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American action-adventure television series
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Arrow (2012–2020) is a TV show based on the fictional character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. It is the 1st entry of the Arrowverse, a series based on DC Comics that includes The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

Season 1


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. For five years, I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish - to use the list of names he left me and bring down those who are poisoning my city. To do this, I must become someone else. I must become something else.

Pilot [1.01]

Dr. Neil Lamb: [to Moira] The Oliver you lost might not be the one they found.

Laurel Lance: Why are you here, Ollie?
Oliver Queen: To apologize. It was my fault. I want to ask you not to blame her.
Laurel: For what? Falling under your spell? How could I possibly blame her for doing the same thing I did?
Oliver: I never meant...
Laurel: She was my sister. I couldn't be angry because she was dead. I couldn't grieve because I was angry. That's what happens when your sister dies while screwing your boyfriend. We buried an empty coffin because her body was at the bottom of the ocean where you left her. It should have been you.
Oliver: I know it is too late to say this but I am sorry.
Laurel: Yeah, I am sorry, too. I had hoped you'd rot in hell a lot longer than five years.

Tommy: By my rough estimate, you have not had sex in 1839 days. As your wingman, I highly recommend Carmen Golden.
Oliver: Which one is she?
Tommy: The one that looks like the chick from Twilight.
Oliver: What's Twilight?
Tommy: You're so better off not knowing.

Oliver: Laurel, you always saw the best in me. Right now, that's what you're doing, looking at me and you wondering if that island changed me somehow, if it made me a better person, It didn't. Stay away from me, otherwise I am just gonna hurt you again, but this time it will be worse.
Laurel: You know what, Oliver. You are wrong, that island did change you, at least now you are honest.

Oliver: [Voiceover] She says the island changed me. She has no idea how much. There are many more names on the list. Those who rule my city through intimidation and fear. Every last one of them will wish I had died on that island.

Honor Thy Father [1.02]

Laurel: I'm a lawyer. I live to argue.
Quentin Lance: I'm your father. I live to keep you safe.

Laurel: How am I supposed to stay away from you if you won't stay away from me?
Oliver: I...
Laurel: What are you doing here, Ollie?
Oliver: My sister took...she put it out to me that I have been distant since I got back and that it would probably be a good idea if I let somebody in.
Laurel: So, you thought to start with the first person you pushed away?!
Oliver: I did that to protect you, and I saw you yesterday and I realized that I hurt you.

Oliver: My mother wants me to join the company. Yeah, take my rightful place.
Laurel: I can't exactly picture you as master of the universe.

Laurel: I thought I didn't need police protection any more.
Quentin: I thought I didn't need a reason to see my own daughter.

Oliver: [speaking to his father's tombstone] I didn't know how painful it would be to keep my secrets. You asked me to save the city, to right the wrong. I will, I swear, but to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that honor your wishes, I need to dishonor your memory.

Lone Gunmen [1.03]

John Diggle: So how was your evening, sir?
Oliver: You mean after I said I had to go the bathroom at dinner and never came back?
Diggle: I guess from now on I'll be watching you pee.

Moira Queen: You're grounded for two weeks.
Thea Queen: Grounded? I've never been grounded.
Moira: Well, you never committed larceny before.
Thea: Since when do you care?
Moira: I've always cared. I'm your mother.
Thea: Look, we've had a good thing for the last five years. Why mess with that now?
Moira: No, we are paying off store owners to keep your record clean, so clearly, it hasn't been working.
Thea: And you're going to teach me? It's Oliver, isn't it? His judgmental hypocrisy is rubbing off on you.
Moira: No, I don't need Oliver to teach me how to parent you. You'll be home by 4:00.
Thea: Or what? You're going to call the cops on me? Tell them I say hi.

Thea: [to Oliver] You're not my father. And you're barely my brother.

Deadshot: I admire your work. Guess you won't be extending me any professional courtesy.
Oliver: We're not in the same line of work. Your profession is murder.
Deadshot: You've taken lives.
Oliver: For the good of others. You're out for yourself.

Oliver: You don't think much of me, do you?
Diggle: Actually, sir, I have a very high regard for how... perceptive you are.

An Innocent Man [1.04]

Oliver: Thank you for coming.
Laurel: I care about the lives of other people, Oliver. Maybe you should try it sometime.

Oliver: [to the new body guard] I gotta go to the wash room, Rob.
[long pause]
Diggle: [to Rob] Oh, that boy's long gone man.

Laurel: I didn't become a lawyer to break the law or hurt anybody.
The Hood: I do what's necessary, what people like Peter Declan need.
Laurel: If what you're doing isn't wrong, then why are you hiding your face with a hood?
The Hood: To protect the ones I care about.

Oliver: [handcuffs Matt Istook to train track] Peter Declan, your lies put him on death row. Now, either it's time to tell me the truth, or it's time for the 10:15 to Blüdhaven.

Diggle: You really did lose your mind on that island.
Oliver: Found a couple of things along the way.
Diggle: Like what? Archery classes?
Oliver: Clarity.

Damaged [1.05]

Yao Fei: [shoots a rabbit] Dinner. Get.
Oliver: Ah, come... hey, I got an idea. Why don't you let me shoot that thing and you can go pick up the bloody, dead, disgusting animal.
Yao Fei: [gives Oliver his bow] You try.
[Ollie takes aim at a tree, draws, looses - and misses wide.]
Yao Fei: [speaks Mandarin]
Oliver: What does that mean?
Yao Fei: You will die badly. [motions to the rabbit] Get.

Thea: And you get me this. I mean, it's an arrowhead.
Oliver: Oh, man. Thea, I bought that in the gift shop at the Beijing airport. Now I'm sort of happy I didn't buy you the shot glass with the panda on it, 'cause then you'd be worried I was Panda Man.

Laurel: Wow. I can't remember the last time I've been in this room.
Oliver: I can. Halloween, 2005. We were getting ready for Tommy's party.
Laurel: Ah. Yes. I wore those horrible fishnets.
Oliver: I thought you looked good.

Oliver: Do we have a legal meeting or something? 'Cause, I have friends over.

Legacies [1.06]

Tommy Merlyn: Wow. You look just really lovely.
Laurel: Lovely. Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.
Tommy: You can just say thank you, you know.

Oliver: I think you have the wrong impression about what it is I do.
Diggle: You take out bad guys with a bow and arrow.
Oliver: I don't fight street crime. That's a symptom of what's wrong with this city; I'm trying to cure the disease.
Diggle: CEOs and crooked entrepreneurs, I get it. Listen, Oliver, I'm just saying maybe you can make a difference if you think beyond the scope of those pages. I'm sure your father wouldn't mind.
Oliver: No, you don't get it. My father died so that I could live. Live and make a difference by fixing the city that he and the people in this book ruined. Every name that I cross off this list honors that sacrifice.
Diggle: Oliver, there's more than one way to save this city.
Oliver: Not for me. Crime happens in this city every day. What do you want me to do? Stop all of it?
Diggle: Sounds like you have a narrow definition of being a hero.
Oliver: I'm not a hero.

Moira: I expect you to be there.
Oliver: I have plans.
Moira: That's fine. Brunch is tomorrow.
Thea: Hmm. inches from a clean getaway.
Moira: Well, you too, Thea.
Oliver: Snap.
Thea: Nobody says that anymore.
Oliver: What?

Oliver: You lied to me.
Diggle: You asked me to work with you, not for you. And when you did, you said it was because you understood the kind of man I am. Well, Oliver, I'm the kind of man who doesn't walk away when there's a chance to make a difference. And neither does Stan Washington. Oliver, I'm not finished talking. Where are you going?
Oliver: To make a difference. Let's catch some bank robbers.

Diggle: Please don't tell me you're going where I think you're going.
Oliver: Diggle, why do you even ask?

Muse of Fire [1.07]

Oliver: I have a confession....I didn't want to go out with you tonight.
Helena Bertinelli: That makes two of us.
Oliver: I'm really glad that I did.
Helena: That makes two of us.

Oliver: [to Tommy, about Laurel] If you hurt her, I'll snap your neck. [smiles] I'm just kidding.

Helena: Oliver Queen. The rich man's Lindsay Lohan.

Thea: [on the phone] Mom says I'm supposed to remind you to pick her up for lunch.
Oliver: Was I supposed to have lunch with her today?
Thea: She says she left you, like, five messages. Just bite the bullet and have a Cobb salad with the woman.
Oliver: You know, Thea, sometimes it's difficult to remember which one of you is my mother. [hangs up on her]

Helena: I know it must have been hell for you. Alone on that island, for five years. But, um...
Oliver: But, what?
Helena: But was there ever a day when you were just... happy to be away from everything? No pressure from your family, no need to be the person that everyone else expect you to be. Was there ever a day when...
Oliver: When I didn't feel lost, I felt free? More than one. And those are the days that I miss.

Vendetta [1.08]

Helena: I have weakened my father's organization to the point where there is no way he can survive [the Triad's] onslaught.
Oliver: What, and then you have your revenge?
Helena: Then I have justice for what he did to Michael and me.
Oliver: It's not justice.
Helena: And what you do is?
Oliver: Would you let me show you?

Diggle: I don't know where the next Olympics are at, but you might want to think about signing yourself up.

Helena: Was I not clear that I wasn't interested in talking?
Oliver: You don't have to talk.

Helena: This is a waste of time.
Oliver: I'm trying to teach you something.
Helena: What? The least effective way to shoot people?
Oliver: No. Control.

Oliver: Diggle, this is Helena. Diggle is my... associate.
Helena: Wow, any associate of Oliver's --
Diggle: Is absolutely nothing to you, Ma'am.

Year's End [1.09]

Malcolm Merlyn: What are your thoughts, Oliver?
Oliver: I think the vigilante needs a better code name then "The Hood" or "The Hood Guy."
Merlyn: I agree. How about Green Arrow?
Oliver: Lame.

Diggle: Maybe you can give the list a rest and just enjoy the holidays with your family. Besides, I hear St. Nick has a list of his own. I wager you're in the "nice" column. Go home, Oliver.

Thea: You bailed on your party.
Oliver: It seemed like the right move. I mean, like you said, it... wasn't the best timing.
Thea: OK, but when I was saying I was saying that, that was me being a bitch.

Merlyn: It's done.
Moira: And he won't be harmed?
Merlyn: Nor will he ever discover your involvement; you have my word.
Moira: Forgive me if I don't find that comforting.
Merlyn: You were warned, Moira. I told you to get Walter under control, and you couldn't. Steps had to be taken.
Moira: That's what you said to justify Robert's murder. And you wonder why I don't trust you.
Merlyn: Quite a bit of judgment coming from a woman who had her son kidnapped and tortured.
Moira: To prove to you that Oliver didn't know anything. And what does it matter now? What's done's done!
Merlyn: No, Moira. It's just beginning. In six months, the organization's vision of what this city should be will be complete.
Moira: And you won't feel a thing, will you? Thousands of innocent people will be dead and you'll feel nothing.
Merlyn: That's not true. I'll feel a sense of accomplishment. And you'll have Walter back.

Oliver: Felicity, you're remarkable.
Felicity Smoak: Thank you for remarking on it.

Burned [1.10]

Oliver: Who are you? Where's my friend Tommy Merlyn? The guy who once rented out a football stadium so that he could play strip kickball with models?
Tommy: That guy needed a swift kick in his lazy ass.

Oliver: Rotate your hips, Diggle. That's where the power comes from. It's not just your arms, even if they're the size of bowling balls.

Oliver: Speaking of Tommy, he told me that you're being very protective of your drawers. [Laurel glares] This is not a fancy term for your underwear.

Thea: I've seen the movie before.
Oliver: Cut me some slack. I've been gone for a while and apparently I missed the cinematic genius that is Zach... Galifianak... is(?)

[At a benefit for firefighters]
Tommy: You know, ironically if we get any more people in here we're gonna violate the fire code.

Trust But Verify [1.11]

Moira: You want me to help you with Carl, I want something in return. Proof, Walter's still alive.
Merlyn: My word isn't enough?
Moira: What's that saying? Trust, but verify.
Merlyn: Words to live by.

Thea: You don't want to believe it because you have this perfect image of Mom in your head. That's not who she is, Ollie. She's a liar. And a cheater. And you really don't know her at all.

Diggle: With all the guys working up top, you might want to think about a side entrance for your, uh... arrowcave.
Oliver: Just put one in. South alleyway. Something I want to show you.
Diggle: You're finally getting into online dating and you need help with your profile.
Oliver: Not exactly, but there is somebody I'd like you to meet.

Tommy: Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he has some other agenda.

Felicity: And here I was beginning to think my days of being Oliver Queen's personal computer geek were coming to an end.
Oliver: Is that your way of saying you miss me?
Felicity: No. But if it works for you, go with it.

Vertigo [1.12]

Diggle: Found what you're looking for?
Oliver: Took down three Vertigo pushers tonight, Diggle. Last one finally knew a name. The Count.
Diggle: The Count? That's worse than The Hood.

Tommy: I'm learning you're not much of a morning snuggler.
Laurel: And I'm learning that you don't like to wake up at any hour that ends in a.m.
Tommy: Yeah, that's true.

Diggle: [Oliver awakens thug by touching his neck] Whoa! That's a neat trick. You going to teach me that one day?
Oliver: [knocks thug back out] No.
Diggle: What are you doing?
Oliver: You need to arrange a new identity for this guy. Get him out of the city.
Diggle: Right, so your Ruskie pal draws out The Count, vigilante takes him down.
Oliver: No, Diggle. Because the Bratva would know that I used them, and that relationship is too valuable. I do the meet with The Count as myself, let him leave, then we follow him to his hideout.
Diggle: Just that easy, huh?
Oliver: Well, I will still need my trusty bodyguard.
Diggle: [sarcastic] Fantastic, looking forward to my new and exciting career as a drug dealer.

Oliver: But I'm very particular about what it is I put in my body.
Felicity: I noticed. [Oliver stares] I said, not noticed. Right?

Felicity: [to Oliver] You look like something the cat dragged in. Not that there are cats in this building. Well, once a cat did get in, but a guard tazed it. It smelled like fur and static in here for a week.

Betrayal [1.13]

Tommy: Can I talk to you about something?
Oliver: Tommy, every time you want to talk to me about something and that something is Laurel you look like you're about to tell me you have a terminal disease.

The Hood: Are you all right?
Laurel: What would you think if I said that I didn't know?
The Hood: That you were being honest.

Cyrus Vanch: Interesting. Using deception and intimidation to make a name for himself. This guy stole my move.

Moira: I've taken care of it. Carl Ballard will not be a problem anymore.
Merlyn: Given your propensity for squeamishness, I'm assuming that Mr. Ballard remains in good health.
Moira: I made it clear to him persuasively that his plans endangered the undertaking. I didn't have to make the usual threats.
Merlyn: Excellent. Now, one more matter to attend to. I need you to have the contents of this address removed and disposed of properly, the warehouse where you're storing the remains of the Queen's Gambit.
Moira: I already told you, I knew Robert's yacht was sabotaged.
Merlyn: And I don't think it serves for anyone to find evidence of that.

Oliver: [as vigilante] Moira Queen, you have failed this city.

The Odyssey [1.14]

Felicity: I should have taken him to a hospital.
Diggle: No, Felicity. That's why he asked you to bring him here. Because if you do, the police will want to know how and why he got that wound.
Felicity: I'm guessing "How?" and "Why?" are Oliver Queen's least favorite questions.
Diggle: Yeah, well, there's also "When?" and "Where?" he's not too fond of.

[Oliver is desperately trying to start a fire with wood.]
Slade Wilson: Obviously you were never a Boy Scout.
Oliver: [sarcastically] Yeah? What tipped you off?
Slade: You'd better hurry. The wolves come out at night.
Oliver: There're wolves here? Right, of course there are, because what would the worst place on earth be without wolves?
Slade: The only thing that'll keep them out is fire.
Oliver: Well, y'know, you're welcome to help! [Slade lights the wood with a lighter.] Seriously? I've been working on this for two hours!
Slade: I know, I was watching you. Thank you...for the entertainment.

Oliver: All my life, all that I've ever thought about is myself. I took my family for granted. I betrayed people that I loved. And I'm not gonna be that person any more. I can't leave Yao-Fei here to die. I won't.

Oliver: I know this. They picked the one book that I read in college.
Slade: What the hell are you talking about?
Oliver: It's a quote from The Odyssey: "Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is born that is weaker than man."

Slade: [after Oliver laughs] What?
Oliver: I'm trapped on an island, and my only friend is named Wilson.

Dodger [1.15]

[Felicity tells Oliver her plan to get information on the Dodger]
Oliver: Hmm. It's not how I typically get my information.
Felicity: How do you typically do it?
Oliver: I find the person, and then I put the fear of God into them until they talk. [Felicity does a take.] But we can try your way.

Slade: You're not going to last an hour out there.
Oliver: Well, I guess you better hope I get back in 45 minutes, then.

Felicity: Where are we going to get our hands on a rare Spanish antiquity?
Diggle: You really have no idea how rich his family is, do you?

Oliver: Hey, I need your bike.
Biker: Are you kidding me?
Oliver: No. [knocks him unconscious]

Felicity: The first time anyone's ever been grateful for traffic cameras.
Dodger: Why are you doing this? I’m exactly like you. I only steal from the rich.
Oliver: [shocks the Dodger in the chest with his own tazer] I’m not Robin Hood.

Dead to Rights [1.16]

Slade: That's broken. It got busted during the crash.
Oliver: Did you try to get it to work?
Slade: I'm better at pulling things apart.
Oliver: My father was a pilot and he used to do his own maintenance.
Slade: So you're hoping that aircraft maintenance is genetic?
Oliver: No, I used to help him and I liked it. Then I got pretty good at it. So maybe I-
Slade: You should be training for the inevitable fight that's looming.
Oliver: I think I have a better chance of making the radio work.

Oliver: We can't just sit here and wait for Fyers to come and kill us.
Slade: I did have one idea. If you go into the forest and gather as much bamboo as you can find...
Oliver: Yeah?
Slade: We could build ourselves a boat like they did on Gilligan's Island.

Floyd Lawton: Look, I'm retired.
China White: To drink and smoke your life away?
Floyd: We all got to die some time.
China: I need someone to die at the right time. And no one does it better than you.
Floyd: My vision ain't exactly what it used to be.
China: No. It's going to be better.
Floyd: So... who needs two bullets in the chest?

Malcolm: I'm being honored by the Starling City Municipal Group. They're honoring me with their annual humanitarian award.
Tommy: What, they ran out of actual humans to give it to?

The Hood: Your father's been poisoned. An assassin named Floyd Lawton laces his bullets with curare. I've dealt with this before. We need to dilute the poison in bloodstream.
Tommy: I said stay the hell back!
The Hood: In three minutes he's paralyzed. In four minutes, he suffocates. If you don't let me help you now, he's dead before anybody gets here!
Tommy: Help. How?
The Hood: Fresh blood buys him time to get to the hospital.
Tommy: A blood transfusion? That's insane!
The Hood: It's the only way. He needs your blood. You're out of time. You need to make a decision right now.
Tommy: Why should I trust you?
Oliver: [pulls off his hood showing his face to Tommy] Because you always have.

The Huntress Returns [1.17]

Diggle: Oliver, if you still didn't have feelings for this girl, you would have followed a different solution than letting her extort you into killing someone.
Oliver: So what do you want me to do? You want me to kill her?
Diggle: I think you would have along time ago if she looked like me instead of the T-Mobile girl. She's a stone cold killer, Oliver.

Helena: Sorry, am I... interrupting something?
Oliver: We were just... talking about you.
Helena: And here I thought you didn't care much about me.
Diggle: Still don't.

Oliver: Helena.
Diggle: Yes, or as I like to call her, your psycho ex-girlfriend.

Thea: You didn't show up for the job I got you.
Roy Harper: Yeah, I had second thoughts on parking your brother's Bentley.
Thea: What, being a valet is beneath you?
Roy: No, but accepting charity from some rich girl is.
Thea: Why are you so obsessed with the fact that I have money? You know, money isn't everything.
Roy: [scoffs] Spoken like someone who's got it. Now, uh, if you excuse me, I need to get back to my life of crime.

Oliver: Just your father. Anyone else gets hurt and I'll put an arrow in you.
Helena: That's sweet. Now I know how you charmed your cop girlfriend.

Salvation [1.18]

Oliver: What?
Felicity: Nothing. It's just - you went over there to get all Grrr. Stop being bad or I'll arrow you. And now you want to rescue him?
Oliver: I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there... [Diggle and Felicity stare] Somebody else. Because typically they don't show my level of restraint.

Thea: Why do you have a gun?
Roy: Because I'm no good with knives.

Thea: I could use some advice. I'm sort of dating this guy who would definitely be described as a bad boy. I've figure as someone who's dated a gajillion of them...
Laurel: I haven't dated a gajillion. [Thea stares] All right, guilty as charged. You want my advice? Run. As fast as you possibly can.

Diggle: Oliver, you've been spending a lot of time under that hood the last couple of weeks.
Oliver: Keeps my ears warm.

Oliver: Laurel, if you wanna have a dinner, or coffee, I don't know... Call me.
Laurel: Why?
Oliver: [pauses] I don't wanna be on an island anymore

Unfinished Business [1.19]

Oliver: Oh, look at these. What sort of business has a lost and found that's just filled with women's underwear?
Tommy: Best business ever? Ohh, having this much fun should be against the law.
Quentin: Oh, if wishing made it so.

Quentin: [about The Count] You could have just said he was nuts.

Shado: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Oliver: Confucius, great. I'm starting to see the family resemblance.
Shado: Laozi, actually.

The Count: You have failed this city! YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!!!

The Count: Looks like I’m the last one standing... sitting... spinning... Something to do... What was I going to do? Memory not what it once was. Nothing what it once was. Is there a name on the gravestone? No, it’s new, and clean, and waiting...

Home Invasion [1.20]

Felicity: I thought it would be helpful to track A.R.G.U.S' manhunt for Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. So I decrypted their communication logs. Which means, I just hacked a federal agency. Kind of makes me a cyber-terrorist, which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.
Oliver: Don't worry, Felicity. They don't send blondes there.
Felicity: I dye it, actually. [to Oliver] I keep your secret!

Quentin: You look after them, all right?
Tommy: I spend most nights at your daughter's anyway. [beat] There was probably a better time to tell you that.
Quentin: Probably not.

Felicity: Couldn't you be friends with someone who's less complicated than your ex-girlfriend, who's your ex-best friend's current girlfriend?
Oliver: I wear a hood and I put arrows into criminals. So when it comes to complexity... I grade on a curve.

Diggle: I'll kill you for what you did to Andy.
Deadshot: I'd be pulling these triggers right now, except there's nobody paying me. There's space for you right here, right next to your brother. You'd do best to remember that. [hits John]

Yao Fei: [to Oliver] Your time on this islandcu z jaduvh8hav


The Undertaking [1.21]

Oliver: I'll be with you the entire time
Felicity: Thanks. It feels really good having you inside me. And by you, I mean your voice. And by me, I mean my ear. I really need to stop talking now.
Oliver: That would be my preference.

Diggle: I guess you do know where I live.
Oliver: I've always known where you live. May I? [pushes past Diggle]
Oliver: I'm sorry. You were right. I was wrong.
Diggle: About Deadshot?
Oliver: About everything. About my mother, and about her involvement in the Undertaking. She lied to me, to Thea. She's working with Malcolm Merlyn, and they're planning something, something... terrible. I don't know what yet, but... I just know one thing. I need your help to stop them.

Laurel: I only bring this up because your mom busted me yesterday, and obviously we can't hang out at my house?
Oliver: Why? Because your father threatened to tase me the last time that I closed the door to your bedroom?

Harold Backman: Call Cayman Fidelity. Tell them their favorite accountant is flying in to make a special deposit for a... special client.

Oliver: [to Laurel] This is Felicity. She's setting up my internet.

Darkness on the Edge of Town [1.22]

Oliver: Malcolm Merlyn... You have failed this city.
Malcolm: And how have I done that?
Oliver: The Undertaking. It ends now.
Diggle: [on earpiece] Oliver, the device... It's gone.
Oliver: Where's the device?
Malcolm: Safe. I don't know how you got that trojan onto my system, but it prompted me to take precautions. There is noting you can do to stop what is about to happen. And you shouldn't. This city needs what is about to happen in order to survive. The people who are destroying it from the inside need to be erased from the map.
Oliver: Fine. Let's start with you. [fires an arrow, which Malcolm catches]
Malcolm: Ironic, isn't it? Last Christmas, I almost killed you. A few months ago, you saved my life. And now you're here to trying to kill me. You should make up your mind.
Oliver: Done.

Felicity: Are you okay?
Oliver: My Mom and my best friend's Dad are involved in a conspiracy that may have dire consequences for the city. And I'm pretty sure they murdered my father. I'm not planning on using the word "okay" again any time soon.

Quentin: Arrows are black, not green.
Lucas Hilton: Copycat archer again.
Quentin: Psychopaths are color-coding themselves now. That's helpful.

Oliver: We have to find out what this Undertaking is.
Oliver: I got the ask her.
Felicity: Well, no. The last time the vigilante paid your Mom a visit, you got shot, and I got to play doctor with you. Ahh! My brain thinks the worst way to say things.
Oliver: This time it'll just be me asking. Friendly mother-son chat.

Laurel: What are you trying to say?
Oliver: That you you know me better than anyone, and that you are more important to me than anyone. I just I didn't wait to long to say it. [Laurel kisses him]
Laurel: You didn't wait to long. [wraps her legs around his waist] You're right on time.

Sacrifice [1.23]

Quentin: You're not exactly a hardened criminal, are you?
Felicity: No, I'm not any kind of criminal.
Quentin: What do you call computer hacking?
Felicity: A hobby. That I do not engage in.

Oliver: I spoke to Malcolm.
Moira: You what? He could have killed you. He killed your father.
Oliver: No, he didn't. After the "Gambit" went down, Dad and I both made it to the life raft. Then we drifted, for days. In the end, there wasn't enough food and water for both of us. So he shot himself in the head.
Moira: I don't want to hear this.
Oliver: He sacrificed himself so that I could live. Do you really think that I could go on living knowing that you sacrificed thousands more in my name? Mom. Please. You have to help me stop Malcolm. We need to know where the device is.

Malcolm: She bled out into the pavement while people passed and did nothing. Your mother build her clinic in the Glades because she wanted to save this city. It can't be saved, because the people there don't want to be saved.
Tommy: So you kill them all?
Malcolm: [furious] YES! They deserve to die. All of them! The way she died!

Malcolm : Welcome, gentlemen. I've been waiting for you. I wanted to see you watch your city die.
Oliver: Where's the transmitter?
Malcolm: Somewhere I can easily get to it.
Diggle: I doubt it. You'd be too dead.

Malcolm: Don't struggle. It's over. There was never any doubt in the outcome. Don't worry. Your mother and sister will be joining you in death.
Oliver: [stabs Malcolm with arrow] Thank you for teaching me what I'm fighting for. But my father taught me how.

Season 2


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: To save my city. But to do so, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else.

City of Heroes [2.01]

Diggle: Felicity, if you're so scared, why did you insist on sitting up front?
Felicity: It was the only seat with a seat belt.
Diggle: Which will come in handy when we hit the water at 180 miles per hour.
Felicity: What?
Diggle: Which will not happen.

Oliver: The city still needs saving. But not by the Hood. Or some vigilante who's just crossing names off a list. It needs something more.
Diggle: It needs a hero, Oliver.
Felicity: It's too bad The Hoods kind of ruined your nickname.
Oliver: No, it's good. I don't want to be called The Hood anymore.
Diggle: Okay. So what do you want to be called? [close up of the green arrow on the shaft]

Shado: You've come very far in a few months. Don't beat yourself up.
Oliver: Apparently that's his job.
Slade: And I love my job.

Thea: Eavesdrop much?
Roy: Ah, what I lack in height, I make up for in wicked good hearing.

Roy: You go see your mom yet?
Thea: I thought about what you said.
Roy: And?
Thea: And... I'll go see her when you stop going out at night looking to clean up the streets.
Roy: What does one thing have to do with the other?
Thea: I guess they're both things that are never going to happen.

Identity [2.02]

Thea: What happened? Are you hurt?
Roy: Fender bender.
Laurel: He totaled his car playing Hood Junior.
Roy: At least it wasn't my car.

Felicity: Did you know I went to M.I.T.? Guess what I majored in? Hint - Not the secretarial arts.
Oliver: Felicity! We all need to have secret identities now. If I'm going to be Oliver Queen CEO, then I can't very well travel down 18 floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.
Felicity: And I love spending the night with you. [she pauses as she realises what she's just said] 3, 2, 1. I worked very hard to get where I am, and it wasn't so I can fetch you coffee.
Diggle: Well, it could be worse. My secret identity is his black driver.

Oliver: Ms. Smoak. Would you get my guest and I some coffee?
Felicity: You know, I would, Mr. Queen, but it seems that someone has broken the coffeemaker. [whispers] Violently.

China: They still won't see you as anything more than the enemy. You'll never be anything but a criminal to them. Which means you'll never be a hero.
Arrow: As long as this city is safe, it doesn't matter.

Shado: No island, no place, can make you something you're not.
Oliver: So I've always been a killer?
Shado: Everyone has a demon inside of them. The "dao de jing" recognizes the yin and the yang, opposing forces inside all of us. The darkness and the light. The killer and the hero.

Broken Dolls [2.03]

[The Arrow shoots Tony Daniel in the shoulder with an arrow.]
Quentin: What the hell are you doing? I thought you were done killing people!
Arrow: He'll live.
Quentin: Yeah, but he'll report me to my lieutenant!
Arrow: He won't talk to anyone.
Quentin: What makes you so sure?
Arrow: Because he has another shoulder. [digs the arrow deeper into Daniel's shoulder]

Quentin: So how did you get the charges dropped?
Laurel: Your friend Pike and I have been working together on the anti-vigilante task force. Do you remember?
Quentin: Hmm. Last year you were working with the Arrow. What a difference a few months makes.
Laurel: The Arrow?
Quentin: Yeah. Seems more appropriate than the Hood.

Barton Mathis: What comes next is really quite exquisite. The sound of an esophagus slowly hardening. Like a symphony.

Roy: I'm looking for someone. A blonde, who likes black leather.
Fence: Sounds like your type.
Roy: And beats the crap out of guys with a bo staff.
Fence: That still sounds like your type.

Adam Donner: Your client aided and abetted an act of mass murder. Five hundred and three conversations wouldn't convince me that Moira Queen shouldn't be the 504th fatality.

Crucible [2.04]

Sebastian Blood: Sooner or later, we all go through a crucible. I'm guessing yours was that island. Most believe there are two types of people who go into a crucible. The ones who become stronger from the experience and survive it, and the ones who die. But there's a third type. The ones who learn to love the fire and choose to stay in their crucible because it's easier to embrace the pain when it's all you know anymore.

Oliver: Hey.
Laurel: Please do not ask me if I am okay because I am sick of everyone asking me that.
Oliver: I would never do that.
Laurel: Good.
Oliver: Are you okay?

Sin: [about Roy] You know you're dating a moron, right?
Thea: It's my first and last thought of every day.
Sin: Crap. I like her.

Sin: You have family in Starling?
Sara Lance: Yeah. My father, he's a - he's a policeman. And my sister, she's a lawyer.
Sin: Well, they must be proud of their masked delinquent.
Sara: Yeah, they think I'm dead.
Sin: Oh, cool. My folks think I'm dead, too. That, or they wish I'd never been born.

Diggle: You know, Oliver, somebody once told me that secrets have weight. The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.
Oliver: You see how hard I work out.

League of Assassins [2.05]

Dark Archer Stick: Guns are a coward's weapon. What are you without your sidearm?
Quentin: [draws from an ankle holster and shoots assassin] A guy with a spare.

Sara: Dig, you may be a three-tour special forces veteran, but I was trained by the people that make the special forces look like a kindergarten class so step aside, or be put down.
Diggle: It's your funeral Sara.
Sara: It wouldn't be my first.

Sara: I'm sorry you saw that. I can't imagine what you must think of me.
Quentin: I think you're a survivor. I think you're one of the bravest people I've ever known. You're my daughter. It's time for you to come back home.

Felicity: What's the League of Assassins? And please, don't say that they're a league made up of assassins.

Sara: There were things that I did; things that I had to do to survive. Things that there's no forgiveness for.
Oliver: Well, that's the thing about forgiveness--you can't get it until you ask for it.

Keep Your Enemies Closer [2.06]

Diggle: Who are you people? NSA? CIA?
Amanda Waller: My name is Amanda Waller.
Diggle: I thought you A.R.G.U.S. guys were supposed to be more subtle.
Amanda: For us, this was subtle.
Diggle: Then I want to see Lyla Michaels.
Amanda: So do I. Agent Michaels has gone dark.
Diggle: Lyla's missing? What happened?
Amanda: She was running down a lead in Moscow. She's missed two of her scheduled call-ins.
Diggle: What are you doing about it?
Amanda: Speaking to you. Even if we knew where in Russia Lyla is, my superiors believe sending in an extraction team could cause an international incident. As far as they're concerned, she's already framed a picture on our lobby wall.
Diggle: Why are you telling all me of this?
Amanda: Because I know how you and Oliver Queen spend your nights.

Felicity: This is Knyazev's man inside the prison. A guard.
Oliver: He'll know where in the Gulag Lyla is being held.
Felicity: When all hell breaks loose, you need to meet us at the rendevous point with Lyla, or...
Diggle: Or I'm a permanent Russian.

Felicity: What were you thinking?
Oliver: What?
Felicity: Over 64 million woman over the age of consent in Russia and you sleep with her.
Oliver: So... We're not doing the "What happens in Russia stays in Russia"?
Felicity: We're still in Russia.

Slade: I will not be the reason something happens to you.
Shado: Then we're in agreement. Because I make my own choices.
Slade: You are a strong woman.
Shado: When I care about someone, there's nothing I won't do for them.
Slade: Another thing... we have in common.

Deadshot: If I say she's in there, what's keeping you from shooting me?
Diggle: Honor. You should try it sometime.

State v. Queen [2.07]

The Count: You should know I find post-hoc negotiations distasteful.

Felicity: Oliver, don't! Not for me.
The Count: Quiet please, I'm threatening!

Oliver: What do you want?
The Count: World peace and personal satisfaction. Though not necessarily in that order.

Felicity: Vertigo! Gotcha!
The Count: That's funny, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Moira: They said you were dead.
Merlyn: There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I've been to one. I've learned to be very convincing.

The Scientist [2.08]

Felicity: Mrs. Queen, welcome back to the company.
Moira: Thank you.
Felicity: You look fabulous. Really. Better than ever. Did you do something to your hair?
Moira: Yes. I shampooed it without eight woman and a guard watching me.
Felicity: [giggles] Is it okay to laugh? Because I was ordered not say anything about you being in prison just to avoid any awkward exchanges.
[Moira walks away, with Oliver following.]
Oliver: [whispers to Felicity] Like that one.

Barry Allen: [discussing the Arrow] Police reports show he uses carbon arrows. But if he switched to an aluminum-carbon composite, he would have far better penetration.
Felicity: Maybe he thinks he penetrates just fine.

Moira: And I thought it couldn't hurt to add extra security guards.
[Merlyn enters the room.]
Merlyn: It hurt them. [tosses guns to the floor] Badly. Have you prepared Thea?
Moira: No. You will not go near Thea, you will not speak to her and you will never set foot in this house again.
Merlyn: I set you free, Moira. Your life belongs to me.
Moira: I am through being afraid of you.
Merlyn: You think you can stop me? Even the vigilante couldn't kill me.
Moira: No, he couldn't. But I know someone who can. Ra's al Ghul.
Merlyn: How do you know that name?
Moira: Well, I didn't. Until you mentioned Nanda Parbat. The League of Assassins, however twisted their aims, believes very deeply in a code of honor. Your undertaking betrayed that code.
Merlyn: You told Ra's I'm alive?
Moira: He was so grateful to hear it. Because he so very much wants to kill you himself. So my advice to you, Malcolm... Run.

Arrow: Who are you?
Cyrus Gold: Merely a follower.
Arrow: Of who?
Cyrus: My brother.
Arrow: Did he give you the Mirakuru? Did he inject you with it?
Cyrus: No. He saved me with it.

Quentin: Any idea what these guys were so hot to break in here for? You didn't happen to leave a spare earthquake machine lying around, did you? [Oliver stares] Sorry.

Three Ghosts [2.09]

Oliver: What the hell is going on?
Felicity: You were injected with a strong-acting blood coagulant. This is the point in lifesaving emergency where you thank the person that did the lifesaving.
Oliver: You told him who I am?
Felicity: Yeah, I did.
Oliver: That's not your secret to tell, Felicity. I decide who finds out my identity.
Felicity: Well, we have time to get your vote, what with unconscious and dying.
Oliver: What happens if he leaves here and goes right to the police?
Barry: I wouldn't do that.
Felicity: He wouldn't do that. I trust him.
Oliver: I don't.
Felicity: What are you going to do, put an arrow in him?
Oliver: I am considering it.
Felicity: Don't worry, he's kidding. How is this any different from when your mother shot you and you came to me for help?
Barry: Your mother shot you?
Felicity: Or when you brought Dig down here when he was poisoned with Curare?
Oliver: The difference is that I did my homework on both of you. I don't just tell people easily.

Oliver: Barry. The rat poison that you gave me... are there any side effects?
Barry: Uh, yeah, I think hallucinations, maybe. And excessive sweating. Are you sweating excessively?
Felicity: You're hallucinating? What are you seeing?
Oliver: A girl named Shado that was with me on the island.
Felicity: Shado. Sara. How many women were you marooned with? Sure this wasn't Fantasy Island?

[after Oliver is knocked to the floor by Cyrus Gold]
Tommy: [a hallucination] Get up, Oliver.
Arrow: Tommy?
Tommy: You're not gonna die down here.
Arrow: I'm sorry, Tommy. I let you die...
Tommy: You didn't let me die, Ollie. You fought to save me, because that's what you do, what you have always done. You fight to survive. I know I called you a murderer, but you are not. You are a hero. You beat the island. You beat my father. So fight, Oliver. Get up and fight back.

Brother Blood: Brother Cyrus told me he killed you.
Arrow: Guess he's not as strong as you'd hoped. Where did you get the Mirakuru? Who gave you the formula?
Blood: It was a gift. A gift I would use to save this city from itself.

Slade: So your campaign begins.
Blood: The city needs a leader. And putting the copycat hoods up to assassinating the mayor was just the first step. The vigilante... he destroyed the centrifuge and the serum along with it.
Slade: I will arrange for you to receive another sample of my blood, and then you can mass produce the serum again. When I ask you not to confront the vigilante, you will listen. Remember, your mask can be worn by another.
Blood: You know who he is under that hood, don't you?
Slade: I know exactly who is. He's my friend.
Blood: That's why you don't want him dead.
Slade: Death would be a release from this life, and his sentence has yet to be carried out. I'm going to tear everything he cares about away from him. Destroy those who choose to follow him. Corrupt those he loves. Once he has lost everyone and everything he values, I will drive an arrow through his eye.

Blast Radius [2.10]

Shrapnel: Freedom. Liberty. Justice. To long have the people of this city suffered under the shackles of a corrupt government. Slaves to self-interested politicians and their lobbyist puppeteers. I declare war on them all. [Remotely blows up a building]

Oliver: How's Barry?
Felicity: He's still sleeping... I prefer sleeping to coma, because coma sounds, you know, not fun.

Quentin: You know, most cops they meet their informers in the back seat of a cruiser or maybe a coffee shop or something. What's with the mask?
Oliver: Gift from a friend.
Quentin: You've got friends?

Oliver: What happened?
Felicity: He's using cellular technology to detonate his bombs. Clearly, his expertise extends to obscuring that signal.
Oliver: Felicity, your expertise was supposed to trump his.
Felicity: Excuse me? If you have something to say to me, Oliver, say it.
Oliver: People are dying. So I would like you to pull your head out of Central City and back in the game.
Felicity: Sure, right after you get yours our of your ass.
Oliver: Excuse me?
Diggle: Okay...
Felicity: No, wait, I want to know, what exactly was that crack about Central City meant to imply?
Oliver: When the first bomb went off, you weren't here. And when the second bomb went off, you sent me the wrong way.
Felicity: After you didn't catch him in the first place.
Oliver: Don't blame me because you didn't have it tonight.
Felicity: I need some air.

Oliver: I'm sorry.
Felicity: Were you apologizing to me or were you talking to your quiver?
Oliver: I didn't snap at my quiver.
Felicity: Kind of more than snapped.
Oliver: I know and I'm sorry.
Felicity: I understand that this Mirakuru thing has you freaked out and I have been at Central City a lot.
Oliver: Felicity, it's not that. When you are there, it just makes me realize how much I need you here. At the beginning I was going to do all of this by myself, and now with you and Diggle... I rely on you.
Felicity: Does that mean I have a shot at employee of the month?
Oliver: No, because you're not my employee, you're my partner.

Blind Spot [2.11]

Arrow: Hello Laurel.
Laurel: You're late.
Arrow: I had to circle around to make sure there wasn't a SWAT team waiting for me again.

Oliver: Hello, Roy.
Roy: Lurking in an alley. That's not at all creepy.

Diggle: Doesn't exactly mean that Sebastien Blood is the man in the skull mask.
Felicity: His last name is Blood. That can't be a good sign.
Diggle: Felicity, he's dedicated his life, risked his life to help the people of the Glades and in his spare time he's a murderer, trying to create an army of human weapons?
Felicity: You're a personal bodyguard who fights crime at night with his billionaire boss. Not a lot of people show their real face in public.

Felicity: I have good news and bad news. I suggest the good news first to soften the blow of the bad news. [Oliver stays silent] Okay, dealer's choice.

Felicity: At least the security cameras are from this century.

Tremors [2.12]

Arrow: Again!
Roy: You know, I slapped water out of a bowl yesterday. And I slapped water out of a bowl the day before.
Arrow: You must be getting pretty good at it.
Roy: Yeah, well I can't wait to get attacked by a dog dish.

Oliver: We'll find out when we find him.
Sara: And when we do, you can't tell him.
Oliver: Tell him what?
Sara: Don't talk to me like I'm other people. You've got that look on your face. The same one you had after the first time we kissed. Pure guilt.
Oliver: Because I am guilty, Sara! Ivo killed Shado because of me.
Sara: That's not true! And even if it was, nothing good comes from telling Slade that you think you're responsible for the death of the women he loved. Love's the most powerful emotion, and that makes it the most dangerous.

Diggle: How's it going with Roy?
Oliver: Not well.
Diggle: I don't know the kid all too well, but he seems to be five kinds of angry.
Oliver: You might be underestimating. Roy was mad at the world before he was injected with Mirakuru.

Oliver: You hacked into a prison system network?
Felicity: Is that judgment I'm hearing?
Oliver: Pride.
Felicity: Iron Heights just put out a bulletin for Ben Turner, A.K.A Bronze Tiger, which B.T.W. is a terrible nickname, because tigers are not bronze.
Oliver: Turner escaped?
Felicity: He killed ten guards on the way out.
Diggle: You'd think that would make the news.
Felicity: Iron Heights does better at keeping secrets than it does at keeping prisoners.

