Star Trek: The Animated Series

American animated science fiction television series from 1973–1974

Star Trek: The Animated Series (originally known simply as Star Trek but also known as The Animated Adventures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek) is an animated science fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe following the events of Star Trek: The Original Series of the 1960s.

Season 1 edit

Beyond the Farthest Star [1.1] edit

Uhura: It's beautiful. What kind of people could have built it? To touch even a starship with grace and beauty?
Kirk: A civilization that advanced 300 million years ago before life even emerged on Earth.
McCoy: Barely an instant in eternity, Jim.

Yesteryear [1.2] edit

Sarek: My apologies, visitor. I regret you were witness to that unfortunate display of emotion on the part of my son.
Spock: In the family, all is silence. No more will be said of it. Live long and prosper, Sarek of Vulcan.

One of Our Planets Is Missing [1.3] edit

Spock: The brain could be completely destroyed if we convert the entire ship to energy aimed at the brain's cortex and expend the energy in one mortal strike.
McCoy: That sounds like you're telling us to blow up the ship.
Spock: I believe that is what I just said, Doctor.

The Lorelei Signal [1.4] edit

Spock: The form is humanoid. There are many internal differences. Their bodies appear to function on an unusual psychokinesis level.
McCoy: First time I ever admired a body function.

More Tribbles, More Troubles [1.5] edit

Cyrano Jones: Under space salvage laws, (the Glommer's) mine!
Scotty: A planetary surface isn't covered under space salvage laws. But, if you want the little beastie that bad, Mr. Jones, we'll transport you over with it.
Cyrano Jones: I withdraw my claim!

The Survivor [1.6] edit

Romulan Commander: You appear to have a propensity for trespassing in Neutral Zone, Captain Kirk.
Kirk: It was not deliberate, I assure you.
Romulan Commander: It never is.

The Infinite Vulcan [1.7] edit

Sulu: It's a mobile plant. When it stops, its roots bore back into the ground. They're all over the place. I think it likes me.
Kirk: We always encourage our officers to make friends with the natives.

Spock: I am pleasantly surprised at your capacity for deductive reasoning, Captain. When you are not being bellicose, there appears to be no end to your arsenal of formidable talents.

The Magicks of Megas-tu [1.8] edit

Lucien: This isn't easy, you know. Holding us together like this, it's not even natural.
McCoy: Being in one place is very natural where we come from.
Spock: I find this all quite absorbing, Doctor.
McCoy: Probably because you're not very natural to begin with, Spock.

Spock: Lucien, you alone of all those here do not seem to fear or hate humans. Why?
Lucien: They are like me. With questions to be answered, with minds that range outwards, boundless. But every Megan is always alone in his sphere of knowledge. Humans are always together. They share. That is why I adopted your ship when I saw it arrive.
McCoy: You think Lucien really was the demon some men call Lucifer?

Kirk: Does it really matter, Bones?
Spock: It just might, Captain. If he was, this would be the second time Lucifer was cast out. And thanks to you, the first time he was saved.

Once Upon a Planet [1.9] edit

Spock: The Queen of Hearts and her cards are characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass, Captain.
Kirk: I read the book as a child, Mr. Spock, but I wasn't aware you indulged in the literature of fantasy.
Spock: Light reading is considered relaxing, Captain. My mother was particularly fond of Lewis Carroll's work.

Mudd's Passion [1.10] edit

McCoy: Did I ever tell you about the time I saved Captain Kirk's life? Or Spock's? And my dear friend Scotty. And that pretty little Lt. Uhura. I've saved about everybody on this here ship. If the Enterprise had a heart, I'd save you, too. Now let's talk about your heart, my dear.

The Terratin Incident [1.11] edit

Mendent: I do not know how to beg. I can only request. Save as many of my people as you can.

The Time Trap [1.12] edit

Kaz: Your willingness to work with your old enemy Kirk. It is not like you, Commander. What do you really have in mind?
Kor: You do know me, Kaz. Very well. What would you think of the Enterprise suddenly disintegrated after our duel ship had pierced the time continuum.
Kaz: I would think my commander had maneuvered brilliantly.

Xerius: You will fail.
Kirk: We must try, Xerius. Elysia is, in many respects, a perfect society. But with all its virtues, it is not home. And home with all its faults... is where we prefer to be.

The Ambergris Element [1.13] edit

McCoy: What about you, Spock? What does your logic tell you?
Spock: The captain states the case emotionally, of course, but correctly. I would be of little value to this ship if I am confined to a tank in Sickbay.

