Arrow is a TV show based on the fictional character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.


Season 1Edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. For five years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish - to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else.

Pilot [1.01]Edit

Dr. Neil Lamb: [to Moira] The Oliver you lost might not be the one they found.

Laurel Lance: Why are you here, Ollie?
Oliver Queen: To apologize. It was my fault. I want to ask you not to blame her.
Laurel: For what? Falling under your spell? How could I possibly blame her for doing the same thing I did?
Oliver: I never meant...
Laurel: She was my sister. I couldn't be angry because she was dead. I couldn't grieve because I was angry... That's what happens when your sister dies while screwing your boyfriend... We buried an empty coffin.. because her body was at the bottom of the ocean where you left should have been you.
Oliver: I know it is too late to say this but I am sorry.
Laurel: Yeah, I am sorry, too. I had hoped you'd rot in hell a lot longer than five years.

Tommy: By my rough estimate, you have no had sex in 1839 days, as your wingman I highly recommend Carmen Golden.
Oliver: Which one is she?
Tommy: The one that looks like the chick from Twilight.
Oliver: What's Twilight?
Tommy: You're so better off not knowing.

Oliver: Laurel, you always saw the best in me. Right now, that's what your'e doing, looking at me and you wondering if that island changed me somehow, if it made me a better person, It didn't. Stay away from me, otherwise I am just gonna hurt you again, but this time it will be worse.
Laurel: You know what, Oliver. You are wrong, that island did change you, at least now you are honest.

Oliver: [Voiceover] She says the island changed me. She has no idea how much. There are many more names on the list. Those who rule my city through intimidation and fear. Every last one of them will wish I had died on that island.

Honor Thy Father [1.02]Edit

Laurel: I'm a lawyer. I live to argue.
Quentin Lance: I'm your father. I live to keep you safe.

Laurel: How am I supposed to stay away from you if you won't stay away from me?
Oliver: I...
Laurel: What are you doing here, Oli?
Oliver: My sister took...she put it out to me that I have been distant since I got back and that it would probably be a good idea if I let somebody in.
Laurel: So, you thought to start with the first person you pushed away?!
Oliver: I did that to protect you, and I saw you yesterday and I realized that I hurt you.

Oliver: My mother wants me to join the company. Yeah, take my rightful place.
Laurel: I can't exactly picture you as master of the universe.

Laurel: I thought I didn't need police protection any more.
Quentin: I thought I didn't need a reason to see my own daughter.

Oliver: [speaking to his father's tombstone] I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. You asked me to save the city, to right the wrong. I will, I swear, but to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that honor your wishes, I need to dishonor your memory.

Lone Gunmen [1.03]Edit

John Diggle: So how was your evening, sir?
Oliver: You mean after I said I had to go the bathroom at dinner and never came back?
Diggle: I guess from now on I'll be watching you pee.

Moira Queen: You're grounded for two weeks.
Thea Queen: Grounded? I've never been grounded.
Moira: Well, you never committed larceny before.
Thea: Since when do you care?
Moira: I've always cared. I'm your mother.
Thea: Look, we've had a good thing for the last five years. Why mess with that now?
Moira: No, we are paying off store owners to keep your record clean, so clearly, it hasn't been working.
Thea: And you're going to teach me? It's Oliver, isn't it? His judgmental hypocrisy is rubbing off on you.
Moira: No, I don't need Oliver to teach me how to parent you. You'll be home by 4:00.
Thea: Or what? You're going to call the cops on me? Tell them I say hi.

Thea: [to Oliver] You're not my father. And you're barely my brother.

Deadshot: I admire your work. Guess you won't be extending me any professional courtesy.
Oliver: We're not in the same line of work. Your profession is murder.
Deadshot: You've taken lives.
Oliver: For the good of others. You're out for yourself.

Oliver: You don't think much of me, do you?
Diggle: Actually, sir, I have a very high regard for how... perceptive you are.

An Innocent Man [1.04]Edit

Laurel: If what you're doing isn't wrong, then why are you hiding your face with a hood?
Oliver: [as the vigilante] To protect the ones I care about.

Oliver: [to the new body guard] I gotta go to the wash room, Rob.
[long pause]
Diggle: [to Rob] Oh that boy's long gone man.

Laurel: I didn't become a lawyer to break the law or hurt anybody.
Oliver: I do what's necessary, what people like Peter Declan need.
Laurel: If what you're doing isn't wrong, then why are you hiding your face with a hood?

Oliver: [handcuffs Matt Istook to train track] Peter Declan, your lies put him on death row. Now, either it's time to tell me the truth, or it's time for the 10:15 to Blüdhaven.

Diggle: You really did lose your mind on that island.
Oliver: Found a couple of things along the way.
Diggle: Like what? Archery classes?
Oliver: Clarity.

Damaged [1.05]Edit

Yao Fei: [shoots a rabbit] Dinner.
Oliver: Ah, come - Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you let me shoot that thing and you can go pick up the bloody, dead, disgusting animal.

Yao Fei: [speaks Mandarin]
Oliver: What does that mean?
Yao Fei: You will die badly.

Laurel: Wow. I can't remember the last time I've been in this room.
Oliver: I can. Halloween, 2005. We were getting ready for Tommy's party.
Laurel: Ah. Yes. I wore those horrible fishnets.
Oliver: I thought you looked good.

Oliver: Do we have a legal meeting or something? 'Cause, I have friends over.

Legacies [1.06]Edit

Tommy Merlyn: Wow. You look just really lovely.
Laurel: Lovely. Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.
Tommy: You can just say thank you, you know.

Oliver: I think you have the wrong impression about what is it I do.
Diggle: You take out bad guys with a bow and arrow.
Oliver: I don't fight street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city; I'm trying to cure the disease.
Diggle: CEOs and crooked entrepreneurs, I get it. Listen, Oliver, I'm just saying maybe you can make a difference if you think beyond the scope of those pages. I'm sure your father wouldn't mind.
Oliver: No, you don't get it. My father died so that I could live. Live and make a difference by fixing the city that he and the people in this book ruined. Every name that I cross off this list honors that sacrifice.
Diggle: Oliver, there's more than one way to save this city.
Oliver: Not for me. Crime happens in this city every day. What do you want me to do? Stop all of it?
Diggle: Sounds like you have a narrow definition of being a hero.
Oliver: I'm not a hero.

Diggle: Please don't tell me you're going where I think you're going.
Oliver: Diggle, why do you even ask?

Muse of Fire [1.07]Edit

Oliver: I have a confession....I didn't want to go out with you tonight.
Helena Bertinelli: That makes two of us.
Oliver: I'm really glad that I did.
Helena: That makes two of us.

Oliver: [to Tommy, about Laurel] If you hurt her, I'll snap your neck. [smiles] I'm just kidding.

Helena: Oliver Queen. The rich man's Lindsay Lohan.

Thea: [on the phone] Mom says I'm supposed to remind you to pick her up for lunch.
Oliver: Was I supposed to have lunch with her today?
Thea: She says she left you, like, five messages. Just bite the bullet and have a Cobb salad with the woman.
Oliver: You know, Thea, sometimes it's difficult to remember which one of you is my mother. [hangs up on her]

Helena: I know it must have been hell for you. Alone on that island, for five years. But, um...
Oliver: But, what?
Helena: But was there ever a day when you were just... happy to be away from everything? No pressure from your family, no need to be the person that everyone else expect you to be. Was there ever a day when...
Oliver: When I didn't feel lost, I felt free? More than one. And those are the days that I miss.

Vendetta [1.08]Edit

Helena: I have weakened my father's organization to the point where there is no way he can survive [the Triad's] onslaught.
Oliver: What, and then you have your revenge?
Helena: Then I have justice for what he did to Michael and me.
Oliver: It's not justice.
Helena: And what you do is?
Oliver: Would you let me show you?

Diggle: I don't know where the next Olympics are at, but you might want to think about signing yourself up.

Helena: Was I not clear that I wasn't interested in talking?
Oliver: You don't have to talk.

Helena: This is a waste of time.
Oliver: I'm trying to teach you something.
Helena: What? The least effective way to shoot people?
Oliver: No. Control.

Oliver: Diggle, this is Helena. Diggle is my... associate.
Helena: Wow, any associate of Oliver's --
Diggle: Is absolutely nothing to you, Ma'am.

Year's End [1.09]Edit

Malcolm Merlyn: What are your thoughts, Oliver?
Oliver: I think the vigilante needs a better code name then "The Hood" or "The Hood Guy."
Merlyn: I agree. How about Green Arrow?
Oliver: Lame.

Thea: You bailed on your party.
Oliver: It seemed like the right move. I mean, like you said, it... wasn't the best timing.
Thea: OK, but when I was saying I was saying that, that was me being a bitch.

Merlyn: It's done.
Moira: And he won't be harmed?
Merlyn: Nor will he ever discover your involvement; you have my word.
Moira: Forgive me if I don't find that comforting.
Merlyn: You were warned, Moira. I told you to get Walter under control, and you couldn't. Steps had to be taken.
Moira: That's what you said to justify Robert's murder. And you wonder why I don't trust you.
Merlyn: Quite a bit of judgment coming from a woman who had her son kidnapped and tortured.
Moira: To prove to you that Oliver didn't know anything. And what does it matter now? What's done's done!
Merlyn: No, Moira. It's just beginning. In six months, the organization's vision of what this city should be will be complete.
Moira: And you won't feel a thing, will you? Thousands of innocent people will be dead and you'll feel nothing.
Merlyn: That's not true. I'll feel a sense of accomplishment. And you'll have Walter back.

Oliver: Felicity, you're remarkable.
Felicity Smoak: Thank you for remarking on it.

Burned [1.10]Edit

Oliver: Who are you? Where's my friend Tommy Merlyn? The guy who once rented out a football stadium so that he could play strip kickball with models?
Tommy: That guy needed a swift kick in his lazy ass.

[At a benefit for firefighters]

Tommy: You know, ironically if we get any more people in here we're gonna violate the fire code.

Trust But Verify [1.11]Edit

Moira: You want me to help you with Carl, I want something in return. Proof, Walter's still alive.
Merlyn: My word isn't enough?
Moira: What's that saying? Trust, but verify.
Merlyn: Words to live by.

Thea: You don't want to believe it because you have this perfect image of Mom in your head. That's not who she is, Ollie. She's a liar. And a cheater. And you really don't know her at all.

Tommy: Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he has some other agenda.

Vertigo [1.12]Edit

Diggle: Found what you're looking for?
Oliver: Took down three Vertigo pushers tonight, Diggle. Last one finally knew a name. The Count.
Diggle: The Count? That's worse than The Hood.

Diggle: [Oliver awakens thug by touching his neck] Whoa! That's a neat trick. You going to teach me that one day?
Oliver: [knocks thug back out] No.
Diggle: What are you doing?
Oliver: You need to arrange a new identity for this guy. Get him out of the city.
Diggle: Right, so your Ruskie pal draws out The Count, vigilante takes him down.
Oliver: No, Diggle. Because the Bratva would know that I used them, and that relationship is too valuable. I do the meet with The Count as myself, let him leave, then we follow him to his hideout.
Diggle: Just that easy, huh?
Oliver: Well, I will still need my trusty bodyguard.
Diggle: [sarcastic] Fantastic, looking forward to my new and exciting career as a drug dealer.

Felicity: [to Oliver] You look like something the cat dragged in. Not that there are cats in this building. Well, once a cat did get in, but a guard tazed it. It smelled like fur and static in here for a week.

Betrayal [1.13]Edit

Tommy: Can I talk to you about something?
Oliver: Tommy, every time you want to talk to me about something and that something is Laurel you look like you're about to tell me you have a terminal disease.

Moira: I've taken care of it. Carl Ballard will not be a problem anymore.
Merlyn: Given your propensity for squeamishness, I'm assuming that Mr. Ballard remains in good health.
Moira: I made it clear to him persuasively that his plans endangered the undertaking. I didn't have to make the usual threats.
Merlyn: Excellent. Now, one more matter to attend to. I need you to have the contents of this address removed and disposed of properly, the warehouse where you're storing the remains of the Queen's Gambit.
Moira: I already told you, I knew Robert's yacht was sabotaged.
Merlyn: And I don't think it serves for anyone to find evidence of that.

Oliver: [as vigilante] Moira Queen, you have failed this city.

The Odyssey [1.14]Edit

Felicity: I should have taken him to a hospital.
Diggle: No, Felicity. That's why he asked you to bring him here. Because if you do, the police will want to know how and why he got that wound.
Felicity: I'm guessing "How?" and "Why?" are Oliver Queen's least favorite questions.
Diggle: Yeah, well, there's also "When?" and "Where?" he's not too fond of.

[Oliver is desperately trying to start a fire with wood.]
Slade Wilson: Obviously you were never a Boy Scout.
Oliver: [sarcastically] Yeah? What tipped you off?
Slade: You'd better hurry. The wolves come out at night.
Oliver: There're wolves here? Right, of course there are, because what would the worst place on earth be without wolves?
Slade: The only thing that'll keep them out is fire.
Oliver: Well, y'know, you're welcome to help! [Slade lights the wood with a lighter.] Seriously? I've been working on this for two hours!
Slade: I know, I was watching you. Thank you...for the entertainment.

Oliver: All my life, all that I've ever thought about is myself. I took my family for granted. I betrayed people that I loved. And I'm not gonna be that person any more. I can't leave Yao-Fei here to die. I won't.

Oliver: I know this. They picked the one book that I read in college.
Slade: What the hell are you talking about?
Oliver: It's a quote from The Odyssey: "Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is born that is weaker than man."

Slade: [after Oliver laughs] What?
Oliver: I'm trapped on an island, and my only friend is named Wilson.

Dodger [1.15]Edit

[After Felicity tells Oliver her plan to get information on the Dodger]
Oliver: That's not how I typically get my information.
Felicity: How do you typically get it?
Oliver: I find the person, then I put the fear of God into them, until they talk. [Felicity looks surprised.] But we can try it your way.

Felicity: Where are we going to get our hands on a rare Spanish antiquity?
Diggle: You really have no idea how rich his family is, do you?

Oliver: Hey, I need your bike.
Biker: Are you kidding me?
Oliver: No. [knocks him unconscious]

Felicity: The first time anyone's ever been grateful for traffic cameras.
Dodger: Why are you doing this? I’m exactly like you. I only steal from the rich.
Oliver: [shocks the Dodger in the chest with his own tazer] I’m not Robin Hood.

Dead to Rights [1.16]Edit

Slade: That's broken. It got busted during the crash.
Oliver: Did you try to get it to work?
Slade: I'm better at pulling things apart.
Oliver: My father was a pilot and he used to do his own maintenance.
Slade: So you're hoping that aircraft maintenance is genetic?
Oliver: No, I used to help him and I liked it. Then I got pretty good at it. So maybe I
Slade: You should be training for the inevitable fight that's looming.
Oliver: I think I have a better chance of making the radio work.

Floyd Lawton: Look, I'm retired.
China White: To drink and smoke your life away?
Floyd: We all got to die some time.
China: I need someone to die at the right time. And no one does it better than you.
Floyd: My vision ain't exactly what it used to be.
China: No. It's going to be better.
Floyd: So... who needs two bullets in the chest?

