps I'm now a light beer man.
Barry: There are worse things to be.
Stein: You mean like a living nuclear bomb?
Barry: You know.
Stein: Unstable nuclear fission was always a danger in the transmutation process. Plus, you all argue very loudly.

Stein: [speaking through Ronnie's body] You know, Einstein was not only brilliant, he had a great sense of humor. How did it go? "Any man who drives safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the pretty girl the attention she deserves." If I learned anything this past year, life's too short not to live.

Fallout [1.14] edit

Caitlin: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta - all your brain waves are perfectly in sync. The chances of that happening are next to impossible.
Barry: Impossible is just another Tuesday for us, remember?
Cisco: Yeah, but this is like some Twilight Zone level stuff. And I say that knowing full well that we have a guy locked up in our basement who can turn himself into poison gas.
Ronnie Raymond: Wait, really?
Cisco: Dude, that was like week three.

Cisco: Hey? You gonna miss being able to fly?
Ronnie: Yeah, maybe if I was the one holding the controller.
Stein: Meaning?
Ronnie: Meaning you weren't the most conscientiousness body-mate.
Stein: So you do not consider keeping you alive to be conscientiousness?
Ronnie: Alive? We were living under a bridge eating garbage.
Stein: I did not determine that it would be my mind that would dominate our existence, but thank God it was. I could feel your fear and panic, emotions that could have gotten us killed in that state.
Ronnie: You kept me buried down. You kept me from her.
Stein: Which is likely why she's still alive. Now I believe that you and I have spent quite enough time together.

Wells: You need to hurry, Barry's wounds are starting to heal with the fragments still under his skin.
Cisco: This is just like the time I stepped on a sea urchin. Only much worse.
Barry: Just don't pee on me.
Cisco: Uh, you know that's a myth, right?

Caitlin: I had Ronnie, and then I lost him. Then I found him again, but he wasn't actually Ronnie. Then I got him back but just for a day until I lost him again.
Cisco: You guys are like 10 seasons of Ross and Rachel, but just, like, smushed into one year.

[Reverse-Flash unmasks in front of Eiling, revealing himself to be Harrison Wells.]
General Wade Eiling: Harrison... You're one of them. A meta-human.
Wells: Yes, I am. And I protect my own.
[a growl is heard in the sewer]
Eiling: What was that?
Wells: Now, that... is an old friend of ours.
Gorilla Grodd: General...
Eiling: That... voice... It's in my head. Dear God.
Grodd: Not God. Grodd. [attacks Eiling]

Out of Time [1.15] edit

Wells: While I am more than happy to spend an evening watching old movies with you, Cisco, do you not have your brother's dinner to attend?
Cisco: Yeah. I was gonna ask Caitlin to come with me, but then I got a much better idea.
Wells: Which was?
Cisco: To not go at all.

Caitlin: So Clyde Mardon has a brother?
Wells: And both brothers survived the plane crash, and then the dark matter released from the particle accelerator explosion affects them both in virtually the same way.
Barry: Yeah, only Mark's power seem to be a lot more precise. To be able to control the weather like that, indoors?
Cisco: You'd have to be a Weather Wizard. Ooh, I've been waiting since week one to use that one.

Barry: Actually, you know, I could use some advice.
Joe: About what?
Barry: Uh, you know, just relationship stuff.
Joe: Oh, you mean, like, that girl, Linda?
Barry: No, actually. With Iris. Things between us have gotten a little complicated... again.
Joe: [laughs] You're asking your adopted father for advice about being in love with his daughter, who just happened to be dating his partner?
Barry: I know, I know.
Joe: Things have gone way past complicated.

Wells: You're incredibly clever, Cisco. I've always said so.
Cisco: You're him. The Reverse-Flash.
Wells: You and I haven't been truly, properly introduced. I am Eobard Thawne.
Cisco: Thawne? Like Eddie.
Wells: Let's call him a distant relative.
Cisco: The night that we trapped the Reverse-Flash, you almost died. There were two of you.
[Wells uses his speed powers to create two images of himself.]
Wells: It's an after-image. A speed mirage, if you will.
Cisco: Joe was right. You were there that night, 15 years ago, in Barry's house. You killed Nora Allen.
Wells: It was never my intention to kill Nora. I was there to kill Barry.
Cisco: Why? You're his friend. You've been teaching him how to...
Wells: Go faster. I know. A means to an end. And I'll tell you why. Because I have been stuck here, marooned here, in this place for fif-teen long years. And the Flash, and the Flash's speed, is the key to my returning to my world. To my time. And no one is going to prevent that from happening.
Cisco: I can help you.
Wells: You're smart, Cisco. [starts vibrating his hand] But you're not that smart. Do you know how hard it has been to keep all of this from you, especially from you? Because the truth is, I've grown quite fond of you. And in many ways, you have shown me what it's like to have a son. [thrusts his vibrating hand into Cisco's chest] Forgive me. But to me, you've been dead for centuries. [removes his hand, and Cisco falls to the floor dead.]

Barry: [to Iris] I am sorry. I didn't want you to find out this way. [changes into The Flash]

Rogue Time [1.16] edit

Caitlin: What if I came with you?
Cisco: What? Seriously?
Caitlin: Absolutely. You've done so much for me. Let me be there for you for a change. And I can look at old family photo albums and see what little Cisco looks like without long hair.
Cisco: I'm rescinding your invite.

Wells: You ruptured the time continuum, didn't you? You're experiencing temporal reversion.
Barry: Yeah!
Wells: How long?
Barry: Uh, a day and some change. It's like I'm living it all over again.
Wells: Yeah, well, that's good. That means there's not too much you could've messed up yet. How did this happen?
Barry: I-I don't know. I mean, I was running faster than I've ever ran, and the first time that I lived this day some really horrible things happened. There was a tidal wave and...
Wells: No. Do not tell me. I don't want to know anything about the future you experienced. Nothing!
Barry: Okay, but Dr. Wells, I...
Wells: Barry. Time is an extremely fragile construct. Any deviation, no matter how small, could result in a cataclysm. Now here's what you're going to do. Everything you did before. Every word you uttered, every step you took, you're going to do again. And you're not going to tell anyone this happened.

Joe: So when were you planning on telling me you took down Mardon?
Barry: I-I just haven't a chance yet.
Joe: You got sidetracked, you mean?
Barry: No, Joe, you can't be mad.
Joe: I'm not mad. But I'm curious. I mean, you were acting so weird at the crime scene.
Barry: I always act weird.
Joe: Okay. Weird-er

Wells: Do you have any idea what you've just done?
Barry: Yeah, I do. I just saved a lot of lives.
Wells: I warned you not to mess with the timeline.
Barry: Dr. Wells, if you would just tell you what was gonna happen, you'd understand why I did this.
Wells: What tragedy you think you've just averted, time will find a way to replace it and trust me, Barry, the next one could be much worse.

Snart: It's time for you and your family to pack up. Leave town. Retire to warmer climates. Finito.
Frank Santini: And if we don't?
Snart: You will all freeze.
Mick: Or burn.

Tricksters [1.17] edit

Wells: Hey, Joe. Is Barry doing all right? He seems cranky.
Joe: Even The Flash wakes up on the wrong side of the bed some mornings. He's fine.

James Jesse: How many died?
Joe: No one, luckily.
James: You know, when I was free and at my height, a day without casualties was like - well, like the Cubs winning the pennant - it just never happened.

Axel Walker: There's just one thing I've been dying to ask. Why did you choose me?
James: Because I knew you had the strength to fulfill my legacy. Besides, it was in your blood.
Axel: Wait. What do you mean in - in my blood?
James: The real reason I tracked you down and groomed you to be the best you could possibly be, Axel - I am your father.

James: Well, hello. You know, I've been in prison for 20 years.
Iris: Then you'll know the routine when you get sent back.

Wells: Listen to me, Barry. Breathe. Breathe. Feel the air. Feel that wind on your face. Feel the ground, your feet lifting you up, pushing you forward, and the lightning - Barry, feel the lightning. Feel its power. It's electricity pumping through your veins, crackling through you, traveling to every nerve in your body, like a shock. You're no longer you now. You're part of something greater. You're a part of a speed-force. It's yours. Now do it.

All Star Team Up [1.18] edit

Wells: What exactly are we waiting for, Ms. Smoak?
Felicity: Up there.
Caitlin: Is that a bird?
Cisco: It’s a plane.
Felicity: It’s my boyfriend.

Felicity: What is wrong with you? Is everyone in Central City in a bad mood? I thought Central City was supposed to be the fun one.

Barry: Another bee attack. Folston Tech.
Eddie: I'll see where Joe is.
Felicity: Bee careful.
Barry: For real?
Felicity: Bad pun, Sorry. Just don't die.

Felicity: It is so fun to watch grown men play with their toys.
Caitlin: You're so lucky. Ray's so nice and smart and hot.
Felicity: Yeah, it's kind of like I'm dating Barry but in Oliver's body. A sentence you will never repeat to anyone.
Caitlin: Your secret's safe with me.

Caitlin: I don't understand. What do Dr. Wells and The Reverse-Flash have to do with each other?
Barry: Um... They're the same person.
Caitlin: That's impossible.
Barry: Look, Caitlin, it took me a long time too, but it's him.
Caitlin: Dr. Wells is a speedster? He's paralyzed.
Joe: Is he, though?
Caitlin: And why would he kill Barry's mother? It doesn't make any sense. Cisco. Say something.
Cisco: I've been having these dreams. Mostly at night, but sometimes during the day. But they don't feel like dreams. They... they feel real.
Barry: What happens in the dream?
Cisco: Dr. Wells is The Reverse-Flash. And... he kills me.

Who Is Harrison Wells? [1.19] edit

Barry: I'm getting faster, faster than I've ever been, and I wonder if it's because lately something's chasing me. I know what it is that's stalking me. It's my past. It's getting closer, and as fast as I am, I can't help but feel like my past has almost caught up with me.

Eddie: Where's Barry?
Joe: He should be here any second. I sent him out for...
Barry: [superspeeds into the house] Pizza!
Cisco: What?
Eddie: From Coast City?
Barry: Supposedly the best in the west.
Cisco: Why didn't I think of this before? Come to papa.

Cisco: How do you know Barry? Are you guys, like, friends or something?
Laurel Lance: Not really. We met last time he was in Starling City visiting my friends. John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and Oliver Queen.
Cisco: Three people who absolutely have nothing in common. As far as I know.
Laurel: Cisco, I know Barry's the Flash, and Oliver's the Arrow.
Cisco: [chuckles] How do you know that?
Laurel: [whispers] Because I'm the Black Canary.
Cisco: Stop playing.
Laurel: It's true.
Cisco: You stop it right now. No. [laughs]
Laurel: Okay, okay. Calm down.
Cisco: I love you. I mean, I love the way that you beat up criminals.

Barry: Look, you said it yourself, if we don't find Hannibal Bates, you go to prison. For a crime you didn't commit. I'm not going to let that happen. Not again.
Eddie: This isn't like your dad, Barry.
Barry: Eddie, look.
Eddie: When your dad was put away, you were a kid. There wasn't anything you could do. But you're not a kid anymore. You're a scientist. Hell, you're The Flash. You are going to find Bates and you are going to clear me. So go do it.

Eddie: [to Iris] You were right. I was hiding something from you, and you deserve to know the truth. The reason I've been so distant lately... I've been working with The Flash.

The Trap [1.20] edit

[reading a newspaper front page in the Time Vault]
Cisco: "Flash missing. Vanished in crisis."
Barry: "After an epic street-battle with The Reverse-Flash, our city's very own Scarlet Speedster disappeared in an explosion of light."
Caitlin: Barry, look at the date.
Barry: April 25, 2024. Guys, when I fought The Reverse-Flash at Christmas, he said we'd be fighting for centuries.
Caitlin: Wait, you can't really think that this is from... the future.
Cisco: That would mean Dr. Wells, or whoever he is, is also...
Barry: From the future.
Cisco: I have to say, I'm really digging the brighter red suit. And the white on the symbol? That's dope. Wait a second. Suppose we now change the color on your suit. Will it be because we got the idea from this picture? That would mean we're living in a causal nexus. This - wow. This is so trippy. Like, Marty and the Polaroid trippy.
Caitlin: Not as trippy as the name on the byline.
Barry: Iris West-Allen?
Cisco: Mazel tov?
Gideon: Hebrew. Ancient language of the Jewish people.

Barry: You know Dr. Wells?
Gideon: Yes.
Barry: Do you know who he really is?
Gideon: I don't understand the question.
Barry: I... I mean, what is he doing here? W-why did he come here?
Gideon: To kill you.

Eddie: I know the timing might seem off with everything that has gone on, but I want to propose to Iris and I want your blessing.
Joe: No.
Eddie: [chuckles] Come again?
Joe: No. You do not have my blessing.

Eddie: Iris Thawne. Sounds pretty good, huh? [walks off]
Barry: [to himself] I have a feeling she's gonna want to hyphenate.

Eddie: You might as well take that mask off. I know it's you, Wells. Or whoever you really are.
Wells: Well, allow me to introduce myself. [removes mask] My name is Eobard. Eobard Thawne.
Eddie: I don't understand. Why do you have my name?
Wells: Well, 'cause we're family, Eddie.
Eddie: Funny, I haven't seen you at any reunions or weddings.

Grodd Lives [1.21] edit

Iris: Think about your best friend. It could be your wife, your father, maybe someone you grew up with. It's the person you can't wait to talk to at the end of the day. The person that knows everything about you, who roots for you. Now imagine your best friend had a secret. No, not a secret. A universe of secrets. Would you confront him? Would you stay silent? Either way, you know nothing will ever be the same again.

Grodd: [speaking through Eiling] I... am... Grodd. Fear... me.

Barry: What happened to Grodd?
Caitlin: We don't know. After the Particle Accelerator exploded, I went down to check on him, and his cage was empty.
Joe: So he could have been affected by the same energy that hit Barry?
Cisco: When the dark matter hit Grodd, all the drugs and serums that Eiling injected him with could've activated. Maybe the Accelerator explosion created a meta-gorilla. I think we know what happens when a super-intelligent ape who's pissed off at humans escapes captivity.
Caitlin: Cisco's right about the first part.

Grodd: Grodd hate banana.

Barry: You will get what's coming to you eventually.
Eiling: I'm not ashamed of my actions, Mr. Allen. You've seen what these meta-humans are capable of. Soon, your prison won't be enough.
Barry: Not all meta-humans are dangerous.
Eiling: Oh, you're afraid that I know you're The Flash? Don't get your tights in a twist, I've known for months. I wanted to come after you, I would've done it by now.
Barry: But you think you're gonna need me.
Eiling: Harrison Wells turned me over to that beast. He used me as a damn puppet. So like it or not, we have a common enemy, you and I. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a gorilla to hunt.

Rogue Air [1.22] edit

Wells: I want you to take a moment and think about all the things that define your life. All the people you love. Your job. Your co-workers. Your home. And now imagine if one day in a flash all of that vanished. Do you simply accept your new life, continue on or would you do whatever it takes to get back what was taken from you?

Joe: At what point do we come no different than the people we're fighting?
Barry: We are way different.
Joe: How?
Barry: We only break the rules to help people.

Lisa Snart: How come you haven't given me a code name? I heard you came up with Captain Cold. What do you think I should be called?
Cisco: Female Inmate.
Lisa: Aw, come on. You made my gun, the least you can do is give me a badass alias. Please?
Cisco: Fine. Golden Glider.
Lisa: Smart is sexy, Cisco.

Barry: You gave me your word!
Snart: [laughs] It's true I did, but here's the thing: I'm a criminal and a liar and I hurt people and I rob them. What did you expect me to do? Not be what I am? I saw an opportunity to turn things to my advantage and I did. Who you're really mad at is yourself. This is on you, Barry.

Joe: You know the difference between right and wrong and you weren't willing to blur the lines between the two. That's the kind of man you are and that's what makes you different than the Arrow. So, please, no more walks on the dark side.

Fast Enough [1.23] edit

Barry: I can save mom.
Henry: At what cost? You said time won't change. What if it changes you?
Barry: I don't care.
Henry: I do. I am in awe of the remarkable person that you are becoming. All the things you achieved and not just as the Flash, but you, Barry. Your honesty, your heart. You're always a hero, and your mom would be just as proud. And if she had a say in this, if she thought for one second that you going back to save her would mean losing what makes you so special, she would never want that! [Barry sobs] Barry, what I hope for you, maybe the greatest thing that a father can hope for his son is that one day you will have a son yourself and then you will know how much I truly love you.

Stein: We're dealing with a lot of big scientific ideas today. But you, Mr. Thawne, might be the most interesting thing here at S.T.A.R. Labs.
Eddie: Me?
Stein: What are the odds that Dr. Wells would travel back in time and get stuck in the exact same city as his great-great-great-great grandfather? Working in the same profession, the same building? And that part of his plan to get home would mean that he'd have to preserve and protect your life. That makes you this rare thing that no scientist can plan for.
Eddie: Which is?
Stein: Coincidence. There is no science to coincidence. You, sir, are an anomaly. A wild card, as it were. You are the only person in this whole story who gets to choose his own future. At least, that's my opinion.

Joe: Barry, you get the chance to grow up with both parents. You don't have to grow up without a mother.
Barry: What about growing up with a father?
Joe: You will have a father - your real father. Wells has messed with our lives long enough. This is why you became The Flash, Barry. To put things right. You saved a lot of people's lives this past year. Now it's time to save yours.

Stein: The calculations. There is a danger.
Barry: I know. I'm ready to take the risk.
Stein: No, not just you, but to everyone. Wells didn't tell us everyone. Barry, even if you do reach the right speed, colliding with the hydrogen particle, there is a chance that explosion could create a singularity.
Caitlin: What's a singularity?
Cisco: A black hole.
Barry: We could destroy Central City.
Stein: For starters. If we create a singularity here and then cannot control it, we could be looking at a global catastrophe.
Cisco: So long and thanks for all the fish.

Barry: I was born with one father, but that tragedy gave me two and I don't think I can lose you.
Joe: You'll never lose me. You hear me? Never.

Season 2 edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world I am an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs I fight crime and find other metahumans like me. I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them. I am the Flash.

The Man Who Saved Central City [2.01] edit

Iris: Yeah, but he should go. Someone should try to get through to him.
Joe: Maybe his best friend?
Cisco: Joe, believe me. I have tried!
Joe: I meant her.

Cisco: You expecting trouble?
Joe: Cops always expect trouble. In this city, I expect super evil flying monsters.
Cisco: That's a solid expectation.

Iris: If you keep getting no for an answer, stop asking questions.
Joe: I say that! You're quoting "me" to me?
Iris: What can I say? You're a very smart man.

Stein: That's where you'll find your Atom Smasher! [off Iris' and Cisco's looks] Because he absorbs atomic power. And he... well... smashes.
Cisco: Come here. [hugs Stein] That's a great name. Welcome to the team.

Henry: Do you think... can you be all that you are becoming with me here?
Barry: You're the only family I have left.
Henry: Well, that's not really true. Don't you have another family in this room? They need your help, too, Barry. When you need me, I will be here. But right now Central City doesn't need you to be Henry Allen's son, it needs you to be The Flash. My Kid, the superhero. I have to go. I need you to tell me that it's OK.

Flash of Two Worlds [2.02] edit

Jay Garrick: They belong to a metahuman I fought before named Sand Demon.
Cisco: I know you're new here, so I'm just gonna break it down for you. The whole "naming-the-bad-guys" thing? That's my jam. But you know what? I'm gonna let you have that one. Because I actually kinda like it. I'm not mad at that one.

Barry: How's it going with Joe? Any closer to cracking his "No" code?
Officer Patty Spivot: Are you kidding me? He's like the permission sphinx. Or like a magic 8-ball with just one answer. Or like, you know, the bridge-keeper protecting the Holy Grail...
Barry: [mimicking the gatekeeper from the movie] What is your quest?
Patty: [mimicking Sir Lancelot] Oh, to join your task force.
Barry: No.
Barry and Patty: Aaaaaah!

Iris: Not everyone is Harrison Wells. Besides, you defeated him because you trusted in people, because you believed in them. This team that you have here? They will follow your lead. They will do what you say. But if they think that you don't believe in them, it won't be long before they don't believe in you.

Cisco: Something's happening to me. I'm starting to perceive things. Horrible things. It started after Wells killed me in the other timeline. It came back when Atom-Smasher attacked on Flash Day and then again when Sand Demon showed up. I get a vibe and then a vision of something that's already happened... and then it's gone.

Jay: So, I hear they call you the Scarlet Speedster.
Barry: Yeah. What about you?
Jay: Crimson Comet. What is it with alliteration and nicknames?

Family of Rogues [2.03] edit

Jay: It's good to know, whatever Earth you go to, there's a Big Belly Burger.

Caitlin: Being a superhero isn't always about how fast you can run. It's about helping however you can, wherever you're needed most. I think Jay Garrick, physicist, has just as much to contribute as Jay Garrick, superhero. Maybe more.

Caitlin: You and your entire family are criminals. Why should we trust anything you say?
Lisa: [reveals scar] I didn't get this scar being a criminal.... I got it being a daughter.

[Snart has shot and killed his father with the cold gun]
Barry: Lisa was safe. Why did you do that?
Snart: He broke my sister's heart. Only fair I break his.

Barry: Today just proved what I've always known. There's good in you, Snart. You know you don't have to admit it to me. But there's a part of you that knows you don't have to let your past define you. A part of you that really wants to be more than just a criminal.
Snart: So, I should be a hero like you, Barry? What exactly does that pay again?
Barry: It's just a matter of time. Something you'll have a lot of in here.
Snart: Not as much as you think. Be seeing you.

The Fury of Firestorm [2.04] edit

Barry: Everyone secretly thinks they've figured out what their life is gonna be like. But what no one ever considers is that life has its own plans for you, whether you like them or not. And so you're left with a choice. You can either embrace the change and move forward. Or fight it and be left behind.

Cisco: [about finding someone to merge with Stein] So how do we do that? Are we gonna make a Tinder app for potential meta-humans? Because I'm pretty sure merging with Stein and randomly bursting into flames sounds like the biggest swipe left of all times.

Stein: Well, I must admit I never imagined the Sphinx's riddle of a man requiring three legs would ever apply to me, but if this device keeps me mobile then I will gratefully oblige.

Joe: You've known Iris since you were 10. You've been in love with her since forever. I mean you two are friends now, but she was your first love. You're never gonna feel the same about anybody else. But you can't let that stop you from exploring something new.

Barry: Things aren't always what they seem. Our fears can play tricks on us, making us afraid to change course. Afraid to move on. But usually hidden behind our fears are second chances, waiting to be seized. Second chances at life. At glory. At family. At love. And these opportunities don't come around every day. So when they do we have to be brave, take a chance and grab them while we can.

The Darkness and the Light [2.05] edit

Wells: Her name is Doctor Light. Small-time thief on my Earth until exposure to the dark matter from the Particle Accelerator and became a meta-human with the ability to derive power from starlight.
Cisco: Oh, very cool.
Wells: Stars having a temperature of 5,300 degree Kelvin and a blinding luminosity, I would say, "Not very cool at all."
Cisco: You know, our Dr. Wells may have been evil, but you're just a dick.

Joe: How is he still alive? How are you still alive?
Wells: I don't know, because you missed?
Barry: Hey, I'm trying to keep him from shooting you. You're not helping.

Wells: You cannot reason with someone under Zoom's influence, and now a man is dead because of you, Garrick. This whole thing is because of you. He doubts himself because of you, but believe me, Barry can do what you could not. Barry can stop Zoom.
Jay: I spent two years hunting Zoom.
Wells: Wrong! Zoom hunted you! You spent the last two years of your life running, running, running from Zoom.
Jay: Zoom would have killed me just like he will kill Barry if you lead him down this path!
Wells: No, because he is not like you. Barry runs towards danger, not from it, because Barry's not a coward.

Caitlin: You have coffee on your Earth, right?
Jay: I think coffee's the one constant thing in the multiverse.

Barry: We do what Dr. Wells said. We use her to lure Zoom here, end this once and for all.
Jay: You can't be serious.
Barry: More breachers are gonna come. More innocent people may die. I can't let this happen anymore.
Jay: You're making a mistake. Okay, Zoom is a nightmare you can't wake up from.
Barry: I've already had my worst nightmare. His name was Reverse-Flash, and I spent a long time being afraid of him. I'm not gonna be afraid anymore.

Enter Zoom [2.06] edit

Wells: Before I left Earth-2, I worked on a serum to dampen Zoom's speed. All we would need is for Ramon for a weapon to deliver it.
Caitlin: Oh, great, that could be this year's cold gun. Maybe another criminal can get it, and then we would have Sergeant Slow.
Cisco: I would never let that happen. Sergeant Slow is a terrible name.

Barry: Aren't you the one who told me life isn't about playing defense, sometimes the only way to succeed is by working the offense?
Joe: I think at the time we were talking about your high school football tryouts.
Barry: You said you'd never bring that up again.

Barry: What do you want from me?
Zoom: Everything.
Barry: You want to beat me? Is that it? You want to be a hero?
Zoom: Heroes die.
Barry: Only if you can catch them.

Zoom: Look at your hero. This man is no god. He is nothing!

Zoom: Harrison Wells, you thought you could defeat me with this?
Wells: I made a mistake.
Zoom: Yes, a costly one. Goodbye, Flash. You, too, weren't fast enough.

Gorilla Warfare [2.07] edit

Henry: Sometimes you just have to slow down to get back to where you want to be.

Joe: Yeah, well, we need to do something about Grodd.
Caitlin: Like what?
Joe: Like get rid of him for good.
Caitlin: You want to kill him?
Joe: Considering how many people he's killed, yeah.
Caitlin: This isn't Grodd's fault. He's only like this because Wells made him this way.
Barry: Yes, but, Catlin, he kidnapped you and you could have died.
Caitlin: You didn't see what I saw. Grodd's getting smarter. He's lonely and sad. He wants more apes like him.
Cisco: What are you saying? He wants kids? 'Cause I'm pretty sure one telepathic Grape Ape is more than enough for this city.

Iris: Well, he may not have his mother, but he's got two amazing fathers. Seemed like he needed both.

Barry: Zoom destroyed me. He showed everyone in Central City what he could do and that I'm powerless to stop him. They gave me the key to the city, Joe. I'm supposed to be their hero. I'm supposed to be the guy who can protect them from something as evil as that, and I failed. In front of all of them! When they see The Flash, all they see now is someone not strong enough to protect them.

Cisco: Oh snap! Meta-human attack! Nope. Nope, my bad. That is just an alert. For me.
Iris: For what?
Cisco: Oh. It's just a reminder. I have a date in an hour. So.

Legends of Today [2.08] edit

Cisco: Hey, man, this place is closed.
Vandal Savage: You are just as beautiful in this life as any other, Priestess Chay-Ara.
Kendra Saunders: Priestess?
Cisco: Uh, you have to go, dude.
Savage: Not without her. Dude.

Felicity: "Felicity, the magnetic-arrow gag will never work." Yes, it will, my love, because I am really smart. And guess what, Oliver? It did work.
Oliver: [over the radio] Felicity, honey, it's a little hard to fight with you doing that in my ear.
Felicity: Oh, I totally forgot that this is an open line. Keep doing what you're doing. Make smart decisions.

Barry: Wow. Nice new digs. Also, I just noticed, no sleeves. Don't you get... cold?
Oliver: I spent the better part of five years on an island in the North China Sea. I don't get cold, Barry.
Felicity: Barry. So good to see you.
Barry: Felicity. [they hug] Oh. Good to see you, Felicity.
Felicity: [slugs Barry] How come you didn't tell me Zoom broke your back? [hugs Barry] Oh. I'm so glad you're okay.
Barry: So this is what it's like dating her?
Oliver: More bruises from her than from Deathstroke.
Kendra: Okay. S.T.A.R. Labs is impressive, but this is...
Cisco: This is completely wrong!
Felicity: Hmm?
Cisco: Did you guys even look at the specs I sent over? This is a tragedy. I'm mourning for the death of engineering. Copper. Wiring. To handle the processing speed from the Palmer satellite, or else your system is gonna overload.
Felicity: Yeah, but that hasn't happened. I mean, it hasn't happened since last week. I mean, it didn't... it happened yesterday.

Thea Queen: I'm not changing my nickname. I like Speedy.
Cisco: Are you familiar with my body of work? If you are, then you know I can come up with something so much better than Speedy.
Thea: Why don't you get a haircut and then maybe we can talk about it.
Cisco: I think you're just mad because my conditioner game is on point.

Barry: Hey, Ollie, um... look, I'm sorry that I laid all this on you. I know that it wasn't fair...
Oliver: That's okay. And I'm sorry if earlier I was a little --
Barry: Snippy?
Oliver: I have been called worse. No, but I'm glad that you're here, I'm glad you reached out. It shows a real maturity. And I would know that, because I've never been that mature. [Barry laughs at that.] Well, I'm always here for you.
Barry: Thank you. I gotta say, this isn't the same Arrow team I'm used to seeing, or the same Oliver Queen. You seem really...
Oliver: Happy?
Barry: Happy, yeah.
Oliver: I am happy. I finally have everything that I've ever wanted. Being with Felicity has given me a real sense of peace. Something that I haven't had in a long time.
Barry: Didn't you tell me that guys like us don't get the girl?
Oliver: Yep... I was wrong. [Departs quickly as Barry chuckles at Oliver's admission.]
  • Story continues in Arrow [4.08] "Legends of Yesterday"

Running to Stand Still [2.09] edit

Iris: I know I was so mad at you and my dad for not telling me that you were The Flash, but when I found out about this, I didn't know what to do.
Barry: What? What's going on?
Iris: When Francine came back, my dad told me not to trust her, and he was right. I didn't know how much. When my mother left us, she was pregnant. She had a son. Joe's son, my brother.
Barry: What's his name?
Iris: Wally. Wally West.

Snart: Cocoa isn't cocoa without the mini marshmallows, and you're out. I checked.
Barry: [Speeding Snart into the wall] Are you out of your mind?! Breaking into my home?!
Snart:: Careful. I added an upgrade to the Cold Gun. If i release my grip on the handle the core goes critical. You might make it.... [gestures over to Iris] She won't.

Snart: Sorry, I'm not interested in being a hero.
Barry: You've done a pretty lousy job of being a villain this week.
Snart: Merry Christmas, Barry.

Barry: So the last time Mardon attacked, he generated a tidal wave that destroyed all of Central City.
Wells: So why are you not all sleeping with the fishes?
Cisco: Earth 2 has The Godfather?
Wells: Every Earth has The Godfather, Vito.