Arrow: Now you. Go slowly! [Roy starts punching the pole quickly] Stop! This is not about learning to throw a punch! This is about learning to control your strength.
Roy: First water slapping. Now this. When are you gonna run out of ways to make me looks STUPID?!? [punches and breaks the pole] All I'm learning is new ways to get pissed off, and in case you haven't noticed, I'm already pretty good at that.
Arrow: There is nothing wrong with anger Roy. Anger is energy, but you need to learn to channel it in a positive way.

Heir to the Demon [2.13]

Sara: Okay, Laurel, I wasn't trying to be a bitch.
Laurel: The title of your autobiography.

Quentin: You never did tell me how you joined up with the Arrow. Where did you two even meet?
Sara: Vigilante club

Oliver: Because if half of the stories I've heard about Ra's al Ghul are true and Sara kills his daughter, we all will pay.

Nyssa al Ghul: [to a dying Sara] If you want to be with your family so badly, they can join you in eternity.

Oliver: For the past year, I have stood by your side... and I have fought for you, because I didn't want to believe that you were this... monster. And I needed to believe that still had a mother.
Moira: You do, Oliver. Oliver, I only lied about Thea to protect her from Malcolm.
Oliver: No, you lied because that is what you do. And that is who you are, Mom. Lies. And now you have made a liar out of me. Because Thea can never find out about Merlyn. And she can never learn the truth about us. Which is that as of right now, we have no relationship. I will keep up appearance for Thea's sake. And publicly I will support your campaign. But privately... you and I are done.

Time Of Death [2.14]

William Tockman: The strongest of all warriors are these two - time and patience. It's from War and Peace. 1,400 pages. It takes a while, but it's worth the read. Tolstoy knew that patience was the epitome of strength. It takes fortitude to stand still, just as it is a sign of weakness or cowardliness to move when you should have NOT.

Oliver: Sara, when you come back from the dead, you get a party. It's a Queen family tradition.

Oliver: Hey!
Laurel: You are unbelievable! You lecture me on how I need to repair my relationship with Sara when you're the one who messed it up in the first place. By screwing her! And now you're doing it again.
Oliver: You're right This is all my fault.
Laurel: Yeah. Yeah, it is.
Oliver: And is losing your job, doing drugs and being a drunk, is that my fault? Is that your family's fault? Or are you going to blame Tommy for dying?
Laurel: Screw you, Oliver.
Oliver: I have stood by you through everything– the DUI, losing your job, Laurel I was concerned about your well-being when you were trying to get my mother the death penalty!
Laurel: Yeah, you've been a real stand-up kind of guy.
Oliver: Laurel, do you think you're the only one that is having a hard time?! Do you think you're the only one with family issues? You have– you have no idea what is going on with my family right now. But I am still standing here. And you are still blaming everybody but yourself.
Laurel: Are you done?
Oliver: Yeah, I'm done. I'm done taking the blame and I'm done caring. Why don't you go have a drink. Get wasted. Go to Verdant. I'll pay for it. I have loved you for half of my life but I'm done running after you

[Sara is suturing a bullet wound in Felicity's shoulder. Felicity is loopy from pain meds.]
Oliver: Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?
Felicity: Uh uh. You guys never go to the hospital. Besides, Dig gave me some of those aspirins. Are you spinning?
Oliver: [whispers to Diggle] Aspirin?
Diggle: [whispers back] Oxycodone.
[Oliver smiles at that.]
Sara: I wouldn't be here if you hadn't been so brave. Thank you.
Felicity: It was nothing. I've always wanted to say I've taken a bullet for someone, and now I can. So, really, I should be thanking you.
Sara: [finishes the sutures] All done. Not bad, but you're still gonna have a scar.
Felicity: My own scar. Yay.
Oliver:[approaches Felicity] You all right? [Felicity nods] Diggle had mentioned that maybe you were feeling a little left out.
Felicity: What? No! I'm just used to being your girl. I mean not your "girl" girl... your girl. I know it sounds like the same word, but it... it means something different in my head.
Oliver: [gently cups Felicity's cheek] Hey... you will always be my girl, Felicity.

Laurel: Because I realized that, that I went on that boat with you, too. And I've been slowly drowning for all of these years and after every heartbreak or setback or loss, I sank deeper into the dark water. And so when I saw you, so beautiful and so alive, I realized that I'm not those things. Not anymore. So please, please don't hate me Sara. Please.

The Promise [2.15]

Dr. Anthony Ivo: It's harder than it looks, isn't it? Killing an unarmed man.
Oliver: It seemed pretty easy when you murdered Shado.
Ivo: I didn't murder her, Oliver.
Oliver: Ivo, you shot her in the head.
Ivo: I gave you a choice! You chose Sara. You blame me, but that's because you can't face your own guilt. I loaded the bullets, yes, I pulled the trigger, but you... you aimed the gun. And you hold yourself responsible. Don't you?
Oliver: Yes. But that doesn't mean I won't kill you.

Oliver: Cyrus Gold, the man in the skull mask, all this was you. They worked for you.
Slade: Well, I have my allies, just as you have yours. John Diggle, for example. I suppose you're wondering why he hasn't taken his head shot. Don't worry. He's still alive - for now.

Slade: I believe that when we lose someone we love, we have the obligation to honor their memory.

Oliver: Why don't you just kill me now?
Slade: To kill you now would be a mercy. You cannot die until you have suffered the same way I have suffered, until you have known complete despair, and you will, I promise.

Anatoly Knyazev: Why are you doing this?
Sara: I'm with Oliver now!
Anatoly: Why should I believe you?
Sara: Because you don't want to die! Go!

Suicide Squad [2.16]

Diggle: Coffee?
Felicity: Hot cocoa.
Diggle: What, no marshmallows?
Felicity: I'm out.

Amanda: I don't need you to get the nerve agent out. I need you to get your team in.
Diggle: My team?
Amanda: They're designated Task Force X.
Deadshot: Give me a break, this ain't no task force. Let's call it like it is. Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Felicity: Robbery in progress.
[Oliver looks blankly]
Felicity: Still in the crime fighting business, right?

Lyla Michaels: This past few months have been amazing. We've done more playing than talking.
Diggle: That's because, when we talk, we tend to get divorced.

Amanda: Who do you want to kill more than me?
Oliver: Slade Wilson is alive.
Amanda: You killed him. It's not possible.
Oliver: Everything is possible where Slade is concerned. And I need your help to find him.
Amanda: I might have something.
Oliver: What?
Amanda: There's a new player we've been tracking, a mercenary. He's left a trail of bodies from Macau to Istanbul to Lisbon. A trail that leads right here to Starling. We've been calling him Deathstroke.

Birds of Prey [2.17]

Sara: [to Diggle and Felicity] What do you guys think?
Felicity: I think if the Huntress shows up, you should totally kick her ass.

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

Huntress: [on seeing Sara] Oliver sure does like to dress up his girls.

Felicity: Oliver, where are you? Are you okay?
Oliver: I'm with Lance as Oliver, and he just called the Arrow.
Felicity: Oh. Oh! It's getting really hard to keep track of who knows whose secret identity.

Helena: You know, I thought I'd feel different now that he's dead, but I don't. And you always told me that killing him wouldn't change anything. You were right.
Oliver: But I was wrong, too.
Helena: About what?
Oliver: I thought I could help you. To stop you from being a killer, but... I was just starting. And I was a killer, too.
Helena: And what are you now?
Oliver: I'm trying to be better.

Deathstroke [2.18]

Oliver: They're calling you Deathstroke.
Slade: That's a bit flamboyant. I like it.

Oliver: With Slade out there, I don't have time for the company.
Felicity: Well, you have to make time, Oliver. At least three hours. The annual board meeting. There's absolutely zero way that the CEO can avoid being there. And I know it's been a while, so in you case you've forgotten, that's you. Do you remember where you put your business suit? Or do you keep it in a cool glass case, too?

Roy: I can't just stop thinking what's the worst that can happen if I just told her the truth.
Felicity: Well, I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightning. To be fair, probably won't happen again, statistically.

Moira: [to Oliver] From the moment your children are born you worry what the world might do to them, but you never stop to think what you might do to them, that we can be our worst enemy.

Slade: Don't worry. I am not here to harm you.
Laurel: Go to hell.
Slade: All in good time, I'm sure. But before then, I've come to Starling City to see Oliver Queen suffer.
Laurel: Oliver? What? Why?
Slade: Because he's not the man you think he is.
Laurel: How would you know that?
Slade: Because I know Oliver Queen is The Arrow.

The Man Under the Hood [2.19]

Felicity: I'm a bomber. I can't believe I'm a bomber. I wonder if I can list that on my resume of special skills.

Laurel: I know who the Arrow is.
Quentin: Don't say another word. Don't say anything. Listen to me, there was a time when I would have sold out my badge to find out his name, you know that. But then I realized I didn't care who he was. In fact, I didn't want to know who he was.
Laurel: Why not?
Quentin: Because I knew if I knew who he really was he would become a person, okay? Maybe he has a family, friends, people to care about him, someone with a life. Then he couldn't be what I needed him to be, what this city needs him to be. See, Arrow - the man under the hood isn't important. Can you imagine what it's like to be him? What he has to live with? Day in, day out? What that's gotta be like?

Arrow: [talking about Roy] Slade, he's just a kid!
Slade: Who's here only because you pushed him away. You're the one person he looked up to, and for that you crushed his soul.

[Laurel hugs Oliver]
Oliver: What's this for?
Laurel: Because you're important to me.

Oliver: Alright, we need to deal with Slade figure out what his next move is. I know Slade, he is not gonna stop 'till...
Slade: [shows up] Welcome home. [beats Sara, Diggle and Oliver] Don't forget who taught you how to fight, kid.

Seeing Red [2.20]

Felicity: Is the fact that he's lying there freaks me out a little make me a bad person?
Diggle: Felicity, I don't think there's a force on earth that can make you a bad person.

Moira: There's only one way this night can end and we both know that, don't we, Mr. Wilson?
Oliver: Mom!
Moira: Please tell me both my children will live.
Thea: Mom! What are you doing?! Mom!
Moira: Thea, I love you. Close your eyes, baby!
Oliver: NO!
Slade: You possess true courage. I am truly sorry you did not pass that on to your son.

Sara: That's not true. I wanted to kill Roy because that's what I do. That's who I am. I spent six years in the darkness and I looked into the eyes of the devil and I gave him my soul.
Oliver: I can help you get it back.
Sara: No. You deserve someone better. You can harness that light that's still inside of you, but I'm not that person and I never will be.

Laurel: You're really cute when you're mopey.
Oliver: I'm not mopey.
Laurel: Mopey's your default Ollie. It's part of your smoldering charm.
Oliver: I do have smoldering charm.

Oliver: [talking about Thea] Thanks for taking care of her.
Diggle: Lucky for me, she's not as good at disappearing as you are.

City of Blood [2.21]

Felicity: I don't even know why I'm crying. I didn't even like Moira. Terrible thing to say about someone after they've just died. In my defense, she was not nice. She was diabolical. Not a word you often hear at someone's funeral.
Diggle: You're not crying for her, Felicity, you're crying for Oliver.
Felicity: Where is he? How could he not be here?
Diggle: I don't know...
Isabel Rochev: If Oliver's smart... He ran back to his island to hide. But maybe he'll attend your funerals.

Anatoly: [works on fixing the submarine] Like riding bicycle. Underwater.

Oliver: Submarines have torpedoes, right? Can't we blast our way out?
Anatoly: I can see why you two are made for each other. You like your explosions.

Oliver: She's dead because of me. Five years ago, I could have cured Slade, and that would have prevented all of this. And now, all the people left that I care about, we're all in his crosshairs. It ends tonight.
Felicity: How?
Oliver: I turn myself over to Slade. I end this vendetta.
Diggle: Oliver, you think this ends with you turning yourself over to Slade?
Oliver: Yes, I do. After she was gone... he told me that one more person had to die, and then it would end. This ends for Slade when he kills me.
Felicity: I don't accept that. You shouldn't either. You can't just accept things, Oliver. If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college, and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some IT girl. Please, don't do this.
Oliver: Felicity...someone once told me that the essence of heroism is to die so others can live.
Diggle: It's not that simple, Oliver.
Oliver: Yes, it is. Slade's whole plan was to take everything from me, and he did. He wins. All that's left is for me to die.
Felicity: No, there has to be another way.
Oliver: There isn't.

Diggle: Clinton Hogue. I have some questions for you.
Clinton Hogue: Go to hell.
Diggle: You sure that's how you want to play it?
Clinton: You think I've never taken a beating before?
Diggle: Pal, you're going to wish I beat you.
Felicity: Hi. I'll be your interrogator.
Clinton: Is this a joke?
Felicity: Clinton Hogue. Social security number 306003894.
Clinton: What the hell's this supposed to be?
Felicity: Oh, look at this. You have a bank account in the Cayman Islands. Wow. $2 million, quite the little nest egg. But... looks like you just approved a wire transfer of $1 million to a charity here in Starling City. Very generous. What should I do with the rest?
Diggle: Greenpeace.
Felicity: Great cause! And they really appreciate support.
Clinton: You bitch!
Felicity: Bitch with wi-fi.

Streets of Fire [2.22]

Oliver: You're a good man, Anatoly. If this is goodbye, be safe.
Anatoly: I will see you soon. You and Sara.
Oliver: I meant what I said. If we're not back in an hour, you sink the freighter and get yourself home.
Anatoly: I think maybe I prefer Bahamas.

Quentin: Lieutenant. Listen to me, these guys, have you seem them? Huh? Have you seen these guys? They do not go down. We gotta call in the National Guard.
Lt. Frank Pike: That's a call for the mayor. And he hasn't made that yet.
Quentin: And he won't. Mayor Blood let this happen.
Frank: What?
Quentin: Trust me. Blood's behind this.
Frank: Look, even if I believe you, I don't have that kind of authority.
Quentin: Well, in an emergency, the chief of police does, so get him on the line.
Frank: Chief's dead.
Quentin: Well, then... There's only one more guy to we can call. You're not gonna like it.
Frank: The vigilante.
Quentin: The Arrow. Lieutenant, I know he's breaking the law. But what we're up against, it's not about the law. It's about survival. We got masks tearing our city to pieces, and we're gonna need a mask to stop 'em.
Frank: Make the call.

Sara: You don't know, Laurel, about me. About who I am, and who I've become.
Laurel: I know you're a hero.
Sara: I'm not a hero... Laurel. I'm the furthest thing from it. I am "Ta-er al-Sahfer." That was my new name. Because of the woman that I was, the girl that I was, is gone.
Laurel: I'm not going to pretend that I've been through anything that you have. But one thing that I've learned in the past year is that these things... they don't break us. They make us who we are.
Sara: And what I am... is irredeemable.
Laurel: What was that word you said before?
Sara: Ta-er al-Sahfer.
Laurel: What does that mean?
Sara: It means "The Canary".
Laurel: If you're so far gone and so irredeemable... then why would they know you by such a beautiful name?

Oliver: I didn't know, Felicity. Five years ago, I was a completely different person. And I had... no idea that something like this was even... possible. I couldn't have imagined. When you and Diggle brought me back to Starling City, I made a vow to myself that I would never let anything like the Undertaking happen again.
Felicity: What's happening now is not your fault.
Oliver: Yes, it is. I have failed this city. Yao Fei. Shado. Tommy. My father, my mother. All that I ever wanted to do is honor those people.
Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting and you're not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, the Triad... Everyone who was trying to hurt this city, you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.
Oliver: I don't know how.
Felicity: Neither do I. But I do know two things: You are not alone. And I believe in you.

Blood: As a young boy, I was plagued by nightmares. Every night, I would wake up in a cold sweat, frightened and alone. It was my father's face that haunted me. [Shows his mask] And this is how I saw him. The embodiment of desperation and despair. I made this mask to conquer my fears. And to remind myself why I fight, every day, to give this city's most desperate a chance. All I ever wanted to do was help people, Oliver.
Oliver: Help me believe. Where's the cure?
Blood: Slade Wilson will not rest until he honors the promise that he made you.
Oliver: I won't be so easy to kill once we level the playing field.
Blood: He's not interested in killing you. Not until he's taken away everything and everyone you love.
Oliver: After he murdered my mother, he said one more person had to die.
Blood: Whoever you love the most.

Unthinkable [2.23]

Nyssa: I'm Nyssa, daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Heir to the demon.
Felicity: Felicity Smoak. M.I.T. Class of '09.

Thea: If you're going to kill me, just... get over with it.
Merlyn: Kill you? Why? Because you shot me? I'm glad you did.
Thea: You're sick.
Merlyn: Perhaps. How else to explain the fact not a year ago, your brother held to a gun to my face as well.
Thea: Tommy.
Merlyn: He lacked conviction. The strength to pull the trigger, but not you, Thea. You are made of iron. You are truly my daughter, and I could not be more proud.

Felicity: Oliver, what are we doing here? The whole city's falling apart.
Oliver: I know. You need to stay here.
Felicity: What? Why? You can't just ask me to--
Oliver: I'm not asking.
Felicity: No!
Oliver: Felicity...
Felicity: No. Not unless you tell me why.
Oliver: Because I need you to be safe.
Felicity: Well, I don't want to be safe. I want to be with you and the others. Unsafe.
Oliver: I can't let that happen.
Felicity: Oliver. you're not making any sense.
Oliver: Slade took Laurel because he wants to kill the woman I love.
Felicity: I know, so?
Oliver: So, he took the wrong woman.
Felicity: Oh.
Oliver: I love you. Do you understand?
Felicity: Yeah.

Slade: Where am I?
Oliver: As far away from the world as I could get you. Where you can't hurt anyone ever again.
Slade: That's your weakness, kid. You don't have the guts to kill me.
Oliver: No. I have the strength to let you live.
Slade: Oh, you're a killer. I know, I created you. You've killed plenty.
Oliver: Yes, I have. You helped turn me into a killer when I needed to be one. And I'm alive today because of you. I made it home because of you. And I got to see my family again. But over the past year, I needed to be more... but I faltered. But then I stopped you. Without killing. You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you.
Slade: You think I won't get out of here? You think I won't kill who you care for?
Oliver: No, I don't. Because you're in purgatory.
Slade: I keep my promises, kid. I keep my promises! I keep my promises.

Felicity: Last time I didn't notice; it's actually kind of beautiful here. Don't get me wrong, I'm counting the seconds until we shove off minefield island.
Diggle: So you think that'll be enough to hold him, A.R.G.U.S.'s super max?
Oliver: Him and anyone else we send here. This battle may be over, but there will be others. Starting with getting my family's company back.
Felicity: That's not going to be easy since you're poor now. You're going to have to get a job. If Slade doesn't scare you, that's got to.
Oliver: Do you know anyone hiring ex-billionaires with superior archery skills?

Season 3


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city. Now others have joined my crusade. To them, I'm Oliver Queen. To the rest of Starling City, I am someone else. I am something else.

The Calm [3.01]

Oliver: Congratulations John. And not just on the baby. You and Lyla are happy.
Diggle: Well you know, you should try it some time.
Oliver: Last girlfriend? She's in the League of Assassins. My girlfriend before that? She shot my girlfriend before that. Listen, I'm... not exactly a catch at the moment.
Diggle: Maybe Felicity will change all that.
Oliver: It's not the right time.
Diggle: Things are as good now as ever will be Oliver. And you love her. You even told her so.
Oliver: I was trying to fool Slade.
Diggle: Yes, except now the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Arrow: Send his photo to Roy. Get me Felicity.
Diggle: Got it.
Felicity: I can't talk right now, I'm at work. Could I ask you guys to wait one moment? Someone's calling for tech support! You're going to get me so incredibly fired. Okay, I'm hacking into the city's database, I am running facial recognition now.
Arrow: Do you like Italian?
Felicity: What?
Arrow: For tonight. You like Italian right? Everyone likes Italian.
Felicity: Oliver, you're in the middle of a high speed chase.
Arrow: I'm multitasking!

Oliver: Am I being crazy? I mean, what do we have to be nervous about?
Felicity: Well, we've already exhausted every topic that one would normally talk about on a first date, and a second date, and a third date, and every date actually. And I've already seen you shirtless. Multiple times. Shirtless all the time.

Felicity: She's beautiful. [referring to Diggle's daughter]
Oliver: Yes, she is. We need to talk.
Felicity: I don't want to talk. Which, for me, I know is a little unprecedented. But as soon as we talk, it's over.
Oliver: I'm so sorry. I thought that I could be me and the Arrow. But I can't. Not now. Maybe not ever.
Felicity: Then say never. Stop dangling maybes. Say it's never going to work out between us. Say you never loved me. Say–
Oliver: Felicity. [kisses her] Don't ask me to say that I don't love you.
Felicity: I told you as soon as we talked, it would be over. [she walks away]

Oliver: Two years ago, the people of Starling City thought I was dead. I came back. And so can Queen Consolidated. With Starling National Bank's new investment, we can take QC out of receivership and into the future. This company is my family, and as my mother always said: There is nothing more important to me than family. Thank you.
Ray Palmer: [to Oliver] Good speech, hard to top. [walks to the front of the table] Thank you all for coming out today. I promise to be brief, if not a little entertaining. [to a female board member] Ah, that's one of my new smartwatches. I'm very proud of those. You like it? It works for you? Yeah, good. Anyway, science, numbers. I like numbers. These numbers show QC's performance under Mr. Queen's management. I'm using that term extremely loosely B.T.W. Also, B.T.W, these numbers aren't sanitized for Wall Street, this is raw information from your company's own servers.
Oliver: [to Felicity] How did he get into our computers?
Felicity: Something tells me he deployed a remote administration tool.
Ray: But the truth is, this company's woes are a symptom of a much larger problem. And that problem is Starling City. Queen Consolidated can't hope to survive if the city it's located in is dying, and guess what? It is. Nobody wants to live here anymore. And after two terrorist attacks, who can blame them? This city still needs saving. And that is my vision for this company: To not only see it rise from the ashes, but to take this city with it to that new horizon. And that new day has a name. [points at a slide with the text "Star City"]

Sara [3.02]

Arrow: What is it, detective?
Quentin: You okay? You look like someone peed in your cornflakes.

Felicity: Do you even know how difficult it is to ping a clone off a hacked transband multiplex?
Roy: No, but only because you weren't speaking English just now.

Ray: You know, most girls would be flattered that I spent $1.2 billion just to hire them, even if I do have a fairly genius plan for rebranding the stores.
Felicity: In case you haven't noticed, I am not most girls and I don't need this. Or you. Or any of this.

Oliver: I just need your A game right now Felicity.
Felicity: I don't have it! My friend, our friend, was shot with arrows and fell off of a rooftop. Her body is upstairs right above us in a freezer because we don't know what to do with it, with her, so I am so sorry, Oliver, if I have feelings, but maybe if you did, too... I'm sorry. That was mean. But this is Sara we're talking about. Your Sara. How can you stand there being so cold and rational?
Oliver: Because I don't have the luxury of falling to pieces. Everyone is looking to me to handle things, to make the right decisions. Everyone is looking to me to lead. If I grieve, nobody else gets to.

Simon Lacroix: So you're The Arrow. I thought you'd be taller.

Corto Maltese [3.03]

Merlyn: So why did you reach out to me?
Thea: You reached first.
Merlyn: Still.
Thea: I don't want to feel this pain again. I don't want to hurt or get hurt ever again, and you seem like someone who could teach me how not to.

Laurel: Ted Grant.
Ted Grant: Well I guess that badge means you're not here for a self defense class.
Laurel: No, I've already had my fair share. I'm here about one of your students, Tom Bronson. A witness places him at the scene of a break-in last night.
Ted: Well that's not possible, because Tom and I were sparring last night.
Laurel: Mr. Grant, do you know that lying to the District Attorney is against the law?
Ted: If by that you mean am I willing to lie in order to keep a good kid who just happened to make a stupid mistake out of this system? I think you know my answer.
Laurel: Are you admitting to perjury Mr. Grant?
Ted: Uh, that's a big word. I'm just a dumb fighter, right? Look, Tom was here with me last night and we worked on his upper cut combinations. Like I said, in this city there are a lot of good people who are dealt bad hands. They lose someone, they lose themselves. Which is why they come in here to work off that rage. I've gotten good at picking out the types, types just like you.
Laurel: If I'm angry it's because I'm dealing with someone who's willing to lie to the DA to protect a punk kid.
Ted: I don't think that's the case. Either way, if you do have something you want to work off... [hands her a brochure]

Thea: I didn't come all the way to South America to have you poison me, did I?
Merlyn: [chuckles] It's a meditative tea. It will activate your mind and body.
Thea: I think I'm gonna need a little bit more than tea to learn to use one of those. [Nods at the swords]
Merlyn: The Sōhei Buddhist warriors believed that first you must fight with your mind, then your sword. I remember when I was training to be a warrior, I began just like you, devastated by my wife's death. I was angry and hurt. The pain was unbearable. Like this. [Pours boiling water over his hand]
Thea: You're out of your mind! Put your hand in here!
Merlyn: Every warrior must learn the simple truth: that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.
Thea: Please don't... don't do what I think you're going to do.
Merlyn: You asked me to teach you. [Pours boiling water over Thea's hand]

[Oliver runs out of arrows]
Oliver: Diggle!
Diggle: Behind you! [throws Oliver a gun.]
[Oliver shoots five soldiers. Roy stares at him]
Oliver: I never said I didn't know how to use a gun.

Laurel: I know that it probably sounds insane. It probably is, but Sara, she gave me this and when I wear it, it makes me want to help people like she did. Like she's alive again.
Oliver: I get it. Sara had training. She had years...
Laurel: Oliver, I know. Which is why I need to start and I need your help.
Oliver: No.
Laurel: Oliver...
Oliver: No. NO! I... I want you to consider what would happen to your father if something happened to you.
Laurel: Oliver, ever since it happened, I have had this fire inside of me that I can't get rid of with booze or pills. I need another way and the other night, even though it went wrong, it was the first time since Sara died that I haven't felt that fire.
Oliver: I'm sorry. I can't. And even if I could, Sara would never forgive me.

The Magician [3.04]

Laurel: You were the one that showed her the darkness inside. You... and your father.
Nyssa: I know you grieve, but so do I. I didn't show Sara the darkness, Laurel. It was already inside of her when we met. When I found her alone, starving and terrified, I protected her. I took Sara into my heart and I loved her with all of my soul. And that jacket. I gave it to Sara as a gift. You are not fit to wear it.

Nyssa: Jansen Sensei, I am Nyssa, heir to the demon Ra's al Ghul. You will tell me where I can find Malcolm Merlyn or I will kill you where you sit.
Merlyn: Hello Nyssa.

Oliver: I'm not a killer anymore Laurel.
Laurel: But Merlyn is. He killed Tommy and 502 other innocent people. How many more people are going to have to die before you put him down?
Oliver: Do you think that's what your sister would want?
Laurel: Yes. I do.

Nyssa: My father may be the demon. But yours is the devil.

Nyssa: I see you've been training. And wearing her jacket.
Laurel: If you're gonna stand there and tell me I'm not strong enough or tough enough, please don't.
Nyssa: Back at the cemetery I would have, but since you have reminded me that the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.
Laurel: And what's that supposed to mean?
Nyssa: Don't forget to turn your hips. That's where the power comes from.

The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak [3.05]

Donna Smoak: Honey, I came to see you. For a visit. Look, look, look. Didn't you get my text?
Felicity: Mom, to send a text, you actually have to press "send" on the text.
Donna: Oh. Okay. Not a big deal. I'll do it right now.

Felicity: I'm running out of expletives.
Oliver: We need to track down whoever Myron shared your code with.
Felicity: I hacked all of his emails and text messages from five years ago, and all I got was depressed.
Oliver: Okay, what about ex?
Felicity: I already told you, he didn't do it.
Oliver: Why Because he's your ex-boyfriend?
Felicity: Because my senior year of college, Cooper and I did a stupid thing. He got arrested and he went to prison.
Oliver: So, he went to prison. Maybe he got out.
Felicity: He didn't.
Oliver: How do you know?
Felicity: Because he's dead. He hung himself before sentencing.
Oliver: Felicity...
Felicity: I just really need to alone right now. [she walks away]

Thea: I was afraid you wouldn't react well to the idea of me taking his money.
Oliver: It's blood money, Thea! You don't know what Malcolm Merlyn is capable of!
Thea: I know what his money is capable of - renting me this really sweet loft.
Oliver: Listen to me. He's alive, and if you take his money, he has a hold on you.
Thea: I think you're being a little melodramatic. I'm his daughter, okay? He's not gonna put me in danger.
Oliver: He's responsible for the death of 503 innocent people, including your brother.
Thea: Now that is a card you do not get to play.

Donna: Hey! Hey, you want to wave that gun at me, fine, but don't you dare threaten my daughter.
Cooper: Here I thought you were all nails and hair.
Donna: Try single mom who worked 60 hour weeks in six inch heels to raise that genius child you see right there. I may not understand all this cyber whatever... But I know without that gun, you wouldn't last ten seconds against my girl.

Oliver: Are you OK?
Felicity: I guess. Old lovers have a way of opening old wounds. Lovers. Sounds creepy no matter how you say it.
Oliver: Felicity, I want you to know that whatever experiences you had to go through, I'm glad that you did to shape the person that you are today. And you know how I feel about her.

Guilty [3.06]

Ted: Make sure you get some protein within the hour, all right?
Laurel: Yeah, egg whites. They're my new BFF.
Ted: Oh, that's disgusting. No, no, no, two blocks from here - Korean tacos.
Laurel: Korean tacos?
Ted: Trust me. They're heaven. Come on, I'm buying.

Arrow: You're playing a very dangerous game, Laurel.
Laurel: I can take care of myself.
Arrow: No you can't, because you haven't realized it isn't actually a game.

Ted: This is where I kept my supplies. A safe place separate from my day job. I'm sure you've got one just like it.
Arrow: Mine's bigger.

Roy: That guy? He said I was just another weapon in your arsenal.
Oliver: Well, maybe that's what we should call you, then. Arsenal.

Oliver: When I said I wouldn't train you, I was trying to protect you. But a homicidal former vigilante apprentice was not what I had in mind.
Laurel: I know you're trying to protect me, Ollie, but I'm not helpless.
Oliver: I've never seen you that way. But Laurel, I'm always gonna watch out for you. And it's not because I think you're helpless, it's because I care about you.

Draw Back Your Bow [3.07]

Tatsu Yamashiro: [puts down Oliver's laundry] I'm not your mother or your wife or your maid.
Oliver: OK. Alright. You don't like me. I get it.
Tatsu: At least you're perceptive.
Oliver: I thought that, last week, the whole candle-meditation thing and maybe we had a moment.
Tatsu: Moment's over. You can celebrate by doing your own laundry. [...] What?
Oliver: I don't know how.

Felicity: This dress... costs more than my apartment.
Ray: Yeah. Couture, which I'm pretty sure is French for "expensive". [Felicity handles the dress, smelling it and keening] So, dinner? Purely platonic.
Felicity: There is nothing platonic about couture.
Felicity: [whispering to the dress] You and I are going to be best friends.

[Oliver shows Carrie's arrow to Diggle]
Diggle: Last time I saw a spade that lethal, it cut up a pretty good royal flush I was holding.

Felicity: I don't blame you for not wanting to sell Ray your mine, because you don't know what his plans are. The thing about Ray is he's not a businessman. Businessmen make deals, they make money. What Ray is, is something else entirely.

Arrow: I understand that you're hurting and I know what it's like to want someone but not be able be with them. How you wish things could be different, but they can't. I can't be with you. I can't be with anyone. I have to be alone.
[Barry runs into the Arrow lair with sushi and without his mask on, not thinking about Lyla being there]
Dr. Caitlin Snow: Hey! Secret identity?
Barry: They're married!
Diggle & Lyla: We're not married.
Barry: Or together. Whatever, he told her about me.
[Diggle shakes his head]
Barry: You didn't...?
Diggle: I keep secrets for a living, man.
Barry: Ah. My bad.
Lyla: You... you're...
Barry: The Flash. Sushi?

Oliver: To do what I do, Barry, takes conviction. But more often than not is the will to do what's ugly. Every time I do that, I'm... I'm trading away little pieces of myself. So you asked what's wrong with me. That's... That's what's wrong. Because the part that I'm trading away is Oliver Queen. And lately I've been feeling like there is nothing left. Except the Arrow.
Barry: I think you're full of crap. Look, you've convinced yourself that everything you've been through took away your humanity. But I think it's because of your humanity that you made it through. You wouldn't have survived, much less come out the other end a hero, somebody who wants to do good, if you didn't have a light inside of you.

Cisco Ramon: [after seeing Thea] Yo, who was the hottie?
Roy: [simultanously with Felicity] My ex-girlfriend.
Felicity: [simultanously with Roy] Oliver's sister.
Cisco: So... "stay away" is what you're saying.

A.R.G.U.S. Guard: Something strange with your ID. I'm going to have to detain you for a minute.
Digger Harkness: Hmm.
A.R.G.U.S. Guard: If that's a problem, I really don't care.
Harkness: You know, you should be careful how you treat people, my friend. After all... [throws boomerang at the guard killing him] ...what goes around, comes around.

Lyla: There are people in the world who deal only in extremes...
Oliver: And it would be naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.
Lyla: Sometimes bravery isn't enough. Sometimes the world requires us to be bold.
Oliver: Whatever the personal cost.

The Climb [3.09]

Ra's al Ghul: You're just a boy. Well, Mr. Queen, you failed to protect the city you love. Now you will watch it bleed.
Oliver: Nobody in my city will die tonight.
Ra's: Well, there was only one way to prevent that. You were to produce for me the one who killed Ta-Er Al-Sahfer. And yet you've come alone.
Oliver: Because it was me. I killed Sara.
Nyssa: Why would you kill a woman you once professed to love?
Oliver: Because she begged me to.
Nyssa: You lie.
Oliver: It wasn't the first time Sara chose death over a life in the league. And meeting you now, I can see why.
Ra's: I should have Sarab cleave your head off your shoulders. Not for killing my daughter's beloved, but for thinking me a fool.
Oliver: By league law, I have the right to challenge you to a trial by combat.
Ra's: It's been 67 years since a man challenged me. You covet death that much?
Oliver: Do you accept?
Ra's: Oh, yes.

Oliver: Maseo...
Maseo Yamashiro: My name is Sarab.
Oliver: You told me once a man cannot live by two names.
Maseo: And I don't. Maseo is dead. I am all that's left, Sarab. A phantom.
Oliver: After it happened, you went to Nanda Parbat.
Maseo: I arrived the same year as Ta-Er Al-Sahfer. She was a great warrior. You did not kill her. When you face the demon, it will be my duty to bear witness. I have no desire to watch you die. Under our code, you have 12 hours to settle your affairs. The 13th hour, be at this place. This location is consecrated ground for the league. A place for the settlement of blood debts - if one survives the climb. If you do.
Oliver: See you on the mountain.

Felicity: But there is one thing I need to ask you to do. And you're not going to want to.
Oliver: Well, if it's you asking, I'll do it.
Felicity: Kill him. You have to kill Ra's al Ghul. This is a duel... Oliver, with one of the most dangerous men that has ever walked the Earth.
Oliver: I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't think I can win.
Felicity: I don't doubt that. I don't doubt that you can beat him. I am terrified that you won't kill him. Because that's not who you are anymore. And I am so afraid that Ra's al Ghul will use your humanity against you.
Oliver: Felicity, I honestly don't know if I'm a killer anymore. But I do know two things - the first is that whoever I am, I am someone who will do whatever - whatever - it takes to save my sister.
Felicity: And the second thing?
Oliver: I love you.

Ra's: I was 11 years old when I killed my first man. I remember the look in his face when the light went out behind his eyes. Such a sudden change, almost imperceptible, between life and death. And I felt ashamed. I had stolen from that man the most precious gift of all - life. But I also felt something else - pride, because I had taken up arms against someone who sought to do ill against my family. And I realized what I had done was necessary. You see... I had replaced evil with death. And that... is what the League exists to do. And I have killed several thousand more men since then. And the world is better for it.
Oliver: You've taken your last life.
Ra's: No. . . . You have lived your last day.

Ra's: You should take pride. You survived longer than most. [Oliver makes one final attack, catching Ra's arm and nearly overpowering him. However, Ra's counters and incapacitates Oliver with a blow to the throat.] Don't be afraid, my son. Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long. Consider this an honorable exit. [stabs Oliver through the chest, speaks in Arabic] Forgive and have mercy upon him... Excuse him and pardon him... Make honorable his reception... Protect him from the punishment of the grave... And the torment of fire.

Left Behind [3.10]

Merlyn: Ms. Smoak is correct. I orchestrated the matter to eliminate the death warrant Ra's placed on my head. Oliver was that way. His death means my own.
Felicity: [coldy] Good!

Diggle: He's not coming back. Oliver. I know you don't want to believe it, Laurel, God knows I don't but, he's not coming back.
Laurel: Are you? Are you coming back?
Diggle: I don't know. For the first time since I met Oliver Queen I don't know what happens next. I know it's silly, but I still like to think of myself as Oliver's bodyguard. I just couldn't protect him. It's funny. He was worried something would happen to me.

Diggle: OK. The point is, if we're going to do this without Oliver, Felicity, we have to trust each other.
Felicity: You don't get it. There is no 'this' without him. It's done. I'm done.

Ray: You make it sound like using an advanced exoskeleton to fight crime and save the city is a Looney Tunes idea.

Thea: Dad, I could have killed you.
Merlyn: Heh. It’s cute that you think so.

Midnight City [3.11]

Felicity: And by help, you mean money and counsel, and not a suit powered by... dwarf star alloy that fires lasers at people?
Ray: Well, they aren't lasers. That would be ridiculous. They're compressed hard light beams.

[after Brickwell and his men abduct three alderman from City Hall]
Ray: [to Felicity] See? That's why I need a technosuit.

Diggle: Sometimes, me and Oliver come down here after, you know, tough nights. He would pour this, look up and say "Prochnost."
Roy: What does that mean?
Diggle: I have no earthly idea. To Oliver.
Roy: To Oliver.

Ray: I gotta be honest, I'd feel a little more confident in your aeronautic abilities if you knew, for instance, that helicopters don't actually have keys.
Felicity: They don't have keys?
Ray: No.
Felicity: Is it on the roof?
Ray: Yeah, it's on the roof.

Ray: I thought you weren't gonna help with my suicide mission.
Felicity: Well, that's the thing. With my help, you might not wind up dead.

Uprising [3.12]

Thug: Looks like we got ourselves a real live superhero here. You that red streak I've been hearing about on TV?
Arsenal: Wrong city.

Quentin: It doesn't mean I can't help the Hood Squad off the books.
Felicity: We call ourselves Team Arrow. Well, actually, that's just me, but...
Quentin: I just got everything we have on Brick from evidence lockup.
Felicity: Okay. I'll send Arsenal over once the next brushfire's put out.
Quentin: Arsenal? What, are you guys just pulling names out of a hat now?

Arsenal: Captain Lance.
Quentin: Harper.
Arsenal: I'm not sure what you...
Quentin: Look. I've seen you shooting a red hoodie, I've seen you shooting arrows at people. You think I don't recognize you with a little extra leather and lace?
Arsenal: Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore. [turns off voice modulator]

Merlyn: This is for Rebecca.
Danny "Brick" Brickwell: What?
Merlyn: You don't even know here name, do you? Is this the weapon you used to murder my wife?
Brick: Everybody I dropped was with that piece.
Merlyn: She was a good person, decent, kind. She ran the clinic here in the Glades.
Brick: Brunette? Ha ha ha! Yeah. Now I remember. She was my first, my initiation into the Orchid Bay Butchers. Heh heh heh.
Merlyn: You murdered her because you wanted into a gang?
Brick: No. Because she was weak! Because she was crying, begging me not to kill her, but you won't get that from me, so come on! Finish it!
Arrow: Don't do it!
Merlyn: You are too late.
Arrow: Drop the gun. No more death.
Merlyn: That's easy for you to say. You just returned from the grave.
Arrow: Killing him won't balance the scales.
Merlyn: When you have killed 503 people including your own son, you tend not to worry about scales, and don't tell me it won't stop the pain and it won't bring her back because you don't understand! If I had taken care of him back then, it could all be different. The League, the Undertaking, Tommy... Every choice I have made since my wife died.
Arrow: Then you make a different choice now for Thea.
Merlyn: Thea will never forgive me.
Arrow: Start giving her reasons to.

Oliver: I'm sorry...
Felicity: For what? Maybe you could be a little more specific: Letting us think you were dead? For weeks? Or by abandoning every principle you claimed to have by getting into bed with Malcom Merlyn?
Oliver: That's not what has you upset.
Felicity: When you were gone... for almost a month... I allowed myself to fantasize. To dream that maybe, just maybe... Merlyn was wrong. That you were alive. That you'd come back.
And that when you did, maybe you'd be different. That almost dying would give you a new perspective on life. That you would do things differently...
Oliver: Things between us, you mean.
Felicity: Before you left, the last thing you said was that you loved me. Now you're back... And the first thing you tell me is that you're working with the man who turned your sister... who you're supposed to love... into a killer, who killed a woman you used to love. I don't want to be a woman you love.

Canaries [3.13]

Laurel: I know what you're going to say, but I risked myself for this city while you were gone. That should earn me some respect.
Oliver: This isn't about respect. And it's not about you risking your life. I understand that you miss Sara. And I understand when you go out there like this, all of that pain goes away.
Laurel: It's the only time it ever does.
Oliver: And that relief isn't real. It's a drug.
Laurel: If you're implying...
Oliver: You an addict. And just like booze and pills, that high you're chasing every night is endangering your life.
Laurel: Go to hell, Oliver. You don't get to play that card with me. Ever. And if there is anyone who is using adrenaline to hide the pain of real feelings and real life, it's you.

Roy: You think you're the only person who can stand up for Thea?
Oliver: I'm trying to figure out why you're standing up to me!
Diggle: Alright. Maybe we just need to throttle back.
Felicity: No! We need this. Oliver, you were gone, dead, at least we thought you were, and we had to go on with our lives and doing that meant not doing things your way.
Oliver: Fine. I'm back now!
Felicity: That doesn't mean we can go back! And you do not have the right to come back here and question everyone's choices.

Diggle: No, you weren't gone. You were dead and all of us, including me; we were ready to hang it up.
Oliver: Why didn't you?
Diggle: Because we realized we weren't just fighting for you, we were fighting for ourselves. That includes Roy and, yes, that includes Laurel.
Oliver: She's not a soldier.
Diggle: Neither were you.
Oliver: It's not the same thing and you know that.
Diggle: What I know, Oliver, is that you started something, something strong enough to live on past you. Question is, can you live with what it's become?

