Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

1989 film directed by William Shatner

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Paramount Pictures, 1989) is the fifth feature film based on the popular Star Trek science fiction television series. The titular "Final Frontier" refers to transcending the boundaries of our universe, and into the realm of God, truly where no man has gone before.

Directed by William Shatner. Written by William Shatner, Harve Bennett, and David Loughery.
(The greatest Enterprise of all is adventure.)

Dialogue edit

Sybok: Your pain runs deep.
J'onn: What do you know of my pain?
Sybok: Let us explore it together. Each man hides a secret pain. It must be exposed and reckoned with. It must be dragged from the darkness and forced into the light. Share your pain. Share your pain with me, and gain strength for the sharing.
J'onn: Where did you get this power?
Sybok: The power was within you.
J'onn: I feel... as if a weight has been lifted from my heart. How can I repay you for this miracle?
Sybok: Join my quest.
J'onn: What is it you seek?
Sybok: What you seek. What all men have sought since time began. The ultimate knowledge.

Spock: [To Kirk while he is climbing] Concentration is vital. You must be one with the rock.
James T. Kirk: Spock, I appreciate your concern, but if you don't stop bothering me, I'm liable to be one with the (Kirk slips off the rock face) GROUND!

Montgomery Scott: [voiceover] USS Enterprise, shakedown crew's report. I think this new ship was put together by monkeys. Oh, she's got a fine engine, but half the doors won't open, and guess whose job it is to make it right.

Pavel Chekov: Admit - we're lost!
Hikaru Sulu: Alright, we're lost; but we're making good time.
Uhura : [Over communicator] Commander Sulu.
Hikaru Sulu: I don't believe this! Commander Sulu here.
Uhura: Sorry boys; shore leave's been cancelled. Proceed to the beam up point.
Pavel Chekov: Rescued at last! Wait, if you tell them that we're lost we'll never live it down.
Uhura: Is there a problem gentlemen?
Hikaru Sulu: Yes, uh, we've been caught in....we've been caught in a blizzard!
Pavel Chekov: [rolls eyes at Sulu and imitates wind blowing] And we can't see a thing!
Uhura: My visual says sunny skies and seventy degrees.
Pavel Chekov: [Stops blowing, deadpans] Sulu look.....the sun's come's a miracle!
Uhura: Don't worry boys - your secret's safe with me. I'll send a shuttle to pick you up.
Hikaru Sulu: Thanks Uhura, I owe you one!

James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy: Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
James T. Kirk: Life-- Spock, why didn't you jump in?
Spock: I was trying to comprehend the words' meaning.
Leonard McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded Vulcan! The words aren't important. What's important is that you have fun singing it!
Spock: Oh, I am sorry, Doctor. Were we having fun?
Leonard McCoy: God, I liked him better before he died.

Spock: Captain.
James T. Kirk: Spock, we're on leave. You can call me Jim.
Spock: Jim.
James T. Kirk: Yes, Spock?
Spock: Life is not a dream.
James T. Kirk: Go to sleep, Spock.
Spock: Yes, Captain.
James T. Kirk: Good night, Bones.
Leonard McCoy: Good night, Jim.
James T. Kirk: Good night, Spock.
Spock: Good night, Doctor.
James T. Kirk: Good night, Spock.
Spock: Good night, Captain.
James T. Kirk: I don't know... I just don't know.

James T. Kirk: "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by."
Leonard McCoy: Melville.
Spock: John Masefield.
Leonard McCoy: Are you sure about that?
Spock: I am well-versed in the classics, Doctor.
Leonard McCoy: Then how come you don't know Row, Row, Row Your Boat?
[Spock raises both eyebrows]

Montgomery Scott: [about ship status] All I can say is they don't make them like they used to.
James T. Kirk: You told me you could get this ship operational in two weeks. I gave you three, what happened?
Montgomery Scott: I think you gave me too much time, Captain.
James T. Kirk: Very well, Mr Scott. Carry on.
Montgomery Scott: Aye, sir. [spots a nearby engineer] How many times do I have to tell you-- the right tool for the right job!
Leonard McCoy: [laughs] I don't think I've ever seen him happier.
[They enter the turbolift]
Computer: Lev-Lev-Level?
James T. Kirk: Bridge. I hope. I could use a shower.
Spock: [looking at Kirk for several seconds] Yes.

Leonard McCoy: Jim... if you ask me, and you haven't, I think this is a terrible idea. We're bound to bump into the Klingons. And they don't exactly like you.
James T. Kirk: The feeling's mutual. Engine room.
Montgomery Scott: [over the intercom] Scotty here.
James T. Kirk: We'll need all the power you can muster, mister.
Montgomery Scott: Don't you worry, Captain. We'll beat those Klingon devils, even if I have to get out and push.
James T. Kirk: I hope it won't come to that, Mr. Scott.

Uhura: [After performing a titillating fan dance] Hello, boys! I've always wanted to play to a... captive audience! [The guards have fallen for the trap.]
Guards: Awww Damn!