[From another room, Barry observes the Earth-2 Harrison Wells inside his lab.]
Barry: I know that you're not him [Eobard Thawne/"Harrison Wells"]. But he's not here and I have to say this. For me. In that video message, you said that... that I would never really be happy. And I've been trying, I've been trying really hard. After what Joe said, helping Patty... I realize that you are still in my heart. How much I hate you. For what you've done. [starts to get emotional] I don't wanna hate you anymore. I can't. I can't hate you anymore. I forgive you.

Potential Energy [2.10] edit

Cisco: What is this?
Wells: Wrong answers.
Cisco: Maybe you're asking the wrong questions.

Captain Singh: Your Pops here is a hell of a detective.
Wally West: Obviously not.

Cisco: [about Patty] I will say, she put bullets in King Shark and Harry. So as far as I'm concerned that's Team Flash material for me.

Barry: Who is the Turtle?
Caitlin: It's Cisco's white whale.
Jay: Half whale, half turtle.

Wells: "Turtle". Why do you insist on giving them ridiculous nicknames?
Cisco: Me? Who's the genius who came up with "Zoom"?
Wells: Yeah, well... I'll tell you. About two years ago, this is on Earth-2 now... The CCPD there, they got a 911 call about a hostage situation. But when the SWAT team got there, there were no hostages. It was a trap. Zoom set a trap. In order to show the police that they could not stop him. And he killed fourteen officers. Men and women. Slaughtered them. Left one alive to tell what happened. That officer described "blue lightning zooming all about" as his comrades... brothers and sisters-in-arms... were murdered. That officer... considered himself to be the lucky one. Spared in order to tell the tale. Until Zoom went to his house that night and killed him, too. And that's how he got the nickname "Zoom".

The Reverse-Flash Returns [2.11] edit

Barry: [voice over] There are many reasons why we run, but usually it's to avoid what's right in front of us. A decision to be made or a dilemma we have to face. Lately, for me, it feels like running is all I've been doing.

Cisco: Are you telling me I can see the future?
Wells: That's exactly what I'm telling you.
Cisco: Those goggles are getting amped. Immediately.

Iris: Last year, my fiancé died. Unexpectedly. One moment he was here, the next gone. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him, to tell him everything that he meant to me. That he was my world. That he was loved. But today I got to say goodbye to your mom. My mom. And it helped us both find peace with what happened with our family. Wally, don't make a mistake you're going to regret the rest of your life. Go see your mom. While you still can.

Patty: Admit to me you're the Flash and I'll stay.
Barry: I can't do that. I'm not him.
Patty: [choking up] That's too bad, it would have been nice to stay. Fight crime during the... day, and be with... you at night. But I was... I was wrong. Take care, Barry.

Eobard Thawne: We'll meet again soon, Flash.
The Flash: I know. And every time, I'll be ready for you.

Fast Lane [2.12] edit

Barry: [voice over] There's this song lyric I like: All the broken hearts in the world still beat. Mine's beating, but bruised. Hopefully not for long. The one thing I do know is time changes everything.

Cisco: Who's the best hacker in the world, people?
Barry and Caitlin: [together] Felicity Smoak.
Cisco: What is wrong with you two? That's not friendship.

Barry: [about Wally] Yeah, but he just found the best dad he could wish for.
Joe: Oh, you say that now, you didn't always think that.
Barry: Well, you were pretty strict. That's for sure. But strict isn't always a bad thing, especially when you know it's coming from love.

Cisco: So, you can sync up all social media postings on all meta-human activity. Somebody sees something cray in Central City, I get an alert about it.
Barry: Yo, man, you have too much time on your hands.
Cisco: Oh, I thought you were gonna say it was cool.... I'm just saying, you can't judge me. Didn't your girlfriend just break up with you?
Barry: Again?
Cisco: Pretty sure she just did.
Barry: Hey, Harry.... Wait, so if that app gives you eyes and ears all over the city, then why won't you use it to find the next Miss Right?
Cisco: [realizing] Did I just make the metahuman Tinder?
Barry: Mm-hmm.
Cisco: Nope. Not staring that fetish.

Joe: You have people that sit up at night worried sick about you, and they're not going to stop worrying about you. That's what a family does. They put up with each other and they put up each other first, before ourselves.
Wally: So you're not mad at me?
Joe: For being reckless with your life? Yeah, hell yeah, I'm mad at you. But I'm more mad at myself for being something I'm not. I'm not your friend, Wally. I'm your father. I ain't letting you go.

Welcome to Earth-2 [2.13] edit

[Barry and Cisco take a selfie in front of the Earth-2 S.T.A.R. Laboratories sign.]
Wells: Ramon.
Cisco: What?
Wells: Not a sightseeing tour.
Cisco: Speak for yourself. We want our grandkids to know we did cool stuff.

Barry: Caitlin.
Killer Frost: I haven't heard that name in a long time.
Barry: But that is your name, isn't it? Your real name? Please, look... I know you. Don't do this.
Killer Frost: If you know me at all, you would know that I hate the name Caitlin. I'm Killer Frost.

Cisco: Ronnie. Is Martin Stein in there?
Deathstorm: Oh, I haven't let him out in years. Doesn't talk much any more.

Cisco: Who the hell are you?
Reverb: [steps out of the shadows] Well, that's funny. I was just gonna ask you the same thing.
Cisco: Dopple...
Reverb: Ganger.

Cisco: Oh, I knew there was another me here.
Reverb: And I knew you were coming, Cisco. Even before you went to the breach and set foot on this world. See, we are all connected... Francisco.
Cisco: The name is Vibe.
Reverb: Reverb.
Cisco: Actually not the worst name you could've come up with, but not the best.

Escape from Earth-2 [2.14] edit

Zoom: I know you're here, Harrison Wells. You did not come alone. You can try to hide, but I'm the fastest man alive. I will scour this city until I hunt you down. And when I do, all of you will feel my wrath.

Killer Frost: You really don't know how to use your abilities, do you, Breacher?
Cisco: It's a work in progress, Elsa.

Earth-2 Barry: Are you serious? You want us to, what, just... climb to the top of those cliffs? On ice? [chuckles nervously]
Killer Frost: You got any better ideas?
Earth-2 Barry: No. Ma'am. I'm just, you know... I, I've got... you know, I'm wearing wing tips here. Don't have much tread.

Earth-2 Barry: [to Earth-1 Barry] Do you know what we did to get here, Barry? We convinced her, Killer Frost, to show us the way. Then we climbed some insanely steep cliffs outside, on footholds made of ice. Ice! And all of us risked our lives, knowing Zoom was after us, to rescue Jesse and you. No. I don't know you, and you don't know me. But, I can tell you that today I... I did things that I never thought possible. Because I needed to prove to my wife, and to myself, that I could. And if I can do the impossible today, so can you. I'm just Barry Allen. But you're the Flash.

Barry: [to Earth-2 Barry] You may not have been struck by lightning over here like I was, but today you risked your life to save somebody you didn't even know. That's a hero, Barry.

King Shark [2.15] edit

Barry: So that's what we did. We didn't talk about Earth-2. We kept what happened there between the three of us and got on with our lives knowing there was nothing we could do now to stop Zoom. Instead, we tried to just adjust to our new circumstances and cope with our losses. Jay's death took its toll, left scars on all of us. Some more than others. And so to try and keep my mind off thoughts of this surreal other life I'd experienced that wasn't my own, I kept running, waiting for some other meta-human threat to rear its ugly head and distract me from the frustration I was feeling. And as fate would have it, I did not have to wait long.

Cisco: We're going to need a bigger Flash.

Diggle: You're starting to do that thing Oliver does, Barry, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Gotta stop that, man. it'll slow you down.

Joe: I don't suppose my home owner's insurance covers a Sharknado attack.
Wally: I don't understand you people. Jaws busts through here like the Kool-Aid Man, The Flash shows up, and y'all act like it's no big deal.
Iris: Yeah, we've had a lot of weird things happen in Central City over the past two years.
Wally: Weirder than a talking shark wearing pants?

Diggle: Look, Barry, when I was in Afghanistan, I lost a lot of friends. Brothers. So losing Jay, I know what that feels like. You question yourself. Blame yourself for his death. And that guilt, it can tear you apart. Trust me, man, you got to get control of it. Or it'll rip you up inside. Use this, man. Let it guide you. So it never happens again.

Trajectory [2.16] edit

Wells: Fine. But if you're gonna go, you should take protection.
Jesse Wells: [stammering] Oh. uh... Dad, I don't need... I don't know what you thought I was going to be doing, but I....
[Wells puts his metahuman detection watch on Jesse's wrist.]
Jesse: Oh. Right. I mean, is it necessary? It's kinda, you know...
Wells: Or I could always build you an inescapable daughter cube.
Jesse: Funny. You know I'd get out, though, right?

Cisco: "Bad Flash"? What? No. I'm losing my touch already.

Cisco: A lady speedster. It only took us two years, but we finally got one. A lady speedster. Hey, here's a question for you. Purely scientific. Was she good looking?
Barry: Yeah, I was a little busy getting my ass handed to me, so I didn't really notice.
Cisco: Right, right, right. But you know, next time. For science.
Barry: Okay, yeah. Next time she punches me in the face, I'll be sure to get her number.
Cisco: There you go.

Barry: If the game is already rigged, why can't I level the playing field? I mean, if everybody else is cheating, how can... I want to be fast enough to stop Zoom and any speedster that tries to hurt my friends. Shouldn't I use everything in my power to do that?
Wells: You want to take a shortcut? Is that right, you want to take a shortcut? Remember this: you'll lose a chunk of your humanity every time you compromise your values.
Barry: [scoffs] I'm sorry, that's really good coming from you.
Wells: So don't be like me. Be better. [turns and walks off] Be like Jay

Iris: Not every hero is a fraud. It's okay to believe in them.

Flash Back [2.17] edit

Wally: [discussing an engineering project] Well, I really like to read the journals of the classic engineers. So, their engine designs and how they increased horsepower... learn from the best, I guess.
Barry: You read their journals?
Wally: I mean, it's not like I can just go and talk to Enzo Ferrari or Ferdinand Porsche 'cause... they dead. But, you know, doesn't mean they still can't teach me.

Barry: I didn't know what it was. I thought it was some sort of illusion. I don't know.
Caitlin: Okay, we need to find it before it hurts somebody.
Barry: Can you track it?
Cisco: What is it with you guys? It's like you think I have ESP or something. I can't just magically sense where things are.

[Past-Barry has reappeared and is confronting Barry in front of Team Flash.]
Cisco: Wait a second, how do we know which one's the real Barry?
Past-Barry: Dude. Okay, I've watched Wrath of Khan with you, like, five times.
Cisco: [pointing to Barry] Imposter!
Barry: Yeah. And every time at the end, you turn to me and you say "I have been and always shall be your friend".
Cisco: [pointing to Past-Barry] Ah ha! You imposter! [looks at both Barrys, confused] What is going on here?

Hartley: Well, as always, been a pleasure working with you all on this little project. If you need anything in the future, call me. I'm off to a late dinner.
Caitlin: Hmm, dinner. Anyone special?
Hartley: Very. My parents

Barry: [voice-over] Sometimes the only way to move forward is revisit the things in your past that were holding you back. You have to deal with them head-on, no matter how scary they may be. Because once you do, you'll see that you can go further than you've ever imagined.

Versus Zoom [2.18] edit

Barry: Sometimes terrible things happen to us when we're children. Things that can define who we become, whether we want them to or not. Some of us become stronger. The people who took me in helped me heal and move past everything that happened. They are responsible for who I've become today. But I know that I'm one of the lucky ones. Not everyone gets that kind of support. Without it, I don't know where I would've ended up. Or what I could've become.

Cisco: It's like right now I'm Anakin Skywalker. I got the midi-chlorians. I've got the goods. The force is strong with me. That is something I can feel. But if I start opening breaches into other worlds, doing all this other crazy stuff Reverb was doing, then... what if this how I become Vader?
Barry: Dude, you're never going to become Vader.
Cisco: That is what happened to Reverb. He learned how to use his abilities, and when he felt that... when he felt that power... he succumbed. To the dark side.
Barry: Look, I get it. I really do. Every time I've learned a new ability, I've been terrified about what it might mean for me. What it could do to me, you know? But you were there with me when I learned how to run on water. When I ran up a building or travelled through time. Just like I'm gonna be there every step of the way with you. You got something that Reverb never had, and that's Caitlin and Joe and Iris and Wells and me. Friends. We're gonna look out for you. And we're more than just friends, we're your family.

[Wells gives Joe an advanced rifle.]
Joe: How do you use this?
Wells: Make sure you aim it, and then you pull the trigger.
Joe: Smart ass.

[Using images of Zoom's parents, Barry is able to capture and unmask him]
Hunter Zolomon: How'd you figure out who I was?
Barry: You made a mistake: you told Caitlin who your doppelgänger was.
Zolomon: I had to do something to get her to stop trying to ... fix me. She's a smart girl. [pause] And that I was Zoom?
Barry: The Velocity-9. When you run fast enough, it turns a speedster's lightning blue. We would've helped you. We would've done anything we could to save your life.
Zolomon: Not everything.
Barry: Caitlin found you a cure!
Zolomon: A temporary one! I'm dying, Barry! There's only one thing that can get me what I need!
Barry: And you just don't care; how many lives you've destroyed trying to get it? How many people you kill?!
Zolomon: No, I don't! That feeling was taken from me a long time ago. [longer pause] We're not so different, you know. What happened to us when we were kids; you could've just as easily become me.
Barry: No. I'd never become like you.
Zolomon: I gotta say, that was smart, using my parents against me. Ah, family: it's such a weakness.
Barry: Not for all of us.
Zolomon: Well, that's where you're wrong. It's time I get what I came for.
Barry: [chuckles] You're not getting anything from me. You're not getting anything from anybody ever again, on any Earth.
Zolomon: [quietly] You can't lock up the darkness.
Barry: What did you just say?
[Zolomon's eyes turn black, and his voice becomes deep and demonic]
Zolomon: You can't lock up the darkness.

Joe: Why the charade? Running around dressed like the Flash?
Zolomon: To give people hope, detective.
Joe: Hope?
Zolomon: So I can rip it away from them. It's so fun pretending to be a hero.
Caitlin: You are no hero. You're nothing but a monster.

Back to Normal [2.19] edit

Killer Frost: [upon seeing Caitlin] Well, hello, doppelganger of mine. What do you know? I can still pull off brunette.

Cisco: Without Caitlin here, I can't really analyze the cells on a molecular level to see what we're dealing with here.
Jesse: You know, I might actually be able to help.
Cisco: How?
Jesse: Bio-chem was one of my majors in college.
Barry: One of your majors? How many did you have?
Jesse: Five. [off everyone's reaction] What, is that not common here?
Iris: Girl, no, that is not common anywhere.

Caitlin: You got hit by the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion?
Killer Frost: Yes. Right after I flunked out of med school. Had to move back in with my mother
Caitlin: That couldn't have been fun. If... she's anything like mine, I mean.
Killer Frost: Why? Is yours a frigid narcissist, too?
Caitlin: Cold as ice.
Killer Frost: Yeah. Mom was like that ever since Charlie died.
Caitlin: Who's Charlie?
Killer Frost: My brother.
Caitlin: I never had a brother.
Killer Frost: No? Then why was Mom such a bitch on your Earth?
Caitlin: Honestly, I couldn't say.

Cisco: Why is it that bad guys always insist on having the creepiest hideouts?
Joe: Because they crazy.

Jesse: I'm the reason you killed that man. And that's a really heavy burden to bear.
Wells: I know. I know. I also know that what I've done, it's unforgivable. When your mother died, honey... something inside me broke. I couldn't protect her. And I... I swore... I swore on her grave, no less, that I would protect you, and then Zoom took you, and I snapped. I just snapped. I couldn't breathe, I... I couldn't lose the only other person that I love.

Rupture [2.20] edit

Cisco: [talking to himself while controlling a holographic Flash] All right, Cisco. This is where all those countless hours gaming in your basement are about to pay off. Fingers, don't fail me now.

Henry: I've watched you grow ever since you became the Flash, and I am so proud of that man. But ask yourself: do you really need powers in order to be that person?

Barry: Let's do it. I want to do it. One of the cops that Zoom killed tonight, he had a son. Same age I was when Mom was murdered. And now, another kid has to grow up without one of their parents because The Flash wasn't there to stop that monster. I left this city unprotected by giving up my powers to Zoom. I enabled him to rule this Earth. I need my powers back. Let's do it. Let's set off the particle accelerator.

Wells: Well, Ramon, you have the wand?
Cisco: The one I made for Mark Mardon?
Wells: No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention. Yes, of course, the one you built for Mardon.
Cisco: How do you know about the Harry Potter convention?

Zoom: [holding up the destroyed Flash costume] You thought you could give the Flash his speed back? Well done. You killed him instead.

The Runaway Dinosaur [2.21] edit

Barry: So you're saying I'm talking to the source of my power, which just so happens to look like my adoptive dad. That's trippy.
Speed Force Joe: [chuckles] We pretty much invented "trippy" here.

Speed Force Iris: We thought you'd find this place and our appearance less upsetting. Yet you seem upset.
Barry: My friends, my city... my whole world is in danger. Zoom is on a rampage with the power that he stole from me, and you are keeping me here.
Speed Force Iris: You were given a rare and precious gift. And you rejected it.
Barry: No, I did not reject it. I gave up my powers to save someone's life. To be a hero. I nearly killed myself trying to get them back when you brought me here, wherever here is.
Speed Force Iris: That's not what we meant.
Barry: Look, if you would rather have given these powers to somebody else, why did you give them to me?
Speed Force Iris: Because you're the Flash, Barry.

Joe: How are you feeling?
Wally: Tired, but fine, I guess.
Joe: So you don't notice anything different?
Wally: Uh, no.
Joe: I mean, I want you to know you can come and talk to me if you're scared or... you have questions about how your body's changing.
Wally: I think you're a little late for the puberty talk, Dad. I've seen the Internet.

Speed Force Nora Allen: [reading "The Runaway Dinosaur"]
Once there was a little dinosaur called a myosaur who lived with his mother.
One day, he told his mother, "I wish I was special like the other dinosaurs."
"If I were a T-rex, I could chomp with my ferocious teeth."
Barry: [continuing the story from memory]
"But if you were a T-rex," said his mother, "how would you hug me with your tiny little arms?"
"I wish I were an Apatosaurus," said the little dinosaur, "so with my long neck, I could see high above the treetops."
"But if you were an Apatosaurus," said his mother, "how would you hear me in the treetops when I told you 'I love you'?"
"What makes you so special, little myosaur," said his mother, "isn't your ferocious teeth, or long neck, or pointy beak."
"What makes you special is out of all of the different dinosaurs in the big wide world, you have the mother who is just right for you. And who will always -- "
Barry and Nora: [together] "-- love you."

Henry: It's been quite a day, huh? Not so much "one thing after another" as "every damn thing all at once".

Invincible [2.22] edit

Joe: Wally, these are not just guys, these are metahumans! Leave this to the cops and the Flash!
Wally: The Flash can't be everywhere at once. I... I have to do what I can to help. I have to show him I was worth... being saved.
Joe: Wally... you are worth it.
Wally: Really? Am I? 'Cause last time I checked, I'm the guy who avoided his dying mother for weeks. I'm the guy who shaved a bunch of other guys and illegally took their cars from them. I'm the guy who caused the Flash to lose his powers and start this whole damn "metapocalypse" in the first place.
Joe: Wally --
Wally: Last time I checked, I've a whole lot to make up for. That's what I intend to do.

Barry: I'll do whatever it takes to stop you.
Zolomon: If only that were good enough. 'Cause here's the thing... I know you. I know you, I know what's holding you back. You and me, we're really just the same person.
Barry: [scoffs] Yeah, you keep saying that, but it's not gonna make it true.
Zolomon: You'll see, we are. Same tragic background. Same reason for running. Same desire to be the fastest, to be the best. The difference? You think your anger is dirty somehow. You want to be seen as pure. The hero. Doesn't it get exhausting? [shouts] Doesn't it get exhausting, Barry? It was exhausting playing Jay, believe me.
Barry: I'm not pretending.
[Barry is about to run at Zoom when, in the window, a building is seen crumbling.]
Zolomon: Now if it were me, I'd let that building tumble without a second thought. But you? You'll never let that happen, will you? That's why I'm going to beat you, Barry. Because you always have to be the hero. And while you're playing the good little boy,... I'll be busy winning.

Cisco: Birds. Why? It's like a Hitchcock movie in my head.

Wells: All right, we're synced up with whatever the heck that thing is.
Joe: Finally, something we're both baffled by.
Wells: I am kidding. That, my friend, is a 75 KTSB 40,000-watt reverberating sound amplifier, designed to single out the operating frequency of every single Earth-2 being on this planet, which when contained and magnified by the Flash creating a sound pressure wall around the city, will render all of us Earth-2 beings unconscious. Hence, the safety precautions.
Henry: [shrugging] I'm baffled by it.

Barry: Listen, I've been thinking about Wally some more.
Joe: Are you gonna talk to him again?
Barry: No, I'm not.
Joe: Why not?
Barry: Because he's your son, Joe.
Joe: I know he's my son.
Barry: No, what I mean is, he's got your values. He's got your inner drive to help people do what's right. We're supposed to think we're something we're not until we become that thing. That's that path that Wally's on. I'm not gonna stop him from being the hero he's gonna become. I really don't think you should, either.
Joe: [in good humor] I can't wait until you have kids and they torture you. I'm gonna laugh in your face.
Barry: [amused] All right, Gramps.
Joe: "Pa-pa".
Barry: What?
Joe: My grandkids are gonna call me "Pa-pa".
Barry: [walking away laughing] All right.

The Race of His Life [2.23] edit

Barry: Zoom's still out there. We need to come up with a plan.
Cisco: The man can crack open breaches to Earth-2. I mean, if he can do that, what else can he do that we don't know about?
Barry: Right after he killed his time remnant, he told me I was "almost ready."
Iris: Almost ready for what?
Barry: I don't know.
Cisco: Yep. Classic psychopath. Why can't they ever just say what they want to do? We also have to figure out why I keep vibing Earth-2 being ripped to shreds.
Joe: Seriously.
Cisco: It's like I'm watching Transformers in 4-D, but, like, ten times more realistic and with much better acting.

Barry: [to Wally and Iris] Don't worry. I'm gonna save your Dad.
Wally: No. You're gonna save our Dad.
Barry: Get back to S.T.A.R. Labs. It's safer.
Cisco: We're not going anywhere. You got eyes and ears right here.
Caitlin: Either he goes, or we all die together.
Wells: We believe in you.
[Barry starts to go.]
Iris: Wait. Barry... kick his ass.

Barry: What are the rules?
Zolomon: One lap around the inside of this loop will produce about 1 gigawatt of energy, and I need 500-plus to power the Magnetar enough to do the job. Once it's full, I win, because there is no stopping it.
Barry: So all I have to do to beat you is stop you before that happens.
Zolomon: Yep. It's that simple. But if at any point, you decide you don't want to race anymore, dear old dad number two is a dead man, as well as your little fan club.
Barry: They're not my fan club. They're the reason that I'm running. Why I'm gonna beat you.
Zolomon: [scoffs] Let's see what you're made of, "Flash".
[They both put on their masks and get on their marks.]
Barry: Just say when, Zoom.
Zoom: [in altered voice] Run, Barry. Run!
[Both take off running.]

Wally: Okay, so you ran back in time and made a copy of yourself?
Barry: Well, uh... basically, yeah.
Jesse: It's called a time remnant.
Barry: It's not... something that I can do every day, but I needed a way to draw the Time Wraiths out of the Speed Force, hoping that they'd be more upset at what Zoom had done than they'd be at me.
Joe: [to Iris] Is that what I look like when they start talking about science?
Iris: Pretty much.
Joe: Don't worry, Wally, it'll get easier to understand.
Wally: But how does that even work?
Barry: Same way Zoom did it. I ran back in time moments before I left. It's the only way I could be in two places at once.
Wally: [still a bit confused] O-okay, so the-the time remnant, it's still you.
Barry: Yeah.
Caitlin: But he died.
Barry: I...uh, he was willing to sacrifice himself for all of us.
Iris: That's how much he loved us.
Wally: You know what, we'll just forget about it. Uh, Barry, I'm glad you're okay.

Barry: Can't stop thinking about my dad's doppelganger. Seeing him, knowing that he's out there, that should've made it easier. It doesn't. It just made me miss him even more.
Iris: I can't even imagine how hard that must have been.
Barry: We just won. We just beat Zoom. Why does it feel like I just lost?
Iris: Because you've lost a lot in your life, Barry. More than most. But... maybe you and me, seeing where this thing goes, maybe that can give you something for a change.
Barry: That's all I've ever wanted to hear you say. And I wish that I was in a place where I could try that with you. But I feel so hollowed out inside right now. I feel more broken than I've ever felt in my life. If I'm ever gonna be worth anything to you, I need to fix what's wrong with me. I need to find some... some peace.
Iris: Barry, listen to me. You waited for me for years. You let me get to a place where this is possible. So I am telling you: I am gonna do the same thing for you. Wherever you need to go, whatever you need to do... do it. And when you get back, I'll be here.
Barry: Okay.
Iris: I love you, Barry.
[Barry and Iris kiss.]
Barry: I love you, too. And I always will.

Season 3 edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other metahumans like me. After defeating Zoom and saving the multiverse, I ran back in time and created the alternate timeline "Flashpoint". I restored the timeline to how it was, only to find things weren't as I left them. I brought new threats to our world, and I'm the only one fast enough to stop them. I am the Flash.

Flashpoint [3.01] edit

Eobard Thawne: So, what should we call this brave new world you've whipped up for us? I was thinking... "Flashpoint".

Wally: I was in a coma for nine months, and when I woke up, I was the fastest man alive. The Flash.
Barry: More like... Kid Flash.
Wally: ... Don't call me that.
Iris: I call you that.
Wally: Okay, how about no one calls me that.

Thawne: You know what you have to do. You have to take me back to that night and let me finish what I started.
Barry: You go to hell!!
Thawne: You're taking both of us there! NOW who's the villain, Flash?! NOW who's the villain?!

Cisco: So you're saying that there's a timeline out there where I'm not rich? Boy, that's a glitch in the universe.

Iris: Listen to me, Barry. You said we love each other in that other life. If I were your Iris from over there, I'm sure I would know exactly what to say, but I don't. All I can say is... I believe in you. And you can stop this guy. Be the Flash, Barry, because that's who you are. You're the Flash.
[Some of Barry's memories return to him.]
Barry: I'm the Flash.

Paradox [3.02] edit

Felicity: There's a whole new guy at work that you didn't even know about?
Barry: Yeah, and he's worked there for almost a year. And he doesn't like me very much, apparently.
Felicity: Well, that's impossible. Everybody likes Barry Allen. You're like pudding. Everybody likes pudding.
Barry: Not everyone.

Barry: Look, I've learned... all this stuff that I didn't know before, okay? I'm not gonna make the same mistakes --
Jay: -- mistakes. Yeah, what you just said right there? That is the paradox of time travel, and also the paradox of life. I mean, "If I only knew then what I know now" --
Barry: But why have these powers, if I can't go back and fix what I broke?
Jay: We're not gods, we're men... who, for whatever reason, have been given extraordinary abilities. The question you need to ask yourself is... what kinda hero are you gonna be? Are you just gonna take a do-over every time you make a mistake, or will you live with them ... and move forward?

Cisco: I've been trying this whole time to get you to do this one thing for me. But you kept saying "No, Cisco." "I can't, Cisco." "I would never do that, Cisco." And now you're telling me you went and did it for yourself.
Barry: Were you listening? It went bad, it went really bad.
Cisco: I don't care! At least I'd have my brother back.
Barry: Yeah, you would have him back. But, because of it, somebody might have something happen to them that's just as awful as what happened to Dante, and trust me, you don't want that on your conscience. It's a heavy burden to bear. And I don't know how many times I've said this, but... I'm really sorry about Dante, man.
Cisco: "Sorry" doesn't change anything.
Barry: No, it doesn't. But I can't go back. I can't change it. All I can do is move forward. I really hope you can, too.

Edward Clariss: You found me again, Flash. I wondered how long it'd take you to figure it out.
Barry: Wasn't too hard.
Clariss: See you didn't bring your little sidekick with you, though.
Barry: Nope. Just me.
Clariss: That's too bad. I brought one. [ Alchemy shoots Barry with a bolt of energy.] Oh, and Flash? A little quaking in your boots wouldn't be inappropriate.

Iris: Look, guys, we're like a family here, okay? And sometimes families get mad at each other for screwing up. I know that all too well. But they also forgive. Because, after a while, it just seems silly when you stop and think about it.

Magenta [3.03] edit

Joe: What'd you find out?
Barry: Okay, get this. So the outer layer of the lamppost is a half an inch thick. But to bend even a quarter of an inch of steel requires 177 tons of tensile strength. So...
Joe: So we're looking for a meta with super-strength.
Barry: Well, I'm not sure yet, but that's as much as I could find.
Joe: What? Why?
Julian Albert: Because I showed up. Yes, any problems with Barry's little theory is that there were no fingerprints on the post.
Barry: Again, Julian, not my theory. And the meta could have been wearing gloves.
Julian: Yes, perhaps. But the curvature on the post suggests that equal amounts of pressure were applied to the whole thing at the same time. So, unless our strongman has a wingspan of over twenty feet...
Joe: Something else caused it.
Julian: Yes.

Barry: Hey, Joe. Did you talk to Wally? He still seems a little bummed.
Joe: Eh, it's not gonna fix itself overnight, but it's all good. He gets it.
Barry: Okay.
Joe: And I gotta be honest, it was one of my better Dad Cop speeches.
Barry: What's "Dad Cop"?
Joe: Uh, there's Good Cop, Bad Cop,... and Dad Cop. Firm but reassuring. Cuts to the point.
Barry: I don't think I know that one.
Joe: Yeah, I didn't use it on you. Wally's different than you, Barry. You're like a... second daughter. You overshare your feelings. Him, I gotta be a little more... nuanced.
Barry: [taking that in] Huh. Cool.
Joe: I'm messing with you. [He and Barry share a little laugh] I'll talk at'cha if I get any leads on Frankie, all right? [walks off]
Barry: All right. [mutters to himself] "Second daughter"? What is he... talking about?

Caitlin: Listen, Harry! Maybe the reason [Jesse]'s shutting you out is because you're not trying to understand what she's going through. Maybe if you helped her navigate her powers rather than just assuming they'll destroy her, she'd turn to you rather than push you away.