Laurel: When Zytle hit me with Vertigo, I saw Sara. She was alive and she was calling me a fraud. I was crazy to think that I was fit to wear Sara's jacket, so much as follow in her footsteps.
Felicity: You're right. I hope I'm not out of line here. But, I think Sara wore her mask just as much to hide her demons as she did to help people. I don't see that with you. You have a light inside of you that Sara never had so maybe you should stop trying to be Sara and just be yourself.

Thea: You smell like smoke. Korean barbecue?
Oliver: C4. Yeah.

The Return [3.14]

Tommy: You shouldn't grow up too fast.
Thea: Yeah, well, you're not my brother.
Tommy: You're right, no, I'm not. But I think about him every single day. For the first time, I'm glad he's gone. 'Cause seeing you like this would break his heart.
Thea: It's funny how Ollie seems to care more about me now that he's dead than he did when he was alive.

Maseo: What were you thinking? Anyone at that party could have seen you!
Oliver: Yeah, I pulled the hoodie down to cover my face.
Maseo: That disguise wouldn't work even if you smeared grease paint all over your face.

Slade: Come on, then. You've earned it.
Oliver: Thea, don't!
Thea: He killed Mom!
Oliver: And he will continue to pay for his crimes, but not like this! You're a not a killer!
Thea: Yeah, tell that to Sara!
Oliver: What happened to Sara is not on you! What happens to him is! All this is what Malcolm wanted. He freed Slade to prove we're killers because he wants you to be just like him. You got to prove to him that you're not

Slade: She's lost, your sister.
Oliver: No, she's not.
Slade: You can see it in her eyes. She's been touched by darkness. Was it Merlyn? He's an interesting man to do that to his own daughter. So now you've lost your father, your mother, and now your little sister. How's the girl with glasses? What's her name? Felicity. How many people can Oliver Queen lose before there is no more Oliver Queen?

Thea: How could you make me kill a friend?
Merlyn: He should not have told you that.
Thea: I trusted you. I let you into my life. How could you have done this to me?
Merlyn: Because you are my daughter, Thea, and I care about you.
Thea: Oh, God, that's sick. And not even remotely true!
Merlyn: You do not understand the danger we face from Ra's al Ghul!
Thea: Just stop! Stop using him as an excuse. The only person I'm afraid of right now is you.
Merlyn: Please, do not do this...
Thea: Please, stop. I will work with you to stop Ra's. Because that's what my brother says we need to do. So I will be your student. I'll be your partner. Even if I have to, I will be your soldier. But never again will I be your daughter.

Nanda Parbat [3.15]

Felicity: Did you get locked out of the Palmer Technologies server? That's a shame.
Ray: You did this?
Felicity: I just came from a friend of mine who has his head shoved so far up his colon that - and I'm pretty sure this is true - he's literally going to get himself killed. Him, I can't do anything about. You're a different story.
Ray: Great. Why don't you tell me the story while you unlock the atom subroutine directory?
Felicity: You have two options, Ray. Option one - you can find the way to break through the encryption that I used to lock up your server, which by my calculations, will take you roughly 6.25 hours. Or you can use that time to eat a proper meal, take a shower, and get no less than five hours of sleep, at the completion of which I will give you the password.
Ray: I see.
Felicity: It's your choice, but I highly recommend option two, because this whole situation has gone from endearingly eccentric to creepily not okay.
Ray: If I'd had the energy, I think I'd be getting angry right now, but instead... I'll just take option two.
Felicity: That's a wise choice. After your dinner and a shower, I am taking you straight to bed. [pauses] Putting you. Why do I do that?

Nyssa: Your sister told us Merlyn killed Sara. Are you so lost you'd deprive me of my justice?
Arrow: This isn't justice. It's vengeance.
Nyssa: Vengeance is justice.

Roy: Look, I may not agree with it, but I understand what you're trying to say. You don't want Thea to live with the guilt of getting her own father killed. But how is getting her brother killed any better?
Oliver: I don't plan on dying.
Felicity: That's what you said the last time you went to go face Ra's, and how did that turn out for you?

Laurel: Can you remember the sound of Sara's laugh?
Nyssa: When Sara was first brought to my father, the moment he weighed her apprenticeship or her execution, she bore witness to a demonstration of his power, one that inspired terror in all that came before, but Sara... laughed. It was so innocent, so genuine. That was the moment I fell in love with her, I think. All I knew, all I craved was to hear her laugh once more.

Ra's: You tasted death, and you wanted more, but the truth is everyone and everything must come to an end. Even for one such as me.
Oliver: Kill me, but spare John Diggle's life. Let him go. I will beg for it.
Ra's: You have shown tremendous strength, fortitude, power. No, Mr. Queen, I do not want to kill you. I want you take my place. I want you to become the next Ra's al Ghul.

The Offer [3.16]

Ra's: Ra's is a title greater than one man. Wing Ta Leo Wo Chey.
Oliver: Am I supposed to understand what that means?
Ra's: No. It is from a dialect no longer spoken. Said to me by a man whose place I took. Contemplating the same offer. And what it means is: "A tale to be told begins thus".

Ra's: Surely men have branded you a murderer, a torturer. But see, I would never shame you with such bluntness. Because I see it in your eyes. The struggle you have with your dual identity. Oliver Queen and the Arrow. Neither are giving you what you crave.
Oliver: But becoming Ra's al Ghul will?
Ra's: Oliver Queen is a man destined to be alone. He loves a woman he knows he cannot have.
Oliver: You don't know me.
Ra's: But I know the Arrow. Al Sah-him. You will never be anything more than a vigilante for those whose lives you save at the risk of your own. And the city will turn on you, and your closest allies within the police department will call you a criminal. You will be scorned and hunted, and then killed. Dying as you began your crusade. Alone.

Diggle: You want to tell me what's going on now?
Oliver: Ra's predicted this. He said the city would turn against me and I would die alone. And when we come back, the first thing that happens is Lance shutting me out, and... I see Felicity with Palmer. It's like he looked into my future.
Diggle: Sounds to me like Ra's is playing with your head. Question is, why are you letting him?
Oliver: He wants me to take his place in the League of Assassins. That's why he let us go. As a sign of good faith.
Diggle: Is there even a world where he can imagine you saying yes?
Oliver: He said I can do more as the new Ra's than I can ever do as Oliver Queen or the Arrow. That I would have unlimited resources. That I could make a difference, not just a dent.
Diggle: You're not really considering this. Just because Captain Lance is angry and Felicity is momentarily unavailable?
Oliver: It's more than that. I just... John, tell me honestly... What have we accomplished?
Diggle: [sighs] Oliver...
Oliver: All the people that we put away, John, they got out. The city is no better off. The Arrow is not... is not making a difference. And if I just can't be me... and the Arrow isn't enough...
Diggle: Oliver...
Oliver: Then maybe I should be Ra's al Ghul.

Oliver: We went up against a new crew last night. One of them had his lips sewn shut.
Felicity: Is that a real thing?
Oliver: Apparently.
Felicity: Ugh. If only I had known I had that option.

Felicity: [whistles] Nice work.
Oliver: Not without a few casualties, but Amar is in custody.
Felicity: So that's a "no" on the whole victory dance thing, then?
Oliver: You know me. I don't dance. But I do occasionally say... thank you.
Felicity: You're welcome.
Oliver: And you were right.
Felicity: Ah, a "thank you" and a "you were right." I should really be recording this.

Suicidal Tendencies [3.17]

Ray: This isn't the first time he's been judge, jury and executioner.
Felicity: He hasn’t killed anyone in nearly two years.
Ray: That really is not your best argument.

Felicity: Last year, Ray's fiancée was killed by Mirakuru men. And now he wants to protect the city, so he built a suit out of military-grade technology and he wants to put you in jail, so he used my software to track you down, and he scanned you with his x-rays and now he knows you're the Arrow and he's going to tell the cops.
Oliver: Palmer knows I'm the Arrow? And he has his own mission to protect the city? When were you going to tell me this?
Felicity: I have been getting that a lot today. Look, it's not important. Here's what is - he's going to tell the police who you are!
Roy: Wait, Ray built a super suit? That's kind of awesome. [Oliver glares at him] And reckless.

Diggle: You seeing anybody, Cutter?
Carrie Cutter: Of course I am. The Arrow. And our special day is going to be the most glorious day. And then, afterwards, we'll make strong beautiful babies.
Floyd: And does he know this? Listen, I got news for you, stalker - you don't get to do what we do and have a family.
Diggle: Yeah, well, I have a wife right here and a child who say otherwise. Let's hold up here.
Floyd: Yeah, well, let's hope you make it home to her. But love, children, family - it's all just a distraction to people like us.
Lyla: They make us better, and give us something worth fighting for.
Floyd: Love is a bullet in the brain, and if you believe any different, you're as crazy as she is.

Ray: Arrow.
Oliver: Super Suit.
Ray: I prefer "The Atom."

Oliver: [to Felicity] I told you I couldn't be with you and save the city. Neither can Ray. He's just too new at this to know it.

Public Enemy [3.18]

Donna: Oh, my God. Did you and Ray just do it in this hospital? Did you just have hospital sex?
Felicity: No!
Donna: I've always wanted to have hospital sex!
Felicity: Way TMI! Gross!

Laurel: You have no idea why Sara was killed.
Quentin: She ended up in the League of Assassins 'cause she was marooned on Lian Yu. 'Cause she got in that boat with Queen.
Laurel: So what? Now Oliver's to blame?
Quentin: Oliver, the Arrow, either way, same guy. On some level, I think I always knew. When I thought he was doing good, it didn't matter to me. You know, when that boat went down and we thought Sara was dead? We blamed Queen. It's funny how things come full circle, right?

Oliver: How's Ray?
Felicity: So much better than you right now. Please tell me you have a brilliant plan.
Oliver: I don't even have a regular plan.

Oliver: The only move that Ra's has left me is telling the truth. You have no idea how powerful the truth can be.

Quentin: Lian Yu.
Oliver: What about it?
Quentin: This, uh, Ra's character, he told me that Sara made it to the island with you. You didn't feel like sharing that with me? Huh? I mean, I'm only her father. Well, I was. When did you decide that you knew what was best for my family?
Oliver: I love your family.
Quentin: [slugs Oliver] You got the right to remain silent. Take it!
Oliver: Just ask me what you want to know.
Quentin: [scoffs] What do I want to know? Well, was it worth it? All that pain and misery you brought back from the island? Merlyn, Slade Wilson? Wouldn't it be better if you just died there?
Oliver: The reason I came back was to try and save the people of the city.
Quentin: I hate to break it to you, but saving people isn't your specialty. Tommy. Hilton. Your mother. My daughter. And now you're set on killing Laurel, too.
Oliver: I didn't want her to be involved in this. I didn't want anyone to be involved in this.
Quentin: But you involved me. You spent a year making me look like a fool. You spent a year making me your accomplice. You have any idea what you've done, huh? What you've done to all of us, to the people you claim to care so much about? You've made us criminals! You've made us liars and victims. You, Mr. Queen, are not a hero. You're a villain. But you know that, don't you?

Broken Arrow [3.19]

Ray: Still nothing. Not a visual sighting or any other reading at all from The Atom. And when I say Atom, I mean the suit, not myself in the third person.
Oliver: [to Felicity] Is there a decent chance that you and Palmer are related?

Felicity: Oliver!
Oliver: I can't believe that you and Diggle are sitting on your hands while Roy fights off all of Iron Heights.
Felicity: It's not that simple.
Oliver: No, Felicity, if anything is simple, it's this.
Felicity: This what? You going to jail, too?
Oliver: I can't just do nothing.
Felicity: I think John's right. I think you're struggling with doing nothing. With Roy, with Ray. But right now, you need people to help you. You need to let them. Maybe there is something more going on with you then just what's happening with Roy and this meta-human. You have sacrificed everything to be the Arrow, even you and me. But, whether or not you break Roy out Iron Heights, there is no more Arrow. Ra's took that from you.
Oliver: I was told once that a man cannot live by two names. Well, right now I can't live by either. So, I don't know who I am.
Felicity: I know who you are. Whether you're in a suit or under a hood, you're the man that I-- you're the man that I believe in.

Ray: I need shields.
Oliver: That's not the answer. You need to anticipate your opponent. You need to trust your instincts and not just your tech.
Ray: My instinct is to trust my tech.
Oliver: Ray, when I'm out in the field, my bow, my arrows, those are just tools. I'm the weapon.
Ray: That's poetic.
Oliver: My point is that if you rely on your suit more than you rely on yourself... it's going to get you killed.

Felicity: So, uh, what's with the sunglasses, man? We're indoors, and it's well, night. Do you have a sensitivity to the...
Jake Simmons: To light? No. [removes his sunglasses showing his fiery eyes] I love the light.

Simmons: I'm sorry, but the blonde can't come to the phone at the moment.
Ray: I swear to God, if you hurt her...
Simmons: You'll what? Fly away again? I am talking to the man in the suit, right? The one who thinks a piece of scrap metal makes him some kind of hero? It doesn't.

The Fallen [3.20]

Maseo: I hope you find the accommodations acceptable. Such luxuries are a small glimpse of the life that awaits Oliver.
Diggle: You trying to reassure me or yourself?
Maseo: I don't know what you mean.
Diggle: You're Oliver's friend. Maseo, right?
Maseo: I am Sarab.
Diggle: Call yourself whatever you want. If you gave a damn about Oliver you wouldn't be working for the man who practically killed his sister.
Maseo: Oliver will be spared grief, in a manner that was denied to me. And he'll receive an honor, greater than you can imagine.
Diggle: League of Assassins. You're feared for your bravery and power, but all I see are a bunch of weak men running from their lives, trying to escape. That's not powerful, Maseo, or brave. That's cowardly.
Maseo: Do not presume to know me. Until you've held your dying child in your arms. Until you've told him everything will be okay. So that the last words he ever hears are a lie. You know nothing.
Diggle: I'm sorry. What was your child's name?
Maseo: Akio.
Diggle: Do you think Akio would be proud of his father right now?

Ra's: You have a great fire within you. I can see now why Oliver loves you.
Felicity: If you knew the first thing about love, you would not be ripping Oliver away from his family.
Ra's: I am merely helping him fulfill his destiny.
Felicity: Yeah, I know all about the "survive my sword" prophecy, and I'm here to tell you that I could really give a crap. Me and John, and God help me, Malcolm, are not going to let this happen. And we have friends, and we have resources, and we will go to war to get Oliver back.
Ra's: You know, many lifetimes ago, I loved a woman immeasurably. And she loved me. And we had a son, and then a daughter. And for many years, I felt I was the most fortunate man in the world. My life was bliss. And one night, a man came to my door and he gave me a horrible choice: to leave without saying a word to them, or to stand and watch them tortured and then killed. And I left without a farewell. And to spare them pain, I endured an agony worse than death.
Felicity: Sounds like you gave up too easily.
Ra's: If there's one immutable truth about life, it is often more cruel than it is fair, and rarely provides an opportunity for any of us to find closure. And all your posturing and all your threats of war will merely delay the inevitable, and causing you to forfeit you the opportunity you have… that was denied me. You need to tell Oliver goodbye. Tell him how much you love him. Tell him whatever it is your heart needs to express. And do it now. Before he is lost to you forever.

Felicity: I wish that I could change your mind about staying here, but I know I can't. Just like I know that leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don't regret a single moment. And you shouldn't either. You have done so much. You have saved so many people's lived and you have changed so many for the better, including mine. Knowing you has changed my life. You've opened up my heart in a way I didn't even know was possible. I love you.

Diggle: Oliver. Oliver, I don't know what to say
Oliver: I do. John, you’re the best man I’ve ever known. Whatever happens, you’re my brother.
[Oliver and Diggle embrace]
Felicity: I'm afraid I will never forgive myself for leaving you here.
Oliver: You told me once that life's precious and that you wanted more from it than I could offer you. Don't give up on that. The only way that I'm gonna survive this is if I know that you're out there living your life, happy.
Felicity: We're always saying goodbye to each other. You'd think I'd be good at it by now.
Oliver: Well, let's not say goodbye this time.
[Oliver and Felicity kiss]

Ra's: Oliver Queen is dead. Eventually to be reborn as Ra's al Ghul. But for now, only the Arrow, Al Sah-Him shall remain. Al Sah-Him. Heir to the Demon.

Al Sah-him [3.21]

Oliver: My name was Oliver Queen. I worked three years to save my city. But to save my sister, I had to become someone else. I had to become something else.

Ra's: You have made great progress in three weeks. Al Sah-him. You no longer flinch upon hearing your new name.
Oliver: Oliver Queen is alive only in the past. He's forgotten.
Ra's: Indeed. You are Al Sah-him. You are Wareeth al Ghul. Heir to the demon.

Felicity: If you're gonna keep going out into the field, we should really design you some sort of...
Diggle: Do not say "costume."
Felicity: Okay. Identity concealment.

Lyla: John... What's the house rule?
Diggle: No Glocks on the dinner table.

Ra's: I can see now, you do not require a culling to solidify your reign. You have broken your rival, Al Sah-him. Something I wasn't able to do as an heir. Spilling her blood will only serve as gluttony. Now, perhaps... her blood could be of another purpose. As a means to unite our families. You as husband... and you as wife.
Nyssa: I would rather die then become his betrothed.
Ra's: Well, your wishes are no longer my concern from the moment you betrayed me. So you will marry Al Sah-him. And you will become bride of the demon.

This Is Your Sword [3.22]

Diggle: If there is even the possibility of this kind of danger to my city, I’m reporting for duty.

Oliver: Malcolm, we need help.
Merlyn: By all accounts, you were too good at allying yourself with Ra's and I don't think I carry much credibility with them.

Thea: Jason, I have a '67 Mustang that need a little work on it. Someone said you were the guy to see.
Roy: You came to the right place.

Laurel: So this is Nanda Parbat.
Felicity: Next time we should really look into getting some horses. You think they rent horses here?

Felicity: I can't believe he's gonna marry her.
Merlyn: You should worry more about getting out of here alive.
Ray: Is that even a remote possibility?
Laurel: Oliver would never let that happen.
Diggle: He let this happen.

My Name Is Oliver Queen [3.23]

Barry: [looking at the Lazarus Pit] You guys have a hot tub? Nice. [races to the dungeon where Team Arrow and Merlyn are being held.] Hey, guys. Wow! I mean, this is, like... a real dungeon.
Felicity: Barry.
Barry: Thank you, Felicity. You just outed my secret identity to a super-villain. [to Merlyn] No offense.
Merlyn: None taken. Now get us out of here!

Oliver: Felicity... I can't defeat Ra's al Ghul.
Felicity: Oliver Queen can't. The Arrow can't. Both those men tried and both those men failed. You remember what you said to me during the night we spent together in Nanda Parbat? You're no longer either of those men. You've become... someone else. Become something else. This... is different now. Because despite your best efforts, you've allowed yourself to feel something. I know you think that's a weakness, it's not. It's your key to beating Ra's. Don't fight to die. Fight to live.

Oliver: Be safe out there, okay?
Thea: As safe as anybody with a mask on can be. But, actually, I was thinking, um, maybe I can call myself the Red Arrow.
Oliver: Hmm. I think I already told everyone to call you Speedy.

Oliver: When I started this... I wanted to keep as far away from it as possible. Because that has always been my instinct. To go it alone. But the truth is, is that we won tonight because I wasn't alone. I thought that this crusade would only end with my death. But even if I had died tonight, it would live on because of you. [points at Laurel] And you. [points at Ray] Oh, and you. [looks at Thea]
Laurel: It's true. This city isn't lacking masks.
Oliver: Heroes. Which is why I no longer need to be one.
Felicity: What are you saying?
Oliver: [walks over to Felicity] Ra's took the Arrow identity from me. I couldn't be that person even if I wanted to be. And I don't want to be. I told you that I couldn't be the Arrow and be with you. I wanna be with you. You told me that I have become someone else and I would like to discover a little more about that person, if you'll come with me.

Nyssa: At least admit this was your goal all along.
Merlyn: My only aspiration was to free myself of your father's grasp. A feat we both managed to achieve.
Nyssa: I don't see how it was possible in your case.
Merlyn: When I was your father's captive three months ago, he tortured me with his blade.
Nyssa: And you survived because my father chose to release you.
Merlyn: Funny thing, prophecies.
Nyssa: Fate and my father have shown you mercy. I will not. You took Sara from me and I will have justice.
Merlyn: You are welcome to try. Until then... kneel before Ra's al Ghul.

Season 4


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. But my old approach wasn't enough. I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I had to become the Green Arrow.

Green Arrow [4.01]

Damien Darhk: So you're all fretting about this city dying. I'm here on behalf of an organization that wants you to let it die. See, death is a beautiful thing. We die, we go into the ground, our remains grow into flowers. It's only in the interval after dying that new things can sprout. Cities are like puppies. You see them writhing in agony on the street, you put them down, you don't let them suffer.

Oliver: I saw you took my advice on the identity concealment.
Diggle: Oliver what are we doing? Pretending everything's normal? That we are normal?
Oliver: I'm looking for a way in.
Diggle: I was furious to think that you trusted Malcolm Merlyn more than you trusted me, but then I realized that I'm not angry at you, I'm angry at myself for thinking you're someone that you clearly aren't.
Oliver: I don't know what that means.
Diggle: Oliver, after everything we've been through, man, I couldn't fathom why you didn't trust me. Then I realized you couldn't. It's not who you are. You don't trust. You don't love. You were able to fool Ra's and join the League because inside you are every bit as dark as they are.

Green Arrow: Sorry. You had to get off at an earlier stop.
Darhk: You can't be the Arrow. He died. So who are you?
Green Arrow: You're about to find out. [loads and aims his bow at Damien] Stop the train!
Darhk: No, I don't want to. Even if I did, I couldn't. I destroyed the braking system 20 miles away.
Green Arrow: Willing to die to destroy a train station?
Darhk: No, that would be ridiculous.
Green Arrow: Then how are you planning on getting off the train?!?
Darhk: You don't know who I am, do you? I'm Damien Darhk.

Thea: So what are you gonna call yourself now? Everybody thinks Roy was the Arrow.
Diggle: Well he won't need a code name if he's headed back to Ivy Town.
Oliver: [looks at Felicity] Well I guess I need a code name. Felicity and I, we have missed this. We've missed all of you. And the city is far worse off than we thought.
Laurel: What are you talking about?
Oliver: The man leading the Ghosts is Damien Darhk.
Laurel: Darhk left Star City months ago. Why would he come back?
Diggle: Did Ra's tell you anything about Darhk that would give us any idea about his agenda?
Oliver: He said that Damien Darhk had a hive of operatives at his disposal.
Diggle: Hive. That was the exact word he used?
Oliver: Yes. Why? Does it mean something to you?
[Diggle flashes back]
Diggle: Who would want to kill Andy?
Deadshot: I don't know their names. Just an alias. H.I.V.E.
[back in the present day]
Diggle: No. No, nothing.

Green Arrow: [broadcasting on the emergency channel] Six months ago, the Arrow died. What he stood for didn't. It lived on and heroes took up his mantel. People who believe that this city should never descend into hopelessness. Who believe although life is full of darkness, that darkness can be fixed by light. And tonight I am declaring my intention to stand with them. To fight for this city! To be the symbol of hope that the Arrow never was. I. Am. The Green Arrow.

The Candidate [4.02]

Oliver: He left behind evidence.
Diggle: Fingerprints.
Laurel: How'd you get the owner to part with his windshield?
Oliver: I bought his truck. It's one of the benefits of your girlfriend inheriting a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. We have money now.

Quentin: What this city needs is somebody who can stand out in the light of day, not lurk around in the shadows. You said you were gonna be different this time, huh? How?

Felicity: Let's get one thing straight. The only person who gets to talk in sentence fragments around here is me.

Laurel: You've been investigating this for two years and you haven't told anyone?
Diggle: It's a family thing Laurel. I would think you. of all people, would understand keeping secrets when it comes to the death of a sibling.
Laurel: I do. And because I do, I can tell you carrying a burden like that never ends in any way but bad.

Oliver: Both Lance and Jessica Danforth said something to me about this city needing something that the Green Arrow can't offer them.
Felicity: A decent sushi restaurant?
Oliver: Hope. Inspiration. Someone who can do things in the light who isn't afraid. Someone who can protect himself. Felicity, I'm gonna run for Mayor.

Restoration [4.03]

Curtis Holt: You want me to take a look at your phone for you, Miss Smoak?
Felicity: I think we've reached the point in our working relationship where you can call me Felicity.
Curtis: Have you ever considered how ironic your name is? "Felicity" refers to the ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts, which is not exactly something you're particularly good at.
Felicity: Yeah, you're right. let's stick with Miss Smoak.

Curtis: Since when are you such a bad ass?
Felicity: Since always.

Diggle: You took a bullet for me.
Oliver: They were metahuman tattoo playing cards.
Diggle: Still counts, Oliver. Still counts.

Felicity: [cleaning up a wound that Oliver got on the field] This hurt?
Oliver: Yeah, it stings.
Felicity: Good. That's what you get for trying to take on a meta all by yourself.
Diggle: A meta?
Felicity: Yeah. Turns out Central City is missing one. A Jeremy Tell. Cisco says we should call him "Double-Down", which doesn't exactly make sense, since he was getting a tattoo when the Dark Matter wave hit.
Oliver: You missed quite a show tonight.
Diggle: Sorry I couldn't help out. It's a long story.
Felicity: Oh, my God. It is not a long story. It is the shortest story in history. Two guys go take on criminals without asking for backup and nearly get killed in the process. You know, I haven't said anything up till now, because I was hoping that the two of you would removes your heads from your own asses but turns out I was wrong.
Oliver: Hey, Felicity–
Felicity: No, no, no. This is the part where I talk and you two listen. The both of you nearly got killed out there tonight because you didn't have each other's back.
Diggle: That was a time deal, Felicity. It won't happen again.
Felicity: I absolutely agree. Because the two of you are going to sit down here until you have resolved your issues. Do we have an understanding?
Oliver: Hey–
Felicity: Do we have an understanding?
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: I'm gonna take this to a guy at Palmer Tech to find out how some lunatic meta turns tattoos into lethal weapons. If you two haven't resolved your issues by the time I get back, I'm gonna find a bunch of Mirakuru soldiers to knock some sense into you.

Oliver: It's been months, man. And I don't know how many apologies in which you're a forgiving person.
Diggle: Oliver, this isn't about forgiveness, man. I don't know how to move forward with this, us. Doing what what we do.
Oliver: We've worked fine since I got back.
Diggle: We got lucky. Oliver, there was a time when I would've taken a bullet for you. And I don't know if I would do that now. Which means that when we're out there, we are not out there together. You crossed a line, man. And the fact that you could do that again sits in the back of my head somewhere.
Oliver: I get it! I get it. I understand that I crossed a line. I understand that I lost your trust. What I don't understand is why you won't give me a chance to earn it back.

Beyond Redemption [4.04]

Felicity: Your texts were "911" "OMG" "ASAP" "!!!!!" I do not have time to respond to something that doesn’t contain at least one actual word.

Darhk: I can give advice, father to father. If she were my daughter, I'd put her down.
Quentin: She's my baby girl.
Darhk: No, she isn't. She may look like your daughter, but she doesn't possess her soul. The most loving act you can commit is to return Sara to her final rest. I'm sorry.

Quentin: [comes home to find Oliver sitting there] You know I got a heart condition, right?
Oliver: For years you've looked at me with contempt and utter disdain, so I'm wondering, do I have that look on my face now?
Quentin: What the hell you talking about?
Oliver: I'm talking about you... and Damien Darhk.
Quentin: Okay, it's, it's–
Oliver: I didn't know if you knew who he was, or what he's been doing to this city. And now I see this look on your face. You know.
Quentin: It's complicated.
Oliver: No, it's not. Do you have any idea how many people he's killed?
Quentin: Yeah, I got more of an idea than you. And listen, you, you of all people, you don't get to come in to my house and pass judgement on me, all right?!
Oliver: You always held yourself out as better than me. More righteous. And you were. Until tonight.
Quentin: Actually, it's been a little more than 2 months now, me working with Darhk. It started out benign. He said he had resources, he had people, money. He held himself out as just another guy who wanted to help this city. And we needed the help. You weren't here. By the time I figured out who he was... what he was, that's when he threatened Laurel.
Oliver: Laurel can take care of herself. You see what she does out there.
Quentin: That's what I thought about Sara, too–
Oliver: Stop, stop it! Stop hiding behind your daughters!
Quentin: You don't know what I'm going through.
Oliver: You know a funny thing? You were the main reason behind me running for Mayor! A part of me has always wanted you to see what kind of man I really am! I didn't expect to wind up finding out what kind of man you really are.

Oliver: You know a funny thing. You're a main reason behind me running for Mayor. A part of me has always wanted you to see what kind of man I really am! I didn't expect to wind up finding out what kind of man you really are.

Quentin: We're all desperate. We've been made to do desperate things. Terrible things. But I've gotta believe that we are not beyond redemption. I've gotta believe that this city can still be saved cause once we stop believing that's when this city really dies and us right along with it. Maybe, just maybe... We start saving our home by saving ourselves first.

Haunted [4.05]

Oliver: Why didn't you come to me with this?
Laurel: Come to you for what? Your expertise with magical resurrection? Or that judgmental look on your face?
Oliver: For help finding your sister, Laurel, before she gets hurt, or she hurts anyone else. And If I have a judgmental look on my face right now, it's because you played with forces that you do not understand, and now people are dying because of it.

Oliver: Laurel, come with me.
Laurel: Is Thea okay?
Oliver: No. Not only is Thea hospitalized, but she has Merlyn influencing her to kill people.
Laurel: What are you talking about?
Oliver: Oh, just another thing that happened on your secret trip to Nanda Parbat.
Laurel: Hey! I didn't tell you that I took my sister to Nanda Parbat because I knew that you wouldn't approve. Why didn't you tell me that you took Thea?
Oliver: What does that have to do with anything?!
Laurel: It's the hypocrisy that I can't stand. What? It's okay for you to do whatever you have to for your sister, but it's not okay for me to do the same to mine?
Oliver: Sara was dead. Thea wasn't.
Laurel: Then why didn't you tell me about Thea seven months ago? Because you don't see me as an equal.
Oliver: What? Oh, come on, Laurel, of course I see you as an equal.
Laurel: No, you don't! You never have. You never told me that you were the Arrow–
Oliver: Keep your voice down!
Laurel: You never supported me becoming the Black Canary, and you never would have told me that there's a way to save my sister. My sister, she's out of her mind right now because of something that I did, a decision that I made. Did you ever just stop and think for one second about what I might be going through? I'm sorry about what happened to Thea. I really am. I love your family, I always have. I just wish that sometimes you would give a damn about mine.

John Constantine: You know, the hair on the back of my neck has been standing up since the moment I got into town.
Oliver: That is probably our current problem - Damien Dhark. Ohh, you've heard of him.
Constantine: You watch yourself on that one, mate. He'll make what you saw in the other realm look like a bloody gnat.
Oliver: Any helpful advice?
Constantine: Yeah. Leave town. While you still can.

Oliver: I need you to punch me in the face.
Constantine: Right. My, uh, escape attempt left a bruise, right? All right. I must warn you, I've got a hell of a right hook.

Oliver: Laurel, you were right... I haven't always been the best friend for you but... I'd be grateful for the opportunity to try to start to be.
Laurel: How can I say no to the man who helped me save my sister's soul?

Lost Souls [4.06]

Felicity: You faced down mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins. Are you honestly telling me that you couldn't say "no" to my mom?
Oliver: She said she missed you and then she texted me one of those emojis with the single tear.

Oliver: Okay. Inviting your mother for a surprise visit wasn't the best idea.
Felicity: Mmm.
Oliver: I totally accept that. What I'm accepting, or understanding, is just you shutting me out.
Felicity: I am not shutting you out. I'm trying to focus on finding Ray, but I can't do that with all of these distractions.
Oliver: Distractions? What is going on with you? You're acting like it's my fault that Ray–
Felicity: It's my fault! What's happening with Ray, to Ray, is my fault.
Oliver: Felicity, it really isn't.
Felicity: Ray was sending me distress calls for weeks after the accident. I wasn't here to receive them because I was too busy traveling the world with you. I took the police's word for it that no body could be recovered because I was so swept up in being with you. I'm sorry. It was my choice to uproot my entire life, leave my home and my job, which turns out I am very good at it. I lost myself in you. But I was never that girl, that girl who just loses herself in a guy. That is not who I am.
Oliver: This isn't about Ray. It's about us.
Felicity: No.... Yes.... I don't know.
Oliver: Okay. I'm gonna give you some space until you figure it out. [walks out]

Oliver: Do you know what I miss about our old space?
Diggle: That trunk with the bottle of Russian Vodka in it? [goes to a desk drawer and retrieves a bottle and glasses] Vodka is for wimps anyway.
Oliver: [laughing at that] "Vodka is for wimps".
Diggle: Tennessee Whiskey. Put some hair on your chest.

Felicity: He's wonderful... in a million different ways. But that's the problem, it's too easy to lose myself in him.
Donna: Baby, that's how it's supposed to feel. when you love someone. Believe it or not, he's lost himself in you. And you'll find yourself in each other. Just don't get in your own way. Don't ruin something that most people never get. Cause trust me, you'll never find a guy that hot who cooks.

Felicity: I think we should... clear the air. Um... I wanted to thank you for helping me save Ray and for being so understanding in the midst of my mini– Gargantuan freak-out.
Oliver: Well, I'm sorry that I'm not the best listener. But all of this, is just... it's kind of new to me.
Felicity: And to me. I didn't exactly grow up with the best example of a normal, healthy relationship.
Oliver: Line forms behind me. it's kind of amazing that we've made it this far.
Felicity: We're gonna be fine.
Oliver: How can you be so sure?
Felicity: Because we found ourselves in each other.

Brotherhood [4.07]

Darhk: Trust is an orchid. Beautiful but delicate. Requires ideal conditions in order to thrive. Without those conditions, it dies.

Diggle: Oliver, let this go man, I have. You almost got yourself killed.
Oliver: I've been a lot closer to almost killed.
Diggle: Andy made his choice.
Oliver: You don't know that. John, you saw what was going on tonight. Those men, they were under the influence of something. Whatever pill is scrambling in their DNA is also making them susceptible to Darhk's suggestion.
Diggle: All right, just because you have a blind spot for family, don't expect me as well.
Oliver: That– that's not what this is about.
Diggle: The hell it's not. Family is exactly what this is about. Criminal or not. Under the influence or not. Andy let his son and his wife believe he was dead for 8 years, Oliver. 8 years! And there is no excuse for that. None.
Oliver: John, I'm just– you don't know.
Diggle: Oliver, you don't know. You have this inexplicable way of excusing everything just because it's family.
Oliver: it's not inexplicable! I'm asking you– I'm asking you hold out for Andy, because I need that hope. I need to believe that no matter what happens in our lives, no matter how much darkness infects us, I need to believe we can come back from that!
Diggle: It was exactly that thinking that led you to the League last year. It doesn't seem like you learned much from that.
Oliver: Felicity told you.
Diggle: Getting in bed with Darhk, Oliver? I don't see how you can even consider it.
Oliver: We are going to take this guy down, and no idea is off the table.
Diggle: Look, you're doing things differently, Oliver. Fighting Darhk from the inside is just fighting Darhk in the shadows. You want to do things differently? You want ideas? Fine. Let's take this son of a bitch down in the light of day!

Felicity: Leaving to fight Ra's on a mountaintop, going undercover with the league of assassins, dating the huntress...
Oliver: What are you doing?
Felicity: Oh... I am just listing all of the terrible ideas you've had over the past 3 years, of which throwing in with Damien Darhk has got to be the worst.
Oliver: I am not throwing in with Damien Darhk. I am using him to get at H.I.V.E.
Felicity: Isn't Lance already our man on the inside?
Oliver: Lance has lost Darhk's trust, making this the only way.
Felicity: To get yourself killed. You remember the last time you tried to take down an evil organization from the inside?
Oliver: This is different.
Felicity: Why? Because you'd be doing it as Oliver Queen?
Oliver: Yup.
Felicity: What about your mayoral campaign? You cannot be an effective candidate for Mayor and Darhk's undercover stooge.
Oliver: Taking down Darhk is more important, especially now that we know he has Andy under his thumb.
Felicity: First, there is a whole long list of things that we don't know about Andy. Second, you didn't decide to run for Mayor to take down Darhk. You did it to give the city something the Green Arrow can't give them– hope. Inspiration. Don't lose sight of that, not even for John.

Felicity: Ray, when you come back from the dead, you're supposed to start living again. What's going on?
Ray: I've been catching up on the past six months. My company, my city, my life. And I feel like Tom Sawyer watching his own funeral, except in my case nobody really cares.

Oliver: It's nice of you to show up.
Diggle: My brother needed me. The green one.
Thea: A bunch of superheroes in a farm house? I feel like I've seen that in a movie before.
Oliver: We need a secure location.
Caitlin: What's wrong with S.T.A.R. Labs?
Oliver: Well, absolutely nothing, if you forget about the revolving door you guys installed so the bad guys can come and go as they please.
Caitlin: Remind me again what happened to your old lair, or the one before that...

Barry: [to Kendra] Whatever you do, don't let him train you. [to Oliver] I'm sorry, but when it rains, I can still feel where you shot me with those arrows.

Vandal Savage: [to Barry] Turn over Prince Khufu and Priestess Chayera within twenty-four hours, or I will lay waste to this city, killing everyone that you hold dear. [goes over to Oliver] And after that, I will travel to your home and do the same thing there.
Barry: All right, I'm just curious. Did you rehearse that speech in a mirror this morning, or is this just all off the cuff?

Felicity: Everyone's waiting for you.
Oliver: Sorry, just something I had to take of.
Felicity: So I guess you're off the secret-keeping wagon.
Oliver: That's not it.
Felicity: Then what is it?
Oliver: I think Damien Darhk has someone operating in Central City, so I sent Barry to run down a lead.
Felicity: This kind of lead? [shows him the DNA results revealing he has a son] He didn't know what he was giving me. But I've run enough tests on your blood to recognize your DNA sequence anywhere.
Oliver: You don't know–
Felicity: You had him run a paternity test, didn't you?
Oliver: Look, Felicity–
Felicity: Stop! I cannot hear another lie.
Oliver: It's more complicated than that.
Felicity: God, Oliver, you are the only person on this planet who considers the truth "complicated." Just to be clear, I don't care that you have a child. I can't believe that you have a child that you didn't tell me about. I care that you lied to me just now.
Oliver: Do you know that my whole world just exploded? And I think that I'm entitled to a minute to process that by myself.
Felicity: You somehow managed to go to CCPD to track down Barry. You didn't keep it to yourself. You kept it from me. When were you planning on telling me?
Oliver: I don't know.
Felicity: If you loved me, if you trusted me, telling me this wouldn't be such a burden. It would be a relief. But you don't trust me. You never will. And how can I be with someone who doesn't trust me? [walks away]
Oliver: Felicity...

Oliver: Well, you did it, Barry. Everyone's alive. Our guardian angel.
Barry: That's what you told me I could be when I told you about my powers.
Oliver: Meant it then and I know it now.
[Later, Barry goes in to hug Oliver, but he begs off.]
Oliver: I'm not really a hugger.
Barry: Yeah, tell me something I don't know. But the thing is, I am fast enough to just hug you with out you knowing, so you might as well let me.
[They hug. Afterwards, Oliver walks away shaking his head in disbelief.]
Oliver: [to himself, amused] Nice.
Barry: [calling after Oliver] Wasn't so bad, right?
  • This episode is a continuation of Flash [2.8] Legends of Today

Dark Waters [4.09]

Thea: If you're here to give me a Christmas present, you can keep whatever knife or torture device you plan on giving me.
Merlyn: No presents, nothing gift wrapped, at any rate.

Oliver: Yes.
Felicity: Never mind.
Oliver: Excuse me. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. What's going on?
Felicity: I don't know.
Oliver: Is it Darhk?
Felicity: Inasmuch as that he's the reason that Laurel and Thea showed up on our doorstep 3 months ago. Right before you were going to propose. Before you say anything you should know that my mom found the ring in the decorations box.
Oliver: It's not what you think.
Felicity: Well, that depends on whether or not you think that I think that you were gonna propose and then that you changed your mind.
Oliver: I didn't change my mind.
Felicity: Well, something changed.
Oliver: Everything changed. Where we live, what we do, who we are. I was gonna propose.
Felicity: Hmm.
Oliver: But then we came back to Star City and then I just needed some to rethink things.
Felicity: Because you thought I wasn't going to say yes?
Oliver: Because what we're doing is dangerous and I–
Felicity: But I chose this life and I chose you. And I don't understand why we can't have both. [guns shot revealing Damien Darhk crashing the Christmas party]

Felicity: Oliver!
Oliver: Are John and Thea alright?
Felicity: Yeah, I think so. Please don't tell that you traded your life for ours because that would be extremely Old Oliver.
Oliver: I had to turn myself in. It was the only way to know where you were being held.
Felicity: One little problem , two if you think that Darhk is gonna keep up his end of the bargain. But what happens when the cavalry shows up and the Green Arrow is not present. Darhk is evil, not stupid.
Oliver: I have that handled, Felicity. It had to be this way.
Felicity: Why? Because you think we're in this situation because of your decisions? Look, I really hate to be the one to break this to you, Oliver, but you are not the boss of me. And I'm the one who decides if I need anyone's protection.
Oliver: I know.
Felicity: Back at the Christmas party from hell, you said you were going to propose and you didn't because you said you weren't sure our relationship could survive this kind of life.
Oliver: It's a holiday party.
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: I had more to say, but we were attacked.
Felicity: And here we are, fighting, Fighting our way through the danger instead of running away from it. Isn't that the whole point of marriage? To get through the hard times because we are together, not in spite of it?
Oliver: Um–
Felicity: Just so you know. If you had asked me, I would have said yes.

Laurel: Oliver, we'll find them.
Oliver: Not even the ghosts know where they are. Did you learn anything from the hotline?
Laurel: Only how many crazy/bored people there are in the city. Don't go there.
Oliver: Where?
Laurel: Your go-to place. Where you sit there and say that's all your fault.
Oliver: Well, it is my fault. I'm the one who outed Darhk.
Laurel: I know. I seem to remember us all being there when you did.
Oliver: I ran for Mayor because I can protect myself and that all of you could, too.
Laurel: And you were right, we can.
Oliver: I know, but you didn't sign up for this.
Laurel: Oliver, we can take care of ourselves and that's including Felicity. You inspired a lot of people.
Oliver: Well, Thea, and John, and Felicity, inspiration is not what they need tonight. But somewhere, someplace there is a ghost that's going to talk to me.
Laurel: And if there isn't?
Oliver: Then I'm going to take great pleasure in trying to make them.

Oliver: Thank you everyone. This week, an event just like was interrupted by terrorists. But all of us are here tonight to send those people a very simple message. We're not gonna let the darkness win. So all of us are here to light a candle together. United. [lights the Christmas tree] This right there is possible because of all of you. And I am grateful for each one of you. There is one person in particular that I am grateful for. [looks at Felicity] You. Someone who has stood beside me when times were darkest. She's the one who lights my way. [gets down on one knee] Felicity Smoak... would you make me... the happiest man on the face of the Earth? Yes?
Felicity: Yes.