Arrow: Your father's been poisoned. An assassin named Floyd Lawton laces his bullets with curare. I've dealt with this before. We need to dilute the poison in bloodstream.
Tommy: I said stay the hell back!
Arrow: In three minutes he's paralyzed. In four minutes, he suffocates. If you don't let me help you now, he's dead before anybody gets here!
Tommy: Help. How?
Arrow: Fresh blood buys him time to get to the hospital.
Tommy: A blood transfusion? That's insane!
Arrow: It's the only way. He needs your blood. You're out of time. You need to make a decision right now.
Tommy: Why should I trust you?
Oliver: [pulls off his hood showing his face to Tommy] Because you always have.

The Huntress Returns [1.17]Edit

Diggle: Oliver, if you still didn't have feelings for this girl, you would have followed a different solution than letting her extort you into killing someone.
Oliver: So what do you want me to do? You want me to kill her?
Diggle: I think you would have along time ago if she looked like me instead of the T-Mobile girl. She's a stone cold killer, Oliver.

Helena: Sorry, am I... interrupting something?
Oliver: We were just... talking about you.
Helena: And here I thought you didn't care much about me.
Diggle: Still don't.

Thea: You didn't show up for the job I got you.
Roy Harper: Yeah, I had second thoughts on parking your brother's Bentley.
Thea: What, being a valet is beneath you?
Roy: No, but accepting charity from some rich girl is.
Thea: Why are you so obsessed with the fact that I have money? You know, money isn't everything.
Roy: [scoffs] Spoken like someone who's got it. Now, uh, if you excuse me, I need to get back to my life of crime.

Oliver: Just your father. Anyone else gets hurt and I'll put an arrow in you.
Helena: That's sweet. Now I know how you charmed your cop girlfriend.

Salvation [1.18]Edit

Felicity: Nothing. It's just - you went over there to get all Grrr. Stop being bad or I'll arrow you. And now you want to rescue him?
Oliver: I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there... Somebody else. Because typically they don't show my level of restraint.

Thea: Why do you have a gun?
Roy: Because I'm no good with knives.

Oliver: Laurel, if you wanna have a dinner, or coffee, I don't know... Call me.
Laurel: Why?
Oliver: [pauses] I don't wanna be on an island anymore

Unfinished Business [1.19]Edit

Oliver: Oh, look at these. What sort of business has a lost and found that's just filled with women's underwear?
Tommy: Best business ever? Ohh, having this much fun should be against the law.
Quentin: Oh, if wishing made it so.

Quentin: [about The Count] You could have just said he was nuts.

Shado: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Oliver: Confucius, great. I'm starting to see the family resemblance.
Shado: Laozi, actually.

The Count: You have failed this city! YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!!!

The Count: Looks like I’m the last one standing... sitting... spinning... Something to do... What was I going to do? Memory not what it once was. Nothing what it once was. Is there a name on the gravestone? No, it’s new, and clean, and waiting...

Home Invasion [1.20]Edit

Felicity: I thought it would be helpful to track A.R.G.U.S' manhunt for Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. So I decrypted their communication logs. Which means, I just hacked a federal agency. Kind of makes me a cyber-terrorist, which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.
Oliver: Don't worry, Felicity. They don't send blondes there.
Felicity: I dye it, actually. [to Oliver] I keep your secret!

Quentin: You look after them, all right?
Tommy: I spend most nights at your daughter's anyway. [beat] There was probably a better time to tell you that.
Quentin: Probably not.

Diggle: I'll kill you for what you did to Andy.
Deadshot: I'd be pulling these triggers right now, except there's nobody paying me. There's space for you right here, right next to your brother. You'd do best to remember that. [hits John]

Yao Fei: [to Oliver] Your time on this island is at an end.

The Undertaking [1.21]Edit

Felicity: It feels really good having you inside me. And by you, I mean your voice. And by me, I mean my ear. I really need to stop talking now.
Oliver: That would be my preference.

Diggle: I guess you *do* know where I live.
Oliver: I've always known where you live. May I? [pushes past Diggle]
Oliver: I'm sorry. You were right. I was wrong.
Diggle: About Deadshot?
Oliver: About everything. About my mother, and about her involvement in the Undertaking. She lied to me, to Thea. She's working with Malcolm Merlyn, and they're planning something, something... terrible. I don't know what yet, but... I just know one thing. I need your help to stop them.

Harold Backman: Call Cayman Fidelity. Tell them their favorite accountant is flying in to make a special deposit for a... *special* client.

Oliver: [to Laurel] This is Felicity. She's setting up my internet.

Darkness on the Edge of Town [1.22]Edit

Oliver: Malcolm Merlyn... You have failed this city.
Malcolm: And how have I done that?
Oliver: The Undertaking. It ends now.
Diggle: [on earpiece] Oliver, the device... It's gone.
Oliver: Where's the device?
Malcolm: Safe. I don't know how you got that trojan onto my system, but it prompted me to take precautions. There is noting you can do to stop what is about to happen. And you shouldn't. This city needs what is about to happen in order to survive. The people who are destroying it from the inside need to be erased from the map.
Oliver: Fine. Let's start with you.
Malcolm: Ironic, isn't it? Last Christmas, I almost killed you. A few months ago, you saved my life. And now you're here to trying to kill me. You should makeup your mind.
Oliver: Done.

Felicity: Are you okay?
Oliver: My Mom and my best friend's Dad are involved in a conspiracy that may have dire consequences for the city. And I'm pretty sure they murdered my father. I'm not planning on using the word "okay" again any time soon.

Quentin: Arrows are black, not green.
Lucas Hilton: Copycat archer again.
Quentin: Psychopaths are color-coding themselves now. That's helpful.

Oliver: We have to find out what this Undertaking is.
Oliver: I got the ask her.
Felicity: Well, no. The last time the vigilante paid your Mom a visit, you got shot, and I got to play doctor with you. Ahh! My brain thinks the worst way to say things.
Oliver: This time it'll just be me asking. Friendly mother-son chat.

Laurel: What are you trying to say?
Oliver: That you you know me better than anyone, and that you are more important to me than anyone. I just I didn't wait to long to say it. [Laurel kisses him]
Laurel: You didn't wait to long. [wraps her legs around his waist] You're right on time.

Sacrifice [1.23]Edit

Quentin: You're not exactly a hardened criminal, are you?
Felicity: No, I'm not any kind of criminal.
Quentin: What do you call computer hacking?
Felicity: A hobby. That I do not engage in.

Oliver: I spoke to Malcolm.
Moira: You what? He could have killed you. He killed your father.
Oliver: No, he didn't. After the "Gambit" went down, Dad and I both made it to the life raft. Then we drifted, for days. In the end, there wasn't enough food and water for both of us. So he shot himself in the head.
Moira: I don't want to hear this.
Oliver : He sacrificed himself so that I could live. Do you really think that I could go on living knowing that you sacrificed thousands more in my name? Mom. Please. You have to help me stop Malcolm. We need to know where the device is.

Tommy: It's over. Laurel and me, I mean. She's with Oliver, again. Always.
Malcolm: I'm sorry, son.
Tommy: Yeah, and he said you wanted to nuke The Glades or something. You know, it's funny, scotch doesn't make it any more believable. Maybe after your Jihad, we can grab some steaks.

Malcolm : Welcome, gentlemen. I've been waiting for you. I wanted to see you watch your city die.
Oliver: Where's the transmitter?
Malcolm: Somewhere I can easily get to it.
Diggle: I doubt it. You'd be too dead.

Malcolm: Don't struggle. It's over. There was never any doubt in the outcome. Don't worry. Your mother and sister will be joining you in death.
Oliver: [stabs Malcolm with arrow] Thank you for teaching me what I'm fighting for. But my father taught me how.

Season 2Edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: To save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.

City of Heroes [2.01]Edit

Oliver: The city still needs saving. But not by the Hood. Or some vigilante who's just crossing names off a list. It needs something more.
Diggle: It needs a hero, Oliver.
Felicity: It's too bad The Hoods kind of ruined your nickname.
Oliver: No, it's good. I don't want to be called The Hood anymore.
Diggle: Okay. So what do you want to be called? [close up of the green arrow on the shaft]

Identity [2.02]Edit

Thea: What happened? Are you hurt?
Roy: Fender bender.
Laurel: He totaled his car playing Hood Junior.
Roy: At least it wasn't my car.

Felicity: Did you know I went to M.I.T.? Guess what I majored in? Hint - Not the secretarial arts.
Oliver: Felicity! We all need to have secret identities now. If I'm going to be Oliver Queen CEO, then I can't very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.
Felicity: And I love spending the night with you. [she pauses as she realises what she's just said] 3, 2, 1. I worked very hard to get where I am, and it wasn't so I can fetch you coffee.
Diggle: Well, it could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver.

Oliver: Ms. Smoak. Would you get my guest and I some coffee?
Felicity: You know, I would, Mr. Queen, but it seems that someone has broken the coffeemaker. [whispers] Violently.

China: They still won't see you as anything more than the enemy. You'll never be anything but a criminal to them. Which means you'll never be a hero.
Arrow: As long as this city is safe, it doesn't matter.

Shado: No island, no place, can make you something you're not.
Oliver: So I've always been a killer?
Shado: Everyone has a demon inside of them. The "dao de jing" recognizes the yin and the yang, opposing forces inside all of us. The darkness and the light. The killer and the hero.

Broken Dolls [2.03]Edit

[The Arrow shoots Tony Daniel in the shoulder with an arrow.]
Quentin: What the hell are you doing? I thought you were done killing people!
Arrow: He'll live.
Quentin: Yeah, but he'll report me to my lieutenant!
Arrow: He won't talk to anyone.
Quentin: What makes you so sure?
Arrow: Because he has another shoulder. [digs the arrow deeper into Daniel's shoulder]

Quentin: So how did you get the charges dropped?
Laurel: Your friend Pike and I have been working together on the anti-vigilante task force. Do you remember?
Quentin: Hmm. Last year you were working with the Arrow. What a difference a few months makes.
Laurel: The Arrow?
Quentin: Yeah. Seems more appropriate than the Hood.

Crucible [2.04]Edit

Sebastian Blood: Sooner or later, we all go through a crucible. I'm guessing yours was that island. Most believe there are two types of people who go into a crucible. The ones who become stronger from the experience and survive it, and the ones who die. But there's a third type. The ones who learn to love the fire and choose to stay in their crucible because it's easier to embrace the pain when it's all you know anymore.

Oliver: Hey.
Laurel: Please do not ask me if I'm okay, because I'm sick to death of everyone asking me that.
Oliver: I would never do that.
Laurel: Good.
Oliver: You okay?

Sin: You have family in Starling?
Sara Lance: Yeah. My father, he's a - he's a policeman. And my sister, she's a lawyer.
Sin: Well, they must be proud of their masked delinquent.
Sara: Yeah, they think I'm dead.
Sin: Oh, cool. My folks think I'm dead, too. That, or they wish I'd never been born.

Diggle: You know, Oliver, somebody once told me that secrets have weight. The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.
Oliver: You see how hard I work out.

League of Assassins [2.05]Edit

Assassin: Guns' are a coward's weapon. What are you without your sidearm?
Quentin: [shoots assassin] A guy with a spare.

Sara: Dig, you may be a three-tour special forces veteran, but I was trained by the people that make the special forces look like a kindergarten class so step aside, or be put down.
Diggle: It's your funeral Sara.
Sara: It wouldn't be my first.

Keep Your Enemies Closer [2.06]Edit

Diggle: Who are you people? NSA? CIA?
Amanda Waller: My name is Amanda Waller.
Diggle: I thought you A.R.G.U.S. guys were supposed to be more subtle.
Amanda: For us, this was subtle.
Diggle: Then I want to see Lyla Michaels.
Amanda: So do I. Agent Michaels has gone dark.
Diggle: Lyla's missing? What happened?
Amanda: She was running down a lead in Moscow. She's missed two of her scheduled call-ins.
Diggle: What are you doing about it?
Amanda: Speaking to you. Even if we knew where in Russia Lyla is, my superiors believe sending in an extraction team could cause an international incident. As far as they're concerned, she's already framed a picture on our lobby wall.
Diggle: Why are you telling all me of this?
Amanda: Because I know how you and Oliver Queen spend your nights.

Felicity: This is Knyazev's man inside the prison. A guard.
Oliver: He'll know where in the Gulag Lyla is being held.
Felicity: When all hell breaks loose, you need to meet us at the rendevous point with Lyla, or...
Diggle: Or I'm a permanent Russian.

Felicity: What were you thinking?
Oliver: What?
Felicity: Over 64 million woman over the age of consent in Russia and you sleep with her.
Oliver: So... We're not doing the "What happens in Russia stays in Russia"?
Felicity: We're still in Russia.

Deadshot: If I say she's in there, what's keeping you from shooting me?
Diggle: Honor. You should try it sometime.

State v. Queen [2.07]Edit

The Count: You should know I find post-hoc negotiations distasteful.

The Count: Quiet please, I'm threatening!

Felicity: Vertigo! Gotcha!
The Count: That's funny, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Merlyn: There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I've been to one. I've learned to be very convincing.

The Scientist [2.08]Edit

Felicity: Mrs. Queen, welcome back to the company.
Moira: Thank you.
Felicity: You look fabulous. Really. Better than ever. Did you do something to your hair?
Moira: Yes. I shampooed it without eight woman and a guard watching me.
Felicity: [giggles] Is it okay to laugh? Because I was ordered not say anything about you being in prison just to avoid any awkward exchanges.
[Moira walks away, with Oliver following.]
Oliver: [whispers to Felicity] Like that one.

Barry: [discussing the Arrow] Police reports showt he uses carbon arrows. But if he switched to an aluminum-carbon composite, he would have far better penetration.
Felicity: Maybe he thinks he penetrates just fine.

Moira: And I thought it couldn't hurt to add extra security guards.
[Merlyn enters the room.]
Merlyn: It hurt them. [tosses guns to the floor] Badly. Have you prepared Thea?
Moira: No. You will not go near Thea, you will not speak to her and you will never set foot in this house again.
Merlyn: I set you free, Moira. Your life belongs to me.
Moira: I am through being afraid of you.
Merlyn: You think you can stop me? Even the vigilante couldn't kill me.
Moira: No, he couldn't. But I know someone who can. Ra's al Ghul.
Merlyn: How do you know that name?
Moira: Well, I didn't. Until you mentioned Nanda Parbat. The League of Assassins, however twisted their aims, believes very deeply in a code of honor. Your undertaking betrayed that code.
Merlyn: You told Ra's I'm alive?
Moira: He was so grateful to hear it. Because he so very much wants to kill you himself. So my advice to you, Malcolm... Run.

Arrow: Who are you?
Cyrus Gold: Merely a follower.
Arrow: Of who?
Cyrus: My brother.
Arrow: Did he give you the Mirakuru? Did he inject you with it?
Cyrus: No. He saved me with it.

Three Ghosts [2.09]Edit

Oliver: Roy, this is going to hurt.
Roy: My anger is dulling the pain.
Sin: [holding a bottle of vodka] This will dull it better.