Barry: You said it. Everything's different here. There's a guy creating metahumans, innocent people, because I changed the timeline. It's on me.
Wells: Yeah, well, I think I know a thing or two about what that feels like. I keep making mistakes. I make mistakes, then I want to make up for my mistakes, then I just make more mistakes. Next thing I know, I have a daughter that won't even speak to me.
Barry: How do we keep from messing things up when all we want to do is help?
Wells: I dunno. But you did once tell me that you have to trust that in the long run, the decisions you make are the right ones.
Barry: Yep.
Wells: I was always too good at forgiving myself, Allen. And you were never good enough.

Wells: Go help him.
Jesse: Dad....
Wells: You need to get out there. Now.
Jesse: Are you sure?
Wells: Yes, I'm sure. I know you can do it. You're more than fast enough. Now run, Jesse. Run.

The New Rogues [3.04] edit

Jesse: Okay. Well, that wasn't very heroic.
Barry: Nope. But there is a lesson in there somewhere.
Jesse: What's that?
Barry: The difference between having powers and having precision.
Jesse: Well, what do you mean?
Barry: I mean it's gonna take more than speed to take down some of these metas. You gotta think. Anticipate. When you enter a new environment, you gotta case every inch of it. Never run in blind. [realizing] Oh, my God. I've become Oliver. Heh.

Caitlin: Hey, Harry. Are you really sure you have to leave?
Wells: Just a lot I still have to fix on my Earth.
Cisco: Yeah, but you know it's more fun when you're here helping us fix stuff on our Earth.
Barry: He's right. Hasn't been the same without you.
Caitlin: The team doesn't feel complete without Harrison Wells,
Wells: Then change that. There's a whole multiverse of Harrison Wells out there at your fingertips. Want one? Let's go get one.

[Sam Scudder's picture and information are on the monitor screen.]
Caitlin: Good-looking guy. [off everyone's looks] For a criminal.
Barry: Well, he's more than just a criminal, now. Apparently, he's a meta who can travel through mirrors.
Cisco: Oh! Oh, I got this one! He's, um...
Wells: Mirror Master.
Cisco: What the...
Wells: Booom.
Barry: That's good.
Wells: Thank you. We had a Mirror Master on our Earth. Evan McCulloch. Wasn't a meta, though. He had some kind of mirror gun that he used.
Barry: How'd it work?
Wells: Must have had dimensional warping tech that changed everything into two dimensions.
Barry: Well, Scudder is hell-bent on finding Snart. He's going after anybody that worked with him in the past. Joe's interviewing one of them right now.
Cisco: Well, all of Snart's known associates are either presumed dead or gone AWOL. Except for one.
[Rosalind Dillon's picture and information appears on the monitor screen.]
Barry: That's her.
Wells: Rosalind Dillon.
Caitlin: Says she has the ability to induce crippling vertigo.
Cisco: [quickly] Oh! Um, uh, a top. Like a top. She's a top. That's her name. Top. Amazing. [to Wells] What, you wanna GO ?!?
Caitlin: O-kay.

[Cisco, Caitlin and Wells are reviewing the hologram of Harrison Wells of Earth-19.]
Wells of Earth-19: Hello, hello, hello. Hello out there in the multiverse, whoever you may be. Um... I really enjoyed cracking the cryptogram you broadcast. I like the cute trick, embedding the secondary message in the primary data... it's clever. Most people wouldn't've caught it, I caught it, but that's the point. You need a genius, I guess, to help you in your fight against these awful meta-hominids. Well, I gotta tell ya, I gotta tell ya, to me... that sounds like fun. So, I'll enclose my curriculum vitae. You already know we speak the same language. Take a look. Tell me what you think. 'Til our next communion. Oh. Where are my manners? Thank you. [hologram freezes]
Cisco: Not bad.
Caitlin: Not bad at all. Harry?
Wells: Pass.
Cisco: What?
Wells: Pass.
Caitlin: Wh... Wait a minute. That guy cracked the code and he wants to do it.
Cisco: And he's nice and he's not evil, and that's a combination of Wells we haven't had thus far.
Wells: All my life, anyone I've ever hired to work for me, I have trusted my gut. My gut tells me that's not the guy. Keep looking.

[Barry is trapped inside a mirror.]
Iris: What's it like in there?
Barry: Ummm... Dark. Look, Iris, uh... I'm sorry that I'm... stuck right now.
Iris: Oh, honey, I know that you're stuck. It's okay, we are gonna get you outta there.
Barry: No. [laughs] No, that was misleading. Not the mirror. I mean with us. This thing with Joe and... You were right, it's not Joe, it's me. It's my problem. I've just been feeling nervous about this new dynamic between the three of us. I dunno. I have everything that I have ever wanted right now, and I've never had that in my life. And in a lot of ways, it's scarier than having nothing, because... it's easier to fail than to succeed. I really want to succeed.

Monster [3.05] edit

H.R. Wells: You have Hitchcock on this Earth? Brilliant. "Murder on the Titanic"! "Who did it?" "Who cares? We're drowning."

Julian: Don't worry. I have four years training in the military.
Barry: Even still, since when does a CSI carry a gun?
Julian: Since there were monsters in our city.

Julian: This is exactly what I was talking about. Some meta's been gifted with this incredible power, and this is the very best thing they can do with it. Terrorize a city, it's... it's pathetic.
Barry: But why exactly do you hate metas so much?
Julian: If you think I'm going to break down now, and tell you that one of them killed my parents, and that's why I have to do this job... I'm not. I'm going "I don't need a deep personal reason to hate metas", Allen. I just need to see person after person transformed, given these extraordinary abilities and watch them be squandered. Robbing banks, hurting people, spreading fear. Well, it's not just a crime... it's an absolute waste. Can you imagine what it would be like to have those powers? I mean, I would... I'd be helping people. I would be improving the world. I guess I wasn't one of the chosen few, was I?

Joe: You been hanging out here a lot lately.
Iris: Yeah, well, there's a lot of scared people with this monster running around the city.
Joe: Oh, we'll get him. We always do.
Iris: Oh, yeah? Is that a quote I can use for my article?
Joe: [emphatically] No!
Iris: All right, it was worth a try.

Cisco: [after reviewing H.R.'s CV] Is any of what's on here true?
H.R.: All of it.
Barry: How? You can barely turn on a computer.
H.R.: There are two parts to every idea. There is the inception and the execution... I provide the former.
Iris: So you come up with the ideas.
H.R.: Yeah. I don't know how to implement them. I'm the idea man.

Shade [3.06] edit

H.R.: "If a string is in a knot / Patience will untie it / Patience can do lots of things / Have you ever tried it?" My dead ma used to say that to me all the time, any time I had a problem. Now I have a problem. I guess I'm going to use that adage to figure it out. "S.T.A.R. Labs Museum". Think about it. [leaves the lab]
Cisco: You think everyone on Earth-19 is missing crayons in the box, or just him?

Wally: Why don't we say what this is really about? You're okay with Barry having powers. You're okay with Barry running into danger, fighting all these metas. He could screw up over and over again, and you're okay with all of it because he's Barry. But you won't give me the same amount of leeway because at the end of the day, you just don't... trust me.
Barry: You know that's not true, Wally.
Wally: I don't need you to fight my dad's battles for him. Say it, Joe. You don't... trust me, do you?
Joe: Wally,....
Wally: That's what I thought. [leaves]

Julian: Particulae around the eye. The crushed larynx. This poor chap has got fingerprints all around his neck. He's clearly been strangled.
Barry: I heard multiple witnesses said the man was attacked by a shadow.
Julian: Huh. So a meta from Neverland's made the trip to Central City. Fabulous.

Joe: Listen,... you were right. I do treat Barry differently than I treat you. But not because I think Barry's better than you.
Wally: Then why?
Joe: Wally, you're a lot like I was when I was a kid. You're fearless, and you take risks, and that makes you a handful just like I was. And now you're getting powers. That, alone, would make me nervous because I know what I would have done if I got powers. But you're not getting your speed the same way Barry got his. You're getting your speed the same way Magenta and the Rival got theirs. So it's not that I don't trust you, Wally, it's just that I don't trust what's going on with you right now, and that scares the living hell outta me.

Iris: I hate that we have to do this. He so badly wanted powers, and now to keep him locked up so he doesn't get them, it's...
Barry: It's hard, I know.
Iris: I don't know if you actually do.
Barry: What does that mean?
Iris: All Wally wants to do is to help people. And to see you do that every day while all he can do is stand by and watch... it's hard being a bystander sometimes.
Barry: You don't... feel that way, too, do you?
Iris: Barry,... c'mon. My contributions here are limited. I don't know science. I don't have powers. I don't know how to help you.
Barry: I couldn't do this without you.
Iris: It's not true.
Barry: That is true. Whether you realize it or not, there is no Flash without Iris West.

Killer Frost [3.07] edit

Barry: Cait, I know what a risk you took using your powers. Thank you.
Caitlin: I didn't do anything.
Barry: Well, you saved my life.
Caitlin: You've saved mine plenty of times.

Barry: He said his name was Savitar.
H.R.: Hindu god of motion.
Cisco: What? How do you know that?
H.R.: Crossword puzzle wizard. On two planets, I might add. 12 across, 7 letters. Savitar. Bam. Hindu god of motion.
Barry: He said he was God.
Cisco: That's -- that's nice. That's not scary. At all.

Barry: I know that we love you, and we would do everything that we can to help you. You and I, we've been through too much together to let each other down now. Please, let me help you.
Caitlin: Like you helped your mother?
Barry: Caitlin.
Caitlin: Or Wally? Or me? You keep messing with everyone's lives, wrecking everything, and we're left behind to pick up the pieces from your mistakes. Some things you break can't be put back together.

Caitlin: Both of my parents are doctors. It's all I ever wanted to be. Growing up, I used to practice the Hippocratic Oath. I was obsessed with it. If anyone was even going to step on a bug, I would say, "Do no harm." It's built into my DNA. Unfortunately, my DNA isn't what it used to be. So, believe me when I say, answer every one of my questions, or I will harm you and your family.

Iris: Barry, you are an incredible C.S.I. and no one in this building cares more about helping people find justice than you. And that was long before you were The Flash. This lab, it's your life.
Barry: You're my life. Both of you. And Wally and Caitlin and Cisco. If these past few months have taught me anything, it's that I would give up everything I have to keep you all safe. No regrets.
Joe: Every time I think you've run out of ways to be a hero, you show me another one.

Invasion! [3.08] edit

This episode is Part One of a crossover event called Invasion!. For quotations, see the related page.

The Present [3.09] edit

Barry: It was nice, having you out there with me.
Jay: Yeah, I never had a sidekick.
Barry: Oh, I'm your sidekick?
Jay: Well, as a senior partner....
Barry: "Senior citizen" is more like it.

Joe: Hey. You put my son's life in danger. Again.
H.R.: And he saved Barry's life. Joe, why... why do you think I help Wally? 'Cause I'm selfish, 'cause I get something? I don't get anything out of it. I help Wally 'cause the kid is special. He's extraordinary. His powers are extraordinary. Look, I get it. I'm not his dad. I don't have the same safety concerns as you, of course not. But Joe, one thing I do know: the longer you deny someone their potential, the more they're gonna look for it elsewhere.

Savitar: [speaking through Julian] Hello, Barry. It's been a while.
Barry: Savitar.
Savitar: None of you are on your knees. It's a smart move to bow before a deity.
Barry: You're not a god.
Savitar: To be a god, you just have to make people believe you are.
Iris: No one believes in you.
Savitar: You should, Iris. I hold the power of life and death over all of you.
Caitlin: How do you know so much about us?
Savitar: I know you, Caitlin. Cisco. Joe. Wally. The fake Wells. I know your fears, I know your weaknesses, I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your destinies. One shall betray you. One shall fall. One will suffer a fate far worse than death. This is the knowledge I have for you. About your everlasting damnation.

Jay: What you saw was one possibility of the future. What may be, or what may not.
Barry: Okay, then I can stop this from happening. I can run back there --
Jay: You can't go back there! Not again. Not ever.
Barry: All right, then I'll figure out exactly how it happened, how we wind up on that street, and I'll just make sure that we don't go there. I mean, if we don't go there...
Jay: Barry! This is why speedsters don't travel to the future. Nobody should know this much about their own. Just as there are infinite Earths in the multiverse, there are infinite possibilities to the future. It's always bending, always changing. Every decision you make creates another alternative.
Barry: I won't let Iris die.
Jay: The future isn't written yet. And it might not even turn out to be what you saw. You need to focus on the here and now. You have to live your life.

[Barry has brought Iris to a new, empty apartment.]
Iris: I... I don't understand. Where are we?
Barry: Home.
Iris: What?
Barry: I couldn't sleep on Cisco's couch anymore, and your place is... sorta small for two. So I signed a lease and I put both of our names on it.
Iris: I got you a wallet.
Barry: I'm sure I'll love it.
Iris: Barry, this is a big step.
Barry: Not for me. [gives her a key and embraces her] I don't know what's gonna happen in the future. All I know is, right here, right now, I want to spend every moment I can with you. You're the first thing I want to see when I wake up, and the last thing I --
[Iris kisses Barry.]
Iris: I love you, Barry Allen.
Barry: I love you, Iris West.

Borrowing Problems From The Future [3.10] edit

New opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other metahumans like me. In an attempt to stop the evil speedster Savitar, I was accidentally thrust into the future, and I saw him murder the woman that I love. But I won't let that happen. I'm gonna do everything in my power to change the future, and I'm the only one fast enough to keep her alive. I am the Flash.

Joe: Okay, well, remember, the best way to teach somebody something is to throw 'em in the deep end. That's how I taught you how to swim.
Barry: That was... I'm sill mad about that.
Joe: You can swim now, can't you?
Barry: ...Yeah.

Barry: Did you ask Julian to join Team... Star Labs?
Caitlin: I know, he's an acquired taste, but–
Cisco: Yeah, well he is Doctor Alchemy, the big bad's little bad.
Iris: Yeah, he gave Wally his powers.
Wally: That I don't mind.
Caitlin: Guys, I need his help. I'm sorry Cisco, but these cuffs, they aren't cutting it. Every night when I go to bed, I'm afraid that I'll wake up... be her. Maybe Julian can think of something that we haven't. [pause] Barry, when your mom was murdered, Joe and Iris, they took you in. Cisco, when Dante died, I slept on your couch to keep you company. The things we see, the things that we face, no one can do this alone. Trying is the biggest mistake that you can make.

Barry: Wally. What was that? I mean, you're supposed to be shadowing me.
Wally: Wh-wait, you're mad at me? I thought...
Barry: Observe and learn. That's it.
Joe: Whoa...
Barry: That's it!
Joe: Barr, ease up. Wally just saved your life.
Barry: I'm sorry, Wally, but if you can't learn to follow orders, this deal between us, it's over.

Barry: You all right?
Wally: I'm good, dude. You can have this one.
Barry: No, Wally, this one has to be you.
Wally: Why?
Barry: Because if you take down Plunder, the news report that says I captured him in the future, it's wrong. We can prove that we can alter the future here and now.
Wally: So that's why you sent me out here.
Barry: Hey, I sent you out here because you're a hero. Iris needs a hero now, Wally.

H.R.: I asked myself to say a few words. On this occasion... a home, more than bricks and mortar, and a turtle. It's uh, it's a feeling. It's a feeling of belonging, isn't it? Of, of love, of course. Of hope, for the future. I don't know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. [raises his glass] To Barry and Iris.

Dead or Alive [3.11] edit

[Cisco hits Gypsy's hand with a vibe wave after she shoots H.R. Caitlin rushes over to H.R.]
Caitlin: Where does it hurt?
H.R.: Every. Where.
Gypsy: You can vibe? [pleased] Oh, I like it.
Cisco: Slow down there. Let's just talk about this, like two adults. Over coffee. Or maybe dinner, if you prefer that. There's a great Thai place up the road if you like Thai. [offers to shake hands] I'm Cisco, by the way. You must be Gypsy. It's nice to meet you.
Caitlin: Are you asking her out on a date?
H.R.: Are you kidding me?
Cisco: I am negotiating!

Cisco: By the laws of Earth 19, I hereby challenge you for possession of H.R. Wells! If you want, we could solve this another way. There's a great spot for drinks-
Gypsy: You realize trial by combat is to the death?
Cisco: Yeah! For the loser. [Gypsy laughs] Listen, you want him? You have to come and claim him.
Gypsy: Hmm.
Cisco: [turning around to Barry and H.R.] That's Arwen!
Gypsy: I take it you also want the customary 24 hours to prepare?
Cisco: Do I want the customary-
H.R.: Yes, you do.
Cisco: I would love to take advantage of the customary 24 hours, if you don't mind.
Gypsy: Very well. One day.
Cisco: One day.
Gypsy: See you then. [vibes open a portal and leaves]
Cisco: She's gonna kill me, isn't she?

Iris: Okay, look, I know everyone is working really hard to prevent Savitar from...
Wally: ... Yeah.
Iris: But honestly, these could be my last few months on Earth.
Wally: Could you not talk like that?
Iris: I'm just being realistic, Wally. I get to do that. Look, I want my life to mean something. More than just as a daughter or as a sister, or as a girlfriend. But as a reporter. This story can do that. It can say that I, Iris West, mattered.
Wally: You know, my life was a lot easier before I had a sister.
Iris: It's a lot better now, isn't it?

Cisco: Oh. Hey. I'd be careful if I were you. Last thing we want is for me to touch a button and blow your head off, right? [laughs mockingly] 'Cause I don't know what I'm doing, right?
Barry: You know I don't think that.
Cisco: Yeah, well, you have a very, very strange way of showing it.
Barry: You're right, man. I'm sorry. I don't know, I just... guess this whole "not getting faster" thing, it just has me rattled. I was always able to do it before, you know? I mean, against Reverse-Flash, and then against Zoom, but... Savitar's on a whole other level. And knowing what he'll do to Iris if I fail...
Cisco: I'm afraid just thinking what's gonna happen to H.R. if I don't beat Gypsy. But you, you're the hero. I mean,... how do you handle all this pressure all the time?
Barry: By just leaning on all of you guys. You know, I mean you're always in my corner, helping me face my fears. And it is okay to be afraid, trust me. And when you are, I'll be there. In your corner.

[During their duel, Gypsy vibes her and Cisco to a planet of molten rock.]
Gypsy: Well, this is hot.
Cisco: I think you're flirting with me to distract me 'cause you're afraid.
Gypsy: Ha. My collection record is flawless. In these trials, I am undefeated.
Cisco: [laughs] Oh, please. Everybody's got a weakness. Even you.
[Gypsy throws Cisco back to Earth-1 and follows him.]
Gypsy: Says the man afraid of showing everyone how powerful he can be. You and I resonate on a similar frequency. I can feel it. Yet you allow your fear and insecurity to hold you back. That's why you're gonna lose.

Untouchable [3.12] edit

Wally: So this is it. huh?
Barry: Yeah. This is the starting line to our race. Cisco set up sensors all along the course and he'll be tracking our speed all the way to the finish line on the other side of town.
Wally: No, I meant "This is it." You know, the day the greatest upset in speedster history goes down.
Barry: Wally. Man, this isn't about winning or losing, okay? This is about training. So you can get faster and beat Savitar and save Iris.
Wally: [serious] Yeah. Which I'm gonna do.
Barry: Okay.
Wally: [back to enthused] But first I'm gonna make you eat my dust, I'm sorry.
Barry: Okay, you know there is a reason they call me "The Fastest Man Alive".

[Caitlin and Julian prepare to do an autopsy on a metahuman's murder victim.]
Caitlin: What's his name?
Julian: Doesn't really matter much now, does it?
Caitlin: Of course. I should call him by his name. After everything he's been through, he deserves that much respect.
Julian: He is a corpse. Thus impervious to such bedside manners.
Caitlin: Well, thank goodness, 'cause I'd hate to have to subject him to yours.

[Training to phase through matter, Wally crashes into a wall at super-speed.]
Wally: That hurt like...
H.R.: Like you ran into a giant wooden wall, 'cause you did.

[While treating Iris with her cold powers, Caitlin begins to revert to Killer Frost.]
Caitlin: Just a little bit longer and she's dead. How's that for changing the future?
Julian: I know who you are, Caitlin. You do not want to do this.
Caitlin: This is who I am. You said it, it's time for me to take responsibility for my actions. Time for me to own who I really am.
Julian: Who you are is Caitlin Snow. I know first hand the battle going on inside of you. I know what it feels like. When it happened to me, I lost. All right? I was weak. And I let it win. And I did... I did horrible things to a lot of good people, and you don't have to do that. You're not gonna do that. You're stronger than that, Caitlin, you're far stronger than I am. You're one of the strongest people I've ever known. You can win this fight. [puts a gentle hand on her arm, speaks softly] Iris needs your help now.
[Caitlin's eyes turn normal again as she regains control, and she resumes helping Iris.]

Iris: You know, sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I'm the only one who doesn't get the Flash. He felt separate from you. But yesterday, when you saved me, I remembered that I have no reason to be scared. The man I love is a superhero. I love and trust you, Barry Allen, the Flash. I love all of you. And I always will.

Attack on Gorilla City [3.13] edit

[Jesse has mistaken H.R. for her father.]
Caitlin: Jesse, that's not who you think it is. This is H.R. You met him briefly before you left last time.
H.R.: [bows dramatically] At your service, madame.
Wally: He's Harry's replacement.
H.R.: Some would say "improvement".
Cisco: Um... this is Harry's daughter.
H.R.: Yeah.
Cisco: He's been kidnapped.
H.R.: Ee... I didn't know. I'm so... I thought...
Jesse: Sorry about that.
H.R.: I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry I took the smile from your face.

Julian: Fascinating. Do you often travel to other Earths?
Barry: No. Uh, well... when I have to. Look, Julian, will you just tell Singh that, I don't know, I'm under the weather or something? It's, you know, it is kinda what we do on Team Flash. We cover for each other.
Julian: What does Caitlin think of all this multiverse-hopping? Does she approve?
Barry: She's coming with me.
Julian: [shocked] You're letting her go?
Barry: It's her choice.
Julian: Allen, it's not a wise move, surely. She can barely control her cold powers as is.
Barry: We might need her for Grodd.
Julian: Grodd? [realizing] Telepathic gorilla?
Barry: Yeah.
Julian: Where are you going? Are you going to Planet of the Apes?
Barry: No, it's just a... city of them. Will you cover for me?
Julian: Are you going to Planet of the Apes?
Barry: I'm not going to Planet of the Apes, okay? Calm down. Will you cover for me?
Julian: I've got you, yeah, of course.

[Barry has just defeated Solovar in the Gorilla City arena and speaks to the gorilla assemblage.]
Barry: I won't kill him! I WON'T ! I know how you all fear humans! You think we want war with gorillakind. We don't. We're not all murderers and killers. We only want peace. Which is why I'm sparing your leader! We call it "mercy"!

H.R.: What you doing up there?
Jesse: Just, uh... hanging out.
H.R.: What are... what are you thinking about?
Jesse: Wally. He wants me to stay here with him.
H.R.: Ah. Yeah, he does. Guy is no dummy. Congratulations. Oh, that's great. Love... nothing like young love.
Jesse: Yeah, I just... I don't... I don't know if it's the right thing.
H.R.: Why?
Jesse: He's on his own journey. Besides, my dad just got captured by gorillas. And if... if he does come back, how could I ever tell him I'm leaving?
H.R.: Well, 'cause you're human. That's... that's how. That's what we do. Look, my point is this. When it comes to love, you gotta go for it. You know? Everything else be damned. 'Cause if you don't, you're gonna end up being the kind of person that lives the rest of their life with regret. I mean, I know that telling your dad that, you know, you're... you're switching Earths, that's gonna be a difficult conversation to have, but one that you've got to go for if you want to be happy. But, that's just my opinion. What do I know? I'm just a handsomer guy than your dad with a song in his heart. Good luck, Jesse.

Caitlin: I like you, Julian. I do. And I like that you like me. But I'm also afraid of my powers. And not what they could do to me, but what they could do to anyone who gets close to me.
Julian: Caitlin, I'm not afraid
Caitlin: You should be. Fear me, Julian. It's not a threat. Just good advice
Julian: Okay. Fine. I'll fear you. You know what really helps me when I'm scared?
Caitlin: What?
Julian: Just a good filet steak. [Caitlin smiles.] Bit of Béarnaise on the side, mashed potatoes. Does the trick every time.
Caitlin: Really?
Julian: I promise. I think we should find a local steakhouse and be terrified together.
Caitlin: Sure. Together it is.
[Julian and Caitlin walk off arm in arm.]

Attack on Central City [3.14] edit

H.R.: [about the way Harry brushes his teeth] O-ooh. You go front-to-back. Toothbrush. You go front-to-back? 'Cause I'm a small-circles kinda guy. Wonder how the other Wells brushes his teeth.
Harry: The murderer?
H.R.: I'm fascinated by the subtle differences between us, you know?
Harry: And the not-so-subtle ones.
H.R.: Like what?
Harry: Like the fact that I'm a genius, and you're a moron. [spits his toothpaste into H.R.'s coffee mug, then leaves]
H.R.: [still in good humor] Okay. See you at the party.

Cisco: [trying to convince Gypsy to help Team Flash] Don't tell me you're gonna run away from this.
Gypsy: I never run.
Cisco: Then stand and fight with us. We need you.
Gypsy: You need me. Are you trying to Luke Starkiller me?
Cisco: [amused at the reference] What if I am? Is that what it's gonna take to get you to stay? Here's a bonus: you get to spend extra time with this face [points to his face]. Look at this face, c'mon. Who doesn't want to get to spend extra time with this guy?

Barry: No matter what I do to stop Grodd, he just keeps finding new ways to attack, new ways to destroy, and I... Iris doesn't think I should, but the only way this ends is if I kill him.
Harry: "Kill him". That might be the most idiotic thing I've ever heard you say.
Barry: Wait, what?
Harry: Iris is right. You don't want to listen, go ahead, keep being an idiot.
Barry: I don't understand.
Harry: Don't. Kill. Grodd.
Barry: Harry, you of all people should understand. You would've killed to save Jesse. You were gonna kill Zoom.
Harry: Barry, there's a thousand things I've done... that I'm not proud of. Some of them recently. Every time I do one of those things, it makes it easier to do it the next time. I look at you, out there battling the darkness with honor and hope, and I'm reminded that there's always another way. Always. Killing Grodd is not your answer. Saving one life doesn't justify taking another. Find the other way.

Cisco: Gypsy, please. (Grodd)'s gonna destroy my city. And he's gonna hurt the people I love.
Gypsy: I told you before, that's not my problem. Look, just go back to Earth-1 before someone sees you and I have to do something that I don't want to.
Cisco: You know, you told me I could do things with my powers I'd never even imagined. And you're right. 'Cause I'm not just vibing people anymore, I'm vibing what they feel. You know what I'm getting right here, right now, from you? You're more than this. You're like me. You want to do something good. Look, we need something to stop Grodd, and I'm gonna need your help getting it. Please, be the hero I know you wanna be.

Iris: What is all this?
Barry: I've been really busy recently with trying to avoid the future, and I forgot that there's always another way.
Iris: What is that?
Barry: Making the future. [opens a box containing an antique engagement ring] Our future. [gets down on one knee] My great-grandfather gave this to my great-grandmother after World War Two. He wanted to propose before he was shipped out, but he didn't have the money. And he bought this three years later when he was stationed in London. Fought his way across France, all the way to Berlin, with this ring around his neck with his dog-tags. And when he got back, she was waiting for him in the dock of the Brooklyn Navy yards. He proposed on the spot. After my mom passed away, Joe held on to this for me. Until tonight.
Iris: Barry...
Barry: Iris West... will you marry me?

The Wrath of Savitar [3.15] edit

Caitlin: Is the reason you don't want to do this (be mind-linked again with Savitar) because... you don't want me to see it?
Julian: I just think... hearing his voice come out of me... it just makes it impossible for you to see me as normal-
Caitlin: Hey. [puts her hand on top of Julian's] I've had somebody else's voice coming out of my mouth, and you were still able to see the real me. How about trusting that I can do the same thing?
[Julian looks at Caitlin, then leans forward and kisses her.]
Julian: Sorry. I just wanted to do that, in case you changed your mind later.
Caitlin: [smiling] Quite all right.

Savitar: [speaking through Julian] Bow before my greatness. Be in awe as you are in the presence of the almighty.
Barry: Enough with the religious nonsense. You're just a man. Like me.
Savitar: I'm nothing like you, Barry. You're cruel. You're selfish. From my perspective, you're the Big Bad.
H.R.: [scoffs] Stupid.
Savitar: Still here, pretender? Still trying to find your "place"?
H.R.: I've found my place. It's standing here with these people, against you.
Savitar: You know, the sad thing is that you live. You survive my wrath. The coward. [to Barry] Irony.

Iris: I just want you to listen, okay? I need you to let me say what I need to say.
Barry: Okay.
Iris: I'm not angry at you. I understand that you... you want to keep me safe, and us getting engaged could change the future. I get all of that. Barry, when you proposed to me, I said "Yes" because I love you more than anything. And I want to be your wife. But I thought that you were asking me purely out of love, not fear. And Barry, whether you realize it or not, now there's always gonna be a part of us that's tainted
Barry: Iris, I'm trying to save your life.
Iris: I know, and that's the problem. I want to be your wife, Barry. I don't want to be someone that you're trying to save for the rest of eternity.

[Savitar has just escaped from the Speed Force.]
Savitar: Ground. Air. I can feel again. I can breathe again. I've beaten you, finally.
Barry: Where's Wally? What just happened to him?
Savitar: Like the Greek myth of Atlas, who could not put down the sky until someone took his place, Wally has taken my place in the Speed Force. You know me. I love a good myth.
Barry: He took your place. What...?
Savitar: When you created Flashpoint, you unwittingly provided me with the means of my return.
Barry: Wally.
Savitar: You gave me the idea to turn Wally into Kid Flash, to make him fast enough to replace me in your prison. His youth and ego were my allies. So taken with his fame and speed, he never saw he was running right into my trap.
Barry: How do I get him out?
Savitar: Wally's gone.
Barry: [yelling] How do I get him out?
Savitar: Suffering in an endless void for all eternity. Another victim Barry Allen failed to save.
[Barry and Savitar fight, with Barry running after Savitar]
Barry: I'm gonna kill you.
Savitar: If you had the strength to end my life, you would have done it in the future. But Barry Allen doesn't kill. He's the good guy. The boy Joe raised. The man Iris loves. You have everything; And deserves none of it! I'm gonna destroy this city like I did in the future, so you can see the truth, Barry. And then, you'll treat me like a god!
Barry: You're not a god!

Caitlin: I'm sorry. I should've never... I was afraid.
Barry: I know. Believe me, I know. Fear makes us do a lot of things that we shouldn't. My fear's the reason for all of this.