Blood Debts [4.10]

Felicity: Hey stranger.
Oliver: Sorry I didn't come by sooner. It's... it's unforgivable.
Felicity: Only if you were in Bali or something. Were you in Bali?
Oliver: No, I was, uh–
Felicity: Beating the streets. Probably a lot of people looking for Darhk.
Oliver: I didn't want to come see you until Darhk was off the board.
Felicity: Any luck?
Oliver: We're working some leads.
Felicity: Tell me you haven't gone off the rails.
Oliver: Well... I just... I can't help but think that the reason Darhk is winning is because I haven't been willing to go far enough. And that if I was, if I had, maybe you wouldn't be in here right now. And I don't know what the point of what I'm doing as Green Arrow is if I can't protect the people that are closest to me.
Felicity: Well, what's the point of doing it if you lose yourself in the process?
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: There's something else we need to talk about. The doctors say that I'm... uh...
Oliver: I know.
Felicity: My point being is that we didn't really exchange any vows so the whole "for better or for worse" thing doesn't really apply here.
Oliver: What are you talking about?
Felicity: That maybe the real reason you haven't been here is because...
Oliver: Felicity... [takes out engagement ring from his pocket] the nurse took this off of you in the ER. How dare she? [he puts it back on her finger] For better or for worse.
Felicity: Yeah.

Oliver: Now I know... that it's not my fault. It's my responsibility.
Barry: Responsibility to do what?
Oliver: To end it. I'm going to kill him.

Quentin: So you're back to dropping bodies?
Oliver: It's just this one.

Diggle: I know you want payback for what happened to Felicity, and you should, but don't lose who made her fall in love with her in the first place.

Darhk: Where's my family?!?
Green Arrow: I saved them.
Darhk: I want to be clear about something. I have shown you repeatedly that you cannot beat me. You saved my family. So I'll give you a few weeks to spend with yours. Enjoy your time. What's left of it.

A.W.O.L. [4.11]

Laurel: Hey, Oliver. Felicity... She makes her own choices, you know. I'm sure that's one of the reasons why you love her so much.

Felicity: It's the fault of only one man and he has an extremely on-the-nose and alliterative name. And we're going to stop him, not out of guilt or vengeance, or regret. We are going to stop him because it's what we do. That's who we are.
Oliver: That was a good speech. I'm very happy to hear it.

Green Arrow: Overwatch, we're on site.
Felicity: Excuse me?
Green Arrow: Well, I thought that it was time you got a code name. What do you think?
Felicity: It's perfect.
Green Arrow: Was gonna go with Oracle, but it was taken.

Lyla: You really don't know her that well at all, do you?
Amanda: Michaels is one of my most trusted agents. She knows better than anyone that I'm perfectly capable of watching you execute every person in this room, and I'll still never give you the Rubicon access codes.
Lieutenant Joyner: Hmm. Is that right, Ms. Michaels?
Lyla: It's right. It's why I left. Amanda Waller doesn't make decisions based on the values of human life.
Joyner: Pity. [shoots Amanda] Well, Ms. Michaels, most trusted agent, looks like you now have 20 minutes.

Oliver: I have seen people speed and shrink and fly. We watched a friend of ours come back from the dead. That is the world we live in now and I will not stop searching it until we find a way to make you walk again.

Unchained [4.12]

Laurel: Ollie, what are you thinking?
Oliver: That I should have done a better job keeping an eye on her. She told me the blood-lust came back two months ago and I didn't even know. I've been focused on the campaign, and I've been running back and forth to Central City, and I...
Felicity: How is it that you always manage to blame yourself for everything?
Diggle: That's his superpower. Guilt Arrow.

Roy: He calls himself The Calculator.
Felicity: That's what happens when the bad guys names themselves.

The Calculator: Well well, whoever you are, let me just say I am very impressed. No one's ever been able to break through my encryption before. Bravo!
Oliver: [whispering] Disguise your voice.
Felicity: Thanks, I would take that as a compliment if it wasn't coming from some nutjob trying to take down the internet.
Calculator: Why would I want to take down the net? Not only is it where I work, I'm addicted to funny cat videos.

Merlyn: Leaving the epic stupidity of your plan aside, Thea's right, this isn't either of our decisions.
Oliver: Malcolm, do you want her to die?
Merlyn: Of course not. Do you have any idea how badly I want to put a knife in her hand and force her to slit someone's throat? I've come this close to dragging someone in here for her to kill. And the reason that I don't is because that would be about my feelings and not Thea's. Oliver, sometimes the greatest act of love is no action at all. It's her life. It's her choice.

Thea: You know you should be a nurse in your new life. You're a natural at it.
Roy: Only problem is I'm a one-patient man, and I'm already committed to you.
Thea: Is that why you're leaving? Look, I get it. Star City still has too many people who can recognize you.
Roy: You know, I thought about staying anyway. For you.
Thea: You know what you could do for me? Go and live an amazing life. Get married, have a couple of kids, get a minivan, just go be normal. There's nothing in this world that would make me happier then that.
Roy: You know if I could do all of this over again, I would do every single one of those things with you.
Thea: Me too.
Roy: I love you Thea Queen.
Thea: I love you Roy Harper.

Sins of the Father [4.13]

Merlyn: I've been holding off telling you this for years, Oliver. You're very handsome, not especially bright.

Nyssa: Thea is my sister-in-law. You are my husband.
Oliver: I'm not your husband.
Nyssa: But war does not know family bonds nor friendly sentiments.

Nyssa: I recognize what you are doing. Part of me even respects it, but the leadership of the League of Assassins is in the balance here. It is naive to think this can be resolved without bloodshed.

Diggle: You've been in denial, Oliver. Holding onto hope with both hands that you don't have to give into that hate. Use that hate to do what needs to be done. But Oliver, this needs to be done. You have to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Donna: People don't change. Even if you want them to.

Code of Silence [4.14]

Quentin: [after building collapsed] It's like the big bad wolf huffed and puffed or something.
Laurel: This wolf being Darhk.

Donna: Hey, I'm a Vegas girl. Whoever you owe money to is going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to take me on. So... Don't worry.

Donna: [to Quentin] You know, this is actually very simple. You either respect me enough to tell me the truth or you don't. Clearly, you don't.

Felicity: Please tell me the nails are the clue and not what's on the laptop's hard drive because there are 3 nails running straight through this thing.
Thea: Yeah. The bad guys went a little crazy with the nail gun.

Quentin: You know, in AA, we say you're only as sick as the secrets you keep. You're looking pretty healthy these days. Let's just hope I can get back to that place with Donna.
Oliver: For what it's worth, you're in a tough spot, and you're trying to keep her safe. You know, sometimes a lie isn't wrong if it's for the good of someone that you love.

Taken [4.15]

Felicity: Oliver, you're the only person on the planet who considers the truth complicated. Let's be clear, I don't care that you have a child. I can't believe that you have a child that I don't know about. What does it say about our relationship that your first instinct is to hide the truth?

Laurel: [about Mari] She's a friend. A hero in Detroit they call Vixen.
Oliver: Mari and I had an animated encounter last year and we've stayed in touch.

Damien: When you're dead, I'll be sure to put that totem to better use.
Mari McCabe: Took the words right out of my mouth. [jumps over Damien and steals his totem]
Damien: Well. That happened.

Mari: The best thing my parents every gave me was that freedom. Well, that and this totem. That makes me a total badass.
Oliver: You don't need a totem for that.
Mari: Damn right I don't.

Felicity: You should have told me. Marriage is about inclusion. It's about leaning on your partner when things get complicated. But I don't think you know how to do that.
Oliver: I'm... I'm trying.

Broken Hearts [4.16]

Cutter: Love is a bullet to the brain. [shoots arrows into a newlywed couple] Or an arrow to the heart.

Baron Reiter: The difference between insanity and belief lies only in the number of believers.

Oliver: You are a part of the team, forever and always.

Oliver: Kevlar under the tux. My bodyguard insisted.
Cutter: What's his plan for C4?
Diggle: That is a damn good question.

Oliver: I don't want to let you go.
Felicity: I don't want to let you go... but I'm already gone.

Beacon of Hope [4.17]

Oliver: [about Felicity] Laurel, she's not Voldemort, and I'm fine. That's a good idea. [to Thea] You should tell Alex to talk to Felicity.
Thea: [suppressing a smile] Mm-hm.
Oliver: What?
Thea: Nothing. It's just... it's shocking that you know who Voldemort is.
Oliver: Well, I mean, I'm not immune to pop culture. I read a few of the Harry Potter books.
Diggle: Really? I was gonna bet Thea that you just saw the movies.
Oliver: There were movies?

[Darhk tries to assault Malcolm mystically, but he is powerless.]
Malcolm: [amused] Don't be embarrassed. Performance issues are common for men of your age.

Laurel: I know how passionately you love and how much it hurts once that love goes away.
Oliver: You know, between Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Ra's al Ghul, I thought I'd be a little... tougher than this by now.
Laurel: That's a different type of pain. And this takes longer to heal.

Brie Larvan: To get the schematics, I had to tiptoe through Palmer Tech's computer network, and I saw some very familiar computer code. You never forget the hacker who sent you to prison.
Felicity: [meekly] Hi.

Felicity: I was never in it for that (the thrill). Not ever. I wanted to make a difference. Be part of that beacon of hope you speak of.
Thea: So come back. Rejoin the team.
Felicity: I think I figured out another way. It's actually that insane bee-lady who gave me the idea, ironically. To remake this company. To use the technology that helped me walk again, to make people's lives better. To make Palmer Tech into the beacon of hope.

Eleven-Fifty-Nine [4.18]

[Team Arrow is looking at Darhk's idol.]
Diggle: Why does that thing creep me out the way it does?
Laurel: Because it's creepy.
Oliver: There's something I haven't told you guys.
Thea: Shocker. [Oliver gives her a look] Sorry.
Oliver: I've seen this idol before.
Laurel: What? Where?
Oliver: Lian Yu.
Laurel: You really love not talking about that place, don't you?

Darhk: You know, you're lucky I'm not the man that you think I am, Miss Lance. If I were the man that your father so vehemently claims, you'd be in a lot of trouble right now, wouldn't you?
Laurel: Are you threatening an assistant district attorney?
Darhk: Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. Just merely trying to figure out where your father gets these vicious ideas from. Ooh! Oh. I hope his mind isn't starting to go. You know, dementia is sometimes an aftereffect of long-term alcoholism.
Laurel: You're a son of a bitch.

Oliver: [pressing down hard on Andy's arrow wound] I told John to trust you. To give you another chance. But I was wrong. Because men like you don't change. Now you tell me: what does Darhk have planned?!
Andy: If I'm the man that you think I am, then you know torture is not gonna get me to say anything.
Oliver: I haven't started torturing you yet. [presses Andy's wound harder]

Darhk: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ms. Lance. Nine months ago, I made your daddy a promise. I told him what I would do if he betrayed me. [Oliver resists Darhk's spell long enough to fire an arrow at him, but Darhk mystically catches it.] Impressive. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. I want you to give your father a message. From me. I want you to tell him... [stabs Laurel with the arrow and twists it] I'm a man of my word.

Laurel: I'm really glad that you found Felicity, and I hope you find your way back to her. And Ollie, I know that I am not the love of your life, but you will always be the love of mine.

Canary Cry [4.19]

Felicity: What are you doing here?
Oliver: Thinking.
Felicity: Mmm. Which is Oliver-speak for "beating yourself up".

Oliver: [to Diggle] If (Laurel) were here, she'd tell you the same thing that I'm gonna tell you: you can not forget who you are, and we... we can never become them.

Diggle: And I'm the one constantly telling Oliver not to have a blind spot for family.
Felicity: And here you are, taking the blame for something that's not your fault. You're just one illegitimate child away from a really awesome Oliver Queen impersonation.

Ruvé Adams: [pointing at Green Arrow, to police officers] Arrest him!
Green Arrow: Seen this one before. [fires a cable arrow towards the ceiling and escapes]

Oliver: This, uh... this doesn't seem right. I knew Laurel Lance for... almost her entire life. She was my friend, and I loved her. Before she died, I was.. I was lucky enough to hear her tell me that she loved me, too. Laurel Lance became a lawyer to help people who may have appeared helpless. She wanted to give a voice to the silent. But just being a lawyer wasn't enough. She wanted to do more. For those people, and for this city, because she loved this city so much. By now, everyone knows that Laurel was killed in the Iron Heights prison riot. And while it's true that she was an assistant District Attorney, that's not what she was doing there that night. Before she died, Laurel told me the truth: Laurel Lance was the Black Canary. And for the past few days, I have had to sit and listen to people try and paint the Black Canary as a criminal, She was not a criminal. She was a hero. She was a hero in every way that a person can be. And if Laurel were here, I know that she would expect all of us to live up to the example that she set. She'd want us to save our city.

Genesis [4.20]

Darhk: I had a lot of time to reflect while I was in prison. Mostly about religion and bundt cake. But after much thought, I realized that -- Oh, almost forgot... did my little incarceration delay Genesis at all?
Milo: Of course not. Genesis is much bigger than just one person.
Darhk: [low chuckle] Gold star for you. Where was I? Oh, that's right, my jailhouse epiphany. If I could escape prison without your help, what do I need any of you for?
[Milo fires a gun at Darhk, but he stops the bullet mystically.]
Darhk: Milo. You really have not been paying attention, have you. [hurls the bullet back at Milo's head, killing him]

Oliver: I'm staring to think that this guy's gonna be a no-show.
Felicity: Right.
Fortuna: It's because he's not a guy, amour. Esrin Fortuna. Tell John Constantine he still owes me money.

Oliver: Earlier with Darhk, it worked. He tried to use his magic on me, and I was able to repel it.
Felicity: That's incredible. How'd you do it?
Oliver: I heard your voice in my head. You were reminding me of all the good things I have in my life. I heard Thea, I heard John. I heard Laurel. Just telling me to keep fighting. To never give up. Just telling me to have hope.

Diggle: Andy said Genesis was coming.
Felicity: I don't think so. Phil Collins said they'd never tour again.

Diggle: [realizing Darhk's Genesis is comparable to the Old Testament] God wanted to give the world a do-over, so he destroyed it.
Oliver: He destroyed it with a flood. Rubicon is Darhk's flood.
Felicity: So nuclear annihilation is Darhk's flood. What's he planning on building as his ark?

Monument Point [4.21]

Malcolm: [whistles twice, then says "woof"] I know. The predictability was a terrible flaw in the design.
Thea: Predictability is your flaw, too. Every time my life starts to suck, you show up.

Noah: I'm not the man my daughter thinks, you know.
Green Arrow: Don't tell me. Tell her.
Noah: I've tried. Tried explaining, but there're two sides to me. The father and the hacker. She sees only the criminal. I mention this because you strike me as someone with experience leading a dual life. Any insights you'd care to share?
Green Arrow: Yep. It doesn't work. You living a dual life is why you lost her.
Noah: You sound like you're talking from some personal experience.

Lyla: The President asked me if the fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys in Halloween costumes.
Oliver: They're not Halloween costumes.

Lonnie Machin: What is it with you? Why are you always at the mercy of some guy? You can make your own decisions, Thea. You're not a pawn. You're a queen.

[Damien Darhk is absorbing the life energies of thousands of people killed in a nuclear bomb explosion.]
Darhk: Hello, Oliver. Nice timing. I think you're gonna need much bigger arrows.

Lost in the Flood [4.22]

Darhk: [incinerates incoming arrows] Cool. You know, I didn't even mean to do that. [Diggle fires pistol at Darhk] I turn steel arrows into dust and you thought lead would do the trick?
Diggle: He's not human anymore.
Darhk: Oh, I'm still human. Just better.
Oliver: Still doesn't give you the right to remake the world.
Darhk: Why not? It's been done before. Noah and the Flood. People even worship the responsible party.

Oliver: Do you really think that maybe Darhk has a point?
Diggle: Well, Darhk is psychotic. Everyone down here is.
Oliver: Are they? He's not wrong [the man they're holding prisoner]. The world is coming apart. Just like Star City. I mean, it is worse than it has ever been.
Diggle: That's because Darhk's been spending the past year trying to kill it.
Oliver: Then why is he giving these people more hope than we ever could?

Ruvé: You do realize that you're planning to destroy the last safe place left on the entire planet, right?
Machin: I'm sorry. Did I leave you with the impression that I was a rational guy?

[Team Arrow is surveying the enormous crater left after the destruction of H.I.V.E.'s Genesis Ark.]
Thea: Well, looks like the real estate value of the Glades just went up. [off Oliver's look] It's called gallows humor.

Felicity: Go to hell.
Darhk: Why bother? I'm going to bring it to us.

Schism [4.23]

Oliver: Hey. Come on, we can't just lose all hope here.
Felicity: You have. I can see it in your eyes.
Oliver: I just can't believe that I thought that I'd be the one to unite this city while Damien Darhk was trying to kill it. That was arrogant. The same arrogance that made me feel that I could be the Green Arrow without descending into darkness. Bottom line: it was foolish.
Felicity: You don't believe that.
Oliver: I didn't believe that. Not until Laurel died.
Felicity: I thought you weren't blaming yourself for her death anymore.
Oliver: We made a decision to come back here. I tried to do things differently. And for a time, I did. And now I am left here to wonder... if I hadn't, would Laurel still be alive?

Curtis: Look, living in Star City requires a special kind of tenacity. A sane person wouldn't live here. It's a fact Paul likes to remind me of weekly. We were this close to leaving Star City last October. After three terrorist attacks, we were... done. But then, the night before we were gonna start packing, the Green Arrow popped up on our TV. He reminded me that this city is worth saving. That my home... that my home was worth fighting for. That guy gave me inspiration. Gave me hope. And if he could give me hope then, why can't he give it to others now?

Oliver: Stop! Stop! Please! I know what you're feeling right now. I'm feeling it, too: a sense of helplessness, of hopelessness. I don't know how we even begin to process what might happen to us right now. But there are a few things that I do know. I know that this city has been through tough times before, and we have pulled through. We survived the Undertaking. We survived the Siege. We survived the Outbreak. And somehow, some way, we will survive this. A friend of mine told me that living in Star City takes a special kind of tenacity. But we do live here. Because this is our home. This. Is. Our. Home. It is our friend, our family, our lives. And we will not, we will not throw those precious gifts away by descending into chaos. We will look to each other for hope. We will cling to each other for strength. And if we do that, no matter what happens, we can all stand here united.

Darhk: What are you gonna do now, Oliver? Stop posturing. We both know you can't do it. You spared the life of the man that killed your own mother.
Oliver: You killed a friend of mine. You killed tens of thousands of innocent people. With Slade Wilson, I had a choice. This time, I don't.
[Oliver stabs Darhk in the chest with an arrow, and Darhk falls down dead.]

Oliver: It's Thea and John.
Felicity: Them leaving has to be a blow.
Oliver: And they're leaving because of their own personal darkness. I just can't help but think that they were infected by mine.
Felicity: Maybe. Like you said, maybe you can't become a hero without succumbing to the darkness even a little bit, but you were able to defeat Darhk by giving the city its hope back.
Oliver: You're saying it's not black and white?
Felicity: I'm saying that there is a man who killed Darhk in cold blood, and that same man stood on top of a car and gave the city its hope back. What you're feeling isn't darkness. It's a schism. You're at war with two sides of yourself.

Season 5


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. Today I fight that war on two fronts. By day, I lead Star City as its mayor. But by night, I am someone else. I am something else. I am the Green Arrow.

Legacy [5.01]

[Green Arrow pins Lonnie Machin's hand to a post with an arrow.]
Machin: Does this mean you're not gonna kill me? What's a guy gotta do to get a little love? Only tried blowing up the city. I mean, half of it. [Green Arrow knocks him out.]

Thea: You realize you just accused the police department of being corrupt, at the police department gala?
Oliver: I answered a question.
Thea: And you also just put blame on the police department instead of taking responsibility for the city's crimes.
Oliver: You know I'm taking responsibility.
Thea: Yes – the other guy. But as the mayor, it looks like you're sleepwalking. Okay? Showing up late again is not helping that perception.

Tobias Church: Cities are like genpop. First day in, you find the biggest guy in the yard, put him down, hard. Sends a message: screw not with me. So here we all are. Now, who's the biggest guy in the yard? [shows a picture of the Green Arrow] It's highly unlikely that he'll just come out to play, but it's like my younger brother always said: Don't fish without bait.

Thea: So he's trying to call the Green Arrow out.
Quentin: Yeah, except he doesn't know he already has him.
Thea: Alright, well, you need to go do something.
Quentin: Well, that was gonna be my line to you.
Thea: For the first time in a long time, I'm really starting to feel like myself again. I'm not a killer, I'm not a vigilante, I am a normal version of me. And I just think after everything that happened with Laurel, I really needed to know that life like this was even possible. And now that I do, I don't want to give it up.
Quentin: Yeah, yeah, I get where you're coming from. I do. I lost my job, I lost my daughter, I lost my girl, and you know, I just wanted to hit pause on the world, you know?
Thea: Yeah.
Quentin: But then I listened to Oliver's speech, and that's when I realized I can't do that. I can't hit pause. I need to get on with my life, even if that life isn't what I want it to be.

Oliver: I see what you did there.
Felicity: What did I do?
Oliver: You talked about the new team like it's a done deal.
Felicity: Oh, that. Well, I just thought since you decided to "keep swimming" as mayor, you might do the same as Green Arrow?
Oliver: You might be right.
Felicity: Lance told me about the Russian proverb by the way. Very poetic... Wait! Did you just say I might be right? Are you okay?

The Recruits [5.02]

Oliver: Curtis, if you think this is hard, wait until I actually start training you.
Curtis: What happens then?
Oliver: The last guy got an arrow in the leg before it even started.
Curtis: That was Roy, right?
Oliver: Also Roy, but I'm talking about Wild Dog.
Felicity: And you did put two arrows in Barry Allen's back.
Curtis: I'm starting to sense a pattern.

Diggle: Fear is part of war, the part that keeps us alive. See these stripes? They give me strength, clarity. Right or wrong, up and down, they tell me what to do, which means that fear can kiss my six.

Evelyn Sharp: I thought there was going to be... orientation.
Green Arrow: Did the brochure say that?

Felicity: When I got to know you, the real you, I was in awe. I had never met somebody so passionate, so focused and determined to make a real difference. But the recruits didn't get to see the real you because all you showed them was this angry guy in a mask. Like, scary angry.
Oliver: I just thought that if they didn't know who I was, it would make things easier ... For me. Easier for me. When I was in the Bratva ... Nobody in the Bratva uses their real names. Nobody knows anything about anyone's life before they were Bratva.
Felicity: Sounds lonely.
Oliver: It's effective. They teach you that the only person you can trust is yourself, that without personal attachment, there can be no loss. Laurel, Thea, Dig, even Roy, I let them into my crusade. I let them in ...
Felicity: Then they left.
Oliver: I was protecting myself.
Felicity: I just think you're missing something.
Oliver: Only one thing?
Felicity: The reason the original team worked so well was because of the trust and respect that everyone had for Oliver Queen, not the Green Arrow. Oliver is the one who makes a good leader. He's the one that runs a good team. He's the one that I chose to stand by and that I continue to choose to stand by.

Oliver: Your father didn't give up his life so you could become a killer.
Ragman: You don't know that.
Oliver: My father gave up his life to save mine. He made me promise to be better than him, to save this city in a way that he never could. It's been nearly 10 years since that day. So far, I've failed.
Ragman: Why are you telling me this?
Oliver: Because I don't want to fail anymore. I can't do it alone. I need a team. Let's honor the legacies of our fathers together.

A Matter of Trust [5.03]

Curtis: Does he know? Rory, I mean.
Felicity: No, that I destroyed his hometown with a nuclear missile five months ago. No, it hasn't come up.
Curtis: You didn't destroy anything, Felicity. That was Damien Dahrk.
Felicity: Dahrk sent the missile to Monument Point. I sent the missile to Havenrock. I killed tens of thousands of people.
Curtis: To save billions.
Felicity: Tell that to Rory's family.

Rene Ramirez: I wanna help, too.
Oliver: I think you've done enough.
Rene: Sorry about before, but I get it now. I'll do whatever you need.
Oliver: What I need is to trust that when I do ask for your help, you're not immediately gonna make the problem worse.
Rory Regan: He said he was sorry. Let us help.
Evelyn: Yeah, we could canvass the city.
Oliver: Look what happened the last time you went looking for Samson. Pass.

Floyd: Six of hearts, c'mon six of hearts, where are you? My kingdom for a six of hearts!
Diggle: Why don't you just shut up for five minutes and I won't have to kill you?
Floyd: Whooo, there's that temper. Good thing your kid won't have to grow up with it like your brother did.
Diggle: What'd you say to me?
Floyd: How's all that going anyway? You ever find that group that paid me to off him?
Diggle: They didn't.
Floyd: What's that now?
Diggle: They didn't want him dead. He was alive.
Floyd: Like I said, hell of a world, ain't it? I mean... Wait, did you just say he was alive, just now? Huh? Hello, John? Anybody home?
Diggle: 'Cause I killed him! [flashes back to the moment of killing Andy]
Floyd: So all that hate you poured into me for killing your brother, you really should've been pouring it into yourself.

Anatoly: Bratva. Do you know what this word means?
Oliver: "Brotherhood".
Anatoly: Da. If you are hungry, brothers will feed you. If you are hurt, brothers bring ten times pain to men responsible. If one brother succeeds, all brothers rich. If one brother fails, all brothers suffer. Your brothers would kill for you, would die for you, as you would kill and die for them.

Thea: Well, as promised, I will stay on until I can find a more qualified and experienced replacement.
Oliver: I don't want experience. I want someone that I can trust, Speedy, and that person is you.
Thea: I messed up Ollie. Big time.
[secretary opens door and Oliver nods at her]
Oliver: No, Thea, you didn't. Follow me.
[Oliver walks out to address a press conference]
Oliver: Thank you all for coming. I'd like to address head-on, and with brutal honesty, some of the recent reports regarding my administration. Reports that suggest that while voters may have elected me, others have been making decisions in my stead. Truth of the matter is, that every decision made by any member of my administration is my decision. The buck, as they say, stops with me. Because when you are in charge, everything that your team does is on you, and I trust my team. [Quentin walks in from a side room] That team will be include former police captain Quentin Lance, who'll be serving beside me as Deputy Mayor.
Quentin: I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Mayor.
Oliver: You're the right man for the job. Trust me.

Penance [5.04]

Rene: Ragman should be here.
Oliver: Overwatch, do you have a 20 on Ragman?
Felicity: I texted him, like, 10 times and then 10 more, but nada.
Curtis: Maybe he's sick. I mean, the flu's been going around, and by the looks of those rags, he does not hit the drycleaner very often.

Curtis: Another robbery in progress at...
Felicity: Palmer Tech! I got to call Oliver.
Curtis: Or maybe don't, and we'll just let them get robbed. It will serve Mr. Dennis right for firing us.
Felicity: He fired me. You quit.
Curtis: Because he fired you. Same thing.
Felicity: [calls Oliver] Oliver! We have a robbery in progress at Palmer Tech.
Oliver: [Oliver is revealed to be the robber] Yeah?!

Anatoly: Second test over. Do not make any worse by pulling out suture.
Oliver: Anatoly, if this is how the Bratva treat their new members, I'd hate to see how they treat their enemies.
Anatoly: Pass third and final test, find out.

Rory: Do I even want to ask how you found me?
Felicity: Is that a trick question?

Evelyn: Things have really fallen apart without Oliver, haven't they?
Oliver: [walking in] It's a good thing I'm back then.
Rory: Was he waiting for an entrance line?
Curtis: No, he's just that cool.

Human Target [5.05]

Church: How you feeling, my friend?
Rene: You can keep it up with the foreplay, but I'm never giving you what you want.
Church: You remind me of this other guy I once tortured. Maybe bigger. More muscle on the frame. I was conversing with this son-of-a-bitch, just like you and I have been conversing for the past...what? Twenty hours or so? Knuckles hurt, even with the brass. Needed a shower, my lady was waiting for me. This guy would just not give me what I needed. Not unlike you. So I said to myself, "Tobias, make this guy feel pain like nobody who's ever lived". And then it clicked. It's not the pain that breaks people. It's fear. Fear of that pain. Of what that pain brings. What happens next. [gets up and walks off]
Rene: You're not gonna finish the story?
Church: Huh? Oh. I got what I wanted from that guy. So you might want to think about that the next time I ask you a question.

Diggle: [walks into the Arrow cave] Wow, this place just got really crowded. Hey. [embraces Felicity]
Rory: Do people just walk into your secret base of operations?
Felicity and Curtis: Yes.
Oliver: This is...
Evelyn: Spartan... I'm guessing.
Diggle: You guys must be the new kids on the block.
Curtis: More like the Backstreet Boys. [chuckles] It was funny in my head.

Felicity: Hi.
Oliver: Thanks for letting me swing by.
Felicity: You do remember this apartment has a front door, right?
Oliver: Front doors are more for people who haven't just faked their own death.
Felicity: Good point.

Green Arrow: You look like you've seen a ghost.
Church: He survives. I guess I'll just have to kill you again, Oliver. You mind if I call you "Oliver"?
Green Arrow: Yes, I do.

Christopher Chance: With Church in custody, I take it your identity's safe.
Oliver: I hope so. Thanks for the assist. [pause] And the personal insight.
Chance: It's just part of the service. [Felicity enters the office] Speak of the devil.
Felicity: Oh, am I the devil now?
Chance: That would definitely be my cue to leave. Take care. [walks out of the office]

So It Begins [5.06]

Oliver: What's the status on Church's cellphone?
Felicity: It's holding still at a pairing pocket. This is one well-traveled phone, considering that its owner was killed on the other side of town last week.
Oliver: Prometheus is trying to bait me.
Felicity: Yeah, that's the general point I was trying to convey, and also that it's probably a trap. You should've let me call in the rest of the team.
Oliver: No!
Felicity: Why?
Oliver: Because it's probably a trap.

Anatoly: Okay, once you have wires attached... Good. Now take the other one and attach to battery, and the other one to the ignitor.
Oliver: I failed chemistry in high school, twice.
Anatoly: Then learn like I did, in, how you say, school of have knock.
Oliver: I don't see the point of this. I'm here, in Russia, to take out Konstantin Kovar, not to learn how to make a bomb.
Anatoly: You must be like sponge, Oliver. Making bomb, working with electronic, welding metal, Bratva spend off hour learning many trade.
Oliver: Fine.
Anatoly: Attach one end to ignitor, other one to battery terminal. Careful! Do not touch circuit board.
[Oliver attaches the wires and the bomb starts ticking, Anatoly throws it in a metal bin and everyone takes cover]
Anatoly: [laughs] It's okay Oliver, first time I try, nearly lose finger.

Quentin: You are not actually flirting with that woman.
Thea: She can literally ruin your career.
Oliver: I haven't done anything yet.
[Thea and Quentin both react in disgust]
Quentin: Oh my g– wow!
Thea: I hate that he just said "yet".

[Rory gives Curtis a liquid filled glass]
Curtis: Oh, thanks. What is this?
Rory: Regan family schnapps recipe, it's strong and a little sweet, just like you. I thought we could use some, considering the circumstances. [turns to Evelyn] Would you care for some?
Curtis: Umm... Rory, she's seventeen.
Rory: So? My dad was giving me this stuff since I was eleven.
Rene: [takes the glass] And what a fine weirdo you turned out to be. [drinks some schnapps] Look, if this meeting is because we learned Oliver's a killer, I got news for you: it's not news.
Curtis: Killing Damien Dahrk and Church's guys is one thing, but having a secret kill-list...
Evelyn: Yeah, and he never even told us about it. Something completely different.
Rory: Well what's not different is him not telling us stuff. Have any of you noticed that when it comes to information sharing there seems to be two different teams?
Evelyn: It's only gotten worse since Diggle's been back.
Rory: Make up your mind guys! Are you pissed 'cause Oliver killed people or that he doesn't tell us everything?
Evelyn: How about both? How about I'm pissed that the guy who only shares the important information with his inner circle used to be a serial killer?
Rory: Which, again, he didn't tell us about.
Evelyn: Look, we all want to believe in Oliver's crusade, but how are we supposed to follow him into a battle when his first instinct is to hide the truth from us? First it's "I used to be a serial killer," what's tomorrow revelation going to be? I don't know how to operate with that in the back of my mind.

[Oliver is shooting tennis balls with his arrows]
Oliver: Where's Felicity with the list of potential targets?
Diggle: She's working on it, it's a big city.
Oliver: Yeah.
Diggle: Something tells me it's not the only thing weighing on you.
Oliver: How are the recruits?
Diggle: Taking a little time out.
Oliver: I expected them to be upset with me, and that's fine, but John, they seemed horrified.
Diggle: I wouldn't call it that, just a bit surprised. Look on the bright side, it does show how far you've come. I haven't seen that guy in a long time. And the way the kids reacted, I think it proves how much you've changed.
Oliver: Except I haven't. I killed Damien Dahrk, and I haven't stopped since. [shoots a tennis ball]
Diggle: Yeah well, don't forget who you're talking to man. I know firsthand what it's like to be a murderer. I know the difference between a good kill and one made out of pure rage. You killed Damien Dahrk, Oliver, because you had to. You took down Church's men because you had to. The list was something different. You were targeting lawyers, stockbrokers. You were killing as a first resort, not a last.
Oliver: Now Prometheus is just dredging all that up again. I want to move forward. I'm trying to move forward. But I... [takes a deep breath] I feel stuck.
Diggle: I think you're being hard on yourself, which is a bit annoying 'cause it's usually mine and Felicity's job. But Oliver, in that official capacity, I think you are moving forward. I think you're evolving. I think you're growing.
Oliver: What makes you so sure?
Diggle: Because that guy with the list wouldn't have even thought to ask the question.

Vigilante [5.07]

Rory: "All that most maddens and torments. All that cracks the sinews and cakes the brain".
Oliver: Where is that? From the Torah?
Rory: Moby Dick.
Oliver: Oh. Does that make me Ahab?
Rory: Well, if the obsessive and really intense look fits....

Oliver: Sorry for the wait.
Susan Williams: No worries. Gives me time for this Twitter war I'm having with an investigative journalist from Russia.
Oliver: What can I help you with?
Susan: So formal, that's not fun.
Oliver: Susan I've got a million things to do today.
Susan: Including dealing with whoever dropped two bodies on the SCPD's doorstep?
Oliver: How do you know about that?
Susan: I believe it's called being good at my job.

Susan: Tonight, Maguire's, 9PM. I'm going to buy you that drink you so desperately need.
Oliver: I appreciate that, but I don't need a date.
Susan: No, but you need a friend, even more than you need that drink. See you tonight.

Quentin: Alright, so we're here. Where's here?
Thea: It's a place called New Oasis.
Quentin: Rehab?
Thea: You need it Quentin.
Quentin: I don't think so, not with everything that's going on right now, it's just not the time.
Thea: This is exactly the right time. And you know it. Everything has just been an excuse, keeping you away from feeling what you need to.
Quentin: I suppose you're gonna tell me exactly what that is.
Thea: I don't have to.
Quentin: Laurel.
Thea: I know you think that you've dealt with your grief on this, but all of this drinking is saying otherwise.
Quentin: It just hurts, it just hurts so much, it just hurts so much.
Thea: Yeah, I know. I know.
Quentin: And the worst thing is knowing how ashamed she'd be of me right now.
Thea: She wouldn't be ashamed of you Quentin, she would be concerned, okay? Just like I am.
Quentin: You know, I used to get shot at for a living. I don't know what it is about this building that's got me so scared.
Thea: We're afraid of things we don't know. Especially when we've been living in pain this long. It's hard to even accept the idea of being happy.
Quentin: Yeah. When did you become so wise?
Thea: I've been through a lot the last four years.
Quentin: Yeah, your mother would be proud of you.
Thea: Why don't you go in there and make Laurel proud of you?
Quentin: What about being Deputy Mayor?
Thea: It'll be waiting for you, right when you get back. I promise.
Quentin: Thanks, for everything.
Thea: Thank me by getting better.

Green Arrow: What do you want?
Vigilante: To operate without interference.
Green Arrow: So you can keep killing people?
Vigilante: Criminals.
Green Arrow: Like the people at the motel?
Vigilante: Collateral damage. You don't seem to know that this is a war. Maybe that's why you're losing.
This episode is Part Two of a crossover event called Invasion!. For quotations, see the related page.

What We Leave Behind [5.09]

Evelyn: What? That's it? We had a deal. I get you the Intel, I get to be there when you take him down.
Prometheus: You think you can make demands of me?
Evelyn: No. No, of course not. I know he's your kill... but I want to watch him die.
Prometheus: You haven't been listening. I'm not going to kill him. I'm gonna make him wish he was dead.

Rene: Think in "Flashpoint", I maybe dated her in high school?
Rory: It's an alternate timeline, not an alternate reality.
Rene: What's that supposed to mean?
Rory: It means - and no offense - like in a multiverse of possibilities, there's no world where Thea goes out with, you know, someone like you.
Rene: What's that supposed to mean, "someone like me"?
Thea: It means you're not my type.

Thea: It's like what you were saying at that Christmas party. Mom and Dad would be proud.
Oliver: They might not be proud if they knew that I created something like Prometheus.
Thea: There's two types of every legacy, two versions of what we leave behind: the good and the bad. You just really have a lousy habit of focusing only on the bad.

Prometheus: Did you hesitate at all when you killed him, or was he just another name you crossed off your list?
Oliver: If you want revenge, I'm right here.
Prometheus: This is about so much more than revenge.

Susan: Can I get you a drink?
Oliver: I could use a drink.
Susan: [pouring Oliver a drink] Why? I thought things were getting better.
Oliver: So did I, but that feeling never seems to last.
Susan: And why do you think that is?
Oliver: I was reunited with someone from my past recently. I knew their father. And they told me that I ruin the lives of everyone that I come into contact with. [scene of Curtis crying after Paul breaks up with him] Doesn't matter who they are. [scene of Felicity grieving over Billy's death] Doesn't matter how much I love them. [scene of Diggle entering his house and being painted with lasers] If I'm in their life, their life turns to ash.
Susan: I think that's ridiculous. Everyone's life touches everyone elses. Sometimes the result is good, and sometimes it's bad. You're only focusing on the bad.
Oliver: My sister said something very similar to that.
Susan: Well, she's a smart woman. Look, no matter what's going on in your life Oliver, shutting people out is the last thing you should do. Let me show you. [kisses Oliver]

Who Are You? [5.10]

Rene: Weird, man. She was dead and now she's not.
Oliver: That's time travel for you.
Rene: Well, I don't mean about Laurel being back is what's weird. It's how you all reacted to it, like it's happened before. [Oliver stares at Rene, who then realizes.] It's happened before.
Oliver: The Lance sisters have a habit of coming back to life. [walks off]
Rene: Wait, what?

[Felicity brings Black Siren water]
Black Siren: So tell me, what happened between you and Oliver? Did he find someone else? Were you not tall enough? [pause] Do you have a sister? Because I hear he loves sisters.
Felicity: Oliver seems to think that because you look like Laurel, that you can become her.
Black Siren: And what do you think?
Felicity: I think you should get used to living in cages. There's a part of him that blames himself for Laurel's death. It's who he is. So when he looks at you, he doesn't just see Laurel, he sees a shot at redemption.
Black Siren: Wow it must be really frustrating... that he doesn't listen to you.
Felicity: No, I'm used to it.

Oliver: How did she escape?
Rory: The power went off, and the dampener along with it.
Rene: And Goldilocks huffed and puffed and blew the door down.
Rory: That's not exactly how her power works.
Oliver: Is there something wrong with Cisco's specs? Because didn't we just replicate the pipeline's security system?
Felicity: We did. I let her go.
Oliver: What?
Rene: Damn, Blondie!
Felicity: I'm sorry, would everyone just relax? I put tracking nanites in her water, the same ones we used to find Malcolm.
Oliver: Well, that makes everything better!
Felicity: Isn't that exactly how you used Anarky to find Darhk last year?
Oliver: Could we have the room please?
Rene: Seriously? This is getting good.

Rene: So Mom and Dad are going twelve rounds upstairs?
Curtis: They're just having a discussion.
Rene: Look, I know that I took the teasing too far earlier. I can be an acquired taste, but I'm sorry to hear about Paul and that I made you feel worse about it.
Curtis: Thanks. That's really big of you.
Rene: So what are you doing down here?
Curtis: Well, since the Black Siren's cry works on a more powerful frequency then Laurel's, these [gestures noise-cancelling ear buds] are useless. So, I was trying to see if there's a way to make the dampener portable, so that next time we go up against her...
Rene: You can take her powers away. Awesome.
Curtis: Yeah, well, my ideas are one thing. Executing them is another.
Rene: You don't get it, do you?
Curtis: Get what?
Rene: That maybe instead of beating yourself up about what you can't do, take a moment and appreciate what you can do. 'Cause it's pretty badass.

[Diggle hits Adrian Chase and the guards separate them before General Walker walks in]
General Walker: What the hell is going on here?
Adrian Chase: Your prisoner just decked me.
Walker: [smirks] Unsatisfied with your legal counsel?
Adrian: Who knows? But, we are in Starling County, and in county code section 47.15, it specifically states that the District Attorney , me, can sue proceed transfers to other jurisdictions if the suspect commits a secondary crime within my jurisdiction. Attacking a city official is a very serious offense, Mr. Diggle. I think I'm gonna have to prosecute this one myself. It could take a while.
Walker: Fine. I'll be back with a writ signed by the President.
Adrian: Can't wait. I've always wanted her autograph.

Second Chances [5.11]

Oliver: How did you know where to start? All that I told you was that Chase might have something.
Felicity: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I hacked his laptop. Saving Dig is gonna break at least twelve federal laws. Hacking your D.A. is just small ball. Plus, you are the mayor. You can pardon me.
Oliver: Actually, I can't.
Felicity: It doesn't matter, because I am having fun. I haven't done a good old "grab government secrets" kind of hack in a really long time, and it's a great change of pace and it feels awesome. And it'll keep me busy while you're gone.
Oliver: I... I'm going somewhere?
Curtis: Maybe Hub City.
Rory: We're thinking that's where the new Black Canary is hanging out.
Oliver: Yeah, let's not call her that just yet. I'd like to see her in the field, at least, first.

[Tina sees Oliver, Curtis and Rene, all in costume, coming toward her.]
Tina Boland: Wow. Costume warehouse having a fire sale I didn't know about? What do you want?
Oliver: You're a vigilante, and a metahuman. For the past three years, you've been working alone.
Curtis: We have a proposition for you. [off Oliver's look] Oh. Sorry, you were doing fine. You... you.. you take it here.
Oliver: We'd like you to join us. And give you a home. A team. And a place to better train in the use of your power.
Tina: I can take care of myself. Oh, uh, and if you get in my way, I'll send the three of you back to Star City with your nuts in a sling. [walks to the edge of the roof and jumps off.]
Rene: I thought that went pretty good.