Oliver: Barry. The rat poison that you gave me... are there any side effects?
Barry Allen: Uh, yeah, I think hallucinations, maybe. And excessive sweating. Are you sweating excessively?
Felicity: You're hallucinating? What are you seeing?
Oliver: A girl named Shado that was with me on the island.
Felicity: Shado. Sara. How many women were you marooned with? Sure this wasn't Fantasy Island?

Barry: Don't worry. I'll figure out what's wrong with Oliver.
Felicity: You'd be the first.

Brother Blood: Brother Cyrus told me he killed you.
Arrow: Guess he's not as strong as you'd hoped. Where did you get the Mirakuru? Who gave you the formula?
Brother Blood: It was a gift. A gift I would use to save this city from itself.

Slade: So your campaign begins.
Blood: The city needs a leader. And putting the copycat hoods up to assassinating the mayor was just the first step. The vigilante... he destroyed the centrifuge and the serum along with it.
Slade: I want you to arrange to receive another sample of my blood, and than you can mass produce the serum again. When I ask you not to confront the vigilante, you will listen. Remember, your mask can be worn by another.
Blood: You know who he is under that hood, don't you?
Slade: I know exactly who is. He's my friend.
Blood: That's why you don't want him dead.
Slade: Death would be a release from this life, and his sentence has yet to be carried out. I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him. Destroy those who choose to follow him. Corrupt those he loves. Once he has lost everyone and everything he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye.

Blast Radius [2.10]Edit

Shrapnel: Freedom. Liberty. Justice. To long have the people of this city suffered under the shackles of a corrupt government. Slaves to self-interested politicians and their lobbyist puppeteers. I declare war on them all. [Remotely blows up a building]

Oliver: How's Barry?
Felicity: He's still sleeping... I prefer sleeping to coma, because coma sounds, you know, not fun.

Quentin: You know, most cops they meet their informers in the back seat of a cruiser or maybe a coffee shop or something. What's with the mask?
Oliver: Gift from a friend.
Quentin: You've got friends?

Shrapnel: Drop the bow! I have charges planted all over Starling. I drop this stick, they all blow. Did you just hear what I said?
Arrow: Yep [shoots the wire connecting the button to the detonator]

Oliver: I'm sorry.
Felicity: Were you apologizing to me or were you talking to your quiver?
Oliver: I didn't snap at my quiver.
Felicity: Kind of more than snapped.
Oliver: I know and I'm sorry.
Felicity: I understand that this Mirakuru thing has you freaked out and I have been at Central City a lot.
Oliver: Felicity, it's not that. When you are there, it just makes me realize how much i need you here. At the beginning I was going to do all of this by myself, and now with you and Diggle... I rely on you.
Felicity: Does that mean I have a shot at employee of the month?
Oliver: No, because you're not my employee, you're my partner.

Blind Spot [2.11]Edit

Arrow: Hello Laurel.
Laurel: You're late.
Arrow: I had to circle around to make sure there wasn't a SWAT team waiting for me again.

Diggle: Doesn't exactly mean that Sebastien Blood is the man in the skull mask.
Felicity: His last name is Blood. That can't be a good sign.
Diggle: Felicity, he's dedicated his life, risked his life to help the people of the Glades and in his spare time he's a murderer, trying to create an army of human weapons?
Felicity: You're a personal bodyguard who fights crime at night with his billionaire boss. Not a lot of people show their real face in public.

Felicity: I have good news and bad news. I suggest the good news first to soften the blow of the bad news. [Oliver stays silent] Okay, dealer's choice.

Felicity: At least the security cameras are from this century.

Tremors [2.12]Edit

Arrow: Again!
Roy: You know, I slapped water out of a bowl yesterday. And I slapped water out of a bowl the day before.
Arrow: You must be getting pretty good at it.
Roy: Yeah, well I can't wait to get attacked by a dog dish.

Oliver: We'll find out when we find him.
Sara: And when we do, you can't tell him.
Oliver: Tell him what?
Sara: Don't talk to me like I'm other people. You've got that look on your face. The same one you had after the first time we kissed. Pure guilt.
Oliver: Because I am guilty, Sara! Ivo killed Shado because of me.
Sara: That's not true! And even if it was, nothing good comes from telling Slade that you think you're responsible for the death of the women he loved. Love's the most powerful emotion, and that makes it the most dangerous.

Diggle: How's it going with Roy?
Oliver: Not well.
Diggle: I don't know the kid all to well, but he seems to be five kinds of angry.
Oliver: You might be underestimating. Roy was mad at the world before he was injected with Mirakuru.

Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
Oliver: Pride.
Felicity: Iron Heights just put out a bulletin for Ben Turner, A.K.A Bronze Tiger, which B.T.W. is a terrible nickname, because tigers are not bronze.
Oliver: Turner escaped?
Felicity: He killed ten guards on the way out.
Diggle: You'd think that would make the news.
Felicity: Iron Heights does better at keeping secrets than it does at keeping prisoners.

Arrow: Now you. Go slowly! [Roy starts punching the pole quickly] Stop! This is not about learning to throw a punch! This is about learning to control your strength.
Roy: First water slapping. Now this. When are you gonna run out of ways to make me looks STUPID?!? [punches and breaks the pole] All I'm learning is new ways to get pissed off, and in case you haven't noticed, I'm already pretty good at that.
Arrow: There is nothing wrong with anger Roy. Anger is energy, but you need to learn to channel it in a positive way.

Heir to the Demon [2.13]Edit

Sara: Okay, Laurel, I wasn't trying to be a bitch.
Laurel: The title of your autobiography.

Quentin: You never did tell me how you joined up with the Arrow. Where did you two even meet?
Sara: Vigilante club

Oliver: Because if half of the stories I've heard about Ra's al Ghul are true and Sara kills his daughter, we all will pay.

Nyssa al Ghul: [to a dying Sara] If you want to be with your family so badly, they can join you in eternity.

Oliver: For the past year, I have stood by your side... and I have fought for you, because I didn't want to believe that you were this... monster. And I needed to believe that still had a mother.
Moira: You do, Oliver. Oliver, I only lied about Thea to protect her from Malcolm.
Oliver: No, you lied because that is what you do. And that is who you are, Mom. Lies. And now you have made a liar out of me. Because Thea can never find out about Merlyn. And she can never learn the truth about us. Which is that as of right now, we have no relationship. I will keep up appearance for Thea's sake. And publicly I will support your campaign. But privately... you and I are done.

Time Of Death [2.14]Edit

William Tockman: The strongest of all warriors are these two - time and patience. It's from War and Peace. 14,040 pages. It takes a while, but it's worth the read. Tolstoy knew that patience was the epitome of strength. It takes fortitude to stand still, just as it is a sign of weakness or cowardliness to move when you should have NOT.

Oliver: Sara, when you come back from the dead, you get a party. It's a Queen family tradition.

Laurel: Are you done?
Oliver: Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you

[Sara is suturing a bullet wound in Felicity's shoulder. Felicity is loopy from pain meds.]
Oliver: Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?
Felicity: Uh uh. You guys never go to the hospital. Besides, Dig gave me some of those aspirins. Are you spinning?
Oliver: [whispers to Diggle] Aspirin?
Diggle: [whispers back] Oxycodone.
[Oliver smiles at that.]
Sara: I wouldn't be here if you hadn't been so brave. Thank you.
Felicity: It was nothing. I've always wanted to say I've taken a bullet for someone, and now I can. So, really, I should be thanking you.
Sara: [finishes the sutures] All done. Not bad, but you're still gonna have a scar.
Felicity: My own scar. Yay.
Oliver:[approaches Felicity] You all right? [Felicity nods] Diggle had mentioned that maybe you were feeling a little left out.
Felicity: What? No! I'm just used to being your girl. I mean not your "girl" girl... your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it... it means something different in my head.
Oliver: [gently cups Felicity's cheek] Hey... you will always be my girl, Felicity.

Laurel: Because I realized that, that I went on that boat with you, too. And I've been slowly drowning for all of these years and after every heartbreak or setback or loss, I sank deeper into the dark water. And so when I saw you, so beautiful and so alive, I realized that I'm not those things. Not anymore. So please, please don't hate me Sara. Please.

The Promise [2.15]Edit

Dr. Anthony Ivo: It's harder than it looks, isn't it? Killing an unarmed man.
Oliver: It seemed pretty easy when you murdered Shado.
Ivo: I didn't murder her, Oliver.
Oliver: Ivo, you shot her in the head.
Ivo: I gave you a choice! You chose Sara. You blame me, but that's because you can't face your own guilt. I loaded the bullets, yes, I pulled the trigger, but you... you aimed the gun. And you hold yourself responsible. Don't you?
Oliver: Yes. But that doesn't mean I won't kill you.

Slade: [to Oliver] To kill you now would be a mercy. You cannot die until you have suffered the same way I have suffered, until you have known complete despair, and you will, I promise.

Suicide Squad [2.16]Edit

Diggle: Coffee?
Felicity: Hot cocoa.
Diggle: What, no marshmallows?
Felicity: I'm out.

Amanda: I don't need you to get the nerve agent out. I need you to get your team in.
Diggle: My team?
Amanda: They're designated Task Force X.
Deadshot: Give me a break, this ain't no task force. Let's call it like it is. Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Felicity: Robbery in progress.
[Oliver looks blankly]
Felicity: Still in the crime fighting business, right?

Lyla Michaels: This past few months have been amazing. We've done more playing than talking.
Diggle: That's because, when we talk, we tend to get divorced.

Amanda: Who do you want to kill more than me?
Oliver: Slade Wilson is alive.
Amanda: You killed him. It's not possible.
Oliver: Everything is possible where Slade is concerned. And I need your help to find him.
Amanda: I might have something.
Oliver: What?
Amanda: There's a new player we've been tracking, a mercenary. He's left a trail of bodies from Macau to Istanbul to Lisbon. A trail that leads right here to Starling. We've been calling him Deathstroke.

Birds of Prey [2.17]Edit

Sara: [to Diggle and Felicity] What do you guys think?
Felicity: I think if the Huntress shows up, you should totally kick her ass.

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

Huntress: [on seeing Sara] Oliver sure does like to dress up his girls.

Felicity: Oliver, where are you? Are you okay?
Oliver: I'm with Lance as Oliver, and he just called the Arrow.
Felicity: Oh. Oh! It's getting really hard to keep track of who knows whose secret identity.

Helena: You know, I thought I'd feel different now that he's dead, but I don't. And you always told me that killing him wouldn't change anything. You were right.
Oliver: But I was wrong, too.
Helena: About what?
Oliver: I thought I could help you. To stop you from being a killer, but... I was just starting. And I was a killer, too.
Helena: And what are you now?
Oliver: I'm trying to be better.

Deathstroke [2.18]Edit

Oliver: They're calling you Deathstroke.
Slade: That's a bit flamboyant. I like it.

Oliver: With Slade out there, I don't have time for the company.
Felicity: Well, you have to make time, Oliver. At least three hours. The annual board meeting. There's absolutely zero way that the CEO can avoid being there. And I know it's been a while, so in you case you've forgotten, that's you. Do you remember where you put your business suit? Or do you keep it in a cool glass case, too?

Roy: I can't just stop thinking what's the worst that can happen if I just told her the truth.
Felicity: Well, I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightning. To be fair, probably won't happen again, statistically.

Moira: [to Oliver]From the moment your children are born you worry what the world might do to them, but you never stop to think what you might do to them, that we can be our worst enemy.

Slade: Don't worry. I am not here to harm you.
Laurel: Go to hell.
Slade: All in good time, I'm sure. But before then, I've come to Starling City to see Oliver Queen suffer.
Laurel: Oliver? What? Why?
Slade: Because he's not the man you think he is.
Laurel: How would you know that?
Slade: Because I know Oliver Queen is The Arrow.

The Man Under the Hood [2.19]Edit

Felicity: I'm a bomber. I can't believe I'm a bomber. I wonder if I can list that on my resume of special skills.

Laurel: I know who the Arrow is.
Quentin: Don't say another word. Don't say anything. Listen to me, there was a time when I would have sold out my badge to find out his name, you know that. But then I realized I didn't care who he was. In fact, I didn't want to know who he was.
Laurel: Why not?
Quentin: Because I knew if I knew who he really was he would become a person, okay? Maybe he has a family, friends, people to care about him, someone with a life. Then he couldn't be what I needed him to be, what this city needs him to be. See, Arrow - the man under the hood isn't important. Can you imagine what it's like to be him? What he has to live with? Day in, day out? What that's gotta be like?

Arrow: [talking about Roy] Slade, he's just a kid!
Slade: Who's here only because you pushed him away. You're the one person he looked up to, and for that you crushed his soul.

[Laurel hugs Oliver]
Oliver: What's this for?
Laurel: Because you're important to me.

Oliver: Alright, we need to deal with Slade figure out what his next move is. I know Slade, he is not gonna stop 'till...
Slade: [shows up] Welcome home. [beats Sara, Diggle and Oliver] Don't forget who taught you how to fight, kid.

Seeing Red [2.20]Edit

Felicity: Is the fact that he's lying there freaks me out a little make me a bad person?
Diggle: Felicity, I don't think there's a force on earth that can make you a bad person.

Moira: There's only one way this night can end and we both know that, don't we, Mr. Wilson?
Oliver: Mom!
Moira: Please tell me both my children will live.
Thea: Mom! What are you doing?! Mom!
Moira: Thea, I love you. Close your eyes, baby!
Oliver: NO!
Slade: You possess true courage. I am truly sorry you did not pass that on to your son.

Sara: That's not true. I wanted to kill Roy because that's what I do. That's who I am. I spent six years in the darkness and I looked into the eyes of the devil and I gave him my soul.
Oliver: I can help you get it back.
Sara: No. You deserve someone better. You can harness that light that's still inside of you, but I'm not that person and I never will be.

Laurel: You're really cute when you're mopey.
Oliver: I'm not mopey.
Laurel: Mopey's your default Ollie. It's part of your smoldering charm.
Oliver: I do have smoldering charm.

Oliver: [talking about Thea] Thanks for taking care of her.
Diggle: Lucky for me, she's not as good at disappearing as you are.

City of Blood [2.21]Edit

Felicity: I don't even know why I'm crying. I didn't even like Moira. Terrible thing to say about someone after they've just died. In my defense, she was not nice. She was diabolical. Not a word you often hear at someone's funeral.
Diggle: You're not crying for her, Felicity, you're crying for Oliver.
Felicity: Where is he? How could he not be here?
Diggle: I don't know...
Isabel Rochev: If Oliver's smart... He ran back to his island to hide. But maybe he'll attend your funerals.

[Anatoly works on fixing the submarine]
Anatoly Knyazev: Like riding bicycle. Underwater.

Oliver: Submarines have torpedoes, right? Can't we blast our way out?
Anatoly: I can see why you two are made for each other. You like your explosions.

Oliver: It ends tonight.
Felicity: How?
Oliver: I turn myself over to Slade. I end this vendetta.
Diggle: Oliver, you think this ends with you turning yourself over to Slade?
Oliver: Yes, I do. After she was gone... he told me that one more person had to die. And then it would end. This ends for Slade when he kills me.
Felicity: I don't accept that. You shouldn't either. You can't just accept things, Oliver. If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college, and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some IT girl.