Into the Speed Force [3.16] edit

Cisco: You know that thing we used to talk to Savitar?
Julian: Yes.
Cisco: [points to the headset] Meet the Electrode-Halo. So basically, these two are linked electromagnetically via Goldtooth.
Julian: "Gold-tooth"?
Cisco: [pleased with himself] Yeah, it's... kinda the Cisco Ramon inter-dimensional equivalent of Bluetooth. Kinda proud of it. Anyway, it gives us all the relevant locus information no matter what corner of the Multiverse Barry's stuck in.
Caitlin: And, if Barry needs our help, it stimulates Cisco's prefrontal cortex.
Cisco: Then I'll open a breach and pfff... siphon them back in.
Julian: Good lord. Multiverses, breaches, halos. Easy bloody peasy.
Cisco: By George, I think he's got it.

Cisco: Man, I don't know what this is. All I know, it just came off the armor of some Hindu speed god, so...
Caitlin: It's like the box the Philosopher's Stone came in. It simultaneously exists, it doesn't exist.
H.R.: Like Schroeder's Cat. Remember? Schroeder? Guy with the cat, in the box, both alive and dead at the same time, dun dun dun. Which, by the way, seems like cruelty for animals. Half the time.
Cisco: Okay, I think you're thinking of Schrödinger, maybe?
H.R.: Schro - no.
Cisco: Yeah. 'Cause Schroeder's the guy from Peanuts.
H.R.: I don't think so!
Caitlin: Yeah. The one with the piano.
H.R.: Charlie Brown has the piano. On my Earth, that's the whole gag, 'cause he can't play the piano. He's terrible.
Jesse: Oh my god. Who cares about cats, or pianos, or the frickin' Peanuts?
H.R.: It's not "the" Peanuts. It's just... Peanuts.

Speed Force Ronnie Raymond: [regarding Caitlin's baby] This troubles you. Another life that could have been. But never was.
Barry: Caitlin and Ronnie should have had that. Family. A future.
Speed Force Ronnie: The future doesn't always turn out as we want it to.
Barry: I see what you're doing. First Eddie, now Ronnie. Showing me all the people who sacrificed themselves for the greater good.
Speed Force Ronnie: No, Barry, their sacrifices were for you. As was Wally's when he attempted to stop Savitar.
Barry: Savitar tricked Wally. And now he's trapped. Wally doesn't belong in the Speed Force. You have to let me take his place. That's why I'm here.
Speed Force Ronnie: Not the other reason, Barry?
Barry: I want to sacrifice myself for Wally.

Jay: Sorry, kid. This is where I stay for a while.
Barry: What? What are you talking about?
Jay: We both know that a speedster needs to take Wally's place. That's why I'm here.
Barry: No. No, Jay. You already lived your hell when you were Zoom's prisoner.
Jay: And you set me free, and I owe you for that
Barry: Jay...
Jay: I've run a hell of a race. But every marathon has a finish line. Time's finally come for me to cross it, but, Barry... need to put an end to this once and for all and stop Savitar.
Barry: How?
Jay: Do what you do best. Be the Flash

Barry: You told me that you only wanted to marry someone because they love you and not because they were trying to save you. And I get that. I just... You know, I've lived with a lot of death, tragedy in my life, and seeing you die... it's impossible not to be consumed by that.
Iris: Yeah. No, I get that. I do. It just... it made me question if you were asking me for the right reasons, you know? If it was out of... love or... responsibility. But, look, while you were gone, I realized something. I don't have to doubt why you want to marry me. It's the same reason that I want to marry you. I want to be your wife, Barry.
Barry: Um.... I love you. But... uh... You were right. I proposed because I thought it would save you. I thought Wally would save you. I... I was wrong. I alone have to save you in the future, and I'm going to. But not by changing it. By embracing it.
Iris: Okay, um... what does that mean?
Barry: It means that... I think we need some space for a while.

Duet [3.17] edit

Cisco: What is it with you and musicals?
Barry: Everything's better in song.

Kara Danvers: How do we get out of here?
Music Meister: You're in a movie musical. So, all you have to do is just follow the–
Kara: [excited] The yellow brick road?
Music Meister: No, the script.

Mon-El: We've gotta bring him in.
Wally: No, not we, me. I'm the reason Barry got whammied.
Cisco: We win and we lose as a team. I'm coming with you.
J'onn J'onzz: I'm coming, too.
Cisco: Look, J'onn. I respect this whole special agent situation you've got going on. But this problem right here needs someone with–
[J'onn transforms to his Martian form]
Cisco: –green skin and a sick-ass cape.
J'onn: Call me the Martian Manhunter.
Mon-El: I think you'll find that J'onn's a lot more than just a pretty face.

Barry: [singing] At times like these when life is getting me down, and the world seems like it's gonna end...ship?
There's at least one power that we both still have, and that's the power of–
Kara: Friend-ship?
Barry: Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say!
Kara: Yeah, it's an easy rhyme.
Barry: I'm your super friend. Your super friend. I'll be there in the nick of time, if you're ever in a spot.
Kara: And if you're not there in time, you can just go back in time, and give it another shot.
Barry: I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore.
Kara: Oh, okay.
Barry: Sing!
Kara: I'm your super friend. Super friend.
Barry: When you need a compliment, I can rattle off a dozen.
For instance, I have to say I'm not impressed by your more famous cousin.
Kara: Thank you! No one ever says that!
Barry: Oh, he's all like "Oh, I'm Superman! Woop tee woop tee doo."
Kara: [chuckling] That's a really good impression.
Barry: Thanks!
Barry and Kara: I'm your super friend. Super friend.
Kara: When it comes to buddies, pal, you're the best.
Barry: I love you more than the lightning bolt I wear on my chest.
Kara: If you're ever sad, [raises her voice an octave] I'll bring you flowers.
Barry: And you can list "soprano" as one of your powers.
Kara: If you're ever broke–
Barry: I've got the cash!
Kara: On my couch–
Barry: You're welcome to crash.
Kara: And if you ever need a hand–
Barry: I'll be there in a flash.
Kara: Barry!
Barry: That was funny!
[Kara takes Barry's hand and pulls him up off the couch. The duo next appears on stage in full fancy dress, singing before the club audience.]
Barry and Kara: I'm your super -- That has a double meaning! -- friend!

Music Meister: [enters the room clapping] Bravo! Round of applause, Standing O, that was so GOOD! I loved it! That was a hell of a show, and you two [motioning Iris and Mon-El] I guess your love was strong enough after all. Beautiful.
Cisco: Man, how did you get out of the cell?!?
Music Meister: Cisco, do you really think that cell is gonna just hold me?
Barry: Nah, I'm sorry, what's going on? Why did you do this to us?
Music Meister: I did it because I believe in the good guys. I told you when we first met: It was to teach all of you a lesson. 'Cause I see everything. And I saw two people with two broken hearts.
Kara: So the lesson was...?
Music Meister: Love, Supergirl. Love is about letting yourself be saved. It's not just about saving other people, even if you are superheroes. Anyway, I'm sorry that I had to like, mess with you all, but I was just trying to get you to play the game, do the song-and-dance.
H.R.: Are you from another earth, multiverse, universe, something?
Music Meister: Yeah, you wouldn't even understand where I come from.
Barry: Wait, I'm sorry, that's it? You're just gonna teach somebody else a lesson?
Music Meister: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. [singing] Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart. [vanishes]

Abra Kadabra [3.18] edit

[Caitlin is stitching up a wound on Julian's arm.]
Caitlin: You're lucky. This could've been a lot worse.
Julian: I'm fine, really. It's merely a flesh wound, as the Monty Python boys would say.

Gypsy: What the hell were you thinking?
Joe: Now is not the time, Gypsy.
Gypsy: You know, you got a really messed up sense of justice for a cop.
Joe: [walks right up to her] Watch yourself. I took two oaths in my life. One: to uphold the law. The other: to protect my family. Guess which one takes priority?
Gypsy: That was my prisoner.
Joe: He was my prisoner, too. And you're on my Earth. He has information that could save Iris's life, so I don't give a damn. It's because of you he's on the loose.
Gypsy: Because of me? No, no. Because of you. You opened that door! You let him out! That is on you, detective!

[Cisco and Gypsy attempt to stop Abra Kadabra's ship by firing vibe waves at it.]
Cisco: We're on it. You shall not PASS!!

Barry: You're going with (Gypsy). I'm not gonna stop her.
Abra Kadabra: Then you'll never find out what you want to know.
Barry: I have nothing to offer you. No reprieve. No escape for what you're facing. You've done some terrible things. But you are still a man. You have a family. Friends, people that you care about. Somewhere inside of you, there must be a glimmer of light. Of hope. It's that part of you that I'm asking... I'm begging. Help me save her.
Abra Kadabra: Flash... begging. See, here it is: in the future, you and I have been enemies for years. Oh, there have been others, of course. There's Thawne and Zoom. DeVoe. But none of them hurt you like Savitar. He truly broke you. I have to be honest, I was always a little bit jealous. But now, it's like I get to kill her, too. If you'll excuse me, I have my execution to attend.

Julian: I cannot believe what you did, Caitlin. I mean, to stay awake during your own surgery, that's one thing, but talking my clumsy hands though it, that's quite the other. You were immensely brave. You fought through the pain like I've never seen anyone before.
Caitlin: You did all the hard work.
Julian: Hardly.
Caitlin: You going soft on me, Julian?
Julian: Yes. Absolutely.
[Julian leans down and kisses Caitlin, but then he accidentally brushes her stitches, making her wince in pain.]
Julian: I'm so terribly sorry. That's most clumsy of me.
Caitlin: Some bedside manner you got there.
Julian: I'm now working on it.

The Once and Future Flash [3.19] edit

2024 Barry: Why are you here?
Barry: I need your help.
[2024 Barry steps closer and looks at Barry.]
2024 Barry: You're from before she dies, aren't you?... You can't save her. [starts walking away]
Barry: Yes, I can. And I'm going to.
2024 Barry: No, you can't. Go home.
Barry: Just tell me who's in the suit. [Future Barry stops] Right, that's all I need. You tell me that, we'll be able to track him down. We'll learn his weakness... we'll stop him before he even tries. Just tell me who Savitar is.
2024 Barry: I can't.
Barry: Wh... Why?
2024 Barry: [turns to Barry] Because I don't know the answer. Sorry you ran all this way for nothing. Want some advice? Go home. Spend as much time with Iris as you can, because pretty soon... you'll never see her again. [walks off]

Barry: Caitlin? It's me.
Future Killer Frost: Barry Allen.
Barry: I'm--
Future Killer Frost: -- from the past. I can tell. There's no hate from your eyes. Yet.

Barry: You promised. You promised her that you would be there for Joe.
2024 Barry: You don't understand.
Barry: "I don't understand." What, that you abandoned them? That you abandoned him and everybody else?! You made a promise--
2024 Barry: That I couldn't keep!! Not after everything I'd lost. I was just as broken as Joe was!
Barry: I don't care.
2024 Barry: [shoves Barry] You WILL!!... You will. You want answers, Barry? How's this? You will go back. You will do everything that you can think of to save her. You're even gonna create time remnants of yourself, but he's gonna kill them all mostly. And then on the night of May 23rd... Iris West will die in your arms.
Barry: No.
2024 Barry: And in that moment when she takes her last breath, it'll feel like an eternity. And it will break you. She's the love of your life, Barry. She was the love of my life. [sinks into a corner] There'll be nothing left but stopping Savitar. So no, you won't be there for Joe. You won't be there when Caitlin becomes Killer Frost. And Savitar destroys Wally. You won't be there for any of 'em. But then one day, you'll stop him. You'll lock him in the Speed Force forever. But at that point... he already won. Because everything that you've ever loved is gone. Including you. Go home, Barry. There's nothing for you here.

TV news anchor: In a bizarre twist, in the first sighting in years, eyewitnesses claim not one, but two Scarlet Speedsters were responsible for apprehending Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon, aka Mirror Master and Top. I'm sure I speak for all residents of Central City when I say this: Flash, if you're watching, it's good to see you again.

Savitar: I've been waiting for you. Fear not, my child. I've come only to offer you what you desire.
Killer Frost: And what's that?
Savitar: Salvation.
Killer Frost: You want to cure me? Turn me back into Caitlin Snow?
Savitar: No. I want to make sure Caitlin never returns.
Killer Frost: Why should I trust you? [Savitar's suit powers down and someone climbs out. Killer Frost recognises him] What do you need me to do?

I Know Who You Are [3.20] edit

Joe: Look, I am going to wait for you at the end of the marathon.
Cecile Horton: No, you're not pulling out of this thing.
Joe: I am not as easy with running as some of the members of my family. [kisses Cecile]
Cecile: I'm gonna let it slide. I'm gonna let it.
Joe: Yeah? [playfully] Oh, you gettin' mad?
Cecile: Mm-mmm. I will never get mad. I love you too much to be mad.
[Both Joe and Cecile grow uncomfortable as they each realize what Cecile just said.]

[Tracy Brand is at the Jitters counter digging through her purse.]
Tracy Brand: Okay, I might not have any cash, but I have one of those Jitters cards that has 10 stamps on it, which means you owe me a free drink?
H.R.: [laying money on the counter] Allow moi to help out a damsel in distress. I will pay for myself and the lady. I will have a triple-shot, no whip mocha Flash, and anything this young lady desires.
Tracy: Yeah, um... I need to calm down. So, a Zoom.
H.R.: "Zoom"? Never. Heard of it.
Tracy: Oh, it's on the secret menu.
H.R.: Secret menu?
Tracy: Triple espresso with a shot of cayenne.
H.R.: [softly, to himself] Marry me.

Tracy: And the White Witch? I'm guessing you know why she's after me?
Iris: Well, she's teamed up with an evil speedster from the future, and apparently you develop the technology to trap him for an eternity. So...
Tracy: You can't be serious.
H.R.: Totally serious.
Tracy: An evil speedster?
Flash: He calls himself Savitar.
Tracy: Savitar? And he's from the future?
Iris: Yep.
Tracy: And I build a trap for him? Me?
H.R.: You.
Flash: He wants to kill you before you build it. That's why he sending Killer Frost after you.
Tracy: Killer Frost? Her name... is Killer Frost?
H.R.: Yeah.
Joe: We know it's a lot to take in.
Tracy: Well, to be fair, you're basically telling me I'm Sarah Connor in Terminator.
Cisco: Eh, more like Miles Dyson.
H.R.: Yeah. Good effort, though.

Julian: I thought you'd like to be informed that H.R.'s managed to talk Tracy around.
Cisco: Ah. Perfect. That means we can get to work.
Julian: Yeah. There's one thing I need to know first. Outside Jitters earlier, you could have stopped Caitlin with a vibe. But just like CCU... you didn't.
Cisco: I'm not doing this again... [tries to leave, but Julian stops him]
Julian: No no no no no. You are. I need to know, Cisco. Tell me why you couldn't do it.
Cisco: [hard] Get out of my way. [goes around Julian]
Julian: Caitlin could be home now. Had you stopped her, she would be here. But you didn't. You couldn't. Tell me why!
Cisco: Because I'm afraid!
Julian: Afraid of what?
Cisco: Afraid of killing her! [indicating his hands] I'm walking around with two loaded guns here, ready to go off. And what if she's hurting Barry, or Joe, or you? And I have to save you and I can't control my powers and I end up killing her? She's my best friend. And I'd rather it be me than her.

Barry: I'm here! I'M HERE!!
[Savitar appears before Barry.]
Barry: I know who you are.
Savitar: It's about time.
Barry: Yes, it is. Everything is about time with you, isn't it? The past. The present, the future. You know all of it. Right? And you know everything about me. About Joe. About Wally. And Iris! You know our strengths, you know our fears. You know how much we love each other. And you know how to use that love against us. All this time, we thought that we couldn't stop you because you were one step ahead. But that's not it. You don't just "know" what's gonna happen to us. You were there. You lived it. You remember... when you were me.
[Savitar kneels and opens his armor. A pale, scarred version of Barry climbs out.]
Savitar: Like I told you from the beginning... I am the future Flash.

Cause and Effect [3.21] edit

Savitar: It's like looking in a mirror. Well,... [points to his facial scar] Not quite.
Barry: Not so scary without your armor.
Savitar: What can I say? I outgrew red.

Joe: I don't understand. How could Savitar be you?
Barry: He's not me. Not really.
Cisco: He's all the worst parts of you. It's like in Star Trek when the transporter splits Kirk into Good Kirk and Bad Kirk. [to H.R.] Please tell me you at least have Star Trek on your Earth.
H.R.: Voyager.
Cisco: I hate spin-offs.

Iris: What was he (Savitar) like?
Barry: Broken.
Iris: You know, all this time, I thought that Savitar is this... monster. It's hard to picture what might happen and... it being you, it... I know it's not you, I'm... [trails off]
Barry: Part of him is. He said it was like looking in a mirror, and he was right. But not just the way that he looked. It was... it was his eyes. The pain that was inside them. I've seen that in myself. When I think about how my parents died so violently. Sometimes I want to repay that violence with more violence. I wanna make someone else hurt as much as I do.
Iris: But you don't ever do that. You're not him, you're a good person.
Barry: I know, but it's in there, you know. That's in me. That power, that pain. That's where Savitar comes from. From loss. From losing you.
Iris: You're not going to lose me. Do you hear me? And we are going to stop Savitar. You are not alone. He is. And he is not a god.
Barry: Jay told me that we're not gods. He was wrong. We could be. Any speedster, and it wouldn't take much. When the love in our hearts is drowned in anger, when the bad memories outweigh the good ones. [softly] What am I going to have to become to stop him?

Barry: Why can't I remember anything? Why can't I remember my name?
Iris: Your name is Barry.
Barry: [searching his pockets] My name's not "Barry". I don't know what my name is, but my name's -- [reading his name off his driver's license] "Bartholomew Henry Allen". That's not a good name.
Iris: Look, Barry--
Barry: Are you sure I don't go by "Bart"? "Bart" feels more natural to me. Can we go with "Bart"?
Wally: "Bart's" kinda cool.

Barry: You sure this is the me you want, with all the baggage?
Iris: Seeing you without the weight of everything that's happened, seeing you happy, like you were before your mother was killed. Without all that darkness haunting you, you were finally free. It was nice.
Barry: I did the same thing months ago.
Iris: What do you mean?
Barry: That freedom? I had that. When I was with my Mom and Dad again in Flashpoint. And I could've let it stay like that. I could have let the memories of this timeline fade, but if I'd done that, I would've lost Joe and Cisco and Wally and Caitlin and you. Pain and darkness, it's a part of me, and I need it to fuel me. To push me to be a better person, to be a better hero. Keep me from ever forgetting who I am.
Iris: Now that is the Barry Allen I know and love. [gives Barry a long, loving kiss]

Infantino Street [3.22] edit

Lyla: So I got your message. But you're gonna have to run me through exactly what you need again.
Cisco: So we're building a cannon. Bazooka... thing. It's a sorta trap.
Barry: In order to turn it on, we need something to power it. Something extremely powerful and regenerative.
Lyla: Okay.
Cisco: Yeah. So, I tasked S.T.A.R.'s satellite to look for anything that might have our specific power requirements. And wouldn't you know it... we found something that has exactly we need. [laughs nervously] And it's right there in that building. Crazy, huh?
Lyla: I really don't think you should be spying on me, Cisco.
Cisco: Is it spying if we're friends?

Barry: Do you have any idea what else might be down there?
Snart: Doesn't matter. There are only four rules you need to remember: Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan go off the rails.... Throw away the plan. Follow my lead, and you'll be fine.
Barry: I'm trusting you.
Iris: We all are.
Snart: Just don't sit me at the singles' table at the wedding reception.

Snart: [after knocking out King Shark] Reminds me of Jaws. They didn't show the shark because they couldn't afford to make it look good.
[As they make their way into the room, King Shark's dorsal fin rises out of the cold mist. After a tense moment, it sinks back down.]
Barry: How long do you think he'll stay asleep?
Snart: I like Shark Week. I'm not a marine biologist.

Barry: Tell me, Snart. Did you think I had it in me? To leave you behind?
Snart: I wasn't sure. Always known you had the potential to be as ruthless as they come. Your history made sure of that. Same as mine. Who knows? Maybe that's why we get along. You see the good in me, I see the bad in you.
Barry: Maybe.
Snart: Piece of advice. Stop trying to beat Savitar at his own game. Your goodness is your strength. Call me sentimental. Think the Flash should remain a hero.
Barry: [offers a hand] Take care of yourself, Snart.
[Barry and Snart shake hands.]
Snart: No strings on me.

Iris: [final message to Barry] Hi, Barry. Um... there's something that I need to say to you. I love you. And if something happens, I need you to hear this. I, Iris Anne West, take you, Bartholomew Henry Allen, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Until death do us part.

Finish Line [3.23] edit

[H.R. has sacrificed himself to save Iris. Tracy rushes to him as he lays dying.]
Tracy: [distraught] No, no.
H.R.: It's... it's okay.
Tracy: Why are you doing this?
H.R.: I couldn't be the coward. I'm not a coward.
Tracy: We just found each other.
H.R.: I know. Our story will be brilliant. You... will be brilliant. You will be glorious, Tracy Brand. You will be. I've seen... seen it with my own eyes. I love you. [spasms] Oh, no. B.A.? B.A.
Barry: I'm right here.
H.R.: Will you tell Cisco... Please tell him... [whispers in Barry's ear] You tell him... for me?
Barry: Yeah.
H.R.: Good. Now... go stop Savitar. [winks]
[H.R. dies.]

Barry: I want to help you.
Savitar: Really?
Barry: You don't have much time before the paradox reaches you. Come back to S.T.A.R Labs. Let Cisco and Caitlin go, and let us figure out a way to save you.
Savitar: You really think I trust you?
Barry: You showed up. So you remember me coming here. Did I have any tricks up my sleeve? Was I... was I planning on blindsiding you?
Savitar: I dunno, Barry, maybe I just get off on watching you grovel.
Barry: No, I don't think that's it. I think you're hearing me. I'm still in there. Deep down, buried beneath the scars and the pain, that part of you that... it must feel so lonely. But it also knows what it's like to have a family. To have friends. You can have all that back. We can stop hurting each other. I remember when I was six and uh... I begged Mom and Dad to let me go to this science expo in Midway. And we got a flat tire on that dirt road. No spare. So we were towed to that garage in that tiny little one-street town. Of course, we were stuck there all day. Then we got ice cream, and French fries with gravy at that little diner. And then that night, we watched the local fireworks show. Actually turned out to be a great day. That's my favorite memory of Mom and Dad.
[During the story, Savitar's face softens and saddens as he remembers along with Barry.]
Barry: What was the name of that town?
Savitar: [softly] Masonville.
Barry: I'm still in there. Come home.

[Barry phases himself into Savitar's armor, forcing Savitar out.]
Barry: [from inside the armor] How does it feel? To get so close to your ascension, and end up on the ground?
Savitar: [understanding] Now I see. It's written.
Barry: Nothing's written.
[Barry and Savitar trade blows until Barry knocks him to his knees. Barry then extends a blade and prepares to impale Savitar.]
Savitar: DO IT!! You kill me, you become me. Either way... I live!
[Barry retracts the blade and destroys the armor.]
Barry: I'll never let the pain, the darkness, determine who I am. I will never be you.

[Iris gives the eulogy at H.R.'s funeral]
Iris: When I think of H.R., I'm reminded of a story that John Lennon once told. When Lennon was five years old, his teacher asked him to write down what he wanted to be when he grew up. Lennon wrote "Happy". His teacher said that he didn't understand the assignment, and Lennon said they didn't understand life. H.R. understood life. He wasn't a genius, and he didn't have super-speed. But when we needed him the most, he was a hero. He was my hero. [walks over to Joe]
Joe: [hugging Iris] Mine, too.
[Cisco places H.R.'s drumsticks on the gravestone.]
Julian: [to the casket] Good on ya, mate.
Wally: [to the casket] Thanks for believing in me, H.R.
[Barry takes Cisco aside.]
Barry: Hey, I've been looking for the right time to tell you.
Cisco: Tell me what?
Barry: Right before H.R. died, he asked me to give you a message.
[Flashback to H.R. whispering to Barry: "Tell Cisco this took strength, and he gave it to me."]
Barry: I know that you've had a connection with every Wells that we've met, but... I dunno, something about this Wells...
Cisco: Yeah. Something.

[Barry prepares to enter the Speed Force prison to save Central City from being destroyed.]
Iris: Barry, Wally and Jay said they were in Hell.
[A portal opens from the Speed Force, and Nora Allen appears.]
Joe: Barry, it's your mother.
Barry: That's the Speed Force.
Speed Force Nora Allen: Barry isn't going to Hell. But like all runners must eventually, he's reached his finish line. His race is over.
Iris: You can't take him with you.
Barry: She's not taking me anywhere. I have to go.
Iris: Why? Why are you being punished?
Barry: This, all of this, it started with my mistake. With Flashpoint. This is my penance. This is my redemption.
Speed Force Nora Allen: My beautiful boy. It's time to rest.

Season 4 edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other metahumans like me. But I became lost in time. It took everything in my friends' power to bring me back, and in doing so, our world was opened up to new threats. And I'm the only one fast enough to stop them. I am the Flash.

The Flash Reborn [4.1] edit

Cecile: Babe, do you really need... all the smelly old records in there?
Iris: Oh, Cecile.
Joe: Records? You mean my vintage jazz LP collection, that I painstakingly and carefully collected over the last thirty years?
Cecile: [to Iris] Really?
Joe: Those are my loves, babe. They're going in the coffin with me when I die.
Cecile: Okay, maybe we could bury them now, and you can just join them at a later date.
Joe: Oh, you got jokes. You're lucky I only gave you the key, 'cause I'm starting to re-think this whole move-in thing.
Cecile: No, you're not.
Joe: [smiling] No, I'm not. [They laugh and kiss.]

Iris: Barry? I don't know if you can hear me or if... you're trying to send us a message somehow. Hey, I did what you told me to. I kept running, I kept moving forward. Because I knew that if I stopped to look back, then I would remember that you weren't behind me anymore. [getting emotional] And it's been so hard... And when Cisco said that he could bring you back, you know, I didn't know what to think. What if it didn't work? What if you... were dead? I mean, I thought it would be like losing you all over again. [Barry keeps writing, paying no attention to her.] I never imagined this, though. I don't know what I would do if this is all that's left of you. If this is all that's left of the amazing man that I know. And love. Please come back to me. Tell me you're still my Barry.

Caitlin: Any luck?
Cisco: No, not yet. The computer keeps telling me it's random gibberish.
Caitlin: Maybe it is.
Cisco: No. It's not. Barry's trying to send us a message, I know it. I mean, he's spent all this time in the Speed Force. Maybe now he knows the answers to life, the universe and everything.
Caitlin: So you think all this crazy writing is Barry's way of telling us "42"?

[Caitlin is assaulted by a thug at the bar.]
Caitlin: [transforming into Killer Frost] Don't make me frosty.
[Killer Frost slams the thug into a pinball machine.]
Killer Frost: You wouldn't like me when I'm frosty. [freezes the thug's forehead] What's the matter? Brain freeze? Touch my head again, and I'll freeze yours off. Maybe some other parts, too.

Iris: It's been really hard, Barry.
Barry: Hey, I'm back. And I'm not going anywhere ever again.
Iris: I tried to keep going. To keep fighting, to keep running, like you said.
Barry: You did. You kept everyone together. I'm so proud of you, okay? Look, it sounds funny, but... maybe this was a blessing.
Iris: You being gone for six months was a blessing?
Barry: I just... I can't tell you... how I feel, Iris. It's like... everything that was wrong in my life. The pain, my past, my mistakes, it's all just washed away, and all I see is you, and us, and our future together. Iris, it's gonna be great. [They kiss.]

Mixed Signals [4.2] edit

Barry: I'm just catching up on all the TV I missed while I was stuck in the Speed Force. When you've been gone six months, the world is a minefield of spoilers. But Cisco hooked me up with a 1000-times sped up version of my favourite shows. Aw, Jon Snow died. Oh, he's alive!

Cisco: Sorry I'm late, the curls were not cooperating this morning. [notices blood-spattered crime scene] Oh, good Lord! Why would you show me that?
Joe: We think this is because of some weird technical glitch, and you're our weird tech expert.
Cisco: This completely ruined Sriracha for me.

Barry: Ramsey Deacon. Looks like we found our meta. For some reason, it looks like he's going after his old partners.
Cisco: It's like Silicon Valley if Richard went nuts and started killing everyone at Pied Piper.
Barry: I feel like he's got more of a... anarchist Gilfoyle vibe.
Cisco: Erlich, maybe

Barry: Look, I don't know, I guess our wires have gotten crossed a few times the last few days, but I think that hardly rises to the level of a crisis. After everything we've been through together, you and me, we're Barry and Iris. we're the Gold standard. I am so in --
Iris: Then how could you leave me?! You left me, Barry. You just left me. Standing there, alone. [getting emotional] How could you do that?

Barry: Iris, it's not like I wanted to leave you. I had to put on a brave face, for everyone. But it was killing me inside. And I think part of why I didn't talk it through with you is I was afraid. I was afraid that you would tell me to stay. And I wouldn't have been strong enough not to.
Iris: Barry, how do you know what I'm going to say if you don't ask me? I am here to help you, especially when everything seems lost. But you have to let me.
Barry: But sometimes it's not about us. Or the team. Sometimes the weight of the whole city falls on my shoulders, and it's up to me to carry it. I'm the Flash.
Iris: See, that's what you don't get. When I put this ring on my finger, it wasn't just about you or me anymore. It's about us. You are not the Flash, Barry. We are.

Luck Be a Lady [4.3] edit

Barry: I see her.
Iris: She's getting away in a Prius.
Barry: Last time I checked, the Flash is faster than a Prius.

Joe: We did it? We brought dark matter into Central City.
Barry: When you pulled me out of the Speed Force, yeah.
Caitlin: All the people in that bus. We turned them into metas.
Cisco: Every time we try to do something right, it goes horribly wrong.
Wally: We're cursed.
Iris: Maybe we should burn some sage.

Barry: Becky, I know you've been having... a lot of luck lately. And that you took some money from the Central City bank that doesn't belong to you.
Becky Sharpe: How do you know all that?
Barry: I just do. Getting powers is overwhelming. I'm sure you don't know how they work or what you should do with them.
Becky: I have some idea. [Barry tries to put his hand on top of Becky's.] Ah ah ah. Do you really want to test your luck? Bad things happen to people that get in my way.
[Barry looks around Jitters and sees several people nearly have something bad happen to them, but just nearly.]
Becky: Listen, CSI guy. My entire life has been one piece of crummy luck after the next.
Barry: Look, we all have ups and downs in life.
Becky: No, not Becky Sharpe. I have only ever been dealt bad hands. But I knew one day the Universe would see it made a mistake, and then I'd have the run of the table. I got on that bus, and Lady Luck smiled on me.
Barry: Becky, this isn't some higher power fixing a miscalculation. You have powers. And they're affecting everyone around you, making them feel as awful as you used to feel.
Becky: I'm sorry about that. But, maybe it's just their turn. Maybe for once, everyone else can feel for a second how bad I felt my entire life. [stands up] Anyway, there is nothing you can do to stop me. [Becky walks away as Barry watches the earlier near-disasters again almost happen.] Toodles.

