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Need for more registration and input by Doctor Who editors — and others. edit

I encourage many of the people who have edited here, or at other pages, whether related to Doctor Who or not, to register a username so as to more effectively voice opinions and to be able to vote in major issues that occur on the wiki in the months and years to come.

At the Village Pump I raised the issue of a need to expand potentials and lessen restrictions on this and other pages. I believe that there is need for extensive discussion and eventually a vote on this matter, within a few months.

I intend to gradually do extensive work on the Doctor Who pages in coming months — adding airdates and links, and doing minor cleanup work. I don't plan to actually add many quotes to the articles initally, but eventually might do so, as I review past episodes of the series in the coming year. I encourage anyone interested in developing the Doctor Who pages more extensively to register a user account here, so as to have more effective influence on policy decisions which need to be confronted in coming months regarding existing guidelines and limitations that have been promoted regarding quotes from TV shows and films, including those of Doctor Who. ~ Kalki (talk · contributions) 06:37, 31 May 2011 (UTC)Reply

Day of the Doctor edit

Hi, I'm the guy that removed the various Day of the Doctor quotes from the pages. I removed them on the basis that most of the lines were not new. (Most of the classic doctor ones, barring that of the first doctors, were just voice clips taken from various episodes, so it isn't even new material. Second the lines are incredibly generic and they don't even express any kind of personality from the doctor they're associated with.They could be switched around at random with little to no change in the actual happenings. Lastly, for a uniting of all 13 doctors, the eighth Doctor isn't even there, no voice clip nor any footage of him, from the movie or Night of the Doctor.

Now when the time comes, I'd be thrilled at least for the part in reference to Capaldi's doctor to be on his page, and for the First Doctor's bit to remain on his page. But to have this dialogue quoted on every page just seems redundant, especially given what I've just mentioned.

I think a better solution to mark the 50th, would be to quote from The Light at the End, which has the first eight Doctors speaking to each other, which I'd be more than happy to add in.

It is redundant, but I do not believe most fans mind such redundancy, and many people who might browse through some of the pages for incarnations of the Doctor might not otherwise encounter the rather interesting and paradoxical situation of 13 manifestations of the same entity combining their energies and efforts to accomplish what most had regarded as an "impossible" task. I believe it is worth keeping on all the pages for the various incarnations of the doctor. ~ Kalki·· 02:09, 30 August 2014 (UTC)Reply
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