Diggle: Clinton Hogue. I have some questions for you.
Clinton Hogue: Go to hell.
Diggle: You sure that's how you want to play it?
Clinton: You think I've never taken a beating before?
Diggle: Pal, you're going to wish I beat you.
Felicity: Hi. I'll be your interrogator.
Clinton: Is this a joke?
Felicity: Clinton Hogue. Social security number 306003894.
Clinton: What the hell's this supposed to be?
Felicity: Oh, look at this. You have a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Wow. $2 million, quite the little nest egg. But... looks like you just approved a wire transfer of $1 million to a charity here in Starling City. Very generous. What should I do with the rest?
Diggle: Greenpeace.
Felicity: Great cause! And they really appreciate support.
Clinton: You bitch!
Felicity: Bitch with wi-fi.

Streets of Fire [2.22]Edit

Oliver: You're a good man, Anatoly. If this is goodbye, be safe.
Anatoly: I will see you soon. You and Sara.
Oliver: I meant what I said. If we're not back in an hour, you sink the freighter and get yourself home.
Anatoly: I think maybe I prefer Bahamas.

Quentin: Lieutenant. Listen to me, these guys, have you seem them? Huh? Have you seen these guys? They do not go down. We gotta call in the National Guard.
Lt. Frank Pike: That's a call for the mayor. And he hasn't made that yet.
Quentin: And he won't. Mayor Blood let this happen.
Frank: What?
Quentin: Trust me. Blood's behind this.
Frank: Look, even if I believe you, I don't have that kind of authority.
Quentin: Well, in an emergency, the chief of police does, so get him on the line.
Frank: Chief's dead.
Quentin: Well, then... There's only one more guy to we can call. You're not gonna like it.
Frank: The vigilante.
Quentin: The Arrow. Lieutenant, I know he's breaking the law. But what we're up against, it's not about the law. It's about survival. We got masks tearing our city to pieces, and we're gonna need a mask to stop 'em.
Frank: Make the call.

Sara: You don't know, Laurel, about me. About who I am, and who I've become.
Laurel: I know you're a hero.
Sara: I'm not a hero... Laurel. I'm the furthest thing from it. I am "Ta-er al-Sahfer." That was my new name. Because of the woman that I was, the girl that I was, is gone.
Laurel: I'm not going to pretend that I've been through anything that you have. But one thing that I've learned in the past year is that these things... they don't break us. They make us who we are.
Sara: And what I am... is irredeemable.
Laurel: What was that word you said before?
Sara: Ta-er al-Sahfer.
Laurel: What does that mean?
Sara: It means "The Canary".
Laurel: If you're so far gone and so irredeemable... then why would they know you by such a beautiful name?

Oliver: I didn't know, Felicity. Five years ago, I was a completely different person. And I had... no idea that something like this was even... possible. I couldn't have imagined. When you and Diggle brought me back to Starling City, I made a vow to myself that I would never let anything like the Undertaking happen again.
Felicity: What's happening now is not your fault.
Oliver: Yes, it is. I have failed this city. Yao Fei. Shado. Tommy. My father, my mother. All that I ever wanted to do is honor those people.
Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting and you're not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, the Triad... Everyone who was trying to hurt this city, you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.
Oliver: I don't know how.
Felicity: Neither do I. But I do know two things: You are not alone. And I believe in you.

Blood: As a young boy, I was plagued by nightmares. Every night, I would wake up in a cold sweat, frightened and alone. It was my father's face that haunted me. [Shows his mask] And this is how I saw him. The embodiment of desperation and despair. I made this mask to conquer my fears. And to remind myself why I fight, every day, to give this city's most desperate a chance. All I ever wanted to do was help people, Oliver.
Oliver: Help me believe. Where's the cure?
Blood: Slade Wilson will not rest until he honors the promise that he made you.
Oliver: I won't be so easy to kill once we level the playing field.
Blood: He's not interested in killing you. Not until he's taken away everything and everyone you love.
Oliver: After he murdered my mother, he said one more person had to die.
Blood: Whoever you love the most.

Unthinkable [2.23]Edit

Nyssa: I'm Nyssa, daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Heir to the demon.
Felicity: Felicity Smoak. M.I.T. Class of '09.

Deathstroke: You must have quite a bit of faith in this cure if you've come alone.
Arrow: We didn't come alone.
[the League of Assassins arrive]

Thea: If you're going to kill me, just... get over with it.
Merlyn: Kill you? Why? Because you shot me? I'm glad you did.
Thea: You're sick.
Merlyn: Perhaps. How else to explain the fact not a year ago, your brother held to a gun to my face as well.
Thea: Tommy.
Merlyn: He lacked conviction. The strength to pull the trigger, but not you, Thea. You are made of iron. You are truly my daughter, and I could not be more proud.

Slade : Where am I?
Oliver : As far away from the world as I could get you. Where you can't hurt anyone ever again.
Slade : That's your weakness, kid. You don't have the guts to kill me.
Oliver : No. I have the strength to let you live.
Slade : Oh, you're a killer. I know, I created you. You've killed plenty.
Oliver : Yes, I have. You helped turned me into a killer when I needed to be one. And I'm alive today because of you. I made it home because of you. And I got to see my family again. But over the past year, I needed to be more... but I faltered. But then I stopped you. Without killing. You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you.
Slade : You think I won't get out of here? You think I won't kill who you care for?
Oliver : No, I don't. Because you're in purgatory.
Slade : I keep my promises, kid. I keep my promises! I keep my promises.

Felicity: Last time I didn't notice; it's actually kind of beautiful here. Don't get me wrong, I'm counting the seconds until we shove off minefield island.
Diggle: So you think that'll be enough to hold him, A.R.G.U.S.'s super max?
Oliver: Him and anyone else we send here. This battle may be over, but there will be others. Starting with getting my family's company back.
Felicity: That's not going to be easy since you're poor now. You're going to have to get a job. If Slade doesn't scare you, that's got to.
Oliver: Do you know anyone hiring ex-billionaires with superior archery skills?

Season 3Edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city. Now others have joined my crusade. To them, I'm Oliver Queen. To the rest of Starling City, I am someone else. I am something else.

The Calm [3.01]Edit

Oliver: Congratulations John. And not just on the baby. You and Lyla are happy.
Diggle: Well you know, you should try it some time.
Oliver: Last girlfriend? She's in the League of Assassins. My girlfriend before that? She shot my girlfriend before that. Listen, I'm... not exactly a catch at the moment.
Diggle: Maybe Felicity will change all that.
Oliver: It's not the right time.
Diggle: Things are as good now as ever will be Oliver. And you love her. You even told her so.
Oliver: I was trying to fool Slade.
Diggle: Yes, except now the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Arrow: Send his photo to Roy. Get me Felicity.
Diggle: Got it.
Felicity: I can't talk right now, I'm at work. Could I ask you guys to wait one moment? Someone's calling for tech support! You're going to get me so incredibly fired. Okay, I'm hacking into the city's database, I am running facial recognition now.
Arrow: Do you like Italian?
Felicity: What?
Arrow: For tonight. You like Italian right? Everyone likes Italian.
Felicity: Oliver, you're in the middle of a high speed chase.
Arrow: I'm multitasking!

Oliver: Am I being crazy? I mean, what do we have to be nervous about?
Felicity: Well, we've already exhausted every topic that one would normally talk about on a first date, and a second date, and a third date, and every date actually. And I've already seen you shirtless. Multiple times. Shirtless all the time.

Quentin: I gotta warn you, the doctors told me not to get yelled at.
Laurel: Well, it's a good thing you don't care about your doctors' instructions then, since you're still going out in the field.

Oliver: Two years ago, the people of Starling City thought I was dead. I came back. And so can Queen Consolidated. With Starling National Bank's new investment, we can take QC out of receivership and into the future. This company is my family, and as my mother always said: There is nothing more important to me than family. Thank you.
Ray Palmer: [to Oliver] Good speech, hard to top. [walks to the front of the table] Thank you all for coming out today. I promise to be brief, if not a little entertaining. [to a female board member] Ah, that's one of my new smartwatches. I'm very proud of those. You like it? It works for you? Yeah, good. Anyway, science, numbers. I like numbers. These numbers show QC's performance under Mr. Queen's management. I'm using that term extremely loosely B.T.W. Also, B.T.W, these numbers aren't sanitized for Wall Street, this is raw information from your company's own servers.
Oliver: [to Felicity] How did he get into our computers?
Felicity: Something tells me he deployed a remote administration tool.
Ray: But the truth is, this company's woes are a symptom of a much larger problem. And that problem is Starling City. Queen Consolidated can't hope to survive if the city it's located in is dying, and guess what? It is. Nobody wants to live here anymore. And after two terrorist attacks, who can blame them? This city still needs saving. And that is my vision for this company: To not only see it rise from the ashes, but to take this city with it to that new horizon. And that new day has a name. [points at a slide with the text "Star City"]

Sara [3.02]Edit

Arrow: What is it, detective?
Quentin: You okay? You look like someone peed in your cornflakes.

Felicity: Do you even know how difficult it is to ping a clone off a hacked transband multiplex?
Roy: No, but only because you weren't speaking English just now.

Ray: You know, most girls would be flattered that I spent $1.2 billion just to hire them, even if I do have a fairly genius plan for rebranding the stores.
Felicity: In case you haven't noticed, I am not most girls and I don't need this. Or you. Or any of this.

Oliver: I just need your A game right now Felicity.
Felicity: I don't have it! My friend, our friend, was shot with arrows and fell off of a rooftop. Her body is upstairs right above us in a freezer because we don't know what to do with it, with her, so I am so sorry, Oliver, if I have feelings, but maybe if you did, too... I'm sorry. That was mean. But this is Sara we're talking about. Your Sara. How can you stand there being so cold and rational?
Oliver: Because I don't have the luxury of falling to pieces. Everyone is looking to me to handle things, to make the right decisions. Everyone is looking to me to lead. If I grieve, nobody else gets to.

Simon Lacroix: So you're The Arrow. I thought you'd be taller.

Corto Maltese [3.03]Edit

Merlyn: So why did you reach out to me?
Thea: You reached first.
Merlyn: Still.
Thea: I don't want to feel this pain again. I don't want to hurt or get hurt ever again, and you seem like someone who could teach me how not to.

Laurel: Ted Grant.
Ted Grant: Well I guess that badge means you're not here for a self defense class.
Laurel: No, I've already had my fair share. I'm here about one of your students, Tom Bronson. A witness places him at the scene of a break-in last night.
Ted: Well that's not possible, because Tom and I were sparring last night.
Laurel: Mr. Grant, do you know that lying to the District Attorney is against the law?
Ted: If by that you mean am I willing to lie in order to keep a good kid who just happened to make a stupid mistake out of this system? I think you know my answer.
Laurel: Are you admitting to perjury Mr. Grant?
Ted: Uh, that's a big word. I'm just a dumb fighter, right? Look, Tom was here with me last night and we worked on his upper cut combinations. Like I said, in this city there are a lot of good people who are dealt bad hands. They lose someone, they lose themselves. Which is why they come in here to work off that rage. I've gotten good at picking out the types, types just like you.
Laurel: If I'm angry it's because I'm dealing with someone who's willing to lie to the DA to protect a punk kid.
Ted: I don't think that's the case. Either way, if you do have something you want to work off... [hands her a brochure]

Thea: I didn't come all the way to South America to have you poison me, did I?
Merlyn: [chuckles] It's a meditative tea. It will activate your mind and body.
Thea: I think I'm gonna need a little bit more than tea to learn to use one of those. [Nods at the swords]
Merlyn: The Sōhei Buddhist warriors believed that first you must fight with your mind, then your sword. I remember when I was training to be a warrior, I began just like you, devastated by my wife's death. I was angry and hurt. The pain was unbearable. Like this. [Pours boiling water over his hand]
Thea: You're out of your mind! Put your hand in here!
Merlyn: Every warrior must learn the simple truth: that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.
Thea: Please don't... don't do what I think you're going to do.
Merlyn: You asked me to teach you. [Pours boiling water over Thea's hand]

[Oliver runs out of arrows]
Oliver: Diggle!
Diggle: Behind you! [throws Oliver a gun.]
[Oliver shoots five soldiers. Roy stares at him]
Oliver: I never said I didn't know how to use a gun.

Laurel: I know that it probably sounds insane. It probably is, but Sara, she gave me this and when I wear it, it makes me want to help people like she did. Like she's alive again.
Oliver: I get it. Sara had training. She had years...
Laurel: Oliver, I know. Which is why I need to start and I need your help.
Oliver: No.
Laurel: Oliver...
Oliver: No. NO! I... I want you to consider what would happen to your father if something happened to you.
Laurel: Oliver, ever since it happened, I have had this fire inside of me that I can't get rid of with booze or pills. I need another way and the other night, even though it went wrong, it was the first time since Sara died that I haven't felt that fire.
Oliver: I'm sorry. I can't. And even if I could, Sara would never forgive me.

The Magician [3.04]Edit

Laurel: You were the one that showed her the darkness inside. You... and your father.
Nyssa: I know you grieve, but so do I. I didn't show Sara the darkness, Laurel. It was already inside of her when we met. When I found her alone, starving and terrified, I protected her. I took Sara into my heart and I loved her with all of my soul. And that jacket. I gave it to Sara as a gift. You are not fit to wear it.

Nyssa: Jansen Sensei, I am Nyssa, heir to the demon Ra's al Ghul. You will tell me where I can find Malcolm Merlyn or I will kill you where you sit.
Merlyn: Hello Nyssa.

Oliver: I'm not a killer anymore Laurel.
Laurel: But Merlyn is. He killed Tommy and 502 other innocent people. How many more people are going to have to die before you put him down?
Oliver: Do you think that's what your sister would want?
Laurel: Yes. I do.

Nyssa: My father may be the demon. But yours is the devil.

Nyssa: I see you've been training. And wearing her jacket.
Laurel: If you're gonna stand there and tell me I'm not strong enough or tough enough, please don't.
Nyssa: Back at the cemetery I would have, but since you have reminded me that the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.
Laurel: And what's that supposed to mean?
Nyssa: Don't forget to turn your hips. That's where the power comes from.

The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak [3.05]Edit

Donna Smoak: Honey, I came to see you. For a visit. Look, look, look. Didn't you get my text?
Felicity: Mom, to send a text, you actually have to press "send" on the text.
Donna: Oh. Okay. Not a big deal. I'll do it right now.

Felicity: I was in this, I guess you could call it a group, in college. We were hactivists, for a lack of a better word. Civil disobedience via the world wide web. I created this, this super virus, that could give us access to any infected server. We could expose government fraud, start virtual sit-ins and digitally deface criminals. I guess you could say it was my first attempt at being a hero.

Thea: I was afraid you wouldn't react well to the idea of me taking his money.
Oliver: It's blood money, Thea! You don't know what Malcolm Merlyn is capable of!
Thea: I know what his money is capable of - renting me this really sweet loft.
Oliver: Listen to me. He's alive, and if you take his money, he has a hold on you.
Thea: I think you're being a little melodramatic. I'm his daughter, okay? He's not gonna put me in danger.
Oliver: He's responsible for the death of 503 innocent people, including your brother.
Thea: Now that is a card you do not get to play.