Caitlin: What just happened?
Cisco: The hydrogen-electron collision released a charge that temporarily negated Hazard's quantum field. We did it. [to Harry] You did it. How did you know to do that?
Harry: Lucky guess.

Joe: What's wrong, Wally?
Wally: You guys tell me. I mean, the city was about to blow up, no one realized I wasn't here...
Iris: Where did you go, Wally?
Wally: I went to Earth-2. I had to talk to Jesse, hear it from her. She told me she needs to focus on herself, and I get it, and I think I have to do the same, right? So... I'm leaving Central City.

Elongated Journey Into Night [4.4] edit

[Cisco and Gypsy are making out in Cisco's bedroom.]
Cisco: Look, I was thinking --
Gypsy: No, no. Less thinking, more kissing. [passionately kisses Cisco]
Cisco: [breaking away] Okay, but... hold on a minute. This thing we got goin' on, this is real good.
Gypsy: It's okay.
Cisco: What?
Gypsy: I'm just kidding, it's better than okay.
Cisco: Yeah, that's right it's better than okay. Because of that, I think we're at a place in our relationship where the guy says to his girl those three magic words.
Gypsy: [concerned] What... what three words?
Cisco: What's. Your. Name.

[At S.T.A.R. Labs, Ralph Dibny sneezes and his face radically deforms due to his uncontrollable stretching ability.]
Ralph Dibny: [holding the bottom half of his head] Oooh. Is that my face?
[Joe turns away and vomits.]
Joe: Four years seeing this stuff, I finally puked.

Barry: [Mayor] Bellows told us everything.
Ralph: Hey. I'm not the one who told him to step out on his wife.
Barry: That's your defense? It's his fault that you're extorting him.
Ralph: Isn't that a little easy for you to say? Your fancy lab, your good job, and your hot girlfriend. People like me are just trying to get from one bill to the next. And I wouldn't have to be living like that if you hadn't cost me my job.
Barry: You got yourself fired! You tampered with evidence! You framed that guy!
Ralph: Because he was guilty! And he was gonna get away with killing his wife, and then you let him go! I was a good cop, I was a good detective! I lost everything. Mayor's got plenty of money, he can afford to spare a little. Consider it the pension you cost me.
Barry: Good people don't destroy lives and call it noble. You were dirty then, you're dirty now. Live with that.

Joe: Dibny seem to have gotten under your skin. Why is it so important to you that he be the bad guy?
Barry: When I first started at CCPD, all I cared about was the rules. But, you know, in these last few years, we've locked up metahumans without a trial. Played with time and space. Messed with other worlds.
Joe: Yeah, but what does that have to do with Dibny?
Barry: Just that everything that we've done, we did because we were trying to help people. Keep them safe. Is that all Dibny was trying to do back then?
Joe: "Good people don't destroy lives and call it noble."
Barry: Did I make a mistake back then? Did I cost a good man his life?
Joe: I don't know, Barr. He did break the law. Crossed a line. And you didn't make him do that. And you didn't make him blackmail the Mayor. But, maybe Caitlin was right. Everyone who's gone what you, and her, now Dibny's gone through... maybe he deserves a second chance.

Cisco: Well, we reached the end of our road. We had some stumbles along the way, but we pulled it together. We made it home.
Breacher: I hate you.
Cisco: Wow. Really thought that one would work.
Breacher: But, I respect you. You're a steadfast warrior who would fight the fiercest of enemies to protect your friends. And the only person I love.
Cisco: With my dying breath, sir.
Breacher: I know that, but I still hate you.

Girls Night Out [4.5] edit

Barry: Are you sure we can't find this "DeVoe" guy? I mean, we were warned. It adds up. That someday, someone named DeVoe would be one of my greatest foes.
Cisco: The only thing to think about is, do you know how many people there are, in this state alone, with the name "DeVoe"?
Barry: No.
Harry: Thousands. And we still don't have an age.
Cisco: Unless one of your greatest foes is the three-month-old William DeVoe who lives four blocks from here.
Barry: I don't think one of my greatest enemies is a baby.
Harry: Ehhh-
Cisco: Evil killer baby.
Harry: Could happen.
Barry: You're right.

Killer Frost: Amunet. Next time you want to talk, come yourself. Don't send your eye-hole to attack me.
Amunet Black: [to henchman] Did you start a fight? Honestly, Norvock. That's why you're my third favorite henchman. I mean, what do I always say?
Killer Frost: "Never start a fight you can't finish."
Amunet: Hmm? And that, my dear, is why you are my favorite. You listen.
Killer Frost: Well, apparently, you don't. I'm out, Amunet.
Amunet: Out? Out of what? Out of options? Out of your mind? Out of the closet? There's just so many "outs" for the lady in blue.
Killer Frost: Are you asking me to dance?
Amunet: You should know by now I don't ask for anything. I tell. And I take.

Joe: Why does your female experience include you dancing at The Golden Booty?
Joanie Horton: Because we live in society that's dictated by the male gaze. I want to control the narrative of feminism, okay? I want to show the world that a powerful, strong woman, she can wear anything! Be it a bikini, or a pantsuit.
Ralph: Or nothing. Feminism.
Cisco: That's not how feminism works.

Iris: Where you gonna go?
Killer Frost: I know a guy who can breach me to another Earth. Start over. Escape Amunet. Be who I want to be.
Iris: And that's Killer Frost. Right?
Killer Frost: Don't be cute, West. You can't stop me.
Iris: I wasn't planning on it. Look. I know you could kill me. Just like you could have killed Amunet tonight, or Cisco six months ago. But you didn't. There is a part of you that is good and decent. You just don't know how to accept it.
Killer Frost: You think you know me now?
Iris: No. But I do know what Caitlin looks like when she's scared. And you have that same look in your eyes right now. [puts her hands on Killer Frost's shoulders] You're just as afraid of being Caitlin as Caitlin is of being Killer Frost.
[Killer Frost's face goes from scared back to tough.]
Killer Frost: If you still want to have a hand for Barry to put a ring on,... I suggest you move it. [Iris complies and Killer Frost leaves.]

Barry: What's up with you? All night, you seem preoccupied.
Joe: I'm worried.
Barry: About what?
Joe: Being a dad again. I'm almost fifty, Barr. When I saw that video Cisco made of you and Iris when you were kids, it just... hit me like a ton of bricks. I was... I was young the first time I did this. And after seeing Joanie... [groans] It's hard raising humans, Barr.
Barry: You'll be fine.
Joe: I barely get enough sleep as it is, worrying about you three. Especially with Wally being gone. Add to that a crazy baby schedule. Feeding, crying. I'm honestly scared to death.
Barry: Joe, when you raised Iris, you were alone. When you took me in, you were alone. And, you know, when Wally showed up, you were alone. You did all that by yourself, single parent. No one could've done a better job, no one. Now, you've got a partner. You've got a family. You've always been there for us when we needed you, and now it's just our turn to do that for you. We will.
Joe: [puts his arm around Barry's shoulders] I know you will.

When Harry Met Harry... [4.6] edit

Harry: Like I said, we need more help. Maybe I should call my friends.
Barry: Your what?
Harry: My friends.
Barry: [to Caitlin] Is he saying "friends"?
Caitlin: I think he's being sarcastic.
Cisco: No, no, no. This is delirium. He's cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Harry! All your friends are in this room!
Harry: I have other friends. You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends. It was a task. I complete tasks.
Caitlin: That's so great. I can't wait to meet them.
Cisco: Harry, you listened to me. I'm so proud of you.

Cisco: Now, this is just a prototype, but she's got an adaptive nano-weave structure that is - wait for it - malleable. On a sub-molecular level.
Ralph: Don't know what that means, don't care. Just yank the tarp off. I'm ready for my super-suit.
Cisco: Ralph. This tarp... is your super-suit. [whips the 'tarp' off the mannequin and crumples it into a smaller bundle] When you stretch, it stretches. When you squish,... it squishes. [hands small bundle to Ralph]
Ralph: Squishes into something butt-ugly. Where's the style? Flair? Dibny needs to peacock.
Cisco: Dibny needs to wear the prototype Cisco so lovingly made for him. Either that or... you fight crime naked. [walks away as Ralph contemplates the idea] [calling back] No! Don't fight crime naked!

Mina Chaytan: That which you call a "peace pipe" is no such thing. It is a sacred gift for prayer from Ptesan-Wi. Bringer of the Seven Sacred Rites. The White Buffalo Calf Woman. You'd never hang a Christian cross upside down or lay an American flag on the floor. Yet you destroy that which is wakan - what is holy - by letting it touch your filthy flesh. But I am here to teach you the price for your impudence.
Kristoff Banks: Who do you think you are?!
Mina: I am the Black Bison. [animates a suit of armor and has it attack Banks]

Barry: What's wrong with you?
Ralph: You let her (Mina) get away. We coulda caught her.
Barry: Yeah, I let her go. But I also saved Banks' life. That was the most important thing in that situation.
Ralph: Really, Allen? Because to me, when I was a cop, getting the bad guy, that was the most important thing. You're the Flash. You coulda saved him and caught her.
Barry: All right, look, Ralph, I'm always gonna make the decision to help the person in danger first. That's what we do here.
Ralph: [scoffs] All right, well, we'll file that under "Superhero Lesson of the Day", you know?

Cisco: Hey, buddy. You planning on bringing the band back together, or should I clear out the Speed Lab?
Harry: Broom it. We don't need that Council of Incompetents.
Cisco: Ah! Is that what we're calling them now? 'Cause I distinctly remember you saying they were the brightest minds in all the Multiverse.
Harry: And the most annoying. I thought that if I surrounded myself with people like me, I would like them. I don't like them. I hate them. I hate them all.
Cisco: Hmm. Strong words.
Harry: You saw them, Ramon, right? That "Volfgang Vells"? He's always correcting people. An extremely annoying habit. That other guy? The "Free Willy" Wells? He's so full of himself. And the cyborg Wells? You know how he lost his eye? His daughter gouged it out in the Solstice Combat games. I don't blame her. I'd've done the same. I'd like to gouge out the other eye.
Cisco: Harry.
Harry: What?
Cisco: You know you're essentially complaining about yourself, right?
Harry: [sighs] Ramon. Do your best to pay attention in conversation. I'm not complaining about myself. I'm complaining about them. Yes, we're doppelgangers. We look alike, we have completely different personalities.
Cisco: So, you don't think you can be quick to correct people? You don't think you can be full of yourself?
Harry: Full of myself? No, I'm amazing! I'm fantastic. I'm talking about them. I don't like them. I hate them. I hate them all.

Therefore I Am [4.7] edit

Marlize DeVoe: Ah, I know that look. I felt the same after my 11:00 a.m. "Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Physical Thermodynamics" class. I was trying to explain terminal flow rates, and ten minutes in, I wanted to pull my hair out.
Clifford DeVoe: Well, it's a good thing I know water flowing into the axis of a tube is called...
Marlize: You better get this right.
DeVoe: Laminar?
Marlize: Aaah, so you do listen.
DeVoe: To you, always. Nothing matters to them (students) if it's not digestible in YouTube videos of talking babies or inane pet tricks.
Marlize: Have you seen the husky singing "Like a Virgin"?

Iris: Okay, so do you want to tell me what's really bothering you?
Barry: My Spidey sense is just tingling way off the charts.
Iris: Barry, is there any chance this is about the wedding? I mean, maybe you're feeling a little--
Barry: I'm not nervous.
Iris: But, you're not acting the way you normally do.
Barry: Look, Savitar and Kadabra warned us about someone named DeVoe. This DeVoe guy could be behind everything. The bus metas. Me coming out of the Speed Force at the wrong place. The Samuroid.
Iris: Barry, is there a possibility that you are so determined to find the bad guy and get ahead of everything that you're seeing things exactly the way you want to see them?
Barry: No. I.... Maybe, I dunno....

Marlize: This doesn't make sense.
DeVoe: My mind is drawing energy from my body. Like a parasite feeding on an alien host. We're so close to everything we've ever dreamed of, only for it to be ripped away by this body.
Marlize: No no no no no no. We can stop this. We can. I'm never going to give up.
DeVoe: Twenty-six hundred individuals developed the metagene, they use it to rob jewelry stores and summon tornadoes. I use mine to save humanity, and I'm condemned? Dying wasn't part of our plan.

Barry: I've faced a lot of bad guys. People who would hurt the ones that I love, destroy everything good in the world and think nothing of it. But this guy, he feels more dangerous than all the others combined. And we still know barely anything about him. Scares the hell out of me, Iris.
Iris: Barry, how many times have we been up against the unknown?
Barry: This is different.
Iris: How?
Barry: Ever since I came back from the Speed Force, I have been... constantly and genuinely happy. My friends are safe. Joe's gonna be a dad, again. And next week, I get to marry the love of my life. I have more to lose now than ever before.
Iris: Yeah, but, what about after Cecile has the baby? Or after we get married? Or even when we have our first child? You know, as time goes by, there's gonna be even more for us to lose. And people are always gonna be coming after us. You can't let that consume you. You just have to live in the moment and face it as it comes.
Barry: How are you not scared?
Iris: Because we're the Flash. [Iris and Barry kiss]

Barry: Plenty of metas have come after me, the people that I love. You know the one thing they have in common? They failed.
DeVoe: You've done wonders all these years punching gorillas with rudimentary powers. Chasing madmen shooting icicles. Those were children with play-guns. Savitar, Zoom, Thawne. Their powers are nothing compared to the power of limitless thought.
Barry: That's your ability. Your intellect was amplified by the particle accelerator.
DeVoe: You may be the fastest man alive, Allen. I'm the fastest mind.
[Students start to enter, forcing Barry to have to leave.]
Barry: So this is how we begin whatever twisted game you have planned. [turns and starts walking away]
DeVoe: [to himself] No, Mr. Allen, you've already lost and never even realized it. [calling out to Barry] Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I'll be thinking of you.

Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 [4.8] edit

Main article: Crisis on Earth-X
This episode is Part Three of a four-part crossover event called Crisis on Earth-X. For quotations, see the related page.

Don't Run [4.9] edit

Barry: I have been thinking recently that... you know, when I first got my powers, I would use any excuse to use them. It would just be me and the road, and everything around me would disappear. It was, like, the first time in my life, I really felt like I was... at peace. But I just... feel like that all the time now. I don't have to run when I'm with you.
Iris: Awww. That's so sweet. [kisses Barry]
Barry: I love you, Iris West-Allen.
Iris: I love you, too.

Barry: DeVoe, if you wanted to kill me, you could have just electrocuted me on the street. So... I'm here for a reason.
DeVoe: Yes, Mr. Allen. So that I may teach you. I am, after all, first and foremost, a teacher.
Barry: All right. Fine. Teach me. But first, I wanna make sure I'm all caught up. You sent your Samuroid after me. You arranged to pull me out of the Speed Force. You made sure that we turned all those people on that bus into metahumans. Why?
DeVoe: You see, the finer points of my agenda are not part of today's syllabus.
Barry: Oh, come on, we can squeeze it in. I'm a fast learner.
DeVoe: Please!! You're about as capable of seeing the breadth of my machinations as an infant mastering multi-variable physics.
Barry: [scoffs] Wow.
DeVoe: The lesson I have prepped for today is much more simple. Life 101. There are no happy endings.

Harry: You're the team leader. Team leader's supposed to make the tough call.
Iris: I made a call. I said we would look for both of them (Barry and Caitlin).
Harry: No. Looking for both of them is not a choice. We're overtaxing our resources, our people, because you won't face the hard truth. And the hard truth is, we can't look for both. We can only look for one.
Iris: Harry, I just made a vow to love and protect Barry. To stand by him through thick and thin. And now you're asking me to choose between my husband's life and me friend's? [Harry nods] I can't. I, I can't do that–
Harry: You have to. Or you risk losing them both. You have to choose.

Amunet: Katie, do you know what I was doing before I became this successful entrepreneur you see before you today?
Caitlin: Mean British nanny?
Amunet: [smiles] Hmm. No! I... was a stewardess. You see, unlike you, I did not have fancy scientists for parents. I did not collect scholarships or attend fine institutions. My career options were... limited. So, I spent my days in a quaint little skirt and bear serving coffee to handsy pilots, powerless to stop them. But then the particle accelerator exploded, and I was powerless... no more. Heh. I showed those pilots the error of their ways.
Caitlin: Why are you telling me this?
Amunet: Because.... obtaining my powers is quite literally what made me me, but the same cannot be said about you. There are any number of doctors I could have come to for this procedure. I did not. I came to you. Because you, Caitlin Snow, are, and have always been, remarkable. You are bright. Resourceful. Resilient. And I am more than certain you can do this. [pause] So. With that said, unless you want to spend the rest of your medical career in the morgue, I suggest you buck up, darling. You know. Pull on your big girl pants, and do the bloody thing.

[Barry has been lured back to his loft apartment, alone. DeVoe, now in Dominic's body, is speaking to him on the phone.]
DeVoe: You see, Mr. Allen, three months ago, you emerged from the Speed Force a new man. And in order for you and the world to experience my plan, I, too, needed to be reborn.
Barry: If you hurt my family,...
DeVoe: I have no interest in your family. Besides, you're gonna need someone to miss you when you're gone.
Barry: What did you do?
DeVoe: I merely left something for you. It's a regift, as it were. I... don't have need for it anymore.
[Barry discovers DeVoe's old body dead on the floor, stabbed with a carving knife and blood on the floor. Just then, the police arrive and break down the door. Barry begins powering up to super-speed away, but hesitates when he sees a picture of him and Iris.]
Barry: Don't run.
[Barry powers down and lets the police find him inside the loft and allows himself be arrested.]

The Trial of the Flash [4.10] edit

DeVoe: Science has long pondered what would be required to successfully transfer consciousness from one living being to another. But we've accomplished far beyond a simple transfer of consciousness. We've extracted that which elevates our humanity and added upon it. I am both who I was before [puts his hand on Marlize's cheek] and who I desire to become.
Marlize: [uncomfortable] Yes, you are... my love.
DeVoe: My hand still feels foreign upon your flesh. [removes his hand] And you don't care for it.
Marlize: No, I do.
DeVoe: As I said, I inherited my host's ability to read thoughts. We have never lied to each other before. Let's not begin now.
Marlize: ... Okay.
DeVoe: Marlize. My love. See past this body. See past these eyes. See me. Clifford.
Marlize: [softly] Clifford.
DeVoe: I am nothing without you.
[Marlize looks at DeVoe with adoration and kisses him, but with a tear running down her cheek.]

[Joe intends to plant evidence inside the DeVoe house in order to exonerate Barry.]
Joe: This is the right thing to do, Ralph. Just open the door. I'll do the rest.
Ralph: Okay. It's a solid plan, Joe. It's subtle, but it's crafty with a touch of pathos. After this, you're gonna sit back and kick up your feet and sleep as sound as a millennial after Burning Man, because you did the right thing. You took down a bad, bad chick.
Joe: Ralph, could you hurry up?
Ralph: And you're gonna ride that feeling like it's Space Mountain. And then, when they catch you and they take your badge and your gun, that self-righteous indignation's gonna keep your chest puffed and your chin up, because you did the right thing. Sure, you're gonna be mad for a few years, but that fades... evolves... turns into self-pity. Two more years, and your life is gonna be a shell of its former self. And then, one night, it's gonna dawn on you that... you did the wrong thing. And it'll ruin everything. Your colleagues won't talk to you, your friends have vanished, and your family? It'll be like... like you were never born. Because you turned into the very thing you swore to protect them from. [uses his powers to unlock the door] Any-hoo.... good luck with that. [walks off]

Cisco: Damn. We need to cool him (Fallout) down. [off Harry's look] Killer Frost.
Caitlin: Great.
Cisco: Well? Go! Turn!
Caitlin: Well... that's not how it works. I can't just snap my fingers and make her appear. It only happens when I'm scared or angry.
Cisco and Harry: Good Lord, Caitlin!
Cisco: This city's about to explode! Everyone, everything you know and love! The birds, the trees, the fish! The puppies! Puppies are going down 'cause you didn't want to--
Cisco and Harry: show up for WORK!!
Caitlin: [eyes glowing] Thanks.

DeVoe: Did you know there was a twelve percent chance that you were going to tell the world that you're the Flash?
Barry: I'd recheck your math.
DeVoe: There's no need. Because no matter what path you chose, all avenues led to my triumph.
Barry: Why do you want us distracted? Why do you want me out of the picture? What're you planning?
DeVoe: That you think that you could understand the breadth of what I am about to do is almost humorous.... Yes. I think you will miss Iris. That's right, Mr. Allen. I didn't just take Dominic's body. I took his ability. I know what you're thinking. Right now.
Barry: Well, I want you to hear me say it. I'm gonna figure a way out of this. And when I do, I don't care whose face you're wearing. I'm coming for you. You haven't beaten us yet.
DeVoe: Haven't I? [stares Barry down] Have a nice life, Mr. Allen.

Judge: [sentencing Barry] In my thirty years behind this bench, I have seen my share of criminals. But I confess, this defendant stands apart.
Captain Singh: [speaking at a press conference] Thank you all for coming on such short notice. A few hours ago, the very existence of our city came under the threat of nuclear destruction. But one man rose to meet that challenge.
Judge: The defendant was in a position of authority. Our city trusted him to bring the guilty to justice.
Singh: He ran into danger. Knowing he would suffer burns all over his body.
Judge: He used that trust to take an innocent and vulnerable life.
Singh: This man was not thinking about himself. He was thinking about you. The first responders on the front lines.
Judge: Never have I seen a defendant more unmoved.
Singh: Never have I seen a man with more bravery.
Judge: Never have I seen such inhumanity.
Singh: Such heroism.
Judge: Such a lack of regard for human life.
Singh: It is my great honor to present Central City Police Department's Award of Valor to this city's finest hero: the fastest man alive, the Flash! [the spectators applaud]
Judge: The Court hereby orders that Bartholomew Henry Allen should be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life without the possibility of parole, and that Mr. Allen be immediately remanded to Iron Heights Penitentiary. And may God have mercy on your soul. [bangs his gavel]

The Elongated Knight Rises [4.11] edit

Cisco: Hey, how 'bout you hooking me up with some of that gum?
Harry: Why don't you go breach yourself?
Cisco: Sounds like an insult.
Harry: Kinda was.

Ralph: Nice suit, Fallout Boy.
Axel: [regards Ralph] Yuck. Yours could use some work.

Ralph: Axel created some kind of acid that, we're guessing,... can probably kill me. I'm not ready to die.
Barry: Look, this job has a way of making you feel invincible. But every once in a while, a little mortality check shows up.
Ralph: I've been trying so hard to ignore this feeling, but... I'm not fearless like you are.
Barry: Ralph, I'm not fearless. I wake up every day in this cell and feel like there's nothing I can do to help anyone. I mean, that terrifies me. I used to be somebody who saved, and now I'm just Barry Allen, Inmate #3562.
Ralph: So let me spring you.
Barry: That's not my point. Having the ability to help someone, but do nothing -- that is a far worse death than anything the Trickster has for you. But rising above that fear and saving those lives, that's a greater life. So rise up. I don't think it's a stretch for you.
Ralph: You really believe I can do that?
Barry: Yes. You just need to believe it yourself.

Harry: Oh. We're gonna need the Ice Queen.
Caitlin: Oh, that's not how it works. I can't just --
Cisco and Harry: [shouting] Leslie Laroche !!
[Caitlin's eyes glow.]
Cisco: [to Iris] It's a childhood bully. There's a lot of repressed anger in there. [shouts to Caitlin] Let's GOOO !!

[Ralph has been christened "The Elongated Man" in a newspaper headline.]
Ralph: "The Elongated Man"? That's just an expression.
Harry: Has a certain...
Cisco: I dunno.
Harry: ... je ne sais quoi to it.
Caitlin: I like it, too.
Ralph: Well, I hate it.
Cisco: Eh, maybe you should have let me do the naming.
Harry: Ex-actly.
Ralph: Oh, don't worry. You'll get your chance. There's no way this is gonna stick.
Cisco and Harry: [as Caitlin nods] Probably gonna stick.

Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash [4.12] edit

Joe: [looking up the villain of the week] Sylbert Rundine.
Iris: Why does every villain in this city have a name that sounds like it came out of a comic book?

Barry: Look, I don't understand why you're not excited about this
Big Sir: What you're peddling,... it's dangerous.
Barry: What do you mean, what's dangerous?
Big Sir: Hope. I been in here long enough to understand that in prison, hope is the most dangerous thing.
Barry: Wait, did you get that from Shawshank?
Big Sir: No. I got that from being in prison.

[Caitlin, Harry and Joe are observing the miniaturized Ralph and Cisco.]
Joe: This is...
Harry: ... ridiculous.
Caitlin: You okay, guys?
Cisco: [high-pitched voice] "Are we doing okay?" "Are we doing okay?" Does it look like we're doing okay? We're two inches tall, Caitlin!
Ralph: [high-pitched voice] Yeah, I'm, like, Cisco-sized now. Is that how you always see the world?
Cisco: Oh, that's really funny, man. I guess your body's just finally shrunk down to a size that's proportional to your brain!

Warden Gregory Wolfe: I see you've made a new friend.
Barry: Yeah. I guess I have.
Wolfe: I find that interesting. Especially since I was just asked to turn over Inmate Ratchett's case file to the D.A. who represented you for your trial. Coincidence?
Barry: Not everyone who's in here deserves to be in here.
Wolfe: You ever heard of the name "Aaron Miller"?
Barry: No
Wolfe: Miller was a prisoner here who took to studying at the law library. One day, Mr. Miller decided to take on the appeal of a fellow inmate's case. When he was invariably unsuccessful, that fellow inmate stabbed Mr. Miller to death. Your friend may look like a man, but he's unquestionably a monster. Everyone here is a monster. And if you insist on continuing to bait them, I guarantee you... you will get mauled.

Big Sir: Ain't good news, is it?
Barry: Rundine won't confess. My friends tried everything. I mean, the D.A. offered every deal she could, but... I'm so sorry, man. Look, you were right about everything in here. You know, I, I made you a promise, and I let you down.
Big Sir: You damn idiot. You did not let me down. Forgot what hope felt like. It's not a bad thing. I'll see you around, kid.

True Colors [4.13] edit

[Wolfe is giving Amunet a tour of his secret metahuman prison block.]
Wolfe: Mina Chaytan. Her powers bring effigies to life.
Amunet: Now that is a nifty trick. Can she animate anything else? Hmm?
Mina: How about my finger?
Amunet: Oh! I like her. She's feisty.

[Ralph has unconsciously transformed his body into the likeness of his former colleague, Earl, in front of Team Flash.]
Ralph: [in Earl's voice] That's me. It's me. Why is that me?
Caitlin: You somehow willed your body to shape-shift into Earl's appearance. Seems like your cells can do a lot more than just elongate.
Ralph: Ach. Brilliant. How do you undo it? [points to his large gut] Undo this. Stat. This.
Cisco: Control-Z?
Ralph: Control-Z. [Ralph calms down, focuses, and then shakes his body back to its normal appearance.]

Marlize: Wolfe and Amunet's latest criminal undertaking throws an annoying wrench in our plans. What shall we do?
DeVoe: ... I don't know.
Marlize: You? You don't know?
DeVoe: My mind is consumed by a near-infinite web of variables. They're more plentiful than there are atoms in an exploding star. So, for the moment, I do not know.

Barry: So what are you gonna do when you're free? I hope it's not more of what you did to get you in here.
Becky: Oh, no. Trust me, I am so over prison jumpsuits. Orange is not the new anything. Neither is gray, neither is gray. So...
Barry: So what then?
Becky: I don't know. Using my powers just hurt those around me. My good luck just jinxed everyone else. You know, you seem to really care about people. Not like the type of person who'd... take someone's life.
Barry: I didn't kill that teacher. I wouldn't take a life. You know, not every meta uses their powers to hurt people. Some use them to help, others to protect people. Our powers don't decide who we are. We do.

Cecile: Your Honor, the city has had reports in the past of people who have appeared dead only to later emerge very much alive.
Judge: That's impossible!
Cecile: Impossible. Your Honor, is it as impossible as a man who can run faster than the speed of sound? I submit that Central City is home to the impossible.

Subject 9 [4.14] edit

Cisco: Question for the room: How did I get stuck doing the buddy system thing with Ralph?
Iris: [whispering] It's the best way to keep Ralph safe, Cisco.
Ralph: [low voice] Yeah. It's the best way to keep Ralph safe, Cisco.
Cisco: Well, clearly you've never had to stay over in an apartment that uses neon beer signs for lamps and the kitchen sink for a shower. Ralph, I love you, but you sleep on a futon.
Caitlin: A futon's not that bad.
Cisco: It is when it's damp!!
Iris: Why is it damp?
Ralph: I sweat a lot when I sleep.
Iris: You're nasty

Izzy Bowlin: I think I'd remember seeing you on my bus.
Ralph: Actually, I was kind of, big-boned back then. I was on a strict diet of gin, donuts, and regret. But I got another shot at it. And I worked my tight butt off, and now I'm the hottest superhero in town. My life has never been better, kind of like yours.
Izzy: Yeah, but aren't you afraid of losing it all?
Ralph: Yeah, I am. Which is why I'm a part of this team. You said that your family bailed on you, so I can understand why you wouldn't trust someone to look out for you. But Izzy, I can tell you first-hand that these amazing weirdos, they won't bail. They created a buddy system for me, and if you'll stay, they'll keep you safe. I promise.
Izzy: So? Who's gonna be my buddy then?
Ralph: I may have to pull some strings, but I will see if I am available.

Barry: Iris, you weren't at Iron Heights. I saw up close what DeVoe did. To Becky. To all of them. And I couldn't do anything except... just stand and watch it happen. DeVoe is ruthless. He's not gonna stop until he's taken her powers and her life. He's not gonna go easy on her, so neither can I.
Iris: I am so sorry that you had to experience that. But Barry, we can't be ruthless like DeVoe. He's willing to sacrifice anyone and anything. Just remember that the next time you're pushing too hard, okay? You of all people know that heroes aren't made overnight.

Harry: Look, I'm sorry about... [gently pantomimes his earlier outburst]. You know, I just... I can't seem to stop DeVoe, can't stop my daughter Jesse from hating me, can't seem to stop blowing it when I try to befriend someone who's my own age.
Cecile: Did you just say "befriend"? That's what you've been trying to do? You've been trying to... "befriend" me?
Harry: Well, yes, through transitive property. I respect West, West respects you, so....
Cecile: Harry, that was... borderline sweet.
Harry: Thank you?