Oliver: You trained Yao Fei? How's that possible? You're half his age.
Talia al Ghul: Don't you know it's improper to talk about a woman's age? Let's just say it's a family secret.

Talia: General Shreve, Baron Reiter, Konstantin Kovar. You keep looking for new fights when the real fight has been in front of you all along. Your father literally wrote it for you, a list of all the Yurieviches and Kovars in Starling City.
Oliver: He told me he left me a message.
Talia: And yet you still don't return home. Why do you deny your father's wish for you?
Oliver: You saw the reason tonight. I am not the man that my father raised. Not anymore.
Talia: You're afraid. Of what's happened to you, of what you've become, and you're running from it.
Oliver: How do you know all this?
Talia: Because I've been there. And I can help you find your way back. You think yourself a monster.
Oliver: No. I am a monster.
[Talia brings out a trunk.]
Talia: There is a monster inside you, yes. But it is not you.
Oliver: I don't see the difference.
Talia: No. You need to create one. [opens the trunk, takes out a uniform] You need to give the monster an identity. It's only when the monster becomes someone else -- something else -- that you're free to be Oliver Queen.

Tina: So about that name. "Tina Boland" was my official cover for undercover work. It was to protect my family. My real name is Dinah. Dinah Drake.
Oliver: [smiling] "Dinah"?
Tina: Does that name mean something to you?
Oliver: I had a friend named Dinah. She's the reason I sought you out.
Tina: What do you think she'd think about all this?
Oliver: I think she'd be proud of both of us.

Bratva [5.12]

Talia: You're beginning to understand now.
Oliver: Understand what?
Talia: That a man who embraces the dark is never without sight.

Dinah Drake: You know, the other guy said when you get in one of your moods, I should just let you be, but, um, to be honest, brooding... really kinda gets on my nerves.
Oliver: They told you about me. They tell you about Prometheus?
Dinah: Yeah. They did. Why? Is this mood because you got pulled back into some Bratva drama?
Oliver: No, it... Dinah, I'm trying to move forward. And I'm back here. I'm in Russia. In the Bratva. And it just proves to me, I can't seem to do that.
Dinah: Prometheus got in your head. What was it, some crap about infecting the people closest to you? --
Oliver: Yeah! And tonight, I just watched John torture a man! And there's something going on with Felicity. There's...
Dinah: You affect the people in your life, Oliver, that's hardly a revelatory observation. In fact, I... I think, uh... it's called "living". Prometheus has you so fixated on what's wrong with you, you've completely stopped seeing what's right. You know, John and Felicity, they'll listen to you. Because you have more to offer [indicates Oliver's fist] than just this. Your past is a part of you. There's nothing you can do about that. You can't change it. Doesn't mean it has to be your anchor.

John: Oliver, I thought you didn't want anything to do with the Bratva.
Oliver: I don't. But if it's a choice between me crossing a line and the two of you crossing one, that is a very easy choice.
John: [to Felicity] What did you do?
Oliver: Doesn't matter. Here's what does: I am who I am. Now I'm trying to work past that. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. But I can not, I will not, have the two of you make the same mistakes.
Felicity: Oliver, you were the one who taught us that sometimes you have to get in the muck to make things right.
Oliver: Well, then Prometheus wins. Because he'll be right. I need the two of you to prove to him, and quite frankly, to prove to me, that he's not. I need the two of you to be better than me. Because you are.

Anatoly: I have location for Walker. And men to help in fight. But we have to leave now.
Curtis: [speaking in Russian] Thank you so much!
Anatoly: Your strange friend's pronunciation is horrible.
Oliver: Yeah, I'll tutor him later.

Anatoly: I hear you're mayor now. Big promotion. Now you pakhan, now you tell everyone what to do.
Oliver: That's not how things work in America, Anatoly.
Anatoly: Yeah, that's the way things work everywhere. I was hoping maybe you could repay me.
Oliver: I thought we were even.
Anatoly: I thought you returned to Bratva.
Oliver: That was temporary.
Anatoly: That is the thing about oaths, Oliver. They are never temporary. They are for life.

Spectre of the Gun [5.13]

Oliver: It's really nice to have you back.
Thea: Well, I could say the same to you. I mean, Hub City and Russia. Really racking up those miles.
Oliver: Lot to catch up on.
Thea: Yeah. Like you and Susan Williams. [Oliver turns and looks at her.] People talk, Ollie. And some people [makes fake gag reaction]... vomit a little.
Oliver: Thea, you're kinda insulting someone that I'm getting pretty serious about.
Thea: Did I mention people vomit a little?
Oliver: You don't like Susan because of how she does her job. She's good at her job and she's a good person. So there.
Thea: Uh huh. [walks off]

[Vigilante has just shot and killed a head of the Bertinelli gang, whom Green Arrow was interrogating.]
Green Arrow: Don't move!
Vigilante: I just did you a favor. One less criminal on the street.
Green Arrow: Cold-blooded murder. You're the criminal.
Vigilante: I'm you. The only difference between us is I use a more efficient weapon.

Curtis: Eighteen people, by the way.
Rene: What?
Curtis: The mall shooting. Eighteen people killed, twelve injured, one's a quadriplegic now.
Rene: Look, I know where you're going with this, but the Feds had assault weapons banned for years and it did nothing.
Curtis: Actually, it did!
Rene: Sorry, hoss, but if the bad guys got guns, then I'm strapping up, too.

Curtis: Why don't you like us talking about this (gun control)?
Felicity: I just don't like you guys arguing... while I'm trying to work.
Curtis: Why not? There's nothing wrong with a little healthy debate, Felicity.
Felicity: It's not healthy if it doesn't accomplish anything and it's not... gonna accomplish anything.
[Curtis walks away, then stops and turns around.]
Curtis: Actually... I disagree. Not about the part of it not accomplishing anything, but this idea that it's not healthy. We used to talk about things as a society, you know. We'd debate and we would argue, and we still respected each another after.
Felicity: Yeah, somewhere along the line, that just became...
Curtis and Felicity: Rude.
Curtis: Yeah. It became impolitic to talk politics. Can't help but wondering that maybe that's why our country is the way it is today.

Oliver: [addressing the citizens of Star City] Thank you all for being here. In light of what's happened, I thought it important that we gather as a city and remember those that we've lost. After everything that Star City has endured in the past several years, it would be easy to become immune or desensitized to the violence that purveys our lives. And it would be human to want to respond to that violence with violence. When I think of all the people that I've lost, I remember the choices that I was forced to make in light of those tragedies. Some choices were easy. But the important choices, the choices that were worth making, they were hard. And hard choices require bravery. Fortunately, we live in the home of the brave, and we don't run from hard choices. We rise up and we face tomorrow together. This afternoon, councilwoman Pollard and I met with the city council to pass the Star City Firearms Freedom Act, a policy that respects our freedom and our lives, shows that we can do both. Now we just have to be brave enough to do it.

The Sin-Eater [5.14]

Oliver: Look. I'm gonna stay here until we take out Gregor and we protect the Bratva.
Anatoly: Because you'll "stay"? You going to leave.
Oliver: Look, Anatoly, I realize I... I have to get back to my life. Then I saw what Gregor did to you because of me, and--
Anatoly: You're a sin-eater, Oliver. In some cultures, there's this guy who lives on edge of village. And when somebody dies, they put body there and cover it with fruits and vegetables, and he eats that.
Oliver: He eats their sins?
Anatoly: Yes. So they go on to the afterlife. He takes their sins as his own.

Thea: Is everything okay with Susan?
Oliver: Yeah. Why?
Thea: Just... you know, your assistant clocked a little tension, so...
Oliver: Thea, is my assistant your mole?
Thea: I like to think of him more as, like, my informant.

Thea: Hear Green Arrow is Public Enemy number one again.
Quentin: Yeah, well, uh, now Oliver thinks he can't make a move on Warner and her crew, yeah.
Thea: What do you think?
Quentin: I think Warner's my mess to clean up.
Thea: And I'm assuming Oliver said that's not the case.
Quentin: What Oliver doesn't know is that the reason her rehabilitation was short-lived, was 'cause she caught my confession to working with Damien Darhk on TV.
Thea: Oh, wow.
Quentin: Yeah.
Thea: That is an un...believable load of crap, Quentin.
Quentin: What?
Thea: Liza Warner is a criminal. You didn't make her into one. You've got to stop taking responsibility for other people's sins.
Quentin: [taking that in] You know, I really like how wise you're gettin' lately.
Thea: That's just because I have... committed my own sin today.

Quentin: So, uh... Oliver tells me that you're the new Black Canary.
Dinah: Oh, not yet. I'm... not ready to take you daughter's place. Sir.
Quentin: Laurel didn't want someone to take her place. She wanted someone to carry on in her place.

Thea: I'm really sorry, Ollie. I... I know I screwed up, and --
Oliver: But you didn't make a mistake. You made a choice. And you reminded me of someone.
Thea: Who?
Oliver: Mom. She would've done something like this. More like, she would've done exactly this. She was a wonderful mother, but I think we both know that she didn't always make the best choices. Whatever's going to happen with Susan is whatever's going to happen. Right now... right now, I'm really worried about my baby sister.

Fighting Fire with Fire [5.15]

[Anatoly invokes a Bratva procedure in front of the other members to keep Gregor from killing him and Oliver.]
Oliver: [unfamiliar with the procedure] What'd you do?
Anatoly: Extend our lives by length of good movie.

Curtis: These are two inventions of mine: two autonomous mini-drones. One with offensive and the other with defensive capabilities.
Rene: So, what, you can't handle yourself on the field, you gotta give yourself a pair of balls? [considers] That was... that was too harsh, wasn't it?
Curtis: You thi.. yeah, it was, um, but you know what, you recognized it.
Rene: Yeah, 'cause I... I'm tryin'... tryin' to work on it.

Diggle: Okay. Do you know what your superpower is?
Felicity: Computers?
Diggle: Empathy. Big, reflexive, pure empathy.
Felicity: Well, maybe I'm fresh out.
Diggle: Because of Billy.
Felicity: It's a dark world. And for the past four years. I have watched you and Oliver, and Laurel and Thea and Roy, I've watched all of you use a little darkness to fight it.
Diggle: That's true. Sometimes we do fight fire with fire. But every time we do, Felicity, every single time,... we risk being burned.

Oliver: Please tell me you didn't send it. This thing with Collins' wife, he doesn't deserve that.
Thea: Felicity told you, didn't she?
Oliver: Yeah.
Thea: I haven't sent the e-mail, okay? Ollie, don't look at me like that. It's politics. There's about to be a vote, so it's time to play hardball.
Oliver: This isn't hardball. This is cruel.
Thea: What would be cruel is the people of this city not having you as the Mayor. The Anti-Crime Unit. Low-income housing. Common-sense gun legislation. Ollie, in the short amount of time you've been doing this, you've done a remarkable job. Please just let me do what I have to do to help you keep doing that.
Oliver: Felicity told me about this Collins thing because of something that John said to her. Thea, when you fight fire with fire, you are probably gonna get burned.
Thea: I won't. It'll be fine.
Oliver: Like it was with Susan? You destroyed her career, now you've graduated to blackmail. Where's it stop?

Oliver: [addressing a press conference] Hey, everyone. I'd like to thank the City Council for conducting these hearings with honesty and integrity. I simply wish that I could have done the same with regard to the Green Arrow's murder of Detective William Malone. When I took the oath of office, I promised to be honest and forthright. I never wanted to be a politician who relied on dirty politics or underhanded tactics. And in the spirit of that transparency, I think I owe everyone an explanation as to why I covered up what the Green Arrow did. I did it in a misguided attempt to protect everyone from the tragic news that the Green Arrow had become a cop-killer. That a man we had put our faith in had failed this city. I didn't think we could afford to lose another hero. But the truth is more important, and the truth is that the Green Arrow has gone rogue. We must disavow him and hunt him and punish him for what he has done. Green Arrow is not a hero. He is what's keeping Star City from being the best that it can be. Thank you very much.

Checkmate [5.16]

Talia: Our business together concluded five years ago.
Oliver: No. One of your former students is trying to kill me.
Talia: He doesn't want to kill you, Oliver. He needs to destroy you utterly.
Oliver: You knew. If you knew, then why would you train him? Why wouldn't you warn me?!
Talia: Two years ago, he sought me out. He'd already learned much about you. Isn't that a remarkable capacity?
Oliver: Talia, enough!! If you knew what he wanted, then why would you train him?
Talia: Because you killed his father. And I helped him in his pursuit of vengeance because by then, you'd killed mine. I never told you my full name, did I?
Oliver: No, you didn't.
Talia: It's Talia al Ghul.
Oliver: Ra's al Ghul was your father.
Talia: Yes. My father and I came to be at odds, so I forged my own path. But he was still my father when you put a sword through his chest.
Oliver: So that's why you're not gonna help me. That's why you won't tell me who this... Prometheus is.
Talia: Of course I will, Oliver. Because I want you to suffer. He calls himself... Adrian Chase.

[Oliver walks in on a meeting between Adrian and city council members.]
Adrian: Mr. Mayor. I didn't think you'd be joining us this morning. I guess you know what I've been up to, huh?
Oliver: Yeah.
Adrian: I've been working on addressing our sentencing policy for drug offences. Care to join?
Oliver: I'd like to see you in my office, please.
Adrian: Actually, can it wait? The councilmen and I are on the clock. Besides, you're looking a little ragged. You tired? Or is it that you've actually been asleep this whole time?

[Oliver halts Adrian in a parking garage by putting an arrow through his car window.]
Adrian: Gonna try it this way now. [turns to face Oliver] I gotta tell ya, I don't know how that mask is gonna play here. Especially since the city's not too fond of your alter ego these days.
Oliver: I'll give them the Throwing Star Killer. See how they feel.
Adrian: Wait, that's your big plan? Arresting me? Oh, man, that's a bit of a letdown, I have to say.
Oliver: Well, I'm not gonna kill you. [puts his arrow away] If only because that's what you want me to do.
Adrian: Oh, you've done everything I've wanted so far. Did you really think I'd let all this end in a parking garage?
Oliver: What did you do?
Adrian: I gave your girlfriend an exclusive. Wait. Are you still dating Susan Williams? I gotta tell you, buddy, it's been a little hard to keep track.
Oliver: What did you do to her?!?
Adrian: [very calm] She's fine. Don't worry. As long as I'm around to make sure she gets some food and water. Starvation and dehydration. Terrible way to go. Bottom line: I die... she dies. I don't make it back to her in time, she dies. Now, you could try torturing me for her location. We both know what you're capable of in that department. But, I think that we both know what I'm capable of. So, Ollie... who do you think can last longer? Susan or me? [smiles] Oooh... I'm ten steps ahead of you and you haven't even figured out what game we're playing yet.

Anatoly: [sees Oliver dressed in his Hood costume] Why are you playing Robin Hood?
Oliver: I met a woman. She taught me how to give my darkness an identity. So that it doesn't consume me.
Anatoly: And you believed her?
[Oliver nods.]
Anatoly: Glupie. Oliver, whatever you think is inside you, is inside you. You cannot name it like bats. Keep it apart from you.
Oliver: This woman's taught me differently.
Anatoly: This woman does not know what she is talking about. And if you're not careful, Oliver, one day she will be the source of your greatest pain.

Adrian: [regarding the wounded and comatose Captain Pike] Life's just so fragile, isn't it? Decades of hopes and dreams, and in one moment, one little mistake, and it all just goes away. [turns to face Oliver]
Oliver: I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else.
Adrian: Really? Because so far, you haven't seemed able to do much to stop me. Susan's fine, by the way. Well,... alive, at any rate.
Oliver: Me and my team are gonna find her. And when we do, the second that we do.... I'm gonna put an arrow right through your heart.
Adrian: You do realize how impotent you sound, right?
Oliver: You think that this is a game? [grabs Adrian's coat and gets in his face] I don't feel like playing anymore.
Adrian: You don't have a choice, Oliver. If you kill me, you kill Susan. And she will be as dead as your mother. As Tommy. As Shado. As Laurel. As your friend Pike here, probably. All dead because of you. So go ahead. Kill me. Let's find out how much more loss you can take. Because I don't think it's much. I think you're one loss away from being destroyed.

Kapiushon [5.17]

Merlyn: [shaking hands with Anatoly] Malcolm Merlyn. CEO of Merlyn Global Group.
Anatoly: [unimpressed] Anatoly Knyazev. Gangster.

Anatoly: [sees the covered body of the man Oliver tortured to death] What is this monstrosity?
Oliver: You should be resting.
Anatoly: I woke up with headache. I came to find you. I was not expecting this. This... this is not human.
Oliver: Anatoly, I told you... putting on this hood, it helps me direct the darkness inside me. It worked, by the way. I know what Kovar's planning.
Anatoly: But at what cost? You're a fool to think a piece of cloth can separate man from monster. Dividing yourself in two will only make monster stronger. Until it is stronger than you.
Oliver: You knew what I was capable of back in Lian Yu.
Anatoly: But this man I see now bears more resemblance to Slade Wilson or Anthony Ivo. [lifts the sheet, recoils in disgust, then replaces it] Tough man. Clearly withstood a lot before breaking.
Oliver: Gave up pretty quickly. The rest was me practicing.
Anatoly: Practicing to become what?
Oliver: Something else.

Adrian: You've told yourself you kill because you have to. Confess, Oliver. You don't kill because you have to, so why? Why do you do it?
Oliver: Because I wanted to.
Adrian: What?
Oliver: [softly] I wanted to. [screaming] I WANTED TO!! AND I LIKED IT!!

Adrian: I told you, Oliver. You infect every life you touch. Now do you realize why? It's because your crusade was based on a lie. You used your father's memory to justify a killing spree. There's a price to be paid for that, Oliver. Your mother paid it. Your friend Tommy paid it. Laurel. You really want to tell me that John Diggle and Felicity Smoak's lives are better having known you?
Oliver: [weakly] You... promised to let me go.
Adrian: And I'm a man of my word. But first, I have a gift for you. [picks up a mini-torch and walks over to Oliver] This tattoo of yours. To be an American and named a captain in the Bratva. You've must've done something extraordinary. When you look at it, it must... it must remind you of such a victory. [lights the torch] Now when you look at it, you'll think about our time here together. And the secret that you confessed to me.
Oliver: [still weak] Whatever pain I caused you... I'm sorry.
Adrian: I believe you, Oliver. I just don't care. [starts to burn off Oliver's Bratva tattoo]

Anatoly: Remember first time we met, on Amazo?
Oliver: I was performing surgery on myself. It's kinda difficult to forget.
Anatoly: Yeah. What was it I said to you then?
Oliver: "Living is not for the weak."
Anatoly: I cannot believe scared boy in cell beside me would be one to kill Konstantin Kovar.
Oliver: Well, that wasn't me. [indicates his hood] That was him
Anatoly: That is a lie you tell yourself. An excuse that allows you to kill. You kill because you like it.
Oliver: That's not true, Anatoly, I hate it. And I think maybe you've had a bit too much to drink.
Anatoly: Well, that is entirely possible. But in this case, I am right. This "deal" you selled yourself on, that this hood was going to keep this monster of yours at bay... someday, it's going to fall apart. And when it does, you're not going to like the man you see underneath.

Disbanded [5.18]

[Oliver and Adrian are alone in the Mayor's office.]
Oliver: What are you doing here? You won. It's over.
Adrian: What'd I ever say to give you that impression?
[Adrian puts a knife on the desk in front of Oliver.]
Oliver: What are you doing?
Adrian: Proving a point, so to speak.
Oliver: You think I'm gonna stab the District Attorney in the middle of City Hall?
Adrian: You're an animal who enjoys murder, there's no telling what you'll do. And it's not like your alter ego can kill me. Not since the SCPD put me in protective custody since the Green Arrow slaughtered my wife. So you kill me in broad daylight. Or you let me live, knowing that there's nothing you can do.
[Oliver simply sits still and does nothing.]
Adrian: Disappointing. [turns and starts walking away] You can keep that knife.

Curtis: I don't believe it.
Felicity: Really? Oliver can't go after Chase himself, so he finds guys who can.
Rene: He let them steal from a company that was barely hanging on. Oliver put hundreds of jobs on the line, and I know he knows that 'cause I was in the same briefing.
Dinah: Speaking of which, why haven't you gone back into City Hall?
Diggle: Because Lance banned him 'til Chase is taken off the board. Something to do with Rene threatening to pop a cap in his ass.

Curtis: If Diggle's the new Oliver, and I'm obviously the new Felicity - don't hate... which one of you guys is the new Diggle?
Dinah and Rene: [together] I am.
Rene: Seriously? You've been here like, what, ten minutes? You don't even have a code name.
Dinah: Fine. You're the new Digg. [turns back to her computer]
Curtis: The fact that she was not padding it... I mean, that's extremely Digg-like. You see the...
Rene: Okay. You're the new Digg.
[Dinah smiles and winks at Curtis.]

Oliver: Chase is being transferred into Federal protection. Which means that the Bratva can't get to him.
Diggle: You're welcome.
[Oliver punches Diggle in the jaw, so hard that Diggle almost goes down.]
Diggle: Feel better?
Oliver: No. [starts to leave]
Diggle: We're not done, Oliver. You and me, we're never gonna be done. You understand that? Listen, man, you can tell me that you're a serial killer. That you're crazy. Or you're whatever Chase has shoved into your head. But I'm not believing any of that, even if you do. And that's because I know the kind of man you are, Oliver. The good, the bad and the ugly, I know! And you don't need to punish yourself or isolate yourself. But what you need to do is stop pushing me away! Because I'm not going anywhere, Oliver! Do you get that?!
Oliver: What do you want me to do, John? I've told you what I am. Who I am. And even if you don't believe it, I do. [softly] I do. So I don't know where that leaves us.
Diggle: It leaves us right back at Langham, Oliver. You remember that? I killed my brother, Oliver. And I was gonna let myself rot in prison for what I did. But you told me to atone for what I did as Spartan. And if that's true for me, then it's one hundred times truer for the Green Arrow. You don't just get to walk away from this, man. The Hood is who you are. You don't think you deserve it? Fine. Work to become the man who does.
Oliver: I... I don't know how.
Diggle: You just ask for help. You don't have to do this alone, Oliver.

Oliver: You have two minutes. Then I'm calling the SCPD.
Anatoly: Oliver Queen afraid to be alone with Bratva gangster. How far you have fallen.
Oliver: Anatoly, you didn't bring me here to insult me.
Anatoly: No. I give you friendly tip. I go back to Russia tonight, but leave Star City a little present: my best men.
Oliver: Your best men were arrested.
Anatoly: Already out on bail. I hear they cannot wait to get revenge on vigilantes who put them away.
Oliver: This is between you and me, No one lese.
Anatoly: No one else? You betray every man in Bratva. You betray Russian community. You even work against own team. I see this, I think "I still trust him anyway." What a fool I was.
Oliver: No. I'm the fool. Because I thought that our friendship, everything that we have been through together, actually meant something to you. The person that I knew would never betray a friend. Would never threaten innocent people over what? A payday. When I left Russia, I was convinced that you could lead the Bratva, that you could set them on a better path. And now look at you. You're no better than Gregor.
Anatoly: I told you: I was worried about what I would become without your help. I did what I had to do. To keep Bratva together. And to stay alive. I became what I had to become. You ask why I change. That is it.

Dangerous Liaisons [5.19]

[Team Arrow and ARGUS are searching for Chase inside an old-time video arcade, when Curtis notices something.]
Curtis: We have to move right now.
Rene: See something?
Curtis: Yes! This... is "Maximum Force". It's vintage. We can not let anything happen to this.
Rene: I'm more worried about something happening to me.
Dinah: Will you two focus?!

[Oliver, Lyla and Dinah are investigating the death of an ARGUS agent killed in an elevator.]
Oliver: [using his radio] Felicity, Curtis, we have a camera.
Curtis: Roger, Roger. We have clearance, Clarence. What's our vector, Victor?
Oliver: Guys. Focus, please.

Felicity: For the past four years, I have watched you do whatever you had to, whatever it took to stop the people threatening this city. How can you stand there and not ask me to do the same thing?
Oliver: Because, over the past four years, you, more than anyone else, have seen the toll that it has taken on me.
Felicity: And I told you--
Oliver: -- Yes, I under... I understand. I agree, that I should not shelter you from making hard decisions. But you want to talk irony? Fine. You were willing to sell your soul to destroy a threat that I created. [stumbles over his next words]
Felicity: One of the reasons I fell in love with you was you were always willing to do what was right. No matter what the cost. Even if it's unbearably hard. It's what makes you you. So how can I be any different? You have sacrificed your soul, for the team, for the city, and for me. You don't... have to carry that burden any longer. Let me do it.
Oliver: Felicity, I'm.... I can't.
Felicity: Then you'll have to stop me.
[Oliver nods, and Felicity leaves.]

[Quentin has arranged a reunion between Rene and his daughter, Zoe.]
Rene: I told you...
Quentin: Hey, you're not the only one around here who doesn't listen to orders.
Zoe Ramirez: Who's he?
Rene: Uh, that's um... that's Quentin. Quentin Lance, Daddy's friend, but I call him "Hoss". He arranged this little visit.
Zoe: [to Quentin] Thank you, Hoss.

Alena Whitlock: [appears a video screen] Hey, Felicity.
Felicity: Hey. Where are you? Are you OK?
Alena: We're safe. Thank you, for all of your help. But here's the thing. Your connection to the Green Arrow and his team... it's a liability.
Felicity: Yeah. Well, once we get Chase, he'll see all the good Helix can do.
Alena: I'm sorry, but we just can't risk it. Especially now with Cayden back in the fold and ARGUS looking for him. I loved getting to work with you. Meeting your heroes, it turns out it's not so bad after all.

Underneath [5.20]

Curtis: Diggle family, anybody home? [Diggle walks to the door] I definitely heard Lyla yelling.
Rene: Knock again.
[Diggle opens the door]
Lyla: Didn't know we were having a party.
Rene: I'm sensing a lot of marital tension.

Rene: What's an EDM?
Curtis: Something you might hear at a nightclub? This was an EMP.

Curtis: What's next from my favorite power couple?
Felicity: Power couple?
Curtis: Yeah. I thought that you and Oliver... You guys aren't hooking up again?
Felicity: Oh no, no, God no! Why would you even think that?
Curtis: Well because every time I come by, you guys are in the middle of exchanging longing looks for each other.
Felicity: No we're not.
Curtis: Oh Felicity.
Felicity: We look nothing like that.
Curtis: Oh, how I wish I didn't break up with him.
Felicity: What? What? What?
Curtis: Oh we were so happy together.
Felicity: Were. Past tense, yes.
Curtis: Look, I know that he hurt you by not telling you about his son, but–
Felicity: It's not about William. It's about what William represents.
Curtis: Oliver having sex with another woman.
Felicity: No. But thank you for that visual. William is symptomatic of a larger problem between Oliver and I.
Curtis: That being?
Felicity: Oliver doesn't trust me.
Curtis: Right, your man who put his life in your hands a couple of thousands of times.
Felicity: Trusting me as Overwatch is one thing, but we're talking about his son, Curtis. His child! Oliver doesn't trust me enough to share important information, and crucial information, with me. What's the point of being in a relationship at all?
Curtis: I'm not gonna say that Oliver Queen plays great with others.
Felicity: But?
Curtis: But he can still change that about himself. You know what he can't change?
Felicity: What?
Curtis: That way he looks at you. You both owe it to each other to see, Felicity.

Rene: Gotta say, this team is never boring. I didn't think I'd be doing this when I woke up this morning.
Curtis: Oliver and Felicity might suffocate! How can you be so glib?
Rene: You've met me, right? And how come your toy balls can't float down here and do this for us?
Curtis: For the 1000th time Rene, they're called T-Spheres! But if you want, call them by their proper name.
Rene: You named them?
Curtis: Kodo and Podo. You know, Dar's thieving little ferrets on The Beastmaster. Let's just say, a young Marc Singer was quite helpful in me discovering my homosexuality.
Dinah: And my heterosexuality. On an open channel by the way.
Diggle: Open line!
Curtis: Look, I can't get my T-Spheres because they are in the bunker, and therefore fried. So, whatever.
Dinah: I swear those two are going to make the cutest couple one day.

[Lyla gives Diggle a file]
Diggle: What is this?
Lyla: It's an audit of every black-op I've signed off on as director of ARGUS.
Diggle: Why are you giving me this?
Lyla: I don't want there to be any more secrets between us John. But there is one thing I need to know from you.
Diggle: Name it.
Lyla: No matter what Oliver Queen does, no matter how morally compromising, you stand behind him.
Diggle: Lyla.
Lyla: No matter what. Why can't you do that for me?
Diggle: Lyla, I guess I've never really thought of it like that.
Lyla: Well maybe you should start. Because I'm not Oliver, Johnny, I'm your wife. And even though I disagree with many of your choices, I trusted those choices. I trusted you. I think I deserve the same consideration.

Honor Thy Fathers [5.21]

[Oliver and Anatoly are flying to Lian Yu in a vintage pontoon plane.]
Anatoly: Maybe drinking before flying not such good idea. [reconsiders] Or not drink enough. I don't know.
Oliver: Well, it's getting worse. So we're close.
Anatoly: I pretend that is good thing.

Oliver: So we had to move off the Sampson stakeout?
Felicity: Yes. Because John and you were reenacting the paleo version of my favorite scene from Witness.
Curtis: [off Oliver's look] Harrison Ford almost getting buried under the corn in the barn silo.
Felicity: Ah, that's the one. [She and Curtis fist bump.]
Dinah: Oh, right. And for those of us who haven't seen every movie ever, they mean it was a trap.
Curtis: Who hasn't seen Witness?

[Anatoly and Oliver visit the graves of all those killed at Lian Yu.]
Anatoly: "Taianna". Was that the one you killed Kovar for?
[Oliver nods, then indicates Robert Queen's grave.]
Oliver: It's my father. He's the reason I have to go back, the way I have to go back.
Anatoly: That video. He wants you to save your home. I do not think Kapiushon is what he had in mind.
Oliver: Putting on the hood is the only way I know how to save my city.
Anatoly: I told you, Oliver, hood is just piece of cloth. Not that you listen to me anyway.
Oliver: The Hood, Anatoly, is an identity.
Anatoly: One you think channels monster inside you.
Oliver: And protects the people that are closest to me. I do it this way, my enemies will target the Hood. Not the ones I care for.
Anatoly: You are many things, Oliver Queen. But until today, I did not count "naïve" as one of them. The people closest to you always pay the most for your sins. You are paying for your father's. Who will pay for yours?

Adrian: How'd you think you were gonna beat me, Oliver? We were both trained by the same teacher. Just one of the many things we have in common. You know, like both our fathers being horrible men.
Oliver: I am not my father. I'm my own man.
Adrian: Yeah, a man who's gonna die knowing that my father's legacy killed everyone in this city he loved so much.
Oliver: Your father's legacy. It's almost funny.
Adrian: [growing angry] What are you talking about? [brandishes his sword at Oliver] What are you talking about?!? What's so funny about my father's legacy?!?
Oliver: Goodwin's lawyer. He represented your father.
Adrian: I knew that already.
Oliver: You don't know what your father asked him to do. Adrian... he was going to disown you. Not because you're illegitimate. Because you're insane. You're sick. And your father knew it. You spent all this time trying to honor the memory of a man who was ashamed of you. No, my father wasn't perfect. But at least I know he never would have given up on me.

Oliver: [speaking at a press conference] Thank you for being here. I'd like to talk with everyone about my father. [noticing Thea] Our father. Based on further investigation, I can now state definitively that the allegations made against Robert Queen are... true. My father is not here to defend himself, and I cannot find the words to defend his actions. What I can tell you is that nearly ten years ago, in a moment of... of immense courage, Robert Queen chose to sacrifice himself so that I might live. So that I had the opportunity to leave behind a better legacy than he did. So that I might return and one day serve this city. Today, we took a step forward. With help from the Green Arrow and his team, the Throwing Star Killer is now behind bars, and our streets are a little safer. Tomorrow, we'll take another step forward. The day after, we will take another one. Because it is time, it is truly time for us to leave the past in the past, so that our children might inherit the Star City we always dreamed of. The way my father dreamt of a better life for me and my sister.

Missing [5.22]

News Anchor: [reporting on the TV] Former District Attorney Adrian Chase faces multiple counts of capital murder, among other charges. SCPD spokesperson Alison Rowe credits the Green Arrow with bringing the man known as the Throwing Star Killer to justice.
Thea: [turns off the TV] Well, it looks like the Green Arrow is a hero again. Whoever he is.
Quentin: Yep. And the mayor ain't doin' too bad either. The Sentinel 's got your approval rating back up to seventy percent.
Oliver: What? Was it ever that high?
Quentin: Mmm, no, it wasn't.

[At Oliver's surprise birthday party]
Thea: I love the cake. Where did you get it?
Felicity: Lord Mesa bakery.
Diggle: How 'bout the number "six"? Is that for the number of members of the team?
Curtis: It's cool.
Felicity: Actually, I ordered the cake for a six-year-old, because I wasn't sure that I could order a Green Arrow cake for a grown man.
Curtis: Well, hey, Oliver's a child at heart, right? [off Oliver's look] That is the concussion talking, yep. For sure.
Oliver: I'm really sorry about that, Curtis.
Curtis: Well, it's okay. But you should know, that if I had my T-spheres, I would have....
Oliver: ... Would'a what?
Curtis: [chagrined] ... Would have still been on the floor.
Oliver: I'm very sorry

[Oliver walks into a seemingly empty lair. Felicity suddenly appears from out of hiding and points a large rifle at his back.]
Felicity: Freeze, jerkwad!
[Oliver raises his hands, realizes what's happening, and turns to give Felicity a WTF look.]
Felicity: Sorry. I knew it was you, but what if it wasn't you you? You know. Multiple Earths. Evil twins, et cetera. It's sad that being the scariest thing I've said all day. I hate this thing. [puts away the rifle]

Konstantin Kovar: [watching Oliver writhing in a cell] You're strong. Like a piece of iron. You think you can resist any pain because you have. But the worst pain... is up here. [indicates his head] Locked away deep inside. That's what the drug is for. To show you everything. Your sins. Your failures. Your guilt. Your bloodlust. Your inhumanity.
[Oliver flashes back to, in turn, his killing Taianna, Shado's death, his bludgeoning Ivo's henchman, and his having learned to torture and kill from Waller. Kovar then slides a pistol into the cell. Oliver picks it up and shakily aims it at Kovar.]
Kovar: That gun only has one bullet. You can waste it on me. But, I think we both know who's responsible for your pain. I've seen the strongest man resist for up to twelve minutes before... ending his suffering. Such is my respect for you that I... I think you can last for, um... [considers]... fourteen minutes. Dasvidanya.

Oliver: A little while ago, I worried to John that the personal connections that I had were making me vulnerable. Because as long as there are people in my life that I care for, I have to be something else to protect them. That's something that I can't leave in the past.
Merlyn: I admire you, Oliver. It takes a special kinda idiot to actually get dumber with time.
Oliver: I am not in the mood, Malcolm.
Merlyn: Human connections are what keep us human! And it's sad that it's a sociopath who's gonna have to point this out to you. You can't live on an island. You've already tried. But you are always gonna have people in your life, Oliver. And they will always need you. Better or worse, baggage and all. And if you can't accept that... well, your past is gonna stay your anchor.

Lian Yu [5.23]

Slade: Would you like to explain what's going on?
Oliver: Like to talk about you for a minute. You seem--
Slade: Like in possession of all my marbles? [Oliver nods] The mirakuru wore off a long time ago, kid. I mean, I remember everything that happened. I'm not trying to escape that. But it feels like some bad dream. Regardless of my sanity, why do you want to help me? After everything I've done?
Oliver: There is a man here on the island named Adrian Chase. He's holding my friends, and my family, hostage. Including Thea. And my son.
Slade: [slightly amused] Since when do you have a son?
Oliver: Slade. Are you gonna help me or not?
Slade: I think I'm stating the obvious when I say, I killed your mother. For that alone, you should've killed me.
Oliver: Maybe what's happening now is the reason I didn't. [hands Slade a flash drive] This is all the intel that I've been able to gather on your son, Joe. Including his present whereabouts.
Slade: Are you offering to help me find my son--
Oliver: I want us to find both of our sons.
{Oliver takes the Deathstroke mask out of a bag and hands it to Slade.]
Slade: You and me, kid. Like old times.

Oliver: [to Malcolm] Get them to the plane, make sure that everyone stays safe. [hands Curtis communicators] Comms. Just in case something goes wrong.
Curtis: You mean "When", right?
Oliver: [handing Felicity a computer tablet] It's detailed satellite imagery of the island. Again, just in case.
[Felicity kisses Oliver.]
Oliver: What was that for?
Felicity: [softly] Just in case.
Oliver: We're gonna make it through this.
Felicity: You can't know that for sure. I didn't want to regret not kissing you. When it comes to the two of us, I regret enough as it is.
Oliver: [smiling] Let's talk more about this when we're off the island. [hugs Felicity]

Slade: So instead of marrying the blonde, you married R'as Al Ghul's daughter?
Oliver: Nyssa talks too much.
Slade: She hasn't explained your beef with Chase.
Oliver: My past is coming back to haunt me.
Slade: Seems to be a recurring theme with you, kid.
Oliver: Don't know why.
Slade: Well, it's not really complicated. You suffer from survivor's guilt. You can't get over the death of your father.
Oliver: Adrian Chase has nothing to do with my father.
Slade: Kid, when it comes to you, everything has to do with your father. You and I are not dissimilar. We're both haunted by our pasts. And the only way to bury that ghost is by forgiving yourself.
Oliver: "Forgiving myself"? For what?
Slade: You blame yourself for your father's suicide. And everything that has gone wrong since. You need to forgive yourself. For your sins.
Oliver: You say that... like it's easy.
Slade: It's the hardest thing in this world.

[Oliver has Adrian in a stranglehold.]
Adrian: It's over. But only if you do it. Do it, Oliver. And show everyone. Show them who you really are.
Oliver: [agonizes, then decides] NO!
[Oliver lets Adrian go and walks away.]
Oliver: That's who I was. That's who I WAS! BEFORE!! That's not who I am now. You can blame me for your father's death for the rest of your life. I'm done blaming myself for mine.
Adrian: [weakly] I knew it would come to this. Your son is dead, Oliver.
[There is a pause as everyone lets that sink in. Then, Oliver grabs Adrian and gets right in his face.]
Oliver: [hard] I don't believe you. Because you're a liar. You're lying to me, to manipulate me into doing what you want. Adrian, here's the thing. If you are telling the truth... If you killed my son... I am never going to be the person you want me to be. Not ever. [throws Adrian to the ground]

Adrian: You won. Your son has his father back, and he'll learn exactly who his father was. Just like you learned who your father was, right? On these very same waters.
Oliver: What?
Adrian: William's younger than you were, so he's gonna be fine, you know? And you have each other.
Oliver: What are you saying?
Adrian: Which is good, Oliver, that's good. Because it's gonna be lonely. [pulls out a pistol] Without Mom. And Felicity. [puts the gun to his head]
Oliver: [horrified] No! Adrian!!
[Adrian Chase fatally shoots himself, triggering the Dead man's switch inside him. This sets off the explosives buried all across the island. The island of Lian Yu's destruction begins as Oliver and William look on.]

Season 6


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. But I couldn't honor that commitment and honor the promise I made to the mother of my son. So I asked the best man I know to help. His name is John Diggle, and he is the Green Arrow.

Fallout [6.1]

Oliver: What's this?
Rene: Remarks for the Police Academy graduation ceremony. Seems my promotion came with speech-writing duties.
Diggle: You can write?
Curtis: You can read?
Rene: I can kick both your all's asses, what I can do!

[Black Canary is about to fight Black Siren.]
Black Siren: Nice outfit. Except for I would have gone with fishnets.

[William has woken up from a nightmare.]
Oliver: Hey, buddy.
William Clayton: Where's Raisa?
Oliver: I'm here. It's just a dream.
William: Of the bad man, was my dream. He's why my mom's gone.
Oliver: Well, he can't hurt you anymore, William. He's gone.
William: No, he's not. Bad man's here.
Oliver: Buddy, I'm confused. I'm... Where do you think the bad man is?
[William reaches out and points his finger at Oliver.]

Oliver: [addressing the Police Academy graduates] Thank you all for being here. In light of the recent attacks on the SCPD, tonight's ceremony is incredibly important. And while we need to mourn the loss of life, I feel the need to mention that this city is better off than it has been in quite some time. Crime is down. Our streets are peaceful. People are not only moving here, they are staying here. And do you want to know why? It's because you help them feel safe. You have chosen a profession. One of the most dangerous professions in the world. Whereas other people run from danger, you run towards it, time and time and time again. And for that, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude. So, thank you. Thank you for protecting our families, for protecting us, and for protecting our beautiful city. Thank you.

Quentin: Don't move! I said, "Don't move".
Black Siren: Well, this feels familiar. Maybe this time you'll... aim for the heart?
Quentin: I'm sorry.
Black Siren: For shooting me or for leaving me for dead?
Quentin: You were trying to hurt my friend.
Black Siren: Oh, so, so you choose your friend over your own daughter?
Quentin: [cocks the hammer on his gun] Don't make me do this, Laurel. Please don't make me do this.
Black Siren: So now I'm Laurel. [walks right up beside Quentin, who lowers his gun.] Don't torture yourself. Because if we were back on Lian Yu, and the roles were reversed... [whispering] I would have pulled the trigger. [walks off, while Quentin simply stays where he is.]

Tribute [6.2]

[Oliver walks into the City Hall lobby to find it crowded with reporters.]
Oliver: Anything interesting on the news last night? [The reporters shout questions at Oliver, who walks through the crowd and turns to face them at the bottom of the stairs.] Ladies and gentlemen, please! If you want to know what I have to say, it would probably help if you could hear me. [The reporters quiet down.] Thank you. I'll tell you two things, both of which you probably already know. First: -- this is important -- I am not the Green Arrow.
Female reporter: If you're not the Green Arrow, then who is? Who is the Green Arrow?
Oliver: Number two: photos can be doctored. They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No. Now, if I was running around the city during the day and managing it as Mayor while running around at night frightening criminals as a vigilante, that really would make me a superhero. But I'm not. I'm just the Mayor. Thank you very much. [turns and goes up the stairs as the reporters shout questions at him again]

Curtis: This could destroy our whole lives.
Felicity: It's hard to think that before, my biggest worry was getting a new job. And now, it's about whether or not we'll end up in jail.
Curtis: I thought you were sitting pretty from your Palmer Tech settlement.
Felicity: Uh, yeah, from, like, a year ago.
Curtis: What are you gonna do? Assuming that we're all not in jail?
Felicity: I mean, I'd definitely rather go to Iron Heights than work at Tech Village again. That place was horrendous. What about you? I mean, you've been out of a job as long as I have.
Curtis: Not really. I've been doing some free-lance coding in my spare time.
Felicity: You what? What? What spare time?
Curtis: Yeah. Tell me about it. Barely any. But I did not take a dime from Paul in the divorce, and a man's gotta eat.
Felicity: So you, like, just had a secret job this whole time, you didn't tell anyone about it?
Curtis: I thought we all, like, had, like, secret jobs.
Felicity: No.
Curtis: Except for John, maybe. What does he do for money? That's something that's been perplexing me.
Felicity: Well, he's... he's married to the director of A.R.G.U.S.
Curtis: Ah, yeah, that's right.... She doesn't make a lot of money.