Donna: Hey! Hey, you want to wave that gun at me, fine, but don't you dare threaten my daughter.
Cooper: Here I thought you were all nails and hair.
Donna: Try single mom who worked 60 hour weeks in six inch heels to raise that genius child you see right there. I may not understand all this cyber whatever... But I know without that gun, you wouldn't last ten seconds against my girl.

Oliver: Are you OK?
Felicity: I guess. Old lovers have a way of opening old wounds. Lovers. Sounds creepy no matter how you say it.
Oliver: Felicity, I want you to know that whatever experiences you had to go through, I'm glad that you did to shape the person that you are today. And you know how I feel about her.

Guilty [3.06]Edit

Ted: Make sure you get some protein within the hour, all right?
Laurel: Yeah, egg whites. They're my new BFF.
Ted: Oh, that's disgusting. No, no, no, two blocks from here - Korean tacos.
Laurel: Korean tacos?
Ted: Trust me. They're heaven. Come on, I'm buying.

Arrow: You're playing a very dangerous game, Laurel.
Laurel: I can take care of myself.
Arrow: No you can't, because you haven't realized it isn't actually a game.

Ted: This is were I kept my supplies. A safe place separate from my day job. I'm sure you've got one just like it.
Arrow: Mine's bigger.

Roy: That guy? He said I was just another weapon in your arsenal.
Oliver: Well, maybe that's what we should call you, then. Arsenal.

Oliver: When I said I wouldn't train you, I was trying to protect you. But a homicidal former vigilante apprentice was not what I had in mind.
Laurel: I know you're trying to protect me, Ollie, but I'm not helpless.
Oliver: I've never seen you that way. But Laurel, I'm always gonna watch out for you. And it's not because I think you're helpless, it's because I care about you.

Draw Back Your Bow [3.07]Edit

Tatsu Yamashiro: [puts down Oliver's laundry] I'm not your mother or your wife or your maid.
Oliver: OK. Alright. You don't like me. I get it.
Tatsu: At least you're perceptive.
Oliver: I thought that, last week, the whole candle-meditation thing and maybe we had a moment.
Tatsu: Moment's over. You can celebrate by doing your own laundry. [...] What?
Oliver: I don't know how.

Felicity: This dress... costs more than my apartment.
Ray: Yeah. Couture, which I'm pretty sure is French for "expensive". [Felicity handles the dress, smelling it and keening] So, dinner? Purely platonic.
Felicity: There is nothing platonic about couture.
Felicity: [whispering to the dress] You and I are going to be best friends.

[Oliver shows Carrie's arrow to Diggle]
Diggle: Last time I saw a spade that lethal, it cut up a pretty good royal flush I was holding.

Felicity: I don't blame you for not wanting to sell Ray your mine, because you don't know what his plans are. The thing about Ray is he's not a businessman. Businessmen make deals, they make money. What Ray is, is something else entirely.

Arrow: I understand that you're hurting and I know what it's like to want someone but not be able be with them. How you wish things could be different, but they can't. I can't be with you. I can't be with anyone. I have to be alone.

The Brave and the Bold [3.08]Edit

[Barry runs into the Arrow lair with sushi and without his mask on, not thinking about Lyla being there]
Dr. Caitlin Snow: Hey! Secret identity?
Barry: They're married!
Diggle & Lyla: We're not married.
Barry: Or together. Whatever, he told her about me.
[Diggle shakes his head]
Barry: You didn't...?
Diggle: I keep secrets for a living, man.
Barry: Ah. My bad.
Lyla: You... you're...
Barry: The Flash. Sushi?

Oliver: To do what I do, Barry, takes conviction. But more often than not is the will to do what's ugly. Every time I do that, I'm... I'm trading away little pieces of myself. So you asked what's wrong with me. That's... That's what's wrong. Because the part that I'm trading away is Oliver Queen. And lately I've been feeling like there is nothing left. Except the Arrow.
Barry: I think you're full of crap. Look, you've convinced yourself that everything you've been through took away your humanity. But I think it's because of your humanity that you made it through. You wouldn't have survived, much less come out the other end a hero, somebody who wants to do good, if you didn't have a light inside of you.

Cisco Ramon: [after seeing Thea] Yo, who was the hottie?
Roy: [simultanously with Felicity] My ex-girlfriend.
Felicity: [simultanously with Roy] Oliver's sister.
Cisco: So... "stay away" is what you're saying.

A.R.G.U.S. Guard: Something strange with your ID. I'm going to have to detain you for a minute.
Digger Harkness: Hmm.
A.R.G.U.S. Guard: If that's a problem, I really don't care.
Harkness: You know, you should be careful how you treat people, my friend. After all... [throws boomerang at the guard killing him] ...what goes around, comes around.

Lyla: There are people in the world who deal only in extremes...
Oliver: And it would be naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.
Lyla: Sometimes bravery isn't enough. Sometimes the world requires us to be bold.
Oliver: Whatever the personal cost.

The Climb [3.09]Edit

Ra's al Ghul: You're just a boy. Well, Mr. Queen, you failed to protect the city you love. Now you will watch it bleed.
Oliver: Nobody in my city will die tonight.
Ra's: Well, there was only one way to prevent that. You were to produce for me the one who killed Ta-Er Al-Sahfer. And yet you've come alone.
Oliver: Because it was me. I killed Sara.
Nyssa: Why would you kill a woman you once professed to love?
Oliver: Because she begged me to.
Nyssa: You lie.
Oliver: It wasn't the first time Sara chose death over a life in the league. And meeting you now, I can see why.
Ra's: I should have Sarab cleave your head off your shoulders. Not for killing my daughter's beloved, but for thinking me a fool.
Oliver: By league law, I have the right to challenge you to a trial by combat.
Ra's: It's been 67 years since a man challenged me. You covet death that much?
Oliver: Do you accept?
Ra's: Oh, yes.

Oliver: Maseo...
Maseo Yamashiro: My name is Sarab.
Oliver: You told me once a man cannot live by two names.
Maseo: And I don't. Maseo is dead. I am all that's left, Sarab. A phantom.
Oliver: After it happened, you went to Nanda Parbat.
Maseo: I arrived the same year as Ta-Er Al-Sahfer. She was a great warrior. You did not kill her. When you face the demon, it will be my duty to bear witness. I have no desire to watch you die. Under our code, you have 12 hours to settle your affairs. The 13th hour, be at this place. This location is consecrated ground for the league. A place for the settlement of blood debts - if one survives the climb. If you do.
Oliver: See you on the mountain.

Felicity: But there is one thing I need to ask you to do. And you're not going to want to.
Oliver: Well, if it's you asking, I'll do it.
Felicity: Kill him. You have to kill Ra's al Ghul. This is a duel... Oliver, with one of the most dangerous men that has ever walked the Earth.
Oliver: I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think I can win.
Felicity: I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that you can beat him. I am terrified that you won't kill him. Because that's not who you are anymore. And I am so afraid that Ra's al Ghul will use your humanity against you.
Oliver: Felicity, I honestly don't know if I'm a killer anymore. But I do know two things - the first is that whoever I am, I am someone who will do whatever - whatever - it takes to save my sister.
Felicity: And the second thing?
Oliver: I love you.

Ra's: I was 11 years old when I killed my first man. I remember the look in his face when the light went out behind his eyes. Such a sudden change, almost imperceptible, between life and death. And I felt ashamed. I had stolen from that man the most precious gift of all - life. But I also felt something else - pride, because I had taken up arms against someone who sought to do ill against my family. And I realized what I had done was necessary. You see... I have replaced evil with death. And that... is what the League exists to do. And I have killed several thousand more men since then. And the world is better for it.

Ra's: You should take pride. You survived longer than most. Don't be afraid, my son. Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long. Consider this an honorable exit. [stabs Oliver through the chest, speaks in Arabic]: Forgive and have mercy upon him... Excuse him and pardon him... Make honorable his reception... Protect him from the punishment of the grave... And the torment of fire.

Left Behind [3.10]Edit

Merlyn: Ms. Smoak is correct. I orchestrated the matter to eliminate the death warrant Ra's placed on my head. Oliver was that way. His death means my own.

Diggle: He's not coming back, Oliver. I know you don't want to believe it, Laurel, God knows I don't but, he's not coming back.
Laurel: Are you? Are you coming back?
Diggle: I don't know. For the first time since I met Oliver Queen I don't know what happens next. I know it's silly, but I still like to think of myself as Oliver's bodyguard. I just couldn't protect him. It's funny. He was worried something would happen to me.

Diggle: OK. The point is, if we're going to do this without Oliver, Felicity, we have to trust each other.
Felicity: You don't get it. There is no 'this' without him. It's done. I'm done.

Ray: You make it sound like using an advanced exoskeleton to fight crime and save the city is a Looney Tune idea.

Thea: Dad, I could have killed you.
Merlyn: Heh. It’s cute that you think so.

Midnight City [3.11]Edit

Felicity: And by help, you mean money and counsel, and not a suit powered by... dwarf star alloy that fires lasers at people?
Ray: Well, they aren't lasers. That would be ridiculous. They're compressed hard light beams.

[after Brickwell and his men abduct three alderman from City Hall]
Ray: [to Felicity] See? That's why I need a technosuit.

Diggle: Sometimes, me and Oliver come down here after, you know, tough nights. He would pour this, look up and say "Prochnost."
Roy: What does that mean?
Diggle: I have no earthly idea. To Oliver.
Roy: To Oliver.

Ray: I gotta be honest, I'd feel a little more confident in your aeronautic abilities if you knew, for instance, that helicopters don't actually have keys.
Felicity: They don't have keys?
Ray: No.
Felicity: Is it on the roof?
Ray: Yeah, it's on the roof.

Ray: I thought you weren't gonna help with my suicide mission.
Felicity: Well, that's the thing. With my help, you might not wind up dead.

Uprising [3.12]Edit

Thug: Looks like we got ourselves a real live superhero here. You that red streak I've been hearing about on TV?
Arsenal: Wrong city.

Quentin: It doesn't mean I can't help the Hood Squad off the books.
Felicity: We call ourselves Team Arrow. Well, actually, that's just me, but...
Quentin: I just got everything we have on Brick from evidence lockup.
Felicity: Okay. I'll send Arsenal over once the next brushfire's put out.
Quentin: Arsenal? What, are you guys just pulling names out of a hat now?

Arsenal: Captain Lance.
Quentin: Harper.
Arsenal: I'm not sure what you...
Quentin: Look. I've seen you shooting a red hoodie, I've seen you shooting arrows at people. You think I don't recognize you with a little extra leather and lace?
Arsenal: Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore. [turns off voice modulator]

Merlyn: This is for Rebecca.
Danny Brickwell: What?
Merlyn: You don't even know here name, do you? Is this the weapon you used to murder my wife?
Brickwell: Everybody I dropped was with that piece.
Merlyn: She was a good person, decent, kind. She ran the clinic here in the Glades.
Brickwell: Brunette? Ha ha ha! Yeah. Now I remember. She was my first, my initiation into the Orchid Bay Butchers. Heh heh heh.
Merlyn: You murdered her because you wanted into a gang?
Brickwell: No. Because she was weak! Because she was crying, begging me not to kill her, but you won't get that from me, so come on! Finish it!
Arrow: Don't do it!
Merlyn: You are too late.
Arrow: Drop the gun. No more death.
Merlyn: That's easy for you to say. You just returned from the grave.
Arrow: Killing him won't balance the scales.
Merlyn: When you have killed 503 people including your own son, you tend not to worry about scales, and don't tell me it won't stop the pain and it won't bring her back because you don't understand! If I had taken care of him back then, it could all be different. The League, the Undertaking, Tommy... Every choice I have made since my wife died.
Arrow: Then you made a different choice now for Thea.
Merlyn: Thea will never forgive me.
Arrow: Start giving her reasons to.

Oliver: I'm sorry...
Felicity: For what? Maybe you could be a little more specific: Letting us think you were dead? For weeks? Or by abandoning every principle you claimed to have by getting into bed with Malcom Merlyn?
Oliver: That's not what has you upset.
Felicity: When you were gone... for almost a month... I allowed myself to fantasize. To dream that maybe, just maybe... Merlyn was wrong. That you were alive. That you'd come back.
And that when you did, maybe you'd be different. That almost dying would give you a new perspective on life. That you would do things differently...
Oliver: Things between us, you mean.
Felicity: Before you left, the last thing you said was that you loved me. Now you're back... And the first thing you tell me is that you're working with the man who turned your sister... who you're supposed to love... into a killer, who killed a woman you used to love. I don't want to be a woman you love.

Canaries [3.13]Edit

Laurel: I know what you're going to say, but I risked myself for this city while you were gone. That should earn me some respect.
Oliver: This isn't about respect. And it's not about you risking your life. I understand that you miss Sara. And I understand when you go out there like this, all of that pain goes away.
Laurel: It's the only time it ever does.
Oliver: And that relief isn't real. It's a drug.
Laurel: If you're implying...
Oliver: You an addict. And just like booze and pills, that high you're chasing every night is endangering your life.
Laurel: Go to hell, Oliver. You don't get to play that card with me. Ever. And if there is anyone who is using adrenaline to hide the pain of real feelings and real life, it's you.

Roy: You think you're the only person who can stand up for Thea?
Oliver: I'm trying to figure out why you're standing up to me!
Diggle: Alright. Maybe we just need to throttle back.
Felicity: No! We need this. Oliver, you were gone, dead, at least we thought you were, and we had to go on with our lives and doing that meant not doing things your way.
Oliver: Fine. I'm back now!
Felicity: That doesn't mean we can go back! And you do not have the right to come back here and question everyone's choices.

Diggle: No, you weren't gone. You were dead and all of us, including me; we were ready to hang it up.
Oliver: Why didn't you?
Diggle: Because we realized we weren't just fighting for you, we were fighting for ourselves. That includes Roy and, yes, that includes Laurel.
Oliver: She's not a soldier.
Diggle: Neither were you.
Oliver: It's not the same thing and you know that.
Diggle: What I know, Oliver, is that you started something, something strong enough to live on past you. Question is, can you live with what it's become?

Laurel: When Zytle hit me with Vertigo, I saw Sara. She was alive and she was calling me a fraud. I was crazy to think that I was fit to wear Sara's jacket, so much as follow in her footsteps.
Felicity: You're right. I hope I'm not out of line here. But, I think Sara wore her mask just as much to hide her demons as she did to help people. I don't see that with you. You have a light inside of you that Sara never had so maybe you should stop trying to be Sara and just be yourself.

Thea: You smell like smoke. Korean barbecue?
Oliver: C4. Yeah.

The Return [3.14]Edit

Tommy: You shouldn't grow up too fast.
Thea: Yeah, well, you're not my brother.
Tommy: You're right, no, I'm not. But I think about him every single day. For the first time, I'm glad he's gone. 'Cause seeing you like this would break his heart.
Thea: It's funny how Ollie seems to care more about me now that he's dead than he did when he was alive.

Maseo: What were you thinking? Anyone at that party could have seen you!
Oliver: Yeah, I pulled the hoodie down to cover my face.
Maseo: That disguise wouldn't work even if you smeared grease paint all over your face.