Barry: DeVoe's still out there. And until that threat's over, we gotta keep this buddy system going.
Ralph: I thought you might say that, Allen. Which is why I got you this. [hands Barry a business card that reads "Barry Allen, Private Investigator".]
Barry: You want me to be your partner?
Ralph: [scoffs] Oh, hey, come on. This, uh... this Turner don't need no Hooch. But... I do know what it's like to get fired from CCPD when you didn't even really break the law.
Barry: You absolutely broke the law.
Ralph: And I remember, after I lost my job... felt like I lost a piece of my identity. And now you won't have to deal with that problem. So the next time we're out in the field and somebody asks you who you work for, you won't have to get all stammery.
Barry: You like me. You really like me.

Enter Flashtime [4.15] edit

Cisco: Listen, Miyagi
Barry: What?
Cisco: I've been here all day opening breaches, all right? So unless you wanna rub your hands together and do some magical shoulder pop–
Barry: I'm not rubbing your shoulder.
Cisco: That's what I thought. I'm taking five.
Barry: Ah, come on.
Cisco: [through clenched teeth] I'm taking five!

Barry: How is it we live together, work together, sleep in the same bed together, but it still feels like we don't spend any real time as husband and wife?
Harry: [over the intercom] Allen. West-Allen. Cortex. Now!
Iris: I have no idea.

Cisco: [regarding the nuclear bomb] I'm guessing this is our Ark of the Covenant.
Barry: Something like that, yeah.
Cisco: Whooah. Yeah, that'll definitely melt your face.

Barry: We send the bomb into the Speed Force, let it detonate in there.
Jay: Like hell you will!
Barry: What do you mean? Why not?
Jay: Because, Flash, if you do that, we may lose the Speed Force forever.
Barry: What do you mean we might "lose" the Speed Force?
Jay: An explosion of that size could destroy it completely. If that were to happen, every speedster across space and time would lose access to their speed instantly.
Barry: .... Every speedster?
Jay: Even if it got rid of Thawne and every other evil speedster in the multiverse, you cannot do this! I won't let you.
Barry: Well, I'm sorry, Jay. If this is the only way to save everyone in the city, I have to.

[Joe runs to check on an unconscious Flash, who has managed to stop the explosion with lightning from the Speed Force.]
Joe: Flash! Flash! Flash?
Flash: [waking up, but still exhausted] Are we dead?
Joe: No.
Flash: Oh, that's good.

Run, Iris, Run [4.16] edit

Harry: Listen, Ramon, DeVoe wants these bodies. Maybe we change the bodies, we keep these people safe.
Cisco: I'm sorry, don't you have, like, six PhDs?!
Harry: Seven!
Cisco: Yeah. Which one of them is in "Mad Science"?!
Harry: "Mad Science" is just an area of study. It's not a degree.

[Frye has just melted a bank vault open with his metahuman powers.]
Matthew Kim: Stealing is a sin. You shouldn't be using the powers you've been given this way.
Eric Frye: I'll use them any way I see fit. Including frying you to a crisp if you move any closer.
Kim: [slowly advancing towards Frye] Oh, I don't think you will. You don't want to hurt me or anyone in this bank. You can still walk away from this. But the moment you touch that money, your life changes forever. Now, you don't really want that, do you?
Frye: Maybe you're right. [Kim tries to put his hand on Frye's shoulder, but Frye belts him, knocking Kim down on top of another bank customer. The touch causes Kim's own power to transfer from Frye to the customer.] Or maybe you've got a death wish! [tries to use his powers on Kim, but can't] What the hell? My powers. they're gone. [Frye is tackled by a bank guard.]

Caitlin: Cisco, why can't you just help him?
Cisco: Why am I the only one who thinks putting a rageaholic and dark matter together is a bad idea?
Caitlin: He's trying to stop DeVoe. That's not a bad idea.
Cisco: He's trying to match his intellect with a madman whose innovations are warping his brain. Have you not seen Spider-Man 2?
Caitlin: No.
Cisco: How can you live with yourself?

Barry: [feeling down] I lost my speed. I lost my job at the C.C.P.D. It just feels like DeVoe is... slowly taking everything away from me.
Iris: [embracing Barry] He hasn't taken everything away.
Barry: What if I never get it back?
Iris: Hey. Caitlin is gonna find something. Okay? Until then, you just have to... watch me like I've watched you these last three years.
Barry: Yeah, I guess so. [The alarm goes off, and Iris races away at super-speed, leaving Barry alone taken aback.] Wow, that's... super annoying.

Barry: You know, you didn't have to give up your speed, right? I mean, I would've never asked you to.
Iris: I know.
Barry: Why'd you do it?
Iris: .... Do you know what makes a great speedster? [Barry shakes his head] It isn't their speed. It's being the light that everyone needs when the world grows dark. It's the kind of person they are. The kind of person that always wants to help. That's why being the Flash is your destiny. It's your way of helping others. But it isn't mine. [shows Barry her new "Saved by the Flash" blog] This is.

Null and Annoyed [4.17] edit

Ralph: We'd make a fortune. An improv group made up of superheroes. We can take it to Washington. We'd be the "D.C. Comics".
Cisco: No, Ralph.
Ralph: First rule of improv is say "Yes".

[Breacher, Gypsy's father, suddenly appears from a warp, grabs Cisco by the throat and pins him to a wall.]
Breacher: I need your help!
Cisco: [strangled voice] Little bit of a mixed message here.

[Barry is floating helplessly inside the Cortex room due to Null's gravity-manipulation power.]
Iris: Babe, you okay?
Barry: I just wanna get down from here as soon as possible.
Ralph: Maybe you should try to burp yourself down like Charlie Bucket.
Barry: Ralph...
Iris: [to Caitlin] Anything?
Caitlin: Well, as best I can tell, Null's powers affect the density of his cells. It's like you've been filled with helium.
Barry: Terrific.
Ralph: Always knew you were a lightweight.
Barry: I swear, Ralph–

Barry: You were great out there tonight, man.
Ralph: Thank you. I had a lot of help. And, I had a great teacher.
Barry: You helped me realize that I can't always take everything so seriously. Even when it comes to Thinker.
Ralph: Wait a second. Are you telling me that I, Ralph Dibny, taught Barry Allen, superhero extraordinaire, a lesson? What could this mean?
Barry: It means you're a great hero. And you make this team better by being on it.
Ralph: [mock deep voice] Ah, the circle is now complete. When I came here, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.
Barry: It's also good to be humble.
Ralph: But how can I be humble [expands his chest with his power] when I am swollen with pride?

Breacher: I went back to my Earth, saw my reflection in my knife. I saw an older man.
Cisco: I'm curious, have you never looked in a mirror before?
Breacher: I'm not a teenage girl!
Cisco: Okay, you're not a teenage girl.
Breacher: But I realized, time to hang up my coat. [Referencing the Hawaiin shirt he's wearing] This is my new uniform, like it?
Cisco: Yeah, retirement suits you. So, what do you do with all this time?
Breacher: There's a dragon farm on Earth-47 that I've always wanted to visit.
Cisco: A dragon farm? Okay, get your Khaleesi on.
Breacher: I'm not a Khaleesi!
Cisco: Okay, you're not a Khaleesi.
Breacher: But, I just wanted to tell you Ciscy, goodbye forever. [turns to go] Oh, wait! Just one more thing. Now that I've retired, there's an opening at the Collection Agency. I would like you to replace me.
Cisco: Wait, I'm confused.
Breacher: You want to see my daughter more. Work with her! Together, you and Cynthia could be an unstoppable duo. So what do you say, Vibe? Do you want to be the new Breacher?

Lose Yourself [4.18] edit

Ralph: I've got something! My Big Belly punch-card, only 5 away from a free kid's meal. If I even live long enough to use it.
Barry: Hey, don't even joke like that. We're gonna get DeVoe, throw him in the Pipeline long before he gets to you.
Ralph: Right. That doesn't work, we'll just, uh,... take him out the other way.
Barry: What other way?
Ralph: Ah, we'll put him to bed with a shovel. Give him his harp and wings. Send him to visit Grandma Thinker in the sky.
Barry: [alarmed] Ralph, you think we're gonna kill DeVoe?
Ralph: The way that you're saying that makes me think I'm supposed to say "no".

[Harry is demonstrating a new weapon to use against DeVoe]
Harry: One strike incapacitates the Thinker. Two strikes... no more Thinker. I call it "Sonic Scepter".
Cisco: Okay. Points for alliteration.

Barry: I know what killing DeVoe would do to you. You would be throwing away everything you've done to become a better man. To become a hero. You gotta realize that.
Ralph: You... are a moron.
Barry: Ralph–
Ralph: [voice shaking] I'm not afraid of DeVoe or what he might do to me. I am afraid of what he might do to you, and Iris, and Caitlin, and Cisco. Joe, Harry, Cecile. DeVoe has taken out everyone who has gotten in his way. And Team Flash, it will always be in his way.
Barry: [realizing] This was never about protecting yourself.
Ralph: I know that killing DeVoe would mean throwing away everything I've done to become a hero. But aside from my mom, this team is the only family that I have ever had, and I would throw myself into a furnace to keep them safe. DeVoe can not have them. They are mine!
Barry: What about what we want? You may not care about losing who you've become, but we do. We like Hero Ralph. Please don't take him away from us.

Ralph: Heard all the commotion and I thought "If DeVoe was here... where would he be going?"
DeVoe: Hmm. A simple deduction for a simple mind. Though I assure you, you are no threat for an intellect of my magnitude.
Ralph: Please, everyone I fight is smarter than me.

[Barry has been incapacitated as DeVoe prepares to possess Ralph]
Barry: Ralph! Fight it, all right?! Fight it! I'll save you!
Ralph: You already did, Barry. [dies as DeVoe's mind takes over his body]

Fury Rogue [4.19] edit

Leo Snart of Earth-X: All right. You get me for twenty-four hours. Not a minute more.
Cisco: Wait. Why not?
Leo: Because I thought I'd make Ray an honest man. [indicates his ring finger] Tomorrow.
[Each member of Team Flash offers Leo congratulations.]
Leo: [puts his hands on Barry and Cisco's shoulders] I figured if you two could make it, so could we.
Barry and Cisco: What?
Iris: [points to her and Barry] No, we
Leo: I tease.

Leo: Do you know how many rebels we lost over the years, Barry, trying to defeat those Nazi bastards?
Barry: Countless, I'm sure.
Leo: Not countless. Counted. Eighteen thousand, three hundred twenty-two. Three thousand, six hundred and seventy-nine were under my watch. And I felt the weight of each of their deaths. I still do, some years after they died.
Barry: Leo, look, I–
Leo: The thing I realized is that to continue to lead, to be clear-headed, I had to grieve those men and women I lost. So I did. Each and every one... Look, Barry, you want me to help you move a meta-human nuclear bomb that some genius with nearly every meta-power on this board is after. I will do what I can, as long as your head is on straight. Because if I die before Ray and I get married, Ray will kill me.

[Team Flash prepares to transport Neil Borman.]
Barry: All right, let's just go over the plan one more time, okay? I'm going to be running ahead of the truck, scouting the route for any signs of trouble.
Iris: Right. I will be at S.T.A.R. Labs tracking any pocket dimension en route.
Caitlin: And I'll be in the truck with Neil monitoring his vitals en route.
Leo: With me at the ready, in case our meta-of-mass-destruction here goes all mushroom cloud. No offense.
Joe: And I'll be driving. And reciting every prayer that Cecile's ever taught me.
Iris: I might join you.

DeVoe: Every event occurred exactly as I predicted. Except the outcome!!
Marlize: You were supposed to defeat Siren-X.
DeVoe: No. The Flash was, but... Barry Allen just stood there, frozen. And now, I've lost my only nuclear meta. Because the Flash failed! Why? Why did he fail?
Marlize: Perhaps there were variables that we just didn't consider.
DeVoe: As I already explained, there is no variable beyond my examination.
Marlize: Even less apparent. The last time Barry Allen saw you, you took the life of his close friend. And now he sees you, and he pauses. You really don't see it. You can calculate near-infinite outcomes across multiple Earths, but you cannot account for how someone is feeling.

Caitlin: We're gonna miss you, Leo.
Leo: I'll miss you, too, Caitlin. You're quite the badass, you know? Enough to make your alter ego proud.
Caitlin: Thank you.
Leo: Detective West, I know my Earth-1 counterpart gave you a lot of headaches. Hopefully, I've begun to make up for that.
Joe: Man, you prevented a nuke from leveling this city. [shakes Leo's hand] We're good.
Leo: Cisco. I'm really gonna miss that hair.
Cisco: [laughs nervously and touches his hair] Okay.
Leo: Iris West-Allen. Thank you for helping me take down Nazi scum. Again.
Iris: You're welcome. Again.
Leo: And then there was one. I can see why the other Snart turned over a new leaf and joined the good guys. You treat everyone around you with kindness and respect. Just remember to do the same for yourself. Every once in a while.
Barry: Thanks for helping me push through.
Leo: Any time, Barry. [embraces Barry]

Therefore She Is [4.20] edit

[Devoe and Marlize's first meeting at a classroom panel discussion at Oxford]
DeVoe: The Taoists, in pursuit of immortality, discovered gunpowder. Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Prize so he wouldn't be remembered as the man who invented dynamite. History has shown us time and time again that whenever a technological advancement can be used to hurt humanity, it will be.
Marlize: You can't blame technology for the way men choose to use it, Professor.
DeVoe: You can't ignore that the best of ideas by the smartest of men often have a way of becoming corrupted.

[At the Vandermeer Steel crime scene]
Cisco: Okay. So, where shall we start? I'm thinking, if we can gain acc– [Barry races around the rooms at super-speed, accessing and reading the computer files.] –ess to their files...
Barry: Alloy 1771? I mean, that's the only item missing from the inventory files.
Cisco: Or I can just... stand here and look pretty.

DeVoe: Severity of our society's failings require extreme ideas if ever we were to restore some semblance of balance.
Marlize: [reading from DeVoe's journal] Technology has become a cancerous cell in our social biology. Excising [DeVoe tries and fails to grab the journal] would require a total purge, not only of the material world, but also human consciousness? This is not valance! This is lobotomizing people.
DeVoe: This is rebooting the masses' brains, to let them forget their technological crutches. They are babies with pacifiers.
Marlize: How and who will teach them? You, professor? How does any of this help humankind?
DeVoe: Don't you see? Marlize, our technology is killing us! And you and I, we can fix this, together. [kneels] As partners, we can lead them, all of society, humanity, on the true path to enlightenment.
[Marlize gives DeVoe back the journal and walks out]

Cecile: Harry, I know this is hard.
Harry: [scoffs] Well... it is hard... D.A. Cecile Horton, because my brain, the one thing that has defined me for, well, pretty much my entire life, is about to [snaps his fingers] ... vanish, and then what'll I be?
Cecile: You'll be the exact same man you've always been.
Harry: Yeah, but dumb. Same man. Waaaay less intelligent.
Cecile: Harry, there are lots of ways to be intelligent. [taps her chest] Not just using your head.

[Marlize prepares to leave Devoe.]
DeVoe: The Enlightenment will come for you, too, Marlize. I will be all that remains.
Marlize: [mockingly] Oh, Clifford. You are nothing without me. [rises up on DeVoe's battle chair and disappears]

Harry and the Harrisons [4.21] edit

Caitlin: We've been attacking this from the wrong direction. We know we need a tech-free projectile to stop DeVoe's satellites. We've been looking for an object, when what we really need is a person: Amunet.
Joe: Amunet Black?
Caitlin: I know she's not the ideal choice. But Amunet's psychic-powered Alico shards are not only deadly powerful, they're completely immune to DeVoe's Kilgore powers.
Barry: Not ideal? I mean, she kidnapped you. She tried to sell me into meta-slavery.
Iris: And she ruined my bachelorette party.

[Team Flash is trying lo locate Amunet using her past as a flight attendant.]
Iris: Yeah, looks like there were thirty-five flights in the air in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion.
Joe: Cisco, can you access the flight manifests?
Cisco: Yes, I can. And I can take the crews' credentials–
Barry: Cross-reference them into facial recognition?
Cisco: Can you not read my mind? [Barry stammers an apology.]

[The "Council of Harrisons" has just departed, seemingly without helping Harry with his problem.]
Harry: Ramon, remind me again. [snaps his fingers] What's another word for... "huge"?
Cisco: "Colossal".
Harry: "Colossal". Great, thank you. [growing angry] This... was a colossal waste of time! [kicks a trash can as he leaves the room]

Amunet: Oh, goody. A group foray. Dibs on cashing in Norvock's chips.
Iris: Oh, no no no no no no no. No killing.
Amunet: That was not a stipulation when I agreed to join this crew.
Barry: Okay. Amunet, look, I know how you usually work, but I can handle this fast. And without any casualties.
Amunet: [deep breath mugging].... Okay. It is a bit time-consuming to remove blood from metal. [chuckles]

Harry: Well, actually, thanks to Ramon and the Council of Harrisons, I may have an idea about why DeVoe has not yet launched his satellites.
Cisco: He put himself in DeVoe's shoes.
Harry: And I thought, well, if I was this ultra-genius moving around in a floating chair, how would I feel?
Joe: You'd feel nothing. You'd be sociopathic.
Harry: Right. But to me, I wouldn't consider myself sociopathic [goes to the whiteboard] when all my actions would be driven by the one thing that I care most about, right? [draws a smiley face added to a sad face]
Barry: So if you're not acting–
Harry: If I'm not acting, then I don't have the one thing that I care most about. [draws a neutral face] My wife.

Think Fast [4.22] edit

Barry: I'm still not fast enough to make it through DeVoe's pocket dimension.
Cisco: That's why we split up. Yeah, each one of us stakes out a different launch pad.
Barry: You're serious. I mean, you've seen DeVoe in action.
Cisco: Yeah. The guy's a one-man Legion of Doom, so send the Super Friends.

DeVoe: [to one of his hostages] Do you know what my favorite thing about teaching is? Having a captive audience.

Barry: Once we're inside, we'll have less than a second. I'll activate the plates, draw their charge–
Cisco: I'll lay the breach links–
Caitlin: And I'll protect the A.R.G.U.S. agents from the blast using this... fish shooter.
Cisco: "Ice shooter".
Caitlin: Do I have to call it an "ice shooter"?
Barry: I thought "Frostbite" sounded good.
Cisco: Guys, it solves the friction offset problem by shooting ice. Therefore, it's an ice shooter. You call it an ice shooter.
Barry: Relax.
Cisco: It's not that hard.

DeVoe: "Once upon a time, in some remote corner of that universe, there was a star upon which clever beasts invented knowing".
Barry: You're quoting Nietzsche at me?
DeVoe: You destroyed a satellite. Top marks, Quick Boy. You can destroy a thousand more, and you will still march closer to the Enlightenment.
Barry: I forget what Nietzsche said about wiping minds. I must have skipped philosophy class.
DeVoe: Did I teach you nothing this year? Has nothing pierced your thick cowl? Think of it. Or rather don't. You'll just end up hurting yourself, so let me explain. A world, enlightened. Within a day, all soldiers will lay down their arms. Every nuclear weapon will be disarmed within six months. Poverty. Famine. Disease. Eradicated. We will clean up the streets. People will put down their idiot phones and become curious again, and I will be there to teach them. I, not you, will save this God-forsaken world.
Barry: No, you'll just control it. You want to take away free will.
DeVoe: A pittance for humanity to pay to know peace.
Barry: But we won't know each other. Parents wouldn't remember their kids. Husbands won't remember their wives.
DeVoe: Good. You hit upon precisely the point. Emotion is the father of all error. Chemicals in our brain that distract us, impede progress. And the most destructive and ridiculous imbalance of all is that thing you feebles call love. I learned this from experience, Mr. Allen. And soon... you will too.

Iris: Your husband has gone too far, and I think you know it, or you'd be with him right now.
Marlize: Yes, I left my husband. But that doesn't change the fact that he's right. If anything, his betrayal proves his very point. Man corrupts even the best of ideas.
Iris: "Pessimism isn't smarter than optimism. In this life, the bravest thing you can be is optimistic."
Marlize: Familiar words.
Iris: You said them when you were at Oxford. Two weeks before you met Clifford DeVoe.
Marlize: I gave a speech. On technology and the elimination of world hunger. I truly believed it could be done.
Iris: He tried to change you, Marlize. But I think, deep down, you are still an optimist. You still believe in humanity. And I believe in you. You asked me what I was willing to do for my husband. And now I'm gonna ask you... What are you willing to do for the world?

We Are The Flash [4.23] edit

Cisco: Look. I love Inception as much as the next guy, but sending Barry into DeVoe's mind?

[Inside the illusory world of DeVoe's mind]
DeVoe: In this place, I do as I please, Mr. Allen. I must say, the fact that you thought I wouldn't calculate you and your team making this feeble attempt is somewhat... insulting. There'll be no defeating the Big Bad this year, Mr. Allen. You see, you're in my mind now. And there's no escape. [fires an energy bolt from his battle chair, but Barry whisks himself and Ralph away at super-speed.] Run, Mr. Allen. Run.

Joe: We should be able to have our baby just like any other parent. In a hospital on a regular bed, not with... all this. [to Marlize] Hey, look what you've done. To our friend. My son. My daughter. The love of my life. Everybody in this damn city!
Iris: Dad!
Joe: How could you ever think that this would be better for humanity?!
Iris: Dad! What did you say to me when Barry came out of the Speed Force? You said "Strength without faith means nothing." We need to have faith that we can get through this. [looks at Marlize] Together.

[Cisco has restored Harry's mind, but he has lost his genius and his higher education and knowledge.]
Cisco: I was supposed to fix this.
Harry: And you did! Ramon, Ramon, you did. You did. You brought me back. You brought back what matters. So what if I'm... Look, my whole life, I've been defined by one thing: my IQ. And somehow you've given me... uh... a balance. Between my head and... [puts his hand on his chest, indicating "... my heart."] Thank you. For the balance.

Barry: Where did you get this jacket?
Nora West-Allen: Uh... [points to Iris] From her.
Iris: Um... no. Mine... mine is a one-of-a-kind.
Nora: So was this, when you let me borrow it.
Barry: Who are you?
Nora: I'm your daughter Nora, from the future, and I think I made a big, big mistake.

Season 5 edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist. But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, I fight crime and find other metahumans like me. But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present. And now our world is more dangerous than ever, and I'm the only one fast enough to save it. I am the Flash.

Nora [5.1] edit

Nora: [opening voiceover] Okay. Let's back up. My name is Nora West-Allen, the fastest woman alive. When I'm from, thirty years from now, I'm the guardian of Central City. I'm a speedster, just like my dad. People call me XS. Every day, I hope to live up to the legacy of the Flash. But I've still got a looong way to go.

Ralph: Now I realize that you're all way ahead of me in this time travel business, but guys, I think I just discovered something. So, if, if Nora can time travel, that means she can create new timelines, right? New timelines means that parallel timelines can exist. So, guys, I think that... a whole other universe could exist. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but think about it. There could be, ah, an Earth where we're all bad guys, or another Earth where there's no world hunger, or another Earth where... where they never made that last Indiana Jones movie.... Think of the possibilities. It's like some kind of... Manyverse. [looks around at the rest of the team] Aaand everybody knows about the Manyverse.
Iris: Multiverse. And so do you, Ralph.
Caitlin: Breacher, Gypsy, Harry. What did you think we meant when we said that Harry was from Earth-2?
Ralph: That he is from Earth "also". [off everyone's looks] You guys really need to make, like, a "Welcome" pamphlet, or at least a Powerpoint or something. [bangs his head on a whiteboard]

Barry: You know the danger that her being here poses to the timeline.
Iris: Yeah, I do, but I also know you, Barry. Look. You're the guy that went back in time to borrow Snart before he died.
Barry: I know.
Iris: You're also the same guy that traveled to 2020 to figure out who Savitar was, and to 2015 to train with Wells. You changed fate to save my life. So, now that our daughter is here in front of us asking for our help, you expect me to believe that you're worried about the timeline?

Barry: How old were you when it happened?
Nora: I was born, um, a few years before you vanished, but I don't have any memories of you.
Barry: So the wedding was–
Nora: –was pretty much the first time I met you. Can imagine so many different things to say to you. Still can't believe I went with "Remember to say 'I do' ". I guess things don't always go the way you planned them.

Nora: [closing voiceover] My name is Nora West-Allen, and I'm the fastest woman alive. When I was a child, my father disappeared in something impossible. Then I grew up and became the impossible. Now I'm trying to live up to the legacy he created, so that one day, I'll stop him from ever disappearing. I'm XS. How shui is that?

Blocked [5.2] edit

[Nora has just shown the rest of Team Flash the far-future newspaper article claiming that the Flash never returns after vanishing.]
Iris: So what?
Barry: Iris.
Iris: So what that that article says you never come back? So what if the other one says you vanished? I mean, it's said other things before, right? We made it say other things before. So, whatever the future brings, we're gonna deal with it when it gets here. And change it if we need to.
Cisco: She has a point. If there's anything Team Flash is good at, it's handing the future its own ass, and then some.
Caitlin: What he said.

Cisco: [emotional regarding Gypsy] We just had something so special. Shouldn't it have worked? 'Course, now it's not so special anymore, and now she's just rattling around... inside my head.
Caitlin: I'm sorry this is so hard for you. But it's okay that you're still thinking about her.
Cisco: I don't think you understand, Caitlin. I mean, she's literally... inside my head. I can't vibe. Everything I vibe connects to her. I put some music on, I hear her voice singing along. I'm painting my figurines, I see her face on Captain Kirk's body. Shhhh... do you smell that? Of course you don't. 'Cause that's her perfume, [laughing nervously] and I'm the only one smelling it.
Caitlin: Of course. Your powers linked you guys over pan-dimensional space-time, so it makes complete sense that your vibe echoes would be–
Cisco: –connecting us to each other, yes, I know. Thank you for the diagnosis.
Caitlin: I'm sorry. You don't need a doctor, you need a friend.

Barry: What are you doing?! You can't touch that, you'll contaminate the evidence.
Nora: Sorry, you mean you don't have a scene-wide modified bosonic frequency field to avoid cross-contamination?
Barry: I don't even think we have some of those words yet.
Nora: ... Oops.

[Nora tries to show Barry that she can throw speed-generated lightning, only to send Barry crashing through a whiteboard.]
Nora: [rushing to Barry's side] Dad! Dad, are you okay?
Barry: I'm okay. I've been hit with lightning before. [groans] It's okay.
Nora: It's not okay. I guess... greatness isn't hereditary.

Joe: Barr, all the information this girl has on you comes from that museum. There're literally statues of you on pedestals. How much do you think she wants to impress her hero?
Barry: So what do I do?
Joe: Well, show her it's okay not to be perfect coming out of the gate. There's no shortcuts. Takes time to get things right. And that's not a failure. That's life. And also, show her that no matter what, you're always gonna love her. That's what parents do.

The Death of Vibe [5.3] edit

[The little girl Nora of 2032 is seen walking through a Flash Museum wing exhibiting Flash's rogues gallery.]
Nora: [voice-over] As a kid, there was a part of the Flash Museum that always scared me. I guess it's normal for children to be afraid of monsters. But this monster was different. [The young Nora walks to a display of a newspaper with the headline "Who Is Cicada?"] No one knows where he came from, how he got his powers, who he is. All that's known is his alias, and the last sound his victims hear.
[Jump to present-day S.T.A.R Labs, with the adult Nora talking to Team Flash.]
Nora: [continuing] But that's not what makes him scary. What makes him scary is... you never catch him.

Cisco: This is a waste of time. Thank you very much for coming, Cumberbatch.
Harrison "Sherloque" Wells: I'm sure you would like it if I took my leave, right? Could have more time to recover from your recent heartbreak.
Cisco: What are you talking about?
Sherloque: The subcutaneous undereye bruising which indicates you've been crying. A flaky skin which indicates dehydration, probably from alcohol consumption. Alcohol plus crying can only mean one thing: you have been duummmped.
Cisco: Wrong, detective. I have not been dumped.
Sherloque: Oh no?
Cisco: It was a mutual decision, okay? Cynthia and I, we reached a decision together as a team
Sherloque: Of course.
Cisco: –okay? And I haven't been sobbing. In fact, I can't remember the last time [starts to break down] I cried about it. Excuse me. [leaves the room]

Cicada: You have a lovely family, Detective West. By not giving me what I want, by putting your life in danger, you're gambling their future with you. If you knew what I know, you'd cherish them more.
Joe: I'm not luring Vibe into a death trap. You can threaten me all you want. I'm not afraid.
Cicada: I believe you. But you should be. [fires energy bolts from his dagger at Joe]

Iris: Still swirling around up there?
Barry: I just don't get Nora. I mean, I thought our training was sinking in. I mean, she defeated Block, she was really making progress. And next thing you know, she wants to break into CCPD and kidnap a suspect in police custody. I mean, it's like she wants to... make Hersch Cicada.
Iris: Barry, you really don't get why she's obsessed?
Barry: Wait, should I?
Iris: Think about it. She's been hearing about the ripple effects on the timeline since she got here. And at first, they were relatively small, but now, Cicada...
Barry: Not so small.
Iris: He's one of the worst serial killers in history, and now because of Nora, he's here early. And an entirely different person.
Barry: With an entirely different set of victims.
Iris: That is a huge weight to bear for someone who just wanted to spend time with a dad she never knew. She feels really guilty, Barry. She wants to try to fix her mistakes, whatever that takes. Sounds like another speedster I know, actually.

Ralph: Listen, Caitlin, I'm... I'm sorry.
Caitlin: For what?
Ralph: For... all of this. Just, I felt like a complete joke after that hostage thing, and then "Sherloque" shows up and everybody swoons over his so-called master detective-ness. You were nice enough to invite me along, and I pushed you... into that. And... I'm really sorry.
Caitlin: Ralph, this thing you 'pushed' me into gave me something I've never had before.
Ralph: Your first felony?
Caitlin: No, closure. It may not be pretty, but I finally know the truth. And that means everything. So for my buck, you're the best detective a girl could ask for.

News Flash [5.4] edit

[Nora uses her smartphone to take a picture of Iris' pancakes.]
Iris: What, what're you doing?
Nora: Uh, I am just getting evidence that you make lumpy pancakes in every time period.

[Ralph is investigating with Sherloque about a possible link between Cicada's mask and his real identity.]
Ralph: We find out where this is used, we'e gonna find our man. Elementary.
Sherloque: Elementary?
Ralph: No shrap, Sherlock. [walks off]
Sherloque: [more to himself] It's Sher-loque.