The Slaver Weapon [1.14] edit

Spock: Consider. Chuft Captain has been attacked by an herbivorous pacifist, an eater of leaves and roots, one who traditionally does not fight. And the ultimate insult, I left him alive. Chuft Captain's honor is at stake. He must seek personal revenge before he can call for help.
Sulu: That gives us some time. You did plan it that way?
Spock: Of course.

The Eye of the Beholder [1.15] edit

Kirk: The captain of a ship, no matter his rank, must follow the book.
Spock: A capability, I'm afraid, out of the reach of most humans.
McCoy: You Vulcans are the most impossible, unimaginative...
Kirk: Bones, that's not helping the situation.

The Jihad [1.16] edit

Lara: Close
Spock: Far too close, Captain. I appreciate your action on my behalf, but your first duty is to the group and the mission.
Kirk: Quite right, Spock. And that responsibility includes not losing the best science officer in Starfleet.
Sord: You two going to argue honors or are we going to get on with it?

Vedala: We cannot reward you. For the good of the Skorr, this must be forever secret. You have only our thanks.
Sord: Got nowhere to keep a medal, anyway.

Kirk: That's it. End of a long hard journey.
Lara: We still have to go back, James. I'd tell you true, I find you an attractive man. If we were...together, the trip'd be easier. And if anything happened, why... we'd have some green memories.
Kirk: I already have... a lot of green memories.

Season 2 edit

The Pirates of Orion [1.17] edit

McCoy: What's the use of being a doctor anyway? We're only as good as our drugs and technology make us. Underneath all the tricks, I might as well be practicing in the Middle Ages.
Kirk: If you really believed that, Bones, you wouldn't still be a doctor after 25 years.

Bem (Star Trek: The Animated Series) [1.18] edit

Bem: You do not demand punishment?
Alien Entity: Punishment? What is punishment? Revenge? Intelligent beings need no revenge. Punishment is necessary only where learning cannot occur without it. You are behind that. My children here are not. That is why you must leave so as not to corrupt their development with concepts that they are not yet ready for.

Spock': Fascinating, Captain. A highly advanced alien entity using this particular system as a laboratory for guiding another race to intelligence. Almost a god, you might say.
Kirk: Mr. Spock, the difference is meaningless. In comparison, we're all still children.
Bem: In this one's case,Kirk Captain, this one is still an eggling.

The Practical Joker [1.19] edit

Romulan Commander: Turn off those food synthesizers! We're knee-deep in deserts and they're still pouring out!
McCoy: Shall we tell them how they can reverse the effects of the field, Jim?
Kirk: Yes. But later. Let's not spoil their fun just yet.

Albatross [1.20] edit

Kirk: Now, now, Demos. You're hardly in a position to take on an entire crew.
Demos: And you are not in authority to conduct an investigation in our star system.
Kirk: You will remind me to report my conduct to the Federation, won't you, Mr. Spock?
Spock: Of course, Captain.

How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth [1.21] edit

(Kirk is trying to reason with the Kulkukan)
Kirk: If children are made totally dependent on the teachers, they'll never be anything but children.

The Counter-Clock Incident [1.22] edit

Robert April: No matter where I've traveled in the galaxy, Jim, this bridge is more like home than anywhere else.
Kirk: Yes, Commodore, I know the feeling.
Robert April: To me she was always like my child. I was there in the San Francisco navy yards when her unit components were built.

Sarah April: But what about us? We don't have to use the transporter. We can remain young, live our lives over again. You could command a starship once more.
Robert April: What a blessing to be able to live one's life over again. If the life you've lived has left you unfulfilled. No, Sarah, I don't want to live it all over again. I couldn't improve one bit on what we've had together.

About Star Trek: The Animated Series edit

  • The animated series allowed us to have creatures of all kinds (without worrying about funny costumes, zippers or prosthetic makeup) and also to work in environments of any kind. It was very freeing in that respect. We did Star Trek stories; we did not do kiddie stories; we did not dumb down our stories. The restraint was the half hour format - and at that time, it was only 23 to 24 minutes of storytelling time - and we were used to 54 minutes of storytelling time in the hour series. We did have to simplify, but I felt we still were doing Star Trek and being faithful to our audience. Many people (fans) were skeptical about it, but I went to the World Science Fiction Convention in Toronto in September of 1973, with only the animated opening credits to show to an expectant audience. But I have to tell you, when that familiar starship flashed across the screen in the old way, with the music, and with the names of the actors involved - there was a standing ovation.

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