Slade: Come on, then. You've earned it.
Oliver: Thea, don't!
Thea: He killed Mom!
Oliver: And he will continue to pay for his crimes, but not like this! You're a not a killer!
Thea: Yeah, tell that to Sara!
Oliver: What happened to Sara is not on you! What happens to him is! All this is what Malcolm wanted. He freed Slade to prove we're killers because he wants you to be just like him. You got to prove to him that you're not

Slade: She's lost, your sister.
Oliver: No, she's not.
Slade: You can see it in her eyes. She's being touched by darkness. Was it Merlyn? He's an interesting man to do that to his own daughter. So now you've lost your father, your mother, and now your little sister. How's the girl with glasses? What's her name? Felicity. How many people can Oliver Queen lose before there is no more Oliver Queen?

Thea: How could you make me kill a friend?
Merlyn: He should not have told you that.
Thea: I trusted you. I let you into my life. How could you have done this to me?
Merlyn: Because you are my daughter, Thea, and I care about you.
Thea: Oh, God, that's sick. And not even remotely true!
Merlyn: You do not understand the danger we face from Ra's al Ghul!
Thea: Just stop! Stop using him as an excuse. The only person I'm afraid of right now is you.
Merlyn: Please, do not do this...
Thea: Please, stop. I will work with you to stop Ra's. Because that's what my brother says we need to do. So I will be your student. I'll be your partner. Even if I have to, I will be your soldier. But never again I will be your daughter.

Nanda Parbat [3.15]Edit

Felicity: Did you get locked out of the Palmer Technologies server? That's a shame.
Ray: You did this?
Felicity: I just came from a friend of mine who has his head shoved so far up his colon that - and I'm pretty sure this is true - he's literally going to get himself killed. Him, I can't do anything about. You're a different story.
Ray: Great. Why don't you tell me the story while you unlock the atom subroutine directory?
Felicity: You have two options, Ray. Option one - you can find the way to break through the encryption that I used to lock up your server, which by my calculations, will take you roughly 6.25 hours. Or you can use that time to eat a proper meal, take a shower, and get no less than five hours of sleep, at the completion of which I will give you the password.
Ray: I see.
Felicity: It's your choice, but I highly recommend option two, because this whole situation has gone from endearingly eccentric to creepily not okay.
Ray: If I'd had the energy, I think I'd be getting angry right now, but instead... I'll just take option two.
Felicity: That's a wise choice. After your dinner and a shower, I am taking you straight to bed. [pauses] Putting you. Why do I do that?

Nyssa: Your sister told us Merlyn killed Sara. Are you so lost you'd deprive me of my justice?
Arrow: This isn't justice. It's vengeance.
Nyssa: Vengeance is justice.

Roy: Look, I may not agree with it, but I understand what you're trying to say. You don't want Thea to live the guilt of getting her own father killed. But how is getting her brother killed any better?
Oliver: I don't plan on dying.
Felicity: That's what you said the last time you went to go face Ra's, and how did that turn out for you?

Laurel: Can you remember the sound of Sara's laugh?
Nyssa: When Sara was first brought to my father, the moment he weighed her apprenticeship or her execution, she bore witness to a demonstration of his power, one that inspired her and all that come before, but Sara... laughed. It was so innocent, so genuine. That was the moment I fell in love with her, I think. All I knew, all I craved was to her laugh once more.

Ra's: You tasted death, and you wanted more, but the truth is everyone and everything must come to an end. Even from one such as me.
Oliver: Kill me, but spare John Diggle's life. Let him go. I will beg for it.
Ra's: You have shown tremendous strength, fortitude, power. No, Mr. Queen, I do not want to kill you. I want you take my place. I want you to become the next Ra's al Ghul.

The Offer [3.16]Edit

Ra's: Ra's is a title greater than one man. Wing Ta Leo Wo Chey.
Oliver: Am I supposed to understand what that means?
Ra's: No. It is from a dialect no longer spoken. Said to me by a man whose place I took. Contemplating the same offer. And what it means is, a tale to be told begins thus.

Ra's: Surely men have branded you a murderer, a torturer. But see, I would never shame you with such bluntness. Because I see it in your eyes. The struggle you have with your dual identity. Oliver Queen and the Arrow. Neither are giving you what you crave.
Oliver: But becoming Ra's al Ghul will?
Ra's: Oliver Queen is a man destined to be alone. He loves a woman who knows he cannot have.
Oliver: You don't know me.
Ra's: But I know the Arrow. "Al Sahhim." You will never be anything more than a vigilante for those whose lives he saves at the risk of your own. And the city will turn on you, and your closets allies within the police department will call you a criminal. You will be scorned and hunted, and then killed. Dying as you began your crusade... alone.

Diggle: You want to tell me what's going on now?
Oliver: Ra's predicted this. He said the city would turn against me and I would die alone. And when we come back, and the first thing that happens is Lance shutting me out, and... I see Felicity with Palmer. It's like he looked into my future.
Diggle: Sounds to me Ra's is playing with your head. Question is, why are you letting him?
Oliver: He wants me to take his place in the League of Assassins. That's why he let us go. As a sign of good faith.
Diggle: Is there even a world where he can imagine you saying yes?
Oliver: He said I can do more as the new Ra's than I can ever do as Oliver Queen or the Arrow. That I would have unlimited resources. That I could make a difference, not just a dent.
Diggle: You're not really considering this. Just because Captain Lance is angry and Felicity is momentarily unavailable.
Oliver: It's more than that. I just... John, tell my honestly... What have we accomplished?
Diggle: [sighs] Oliver...
Oliver: All the people that we put away, John, they got out. The city is no better off. The Arrow is not... is not making a difference. And if I just can't be me... and the Arrow isn't enough...
Diggle: Oliver...
Oliver: Then maybe I should be Ra's al Ghul.

Oliver: We went up against a new crew last night. One of them had his lips sewn shut.
Felicity: Is that a real thing?
Oliver: Apparently.
Felicity: Ugh. If only I had known I had that option.

Felicity: [whistles] Nice work.
Oliver: Not without a few casualties, but Amar is in custody.
Felicity: So that's a no on the whole victory dance thing, then?
Oliver: You know me. I don't dance. But I do occasionally say... thank you.
Felicity: You're welcome.
Oliver: And you were right.
Felicity: Ah, a "thank you" and a "you were right." I should really be recording this.

Suicidal Tendencies [3.17]Edit

Ray: This isn't the first time he's been judge, jury and executioner.
Felicity: He hasn’t killed anyone in nearly two years.
Ray: That really is not your best argument.

Felicity: Last year, Ray's fiancée was killed by Mirakuru men. And now he wants to protect the city, so he built a suit out of military-grade technology and he wants to put you in jail, so he used my software to track you down, and he scanned you with his x-rays and now he knows you're the Arrow and he's going to tell the cops.
Oliver: Palmer knows I'm the Arrow? And he has his own mission to protect the city? When were you going to tell me this?
Felicity: I have been getting that a lot today. Look, it's not important. Here's what is - he's going to tell the police who you are!
Roy: Wait, Ray built a super suit? That's kind of awesome. [Oliver glares at him] And reckless.

Diggle: You seeing anybody, Cutter?
Carrie Cutter: Of course I am. The Arrow. And our special day is going to be the most glorious day. And then, afterwards, we'll make strong beautiful babies.
Floyd: And does he know this? Listen, I got news for you, stalker - you don't get to do what we do and have a family.
Diggle: Yeah, well, I have a wife right here and a child who say otherwise. Let's hold up here.
Floyd: Yeah, well, let's hope you make it home to her. But love, children, family - it's all just a distraction to people like us.
Lyla: They make us better, and give us something worth fighting for.
Floyd: Love is a bullet in the brain, and if you believe any different, you're as crazy as she is.

Ray: Arrow.
Oliver: Super Suit.
Ray: I prefer "The Atom."

Oliver: [to Felicity] I told you I couldn't be with you and save the city. Neither can Ray. He's just too new at this to know it.

Public Enemy [3.18]Edit

Donna: Oh, my God. Did you and Ray just do it in this hospital? Did you just have hospital sex?
Felicity: No!
Donna: I've always wanted to have hospital sex!
Felicity: Way TMI! Gross!

Laurel: You have no idea why Sara was killed.
Quentin: She ended up in the League of Assassins 'cause she was marooned on Lian Yu. 'Cause she got in that boat with Queen.
Laurel: So what? Now Oliver's to blame?
Quentin: Oliver, the Arrow, either way, same guy. On some level, I think I always knew. When I thought he was doing good, it didn't matter to me. You know, when that boat went down and we thought Sara was dead? We blamed Queen. It's funny how things come full circle, right?

Oliver: How's Ray?
Felicity: So much better than you right now. Please tell me you have a brilliant plan.
Oliver: I don't even have a regular plan.

Oliver: The only move that Ra's has left me is telling the truth. You have no idea how powerful the truth can be.

Quentin: Lian Yu.
Oliver: What about it?
Quentin: This, uh, Ra's character, he told me that Sara made it to the island with you. You didn't feel like sharing that with me? Huh? I mean, I'm only her father. Well, I was. When did you decide that you knew what was best for my family?
Oliver: I love your family.
Quentin: [slugs Oliver] You got the right to remain silent. Take it!
Oliver: Just ask me what you want to know.
Quentin: [scoffs] What do I want to know? Well, was it worth it? All that pain and misery you brought back from the island? Merlyn, Slade Wilson? Wouldn't it be better if you just died there?
Oliver: The reason I came back was to try and save the people of the city.
Quentin: I hate to break it to you, but saving people isn't your specialty. Tommy. Hilton. Your mother. My daughter. And now you're set on killing Laurel, too.
Oliver: I didn't want her to be involved in this. I didn't want anyone to be involved in this.
Quentin: But you involved me. You spent a year making me look like a fool. You spent a year making me your accomplice. You have any idea what you've done, huh? What you've done to all of us, to the people you claim to care so much about? You've made us criminals! You've made us liars and victims. You, Mr. Queen, are not a hero. You're a villain. But you know that, don't you?

Broken Arrow [3.19]Edit

Ray: Still nothing. Not a visual sighting or any other reading at all from The Atom. And I say Atom, I mean the suit, not myself in the third person.
Oliver: [to Felicity] There's a decent chance that you and Palmer are related.

Ray: I need shields.
Oliver: That's not the answer. You need to anticipate your opponent. You need to trust your instincts and not just your tech.
Ray: My instinct is to trust my tech.
Oliver: Ray, when I'm out in the field, my bow, my arrows, those are just tools. I'm the weapon.
Ray: That's poetic.
Oliver: My point is that if you rely on your suit more than you rely on yourself... it's going to get you killed.

Felicity: So, uh, what's with the sunglasses, man? We're indoors, and it's well, night. Do you have a sensitivity to the...
Jake Simmons: To light? No. [removes his sunglasses showing his fiery eyes] I love the light.

Simmons: I'm sorry, but the blonde can't come to the phone at the moment.
Ray: I swear to God, if you hurt her...
Simmons: You'll what? Fly away again? I am talking to the man in the suit, right? The one who thinks a piece of scrap metal makes him some kind of hero? It doesn't.

Cisco: You said Simmons is from Central City, right?
Ray: Yes. Last known address, 4160 Dixie Canyon. Why?
Cisco: According to this, Jake Simmons was a guest of the Opal City police department on December 11, 2013.
Ray: What do I know that date from?
Cisco: That was the day of the Particle Accelerator test. But if Simmons wasn't in Central City the night of the dark matter explosion, then... how can he be a meta-human?

The Fallen [3.20]Edit

Maseo: I hope you find the accommodations acceptable. Such luxuries are a small glimpse of the life that awaits Oliver.
Diggle: You trying to reassure me or yourself?
Maseo: I don't know what you mean.
Diggle: You're Oliver's friend. Maseo, right?
Maseo: I am Sarab.
Diggle: Call yourself whatever you want. If you gave a damn about Oliver you wouldn't be working for the man who practically killed his sister.
Maseo: Oliver will be spared grief, in a manner that was denied to me. And he'll receive an honor, greater than you can imagine.
Diggle: League of Assassins. You're feared for your bravery and power, but all I see are a bunch of weak men running from their lives, trying to escape. That's not powerful, Maseo, or brave. That's cowardly.
Maseo: Do not presume to know me. Until you've held your dying child in your arms. Until you've told him everything will be okay. So that the last words he ever hears are a lie. You know nothing.
Diggle: I'm sorry. What was your child's name?
Maseo: Akio.
Diggle: Do you think Akio would be proud of his father right now?

Ra's: You know, many lifetimes ago, I loved a woman immeasurably. And she loved me. And we had a son and then a daughter. And for many years, I felt I was the most fortunate man in the world. My life was bliss. And one night, a man came to my door and he gave me a horrible choice... to leave without saying a word to them, or to stand and watch them tortured and then killed. And I left without a farewell. And to spare them pain, I endured an agony worse than death.
Felicity: Sounds like you gave up too easily.
Ra's: If there's one immutable truth about life... it's often more cruel than it is fair, and rarely provides an opportunity for any of us to find closure. And all your posture and all your threats of war will merely deal the inevitable, causing you to forfeit you the opportunity you have… that was denied me. You need to tell Oliver goodbye. Tell him how much you love him. Tell him whatever it is your heart needs to express. And do it now. Before he is lost to you forever.

Felicity: I wish that I could change your mind about staying here, but I know I can't. Just like I know that leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don't regret a single moment. And you shouldn't either. You have done so much. You have saved so many people's lived and you have changed so many for the better, including mine. Knowing you has changed my life. You've opened up my heart in a way I didn't even know was possible. I love you.

Diggle: Oliver. Oliver, I don't know what to say
Oliver: I do. John, you’re the best man I’ve ever known. Whatever happens, you’re my brother.
[Oliver and Diggle embrace]
Felicity: I'm afraid I will never forgive myself for leaving you here.
Oliver: You told me once that life's precious and that you wanted more from it than I could offer you. Don't give up on that. The only way that I'm gonna survive this is if I know that you're out there living your life, happy.
Felicity: We're always saying goodbye to each other. You'd think I'd be good at it by now.
Oliver: Well, let's not say goodbye this time.
[Oliver and Felicity kiss]

Ra's: Oliver Queen is dead. Eventually to be reborn as Ra's al Ghul. But for now, only the Arrow, Al Sah-Him shall remain. Al Sah-Him. Heir to the Demon.

Al Sah-him [3.21]Edit

Oliver: My name was Oliver Queen. I worked three years to save my city. But to save my sister, I had to become someone else. I had to become something else.

Ra's: You have made great progress in three weeks. Al Sah-him. You no longer flinch upon hearing your new name.
Oliver: Oliver Queen is alive only in the past. He's forgotten.
Ra's: Indeed. You are Al Sah-him. You are Wareeth al Ghul. Heir to the demon.

Felicity: If you're gonna keep going out into the field, we should really design you some sort of...
Diggle: Do not say "costume."
Felicity: Okay. Identity concealment.

Lyla: John... What's the house rule?
Diggle: No Glocks on the dinner table.

Ra's: I can see now, you do not require a culling to solidify your reign. You have broken your rival, Al Sah-him. Something I wasn't able to do as an heir. Spilling her blood will only serve as gluttony. Now, perhaps... her blood could be of another purpose. As a means to unite our families. You as husband... and you as wife.
Nyssa: I would rather die then become his betrothed.
Ra's: Well, your wishes are no longer my concern from the moment you betrayed me. So you will marry Al Sah-him. And you will become bride of the demon.