James T. Kirk: Spock!
Spock: Yes, Captain?
James T. Kirk: Be one with the horse.
Spock: Yes, Captain!

James T. Kirk: Prepare to initiate emergency landing plan B.
Pavel Chekov: What's emergency landing plan B?
Montgomery Scott: I don't have a clue.
James T. Kirk: B as in barricade!
Montgomery Scott: He can't be serious!

James T. Kirk: I ordered you to defend your ship!
Spock: You ordered me to kill my brother.
James T. Kirk: The man may be a fellow Vulcan, but that doesn't mean...
Spock: No, you do not understand. Sybok is also a son of Sarek.
James T. Kirk: You mean he's your brother brother? (Spock looks at him quizzically) You made that up!
Spock: I did not.
James T. Kirk: You did too. Sybok couldn't possible be your brother because I happen to know for a fact that you don't have a brother.
Spock: Technically, you are correct. I do not have a brother.
James T. Kirk: There, you see...
Spock: I have a half-brother.
James T. Kirk: [exasperated]I gotta sit down.

James T. Kirk: Damn it, Spock! God damn it!
Spock: Captain, what I have done--
James T. Kirk: What you have done is betray every man on the ship.
Spock: Worse, I have betrayed you. I do not expect you to forgive me.
James T. Kirk: Forgive you? I ought to knock you on your goddamned ass.
Spock: If you think it would help?
Leonard McCoy: You want me to hold him, Jim?
James T. Kirk: You stay out of this.

Leonard McCoy: I'll say one thing, Spock. You never cease to amaze me.
Spock: Nor I myself.

Spock: This is a new brig, Captain. Completely escape-proof. To guarantee that, they used the most intelligent, most resourceful person they could find. He was unable to escape.
James T. Kirk: This person didn't happen to have pointed ears and a propensity for getting his shipmates into trouble, did he?
Spock: He did have pointed ears.

James T. Kirk: [responds to tapping within the wall] What's that noise?
Spock: [tapping continues] I believe it is a primitive form of communication known as Morse Code.
James T. Kirk: You're right. I'm out of practice. That's an "S."
Spock: A "T."
James T. Kirk: "A." "N." Uh, "D." End of word.
Leonard McCoy: "Stand."
James T. Kirk: New word. "B." "A." Um...
Spock: "C." "K."
Leonard McCoy: "Back." "Stand back."
James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy: Stand back?
[The wall explodes]
Montgomery Scott: [peering through the blasted hole] What are you standing around for? Do you not know a jailbreak when you see one?

James T. Kirk: Mr. Scott, you're amazing.
Montgomery Scott: There's nothing amazing about it. [walks away, speaking to himself] I know this ship like the back of my hand. [Klunk!-Smacks into a utility pipe and knocks himself out.]

Sybok: The people of your planet once believed their world was flat. Columbus proved it was round. They said the sound barrier could never be broken. [shrugs] It was broken. They said warp speed could not be achieved.

James T. Kirk: What is this power you have to control the minds of my crew?
Sybok: I don't control minds. I free them.
Leonard McCoy: How?
Sybok: By making you face your pain, and draw strength from it. Once that's done fear cannot stop you.

James T. Kirk: Damn it Bones, you're a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. [to Sybok] I don't want my pain taken away! I need my pain!

James T. Kirk: [to "God"] Excuse me... I just wanted to ask a question. What does God need with a starship?

"God": You doubt me?
James T. Kirk: I seek proof.
Leonard McCoy: Jim, you don't ask the Almighty for his I.D.
"God": Then here is the proof you seek. [shoots Kirk with a lightning bolt]

[The Enterprise is being attacked by Klaa's ship.]
Spock: General, I am in need of your assistance.
Korrd: My assistance?
Spock: You are his superior officer.
Korrd: I am a foolish old man.
Spock: Damn you, sir. You will try.

Spock: I've lost a brother.
James T. Kirk: Yes. I lost a brother once. I was lucky I got him back.
Leonard McCoy: I thought you said men like us don't have families.
James T. Kirk: I was wrong.

James T. Kirk: I've always known I'll die alone.

James T. Kirk: I thought I was going to die. [After the confrontation with the Klingon ship and "God"]
Spock: Not possible. You were never alone.
[Kirk moves to hug Spock, and Spock stops him]
Spock: Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons.

Leonard McCoy: [to "God"] I doubt any god who inflicts pain for his own pleasure.

Leonard McCoy: Is God really out there?
James T. Kirk: Maybe God's not out there, Bones. [Gestures to his chest] Maybe he's right here--human heart.

Cast edit

Cast of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Actor Role
William Shatner Captain James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy Captain Spock
DeForest Kelley Dr. Leonard McCoy
James Doohan Captain Montgomery Scott
George Takei Commander Hikaru Sulu
Walter Koenig Commander Pavel Chekov
Nichelle Nichols Commander Uhura
David Warner St. John Talbot
Laurence Luckinbill Sybok

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