[Team Flash is reviewing the latest app article by Spencer Young about Nora fighting a fire at the Picture News building.]
Barry: Hold on. Look at the time stamp on the post. Seven-fifty-two pm? Nora and I were still with Jonesy, and the fire at C.C.P.N. hadn't even been reported yet.
Iris: I guess you'll always be the first one to the scoop if you're the one making it.
Caitlin: So she's some sort of "Early Edition" meta who creates stories?
Iris: Fake news taken to a whole new level.

[On his own, Sherloque has established the link to Cicada's mask and his possible identity, the clue Ralph had originally investigated.]
Ralph: Well, listen, Sherlook
Sherloque: Sher-loque.
Ralph: I, uh, I gotta hand it to you. That's... very impressive.
Sherloque: Quite a breakthrough, aye, Monsieur Dibny? One that I cannot take any credit for. Hmm, all the credit, all the praise, goes to you, Monsieur Dibny. It was your instinct to follow the mask, right? Well, you were right, and I was... less right. I apologize.

Nora: [emotional] Mom thinks that she had good reason to suppress my powers in the future. But she doesn't know what that reason is.
Barry: I'm sure it's a good one. Look, Nora, I don't have to visit the future to know what kind of mother Iris is gonna be. She cares about family, more than anyone I've ever met. Okay? I support her decisions. Past, present and future.
Nora: [shocked and appalled] Then I guess I need to rethink what the meaning of "family" is.

All Doll'd Up [5.5] edit

Iris: Tripped alarm at Central City Art Gallery. Someone stole a Monet.
Barry: [in disbelief] At 10 a.m.? That's bold.

Barry: You know, Nora, I wish you would try to understand who your mom is today, and stop seeing her as who she becomes in the future.

Cecile: All right, I'll make you a deal. For every chore you do, I'll tell you one thing Papa Joe told me about your father that didn't make it into the precious Flash Museum.
Nora: Mama Cecile, the museum has a complete record of all of Dad's accomplishments.
Cecile: Including the time when Barry ends up in an alternate past filled with golden giants called Grodans?
Nora: Wait, what?
Cecile: Grodans.

[Barry, his powers suppressed by metacuffs, is being held prisoner by Peter Merkel, his chair on a rooftop ledge.]
Peter Merkel: Police man. Fancy cuffs.
Barry: Peter, you don't want to do this. Look, I know how you got your abilities. The night of the Enlightenment, right? You were hit by a piece of the satellite, weren't you?
Merkel: Crushed. Snapped. Broo-ken.
Barry: Okay. Well, I know people who can help you. People who can stop your suffering.
[Merkel hits Barry, nearly causing him to topple off the ledge, but then pulls him back.]
Merkel: Suffering can't be stopped. Especially hers (Iris).
Barry: [hard] If you touch Iris--
Merkel: Don't want to hear your pain. Only your wife's.

Cisco: Iris West-Allen, I know bad-assery when I see it, and that was raw, unrefined, cage-free, non-GMO bad-assery right there.
Caitlin: You dove off a building.
Barry: For me.
Iris: Yeah, I guess I kinda did.
Nora: What was going through your mind?
Iris: Uh, "Please, God, don't let me drop this key."
Nora: I mean, weren't you afraid? You're not a speedster.
Iris: No, I'm not. But my husband and my partner and my best friend... is.

The Icicle Cometh [5.6] edit

[Cicada attacks Raylene, a metahuman woman who can transform her arms into blades. She manages to knock Cicada's blade away, fight him off and slash his stomach.]
Raylene: Should'a left me alone.
[Cicada's blade comes circling back, neutralizes Raylene's powers and impales her in the back, killing her.]
Cicada: And you never should have existed.

Cecile: What the heck happened back there? I froze up.
Ralph: Look, when I got canned from C.C.P.D., I fell in with some... legally questionable individuals. These were some scary, scary people. But, they all had one thing in common. They were all terrified of "Cecile-Your-Fate" Horton. And I don't believe for one second that that woman has gone anywhere.

Barry: Dude. Hey, we need to talk.
Cisco: Why? I thought that dramatic confrontation worked perfect.
Barry: Look, we all want to help Caitlin.
Cisco: Oh, do you?
Barry: Yeah, I want Caitlin to have a chance to be with her father–
Cisco: Just like Nora got the chance to be with you? See, this is your problem. You think that this is just another perfect father-daughter pairing. Reunited.
Barry: I'm not blinded by my feelings.
Cisco: Well, they're not helping you to see any clearer. You gotta stop thinking this like Nora's dad and start thinking about it like a CSI. Please? Don't do it for me, do it for her.

Icicle: My daughter. You've returned!
Killer Frost: You're not my family. They are. You only gave a damn about me 'cause you wanted that serum.
Icicle: But, I, I can share it with you. Just imagine. The two of us. Free to be ourselves without fear. You are strong. We can be even stronger together.
Killer Frost: I'm strong because I have people in my life who actually care about me.

[The original S.T.A.R. satellite core has been recovered.]
Barry: Uh, is it safe for this to be here?
Cisco: [far too focused on the core] Yeah, a little dark matter never hurt anybody.
Barry: What?

O Come, All Ye Thankful [5.7] edit

Caitlin: Careful.
Barry: [softly] I know, I know.
Caitlin: This is a critical time.
Barry: Okay.
Caitlin: Steady hands.
Barry: Aah... call time of death.
[Cut to an overhead view of two peach pies with lattice crusts; we see that Barry has completely failed to make his lattice crust as perfectly as Caitlin's.]
Caitlin: It's okay. It's a pie. It's not supposed to be a piece of cake.
Barry: Wow. [They both laugh]

Sherloque: I don't understand. Explain again to me, what is difference between this day and every other day in America?
Cisco: It's a holiday when we all get together and celebrate and eat a ton of food. Like, a gross amount.
Sherloque: Again, what the difference between this day and every other day in America?
Cisco: That's legit.
Caitlin: Hi, guys. What's going on?
Sherloque: This guy. He try to explain the Thanksgiving holiday, he's failing miserably. What is this holiday, please explain.
Caitlin: It's very simple, actually. It's just about getting together to celebrate our loved ones and family.
Sherloque: So simple, this why I don't understand this holiday.... Don't have any family.
Cisco: Didn't you have, like, seven marriages?
Sherloque: I did. Have seven marriages, five wives, seven marriages, but... no family. This holiday, it's a cruel holiday.

Orlin Dwyer: Hey, uh, I know we didn't get off to the greatest start these past few months. [off Grace's look] Okay. It... it was a lousy start. But I want to fix all that. What I was thinking, while I work on this place (their house), we could work on this one (her doll house), too. Together. Listen, you were right, kid. I do hate me. I don't really know any other way to be, but I want to do right by you, Gracie. I want to keep you safe, warm, fed. You know, just... give you all the things a kid should have.
Grace: Let's start with the doll house. [smiles]
Dwyer: Okay. [relieved] Okay.

[Team Flash sees a photo of Jocelyn's van with her professional name on the side.]
Caitlin: Ooo. "Weather Witch"?
Cisco: I'll allow it.

Nora: I get it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to save others. Even if it means leaving your family behind.
Barry: Not exactly. Look, when I ran into that storm, I was thinking that I want to save everyone, but the person I was thinking about the most... was you.
Nora: ... Me?
Barry: Yeah, I don't choose being the Flash over being with my family. I'm the Flash for my family. And I don't have to run to the future to understand why I sacrifice myself. I do it to save you. And your mom. All the people I love.
Nora: You know, maybe one say, if I train enough, I'll be able to save you.
Barry: I don't doubt it.

What's Past is Prologue [5.8] edit

[As Barry and Nora prepare to enter the time barrier, Ralph plays the chorus to Huey Lewis and the News's "Back in Time".]
Ralph: [off the others' looks] What?! When am I gonna get the chance to do that?

Thawne: Who's your friend? Let me guess. Jesse Chambers... no, Libby Lawrence... wait, Danica Williams--
Barry: It doesn't matter... who she is.
Thawne: [stares at Barry, then at Nora.] She's your daughter. You've brought me your daughter. It's, uh.... Dawn, if I'm not mistaken. [bows to Nora]
Nora: .... Nora.
Thawne: "Nora". [regards her] Oh. That's nice. [to Barry] At least you still have one.

Thawne: You know what's funny about your dad, Nora,... is he hates me. Hates me with a passion. And yet, a version of him is Savitar. A much bigger jerk than I ever was. Did you see the face?

Nora: You really hate him (Thawne), don't you?
Barry: Do you not know what he did?
Nora: Well, I... I know he was your arch-enemy.
Barry: He killed my mother. In our home. When I was eleven years old. An eleven-year-old boy. You know why he did it? He thought if I suffered a tragedy that was horrific enough, I'd never recover. I'd never become the Flash
Nora: [getting emotional] I didn't... I didn't know that.
Barry: There's probably a lot that's happened to me that's not in the Flash Museum.
Nora: That's why you didn't want me to come with you, isn't it? It's not because it was dangerous, or because of the timeline. But because you didn't want me to know these awful things about you, so it's not what I would remember most when I went back. [Barry nods] You don't have to protect me from this stuff.
Barry: Yes, I do.
Nora: No, you don't.
Barry: Yes. Yes, I do. You're my daughter.
Nora: Yeah, and you're my father! And I just want to know my father! [embraces Barry, who hugs her in return]

Barry: Cicada.
Cicada: Is that what you call me?
Barry: Not all metahumans are responsible for what happened to Grace.
Cicada: Yes, they are. The destruction they cause. The death. The pain.
Barry: I know about pain and death. Taking it out on the world, that's not gonna help. Think about Grace.
Cicada: She's all I think about, Flash. And I'm making the world safe for her. Every metahuman must go.
Barry: And what about you? You're a metahuman now.
Cicada: I am. And after you're gone, I'll join you.

Elseworlds, Part One [5.9] edit

This episode is Part One of a three-part crossover event called Elseworlds. For quotations, see the related page.

The Flash & The Furious [5.10] edit

Nora: I don't trust you anymore.
Thawne: Have I not given you everything? A chance to go back and know a father you never knew? To learn from him. To run with him. To run with the Flash! I showed you how to time travel because... I want to help you.
Nora: No, the only person that you ever help is yourself.
Thawne: Who told you that? Your father? For as long as I can remember, all I ever thought about was myself. And that will not be my legacy. That will not be the legacy of Eobard Thawne! Let me help you.
Nora: I don't want your help. Not anymore.

Caitlin: Ralph's visiting his mom. He said to call if we need him. And Nora is....?
Nora: [entering the room] Right here. I just stopped by the lab to pick up your blue suit. I figured you had enough of green.
Barry: Hey, I made that green suit work, though.

Caitlin: So the dagger has anti-dark matter properties.
Cisco: Yes!
Caitlin: Cisco, if we could synthesize that into a serum, we could get rid of Cicada's powers entirely.
Cisco: And not just his powers! Everyone's!
Caitlin: Everyone's?
Cisco: Caitlin, we can make a metahuman cure.
Caitlin: You think we need a metahuman cure?
Cisco: Don't you?
Caitlin: Um...
Cisco: Okay, maybe not. But I seem to remember a time when you did?
Caitlin: Sure, when I first discovered Killer Frost, I wanted to get rid of her. But when she was gone, it felt like a piece of me was missing. Besides, we've seen metahuman powers do really good things.
Cisco: Okay, yeah, if you can build an ice bridge to avoid rush hour traffic... but what if my existence gives everyone around me radiation poisoning like Fallout? [pause] Those metas, we created them against their will.
Caitlin: No, Thawne created the particle accelerator and he sabotaged it.
Cisco: And who shattered the satellite full of dark matter and created God knows how many metas? We did that. This cure could give metahumans a second chance at having a normal life.
Caitlin: Maybe not everyone wants a normal life, Cisco.

Nora: After everything that you've seen, don't you think that bad people stay bad?
Barry: Not always. When I first met Leonard Snart, he was a criminal. Probably the worst criminal in the city. But I, you know, I knew that there was a good person in there somewhere, and look at him. Turned out to be a Legend. Died a hero. If he can change, anyone can.
Nora: You really believe that?
Barry: Yeah, I do.
Nora: What about... Eobard Thawne?
Barry: [hesitantly]... I think... part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people. So, yeah. Maybe some day, in the future... even... Thawne... can change. Besides, if we don't believe in people... who will?

[Caitlin throws a parka over Cisco, covering him completely.]
Cisco: Okay, well,... we can't both be the basket case.
Caitlin: "We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it." [off Cisco's look] Come on, Breakfast Club? It's one of the only movies Killer Frost and I actually agree on.
Cisco: Let me guess, she's into Bender?
Caitlin: Totally. She loves him.
Cisco: Hm. Makes sense. I'd ship them.

Seeing Red [5.11] edit

Ralph: I've seen enough episodes of Sister, Sister to recognize a siblings' spat when I see one.
Caitlin: So, I'm trying to help Cisco with his metahuman cure, but every time I start working on it, Killer Frost takes over and messes with my equations. [points to a whiteboard] Like this. She changed all my heterozygotes into asterisks.
Ralph: Oh. I thought those were just tiny snowflakes. So she's not on board?
Caitlin: No. And I don't know exactly know why.
Ralph: Can't you just ask her?
Caitlin: Oh, I've tried. But every time we start talking about it, she starts singing Barney's "I Love You" song.
Ralph: Ooo, that's cold.

[Nora's body is speed-regenerating the nerves in her broken back, but the growth is slow.]
Iris: Hey. Don't give up. okay? Growth is growth.
Nora: Normal axon growth rate reaches five millimeters a day in a large nerve. My speed-healing might just be over a hundred.
Iris: How do you know that?
Nora: I took "Neuro Regeneration" in my fifth grade's temp class.
Iris: I took... fractions in fifth grade. [Iris and Nora share a laugh]

Cecile: Hey, we're almost through this. We're gonna get all of these people to safety.
Barry: Even if we do, Cicada's not gonna stop killing. Not until–
Cecile: [getting an empathic feeling from Barry] –until he's... dead.
Barry: ... I didn't say that.
Cecile: You didn't have to. The anger that I feel from you says it all.
Barry: How am I supposed to feel?! He almost killed Nora.
Cecile: Barry, I understand. I do. That man hurt your child. But this anger that you're feeling, I have felt it before. From Cicada. Honey, if you let it, this rage will consume you, the same way it's already consumed him.

Killer Frost: Just like Norvock didn't ask for his snake, Katie didn't ask for me. So, if one day she wakes up scared of being a metahuman and decided to take that cure, her powers don't just disappear, I do too. That's what I'm really afraid of. Because if I'm gone, who's gonna protect her?
Ralph: I get why you're scared, but... you need to know that when DeVoe made you disappear, all Caitlin talked about was getting you back. So maybe, as much as you want to protect her, Caitlin wants to protect you too.

[Jones has been summoned to a meeting with Singh and Cecile after helping Cicada kill metahumans.]
Singh: Care to tell me why you decided to aid and abet a murderer?
Officer Jones: No, thats... you don't know what you're talking about.
Cecile: Really? A woman used metahuman tech to take control of your mind. She made you do things you were certain you would never do. And that frightened you, didn't it? It frightened you and it made you angry. And you went ahead and you embraced that anger and you let it drive your every move. Betrayal, revenge. [gets an empathic feeling] Escape.
Jones: [tries to escape and is captured by the other officers] Look, [enraged] The metas in this city have no respect for human life. They don't deserve to breathe our air.
Singh: You swore an oath to protect the citizens of this city. Every one of them! Get him out of my sight. [other officers take Jones away]

Memorabilia [5.12] edit

Nora: I want you to think about the biggest secret in your life. The one that you keep from the people that you love. Or even from yourself. I want you to imagine what would happen if that secret got out.

Ralph: One drink? I'm paying.
Cisco: [skeptical] One drink. But only because you never pay for anything, ever, and I'm really curious to see what Hell looks like frozen over.

[Barry and Iris are inside Nora's childhood memory of the Flash Museum.]
Barry: [awestruck] No way! Look at this. Flash toys, and Flash phones. Flash rings! Are you kidding? Wow.
Iris: This is all gonna go to your head, isn't it?
Barry: Oh, you know what? [shows Iris a Flash bobblehead doll ] It looks like it might.
Iris: [deadpan] Oh, that is very cute.

Nora: I was angry all the time. Angry for not getting to have a dad. Angry 'cause... nobody seemed to understand what I was feeling. And it didn't matter what you did or said, Mom. I was always gonna be angry at you. Because you were there.
Iris: You were going through a lot, Nora.
Nora: But so were you. I mean, I thought you were trying to stop me from being me, but you were trying to stop me from being Dad. I mean, ending up like him. You guys had a whole life together. And a child, and... he vanished. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you. I mean, from that day, you... you were protecting me, and I... I get that now. I'm so sorry for the way that I treated you. Both back then and now, when I first got here. You didn't deserve that.
Iris: Thank you. You're an amazing woman, Nora West-Allen. I will always love you. Past, present and future.
Nora: I love you, too, Mom. [hugs Iris]

Nora: It's hard to keep a secret. But it's a lot easier when you're reminded why you're doing it. I met someone who told me that she would do anything to protect her family. She helped me see that... so would I.

Goldfaced [5.13] edit

Thawne: A man does not wear another man's face unless he understands his mind. Not just through time, but across infinite Earths. This "Sherloque", yes, he's brilliant, but to redirect his gaze, one only has to nudge him toward his weakness: love.

[Barry and Ralph are walking around Goldface's secret high-tech weapons market.]
Barry: So nobody, including us, knows where we are right now.
Ralph: And we are totally powerless.
Barry: Dude, if we make the wrong move in here, these cuffs are gonna be the least of our worries.
Ralph: New game plan. The anti-hero of our dynamic duo will find the field generator. And you're just gonna stay here and try not to look like a cop. Or a superhero.
Barry: Okay.
Ralph: Or really, anything you actually are.

Goldface: So here's the thing: scum... recognizes scum. I'm scum. And I've survived this long by recognizing same. [to Ralph] Like you. You're scum, I sniffed you coming a mile away.
Ralph: Thanks.
Goldface: But your partner... I don't sniff nothing on him, and that worries me. So, the question is [to Barry] "who are you?"

Ralph: Look, uh... I don't have to ask you how you feel about this. Stealing from a hospital, that's... that's way more than we bargained for. So, if you don't want to do this, I'm–
Barry: I'll do it.
Ralph: You will?
Barry: Yeah, what choice do I have? You warned me to get my head on straight for this job, and I didn't. You had Goldface ready to give us what we needed, I blew it trying to get those guns off the street, and here we are.
Ralph: Barry, this is not your fault.
Barry: Yeah, it is. And you were right. If I want to stop Cicada, I can't be so precious about getting the Flash's hands dirty. Sometimes the ends justify the means, I get that now.

Nora: Sherloque, you know that stuff your ex-wife said isn't true, right?
Sherloque: No. I'm destined to be alone.
Nora: No, you're not.
Sherloque: Yes, I am.
Nora: Listen, you treat love like it's a mystery that can be solved, but you can't deduce your way to a happy ending. You just have to let it come one step at a time, and enjoy whatever step you're in.

Cause and XS [5.14] edit

Barry: We have to wait how long before we can use the metahuman cure?
Cisco: Not even that long.
Iris: Cisco.
Cisco: It's gonna go by [snaps] like that.
Iris: Cisco!
Cisco: Twenty-nine days.
[Sherloque does a spit-take.]
Nora: A month?
Cisco: I know, right? Just one teeny, tiny... month until we stop Cicada's purge. You know, historically speaking, this is way faster than we've ever stopped a Big Bad.

[Ralph wants to help Cisco with his first date with Kamilla using "The Book of Ralph".]
Ralph: Chapter one: "Initial Planning".
Cisco: Initial planning? It's a first date, Sun Tzu, not an incursion.
Ralph: Trust me, Grasshopper. Love is war.

Cicada: Told you.
[repeated in each time loop after he kills a member of Team Flash]

Nora: I keep trying my absolute hardest to change the outcome, but I end up failing every time. What if we can't fix this, Cisco?
Cisco: Nora, sometimes we fail because... all we can worry about is not failing. I'm so worried about my first date since Cynthia that I don't feel free to be myself around Kamilla, and then I'll just end up screwing it up even more. This, this "Intelligence and Reconnaissance" mess? I don't need this. All I need is to be myself. Duh.

Barry: Yeah, it seems like things worked out this time, but that's not always gonna be true. And it's impossible to know how these changes are gonna unfold. The ripples you'll cause, whose life you're gonna affect. No one can do that.
Nora: No one?
Barry: No. We're not gods, Nora. We've just been given extraordinary abilities.

King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd [5.15] edit

Barry: Oh Lyla, um, this is... my daughter, Nora.
Lyla: Your daughter.
Barry: Yeah.
Nora: I'm from–
Lyla: –the future, I'm guessing.
Nora: Yeah. Weird, right?
Lyla: No weirder than waking up one day to find out that your son used to be your daughter.

Caitlin: We oughta talk.
Cisco: Don't you know you shouldn't interrupt others while they're brooding? I'm trying to get my Oliver Queen on here.

Tanya Lamden: I don't love Shay. We're friends.
Sherloque: All right. Well, let's take a look at that, too, shall we, hmm? So this is a friend from another Earth, for whom you left a high-paying job, and for whom you have dedicated every waking moment of your life trying to help. It doesn't quite add up.
Tanya: I can't love Shay. He's my dead husband's doppelgänger from Earth-2. How crazy would I have to be to fall in love with him?
Sherloque: No crazier than marrying the same woman from five different Earths. [off Tanya's look] Oh, I know. Very good at marrying people, but not so great at staying married. Along the way, though, on these countless Earths and countless doppelgängers, I learned there is one thing that makes all of us unique. And if that... is what you fell in love with, well, then,... perhaps a face doesn't matter that much.

Iris: Look, I get it. I'm supposed to take out my frustrations on that bag and... somehow get over it, but it's not that easy.
Joe: To confront what ails you? No. It's not. It's hard. I had to go all the way across the world to do it.
Iris: You're talking about Tibet? [Joe nods] I thought you went there to see Wally.
Joe: I did, but that's not the only reason I went. I went there to heal.
Iris: Is that why you were gone for so long?
Joe: Wally convinced me to come East with the baby. He said that it would help me repair my mind, my body, restore this old soul of mine. So, with Cecile's blessing,... that's what I did.
Iris: Did it work?
Joe: I bent, baby girl. But Cicada ain't gonna break me. [hands Iris punching gloves] Ain't gonna break you, either.

Iris: [checking her phone] "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd". Are you kidding me? I missed that?

Failure is an Orphan [5.16] edit

Nora: This is gonna be one of the biggest challenges of your career as a hero. Do you know what you're gonna say?
[long pause as everyone stares at Barry]
Barry: Uh, yeah, you know, yeah, I... I've got some loose... thoughts.
Sherloque: Oh, great. Well, that instills all of us with confidence, right. 'Loose thoughts'. What you going to say? "Hey, most bloodthirsty enemy... Stop"? [Cisco scoffs]
Iris: Guys. It worked for Marlize. Maybe not so much for Savitar, but...
Barry: I will figure out what to say to him, all right? I got this.
Nora: I know you do, Dad.

Cisco: You know, I have a bit of experience with these, uh, long-distance relationships. I got one word for you: holocube. [presents a holocube] These things work–
Sherloque: I must request that you stop speaking. Possibly forever.

Barry: Our whole plan depends on me being able to convince Dwyer to just take the cure. Last time I tried [nervous laugh], I don't think I've ever struck out so hard.
Joe: Wow, that's saying a lot considering your track record at the plate. Wait, what exactly did you say to him?
Barry: That he was creating a legacy of fear. One that would go down in history. But that we could work together to change that.
Joe: That sounds like something the Flash would say.
Barry: Well, I am the Flash.
Joe: Look, that man's a zealot. He sees you in that suit and all he sees is the thing he hates. Metahumans, super powers, the thing that took his niece away from him. He can't see past the Flash. But what he doesn't know, there's a whole lot more to you than that. Be more Barry Allen: human.

Joe: Ever since she got her powers, it's like she's a human lie detector.
Barry: How is that a bad thing?
Joe: You know I've always prided myself on being able to read people, right? With Cecile and these powers, I mean... she puts me to shame.
Barry: Well, you just got to remember that you guys are a team. That makes her strengths, your strengths. And yours, hers. So if you let her do what she's great it, it's only going to create more room for you to do more of what you're great at too, right?
Joe: Well damn. You're getting real good at these pep talks, Bar.
Barry: I know, I had a pretty good teacher.

The Flash: I know how much you care about Grace. You're trying to make the world a better place for her. She didn't choose to be a meta, but she is. Does that mean she deserves to die?
Dwyer: No, I would never hurt Grace.
The Flash: Then you'd let her grow up in a world of fear, where there's someone out there, hurting people like her? The cure, it will heal Grace. And you.
Dwyer: And why should I believe you, Flash?
[The Flash unmasks, revealing Barry Allen's face.]
Barry: Because I'm a father, too. My daughter, I love her more than I ever thought possible. I would do anything to make the world a better place for her. And I think you would, too. So do it.

Time Bomb [5.17] edit

Barry: Hey, by the way, this might not be our only lead. Do you remember that time-sphere that we built for Thawne?
Joe: That big hamster ball thing?
Nora: Someone stole one in the future to come here.
Cecile: Like our... our Cicada copycat?
Joe: Makes sense. I can't even believe I just said that.

Cisco: [accosting Ralph] You listen to me and you listen good, you turkey-on-stilts. It is not your job to get my girlfriend on the TEAM !!

Barry: I used to think that keeping secrets from people for their own good was a noble decision. That it would protect them. But when you do that, you just rob those people from making their own decisions. I even did it with you.
Nora: Like when you didn't want to take me to your past.
Barry: Mm hmm. I didn't want you to see how painful things got for me as the Flash, or how bad things got for your mom. But secrets are like walls, and... you can't really know someone with walls between you.

Cicada (Grace Gibbons): I've always wanted to go up against the Flash and his legendary team. I guess I wasn't missing out on anything after all.

[After her association with Thawne has been revealed, Barry imprisons Nora in a Pipeline cell and starts walking away.]
Nora: [calling out] I'm sorry I lied to you!
[Barry stops and turns around.]
Barry: So am I. [turns and leaves]

Godspeed [5.18] edit

Dexter Myles: [over the Flash Museum's speaker] Thank you for visiting the Flash Museum today. The building will be closing in five minutes. All guests should make their way to the exit now. And, Nora West-Allen, your mother called. Please, for your sake and mine: call her back.

Cecile: The one person in the world she thought she could trust died in her arms.
Caitlin: Nora must have felt completely alone.
Barry: But she wasn't.
Iris: Yes. she was. Because I wasn't honest with her.
Barry: Iris–
Iris: After all I did, she gave me a second chance. It's the least we can do for her.

Nora: [shows Iris the power dampener] Lia found it before she died. You put this inside of me, mom. To dampen my powers? You lied to me my whole life.
Iris: I know.
Nora: Who else knows? Who else?
Iris: Everyone.
Nora: Everybody? Everyone that I love has been keeping this from me? Why?
Iris: Because I told them to.
Nora: Why would you do that?
Iris: Nora, I was trying to protect you.
Nora: From what?
Iris: From this city. From... from meta-humans. From... from yourself.
Nora: Wow.
Iris: Nora, you don't understand.
Nora: No, I don't understand. How did I get my powers? What do you have against speedsters?
Iris: Nora, I have already lost so much. I can't risk losing you, too.
Nora: Well, you just did.

[Barry's final video message to Nora]
Barry: Nora. I don't have much time. [an explosion in the background] If you're watching this, it means you're like me. You have powers. It also means I wasn't there to help you learn how to use them. I wasn't there for a lot of things. Remember, ... my sweet Nora,... always remember: I love you. And I always will.

Thawne: You can't blame the little runner, Barry. She just wanted to spend some time with her Dad. Don't hold that against her. Consider it a condemned man's last request.
Barry: You always thought you were so much smarter than us, Thawne. But you lost. And now you're finally gonna get what you deserve.

Snow Pack [5.19] edit

Iris: You took our daughter back to the future?
Barry: I didn't have any other choice.
Iris: I? It's "we", Barry. We. She's our daughter, not just yours.
Barry: I know that.
Iris: But you left her there anyway?
Barry: I can't trust her, Iris! That puts all of us in danger.
Iris: That's how you feel, Barry! How about asking how I feel?
Barry: I didn't think I had to!
Iris: Of course you didn't. Of course you didn't, Barry. You always see one way through a problem and damn what I think.
Barry: What the hell does that mean?
Iris: You know, we've been through so much crap, we've been through so much therapy, and you are still, still making decisions based on your emotions.

Caitlin: The right choice? What the hell are you talking about? You lied to me for twenty years and told me my father was dead. How the hell is that the right choice?!
Carla Snow: Your father is trapped inside an ice monster, Caitlin. What was I supposed to do? Split custody with him on the weekends?

Thawne: Listen to me, Nora. Breathe. Breathe. You're reaching out and nobody's there. The loneliness is pain. Pain racing through your mind. Crushing you, wrecking you, shattering your soul into a million, little, pieces. And suddenly, you are no longer you. You are part of something different now. Part of a negative force.

Nora: Do you know what it's like to want something more than anything else in your whole life? [starts crackling with yellow, purple, and red energy] To know your father? To do your best to follow in his footsteps? To make him proud? [more energy crackles] How could he leave me?
Thawne: Wait! Wait, that's enough !!
Iris: Nora–
Nora: How could he stop loving meeee?!?!
[Nora's eyes fill with Speed Force energy and she runs off.]

[Caitlin's father Thomas has been mortally wounded saving Caitlin's life.]
Caitlin: [emotional] Dad, I told you to go.
Thomas Snow: I already left once before. I left both of you. Worst mistake I ever... ever made in my entire life. Wasn't gonna make that again. Family shouldn't leave family. I'll always love you. [Thomas dies]

Gone Rogue [5.20] edit

Ralph: On that note, I'm happy to help you follow that lead on the atomizer.
Caitlin: Really? What about... Sher-luck?
Sherloque: "Sherloque". Do you think any of you are gonna get this right at any point at any time in your life? "Sherloque" !

Joss Jackam: [referring to Brie's motorcycle] Pretty paint job.
Brie Larvan: Predators know these colors get you stung.
Joss: Yeah. It's always a great idea for a thief to call attention to herself.
Brie: At least I don't fly around in a fuzzy green sweater. Didn't think I'd recognize Weather Wizard's kid?
Joss: It's "Weather Witch". I have a name, okay... Bug-Eyed Bandit.
Brie: Don't call me that! That's their name.