This Is Your Sword [3.22]Edit

Diggle: If there is even the possibility of this kind of danger to my city, I’m reporting for duty.

Oliver: Malcolm, we need help.
Merlyn: By all accounts, you were too good at allying yourself with Ra's and I don't think I carry much credibility with them.

Thea: Jason, I have a '67 Mustang that need a little work on it. Someone said you were the guy to see.
Roy: You came to the right place.

Laurel: So this is Nanda Parbat.
Felicity: Next time we should really look into getting some horses. You think they rent horses here?

Felicity: I can't believe he's gonna marry her.
Merlyn: You should worry more about getting out of here alive.
Ray: Is that even a remote possibility?
Laurel: Oliver would never let that happen.
Diggle: He let this happen.

My Name Is Oliver Queen [3.23]Edit

Barry: [looking at the Lazarus Pit] You guys have a hot tub? Nice. [races to the dungeon where Team Arrow and Merlyn are being held.] Hey, guys. Wow! I mean, this is, like... a real dungeon.
Felicity: Barry.
Barry: Thank you, Felicity. You just outed my secret identity to a super-villain. [to Merlyn] No offence.
Merlyn: None taken. Now get us out of here!

Ra's: You were delivered by the prophecy. You wed my daughter. Your name is Al Sah-Him and you are Wareeth al Ghul!
Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen!
Ra's: Oliver Queen is dead. And soon, you will be, too!

Oliver: Felicity... I can't defeat Ra's al Ghul.
Felicity: Oliver Queen can't. The Arrow can't. Both those men tried and both those men failed. You remember what you said to me during that night in Nanda Parbat? You're no longer either of those men. You've become... someone else. Become something else. This... is different now. Because despite your best efforts, you've allowed yourself to feel something. I know you think that's a weakness, it's not. It's your key to beating Ra's. Don't fight to die. Fight to live.

Oliver: Be safe out there, okay?
Thea: As safe as anybody with a mask on can be. But, actually, I was thinking, um, maybe I can call myself the Red Arrow.
Oliver: Hmm. I think I already told everyone to call you Speedy.

Nyssa: At least admit this was your goal all along.
Merlyn: My only aspiration was to free myself of your fathers grasp. A feat we both managed to achieve.
Nyssa: I don't see how it was possible in your case.
Merlyn: When I was your father's captive three months ago, he tortured me with his blade.
Nyssa: And you survived because my father chose to release you.
Merlyn: Funny thing, prophecies.
Nyssa: Fate and my father have shown you mercy. I will not. You took Sara from me and I will have justice.
Merlyn: You are welcome to try. Until then... kneel before Ra's al Ghul.

Season 4Edit

Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. But my old approach wasn't enough. I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I had to become the Green Arrow.

Green Arrow [4.01]Edit

Damien Darhk: So you're all fretting about this city dying. I'm here on behalf of an organization that wants you to let it die. See, death is a beautiful thing. We die, we go into the ground, our remains grow into flowers. It's only in the interval after dying that new things can sprout. Cities are like puppies. You see them writhing in agony on the street, you put them down, you don't let them suffer.

Oliver: I saw you took my advice on the identity concealment.
Diggle: Oliver what are we doing? Pretending everything's normal? That we are normal?
Oliver: I'm looking for a way in.
Diggle: I was furious to think that you trusted Malcolm Merlyn more than you trusted me, but then I realized that I'm not angry at you, I'm angry at myself for thinking you're someone that you clearly aren't.
Oliver: I don't know what that means.
Diggle: Oliver, after everything we've been through, man, I couldn't fathom why you didn't trust me. Then I realized you couldn't. It's not who you are. You don't trust. You don't love. You were able to fool Ra's and join the League because inside you are every bit as dark as they are.

Green Arrow: Sorry. You had to get off at an earlier stop.
Darhk: You can't be the Arrow. He died. So who are you?
Green Arrow: You're about to find out. [loads and aims his bow at Damien] Stop the train!
Darhk: No, I don't want to. Even if I did, I couldn't. I destroyed the braking system 20 miles away.
Green Arrow: Willing to die to destroy a train station?
Darhk: No, that would be ridiculous.
Green Arrow: Then how are you planning on getting off the train?!?
Darhk: You don't know who I am, do you? I'm Damien Darhk.

Thea: So what are you gonna call yourself now? Everybody thinks Roy was the Arrow.
Diggle: Well he won't need a code name if he's headed back to Ivy Town.
Oliver: [looks at Felicity] Well I guess I need a code name. Felicity and I, we have missed this. We've missed all of you. And the city is far worse off than we thought.
Laurel: What are you talking about?
Oliver: The man leading the Ghosts is Damien Darhk.
Laurel: Darhk left Star City months ago. Why would he come back?
Diggle: Did Ra's tell you anything about Darhk that would give us any idea about his agenda?
Oliver: He said that Damien Darhk had a hive of operatives at his disposal.
Diggle: Hive. That was the exact word he used?
Oliver: Yes. Why? Does it mean something to you?
[Diggle flashes back]
Diggle: Who would want to kill Andy?
Deadshot: I don't know their names. Just an alias. H.I.V.E.
[back in the present day]
Diggle: No. No, nothing.

Green Arrow: [broadcasting on the emergency channel] Six months ago, the Arrow died. What he stood for didn't. It lived on and heroes took up his mantel. People who believe that this city should never descend into hopelessness. Who believe although life is full of darkness, that darkness can be fixed by light. And tonight I am declaring my intention to stand with them. To fight for this city! To be the symbol of hope that the Arrow never was. I. Am. The Green Arrow.

The Candidate [4.02]Edit

Oliver: He left behind evidence.
Diggle: Fingerprints.
Laurel: How'd you get the owner to part with his windshield?
Oliver: I bought his truck. It's one of the benefits of your girlfriend inheriting a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. We have money now.

Lance: What this city needs is somebody who can stand out in the light of day, not lurk around in the shadows. You said you were gonna be different this time, huh? How?

Felicity: Let's get one thing straight. The only person who gets to talk in sentence fragments around here is me.

Laurel: You've been investigating this for two years and you haven't told anyone?
Diggle: It's a family thing Laurel. I would think you. of all people, would understand keeping secrets when it comes to the death of a sibling.
Laurel: I do. And because I do, I can tell you carrying a burden like that never ends in any way but bad.

Oliver: Both Lance and Jessica Danforth said something to me about this city needing something that the Green Arrow can't offer them.
Felicity: A decent sushi restaurant?
Oliver: Hope. Inspiration. Someone who can do things in the light who isn't afraid. Someone who can protect himself. Felicity, I'm gonna run for Mayor.

Restoration [4.03]Edit

Curtis Holt: You want me to take a look at your phone for you, Miss Smoak?
Felicity: I think we've reached the point in our working relationship where you can call me Felicity.
Curtis: Have you ever considered how ironic your name is? "Felicity" refers to the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts, which is not exactly something you're particularly good at.
Felicity: Yeah, you're right. let's stick with Miss Smoak.

Curtis: Since when are you such a bad ass?
Felicity: Since always.

Diggle: You took a bullet for me.
Oliver: They were metahuman tattoo playing cards.
Diggle: Still counts, Oliver. Still counts.

Merlyn: Even if Sara went into the Pit, even if it worked, who -- what -- came out of the Pit, would not be Sara. Laurel, I am sorry, truly sorry, but of course, my answer is no.

Merlyn: The Pit contains traces of the souls of all the men and women who have bathed in its waters. What those waters can restore, they can also take. Life for life.
Thea: What are you saying?
Merlyn: That you need to feed this impulse, give in to it. If you do, it will subside for a time. Once you do, it will subside for a time.

Beyond Redemption [4.04]Edit

Felicity: Your texts were "911" "OMG" "ASAP" "!!!!!" I do not have time to respond to something that doesn’t contain at least one actual word.

Darhk: I can give advice, father to father. If she were my daughter, I'd put her down.
Quentin: She's my baby girl.
Darhk: No, she isn't. She may look like your daughter, but she doesn't possess her soul. The most loving act you can commit is to return Sara to her final rest. I'm sorry.

Oliver: Three years you've looked at me with contempt and utter disdain, so I'm wondering, do I have that look on my face now?
Quentin: What the hell you talking about?
Oliver: I'm talking about you... and Damien Darhk.

Oliver: You know a funny thing. You're a main reason behind me running for Mayor. A part of me has always wanted you to see what kind of man I really am! I didn't expect to wind up finding out what kind of man you really are.

Quentin: We're all desperate. We've been made to do desperate things. Terrible things. But I've gotta believe that we are not beyond redemption. I've gotta believe that this city can still be saved cause once we stop believing that's when this city really dies and us right along with it. Maybe, just maybe... We start saving our home by saving ourselves first.

Haunted [4.05]Edit

Oliver: Why didn't you come to me with this?
Laurel: Come to you for what? Your expertise with magical resurrection? Or that judgmental look on your face?
Oliver: For help finding your sister, Laurel, before she gets hurt, or she hurts anyone else. And If I have a judgmental look on my face right now, it's because you played with forces that you do not understand, and now people are dying because of it.

John Constantine: You know, if I knew you were surrounded by so many pretty girls, Oliver, I would have stopped by sooner.
Diggle: Where did Oliver find this guy, The Luxor?

Constantine: You know, the hair on the back of my neck has been standing up since the moment I got into town.
Oliver: That is probably our current problem - Damien Dhark. Ohh, you've heard of him.
Constantine: You watch yourself on that one, mate. He'll make what you saw in the other realm look like a bloody gnat.
Oliver: Any helpful advice?
Constantine: Yeah. Leave town. While you still can.

Oliver: I need you to punch me in the face.
Constantine: Right. My, uh, escape attempt left a bruise, right? All right. I must warn you, I've got a hell of a right hook.

Oliver: Laurel, you were right... I haven't always been the best friend for you but... I'd be grateful for the opportunity to try to start to be.
Laurel: How can I say no to the man who helped me save my sister's soul?

Lost Souls [4.06]Edit

Felicity: You faced down mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins. Are you honestly telling me that you couldn't say "no" to my mom?
Oliver: She said she missed you and then she texted me one of those emojis with the single tear.

Felicity: I lost myself in you. But I was never that girl, that girl who just loses herself in a guy. That is not who I am.
Oliver: This isn't about Ray. It's about us.
Felicity: No.... Yes.... I don't know.

Oliver: Do you know what I miss about our old space?
Diggle: That trunk with the bottle of Russian Vodka in it? [goes to a desk drawer and retrieves a bottle and glasses] Vodka is for wimps anyway.
Oliver: [laughing at that] "Vodka is for wimps".
Diggle: Tennessee Whiskey. Put some hair on your chest.

Felicity: He's wonderful... in a million different ways. But that's the problem, it's too easy to lose myself in him.
Donna: Baby, that's how it's supposed to feel. when you love someone. Believe it or not, he's lost himself in you. And you'll find yourself in each other. Just don't get in your own way. Don't ruin something that most people never get. Cause trust me, you'll never find a guy that hot who cooks.

Donna: I came to town to visit my daughter. But, she kicked me out of her apartment to finish a fight with a man I hope will be my future son-in-law. Okay, it's your turn.
Quentin: Well, one of my daughters is leaving town after being back a whole five minutes.
Donna: Sounds like a reason to drink.
Quentin: Oh, I always got a reason. But this... [holds up his glass] is club soda. [offers his hand] Quentin.
Donna: [taking Lance's hand] Donna.

Brotherhood [4.07]Edit

Darhk: Trust is an orchid. Beautiful but delicate. Requires ideal conditions in order to thrive. Without those conditions, it dies.

Oliver: I need to believe that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how much darkness infects us, I need to believe we can come back from that!
Diggle: It was exactly that thinking that led you to the League last year. It doesn't seem like you learned much from that.

Oliver: We are going to take this guy down, and no idea is off the table.
Diggle: Look, you're doing things differently, Oliver. Fighting Darhk from the inside is just fighting Darhk in the shadows. You want to do things differently? You want ideas? Fine. Let's take this son of a bitch down in the light of day!

Felicity: Ray, when you come back from the dead, you're supposed to start living again. What's going on?
Ray: I've been catching up on the past six months. My company, my city, my life. And I feel like Tom Sawyer watching his own funeral, except in my case nobody really cares.

Oliver: It's nice of you to show up.
Diggle: My brother needed me. The green one.

Legends of Yesterday [4.08]Edit

Thea: A bunch of superheroes in a farm house? I feel like I've seen that in a movie before.
Oliver: We need a secure location.
Caitlin: What's wrong with S.T.A.R. Labs?
Oliver: Well, absolutely nothing if you forget about the revolving door you guys installed so the bad guys can come and go as they please.
Caitlin: Remind me again what happened to your old lair, or the one before that...

Barry: [to Kendra] Whatever you do, don't let him train you. [to Oliver] I'm sorry, but when it rains, I can still feel where you shot me with those arrows.

Vandal Savage: [to Barry] Turn over Prince Khufu and Priestess Chayera within twenty-four hours, or I will lay waste to this city, killing everyone that you hold dear. [goes over to Oliver] And after that, I will travel to your home and do the same thing there.
Barry: All right, I'm just curious. Did you rehearse that speech in a mirror this morning, or is this just all off the cuff?

Oliver: Do you know that my whole world just exploded? And I think that I'm entitled to a minute to process that by myself.

Cisco: Knowing the future might change the present which might change the future.
Barry: What?
Cisco: My head hurts.
  • This episode is a continuation of Flash [2.8] Legends of Today

Dark Waters [4.09]Edit

Thea: If you're here to give me a Christmas present, you can keep whatever knife or torture device you plan on giving me.
Merlyn: No presents, nothing gift wrapped, at any rate.

Merlyn: Honestly, Oliver, it's even easier to break in here than it was at your last lair.

Darhk: What's the name for a man who threatens the man who's holding his nearest and dearest captive. I don't know... idiot?

Felicity: Back at the Christmas party from hell, you said you were going to propose and you didn't because you said you weren't sure our relationship could survive this kind of life.
Oliver: It's a holiday party.
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: I had more to say, but we were attacked.
Felicity: And here we are, fighting, Fighting our way through the danger instead of running away from it. Isn't that the whole point of marriage? To get through the hard times because we are together, not in spite of it?
Oliver: No.
Felicity: Just so you know. If you had asked me, I would have said yes.

Laurel: Where is Merlyn?
Oliver: He said he has to attend to League business. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I owe him one.
Laurel: I helped out a little bit, too.
Oliver: Yes, you did.

Blood Debts [4.10]Edit

Oliver: Now I know... that it's not my fault. It's my responsibility.
Barry: Responsibility to do what?
Oliver: To end it. I'm going to kill him.

Quentin: So you're back to dropping bodies?
Oliver: It's just this one.

Laurel: Machin is about ten different kinds of deranged. Why would you believe anything he has to say?

Diggle: I know you want payback for what happened to Felicity, and you should, but don't lose who made her fall in love with her in the first place.

Darhk: Where's my family?!?
Green Arrow: I saved them.
Darhk: I want to be clear about something. I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me. You saved my family. So I'll give you a few weeks to spend with yours. Enjoy your time. What's left of it.