William: They know you're the Green Arrow.
Oliver: What?
William: They said you're the Green Arrow. They said you're not here to help me.
Oliver: Oh, man. Look, William, I'm really sorry that you had--
William: They were really big. Eighth graders.
Oliver: Eighth graders, huh?.... You should go for the nose.
William: What?
Oliver: If something like this happens again,... go for the nose. Find the biggest one, the biggest one in the group, walk right up to him without saying a thing, and punch him in the nose as hard as you possibly can. He will have no idea what is going on. Won't be able to see. If he can't see, he can't fight. Then all of his buddies, all the guys that were being so brave, they will back off. Trust me on that one.

Rene: Lance told me about what happened at school. Kids are mean.
Oliver: He's not worried about bullies. He's worried about me. He thinks I'm gonna make him an orphan.
Rene: Damn.
Oliver: I told him, I said that will not happen. I will always come back. I've never lied to my kid before.
Rene: You know, I'm not exactly Father of the Year. But, white lies are kind of, like, an important parental tool. I remember telling Zoe that she came from a cloud. I really hope her mom set her straight on that one.
Oliver: So help me with this. How do I reconcile that he's right? Because every time that I'm in the field, there's a chance I don't come back. And that he's alone. And now you're telling me that he's gonna have to lie to an FBI agent so that he doesn't lose his father to prison.

[Anatoly has shot and killed his hostage.]
Oliver: What the hell has happened to you? Not even Gregor would've done that.
Anatoly: Yes, he would've. You never saw because you were too naïve. You still are.
Oliver: We were friends.
Anatoly: Yes. But I see how you treat your friends.
Oliver: No, Anatoly, no. This is on you. You used to be an honorable man!
Anatoly: I am an honorable man. Did I have bomb planted in your son's school? Did I have him kidnapped? Tortured? No. Because even though we stand apart, I am still good man. I wonder. What would happen to William if he ran afoul of someone who was not good?

Next of Kin [6.3]

Oliver: William has a math test later this week that he's really stressing out over, and, um... every time I open my mouth, I'm making it worse.
Felicity: So the man who took down Damien Darhk is bested by arithmetic.
Oliver: Wasn't my strongest subject in school.
Felicity: No? What was? Truancy?
Oliver: Charm.
Felicity: And no doubt.

Diggle: Look, every time I've had to give orders in the army, on this team, there was always someone there backing my plays. I'm not used to making the hard calls alone. No one is more disappointed in me than me.
Dinah: Well, next time, get it right. Our lives depend on it.

Diggle: I don't know how you did it. You never hesitate to make the call. You were always sure. I'm not.
Oliver: I was never sure. Not one time. I'm very flattered that it looked that way on the outside, but on the inside, it was... it was instinct. It was instinct and it was fear.
Diggle: Yeah, but you worked past it.
Oliver: Well, you'll work past it, too. Now I'm not gonna sit here and say that you won't... make mistakes. That you won't... lose people along the way. You know, most... most will be strangers, but some... well, some won't be. Because, John, you're one of the main reasons that the Green Arrow even exists.
Diggle: What're you talking about?
Oliver: The Restons.
Diggle: The bank robbers.
Oliver: The bank robbers, yeah. You were the first person to convince me to look past just the names on my father's list. You helped me discover that the Hood, that persona, he wasn't a hero. You helped me find what all of this, the Green Arrow, the idea of it, it exists because you had faith in me. Now you gotta have the same kind of faith in yourself. Because if you do, you can be a better leader. You can be a better hero than I ever was.

Diggle: [to the team] Let's move out. [leaves to get ready]
Curtis: Did he forget to say "Suit up"? Or was "Let's move", like, his version of "Suit up"? Because personally, I like "Let's suit up", 'cause then it just lets you know that you--
Rene and Dinah: [together] Go suit up, Curtis!
Curtis: Yeah, go suit up. [Leaves to go suit up.]

Oliver: Good morning. As you know, I have been accused of a great many things recently. Including, but not limited to, supporting vigilantes at expense of our men and women in uniform. This was never my intention. In the wake of the attacks on the SCPD, putting this police force back on its feet is my number one priority as mayor. We need the women and the men of the SCPD on our streets, protecting us. But they can't do that if they are busy hunting vigilantes. That is why I oppose this bill and that is why I am invoking chapter 9 of the City Charter.
Lady Parliamentarian: And you are aware that will convert councilwoman Pollard's bill to a city-wide referendum?
Oliver: I certainly am. Because last night, a group of vigilantes saved hundreds of lives. So if we are going to decide on diverting police resources towards stopping them, we are not gonna do that until the people of Star City have spoken.

Reversal [6.4]

Oliver: Has it, um... has it been three years since the first time we did this?
Felicity: Yeah. Let's just hope that this date goes better than that one.
Oliver: I think it will.
Felicity: [hard whisper] Don't jinx it!
Oliver: Masked gunmen could come through the door and it would have been better than our first dinner.
Felicity: Well, only because we were not being blown up.

Curtis: You know, I might not be able to figure out where she's (Black Siren) headed, but I might be able to figure out where she was. Now sonic cries leave ripples in the air. I might be able to back trace where Laurel's been and maybe even find out a pattern. Maybe even determine where she's operating out of.
Diggle: I heard two "mights" and two "maybes", but I'll take it.

Oliver: What's happening now is not your fault.
Felicity: Is that what I sounded like all these years?
Oliver: You sounded smarter.
Felicity: How'd you do it? How did you balance being the Green Arrow, the Mayor, a boyfriend, a brother. How did... How did you do it all by yourself?
Oliver: I.. I didn't do it all by myself. I had you.
Felicity: Yeah, well, I know you're just saying that to get boyfriend points, and it's working.
Oliver: I'm being serious, Felicity. Even if we weren't together, you were always there with me. Always there to talk me outta stuff. To help me being the Green Arrow. You were literally in my ear, every second I was in the field. And that's why I followed you to the club tonight, because I want a chance to be there for you the way that you've been there for me.
Felicity: [emotional] Well, then, what would I say to you in this situation?
Oliver: You would tell me that when I - you - freed Cayden James, I did it because at the moment, at that time, in your heart, you thought it was right.
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: But you would tell me not to live in the past. You told me to make it right in the present. You would tell me to trust myself.
Felicity: [lighter mood] Well, I am very smart, apparently.
Oliver: Soooo smart.

Cayden James: The pre-Socratic philosopher Thales of Miletus, known as the Father of Science, believed that for any event, there was a natural cause, even if we couldn't see it. And he thought that with perfect knowledge, Man can control anything. Everything.

[Felicity hides from gunmen while trying to reach the central computer room.]
Felicity: Maybe doing this solo wasn't such a good idea.
Oliver: [from the Bunker] Good thing you're not alone.
Felicity: Oliver?
Oliver: Well, technically, if I'm in this chair, that makes me Overwatch.

Deathstroke Returns [6.5]

Oliver: You're not even gonna see him?
Slade: I need you to promise me the you won't tell him I helped.
Oliver: No. I'm not gonna lie to your son.
Slade: It's better this way.
Oliver: For him or for you? Are you... are you afraid that he's gonna see you as Deathstroke? Not the man you were, the... the man I think you are now?
Slade: I gave up my right to be his father when I stepped out of the light into the shadows and became this monster.
Oliver: Your son will forgive you. The way that my son forgave me.
Slade: Joe knew that I was coming to look for him. So he contacted his mother. And she sent me a message to stay away. You got your second chance, kid. And I'm happy for you. [goes to the door] Some fathers aren't that lucky.

Warden: Mister Queen.
Oliver: Thank you for taking the time.
Warden: [shaking hands with Oliver] It's not every day I meet celebrity.
Oliver: I'm not famous.
Warden: I saw you on news once. You punched man with camera.
Oliver: [under his breath] I sure did.
Warden: They also say you are quite good with bow and arrow.
Oliver: Oh, don't believe everything that you see on TV.

Warden: Mr. Queen. I was not expecting return visit.
Oliver: [indicating Slade] Warden, this is Kane Wolfman's father. He wishes to see his son's body.
Warden: I'm afraid that won't be possible.
Oliver: Why? You said he passed only days ago.
Warden: Yes, but, uh-
Oliver: Warden. Where's the body?
Warden: It is... no longer in my possession.
Slade: [advances on the Warden, barely containing his rage] Where is my son's body?!?!
Oliver: [hand on Slade's shoulder] Hey, easy. Easy.
Slade: He's lying.
Oliver: Do you want me to contact Liberty Watch? You want me to cause an international incident? Because I am prepared to do both.
Warden: The situation is complicated
Slade: [angrily advances on the Warden again, only to be stopped by Oliver] Well, un-complicate it!
Oliver: [to the Warden] Trust me on this one. Don't make this man angry.
Warden: They are called... the Jackals. Men your son investigated. When they discovered his arrest - which was merely him being in wrong place at the wrong time - they broke into prison. Take him.
Slade: Why did they take him?
Warden: Torture. Your son is spy. In his head, secrets worth millions. They threatened reprisal on my family if I spoke about it.
[Slade hurriedly stalks out of the room.]
Oliver: Slade. Slade.
Slade: When the Jackals took my son, they didn't count on who his father was!

[Having been shot in the head, Vigilante removes his mask in front of Black Canary, revealing himself as Vincent Sobel, Dinah's former partner and lover. However, Vincent simply removes the bullet from his forehead and the wound heals.]
Dinah: How?
Vincent Sobel: You're not the only one dark matter did something to. [gets up] Everything heals now.
Dinah: I thought you were dead. You let me believe it for four years, Vince.
Vincent: I'm sorry. I couldn't let myself-
Dinah: Be human?
Vincent: Distracted.
Dinah: Distracted from what?
Vincent: My mission. We were cops for ten years. What did we ever accomplish?
Dinah: A lot.
Vincent: Not enough. Not nearly enough. This is the only way.
Dinah: You've lost your mind.
Vincent: I'm not the only one wearing a mask.

Nighlander: I'm curious, Slade. What was your plan? Kill us all and save your boy? Kind of reductive, no?
Slade: I like to keep things simple.
Nighlander: Ah. Things rarely are, brother.
Slade: Well, this is. I will join the Jackals as long as you let my boy go.
Nighlander: It's like I said... it's not so simple. We need your son. After all,... he's our boss.
[An adult Joe Wilson, heavily armed, walks in from the shadows.]
Joe Wilson: Hello, Father. It's been a long time.

Promises Kept [6.6]

Joe: You should've stayed dead.
Slade: I heard you were in trouble, kid. So I thought I'd offer my help.
Joe: Well, then,... here to save me. Last I saw, you weren't all that concerned with saving anyone. [pulls a pistol on Slade] Apple doesn't fall that far. [to Nighlander] What do you think? Patricide?
Nighlander: He's seen our operation. Makes him liability.
Slade: Kid, you can have that choice. But I'll give you another one. Let me join you.
Joe: [cocks the pistol] If I'd wanted a family reunion, I would have sent an invitation.
Slade: Maybe you did. But you just haven't realized it yet, kid. [advances on Joe, puts his good eye right up to the pistol's barrel] See, I came all this way to speak with you, and I will kill anybody who gets in my way. Because I got nothing left to lose! Only you! So go ahead... and make a decision.
[Joe considers, then lowers the pistol]
Joe: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't swayed by the poetry of it all. But can I trust you?
Slade: Trust is built upon honesty. I'm sure you have a lot of questions to ask me, and I've got a lot of questions for you, Joe.
Joe: That's not my name anymore.
Slade: Your mother named you something different. To keep us apart.
Joe: Okay. Guess we've got some catching up to do.

Joe: Excuse the poor accommodations. Don't plan on staying in this stain of a country too long.
Slade: Well, there's a reason they say "The money is in the muck".
Joe: I did bring one luxury, however. [sets down a bottle of scotch]
Slade: There's a blast from the past. My favorite. I never realized you'd acquired a taste for it, too.
Joe: Like you taught me: "Always drink good booze... and then look out for yourself".

Lyla: You're telling me you became the Green Arrow after you knew about the tremor?
Diggle: I was gonna tell Oliver, but then he asked me to take over for him. I couldn't let him down, couldn't let the team down.
Lyla: But you were physically compromised!
Diggle: I came up with a temporary solution, an experimental steroid. Lyla, I wanted to tell you so bad. I know it was the wrong call, I'm sorry.
Lyla: I'm just glad you finally told me.
Diggle: And now that I have, I need your help. Is there anything... anything that A.R.G.U.S. is working on that can help my condition?
Lyla: I thought it was just some kind of steroid.
Diggle: Well, we found out that the manufacturer was involved in, um... criminal activity. He and his crew have killed at least two people, I dunno, maybe more.
Lyla: Right, so your experimental steroid is actually an illegal drug. Look, if this is what it's taken for you to come clean and get this guy off of the street, then I guess I should be grateful. [seeing Diggle's look] What? [Diggle looks away] You're still using the drug. I guess that means that the drug dealer is out there, too.
Diggle: To be Green Arrow means I have to be physically capable protecting this city, no matter what. Lyla, you make the same choices at A.R.G.U.S. all the time.
Lyla: Choices you've condemned me for making!
Diggle: I know I'm wrong, but I couldn't let Oliver down.
Lyla: So you let yourself down instead. Johnny, you are the most moral man I know. I can't even begin to fathom how you could do this.
Diggle: As soon as A.R.G.U.S. has a solution, I will get my guy off the street.
Lyla: And till then, how many more people is this guy going to kill?
Diggle: It's not that simple. It's not that simple!
Lyla: You're the one who taught me that it is.

Slade: I spared your life back there.
Oliver: I know. But back there, it didn't feel like an act the same way it did with Chase back on Lian Yu.
Slade: Because when I saw my son... I was tempted. I would have done anything to keep us together. But when you mentioned William, I realized that's not my boy. It's Kane. But what I fear, is there is only one way to stop him.
Oliver: Slade, there are other ways to deal with this that don't involve killing your son. Deep down, he's your boy. So you have to reason with him. And I swear, he will listen to you.
Slade: Then I didn't tell you what happened after Lian Yu. I went home, to my son. And I promised him I would stay and never leave. And I broke that promise
Oliver: You broke the promise because of the mirakuru.
Slade: The mirakuru faded for a while. But when it came back, it was like a storm I could not control. And that monster is what my son is trying to emulate. But it's not mirakuru with Joe. It's anger and resentment. And I don't know how that can be redeemed.
Oliver: Well, I didn't think that you could be redeemed. But I'm here. Miles from home. Miles from my son. Trying to help you save yours, and I can do that because I knew the man that you were before the mirakuru. That is who your son needs to see. He needs to see his father. The man who you are right now tonight.

Joe: "Trust begins with honesty". That's what you said to me, but you lied!
Slade: You know life is not that simple, Joe.
Joe: That's not my name! How could you forgive Oliver Queen after what he did to you?!
Slade: Because he forgave me for far worse. Sins that I have to carry to the grave. A curse I didn't want to pass on to you. All of this anger and resentment! It's time to bring it to an end, son!!
Joe: No! It's just the beginning! [draws his sword and attacks Slade]

Thanksgiving [6.7]

Quentin: I'm assuming all those, uh... squirrely looks mean that the girl in question is, is what? Laurel's evil twin?
Oliver: She's working with Cayden James. A criminal we've been tracking for some time. I have been wrestling over whether or not to tell you.
Quentin: Well, I'm glad you didn't, 'cause I don't want anything more to do with her.
Oliver: Well, Quentin, now that you know....?
Quentin: ... I will distract myself clearing your good name.

Felicity: We have a problem. We have a massively huge problem. And considering it's in the same week Oliver's been arrested--
Diggle: What is it?
Felicity: The nanothermite when combined with the explosive creates a thermobaric weapon.
Diggle: What's a thermobaric weapon?
Felicity: It... disperses what is essentially a cloud of fire, and then pressure cooks everything within two hundred yards.
Curtis: I'm guessing we've given up hope that Cayden James has to cook a lot of turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Felicity: Got it. Maximum damage for a thermobaric bomb is Starling Stadium.
Rene: Today's Thanksgiving!
Curtis: Yeah, we just covered that when we talked about ordering turkey burgers.
Rene: I'm saying Billy Joel's playing there tonight. Sold-out crowd. [off the others' looks] I happen to like a wide variety of music, and The Stranger is a treasured piece of rock-and-roll history, yeah.

Diggle: Remember last year when the Dominators put us into this alternate Star City?
Oliver: Yeah, kinda difficult to forget.
Diggle: We got to see what our "perfect" life would be. Mine was being the Green Arrow. So you asking me to take the mantle was not selfish. It was giving me the one thing in the world that I never knew I wanted.

Cayden: There is no bomb, so relax.
Green Arrow: And all this?
Cayden: To get your attention. To talk, that's all. It's not like I have your number.
Green Arrow: You're insane.
Cayden: Thomas Szasz, the renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, says that there's no such thing as insanity. Revenge, on the other hand... is very real.
Green Arrow: Revenge? I've never even met you.
Cayden: And yet... you cost me something dear to me. Someone very dear. My son. That's why I've arranged this little tête à tête. So that when your city burns, you'll know why.
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This episode is Part Two of a four-part crossover event called Crisis on Earth-X. For quotations, see the related page.

Irreconcilable Differences [6.9]

[Rene's wedding toast]
Rene: True love is... so special that we all dream about it. And when I look at Oliver and Felicity, I'm reminded of how I felt about my wife on our wedding day. We were so in love. We would do anything for each other, I mean, no matter what. And that is the epitome of Oliver and Felicity. Yeah, I mean, you guys have had your struggles, but you always worked through it. These are two of the most genuine people in the world, and they deserve all the happiness, and... I'm so fortunate to call them my friends. So please raise a glass to true love. [raises his glass] Oliver and Felicity.

Felicity: I'm running a surveillance on Curtis, Dinah and Rene, and I have worms crawling through their texts and emails.
Diggle: You're spying on them?
Felicity: I'm not spying on them! Like... keeping tabs.
Diggle: Oliver, why not just confront whoever this is and give them the chance to come clean?
Oliver: What makes you think they're gonna be forthcoming? How do we know that this isn't just the surface of this betrayal? I mean... look, John, I don't want to spy on them, but if you have a better idea... I'm all for it.
Felicity: Someone goes somewhere suspicious, we'll know.
Diggle: Felicity, we were all just at the wedding. The most suspicious place they can go is out for late-night pizza.
Oliver: John, either Curtis, Dinah or Rene gave me up. We need to know why, we need to know who. Otherwise, when you put the hood back on, you could be next.

Oliver: I've been thinking about what Rene did. What did he do, really? He kept a secret, and he put his daughter ahead of the team. And I feel betrayed. How can I feel betrayed by somebody doing the exact same things that I've done?
Thea: Because you've never sold anyone out on the team, Ollie. And if you're convicted, you could end up spending a really long time in jail. But having said that, you're doing the right thing looking at things through his perspective. And having done that, maybe you can see your way to forgiving him.

Rene: Look, man, I know you're pissed at me, and I don't care. Because you left us blind out there, and I wasn't gonna let Lance die just because you didn't trust us enough to go off-leash and look for him!
Oliver: [icy calm] When we are in the field, there is a clear chain of command. Plain, and simple.
Rene: I've been the same guy tonight that I've always been since you brought me onto this team!!
Oliver: Rene, yes, that's true, you have. Sometimes you go your own way.
Rene: That's right!
Oliver: And I put up with it because I trusted you.
Rene: What's that supposed to mean?
Oliver: You got a second chance tonight, my friend. And you broke our trust, again. You don't get a third. You're off the team.
Rene: Just like that?
Oliver: Just like that.

[At his headquarters, Cayden James has the Arrowcave on one of his monitors.]
Black Siren: When you had me raid their bunker and plant that mini-cam two months ago...
Cayden: Is this the outcome I had in mind? Quite so, Miss Lance. Although I must confess, things have worked out even better than I anticipated.
Anatoly: [entering] Hardly impressive. Left to his own devices, Oliver Queen will always push away those closest to him.
Vincent: So, we've got 'em fighting with each other instead of fighting us.
Ricardo Diaz: Please tell me that isn't your whole master plan.
Cayden: Oh, not at all, Mr. Diaz. In fact, I think it fair to say that this... is only the beginning.

Divided [6.10]

Aide: [presenting a ledger] Mr. Bertinelli, I think you'll like these numbers. We need a name for the Panamax that's coming in.
Jerry Bertinelli: Christening ships does make it seem more legit if the IRS checks it. How about The Huntress after my cousin?
Aide: Very good.

Felicity: Oh, John Diggle. Savior of souls and bringer of java.
Diggle: I have been called because I have to find ways to be useful. Been working overtime trying to find Cayden James and I'm still on the Disabled list.
Felicity: Well, not for long. Curtis is on his way over and we will fix you. "We have the technology".
Diggle: Ah. I'm not the Six Million Dollar Man.
Felicity: Not yet, you're not. And more like $2.4 Million Dollar Man because Curtis and I are stretching pennies with the existing bucks as it is.

Oliver: [handing Felicity a hard drive] We need to know what's on this.
Felicity: "Hi, Felicity. How are you? Are you busy with anything? Can you help me with something? You look tired ."
Oliver: Hi.
Felicity: Hi.
Oliver: Jerry Bertinelli gave that to me. The port is the only thing the Bertinelli Family has left. Cayden James and Black Siren are trying to take it from them.
Diggle: So we're getting in bed with the Bertinellis now?
Felicity: I remember last time you got in bed with one of the Bertinellis, it did not work out well. [off Oliver's look] I have a long memory for these sort of things. Call me crazy.

Diggle: If we do this, Cayden James will bring his whole group here.
Oliver: Yeah.
Diggle: And Cayden will bring everyone, Oliver. I'm no place close to a hundred percent. But look... the rest of the team --
Oliver: There is no "rest of the team".
Diggle: Oliver, we could use their help. All you have to do is ask.
Oliver: We would have to trust them, and we can't. We can't. John, we've been over this.
Diggle: I know. But we've also been over other things. Like you and the League of Assassins, me with my secret. Oliver, the best partnerships are built on forgiveness, man. No one knows that more than you and me.
Oliver: I got arrested in front of my son. Dragged away in handcuffs because of something that Rene did. I don't know how to forgive him. I tried. John, more important,... what's Cayden James up to? We don't know. He has known our identities for months. He hasn't outted us. Why? This started with you, with me, and with Felicity. Whatever comes our way, we can handle it. I believe that.

Felicity: Are you happy to be back in your newly de-bugged crime-fighting lair?
Oliver: Cayden James got away. Everybody got away.
Felicity: You ever see that movie Bull Durham? My mom made me watch that movie all of the time. I mean, it is the best baseball movie ever, but she used to say Susan Sarandon was her fictional life coach. Anyway, there's a line in this movie where she says "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes -- "
Felicity and Oliver: -- "it rains".

We Fall [6.11]

William: There's a prep sheet for the trip, and I tried one of the extra credits. [pulls out the sheet from his backpack] Would you take a look at it?
Oliver: Yeah, of course.
William: I meant... Felicity.
Oliver: I'm sure you did, yep.
William: I'm sorry. It's a math problem about hyperbolic geography in marine organisms, like coral.
Oliver: I do know what coral is, but that's okay.
Felicity: This is a high dimension math problem most people don't get until they're in... 12th grade AP. And it's perfect.

Oliver: What do you want?
Cayden: I've already told you. Vengeance for my son. I cared for him, protected him, loved him. Just as you do this city. But now, your city's entire infrastructure is under my control. Buildings, institutions, even people. All under my dominion.
Oliver: These are innocent people.
Cayden: And you can save them. [takes out of his pocket a note with a number] By wiring 10 million dollars into that offshore account, no later than 11:30 tonight. And every night, until further notice. [turns to leave]
Oliver: That will bankrupt us!
Cayden: Well, I certainly hope so. Please don't imagine that I've gone to these lengths for money. No, this is for you, so that you'll suffer.
Oliver: I didn't kill your son.
Cayden: Yes you did. One year ago, this very day, right here in Star City, you missed your intended target, but your arrow found its way into my boy.
Oliver: If you're seeking vengeance, if you want revenge, why haven't you just outed me as the Green Arrow?
Cayden: If my understanding is correct, that's already been done.
Oliver: Star City will not negotiate with a terrorist.
Cayden: Oh, spare me the political clout-trap, Mr. Queen. By tonight that will sound hollow, even to you.

Rene: Hey, man, new Team Arrow's kickin' ass.
Curtis: You know what? I really have to say that we should change our name. Like, what do you guys think of "The Outsiders"?
Dinah: Ooo, ah, I think it was a really awesome book.

[Curtis, Dinah and Rene are on a rooftop surveying one of the Safe Zones.]
Rene: Officers marching. Guns out. City under siege. It's like Escape from Detroit.
Curtis: I don't know whether to correct you, or to just embrace your attempt to reference one of my favorite John Carpenter films.
Rene: Huh?
Dinah: I think the point is that people are scared. It's not good.
Oliver: [approaching with Diggle] They should be scared. That's why they need us.
Curtis: When you say "us", do you mean just you and it's a passive dig at our team --[to Diggle] No pun intended -- or do you mean all of us and you recognize our own team as being independent --
Diggle: Curtis, we got your message. Thanks for reaching out.

Felicity: What your dad does, it's very dangerous. And heroes don't always make it home. [regards Laurel Lance's Black Canary costume] I never forget that. But, you know, I've loved your dad from the first time he brought me a bullet-riddled computer. [winks] Remind me to tell you about that one. That was a long time ago, which means I've loved him for a long time, which means I've worried about him, for a long time. And he, he hasn't always been truthful. He's lied, he's kept secrets. He's not perfect. This life, it's not ideal. But he makes his sacrifices, so we have to make ours. I sometimes think to myself that that's what makes this love deeper than other kinds of love. Know it sounds cheesy, but it does, because we can't take things for granted. We have to live with the fear and the uncertainty that everything can be taken from us in an instant. Because that's the price that we pay for choosing the people that we love. Everything he does, he does for a good reason, or what he thinks is a good reason. So you can worry about your dad, but you have to believe that he's going to be okay. Because that's the only way that this works.

All for Nothing [6.12]

Vincent: What's on your mind?
Oliver: Dinah, Curtis and Rene trust you. I'm not there yet.
Vincent: I want you to try to imagine how little I give a damn.
Oliver: You've taken a shot at me. Matter of fact, you've taken a shot at nearly everybody in that room. So I will be convinced that you are not playing us the way that you claim that you are playing Cayden James.
Vincent: I don't have to convince you. Because you're not stopping me from doing this.
Oliver: Are you sure?
Vincent: I am. Because you know saving this city means doing whatever's necessary. And you know that means using me.

[Cayden has found Vincent in the server room and questions why he's there.]
Felicity: [speaking to Vince over a comm] Vince, if you want to stay alive, repeat exactly what I say: "You think just -- "
Vincent: -- because I can handle a gun doesn't mean I know the difference between a trans-polymer hybrid and a fiber-optic cable. I'm just impressed. I wanted to know how you maximize the data throughput. Sorry. I should've asked first.
Cayden: [puzzled, but impressed] Perhaps. I may have underestimated you. It seems that you have more skill than I gave you credit for.
Vincent: I keep telling people I'm more than just a pretty face.

Felicity: Cayden sure has a lot of junk in his server for someone who's as Type A as you say he is.
Alena: Well, brilliant people are often slobs. Or so I tell myself. And my dates.
Curtis: Showoff. I can't even get a date.

[Oliver finds a roomful of hostages wired to bombs. Anatoly speaks through a walkie-talkie on the table next to the main bomb.]
Anatoly: Hello, Kapiushon. No need for me to explain choice here, yes?
Oliver: I thought you were an honorable man.
Anatoly: I am. Why else I give you choice? Find bomb or set --
[Oliver shoots the walkie-talkie with an arrow, disconcerting Anatoly.]

Oliver: I'm not here to apologize.
Dinah: Of course you're not.
Oliver: I'm here to explain that... this wasn't all for nothing. Felicity's been going through the data that Vince pulled out, and for the first time, Dinah, for the first time... we have some viable options.
Dinah: "Viable options"? You know, I used to tell Vince his way of seeking justice wasn't 'viable'. I convinced him to change. Just how you convinced me. But you know what, Oliver? Vince was right. The only way to bring justice to this city is with a bullet.
Oliver: No, Dinah, I need you to listen to me --
Dinah: I'm going to make sure Vince didn't die for nothing. I'm going to kill every last one of them. Starting with Laurel.

The Devil's Greatest Trick [6.13]

Black Siren: I'm not like Sobel. I'm not gonna change, I'm not gonna just wake up one day and be your Laurel.
Quentin: No, no. You'll always be you. But you can be better.
Black Siren: Why would I? We live in an ugly world, and the only way to survive is... is to be ugly right back.

Cayden: None of you know what it feels like to lose a son. A piece of yourself, gone. It's like... a phantom limb. No, it's worse than that. It's like a piece of your soul... lost. As if it had never been there, lost. No, stop, I... keep reminding myself that... I have not lost my son. He's been taken from me.

Rene: I knew this would happen.
Curtis: What?
Rene: We work with Oliver, we get in trouble. The guy's a walking deathtrap.
Anatoly: [jumps out and tackles Curtis, putting him in a stranglehold.] Who do you think taught him about that?

Oliver: I needed to look you in the eyes, Cayden. I need to know that this surrender of yours isn't some sort of ploy. I've had bad luck with that tactic.
Cayden: You prevented me from doing the unspeakable last night. I'm sure Owen wouldv'e been ashamed of me, but then he always was. [hands over a page] These are my best guesses as to where you might fine my former allies, along with the account number to a bank in Corto Maltese where I placed all the money I embezzled from this city.
Oliver: Thank you.
Cayden: I would ask one thing in return. Permission to visit my son's grave.
Oliver: I can arrange that.
Cayden: Be a better father than I was, Oliver.

Diaz: You were always the smartest guy in the room. You thought you always had everybody pegged. You put everyone in your little boxes. You always understood what they were thinking. How they'd react. But you're realizing now... you didn't really know anything.
Cayden: I'm afraid I don't take your meaning, Mr. Diaz.
Diaz: Is that so? You're supposed to be the smart one. You made some moves. Then I made some moves. Queen is under indictment now. His team is fractured in a million pieces. And this city... ah, this city. It's prime for a takeover. See, guys like you never understand these things. Why destroy a city... when you can take it over?

Collision Course [6.14]

Oliver: [walking in] Something smells good.
Felicity: Well, that smell is physics, mathematics and chemistry hard at work.
William: Felicity is teaching me about thermodynamics.
Felicity: That's right.
William: And we just really wanted cookies.
Felicity: Shh! Narc!

Oliver: Dinah, I understand that you're hurting. I get it. I also understand that I don't have the most credibility when it comes to telling people not to commit murder. But the city is on the verge of economic collapse, and we just found the key to fixing that.
Dinah: Laurel is never giving you that money.
Oliver: You don't know that.
Dinah: Yeah. I actually do. Because I know that when you look at her, you see the Laurel that you lost. And that's why you'll never be able to do what's necessary to get that money back.
Oliver: And you will? [Dinah shrugs slightly] Understand something. I will never let you cross that line.
Dinah: If you're gonna threaten me, Oliver, you better be damn sure you can deliver.

Quentin: You've done some pretty unspeakable things. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Basically, you grew up without a father. My guess, you spent your whole life looking for one. Zoom. Adrian Chase. Cayden James. All those men are gone now. Including Cayden James. He was killed last night.
Black Siren: Well, it looks like I have an opening for a new domineering father figure. Feel free to send in your application.

[Felicty has discovered the bug that Rene planted on Oliver, and Diggle has thrown it out the van's window to stop the others from following them.]
Oliver: Rene wanted me to hit him.
Diggle: Doesn't matter now. They're in our dust.
Oliver: Can you keep them there?
Diggle: You forgot what you hired me for six years ago.

Oliver: [speaking to the state representatives] I need to... I need to inform everyone that the money extorted from us by the cyber-terrorist Cayden James has not been recovered. And to be honest with you, I don't know that it ever will be. Now I promised everyone that... I would find the funds to keep the Metro area running without work stoppages, but... I'm so very sorry, as Mayor, I.... I have failed this city.

Doppelganger [6.15]

Dinah: Laurel Lance. She died in this hospital.
Doctor: I pronounced her. There was an autopsy. Of course, I've seen my share of things I once would have considered miraculous. I mean, in a world where a man can run faster than light, I suppose anything's possible.

Anatoly: Is it "Laurel" or "Laurel" these days? So confusing, this doppelganger business. But you seem to figure it out.
Black Siren: Diaz killed Cayden.
Anatoly: He told me. No honor among thieves. Or crime lords, I guess. Oh, well.
Black Siren: Diaz manipulated the both of us. Lied to the both of us. This whole time, he's had his own agenda. That doesn't bother you?
Anatoly: I'm not sentimental. I'm Russian. I'm in this city for two reasons only. One... is revenge... against Oliver Queen. And two is money. I'm happy to work with whoever can get me either.
Black Siren: You're in this city because the Bratva cast you out.
Anatoly: Well, there's that, too.

Thea: You know, there are times that I feel like my life completely fell apart when Roy left. From the bloodlust to Malcolm to the coma. Knowing he was out there, that he was okay, it made my life just a little bit easier. Ever since Mom died, I haven't known much of anything other than the fact that I want to make sure that he is safe! And I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Diaz: You have a strength one doesn't see much. You wanna join my team?
Roy: Sure. Do you offer medical and dental?
Diaz: You know, my police friends are telling me you're not cooperating. You're not playing ball. You won't testify against Queen?
Roy: If you actually think that I would do that, then you're an idiot.
Diaz: Huh. One of us is. See, I'm not the type of guy that believes giving a beating... is the only way to cause some pain.... How's Speedy? She came out of retirement. Why would she do that? Why the hell would Queen... let his baby sister... dress up like Will Scarlet?! I mean, I gotta ask. And that's the point. You see, the real question is... who do I gotta bring the pain to? Do I gotta bring it you? Or her?

Oliver: You know, it's been a while since I've offered you a little big brother advice. Do you mind?
Thea: This should be good.
Oliver: When we find Roy. Not if, but when we find Roy, I think maybe you should go with him.
Thea: Where?
Oliver: Wherever he's going. I mean, um, Thea, I'd miss you like crazy, but you said you haven't been the same without him. So maybe you shouldn't be without him.
Thea: You really think I should go?
Oliver: I don't want you to go, obviously. But you've seen what having Felicity in my life has done for me. You deserve that same kind of happiness, Speedy, wherever it is.

The Thanatos Guild [6.16]

[Having secretly infiltrated the Thanotos Guild, Nyssa al Guhl reveals herself to its leader, Athena.]
Nyssa: I have to say, the new uniforms do not impress me.
Athena: We've cleansed ourselves of your father's sins, for our rebirth. Which couldn't be farther from your fate, Daughter of the Demon.
Nyssa: I would so relish slitting your throat, Athena.
Athena: One thing we have in common.

William: I'm gonna miss you.
Thea: I'm gonna miss you, too. Just promise me that you're gonna watch over your dad, okay?
William: But he's the Green Arrow.
Thea: Yeah, before he was the Green Arrow, he actually used to be really afraid of the dark, and he needed a nightlight in his bedroom until he was [to an approaching Oliver], what, six, sixteen?
Oliver: It was NOT a nightlight. I was... [to William] It was not a nightlight. I couldn't sleep with it being pitch black.

Nyssa: I hear you've taken my husband as your own.
Felicity: Yeah, well,... we can talk about that later.
Nyssa: In the League, such talk would take the form of mortal combat.

Oliver: I gave it up because I wanted to be a better father. But William accepts the idea that I'm the Green Arrow. Plus, I don't want to give it up. I don't know why.
Thea: I do. Because being the Green Arrow is what makes you feel complete.
Oliver: Hm.
Thea: For some reason, when you... you put that hood on, it enables you to become the best version of yourself.
Oliver: We're supposed to be talking about you.
Thea: Maybe we are.

Nyssa: This is a horchus dagger. In the League of Assassins, it symbolizes the cutting of marital bonds. [gives the dagger to Oliver] I hereby annul our marriage.
Oliver: [laughs nervously] Nyssa, as wedding gifts go, this, uh... isn't half bad.
Nyssa: Be well, Oliver. [turns and departs]

Brothers in Arms [6.17]

Felicity: Now that we are alone, I know this might not exactly be the right time–
Oliver: You understand that I'm going to be punching people in about sixty seconds, right?
Felicity: Yes, but it's been about a week since you decided that you're not giving John the hood back, and I was just wondering when you were planning on talking to him about that.
Oliver: Well, I'm waiting for the right moment. That moment is not now.
Felicity: That's a fair point.

[Anatoly has shot Officer Hurst in the back.]
Diaz: You don't want to torture him a bit? You know, maybe slit his throat? What happened to all that Russian vengeance I heard so much about?
Anatoly: Is new suit. His dead body send good message to other police.

Oliver: About the hood.... I'd like to apologize.
Diggle: Oliver,.... It's just a piece of cloth. Just like you said. You were right.
Oliver: I was wrong about a few things. It's very important that you know this. When I asked you to take over for me, I meant it. When I put the hood back on and said "It's just until you get back on your feet", I meant it. But I did put the hood back on. And... it's a part of me. And it makes me feel... like I'm being the best version of myself, and I feel whole, and I feel complete, and I really, really hope that this is making sense.
Diggle: [thoughtful] Yeah... The hood's part of you now.
Oliver: I should have been up front with you, and I avoided having what I thought... might be a tough conversation.
Diggle: I appreciate you telling me this, Oliver. Thank you.

Dinah: I know I'm the last person who should be giving you relationship advice.
Curtis: Yet, you're about to give me some.
Dinah: It's more of a life philosophy. Just live in the moment. Because you can only see the stuff that's ahead of you, you don't know what's at the end of the road.

Diggle: Oliver, I'm, uh... really sorry about what I said.
Oliver: You apologized already, John. So did I.
Diggle: I know.... I know. But what I said about the calls you made, where you brought us, the team, the city, I... I just can't shake 'em.
Oliver: You can't shake that you said it?
Diggle: I can't shake that it's true. Oliver, for six years, I have followed the chain of command without question, even when my heart told me there was a better way. I trusted it. I trusted you. But the inescapable truth is that people have lost faith in your leadership. Truth is, Oliver, you have become a better man. But with your focus split... a worse leader. The Green Arrow allows you to become the best version of yourself, and I respect that. I respect you. But if I'm gonna be the best version of myself, [sighs] Oliver, it can't be with you.
Oliver: [pause] I hope you find what you're looking for. [turns and walks away from Diggle]

Fundamentals [6.18]

[Diggle has unexpectedly appeared in the Arrowcave.]
Oliver: John. What do you need?
Diggle: Well, Felicity said she needed to update the code on my chip. She also said that you would be at City Hall.
Felicity: Well, I said he might be. I didn't say he would be. And yeah, I "Parent Trapped" you, but it was a little naïve of you to think I wouldn't, considering how well you know me. You know?

Oliver: On the bight side, if I get impeached, you get promoted.
Quentin: [scoffs] I'm not much of a politician, Oliver.
Oliver: With Diaz running the city, it's not really politics, is it?
Quentin: Is that the only thing bothering you? Diaz? You've looked better.
Oliver: John quit. I'd say "He quit the team", but.... there's no team. He seems to think I'm to blame for that.
Quentin: Well, I don't see it that way.
Oliver: You're not there, Quentin.
Quentin: Yeah, I know. But I was there when the Hood first showed up, remember? And that guy bears very little resemblance to the guy I'm talking to now. I mean, look at you. You're the Mayor. You're a family man. You're out busting your hump every night for this city. I've seen how much you've changed, Oliver.
Oliver: So why's all this happening?
Quentin: Cayden James and Diaz, they've done a number. But things will get better. You just gotta stay the course.

[Oliver is being tormented by a Vertigo-induced hallucination of Adrian Chase.]
Adrian: Hey. What's Vertigo do? Does it show you your worst fear?
Oliver: You're not my worst fear, Adrian. You're nowhere close.
Adrian: Oh. I know. Your worst fear is yourself. Your worst enemy is yourself. Guys like me, Ricardo Diaz, Damian Darhk, Ra's al Ghul, when it comes to destroying you, Oliver... we all come in second place. You're the one enemy you can't defeat.

[Oliver is confronted by a Vertigo-induced hallucination of himself as the Hood.]
The Hood: You have failed this city. And you know why.
Oliver: Because I got away from you.
The Hood: You were never supposed to have partners. There was never supposed to be a John Diggle. A Felicity Smoak. A Team Arrow. There never was supposed to be a Green Arrow! There was only the mission!
Oliver: I lost sight of that.
The Hood: You lost your city! And now, you know what you have to do to get it... back.

Felicity: [regarding Oliver's Hood uniform] I haven't seen that in a while. Wanted to take it for a spin down Memory Lane or something?
Oliver: Something like that. Vertigo gave me some... clarity.
Felicity: Sure you're not still high?
Oliver: [grunts] John had a point. I have spread myself pretty thin. I'm not giving up on you, I'm not giving up on William. And if by some miracle I am not impeached, I will keep being the Mayor. I believe deeply in the good that I can do as the Green Arrow. But I need to bring the mission... back to basics. I need to bring it back to where it started.
Felicity: You mean "alone".
Oliver: Alone.

The Dragon [6.19]

Diaz: Patience. It's one of the most important virtues a person can have.
Black Siren: Meaning?
Diaz: If you think short-term, you're gonna drift moment to moment. You want something big, something truly remarkable? You gotta think long-term.

[Black Siren fills two glasses nearly full of scotch.]
Eric Cartier: Honey! Ease up. It's a thirty-year-old single malt.
Black Siren: Call me "Honey" again, and I might only break your legs. [samples the scotch, then sets both glasses down and walks away]
Eric: [whisper to Diaz] I like this one.

Black Siren: So, the whole plan of yours has gotten a little complicated.
Diaz: Anything worth wanting shouldn't be simple.
Black Siren: Hmm. Not my philosophy. Plans are like men. It's best to avoid the complicated ones.
Diaz: Aw, shucks. You think I'm not complicated.

Black Siren: Back at that bar, you were talking about Jerry like he's still haunting you
Diaz: "Jesse". It's "Jesse". And he does. Little bastard was right. "You're a loser."
Black Siren: Well, not anymore. Hey! Now... you're a king. Forget about him.
Diaz: I can't. I was afraid of Jesse for so long that all I had was my fear. So I... I named that fear... the Dragon.
Black Siren: That's cute.
Diaz: I lived with the Dragon for so long. It's all I had. Now being a part of the Quadrant, I'm gonna have something else: the type of power where I'll never be nothing again.
Black Siren: You remind me of the guy that brought me here, to this Earth. He... he had so much hate inside of him. Took control over him.
Diaz: I control the Dragon. It doesn't control me.