Cisco: [being held captive with Sherloque by the Young Rogues] Well, we got a Rag Doll. A Weather Witch. And, uh... hold up, is that... Crazy Bee Girl? Hey, girl, what's going on? What a throwback.

Caitlin: Yeah, but the minute you got "The Book of Ralph" back from Cisco, you tried to give it away again. Don't you want to use it? Try to find someone special for yourself?
Ralph: [strained] Caitlin,... look,... "Book of Ralph"... works great for other people, but... never actually worked for me. I know I'm not... built for love.... And that's okay.
Caitlin: Ralph Dibny. You are kind, intelligent, and compassionate. And most of all, you put the needs of others before yourself. So that means you are built for love. And you deserve someone who loves you back.

Barry: Hey, look, I'm sorry about, um,... how I was acting earlier. I just... seeing Nora looking so much like him (Thawne)--
Joe: I get it, Barr. That guy's always gonna be in your head. Mine, too. And you were right. Nora broke the law, and there should be repercussions for that. But whenever you guys step out of bounds, I always have to remind myself... the detective side says "There's the law", but the father side says "There's also what's right". And I'm always gonna choose to be your father first.

The Girl With the Red Lightning [5.21] edit

[Sherloque walks up to Renee unexpectedly, startling her.]
Renee Adler: Sherloque! You scared me to death.
Sherloque: Well, I apologize, but when you don't answer my many emoticon pictograms, no, I fear the worst, huh?
Renee: I was in the library. What could have happened to me?
Sherloque: Stacks collapse. [Renee laughs] Livid librarian.
Renee: [amused] Really?
Sherloque: Death by dewey decimals.
Renee: And a life loss by late fees?
Sherloque: Ah, there you go.

Ralph: Nora, where would you find this hyper-conduit in 2049?
Nora: Probably Ollins Laboratory. Ollins won a Nobel Prize for quantum engineering.
Cisco: Ollins? As in Sebastian Ollins?
Nora: Yeah. Do you know him? He is a true genius.
Cisco: [scoffs] A genius, you say. The guy couldn't even stay awake through a single physics lecture. In fact, I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for his very smart, very considerate college roommate lending him notes, helping him study, he wouldn't have made it through his finals! Nobel Prize, my ASS!!
Barry: Yeah, he knows him.

Nora: I can't stand around and do nothing.
Barry: Yes, you can, because that's what we're telling you to do.
Nora: When I first got here, I would rush in to fix things, and by doing that, I always ended up making them worse. But I am not that person anymore. Because of you. You showed me how to use my powers. You taught me how to make the right choices. And right now, I am choosing to face this risk.
Iris: Nora, this is a terrible idea.
Nora: I know you feel that way. But I don't. I'm an adult, capable of making my own decisions. I've made up my mind about this. So I am asking you, please, as my parents, stop trying to keep me away from this danger and start helping me face it.

Barry: [regarding the speedster trap] Man, this thing brings back memories.
Ralph: Good ones? Bad ones?
Barry: Thawne ones. We trapped the Reverse-Flash in this thing before we even knew he was Thawne.
Cisco: Well, we actually ended up trapping his speed mirage, while his real self just sat there chilling in his wheelchair.
Ralph: Man, Thawne's plans got plans.

Barry: What're we gonna do?
Ralph: Breach in, lose our powers from the dagger, stop Cicada from Supergirl-ing away, then regroup for the emotional fallout.

Legacy [5.22] edit

Nora: How do I fix this?
Barry: I don't know if you can, Nora. You made a mistake, you know? A big mistake. Sometimes in life, all we can do is just live with the consequences. So what you have ask yourself is... what kind of hero are you gonna be? One who takes a do-over after every mistake, or one who lives with it and moves forward?

Cisco: [on how to revive an injured Ralph] We blast him ?!
Sherloque: Yes, you blast him. Like, the vibrational jolt, it will be more than enough to [snaps his fingers] kick-start his consciousness, I'm sure of it.
Cisco: Can't we just play some Gaga and hope he wakes up?

Thawne: This is nice. Team Flash, back together again. With a new guy. Ralph Dibny. Welcome. You should be dead.
Ralph: Yeah, I guess we have that in common.

Barry: She (Nora) was my legacy all along. And us, together as a family, that's how I want to be remembered. As a good man. A loving husband. And a supportive father.
Iris: You're already all those things.

[Nora's final message to Barry and Iris]
Nora: Hi, Mom and Dad. If you're watching this, it means that something went wrong. But I don't want you guys to be sad. I'm not. I always wanted to be a hero. To use my extraordinary abilities to help people. That's why I came here. To meet my family, stop Cicada, help fix the Flash's legacy, and save him from disappearing in the future. I believed I could do the impossible. But I never imagined it would turn out like this. I'm glad it did. I wouldn't change anything about my time with you. My sweet parents. The most important people to me in the world. I wish I could be there to celebrate every new chapter. To witness every success. Just know, that no matter where I go in my life, you'll always be by my side. Because of you, I know I will never, ever truly be alone. And I will feel your love and support like a warm hug, comforting me, pushing me to be the best person I can be. Thank you for everything. For making me a hero. And for loving me even if I wasn't perfect. Please remember that I love you both. And I always will. No matter what the future brings.

Season 6 edit

Into the Void [6.1] edit

Dr. Ramsey Rosso: My name is Ramsey Rosso, and my mother, Dr. Rachel Rosso, was everything to me. When I was seven, I skidded out pretty badly on a bike she bought me for my birthday. Imagine a scared kid with two scraped knees and a bloody nose. When mum found me, she picked me right up, she brushed me off, and told me to get back on my bike and ride. I tried, but I couldn't. It was almost like I was paralyzed, it hurt so bad. That's when she told me that I would heal. That I must never let a little pain stop me from getting to where I needed to go in life, and she was right. I did heal. Enough to grow up and follow in her footsteps. And even though a beautiful life was cut short when she lost her battle to heal herself, she is still helping me to get to where I need to go today. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Cisco: You're looking at the world's first inverse mass angular momentum disruptor, but we can just call it a stellar grenade.
Barry: Cool. So this will destroy the black hole?
Cisco: As long as it doesn't get much bigger, this will reverse the hole's mass-collecting properties, causing it to... [sucks air] Implode. Just toss it into the event horizon, hasta la lasagna, don't any on you.

Cisco: That's it. [hits the computer space bar] I've been saving this for the right moment since day one.
[ Queen's "Flash" begins playing.]
Iris: Really, Cisco?
Cisco: The guy's running in and out of a black hole!
Iris: [a beat] .... Good point.
Cisco: Yeah.

Iris: So, what made you believe that you could carry Chester out of that place?
Barry: You made me believe I could do it. I realized we could be each other's support group, even though it's gonna take some time. If we can carry a memory like this together in our hearts, carrying carrying somebody's consciousness out of a black hole? It's a piece of cake. Besides, how else could I get this back for you? [he opens the door to the Time Vault, revealing Nora's XS jacket] I know it's not as good as Nora's video...
Iris: It's better. Now we have something that we can honor Nora with.
Barry: She was pretty schway.

Barry: What do you want?
Monitor: For your universe to survive.
Iris: The destroyed it. You destroyed Nora's message.
Monitor: An unfortunate side effect. But I needed to discourage you.
Barry: From doing what?
Monitor: Hoping. Your determination is boundless, Flash. It is one of your greatest qualities, but you cannot avoid the coming crisis.
Iris: Barry has five years before he disappears.
Monitor: No longer. December 10, 2019. On that day, he will answer the call and make the ultimate sacrifice. Soon, this world will fight for the fate of all the known universes.
Barry: I'm not gonna leave my family. There has to be a way to stop what's coming.
Monitor: I am sorry. But events have been set into motion that you cannot possibly comprehend.
Barry: I don't need to understand them! Just tell me what I can do.
Monitor: To survive? You can't. In order for billions to survive this coming crisis, the Flash must die.

A Flash of the Lightning [6.2] edit

Barry: I stared at that newspaper for so many years. First it felt like a guide. You know, like proof that things were headed in the right direction. Then it became a sword hanging over my head. A part of me always felt like... if I vanish in whatever crisis is coming... maybe I was still out there somewhere, looking for a way to come back to you. According to The Monitor, that doesn't happen.
Iris: "To save the lives of billions, The Flash must die." What kind of crap is that? [Barry chuckles] No, I'm serious. I mean, The Monitor shows here up out of nowhere and says you're suppose to die on December 10th? The last I remember, the article said that you were in a fight with Thawne, not some cosmic disaster.
Barry: The article changed.
Iris: If that article can change, then that means we can still change the future.

Ralph: Art reflects how we feel, so connecting to art can help us plumb the depths of our soul.
Killer Frost: Okay. What I am connecting to in these photos... is that the photgrapher's afraid to get a shot in focus.
Kamilla Hwang: Those are actually... mine.
Killer Frost: They're not all winners.

Joan Williams: [reading]
Oh why should the spirit of mortal be proud?
Like a fast-flitting meteor, a fast-flying cloud,
A flash of the lightning, a break of the wave,
He passes from life to his rest in the grave.
[sees Barry has recovered] Barry. You're with us. William Knox. I've discovered that poetry can stimulate collapsed neural pathways.
Barry: [smiles weakly] Lady Gaga usually works for me.

Cecile: You know this kid. You know her rap sheet. It's petty crimes, robberies. It's not double homicide. That doesn't even add up.
Joe: I haven't known this woman in a long time, and the evidence adds up. We need to recognize that, unlike facts, feelings can be falliable.
Cecile: Except when it's your gut.
Joe: I've never said that.
Cecile: You didn't have to. That is a scared kid, with no one to stand up for her. The public defender's office is overworked and underpaid. Joe, I'm the only one who can prove her innocence.
Joe: Your job is to prosecute the cases that we bring to you, using the evidence. I mean, it's like you... it's like you don't even wanna be the D.A.
Cecile: Are you telling me I have to choose between using my powers and doing my job?
Joe: That is not what I just said.
Cecile: No. It's what you're feeling.

Joe: How did you get hurt, Barr? All right, look... you don't have to share right now if you want to. Just know that I'm here. Always.
Barry: Something's coming, Joe. I have to make a sacrifice. But at the same time, I can't help but feeling like it means I'm giving up.
Joe: Giving up?
Barry: Yeah.
Joe: When I was a beat cop, you know, I walked the same patrol every day. One morning, I'm responding to a noise complaint. Out of nowhere, pop. Bullet flies by my head. I got pinned, I called for backup, but everything was telling me that's it. Next morning... Barr, I can't even tell you how... scared I was... to go back there in them streets.
Barry: But you did.
Joe: Yeah. [shows his police badge] 'Cause of this. Our badges, your emblem, they're symbols of the strength that we're charged with to get back out there. We don't make a choice to die. We would never choose to do that. But when we hear the call of duty... We're willing to make that sacrifice. And that's not giving up, Barr. That's what you call resilience. And I know you to have plenty of that.

Dead Man Running [6.3] edit

Ramsey: Cait? You're Killer Frost?
Killer Frost: Actually, she's me, Sad Coffee Guy.

Cisco: What are you doing on our Earth?
Harrison "Nash" Wells: What am I doing? I'm searching for an artifact that happens to contain the same particles... I'm currently reading off you.
Iris: What?
Nash: Although...
Cisco: What - what part - particles of what?
Nash: Eternium.
Cisco: Eternium?
Nash: Eternium's a Multiversal element, all right? Although the readings were stronger in the alley.
Cisco: Listen, Indiana, I don't know how you do things on your Earth, but this ain't "Temple of Doom." And what is Eternium supposed to be, anyway? Some kind of stolen mystical element from the tiki gods that you suddenly have to return?
Nash: Look, there's no such thing as mystical mumbo jumbo or gods. What there are are meta-humans, aliens, and false gods worshiped by simple-minded people that find comfort in myths. I dispel those myths. You people are no help.

Barry: I had a feeling about you. I hoped I was wrong. But I know a desperate man when I see one. Put them back.
Ramsey: No.
Barry: I can make you.
Ramsey: Go on, then. Like you said, I'm a desperate man. I have nothing to lose.
Barry: I thought you wanted to save lives.
Ramsey: HLH isn't just my mother's disease. First it killed her, and now it's killing me.
Barry: I still can't let you take those. Look at what it did to Mitch Romero.
Ramsey: I am marking my calendar to every day until I die, waiting to fall off a cliff, powerless to grab onto anything or anyone. I watched my mother dived off that same cliff... with a smile on her face. She didn't even fight.
Barry: I know what's like to lose your mother. I know you're angry.
Ramsey: This isn't anger. This is the pain beneath my anger. It takes courage to fight death.
Barry: Maybe it takes more to accept it.
Ramsey: My mum had the same look on her face when she was first diagnosed. You're a dead man, too. Aren't you, Barry? So why don't you fight for yourself?
Barry: I'm marking my calendar with the days I have left to live. I'm gonna spend them saving as many people I can.
Ramsey: You're not a coward. You're just naive.

Barry: Stop trying to hit me, and hit me. Or why don't you just admit what's hurting you?
Killer Frost: I don't want to die when I've just started living. Okay? I finally have the chance to live a life, and not this stupid Crisis is gonna take it all away?
Barry: I know it's not fair.
Killer Frost: Do you know that Baskin-Robbins has 31 different flavors? I might die before I get to figure out which one is my favorite. Or what my favorite song, or have my first birthday party. 30 years of existing, and I've never had one. That really sucks.
Barry: Frost. There's always going to be a crisis, or some meta-human threatening to take away the life that you love. Truth is, we're all living on borrowed time.
Killer Frost: So, what, does everyone feels this crappy all the time? That actually does kind of make me feel better.
Barry: It's why you can't let the threat of losing tomorrow tomorrow keep you from making the most of today.
Killer Frost: I want to spend the rest of today making sure that Mitch Romero doesn't hurt anyone else.

Cisco: The Monitor? Where did you see him?
Barry: We went in the Time Vault, right after putting Chester in the MAC. The Crisis that he spoke about last year, it's the same one in the plinth's newspaper. And it's not coming in 2024. It's coming December 10... 2019.
Ralph: Are you sure about this?
Killer Frost: The jackass lied to you.
Iris: Yeah, well, we thought so, too, but... Barry went to Earth-3 and Jay Garrick helped him see that it was true.
Cisco: How did he do that?
Barry: Jay projected my mind forward into the future.
Cisco: Okay. And what did you see?
Barry: I saw a giant wave of antimatter sweeping over our Earth. Vaporized all of Central City and everybody in it. Including you three.
Killer Frost: Great. I'll go mark my calendar.
Barry: We still have seven weeks to make sure none of this happens.
Iris: Guys, Barry's right. We've changed the future before. We can change it again.
Ralph: So what else did our Asgardian cosplayer say?
Barry: That was pretty much it.

There Will Be Blood [6.4] edit

Ramsey: So that's it. You're just deciding to give up and die.
Dr. Rachel Rosso: No one lives forever.
Ramsey: No. I won't give up. That's your choice.
Rachel: Ramsey. I'm not your enemy.
Ramsey: I know. The real enemy... is death.

Barry: What are you talking about? What the hell are you doing?
Cisco: I'm saving your life. 'Cause someone has to do it.
Barry: Saving Ramsey... Saving Ramsey's my call.
Cisco: And it's a bad call.
Barry: But it's one I made. Sometimes, as a leader, you have to make tough calls in order to serve the greater good.
Cisco: You know, I made a tough call. And I made it for you.
Barry: But I told you. You can't save me.
Cisco: I'm not buying that!
Barry: Well, you have to. Sacrificing myself saves everything and everyone. I've seen it.
Cisco: And what does that give me to look forward to? Waking up to a world without the Flash? A light without my best friend?
Barry: You get to live. You all get to live.
Cisco: Don't.
Barry: Look, man, I... I've been dealing this for weeks. Wondering what's gonna happen when I'm gone, how everybody's gonna move on. That's why I wanted us, you and me together, to save Ramsey today.
Cisco: You wanted us to save a random person so I'd be okay with you dying?
Barry: No. I wanted us to save one person's life so you could understand the tough calls... the sacrifices that a leader has to make. Because you're my pick. You the person I want to run S.T.A.R. Labs and this team when I'm gone.

Ramsey: Hello, Cait. Playing the hero now, are you?
Killer Frost: The bad guy was taken, so yeah.

The Flash: Everyone dies, Ramsey. Maybe the only thing that makes it bearable is to find some meaning in it.
Ramsey: Well, that means I'm making the greatest sacrifice of all. Don't you see? What I'm becoming, this is the cure. I am the answer, Flash, to the greatest mystery of all. Life eternal.

Iris: Sue is very lucky to have a master detective like you searching for her.
Ralph: Give me a break. It's just a missing person's case. It's not I'm looking to getting married.

Kiss Kiss Breach Breach [6.5] edit

Ralph: Okay, computer, what's Barry's favorite movie?
Barry: Empire.
[the computer reads out Jurassic Park]
Ralph: Oh, thank God.
Barry: Actually... I loved, loved Empire Strikes Back my whole life, but... now that I think about it... oh, my God. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park.
Cisco: There it is.
Barry: How does it do that?
Cisco: Fuzzy logic, and AI intuition, my guy. With the B.A.R.I. by my side, it'll be like you never left.

Kamilla: You need time to rest that sexy brain of yours.
Cisco: My brain is the Ryan Gosling of genius intellects.

Cisco: Me being like this, I don't want you to think I'm still hung up over Cynthia or something.
Kamilla: Cisco, someone you cared about died. I'd be worried if you weren't sad.

Cisco: Look, we have to face the facts, and I have to own up to whatever it is that I did.
Kamilla: You're gonna turn yourself in?
Cisco: I have to! I can't trust myself anymore.
Kamilla: Anymore? You stopped trusting yourself the moment Barry asked you to take over as team leader. I mean, you've built this elaborate device just so you wouldn't have to make any decisions for yourself.
Cisco: That's...
Kamilla: Let me make this decision for you. You are innocent.
Cisco: How can you be so sure?
Kamilla: Because I have faith in you. The real question is why don't you have any faith in yourself?
Cisco: Because Barry's gonna die! What if I can't keep people safe the way he does? I'm not the Flash.
Kamilla: Babe... Barry didn't choose you to be the Flash. He chose you to be you. All these doubts, they aren't you. They're just... noise in your head.

Iris: Cisco, we got your message. I'm... I'm really sorry to hear about Gypsy.
Cisco: Some things you never get over. But her service is next week.
Barry: You want us to come with you?
Iris: Yeah. I mean, we loved her, too.
Cisco: Thank you. Uh, Kamilla's coming with me, so... I'm very lucky to have her. Is it wrong to feel that way? I mean, with everything that just happened? It's like I'm moving on. What kind of person does that?
Iris: Someone who is very much in love.
Cisco: It's funny. Cynthia wasn't the person I ended up with, but, um, I think she taught me how to be the person I needed to be for when the right person came along, and for that, I will never forget her.

License to Elongate [6.6] edit

Remington Meister: I am very curious, though, as to why you are really here.
Ralph: Do you expect me to talk?
Meister: No, Mr. Dibny... I expect you to die.
Ralph: Oh, come on. That line is literally from Goldfinger.

Barry: I should've listened to you. If we had done things your way, we wouldn't have gotten caught. Maybe I should be handing over Central City over to Ralph Dibny rather than the Elongated Man.
Ralph: What are you talking about?
Barry: There's no deposition. I planned a press conference to present you as Central City's official protector. Because of this coming Crisis, I have to prepare the city for a world without Flash.
Ralph: Wow. I'm, uh... I'm honored that you think that I could help fill your shoes. Look, tonight's job was for Ralph Dibny because both parts of my identity have value. The same is true for you, only tonight I could've used your civilian half. What I'm trying to say is Barry Allen is just as important as the Flash. Try to remember that. I know I will.

Nash: I think you're afraid to use your powers because if you do, you think you'll become like... someone. [studying her] Someone. Someone you know, someone you... hate. How am I doing?
Allegra Garcia: My cousin, Esperanza, she has the same powers as me, only she uses them to murder people.
Nash: You're not your cousin.
Allegra: But if I start using my powers, what's to stop me from becoming like her?
Nash: Because, Allegra, in this life, we choose. We choose who we are. So if you choose to use your incredible powers, that does not make you anything like Esperanza unless you choose that.

Barry: [pretending to be drunk] This isn't the bathroom.
[Meister's guests mutter in confusion]
Barry: [whispering] Sorry, sorry.
Meister: Mr. Allen Barry, I see you have found the open bar.
Ralph: [whispering to Barry] Keep her busy til I can get to that console.
Barry: I'll bid on your stupid laptop.
January Galore: [bidding from the crowd] Five hundred million.
Barry: Five hundred million and one. Dollar. Price Is Right rules.

Joe: Uh, those who wear capes and costumes aren't the only ones who keep us safe. There are some unsung heroes as well, like this man. This man has solved crimes to give mourning families justice. He's a CCPD member who's never given up on a single case. This man has saved Central City more times than anyone knows. So it's time we thank him. It's time that I thank him. So without further ado...
Elongated Man: Officer Barry Allen, on behalf of CCPD, we present you we present you with their highest honor... the Medal of Honor. Thank you for your service.

The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 [6.7] edit

Ramsey: That was quite the tumble. I guess you're wondering why I'm doing this to you.
Ralph: You're evil. I get it.

Speed Force: It's okay, Barry. I'm here. I'm sorry it took me so long to find you. Ramsey's infection is stronger than anything we've ever faced, and it's only getting stronger.
Barry: I think I know why.
Speed Force: You feel doubt.
Barry: I do.
Speed Force: You've answered our call before. It's always been difficult. What's changed?
Barry: I've led more. I've gotten married, seen a future where I'll have a daughter who's the best of me and Iris combined. Most of my life has been driven by my past, but... but now, I... It finally feels like I'm living for myself. I don't wanna leave my family and my friends. I don't want to die. I know that's selfish. I'm sorry I let you down.
Speed Force: Barry. No person is immune to fear and doubt... No matter how brave... that's what makes you human, Barry. But the courage to move forward, even in the face of overwhelming odds, that's what makes you a hero. That's what makes you the Flash.
Barry: Thank you. I needed to hear that.

Speed Force: Please understand. The role you play is vital to all things.
Barry: Oh, stop.
Speed Force: There are universal forces at stake. They must be protected.
Barry: What about the rest of us?
Ramsey: She's right. There are universal forces at stake. It's just a pity she doesn't consider your life among them.
Speed Force: Don't listen to him. He wants to possess your form no matter the cost.
Barry: Cost? All those headstones? Those people are dead because of my connection to you. How many times do I have to suffer for you? When is it your turn to suffer? Do you even feel pain?
Speed Force: No, at least not as you know it.
Ramsey: How could it? The Speed Force isn't human. It doesn't even know what it means to be alive, to have a family to love. It only pretends.
Speed Force: Ramsey's infection is twisting your heart. You have to fight it. Barry. These aren't your true feelings.
Barry: What do you know about the truth? This isn't what you look like. This isn't my old bedroom. It's a trick. This is you manipulating me so I'll do what you want.
Speed Force: That's not true. I care about you.
Ramsey: All it cares about is using you.
Speed Force: Barry, you must listen to me.
Barry: No, I don't! You're not my mom. You're the reason I buried her.

Iris: [writing article on the Flash's impending death] My name Is Iris West-Allen and I once met a young man, a superhero who I called the Streak. The world has come to know him as the Fastest Man Alive, the Scarlet Speedster, the Flash. But no matter what title you choose for him, he'll always be remembered as the protector of our amazing city and it's citizens, as a beacon of hope for us all, and as the man who sacrificed himself again and again so we could live. Today we say goodbye to him. Today we say goodbye to him, not because he was taken but because he gave himself willingly. And in the end, that's what makes him deserving of the greatest title of all. Hero.

Ramsey: I am the world's salvation. Come to save it from all that ails it. Soon, the entire world will embrace... Bloodwork.

The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2 [6.8] edit

Killer Frost: What's Babel Protocols? I thought that was defense stuff you added to Barry's suit.
Cisco: That's version 1. Version 2.0 puts up a force field around S.T.A.R. Labs. Nothing gets in, nothing goes out - not even our comms. I built them just in case... just in case if the Flash ever went dark.
Iris: Barry said that Ramsey gave him a choice. Why-why would he chose him?
Killer Frost: Maybe he decided eternal life was better than dying in Crisis.
Cisco: Ramsey's using Barry. And whatever he's having him do, he's got a plan.

Ramsey: Your efforts are in vain, Captain. I'm going to transform this city by dawn, and you can't stop me.
Joe: Stand down, Dr. Rosso.
Ramsey: Rosso's my human name, and he had human plans. My name is Bloodwork now, and I am not alone.

Iris: You asked me here. Why?
Ramsey: To offer you a chance. Barry would want you to follow him down this path he chose.
Iris: No.
Ramsey: The path of life.
Iris: You aren't saving lives, Ramsey. You're destroy what makes one beautiful. Barry... I know you can hear me and you can hear what I tell you that I love you. And after we've been though together... I know that this is not how our story ends. Come home to me.
Ramsey: Why would Barry come home to you? You accepted his death in Crisis as inevitable. What kind of wife is willing to bury her husband?

Rachel: He's right. You were born to heal. But you've become an angel of destruction.
Ramsey: No. This isn't happening. This isn't real.
Rachel: My dear son... You wanted so desperately to save me. Now let me save you from yourself.
Ramsey: I just wanted to help them all.

Cisco: God, I remember the old days. No doppelgangers, no Flashpoint, no time travel. It was just us against the bad guys. I miss that.
Iris: I don't know, I kinda like time travel. When you were stuck in the Speed Force, I would have Cisco vibe me to the Waterfront so I could watch our first kiss. You know, the one you had to erase from the timeline to save the world.
Barry: Why'd you do that?
Iris: I don't know. I guess when you're filled with sadness, happy thoughts are what get you through the day. And what's happier than getting half your first kiss with the love of your life other than getting to do it twice? Our love story never ends, Barry. Not even with Crisis.
Barry: Iris, it's inevitable.
Iris: Maybe. But whether you vanish or... or worse, I am gonna be there with you. I'm gonna right there with you to the very end, okay? Because the only thing more inevitable than Crisis is us.
Barry: Iris is right. Whatever's in store for us, they can't change what we mean to each other. Can't erase what's in our hearts. As long as we hold on to that... we've beaten Crisis before it ever begins.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part Three [6.09] edit

This episode is Part Three of a five-part crossover event called Crisis on Infinite Earths. For quotations, see the related page.

Marathon [6.10] edit

Frost: I'm sorry. Crisis is over, we beat the bad guy, and you're still worried because...?
Cisco: [somewhat tense and agitated] Because... an infinite number of Earths experienced a cosmic heat death from which only... one Earth was rebuilt. So now, not only do Superman, Supergirl and Black Lightning live here, but now our entire timeline has been rewritten so that they've always lived here, and I don't remember owning this shirt!! [rips open his outer shirt to reveal a Superman logo t-shirt underneath]
Frost: Great shirt.

Cisco: [referring to "Nash" Wells] An infinite number of Harrison Wells, and we're stuck with the one who killed the Multiverse.

Diggle: You're searching for a mission that doesn't exist, Barry. And no amount of searching is going to bring Oliver back. That man sprinted from different crusade to crusade. But, Barry, life is more than just the mission. Unfortunately, Oliver learned that too late. And he wouldn't want you going down that same path.
Barry: Oliver died so this Earth could live, Digg. I have to do everything I possibly can to protect it.
Diggle: Oliver died for more than this Earth's survival. Oliver laid down his life so the people he loved could live theirs. That includes you. [gives Barry Oliver's mask back] Life's a marathon, not a sprint, Barry. Slow down and enjoy it.

Love Is A Battlefield [6.11] edit

A Girl Named Sue [6.12] edit

Grodd Friended Me [6.13] edit

Death of the Speed Force [6.14] edit

The Exorcism of Nash Wells [6.15] edit

So Long and Goodnight [6.16] edit

Liberation [6.17] edit

Pay the Piper [6.18] edit

Cisco: That's exactly what we have to think about. What if creating Kamilla's duplicate did kill the real Kamilla, same thing with Singh, same thing with Iris... Hello.
Barry: What you want me to say?
Cisco: Anything that we have a plan that will get them back.
Barry: I don't have a plan Cisco.
[Cecile looking at Barry's speed gauge while it turns red]
Barry: Eva can move anywhere, through any mirror in the universe in the blink of an eye. She's faster than I am and somehow I'm supposed to stop her, and hope to god that Iris and everyone else is still alive in a world that "we" don't even understand.

Success is Assured [6.19] edit

Worlds Finest edit

(28 March 2016)
This is a crossover episode with the series Supergirl which originally appeared on CBS (currently on the CW network), which made it a rare cross-network event. Grant Gustin guest stars as Barry Allen/The Flash, traveling between parallel Earths and appearing on Supergirl's Earth. Although this is a Supergirl episode, it ties in with the events of Season 2's "Versus Zoom". The quotes below are limited to Barry interacting with Supergirl as the costumed Flash.
[Flash sees Supergirl land on the ground after flying.]
Barry: How did you do that?
Supergirl: I'm Supergirl.
Barry: You're who now?
Supergirl: Sorry, I'm just a little ... disoriented from the scream. How did you save me?
Barry: Well, I ... you fell out a window and I ... caught you and ran you all the way out here, which I did not mean to do, but I've been working on my speed, and ... guess I'm faster than I thought.
Supergirl: Yes, but, I ... who are you?
Barry: I'm the Flash.
Supergirl: The who now?
Barry: The Fl- wait, do you not know who I am?
Supergirl: Should I?
Barry: What about the Green Arrow? [Supergirl shrugs] Black Canary? [Supergirl shrugs again] Firestorm? Atom? Zoom?!
Supergirl: Sorry...
Barry: Oh boy. Not as sorry as I am. [takes off his mask] Hey. I'm Barry Allen, I'm the fastest man alive. I also think that I am on the wrong Earth ... I'm gonna need your help.

[The Flash and Supergirl arrive inside an abandoned warehouse.]
Supergirl: For the record... I got here first.
Barry: Nah. For the record, I went around the block to check the perimeter. So technically, I let you get here first.

Supergirl: You really think this is gonna work?
Barry: Well, watching Livewire and Banshee work together reminded me of something that we tried on my Earth once. You and I join forces. Literally. We combine your speed with my speed, and if you throw me forward at your fastest, then I might just break the dimensional barrier and get back home.
Supergirl: [amused] What, you mean, like... a race?
Barry: Yeah, I guess.
[Supergirl laughs good-naturedly.]
Barry: [in good humor] Think you can keep up, Girl of Steel?
Supergirl: [with equal humor] Just you watch, Scarlet Speedster.

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  • Discover what makes a hero.
  • It's go time.
  • Run Barry. Run

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