A.W.O.L. [4.11]Edit

Laurel: Hey, Oliver. Felicity... She makes her own choices, you know. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why you love her so much.

Felicity: It's the fault of only one man and he has an extremely on-the-nose and alliterative name. And we're going to stop him, not out of guilt or vengeance, or regret. We are going to stop him because it's what we do. That's who we are.
Oliver: That was a good speech. I'm very happy to hear it.

Green Arrow: Overwatch, we're on site.
Felicity: Excuse me?
Green Arrow: Well, I thought that it was time you got a code name. What do you think?
Felicity: It's perfect.
Green Arrow: Was gonna go with Oracle, but it was taken.

Lyla: You really don't know her that well at all, do you?
Amanda: Michaels is one of my most trusted agents. She knows better than anyone that I'm perfectly capable of watching you execute every person in this room, and I'll still never give you the Rubicon access codes.
Lieutenant Joyner: Hmm. Is that right, Ms. Michaels?
Lyla: It's right. It's why I left. Amanda Waller doesn't make decisions based on the values of human life.
Joyner: Pity. [shoots Amanda] Well, Ms. Michaels, most trusted agent, looks like you now have 20 minutes.

Oliver: I have seen people speed and shrink and fly. We watched a friend of ours come back from the dead. That is the world we live in now and I will not stop searching it until we find a way to make you walk again.

Unchained [4.12]Edit

Laurel: Ollie, what are you thinking?
Oliver: That I should have done a better job keeping an eye on her. She told me the blood-lust came back two months ago and I didn't even know. I've been focused on the campaign, and I've been running back and forth to Central City, and I...
Felicity: How is it that you always manage to blame yourself for everything?
Diggle: That's his superpower. Guilt Arrow.

Roy: He calls himself The Calculator.
Felicity: That's what happens when the bad guys names themselves.

The Calculator: Well well, whoever you are, let me just say I am very impressed. No one's ever been able to break through my encryption before. Bravo!
Oliver: [whispering] Disguise your voice.
Felicity: Thanks, I would take that as a compliment if it wasn't coming from some nutjob trying to take down the internet.
Calculator: Why would I want to take down the net? Not only is it where I work, I'm addicted to funny cat videos.

Merlyn: Leaving the epic stupidity of your plan aside, Thea's right, this isn't either of our decisions.
Oliver: Malcolm, do you want her to die?
Merlyn: Of course not. Do you have any idea how badly I want to put a knife in her hand and force her to slit someone's throat? I've come this close to dragging someone in here for her to kill. And the reason that I don't is because that would be about my feelings and not Thea's. Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all. It's her life. It's her choice.

Thea: You know you should be a nurse in your new life. You're a natural at it.
Roy: Only problem is I'm a one-patient man, and I'm already committed to you.
Thea: Is that why you're leaving? Look, I get it. Star City still has too many people who can recognize you.
Roy: You know, I thought about staying anyway. For you.
Thea: You know what you could do for me? Go and live an amazing life. Get married, have a couple of kids, get a minivan, just go be normal. There's nothing in this world that would make me happier then that.
Roy: You know if I could do all of this over again, I would do every single one of those things with you.
Thea: Me too.
Roy: I love you Thea Queen.
Thea: I love you Roy Harper.

Sins of the Father [4.13]Edit

Merlyn: I've been holding off telling you this for years, Oliver. You're very handsome, not especially bright.

Nyssa: Thea is my sister-in-law. You are my husband.
Oliver: I'm not your husband.
Nyssa: But war does not know family bonds nor friendly sentiments.

Nyssa: I recognize what you are doing. Part of me even respects it, but the leadership of the League of Assassins is in the balance here. It is naive to think this can be resolved without bloodshed.

Diggle: You've been in denial, Oliver. Holding onto hope with both hands that you don't have to give into that hate. Use that hate to do what needs to be done. But Oliver, this needs to be done. You have to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Donna: People don't change. Even if you want them to.

Code of Silence [4.14]Edit

Quentin: It's like the big bad wolf huffed and puffed or something.
Laurel: This wolf being Darhk.

Donna: Hey, I'm a Vegas girl. Whoever you owe money to is going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to take me on. So... Don't worry.

Donna: [to Quentin] You know, this is actually very simple. You either respect me enough to tell me the truth or you don't. Clearly, you don't.

Felicity: Please tell me the nails are the clue and not what's on the laptop's hard drive because there are 3 nails running straight through this thing.
Thea: Yeah. The bad guys went a little crazy with the nail gun.

Quentin: You know, in AA, we say you're only as sick as the secrets you keep. You're looking pretty healthy these days. Let's just hope I can get back to that place with Donna.
Oliver: For what it's worth, you're in a tough spot, and you're trying to keep her safe. You know, sometimes a lie isn't wrong if it's for the good of someone that you love.

Taken [4.15]Edit

Felicity: Oliver, you're the only person on the planet who considers the truth complicated. Let's be clear, I don't care that you have a child. I can't believe that you have a child that I don't know about. What does it say about our relationship that your first instinct is to hide the truth?

Laurel: [about Mari] She's a friend. A hero in Detroit they call Vixen.
Oliver: Mari and I had an animated encounter last year and we've stayed in touch.

Damien: When you're dead, I'll be sure to put that totem to better use.
Mari McCabe: Took the words right out of my mouth. [jumps over Damien and steals his totem]
Damien: Well. That happened.

Mari: The best thing my parents every gave me was that freedom. Well, that and this totem. That makes me a total badass.
Oliver: You don't need a totem for that.
Mari: Damn right I don't.

Felicity: You should have told me. Marriage is about inclusion. It's about leaning on your partner when things get complicated. But I don't think you know how to do that.
Oliver: I'm... I'm trying.

Broken Hearts [4.16]Edit

Cutter: Love is a bullet to the brain. [shoots arrows into a newlywed couple] Or an arrow to the heart.

Baron Reiter: The difference between insanity and belief lies only in the number of believers.

Oliver: You are a part of the team, forever and always.

Oliver: Kevlar under the tux. My bodyguard insisted.
Cutter: What's his plan for C4?
Diggle: That is a damn good question.

Oliver: I don't want to let you go.
Felicity: I don't want to let you go... but I'm already gone.

Beacon of Hope [4.17]Edit

Oliver: [about Felicity] Laurel, she's not Voldemort, and I'm fine. That's a good idea. [to Thea] You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.
Thea: [suppressing a smile] Mm-hm.
Oliver: What?
Thea: Nothing. It's just... it's shocking that you know who Voldemort is.
Oliver: Well, I mean, I'm not immune to pop culture. I read a few of the Harry Potter books.
Diggle: Really? I was gonna bet Thea that you just saw the movies.
Oliver: There were movies?

[Darhk tries to assault Malcolm mystically, but he is powerless.]
Malcolm: [amused] Don't be embarrassed. Performance issues are common for men of your age.

Laurel: I know how passionately you love and how much it hurts once that love goes away.
Oliver: You know, between Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Ra's al Ghul, I thought I'd be a little... tougher than this by now.
Laurel: That's a different type of pain. And this takes longer to heal.

Brie Larvan: To get the schematics, I had to tiptoe through Palmer Tech's computer network, and I saw some very familiar computer code. You never forget the hacker who sent you to prison.
Felicity: [meekly] Hi.

Felicity: I was never in it for that (the thrill). Not ever. I wanted to make a difference. Be part of that beacon of hope you speak of.
Thea: So come back. Rejoin the team.
Felicity: I think I figured out another way. It's actually that insane bee-lady who gave me the idea, ironically. To remake this company. To use the technology that helped me walk again, to make people's lives better. To make Palmer Tech into the beacon of hope.

Eleven-Fifty-Nine [4.18]Edit

[Team Arrow is looking at Darhk's idol.]
Diggle: Why does that thing creep me out the way it does?
Laurel: Because it's creepy.
Oliver: There's something I haven't told you guys.
Thea: Shocker. [Oliver gives her a look] Sorry.
Oliver: I've seen this idol before.
Laurel: What? Where?
Oliver: Lian Yu.
Laurel: You really love not talking about that place, don't you?

Darhk: You know, you're lucky I'm not the man that you think I am, Miss Lance. If I were the man that your father so vehemently claims, you'd be in a lot of trouble right now, wouldn't you?
Laurel: Are you threatening an assistant district attorney?
Darhk: Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Just merely trying to figure out where your father gets these vicious ideas from. Ooh! Oh. I hope his mind isn't starting to go. You know, dementia is sometimes an aftereffect of long-term alcoholism.
Laurel: You're a son of a bitch.

Oliver: [pressing down hard on Andy's arrow wound] I told John to trust you. To give you another chance. But I was wrong. Because men like you don't change. Now you tell me: what does Darhk have planned?!
Andy: If I'm the man that you think I am, then you know torture is not gonna get me to say anything.
Oliver: I haven't started torturing you yet. [presses Andy's wound harder]

Darhk: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ms. Lance. Nine months ago, I made your daddy a promise. I told him what I would do if he betrayed me. [Oliver resists Darhk's spell long enough to fire an arrow at him, but Darhk mystically catches it.] Impressive. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. I want you to give your father a message. From me. I want you to tell him... [stabs Laurel with the arrow and twists it] I'm a man of my word.

Laurel: I'm really glad that you found Felicity, and I hope you find your way back to her. And Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine.

Canary Cry [4.19]Edit

Felicity: What are you doing here?
Oliver: Thinking.
Felicity: Mmm. Which is Oliver-speak for "beating yourself up".

Oliver: [to Diggle] If (Laurel) were here, she'd tell you the same thing that I'm gonna tell you: you can not forget who you are, and we... we can never become them.

Diggle: And I'm the one constantly telling Oliver not to have a blind spot for family.
Felicity: And here you are, taking the blame for something that's not your fault. You're just one illegitimate child away from a really awesome Oliver Queen impersonation.

Ruvé Adams: [pointing at Green Arrow, to police officers] Arrest him!
Oliver: Seen this one before. [fires a cable arrow towards the ceiling and escapes]

Oliver: This, uh... this doesn't seem right. I knew Laurel Lance for... almost her entire life. She was my friend, and I loved her. Before she died, I was.. I was lucky enough to hear her tell me that she loved me, too. Laurel Lance became a lawyer to help people who may have appeared helpless. She wanted to give a voice to the silent. But just being a lawyer wasn't enough. She wanted to do more. For those people, and for this city, because she loved this city so much. By now, everyone knows that Laurel was killed in the Iron Heights prison riot. And while it's true that she was an assistant District Attorney, that's not what she was doing there that night. Before she died, Laurel told me the truth: Laurel Lance was the Black Canary. And for the past few days, I have had to sit and listen to people try and paint the Black Canary as a criminal, She was not a criminal. She was a hero. She was a hero in every way that a person can be. And if Laurel were here, I know that she would expect all of us to live up to the example that she set. She'd want us to save our city.

Genesis [4.20]Edit

Darhk: I had a lot of time to reflect while I was in prison. Mostly about religion and bundt cake. But after much thought, I realized that -- Oh, almost forgot... did my little incarceration delay Genesis at all?
Milo: Of course not. Genesis is much bigger than just one person.
Darhk: [low chuckle] Gold star for you. Where was I? Oh, that's right, my jailhouse epiphany. If I could escape prison without your help, what do I need any of you for?
[Milo fires a gun at Darhk, but he stops the bullet mystically.]
Darhk: Milo. You really have not been paying attention, have you. [hurls the bullet back at Milo's head, killing him]

Oliver: I'm staring to think that this guy's gonna be a no-show.
Felicity: Right.
Fortuna: It's because he's not a guy, amour. Esrin Fortuna. Tell John Constantine he still owes me money.

Oliver: Earlier with Darhk, it worked. He tried to use his magic on me, and I was able to repel it.
Felicity: That's incredible. How'd you do it?
Oliver: I heard your voice in my head. You were reminding me of all the good things I have in my life. I heard Thea, I heard John. I heard Laurel. Just telling me to keep fighting. To never give up. Just telling me to have hope.

Diggle: Andy said Genesis was coming.
Felicity: I don't think so. Phil Collins said they'd never tour again.

Diggle: [realizing Darhk's Genesis is comparable to the Old Testament] God wanted to give the world a do-over, so he destroyed it.
Oliver: He destroyed it with a flood. Rubicon is Darhk's flood.
Felicity: So nuclear annihilation is Darhk's flood. What's he planning on building as his ark?

Monument Point [4.21]Edit

Malcolm: [whistles twice, then says "woof"] I know. The predictability was a terrible flaw in the design.
Thea: Predictability is your flaw, too. Every time my life starts to suck, you show up.

Noah: I'm not the man my daughter thinks, you know.
Green Arrow: Don't tell me. Tell her.
Noah: I've tried. Tried explaining, but there're two sides to me. The father and the hacker. She sees only the criminal. I mention this because you strike me as someone with experience leading a dual life. Any insights you'd care to share?
Green Arrow: Yep. It doesn't work. You living a dual life is why you lost her.
Noah: You sound like you're talking from some personal experience.

Lyla: The President asked me if the fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys in Halloween costumes.
Oliver: They're not Halloween costumes.

Lonnie Machin: What is it with you? Why are you always at the mercy of some guy? You can make your own decisions, Thea. You're not a pawn. You're a queen.

[Damien Darhk is absorbing the life energies of thousands of people killed in a nuclear bomb explosion.]
Darhk: Hello, Oliver. Nice timing. I think you're gonna need much bigger arrows.

Lost in the Flood [4.22]Edit

Darhk: [incinerates incoming arrows] Cool. You know, I didn't even mean to do that. [Diggle fires pistol at Darhk] I turn steel arrows into dust and you thought lead would do the trick?
Diggle: He's not human anymore.
Darhk: Oh, I'm still human. Just better.
Oliver: Still doesn't give you the right to remake the world.
Darhk: Why not? It's been done before. Noah and the Flood. People even worship the responsible party.

Oliver: Do you really think that maybe Darhk has a point?
Diggle: Well, Darhk is psychotic. Everyone down here is.
Oliver: Are they? He's not wrong [the man they're holding prisoner]. The world is coming apart. Just like Star City. I mean, it is worse than it has ever been.
Diggle: That's because Darhk's been spending the past year trying to kill it.
Oliver: Then why is he giving these people more hope than we ever could?

Ruvé: You do realize that you're planning to destroy the last safe place left on the entire planet, right?
Machin: I'm sorry. Did I leave you with the impression that I was a rational guy?

[Team Arrow is surveying the enormous crater left after the destruction of H.I.V.E.'s Genesis Ark.]
Thea: Well, looks like the real estate value of the Glades just went up. [off Oliver's look] It's called gallows humor.

Felicity: Go to hell.
Darhk: Why bother? I'm going to bring it to us.


  • Destiny leaves its mark
  • A heroic future forged by a tortured past.
  • Innocent and not guilty are two different things.
  • His death was just the beginning.
  • A Hero Will Rise
  • Those closest to you can hurt you the most.
  • The past has prepared him
  • Mess with his friends and he may snap
  • One more will discover who hides under the hood
  • In the secret war on Starling, he is the city's only weapon.
  • This disaster has his family name all over it.
  • Savagery Is a Family Trait
  • His city burns. Will he fight fire with fire?
  • Saving a city takes a toll


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