Felicity: Worrying about you out here is... [getting emotional] Well, it's completely different from worrying about you in the Bunker.
Oliver: Right. Because when you're in the Bunker, you feel like you can make a difference.
Felicity: I can. I can make a difference. I can, I can... deploy backup. I can do, I don't know, I can do something. Out here... I'm helpless out here.
Oliver: You are not helpless anywhere, ever. I'm not helpless, either. All right? [points to William's room] I made a promise to that guy in there I would always come back.
Felicity: Well, William made an excellent point when he said you coming back is not always gonna be your decision.
Oliver: William does make an excellent point. But... I made the promise anyway. I'm making the same promise to you. Right here, and right now. Felicity... I will always come back. [Felicity kisses him]

Shifting Allegiances [6.20]

[Oliver has been captured by Anatoly and secured to a chair with chains.]
Oliver: Handcuffs would have been fine.
Anatoly: What, so you can dislocate thumbs and escape? Come on, Oliver. Most of your tricks, I taught you. I also taught you not to go into situation alone, hm?
Oliver: I'm going back to basics, Anatoly. I'm working alone.
Anatoly: That explains why you broke into SCPD wearing Kapiushon outfit. [laughs] Oh, Diaz and I had good laugh on that one. Maybe one day, we will have bigger laugh about this.

Black Siren: I've known a lot of bad men, and they've been filled with anger and with hate. But not Diaz. He's not filled with anger inside because he's not even human inside. I watched him burn a man alive over a childhood grudge. If I cross him... what is he gonna do to me?

[Diaz is punching a chained, helpless Oliver.]
Anatoly: Stop it. This is pointless. You said you had plan for him, that you need him alive, no? In Bratva, we have ways of dealing with conflict like this. We fight with honor, we don't... do this.
Diaz: You want me to fight him fairly? Life ain't fair.
Anatoly: Every drop of blood you draw from prone man is sign of weakness. Your weakness.
Diaz: [Puts a hand on Anatoly's shoulder] I'm not weak.

[Diaz has defeated Oliver in their fistfight by stabbing him with a knife.]
Diaz: It's like I said... life ain't fair.
Oliver: You... You have failed this city. And I'm gonna take it back. [falls unconscious]
Diaz: [to Anatoly] Maybe he won't be so smug when he wakes up.

Rene: Look, man... every time I think about going out there again, all I can think of is Zoe. What's gonna happen to her if something happens to me?
Zoe: [appearing in the doorway] I'll be fine, Dad.
Rene: [taken aback] Uh, Uncle Curtis and I were just talking about–
Zoe: How you both wear masks and go and fight bad guys? It's way obvious. [to Curtis] And you and Dinah talk way louder than you think you do.

Docket No. 11-19-41-73 [6.21]

Alexa Van Owen: [making her opening statement to the jury] Oliver Queen is a hero. He is. He's saved this city more times than anybody can count. But he's done it all from behind a mask. So that he could take the law into his own hands. In fact, he's taken as many lives as he's saved. So, yes, Oliver Queen is a hero. That doesn't mean he's not also a criminal.

Quentin: Not for nothing, but apart from your face, there's one thing you got in common with my Laurel.
Black Siren: And what's that?
Quentin: Neither of you would let somebody else tell you what to do or have you running scared.
Black Siren: You think your Laurel would stand up to Diaz.
Quentin: I know it.
Black Siren: Well, maybe, if she were a little smarter, she wouldn't have gotten herself killed.

Jean Loring: I'm gonna ask. Are you the Green Arrow?
Oliver: Yes.
Jean: Then I'm gonna to propose a new strategy: jury nullification. You're going to admit to being the Green Arrow. We are then gonna highlight every single thing you have done for this city, all the times you have saved it. We will argue you do not deserve to go to prison. This. Is. A legitimate chance, Oliver.
Oliver: I can't do it.
Jean: Why not?
Oliver: I'd be putting a target on my back. I'd be putting a target on my wife and son's back. I've been the Green Arrow for six years. I didn't plan on doing it forever. I thought that one day, my mission would end and I would finally, after all this time, get a chance to actually live my life. That will never happen if I tell the whole world that I'm the Green Arrow.

["Green Arrow" unmasks on the witness stand as Tommy Merlyn.]
Jean: Please state your name for the record.
Tommy: Thomas Merlyn. "Tommy" 's fine, if you want.
Jean: Mr. Merlyn, you were declared dead May 15, 2013.
Tommy: That night, my father destroyed a large portion of the city. With a heightened scrutiny on my family, I took the opportunity to fake my own death to protect my identity as the Hood.
Jean: Three years ago, Roy Harper confessed to being the Hood.
Tommy: To protect me. And then he was attacked in prison. I have lived with that guilt for three years. I am not about to let Oliver take the blame for me the same way that Roy did. And that's why I'm here. To set the record straight.

[Hearing an unexpected knock at his door, Rene approaches with a gun. Seeing that it's Oliver, he opens it.]
Oliver: [seeing the gun] You can take a shot at me if you want to. It's just gonna... ruin me saying "Thank you".
Rene: Can't be too safe.

The Ties That Bind [6.22]

Oliver: As the Green Arrow, I have gone up against some terrible people who've tried to do terrible things, – hey, look at me – and I'm still here.
William: That doesn't mean you always will be.
Oliver: You're right. William, I just started being your dad, okay? I love being your dad. And nothing is gonna take me away from you. Especially not Ricardo Diaz.
William: Kick. His. Ass!

Oliver: I'm asking a lot of you. I appreciate it.
Anatoly: You cannot wage revolution in white gloves. Lenin had many faults, but he was right about that.

Lyla: Everything okay?
Felicity: Yeah, it's just, it's so nice to see how you and John, you know, work when you're on the field, 'cause you're so in sync. How do you do it?
Lyla: You're asking for marital advice? Now?
Felicity: Sorry, yeah, totally terrible timing. It's just that, like, Oliver doesn't even want me here, so I just thought, maybe a tip or two would work.
Lyla: We always knew our lives would be high-risk. Eventually, we got to a point where... worrying about that seemed less important than enjoying the time we have together. Even if that was on a battlefield. [opens the car door] Also... getting divorced helped. [gets out of the car]

Oliver: Hey, um... I shouldn't have pushed you away. I should have trusted you to keep yourself safe, and I should've trusted my abilities to help keep you safe.
Felicity: Thank you.
Oliver: Yeah.
Felicity: It's good to know, after all these years, that you can still learn something.
Oliver: You know, I still have a ways to go.
Felicity: That's true.

Oliver: So far, Ricardo Diaz has been unstoppable. He has aligned himself with the most powerful criminal organization in the country. He controls Star City's government, its infrastructure, and its police force. I can't stop him on my own.
Agent Samanda Watson: And when you say you can't stop him, are you speaking as the former Mayor... or as someone else? [Oliver says nothing.] You want my help? I'm gonna need two things from you. The first is, I'm gonna need you to say the words.
Oliver: I am the Green Arrow.
Watson: And the truth shall set you free.
Oliver: What's the second thing? [Watson says nothing.]

Life Sentence [6.23]

Quentin: Come a long way, you and me.
Oliver: It's been getting better since the first time you arrested me.
Quentin: [smiles at that] You know, I've always been curious... How'd you beat that lie detector, anyway?
Oliver: It... it just comes down to... keeping a regular heart rate.

Oliver: I know that you have put your vendetta aside for the sake of the mission.
Dinah: And you want to make sure I keep it that way.
Oliver: I want to say "Thank you". It takes a very big person to not seek vengeance for someone they love. If I haven't always been sensitive to that,... I'm truly sorry.
Dinah: I'm sorry I was so hard on you. You know, the truth is... I respect you more that you could ever know. You put together a team of heroes. It's no small thing. [shakes hands with Oliver]

Oliver: Quentin, I hope I took the time to tell you... You're a really good father.
Quentin: So are you.
Oliver: [emotional] I had a good example.
Quentin: Yeah, your dad was a good man.
Oliver: [nearly in tears] I'm not talking about my dad.

Black Siren: Thank you for coming.
Sara: [slightly emotional] How is he?
Black Siren: In surgery. The doctors, they're optimistic, but... but I thought you should really be here.
Sara: Thank you.
Black Siren: This is probably really strange for you, right?
Sara: A little. Are you, um... are you like my Laurel?
Black Siren: [shakes her head] Hardly at all.

Reporter: Mr. Queen. Why are you being arrested again?
Oliver: I have voluntarily handed myself over to the FBI.
Reporter: Can you comment any further?
Oliver: Yes, I can. [looks directly into the camera at the viewer] I am the Green Arrow. I realize that I have denied that claim with the same conviction with which I'm speaking now. I have let good people stand accused of things that I've done. Roy Harper is not the Green Arrow. Tommy Merlyn is most certainly not the Green Arrow. These are two names on a long list of people who have given so much and sacrificed everything in the name of my crusade. Some of them gave their lives in the pursuit of one simple objective: to save our city. Star City still needs saving. Last night, we dealt our enemy a critical blow, but there is still work to be done. So I'm looking to the people of this city. I'm looking to my allies. To my friends. To my partners. And I'm asking them to continue. To keep fighting. I'm asking them to complete our mission. To save our city!

Season 7


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. After six years of being a vigilante, the only way to achieve my goal and save my city was to confess to being the Green Arrow. Now, my family and friends must carry on my mission without me. I am no longer a hero. I am Inmate 4587.

Inmate 4587 [7.1]

Zoe: Isn't it bad to punch things? Ms. Lopez says Gandhi wasn't violent.
Rene: Gandhi ain't from the Glades. Besides, self-defense isn't about being violent. It's about being focused and disciplined so you can protect yourself and the ones that you love.

Zoe: Hey, dad, my bag's leaking.
Rene: Uh, nothing a little duct tape can't fix.
Zoe: Are we ever gonna get new stuff? This bag's kinda gross.
Rene: Still waiting to hit that lottery, Zoe. Besides, gross builds character.

Dinah: What'd you find?
Curtis: How Stent's been making his money. And it's not from defrauding pensions. He's been peddling black-market arms.
Rene: What kind of dumbass leaves his entire criminal enterprise online?
Curtis: He was actually pretty smart about it. Kept himself clean, off the radar, activities washed through a series of shell corporations. I just happen to be smarter. Boo-yah.

Dinah: I should be arresting you for the crap you pulled the other night. Do you have any idea the position you're putting me in, Rene?
Rene: Hey, look, I'm sorry, D, all right? But I couldn't let you lock him up. He's not a criminal, and you know it.
Dinah: No, I don't. And it's not a leap of faith I'm willing to take. You know, I am working so hard to restore the city's faith in the men and women who serve it. Rene, if you go out there as Wild Dog again, I will not hesitate to lock you up just like that vigilante.
Rene: Are you serious, D?
Dinah: I just want you to think long and hard about what that means, okay? For these kids and for Zoe, and for our city, man. 'Cause I'm not gonna give you a second warning.

Felicity: I'm done hiding, Oliver. I'm done being a person who doesn't fight back. Diaz broke in, and all I could think about was protecting William. I tried, and I couldn't do it. If A.R.G.U.S. hadn't gotten there when they did... do you know what it feels like not being able to protect your family?
Oliver: I have lived with that feeling every second since I stepped in here, Felicity. Don't... don't tempt that, please. Please. I am begging you to go back to witness protection.
Felicity: No. I won't. You don't get to decide this time, Oliver. I love you, and I will always... always wait for you. But I can't let what happened to William and I happen again. I can't. I have to fight back. You, of all people, understand that.

The Longbow Hunters [7.2]

Black Siren: Isn't baby-sitting a little below your pay grade?
Dinah: Way below, but the SCPD is going to keep you safe, whether you want us to or not.
Black Siren: OK, fine, whatever. Suit yourself. You might as well make yourself useful while you're here and go get me a coffee. Two sugars, no cream.
Dinah: That's never happening.

Rene: Back in town a week and you're already sneaking out of A.R.G.U.S. behind Papa Dig's back? I'm so proud.
Felicity: [fist bumping] Thanks, man.
Curtis: Don't encourage her.

Oliver: I just want to do the right thing.
Peter Yorke: The right thing? Is that what you were doing, running around in that costume? You turned the law into a joke. The Green Arrow's very existence invited criminals into your city. You think you're some kind of hero. Have you ever stopped to think maybe all you've done is make things worse?

Felicity: I thought I could do it your way. And then I saw Diaz.
Diggle: There's no need to explain. I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Felicity: I'm not. I understand why you did what you did. The world is a safer place because Diaz doesn't have that weapon. I was wrong before. You may now be working here at A.R.G.U.S., but you're still honoring Oliver's mission.
Diggle: I appreciate your saying that.
Felicity: But I still can't rest until that I know that my family is safe. Which means I need to work with someone whose focus is bringing down Diaz. And that someone is not you.

Black Siren: I know that Quentin wasn't my father. Not... not the father that raised me, anyway. And... I guess I had just forgotten what it felt like to have someone who cared about me. And losing him, it was the worst pain that I've felt in a very long time. And I can only imagine how you must have felt after Vinny's death.
Dinah: Please don't.
Black Siren: Listen, I don't expect you to forgive me. But I have to tell you that I am truly sorry about killing Vinny. And I hope one day, you'll see that I am not that person. Not anymore.

Crossing Lines [7.3]

Watson: My agreement with your husband, it gives you immunity. It doesn't make us allies.
Felicity: Diaz attacked me while I was in protective custody. My husband is in prison. I had to send my son away. Your deal with Oliver ruined my life and the city's. All I'm asking of you is to hold up your side of the bargain.
Watson: I'm sorry you were attacked, but it's not my fault your husband's in prison. It was his choice to put on that hood, and it was his choice to turn himself in. Go home. Enjoy your freedom. Leave the crime fighting to me.
Felicity: My husband spent the last six years fighting for the people of this city, risking everything, and now he sits in prison, his life on the line, while this monster gets to walk free. That isn't justice.

Diggle: Stall all you want. Eventually you're gonna break. And when you do, I'll be right here. Last chance before I bring her in. [it's revealed he's talking to JJ] Did you or did you not eat this entire box of cookies?
Lyla: [entering] It's okay, honey. You just got a little hungry, didn't you? Now you have a tummyache. Well, now we know what happens when we eat too much sugar, right? [JJ nods] Come on, let's go say hi to Ella. She has lots of fun stuff planned while dad and I are out of town.
Diggle: I was working on him for twenty minutes, and you get him to confess in fifteen seconds?
Lyla: I'm his mother, and your boss. We leave in five.

Oliver: We had a deal!
Ben Turner: A deal that means nothing now that Brick got what he wanted. With Yorke gone, we're finally free to have some fun. Brick's got a game going on right now in the mess hall. All thanks to you.
Stanley Dover: First rule of prison, trust no one.
Turner: Ah. The kid's right. Now, how'd he manage to figure that out before you did?

Watson: This is quite the setup.
Felicity: Yeah, the CDC takes their security a lot more seriously than the FBI. No offense.
Watson: None taken. You thought about getting into cyber security? Legally?
Felicity: I haven't done "legally" in a very long time.
Watson: What scared you off, all that nasty due process?
Felicity: You mean the rolls and rolls of red tape? No, I just prefer to spend my time actually catching criminals.
Watson: I know the law isn't perfect.
Felicity: If it were, Diaz would be in prison, William would be at home, and I wouldn't jump five feet every time I hear a door slam, but here we are.

Lyla: You followed me?
Diggle: Well, I wouldn't have had to if you had told me the real reason why we're in Zurich, Lyla.
Lyla: It's not what it looks like.
Diggle: Really? That's good. That's good, because it looks like you just handed over sensitive A.R.G.U.S. intel to a criminal.
Lyla: I thought you'd have a little more faith in me than that.
Diggle: I did until this very moment. Lyla, just... tell me what's going on. The truth.
Lyla: I caught wind of something. Money changing hands that's... bigger than anything we've been up against. I ran it up the chain, but kept getting stymied by the brass. Not enough evidence.
Diggle: What, so you're going behind A.R.G.U.S.'s back?
Lyla: Didn't expect judgment from someone who's spent so much time delivering justice in the shadows.
Diggle: Lyla, that's not what I'm saying. Listen to me. I just... I just can't believe you would hide this from me. After everything we've been through, I thought the one thing we agreed on is that there will be no more secrets between us.
Lyla: I was trying to protect you. I wasn't keeping secrets. You didn't want to take up Oliver's mantle, and I respect that. But being the Director of A.R.G.U.S. has shown me that there is far more evil in the world than people willing to fight it, and... I can't stand around anymore and just watch, Johnny. Sometimes you have to cross the line for the greater good. I would expect you to understand that.

Level Two [7.4]

Dr. Jarrett Parker: Recidivism is the likelihood that a violent criminal offender will commit another violent crime when set free. That is what I'm trying to prevent, but I believe everyone here has a chance at redemption, even people like you.
Oliver: I don't need your help, and I don't need redemption.
Parker: You don't?
Oliver: [quietly] No.
Parker: How many people have you hurt besides the prisoners and guards you sent to the infirmary?
Oliver: I don't know.
Parker: How many people have you murdered? Hmm? Would you say you have violent tendencies?
Oliver: I would say I'm trying to protect my family.

Rene: Any luck?
Felicity: No. Actually think she might be enjoying herself. We're gonna need to turn up the heat.
Rene: Any hotter, she'll turn into soup.
Felicity: No, I meant turn up the stakes, do whatever it takes to make her give us the information.
Rene: You don't mean torture?
Felicity: I don't not mean it.
Rene: Felicity, you don't know what you're saying. Torturing someone is a line you do not want to cross. When the Navy discharged me for what I did to a prisoner, I learned the lesson about the cost to my humanity because I still have nightmares of what I did, even though I saved lives. So when Tobias Church tortured me for over twenty hours, it was the universe paying me back. That's evil for evil.
Felicity: I'm sorry about that. I am. Church broke you. You gave up Oliver's identity, Rene. It worked. She tried to kill Dinah and Laurel and us. Diaz hired her. He's not gonna stop coming after us until we are all dead.

Black Siren: How'd you get past my SCPD detail?
Felicity: You know I went to MIT, right? It's, like, Harvard for computer geeks, with an acceptance rate of 6.7%, so if I can get in there, I can get in... pretty much anywhere. Except for here, which is why I had to resort to saying that we were sorority sisters.

Black Siren: I used to be just like you.
Felicity: Well, that I find hard to believe.
Black Siren: On my Earth, I loved my father, and my Ollie, but they were taken away from me because they were murdered. It's when you lose the people who matter most, once you get through the grief, you get angry. You want revenge, and I took it. But the darkness... it swallows you the more you feed it, and digging yourself back out to the light, it's... it's really hard. In fact, I wish someone would have warned me before I got blood all over my hands the first time. Then maybe that way, I would have been more like your Laurel.
Felicity: I don't know what else to do.
Black Siren: We need to play the long-term game here. I need you to use that big brain of yours and think.

Zoe Ramirez: Hi, Roy. William.
William: Wh... what are you doing here?
Zoe: I'm with the vigilante resistance. One of the few left fighting to save Star City.
Roy: Is your dad here, too?
Zoe: My dad wouldn't be caught dead in Star City.
Dinah: This map shows secret routes in and out of the Glades. Where did you get this?
William: Felicity. She's the one who sent us to Star City.
Dinah: No, that's impossible. William, I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but... Felicity Smoak is dead.

The Demon [7.5]

Dinah: Since when are you two friends?
Felicity: Well, we decided to start a support group for women who've been attacked by Diaz.
Black Siren: Or his assassins. Do you care to join?
Dinah: Uh, thanks, I'll pass, but, hey, maybe you should get back to witness protection and you should on back to Earth Two before you both remember you hate each other.

Talia: You've seen what happens to people who go into that room. They come out in body bags.
Oliver: Talia, we are doing this my way, or we're not doing it at all.
Talia: You'd risk both our lives to help these prisoners, despite knowing that every last one is a murderer or worse?
Oliver: These people are being treated like they are disposable. No one deserves that.
Talia: Tell me, did you feel that compassion when you rammed a sword through my father's chest?
Oliver: No, because back then, I still allowed the monster that you helped unleash take over.
Talia: Don't insinuate that my father's death was my fault.
Oliver: Look. I - Ra's' death was my fault. I couldn't see past what he intended to do to my city, so I didn't stop and think about his family, and for that, I am truly sorry. I know you hate me... But I was your student once, and we trusted each other completely. We need to find that trust again because it is the only way both of us will get what we want.

Deputy Director Bell: I read through your mission report on the Switzerland op. Director Michaels signed off, but I noticed a few abnormalities.
Diggle: Sir, if this is regarding the 23 minutes of unaccounted time in our field log, it's because we took a pit stop... for chocolate.
Curtis: When in Rome, right? [offering the box of chocolates] Do you want some? You should have some.
Bell: Actually, I'm diabetic.
Curtis: [withdrawing it] Oh, okay. Don't have some.

Black Siren: [on the phone] That doesn't make any sense. Mr. Queen has two hours of visitation left this month, so I suggest you get it straighted out, or I will have the U.S. Attorney so far up your ass that you'll have to turn to the left and cough.
Felicity: Whew! I mean, no offense to Black Siren, but I actually think you're scarier as an attorney.
Black Siren: Black Siren gets results.

Parker: I'm disappointed in you, 4587. It's always so unfortunate when a study doesn't work out. But this failure is especially painful.
Oliver: You're a monster.
Parker: We could have done such great things together, helped so many people.
Oliver: This isn't helping people!
Parker: I misjudged you. I thought after our work together, you were committed to breaking your family's cycle of violence.
Oliver: My father pushed people away. He kept secrets. And I made those same mistakes. But if I choose to break this cycle, I'm gonna do it my way.
Parker: I suggest you hold very still, 4587.
Oliver: My name... is Oliver Queen!

Due Process [7.6]

Anatoly: I play hero once before, and Diaz killed all of my brothers as punishment. Never again.
Felicity: Oliver was your brother, too, and he would want you to help us get Diaz.
Anatoly: Yeah, but Oliver tried to do the same thing. Look where he is now. No. Time for me to go somewhere nice, tropical. Maldives maybe.
Felicity: I think it's really hard to travel when you're on Homeland Security's most wanted list.
Anatoly: Yes, but I am not on no such... You are threatening me?
Felicity: Call it an enthusiastic suggestion. A couple minutes in Roslov's office, you download his hard drive, you'e on your way to the Maldives.
Anatoly: You're not Felicity Smoak I remember.

Black Siren: We planted a tracker on the Silencer's belt. Obviously, Diaz must have found it and is using it as bait against us.
Dinah: How did you manage that? You were nowhere near the Silencer at the CDC.
Curtis: That thing at the CDC was you guys?
Rene: Uh, Felicity wasn't near her. I was. We snuck her out together.
Dinah: So you two captured the Silencer?
Rene: But Felicity and Laurel were the ones that tortured her.
Black Siren: Actually, I convinced her not to. You're welcome.
Diggle: [to Felicity] So now you're working with Laurel?
Black Siren: I'm standing right here.
Dinah: To be fair, she did help shut down that illegal psychiatric program at Slabside.
Rene: Wait. Hold on a sec. You're gonna give me crap about working with the new Green Arrow, and meanwhile, you're siding with the Black frickin' Siren?
Black Siren: Again, still here.

Dinah: It seems like you were about to open your mouth and do something you're going to regret, counselor.
Black Siren: I'm not an attorney, as you've reminded me many times.
Dinah: You sure looked like one in that courtroom today.
Black Siren: Yeah, well, it doesn't matter, does it? Oliver's not getting out of prison. Now if you don't mind, I have some unfinished business with that judge.
Dinah: Did you even bother to listen yourself in court? You spoke from your heart. Yeah, big surprise, by the way, you do have one. You said the hardest thing to do was to be a hero when no one expects you to be; the easier path is to be a criminal.
Black Siren: What do you care, anyway? If anybody knows the true me, the real me, it's you.
Dinah: You know, you've been telling people for six months now you've changed. It wasn't until I saw you in that courtroom that I actually believed it. Do not throw that away just because it's getting hard now.

Felicity: I'm sorry. I should have gotten you out sooner.
Anatoly: So you are not new Felicity Smoak after all.
Felicity: What do you mean?
Anatoly: You want to be ruthless to pursue madman, I'll not judge you. I am, after all, wanted criminal.
Felicity: I actually thought you'd be more pissed I almost got you killed.
Anatoly: Yeah. Of course I'm angry. You threaten my life, but I don't like apologies. You cannot take away mistake by wishing it so. In my line of work, you make choice, you do not look back.
Felicity: Ah. So you don't regret working against us with Diaz last year?
Anatoly: Regret, guilt. These are demons you choose to live with, a trade you make to get what you want. How bad to want to kill Ricardo Diaz?
Felicity: More than anything.
Anatoly: Well, then you embrace demons. No more half measures. When I work with Oliver in Russia, he was not villain, but he did what needed to be done. You remind of him then.
Felicity: What would that Oliver have done in this situation?
Anatoly: He would have ended Diaz, and he wouldn't care the cost.

Black Siren: No, you don't wanna do this, trust me.
Felicity: Yes, I do!
Black Siren: No, you don't! We need him to help Oliver.
Felicity: What do you mean?
Black Siren: I made a deal with the feds. A trade. Diaz for your husband. If Oliver agrees to assist him with his case against Diaz, he'll be a free man again.
Felicity: Oliver's coming home?
Black Siren: Yeah.

The Slabside Redemption [7.7]

Turner: I can't believe I'm working with the Green Arrow.
Oliver: You aren't. Hey, maybe - maybe prison has changed me, compromised my judgement of people.
Turner: You sure that's a bad thing? Look... No offense.
Oliver: OK.
Turner: But the old Green Arrow, he wasn't the best. He saw the world in black and white, but now you - you know there's gray out there, too. Maybe that makes you a better hero.

Diaz: Look who decided to come to my party.
Oliver: Let those guards go.
Diaz: I told you... the only thing I wanted was to see you suffer before you die.
Oliver: You're not gonna get what you want.
Diaz: No? [punches Oliver] Ooh. I've been waiting to do that for a long time.
Oliver: You get your shots in while you can because I'm gonna see to it that you spend the rest of your life eating your meals in a spot just like this.
Diaz: I promised myself I'm never gonna die in prison. And I'm gonna take you with me.
Oliver: Oh, you sure about that?

Brick: You made quite the mess here, Queen. Taking out prison guards doesn't seem a very Green Arrow thing to do.
Derek Sampson: I guess this place really has changed you.
Oliver: I don't have time for this. Ricardo Diaz is here! And he will not think twice about killing us all.
Brick: No, he won't think twice about killing you. You see, I just met him. He seems a reasonable chap
Oliver: Of course, you're working for Diaz.
Brick: No. I don't work for anybody. You see, me and Sampson, we got our own plans, as per usual, but I could always take a little time of for a bit of fun.

Brick: [to Oliver] I heard the news - early release. You're a lucky boy.
Sampson: Too bad Turner wasn't so lucky.
Oliver: You know, after today, you're never gonna see my face again.
Brick: Tossers like you don't stay on the outside for long. Wouldn't be surprised if you was back here pretty soon. This ain't goodbye, Queen.

Brick: Arrow's little sidekick. How did you find out about this place, Dover?
Stanley: I could ask you the same question.
Brick: Well, the only place way out of this place is through the morgue. But you don't have to be dead.
Stanley: [stabs Brick] Actually, I think you do. You shouldn't have been so mean to me.

Unmasked [7.8]

Oliver: We need to talk about this.
Felicity: No. We need to be safe. This security system was supposed to bring peace of mind.
Oliver: You mean like owning a gun?
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: Where'd you even get a gun? You're new best friend Laurel?
Felicity: Of course not. I got it from your ex-best friend, Anatoloy.
Oliver: You what? I've been barely been gone for 7 months, and you've aligned yourself with two of the most immoral people we know?
Felicity: Oliver, you don't get to judge me.
Oliver: You just shot a man in our living room.
Felicity: Something you've done a million times.
Oliver: Hey, this isn't you. You don't obsess over security. You certainly don't carry a gun.
Felicity: This is me, Oliver, not because I was influenced by Laurel or Anatoly. This is me because of you. You were the one that decided all on your own that you were going to sacrifice yourself, leaving your son and your wife alone at home as sitting ducks for Diaz. And the best part of the whole thing is that you didn't even ask how you felt about it.
Oliver: I've already apologized for this. I don't know how many times you need me to apologize.
Felicity: What am I supposed to do with an apology, Oliver? I'm just supposed to move on? While you were gone, I had to figure out how to survive. And I am glad that I did because the old me, she was weak.
Oliver: How could you possibly think that? The old you was the person I feel in love with.
Felicity: Well... she's gone. And she's not coming back.

Rene: This event is messed up. Rich folk and politicians fronting like they don't care about prison reform. If everybody in here gave a crap, they'd use that money to help people in hard-up neighborhoods and who end up in the system because they don't have anything else. What?
Dinah: You ever think about running for office?

Oliver: It says here the S.C.P.D. nearly arrested him last month. But he had an accomplice?
Rene: Uh, yeah, that - that was me. I, um, I didn't want Diana to lock him up.
Oliver: Oh, I bet she really appreciated that.
Rene: She threw my ass in jail.
Oliver: I'm really sorry I missed that.

William: You know, Roy told me this would only bring me pain, and he was right. I'm going home.
Dinah: Just like that, huh, without any answers?
William: Felicity is dead. And before that, she had a plan to blow up an entire city. So I'm not sire exactly why I'm supposed to care about what happened to her. I'm just sorry I dragged you all into this.
Dinah: You need to see something. [unrolls her jacket sleeve showing a tattoo] It's called the mark of four. Your dad came up with it.
William: I don't remember that.
Dinah: You were already gone. It was right before everything. It symbolizes the 4 pillars of heroism - courage, compassion, selflessness, and loyalty. We all got them as a reminder that no matter what happened, if one of us was in trouble, the other ones would be there. That's why Roy came with you back to Star City. He saw the symbol written on the inside of your father's bow.
William: So that's why you're helping us?
Dinah: I didn't know what to make of you at first. Trust doesn't come so easy.
William: Yeah? So what changed?
Dinah: I started seeing the best part of your dad in you - the strength that made him a hero.

Green Arrow: I said, come alone.
Rene: These are my friends. You already met Captain Drake. You can trust them.
Dinah: We only want to talk.
Green Arrow: I'll pass.
Oliver: A piece of advice from one Green Arrow to another: cooperate. Because of right now, must of the people of Star City think you're a killer. Are you?

Elseworlds, Part Two [7.9]

This episode is Part Two of a three-part crossover event called Elseworlds. For quotations, see the related page.

Shattered Lives [7.10]

Emiko Queen: The world is not a fair place. Innocent people die while the guilty go free. The system is broken, filled with corruption, greed, and apathy. The people who are supposed to protect us are failing us. Criminals continue to walk the streets because no one is willing to stop them. The world may not be fair, but everyone deserves justice and someone looking out for them.

Oliver: So, not everyone is excited about our new partnership, I see.
Dinah: It's gonna take some time for them to get used to the Green Arrow wearing a badge. But, hey, this is the best lead we've had on finding out who's under that hood.
Oliver: It shouldn't take too long to analyze the blood.
Dinah: By "not long," you mean at least a week. My crime lab is buried under mountains of evidence.
Oliver: There's another option. [seeing her expression] Dinah, why is the SCPD working with the Green Arrow if you are not going to use my resources?

Felicity: Aren't you a working man now? Shouldn't you be at the SCPD?
Oliver: Uh, they need a little help from Team Arrow.
Felicity: Ah.
Oliver: Specifically, you.
Felicity: Cool.
Oliver: You need to analyze this DNA. It belongs to the new Green Arrow.
Felicity: Some husbands bring their wives home flowers, and mine brings me blood from a crime scene. They say romance is dead.

Zoe: They're planning to set off multiple bombs, and we need to find out where. I want you to give the SCPD access to the Archer program.
Rene: You want me to use our security system, the very thing that keeps us safe, to help Star City? You're out of your mind.
Zoe: You're the mayor. You have a responsibility...
Rene: Don't you dare talk to me about my responsibility! When the Glades needed help, no one came to our rescue.
Zoe: Dad, if this bomb goes off, thousands of people could die. How could you turn your back on that?
Rene: The Archer program wiped out crime in the Glades and helped it thrive. You do remember what happened when it fell in the wrong hands once. And we barely recovered.
Zoe: Oh, so I'm "the wrong hands"?
Rene: You know that's not what I meant.
Zoe: You know what I know is? Is that you used to stand up for anyone in need. It didn't matter which part of town they were from; you were a hero. What happened to you?

Oliver: You know, even after everything that I've learned about my father, I... just never expected anything like this. He ruined Emiko's life. Just... abandonded her.
Felicity: Well, you don't have to. You said you didn't want to barge into her life without knowing more about her, and now you do, so what's holding you back?
Oliver: I just think that I'll make things worse.
Felicity: Oliver, you became the Green Arrow to right your father's wrongs. What your parents did to Emiko and her mother is beyond wrong. You are a better man than your father ever was. Don't make the mistakes that he did. So reach out to your sister. Make things right.

Past Sins [7.11]

Oliver: I can prove to you that I'm nothing like him.
Emiko: You're a Queen. All you know is how to leverage your own privilege to help yourself.
Oliver: What happened to you was wrong. You should have been a part of our lives. You should be a part of my life now.
Emiko: Why do you think I want anything to do with the Queens? 'Cause your family destroys anything it touches.
Oliver: I just want a chance. Just give me a chance. Emiko... you're my sister.
Emiko: I have no family.

Felicity: I hope you like Malbec.
Black Siren: If it's alcohol, I love it.
Felicity: Good. Well, actually, I don't know your Earth-2 situation. Maybe you shouldn't be drinking?
Black Siren: Oh, please. I don't have a problem with alcohol, maybe the first thing I've managed to one-up your Laurel on.

Curtis: Look, I know these are bad people, but what we're doing is inhumane.
Diggle: Curtis, restoring the program is the only way we can get Dante without A.R.G.U.S. oversight.
Curtis: And that makes it right? How can you be okay with that?
Diggle: I'm not. I'm not. We are fighting evil that most people don't even know exists. And sometimes that means making very difficult decisions, Curtis. The bombs are just a failsafe. That's all.
Curtis: There has to be a better way.
Diggle: I wish there were.

[Diaz breaks out of A.R.G.U.S., killing Curtis in the process]
Diaz: This is the Dragon. A.R.G.U.S. is coming for you.
Curtis: And we'll be sure to send him your regards when we do. [Diaz stops his van] What's the matter? You look like you've heard a ghost.
[the van dissolves, and Diaz finds himself back at A.R.G.U.S]
Diaz: What the hell just happened?
Curtis: Well, first, I overrode the explosive program A.R.G.U.S. put inside your head with a virtual reality simulation that started running about twenty minutes before you remembered getting your sedative. Then I owned your ass.
Diaz: You're dead.
Curtis: No. See, that all happened in your head, too. By the way, harsh.

Oliver: I wore that mask for a reason. Now that I've taken it off, maybe the consequences are finally catching up with me.
Dinah: Well, you can't take responsibility for every choice some lunatic makes, you know?
Oliver: No. I have to take responsibility for this. Me being on the force puts your reputation at risk, and it's putting lives in danger.
Dinah: Cops face risks every day. That is the job. And you are not putting anyone's life in danger, not unless you stop fighting for them. You think you're gonna do one interview, and all of a sudden your problems go away overnight?
Oliver: I think I have been so obsessed with proving to people I'm not my father that I didn't stop and at look at all the ways that I am exactly like him. I should have come clean with Sam years ago.
Dinah: But you didn't, and you can't stop the past from haunting you. The only thing you have control over is what you do going forward.

Emerald Archer [7.12]

[from the Emerald Archer documentary]
Quentin Lance: [speaking in 2014] Well, I'm, I'm conflicted about this, I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm a police officer, duly sworn. I don't condone vigilantes or vigilantism. [gets emotional] Once people start taking the law into their own hands, you're on the road to anarchy.... But there's worse things out there than anarchy, and sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it... [choking up] the police aren't enough to deal with it all.

Curtis: You rang, boss?
Diggle: I did. Oliver needs access to the Black Watch satellites.
Curtis: Is he supposed to know about those? [to Oliver] You know about those?
[long pause]
Oliver: You've met my wife, right, Curtis?
Curtis: Great point.

[from the Emerald Archer documentary]
Barry: [chipper] Oliver is an interesting guy. Um... unbelievably damaged. [suddenly contrite and serious] I hope he won't mind me saying that. [stammering] I don't mean, well, all I meant by that was that he's... he's lived through a lot of darkness. And all he really cares about is trying to make sure that nobody else has to go through what he's gone through. [jump cut] [nervous stammer] No. No no no no no, I didn't know that, that he was the Green Arrow until he turned himself in. I mean... you know... whoa. Obviously, big surprise. Think you know a guy.

S.C.P.D. officer: His name's Kevin Meltzer. Recently released from Roth Psychiatric Hospital.
Black Siren: Imagine that.
S.C.P.D. officer: Apparently, the Hood saved his life seven years ago, and he's been obsessed with vigilantes ever since.
Oliver: So he just attacks them.
S.C.P.D. officer: Says he just wanted the masks. Fans have a strange way of showing their affection.

[In a flash forward, Connor Hawke and Mia are surveying the future remains of the Team Arrow bunker, which has again been wrecked and is covered with undergrowth.]
Connor Hawke: Whoa. Okay, this is actually pretty amazing. I mean, it feels haunted.
Mia Smoak: Probably is. Vigilantes were the death of Star City. They got exactly what they deserved.

Star City Slayer [7.13]

Curtis: What's that, some A.R.G.U.S. fan mail?
Diggle: No, not exactly.
Curtis: Oh, this is some "I Know What You Did Last Summer" creepiness

Rene: This is turning out to be one hell of a first day on the job.
Curtis: Yeah. Look at us, working together again, being targeted by a homicidal maniac. Feels like a Monday.

Zoe: Thanks for teaching me, Aunt Dinah. It's so cool learning how to kick ass from the Black Canary.
Rene: Keep kicking the crap out of that shield, and Captain Drake's gonna have to deputize you, too.

Diggle: Curtis, Rene, you take upstairs. Me and Dinah will secure down here.
Curtis: Split up? What? Have you guys never seen a horror movie before? Wait, Rene.

Felicity: You ever get in trouble with your parents?
Oliver: Uh, yeah. All the time. Why?
Felicity: Because William doesn't need pancakes. William needs to tell us why he got expelled and why he's been lying to us.
Oliver: After pancakes or...
Felicity: No.

Brothers & Sisters [7.14]

Rene: I think the problem is you thinking you can make her do anything.
Oliver: Yeah, but I've been doing this a long time. She's new, she's unsanctioned, and I'm trying to help her.
Rene: But she didn't ask for your help. Imagine how you would feel if, when you first started your quest, someone had basically ripped your father's list out of your hand and taken over your mission.
Oliver: I see your point.
Rene: Emiko doesn't need anybody telling her what to do or how to do it, and she definitely doesn't need anyone's protection. You see that move she did with the bow and switched hands?
Oliver: Yeah. It's impressive.
Rene: Ridiculous. Just be her brother if you want her to be in your life and to trust you. Just... just be her brother.

Felicity: So Diaz is just walking around free right now in exchange for intel?
Diggle: He's not free, Felicity. He has a bomb in his head. If he makes one misstep... we are taking every precaution.
Felicity: Well, I understand why Curtis left.
Oliver: Hey.
Felicity: You can't really be okay with this.
Oliver: No. But I-I trust John, and I believe that he would only take a step like this if he had no other choice.
Diggle: There was no other choice. And I hate that it came to this, but Lyla and I believe that using the Ghost Initiative is the best way to take down this threat.
Felicity: You realize that this is the second time you have prioritized your job over keeping your friends safe?
Diggle: Working with A.R.G.U.S. does keep you safe, because it makes the world safe.
Felicity: You can keep telling yourself that.

Black Siren: Diaz is in A.R.G.U.S. custody. He's not running around free. Trust me. I would be thrilled to see his head explode, but is it really worth the consequences?
Felicity: Yes, it is worth every consequence. I have to protect my family.
Black Siren: By family you mean you, Oliver, and your baby?
Felicity: What, are you psychic now?
Black Siren: Well, there's no wine or champagne and no caffeine on this mission, and that - that is a pregnant lady amount of chocolates you just consumed.
Felicity: I ate that much chocolate before I was pregnant.

Diggle: Well, Diaz will be taken back to Slabside for reneging on his side of the deal. This time, he'll stay there.
Oliver: Still need to think about Dante. He's not gonna forget what happened tonight.
Felicity: I won't, either. You could've gone after Dante, but you chose Diaz.
Diggle: Last year, I had the opportunity to catch Diaz, and I let it slip through my fingers. I wasn't gonna make the same mistake twice.
Felicity: Well, what about Dante being the greater threat?
Diggle: When I knew there was a choice between catching Diaz or Dante, all I could think about was what letting Diaz go meant to you last time, Felicity, so in that moment, I decided that sometimes the best choice is to just protect your family, and that's exactly what you two are.

Felicity: You want to know why I didn't kill Diaz. I wanted to. I was ready to. But then I realized killing Diaz wasn't going to prove anything. The whole reason I wanted Diaz dead was to protect our family, and... what our family needs is a fresh start, one in the light just like you're doing. I want our children to know that they are the most important thing to us and that we would do anything... anything for them.
Oliver: You said "children".
Felicity: I'm pregnant.

Training Day [7.15]

Sergeant Bingsley: Wearing the uniform of an SCPD officer is an honor. It isn't just a uniform. It's a symbol of the law, of justice, of transparency.
Dinah: Thank you, Sergeant Bingsley. Any questions? Rene.
Rene: He does know we have our own uniforms, right?

Dinah: How's my favorite new team of recruits doing?
Rene: Missing the good old days when catching a bad guy didn't involve homework.

Oliver: We all know that we operate better on our own. Now, I would for you to be onboard with this, but if you're not, I would just - I would ask you to stay out of our way.
Diggle: Oliver, I will always have your back. But you've giving up on this partnership before you're really giving it a chance, as if you're up against a clock I don't know about. So what don't I know about?
Felicity: We're having a baby.
Diggle: Really?
Oliver and Felicity: Yeah.
Felicity: It's a little early. We're not telling anybody yet.
Diggle: That's amazing! This is wonderful! It would also explain a hell of a lot.
Oliver: We don't want a child born into a city like this. Our mission is not complete.
Felicity: So we're going to go about this the only way that we know how, without politicians and without a precinct. We're going to do this the Team Arrow way.
Diggle: OK, and that would work for a while. And the, uh, then I have to say, we will be right back to where we started, Oliver. Without a team, you in prison, us on the run, and a city no closer to being saved than where we started.
Oliver: Our partnership with the force is not working.
Diggle: Then we have to find a way to make it work. Compromise, do whatever you have to do because if you want a new future for this baby of yours, it won't be come by doing the same thing we used to do. We have to - We have to be something else... Something better.

Felicity: So, in between updating the SCPD's tech and taking down evil CEOs, I was brainstorming baby names today.
Oliver: Really?
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: Any frontrunners?
Felicity: For a boy, I've always liked Lucas.
Oliver: Yeah. Lucas. That's good. I may have thought of a name for a girl.
Felicity: Yeah?
Oliver: Mia.
Felicity: Short for Moira. Sweet and fiery. I love it.
Oliver: And regardless whether we have a boy or a girl, I just want to make sure that... she or he end up growing up in a better and safer Star City than I did.
Felicity: Yeah.
Oliver: I want that for both of our children. They'll always have each other to lean on.
Felicity: And we'll always have us.

Dinah: You know what else we did tonight? We forced Pollard's hand. I leveraged her relationship with Midas to convince her to sign off on creating a special vigilante task force. We're still sanctioned by the SCPD, but we're operating as our own unit out of the Bunker in our suits.
Oliver: And the anti-vigilante law?
Dinah: It's on her desk for repeal. She's gonna sign it.
Rene: So we're like the black ops for the SCPD now? That's cool.
Diggle: I'm just glad we're all back. It feels right.
Oliver: I'll second that. It's nice to be part of a team again.

Star City 2040 [7.16]

Tattoo Artist: What's the black star for?
Mia: My mom once told me that all the starlight we see has so far to travel that the stars might not even exist anymore. Eventually, they all just fade to black, erased. That's where I want to be.

Rene: Damn it, Zoe. I knew you were involved with the Canaries, but... I didn't think you were one of them. [to Dinah] Not only did you not stay away from my daughter, but you brought Roy into this. I didn't think you were alive.
Roy: Nice to see you, too.

Felicity: Was my message not clear? I wanted you both out of Star City, not to come to the Glades.
Mia: Wow, really? No "Hey, kids. Thanks for the rescue"?
Felicity: Those coordinates were not supposed to lead you to me; they are the coordinates of a stockpile of bombs hidden in this building. That's why I told you to give them them to Roy and Dinah.
William: Well, since we're here, would it be okay if we got you out of there?

Rene: Dale plans to pin the blame on a vigilante. I'm guessing that's why they were keeping Felicity.
Zoe: I can't say I'm surprised. What opened your eyes all of a sudden?
Rene: Someone with impeccable genetics reminded me of who I used to be.
Mia: And why should we believe you? Aren't you the evil mayor who's been trying to destroy Star City?
Rene: And who are you?
Felicity: This is Mia. These are mine and Oliver's impeccable genetics.
Rene: You and Oliver have a kid?
Felicity: Surprise.

Mia: You know, when I first left home, I was so mad at you. I learned everything I could about vigilantes. I-I dug up old news stories about how they destroyed Star City. But I was convinced... I was convinced it was true. That you had lied to me my entire childhood. Your... your stories of the heroism of Team Arrow, because you didn't want me to think badly about you, or about dad. I spent these last years hating vigilantes because I hated you.
Felicity: Well, I don't blame you.
Mia: I understand why you wanted to lie to me; to protect me. I can't even imagine what it was like having an entire city turn on you, and turn on dad.
Felicity: Mia, you are so much like your father. Out on the field, so badass. I'm so proud of you.

Inheritance [7.17]

Alena: So, um, how did you find me, actually?
Felicity: It's part of a new project I have been working on. It started off as, like, a home-based security system, and it's turned into, like, a DNA-tracking-based surveillance system. Meet Archer.
Alena: Sorry. So you located me using my DNA? When did you collect my DNA?
Felicity: I know it's a little creepy.
Alena: It's more than a little, but it's also impressive.
Felicity: I've been using it for Team Arrow, but I think if we scaled it up, it could be so much more than that. I mean, we could find missing persons, we could track terrorists, we could do crowd control, we could do anything! I just, I can't do it alone.
Alena: I mean, whatever you need, I am game. I am so done telling customers to use the chip in their card when they insist on swiping.
Felicity: Great! How does CTO of Smoak Technologies sound?

Emiko: So are you just gonna not ask me about it? You have nothing to say about the fact that I've been secretly working for the Ninth Circle?
Rene: I know you well enough not to pry, and you did try to keep me out of your mission when we first met.
Emiko: I didn't want you to get mixed up with them, but I... I should have told you the truth so you'd know what you were really getting into working with me. I bet you wish you'd listened when I told you to stay away.
Rene: If you think I regret teaming up with you, I don't. We're still partners, Emiko, no matter who we're up against.

Diggle: You want to talk? Not even to the guy who found out his long-lost sibling was secretly an evil double agent?
Oliver: Being reminded that this has happened before is not... really making things better.
Diggle: I get that. But I also know that despite what Emiko's done, you're not quite ready to give up on her.
Oliver: That obvious?
Diggle: Only to someone who knows you, and who's been there. All I wanted was to bring Andy back over to the light. I don't have to remind you what having that blind spot cost us.
Oliver: No, you don't. But please, John, trust me when I tell you that I am seeing Emiko more clearly than I ever have.
Diggle: Oliver, you're still trying to save her.
Oliver: John, my family is to blame for her current situation. My-my father a-abandoned her and her mother. She was eleven! She was eleven years old. And no one's gonna convince me that... that her life wouldn't be different now if that had never happened.
Diggle: Andy tried to convince me that I was the reason for his bad choices, too. He made me feel so guilty that I was willing to trust him again even after knowing he worked for Damien Darhk. I held out hope, Oliver, so much hope that I put you, my family, my team at risk.
Oliver: John, if I abandon her now, I'm no better than my father. If I can help redeem her, selfishly, I feel like I-I help redeem my family. Just a little.

Oliver: You've been lying this entire time, everything about our father, your debt to Dante?
Emiko: It was all true, but I never needed you to put me back together. I just knew you'd try. Can't resist playing the hero, can you?
Oliver: You went looking for a family, and you chose The Ninth Circle?
Emiko: Better than living as a Queen.

Emiko: You disobeyed a direct order.
Dante: I gave you that dagger. The weapons test failed because of your brother's involvement. Any more mistakes, and the rest of the Ninth Circle will mutiny.
Emiko: I am their leader.
Dante: Then lead. Where is your focus at thids critical time? The family you swore to give up to be part of the Ninth Circle. Your absence has been noted.
Emiko: Thanks to my time with Oliver, I found something even better. The Archer program, cutting-edge surveillance technology.
Dante: We can't stake our future on technology we haven't even seen.
Emiko: I need you to trust my vision, okay? Trust that you have taught me well, but if you question my authority again, I'll kill you.

Lost Canary [7.18]

Felicity: Emiko's bullet led me to Andrew Thornton's rifle, which led me to twelve different shell companies, which led me to the buyer.
Oliver: And it's not weird that she hasn't found the buyer herself with the resources of the Ninth Circle at her disposal?
Felicity: Okay, well, not to toot my own horn, but Emiko is more of The Karate Kid, Hilary Swank version, and I am more of the Mr. Robot version, but prettier.

Diggle: Felicity tell you how she tracked the rifle to this apartment?
Oliver: Just call her a genius and leave it at that.

[After exercising on the salmon ladder, Sara Lance dismounts as Felicity walks in.]
Felicity: Well. I'm having déjà vu in the best way possible.
Sara: Did Dinah read you the riot act?
Felicity: Nothing I can't handle.
Sara: Come a long way from the I.T. girl secretly crushing on Oliver Queen.
Felicity: Apparently it wasn't much of a secret. Everybody knew. Zero poker face. And I always wondered, you know, were you flirting with me all those times you said I was cute?
Sara: Why? Were you into it?
Felicity: Of course. It's you. [They hug] I missed you.
Sara: Missed you, too.

Dinah: Believe me, there is nothing I would love more than to see those sons of bitches pay for what they did to my girls.
Mia: So why don't you?
Dinah: Because I know I can't do it alone, and neither can you.
Mia: Then come with me. Instead of hiding in the shadows, let's take this fight to Galaxy One, make them pay for blood with blood.
Dinah: Sometimes, I don't know who you sound more like - your mother or your father. Do you know why I started the Canaries, what is represents? This is more than just some rebellion group. It's a support system. This is a way for women to know we have each other's backs no matter what happens, whenever we need it most, something I failed to do for a friend once, but ever since that happened with her, I made a promise to myself that I would never make that mistake again. That's why we wear these. To honor that promise and the bravery and the sacrifice shared with these amazing women, who somehow - no matter how many times they get knocked down - they always find the strength to get back and fight again and that is exactly what the surviving Canaries are going to do together but when the time is right.
Mia: It's too bad I'm not a canary.

Sara: Look, I don't know what you've heard about me, but basically, I had an affair with my sister's boyfriend, I allowed my family to think that I was dead, and then I became a league-trained assassin.
Black Siren: Wow. That's impressive.
Sara: My point is even with someone with a past as checkered as mine can still turn their life around, can be a hero.
Black Siren: I was being a hero. I was the D.A., I got Oliver out of prison, and I was the only one who figured out that his little sister was basically the Devil, and they still turned on me.
Sara: So, what, you think you deserve a medal for trying to be good for 5 seconds? Redemption isn't a destination. It's a journey. I wasted years running away from all the bad things that I had done because I didn't want to face the pain that I caused because I didn't want to be that person, and I realized the only way to stop being that person was to come home and own up to things I had done, and, yeah, it was painful, and it took a really long time, but it was the only way to become someone else, someone better than who I was.
Black Siren: Well, that's great for you, but even if I wanted to change, it's a little bit too late because this is who I am.

Spartan [7.19]

Diggle: I wasn't even sure you were keeping tabs on me. Sir, I had my reasons for leaving A.R.G.U.S.
General Roy Stewart: You left to protect your wife. I know you better than you think. And I'm sorry to say you lost your way.
Diggle: I didn't leave A.R.G.U.S. for my career. I left to protect my family. And that's not something you would understand, is it, sir?
Oliver: John, we should probably go. Again, thank you for your time, General.
Stewart: I always have time for my family.
Oliver: Excuse me?
Stewart: Oh, John didn't tell you. I'm his stepfather.

Diggle: Oliver, when I first met the General, he was a lieutenant, my father's CO on a covert military op to quell an insurgency in Vlatava. The op went bad. The unit was pinned down with heavy gunfire from insurgents. My dad stayed behind to hold them off. Saved the whole unit. Stewart made it out. My father didn't.
Oliver: So do you blame him for your father's death?
Diggle: It was his op. He should have stayed behind. Six months later, he's coming by the house for dinner. Six months, Oliver.
Oliver: I didn't know.
Diggle: It was bad enough that, uh, he just appeared in our lives, but... once he and my mom got married, he had me and Andy running Spartan survival drills he learned as a recon Marine. I mean, how long could we be out in the cold trying to find our way out of the woods without a compass. He called it tough love. Said he didn't care how we felt about him as long as it made us strong. I don't know. If he was so strong, how could he just abandon the first rule of the Corps and leave my father behind?

Mia: Who the hell is JJ?
Connor: He's my brother. John Jr.
Mia: [laughing] John Diggle has one son in Knightwatch and another one who's leader of the Deathstroke Gang. That must make family dinners interesting.
Connor: Well, he grew up hating my parents, and the expectations they put on us. That's why I'm glad that you finally figured out the truth about your family. Look, I've wanted to tell you the truth for a long time.
Mia: What else don't I know about you?
Connor: How long you got?

Oliver: Kidnapping a four-star general is a risky move for the Ninth Circle, especially if the Pentagon's on to them. So, why? Why do it?
Felicity: I don't know. We need to find out more about who he is, what makes him so important.
Oliver: I'd imagine his files are really, really classified.
Felicity: "Really, really classified" sounds really, really fun. I'm on it.

Diggle: Hey, I, um... wanted to say thank you. I know, this... I know I haven't made it easy for you.
Stewart: This is the most time we've spent together since you turned 18. As hard as it may be to believe, I'm grateful for it. Yeah, I'd prefer a round of golf to kidnapping and... and torture. I know you might not feel the same way, but you will always be a son to me.
Diggle: Oliver told me the truth about Vlatava, about my father. Why did you let me believe a lie? You let me hate you.
Stewart: Every child deserves to believe that his father is a hero. And believing it, you became one. If he could see you today, I know he would be so proud of you.
Diggle: If I'm a hero... it was all because of you... sir.
[Stewart offers a handshake, but Diggle hugs him]
Stewart: [getting on the elevator] John?
Diggle: Yes, sir.
Stewart: Call your mother.

Confessions [7.20]

Felicity: Oh, thank god. Please tell me the news that you are bringing is about Emiko and her Ninth Circle buddies because I have had no luck with my "typity-type finding anything" thing.
Dinah: Oh, well, you're in luck now. Dante, not so much. A couple SCPD beat cops found his body this morning.
Rene: Let me guess, not from natural causes.
Dinah: Not unless you call three arrows and a knife to the chest natural.
Diggle: This was after you told Emiko that Dante killed her mother. Can't be a coincidence.
Oliver: No. She went ahead and killed the only father figure she had left.
Felicity: Right. So that's a "no" on the evil sister redeeming herself, then.

Felicity: Let's get real. Emiko and the Ninth Circle know our faces. Roy was our ace in the hole.
Dinah: So you risked your new relationship with the SCPD by teaming up with a criminal.
Felicity: Former criminal. Roy left the city four years ago, and he's been on the straight and narrow ever since.
Dinah: Are you sure about that?
Felicity: Yes, I'm sure about that.
Dinah: Because we traced Harper's whereabouts after he faked his death in prison to get Oliver Queen off the hook, and his trail went cold in March of last year.
Felicity: Oh. You mean when Ricardo Diaz kidnapped Roy to turn him against Oliver? You might have forgotten about that since you weren't exactly on speaking terms with Oliver and I at the time.
Dinah: It still doesn't explain where he went after getting freed from Diaz.
Felicity: I'm sure the kidnapping was extremely traumatic. He probably just went to go get some R and R; some Roy relaxation. [seeing Dinah's stony face] Not funny. I see that now.

Rene: Emiko, it's not too late. Let me help you.
Emiko: I don't need your help. I spared you once. This time, I won't be so generous.
Rene: Why are you doing this?
Emiko: Because the Queens took everything from me. Now it's my turn to take everything from them.
Rene: [holstering his pistol] This isn't you. You care about the Glades. You're dressed as the new Green Arrow, and you killed Dante.
Emiko: And that proves what, exactly?
Rene: That finding your mother's killer means more to you than the Ninth Circle. Why else would you risk murdering their leader?
Emiko: You really don't get it. Dante wasn't their leader. I am.
Rene: Your mother would hate what you've become.

Dinah: Two innocent people are dead, and we're covering it up.
Oliver: Dinah, if someone on this team goes down, this entire team goes down.
Diggle: He's absolutely right. And if Pollard knew the truth, we would be sitting in lockup while the city rehashes whether vigilantes are a threat or not.
Felicity: Which would free Emiko up for evil plan B.
Rene: But Roy is not a part of this team. He's been gone for months doing who knows what.
Oliver: With due respect, you don't know what he's been through. Roy is and always will be as much a part of this team as the rest of us.

Oliver: What do you want?
Emiko: For you to suffer the way I suffered. You and your team are gonna die in there. And I will be out there destroying your legacy. You'll die a villain just like our father did, and I will be the cause of both of your deaths. And justice will finally be served.
Oliver: What did you say?
Emiko: I had the chance to warn our father about the Gambit. It was rigged to explode, and I knew about it. I let our father die because he didn't deserve to live. And neither do you. [holding up a detonator] Bye, brother.

Living Proof [7.21]

Tommy: Again, I would like to point out how structurally unsound this building appears to be, so maybe upping the payload is no the best option.
Oliver: It's a risk I have to take. This is it. After this, I'm out of options.
Tommy: Are you, or is this just typical Oliver? Now come on, man. Don't you ever wonder why you keep finding yourself in positions like this where things just keep getting worse?
Oliver: I'm here for one reason and one reason only - Emiko.
Tommy: Right. Emiko, your half sister.
Oliver: Her being my half sister doesn't matter. What matters is finding her and stopping her before she hurts anyone else. It's a strategy you should appreciate.
Tommy: Why? Because of what my father did to the Glades?
Oliver: No, Tommy, because of what he did to you! Any idea what it's like to - to - to run a scenario through your head a million times, just wondering if you could've just listen to me a little bit sooner, because you didn't because you were blinded by the face that he was your father. Maybe you'd still be alive today.
Tommy: But I didn't listen, and I didn't make the right choice, at least not until it was too late, because I was stuck, Oliver, in my own cycle, my father's cycle, just like you are and just like you will continue to be if you don't break free.
Oliver: No. No. You're wrong. This isn't about me. This is not about my father. This is about Emiko, and the choices that she made, they are on her.

Rene: Oh, sure, now the lights come on.
Felicity: Uh, guys, if the lights just came on, that means the emergency generator just came on.
Rene: That's a good thing, right?
Felicity: Normally, yeah, but the building you're in used to manufacture some very flammable chemicals, and flammable chemicals plus sparks equals really big boom.

William: You know, you're still treating me like I'm thirteen.
Felicity: What do you mean?
William: Uh... I mean that you're doing the exact same thing to me now that you and dad did all those years ago, leaving me out of things and then getting rid of me.
Felicity: Your father and I, we never wanted to let you go.
William: But you did, and then even after everything that happened, you still stayed away like... like I wasn't even part of this family.

Dinah: You must be a pretty big idiot, risking your life like that.
Roy: Well, we're alive, aren't we?
Dinah: You're lucky to be.
Roy: I'm surprised you even care if I made it out alive or not.
Dinah: Of course I care. You're our teammate.
Roy: Maybe I shouldn't be. You lost everything to protect me, and you don't even know me. Those guard that I killed, they're innocent. They had families.
Dinah: What you did back there, it was awful, but we all know it was the bloodlust, Roy. That wasn't you.
Roy: No. That doesn't change the face that I put everyone else around me at risk. You should have just let me to go to prison.
Dinah: I was wrong. We all make mistakes. I was just pissed because we had just lost everything. That doesn't mean I want you dead.
Roy: Maybe it's best if I'm 6 feet under.
Dinah: Dying is the coward's way out. Every day that you stay alive, you try redeem yourself for that messed-up thing you did because this world is a better place with a hero like you.

Mia: When we rescued her from Galaxy One, mom apologized. You guys seemed cool.
William: Yeah. I thought we were, too, but she's still pushing me away just like she always has.
Mia: Okay. Fine. So maybe she wasn't there for you in the traditional sense, but mom made sure that your company was a success. She was trying.
William: I didn't need her money, Mia. I needed a mother. To this day, Felicity still hasn't told me why she kept me out of her life for so long or... why she wanted no part of mine.
Mia: Look. When I first found out mom was keeping secrets, that she was still being a vigilante, I didn't wallow and feel sorry for myself. I confonted her, demanded answers. Maybe it's time you do the same.

You Have Saved This City [7.22]

Felicity: What do you think is worse, Emiko being in possession of a bioweapon or the team being Star City's most wanted?
Rene: Can I choose both?
Dinah: I'm going to go with the warrants out for our arrests. The real us, not the vigilante us, which means our lives in this city are over.
Roy: Been there before.

Roy: Is the relay down, Overwatch?
Felicity: Oh, so down, it's in Australia. Emiko can't trigger the devices now.

Felicity: Well, since we're on the subject of good-byes, we have an announcement, too. Hmm?
Oliver: We're stepping back. We're leaving Star City. Not forever, but, uh, for now.
Rene: You just saved the city. You don't want to take a victory lap?
Oliver: I didn't do anything. Our team did.
Felicity: The fact that the city if safe is the reason we can leave.
Oliver: I've spent a long time thinking about my legacy as the Green Arrow. I always hoped it would be saving the city. But now I know that my greatest legacy is this team. I started this mission alone. I was certain that I would end it alone, but the truth of the matter is that every bit of success that I've had along the way is because of all of you. The city if safe because of your courage, your compassion, your selflessness, and your loyalty.
Diggle: Courage, compassion, selflessness, loyalty. Oliver, that sounds like the 4 pillars of heroism to me.
Dinah: We should find a way to remember them to symbolize we will al be there for each other always no matter what.
Felicity: Ooh, like a signal, you know. One of us is in trouble, we'll all come running, including you, Roy.
Oliver: We should just call it the Mark of Four, right?
Felicity: That's brilliant.
Oliver: Man, I really hope this isn't the last time we're all in this bunker together.
Diggle: Hear! Hear! But does feel like the end of an era.
Felicity: OK, well, let's just try to think of it as the beginning of a new one.

Oliver: Now? [The Monitor nods] I thought I had more time.
[Oliver remembers his previous encounter with The Monitor]
Monitor: The universe is a complex piece of machinery, and balance must be maintained. One change requires another. How do you propose I keep the balance?
Oliver: Will you help me save Barry and Kara or not?
Monitor: No. But I will give you the means to save them.
Oliver: Tell me what you need in exchange.
Monitor: Whatever the multiverse requires to survive the crisis that is looming. When it is time.
[Present day]
Oliver: It's OK. So what bargain have I made? What does the Multiverse require?
Monitor: You assist me as we seek to prevent the inevitable.
Oliver: But that sounds impossible.
Monitor: The multiverse is more complex than you could fathom
Oliver: What are you not telling me?
Monitor: I've seen your future, Oliver, inexorable and unavoidable. I have watched you die.
Oliver: During this crisis?
Monitor: I am truly sorry.
Felicity: No. You are not taking him.
Oliver: Felicity.
Felicity: Oliver.
Monitor: I am not here to bring harm to you or your daughter. Trust me, the world needs her.
Felicity: You think that I'm just going to let you leave here with my husband's life?
Oliver: This is bigger than us...than all of us.
Felicity: Why does it always have to be you?
Monitor: I cannot prevent his passing, but he can prevent the deaths of countless more, including you and your daughter. But he needs to come with me tonight.

Felicity: This is why we can't have a normal life. This is why our children will never have normal lives.
Oliver: I had to make the deal.
Felicity: Oh, there's always gonna be some danger or some threat; the League of Assassins or HIVE or the Ninth Circle or... the end of the friggin' universe.
Oliver: I need you to make me a promise.
Felicity: Yeah, okay.
Oliver: No matter what happens to me - no matter what - you need to do everything in your power... you... you need to keep William and Mia safe.
Felicity: I will keep them safe. But wherever you go... whatever happens to you... you'll never leave me. On our wedding day, you told me that I was the best part of you, but the truth is... we are the best parts of each other. And that is so much bigger than the friggin' universe.
Oliver: When I came back to Star City to start my mission, I didn't think that I was capable or deserving of love. But you opened up my heart in ways that I never th... thought were possible. My only regret is not telling you I loved you sooner.
Felicity: No regrets.
Oliver: Would you tell Mia that I love her every day? And I know that she will grow up to be as smart and as beautiful as her mom.
Felicity: I will find you... again. I promise.
Oliver: I love you.
Felicity: I love you so much.

Season 8


Opening voiceover
My name is Oliver Queen. For seven years I have fought with only one goal: to save my city. But now a new threat has emerged. A danger so severe that it has forced me to leave my family in order to face it. And it won't be enough for me to just be the Green Arrow. To prevent the crisis that's coming, I'm gonna have to become someone else. I'm gonna have to become something else.

Starling City [8.01]

Monitor: Never ceases to impress – humanity's capacity for invention. Infinite numbers of worlds and not a single one where man failed to emerge from cave and hold dominion over the Earth.

Diggle: You know, Oliver, it's interesting that we're revisiting where we first met. You going at it alone is like deja vu. I thought you and I were past that.
Oliver: This is new. It's bigger. And I'm not going to ask you to take the risk it involves.
Diggle: Oliver, that's the thing about being brothers. You never, ever have to ask.
Oliver: Can you just believe me when I you tell this is different?
Diggle: Yeah. Felicity told me. Some godlike being talking about the end of the universe? What didn't she tell me, Oliver?
Oliver: A crisis is coming, John. He's seen what happens. He's watched me die.

Tommy Merlyn (Earth-2): You don't have to do this.
Oliver: I was thinking the same thing. This is not what Thea would have wanted!
Tommy (E-2): Well, that's funny. You know what she used to say?
Oliver: "The dead don't want anything."
Tommy (E-2): It's one of the benefits of being dead.

Oliver: The city's lucky to have a hero like you in it.
Black Siren: Wow. That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Thank you.

Adrian Chase (Earth-2): You're from a parallel universe, aren't you? The Hood from another reality?
Diggle: How did you know that?
Adrian (E-2): Bruce Wayne once told me that if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Oliver: Well, as The Hood from a parallel universe, may I offer you some advice? Change "The Hood" to Green Arrow. Trust me.

Welcome to Hong Kong [8.02]

Monitor: I warned you not to interfere.
Oliver: You didn't bring us here?
Monitor: No. And I discovered what had transpired on Earth-2. But when you intervened to save Laurel Lance, I redirected you.
Oliver: What the hell happened back there?
Monitor: A herald of what is to come. An entire world erased from existence.
Oliver: Where's my mother? Where's... where's Tommy? Where's... where's.... where's Rene? Where's Dinah?
Monitor: They are no more.
Oliver: Did you hurt John and Laurel?
Monitor: Don't worry. They're fine, they're alive and they're nearby. But now you know that if we fail to stop the coming crisis, what you witnessed on Earth-2 will occur on infinite Earths across the expanse of time.
Oliver: Question: Does that include Earth-38?
Monitor: That is for me to know and for Kara Zor-El to discover. But that's not important right now.
Oliver: How did I fail?! Your dwarf star particles are right there! [points to the bag of dwarf star particles on a rack]
Monitor: You disobeyed my instructions to avoid entanglements on a parallel Earth. You confronted Tommy Merlyn and you altered the fate of Laurel Lance.
Oliver: I watched her die once. Okay? I wasn't prepared to do it again.
Monitor: That's because you were not a man accustomed to following orders. But the survival of the Multiverse requires that you obey mine.
Oliver: Where are we now?
Monitor: Your own Earth, where you'll complete your next task. There's a man named Dr. Robert Wong. Bring him to me.
Oliver: Why?
Monitor: Now that is not your concern. [Their conversation is interrupted by a desperate knock on the door] You've already failed me once. Do not fail me again. [Vanishes in a puff of smoke along with the bag of dwarf star particles]

Black Siren: What's taking so long?
David Chin: It's done.
Black Siren: Great. So you won't mind if we test it out. [activates the device, but nothing happens] It isn't working.
David: Well, it should be.
Black Siren: Then where's the portal?
David: If you want to go to Earth-37 or Earth-14, that's your decision.
Black Siren: I want to go to Earth-2.
David: Right. [typing] Unfortunately, Earth-2... is gone. It registered at first, but now I see that it's like a shadow. There's no sign of life.
Black Siren: That doesn't make any sense. [aims her gun at David] You're lying!
Lyla: Laurel, no!
Black Siren: Fix it! Fix it!!
David: I'm telling you, I did!! I can fix tech, but I can't bring back a whole frigging universe!
Lyla: I'm sorry, Laurel... but they're gone. You're just gonna have to accept it.

Black Siren: My sister, Adrian, they're my family. They're... they're good people. They don't deserve to be gone. To think that I'm the one who's done such awful things.
Lyla: But you're trying to be better. Everyone deserves a shot at redemption.
Black Siren: Well, then maybe this is where I deserve to be.
Lyla: When I was in Afghanistan, my unit got sent out on patrol on a day I drew base duty. It was a routine op. We'd done it a hundred times before. Only this time, there was an IED in the road. None of them made it back. I used to lie in bed at night asking myself "Why them? Why not me?". And I made every deal I could think of with any God I thought might be listening.
Black Siren: And did it work?
Lyla: Not exactly. So, you're right. I don't know what you're going through, but I do know something about survivor's guilt.
Black Siren: Does it get any easier?
Lyla: No. All we can do is try and move forward.
Black Siren: How am I supposed to move forward when everyone I've ever loved is gone?
Lyla: By not giving up. By doing the right thing. We honor the dead by fighting for the living. This world needs you, too.

Oliver: Why are you in Hong Kong? I thought you were with the Crescent Order.
Tatsu Yamashiro: I was, until I gave Nyssa the lotus cure to save your sister, and they called for my head.
Diggle: So you decided to become a vigilante?
Tatsu: My son died in this city. No more Akios will die here as long as I'm here to protect them. That explains what I'm doing here.
Diggle: It's all you, man.

Lyla: You should've told me what was going to happen on Earth-2. John was there. He could've been killed.
Monitor: The destruction of that Earth was a necessary sacrifice.
Lyla: And what about Laurel Lance? Her friends, her family...
Monitor: Countless more like them will perish if we do not ensure Oliver Queen is prepared for what's coming. Were you successful?
Lyla: Yes. I have Dr. Wong.
Monitor: Then let us proceed.

Leap of Faith [8.03]

Oliver: Last year, I made a deal with a cosmic being named Mar Novu. Recently, he came to collect. He asked me to help him, but he's not very good at sharing information with the people he's working with.
Thea: Sounds like somebody else I know.

Oliver: Your students used to ask questions first.
Talia: I have learned that hesitation often proves fatal. You should have not come to this place.
Oliver: You owe me a debt. I'm here to collect.

Lyla: Johnny... What's really going on here? You've never been one to shy away from risk.
Diggle: I'd never seen a world just disintegrate right in front of my face. I know what we do requires risk. I've always accepted that, but this is different, Lyla. Seeing a universe just disappear, I don't know, it's like... like looking into the eye of God. It changes you. It changed me. I can't risk losing you. I can't risk that.
Lyla: No one knows the future. All we can do is enjoy the time we have with the people we love and make our choices from a place of strength, not fear, and if the world ends today, there is no one I'd rather have by my side.

Thea: You're gonna take on a god, Ollie, you're gonna need all the help you can get.
Oliver: Pretty good on help actually. I have John, I have Laurel - believe it or not. Seems to me you have your hands full rebuilding the League of Assassins into a league of heroes.
Thea: Yeah.
Oliver: I can't believe I'm saying good-bye to you again.
Thea: Well, you're not. Think of it as a "see you later, and please don't die."

Thea: You're leaving?
Talia: I have betrayed my honor and sacred traditions to the league. The sword was destined to be yours, daughter of Merlyn. I am sorry for the pain I've caused you both.
Oliver: What about your students?
Talia: I have released them. They will follow you if that is what you wish.
Thea: It's not. You're their teacher. They need someone to follow.
Talia: If I was meant to lead them, I would wield Al-Fatih's sword, but you do, so the honor and the burden are yours.
Thea: Yeah. Hard pass.
Talia: It is your destiny.
Thea: Yeah, but, see, about that. I don't really believe in the whole fate, destiny thing. We can all make our own choices.
Talia: Meaning?
Thea: Meaning I don't think the world doesn't need another League of Assassins. It could use a league of heroes. It wouldn't be a one-woman job.
Talia: You'd extend me that honor despite my betrayals?
Thea: You made a mistake. We've all made mistakes.
Talia: Not one but two woman to wield my father's sword? He would be aghast. I accept.

Present Tense [8.04]

Diggle: Wait. So an hour ago, I was just with Ben Turner's 6-year-old child, and now he's an adult now, and now I'm his father?
Rene: At least you didn't throw up like you usually do. Just saying.

Black Siren: I don't know anything about changing timelines, but I am something of an expert on vengeance, and getting it... it doesn't do anything but cause you more pain.
Mia: So, what, you're an expert on talking people out of murder?
Black Siren: Kind of. I had to when Felicity wanted to take down Ricardo Diaz.
Mia: My mom tried to kill someone?
Black Siren: No. Because I talked her out of it. And, look, I get it; you and your mom, you're both women who won't allow themselves to be talked out of anything, and I appreciate that. But Felicity, she never regretted changing her approach. So maybe you should try doing things differently, too.

Mia: So this is what you wanted to show me, grandpa's grave?
Oliver: Did your mother ever mention him?
Mia: Not really.
Oliver: I suppose she wouldn't know what to say. I barely do.
Mia: You weren't close?
Oliver: I didn't really get to know the real him until after he died, and, uh... look, I don't want that to be us.
Mia: You've, um... you've lost people, right?
Oliver: Yeah. Too many.
Mia: Does the guilt ever leave?
Oliver: No. You can learn to live with it. I can help you with that, Mia. If you'd like.

Dinah: Hey. If you want me to stop training Zoe, I will.
Rene: Nah. I can't keep her in a bubble, just like you can't stop being a cop and I can't stop running for office.
Black Siren: So don't. Not all of the future was bad, right? Just do the good stuff.
Dinah: Come on. I mean, the Canary Network's not a bad idea. Could be useful.
Rene: Then why wait for a future we can start making right now?

Black Siren: You must be the Monitor.
Monitor: How do you know?
Black Siren: Because no human would actually wear something so ridiculous.
Monitor: You ache for the world you lost, and I possess the power to restore it.
Black Siren: You can bring back my Earth.
Monitor: The recovery of your universe would require a single task.
Black Siren: What kind of task?
Monitor: You must betray Oliver Queen.

Prochnost [8.05]

Oliver: Why would I want to share some of the worst mistakes of my entire life with my children?
Anatoly: That is the thing about teaching. It's not about what you want to say. It's about what they need to hear. Remember first thing I taught you?
Oliver: Living is not for the weak.
Anatoly: Your children are not weak, Oliver. They're also not children. Whatever it is you have to say, they can handle it. If you do not, they will never learn to be heroes.

Oliver: Thank you. I always seem to end up in your debt.
Anatoly: We are beyond keeping score. We have been friends, we have been enemies. From now on, let us just be brothers.
Oliver: Not the Bratva kind.
Anatoly: No! Real family, like the one you have now. I can be the fun uncle.

Anatoly: [pouring Mia a shot of vodka] Congratulations. Now you my favorite American.
Oliver: Hey, don't get too excited. He has a lot of favorite Americans.

Oliver: So, specialty arrows. And each one has a specific purpose.
Mia: What does this one do?
Oliver: Explosive arrow. Lighter payload, meant to divert and disable. Acidic arrow, meant to breach covertly or weaken structurally. Bolo Arrow, to secure and subdue. These are just tools. If you rely on them too much, they become crutches.
Mia: Then why have them?
Oliver: To get out of a fight, or to end one before it begins.

Anatoly: Oh, Laurel, there's something I want to say.
Black Siren: What? One last hilarious Russian joke for the road?
Anatoly: Sorry to doubt you. I guess leopard really can change spots. Or in your case, bird, feather.
Black Siren: I thought you said you weren't sentimental.
Anatoly: Maybe I change, too, like you.

Reset [8.06]

Oliver: We've had this exact conversation already.
Quentin: What are you talking about?
Oliver: Fully aware how this is going to sound. Quinton, I'm trapped in some sort of... time loop, where the same events keep repeating themselves.
Quentin: Like Groundhog Day.
Oliver: Sure. Except this one ends with a lot of people dead, including the two of us.

Quentin: So you're telling me we're-we're in some kind of a alternate reality based on the plot of a Bill Murray movie?
Black Siren: Well, I was gonna go with a Tom Cruise flick, but basically. Also just really glad that you believe me.
Quentin: Well, it's not the craziest thing you ever told me.

Quentin: You know, getting hunted like this in a space like this is kind of like what I was doing to you all those years ago. Remember? Sort of makes sense I'd go out like this now, don't you think?
Oliver: Would you please just save your strength?
Quentin: For what? Oliver, you take care of these guys, there'll be more behind them, there will be more behind them. There is no saving me from this! Okay? You ever think that's the point? Maybe you're not supposed to.
Oliver: I'm not giving up. And you're not giving up, either.
Quentin: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not giving up. Maybe I'm giving in. You see, I've been outrunning death for a while now. The siege, the island, but when Diaz shot me, that felt different, like I was finally at the end, and I made my peace with that. And maybe it's time you did, too.

Oliver: What made you decide that I wasn't your enemy anymore? What changed your mind?
Quentin: Heh. Oh, you know, my daughters, for one. Because I didn't raise dummies, and, uh, you know, if they were okay with you, then I figured I should be, too. Yeah.
Oliver: They trusted me, and you trusted them.
Quentin: Yeah. They got me to listen to what I always knew in my gut, that we were on the same side, and fighting for the same goal, and it just took me a while to get there. Sorry.

Black Siren: Why would the Monitor let me see Quentin one last time?
Oliver: It was a reward, for not betraying me.
Black Siren: Didn't really think rewards were his brand.
Oliver: No. We were wrong about him.
Black Siren: And Lyla was right? That's annoying. So why did you have to learn to let Lance go?
Oliver: Because deep down, I still believed that I could fight my fate. Now I know I can't.

Purgatory [8.07]

Oliver: The name of the island they found me on is Lian Yu. It's Mandarin for purgatory. Now I understand why. The memories, the pain, I've never escaped them. They're always with me, a reminder of what I had to endure, with only one thought, one goal -survive. To save the multiverse, I must become something else. To do that, I have to return where my journey began - Purgatory.

Rene: Guess I shouldn't be surprised the Black Canary knows how to fly.
Dinah: Flying's easy. Landing's the hard part. [Rene and Roy look at her in alarmed concern] Kidding.

Oliver: You know, I, uh... I never expected to be on a mission with you like this, you know. I'm glad you're here.
Black Siren: No offense, but shouldn't this Kodak moment be with you and someone else?
Oliver: What?
Black Siren: You and Mia.
Oliver: Oh. Trying to give her a little space.
Black Siren: Sure you're not trying to avoid a difficult conversation?
Oliver: I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to talk to me, Laurel.
Black Siren: Oliver, don't be an idiot, okay? All that girl wants to do is live up to her father.
Oliver: Fine. All this father wants is to complete this mission so that my kids actually have a world to live in. We are almost there. Come on.
Black Siren: Oliver. A piece of advice. Don't leave this island with more regrets than you already have buried here.

Lyla: I'm sorry our first meeting had to be this. I envisioned getting to know my future son over a meal, not en route to a plane crash.
Connor: Mm, this... this feels about right for our family. Most of our milestones got interrupted by some sort of international emergency or another.
Lyla: Yeah. I guess your dad and I weren't really there for you and JJ.
Connor: You were there when it counted. Besides, I was beyond proud to be the son of the two superspies that co-founded Knightwatch.
Diggle: You never mentioned that.
Connor: I think maybe I wasn't supposed to. Time travel rules and all.

Oliver: Lyla?
Lyla: Not anymore. I'm now a Harbinger of things to come.
Mia: So, does that mean that...
Lyla: Yes. The Crisis has begun.
This episode is Part Four of a five-part crossover event called Crisis on Infinite Earths. For quotations, see the related page.

Green Arrow & the Canaries [8.09]

Laurel: I'm not going to lie. Your zen is kind of creeping me out.
Dinah: Thank you.

Mia: But there hasn't been crime in star city for 20 years
Laurel: what is that, the city's motto now?

Laurel: Oh, to be in my 20s again.
Dinah: Ick. Hard pass. I was married at 21.
Laurel: Seriously? Who are you?

Laurel: You know, I could get used to all this free alcohol.
Dinah: So that means you will not be paying your tab downstairs?
Laurel: I thought it was a friends drink for free kind of place.

Mia: Okay, I just accused my fiancée for nothing.
Laurel: Oh, he'll get over it. Or you'll move on to someone who wasn't a homicidal maniac in another life. Win-win.

Fadeout [8.10]


My name is Oliver Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: to save my city. For eight years, I have fought alongside brave men and women striving for justice. But then, a crisis came, and I had to become someone else. I had to become
something else. I made the ultimate sacrifice, which helped birth an entirely new universe. Now my friends and family will have to go on without me. And although I have become a spectre, there is a part of me that will always be the Green Arrow.

Moira Queen: It's just such a strange thing to learn that there's a whole other ... world, I guess where I died. The people that knew my son best tell me that when Oliver sacrificed himself during the Crisis, that somehow he's the reason that everything changed, that the world we're living in right now is a kind of gift from him. I don't know. I'm just trying to process it.

Roy: From what Dinah tells me, there's not much need for vigilantes anymore.
Rene: Lance's term ends in April. He's endorsing me to replace him.
Roy: As Mayor?
Rene: No, as "Bald Guy with an Attitude". Yeah, as Mayor.

Laurel: It's about Oliver. Not exactly him, but who his sacrifice brought back.
Lance: Like me.
Laurel: And Tommy. Moira. But not me. The other me. Your Laurel.
Lance: Look, we don't exactly know the rules of this whole resurrection thing.
Laurel: Yes, we do. You're all of the people who Oliver would've wanted his sacrifice to bring back. And Laurel, she ... She would have been on that list, too... if it wasn't for me. Oliver's death, it fixed everything else. Why didn't it fix this, too?
Lance: Because, sweetheart, there is nothing about you that needed to be fixed.

Diggle: Prochnost.
Roy: Ugh. I didn't know you spoke Russian.
Diggle: No. That's what Oliver used to say every time he drank this stuff.
Dinah: What exactly is this stuff?
Rene: Vodka.
Roy: Yeah. It tastes like turpentine.
Dinah: With faint hints of nail polish remover.
Roy: So what's the plan?
Laurel: I plan on getting as drunk as humanly possible.

Lance: For a long time, I hated Oliver Queen. I blamed him for the death of my youngest daughter, I blamed him for the violence in my city, I interrogated him, I hunted him, persecuted him. I've never been more wrong in my life. Oliver Queen wasn't just a hero. He was a good man. He was an honorable person. The fact that he didn't start out that way makes him, in my book, even more honorable. He stands as a reminder to all of us that anyone can change. So will this. [unveils a bronze statue of Oliver as Green Arrow]

Diggle: [speaking at Oliver's funeral] The Oliver that I met eight years ago is not the one that we say goodbye to today. Oliver always told me that in order to save his city, he had to become someone else, he had to become something else. I always thought that meant becoming the Green Arrow, but ... Today I realized that meant becoming a better man, the best man he knew how to be, and he took all of us with him on that journey. He changed everything. Oliver brought heroes into the world, he inspired heroes, he inspired all of us here. I was his brother and Oliver Queen was mine. Of course, life will go on. It always does. But how, what twists and turns it will take, I can't say. I don't know what the future holds, except to say expect the unexpected. Oliver may be gone, but his mission endures. That mission lives on, Oliver lives on in the people he inspired. Some will take that mission to the rest of the world, maybe even beyond that. Because if the past 8 years has shown us anything, it's that this universe is far bigger than any of us could've dared imagine, even if it is a little less bright without him in it.


  • Destiny leaves its mark
  • A heroic future forged by a tortured past.
  • Innocent and not guilty are two different things.
  • His death was just the beginning.
  • A Hero Will Rise
  • Those closest to you can hurt you the most.
  • The past has prepared him
  • Mess with his friends and he may snap
  • One more will discover who hides under the hood
  • In the secret war on Starling, he is the city's only weapon.
  • This disaster has his family name all over it.
  • Savagery Is a Family Trait
  • His city burns. Will he fight fire with fire?
  • Saving a city takes a toll


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