Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

2022 American television series

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022–present) is a science fiction television series based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

Season OneEdit

Ghosts of Illyria [1.03]Edit

Commander Una Chin-Riley: I told Captain Pike the truth about myself, and he defended me. Told me I was exemplary, that he would fight for me. So why do I feel terrible? What if I hadn't saved all those lives? Would the captain feel the same? What would he do if I wasn't a hero? One of the 'good ones'? When will it be enough to just ... be an Illyrian?

Momento Mori [1.04]Edit

Cadet Uhura: Stay awake! Okay? Let's get you talking. Uh... so, an Aenar in Starfleet, how's that even work? Thought you guys were all pacifists.
Hemmer: I actually wanted to be a botanist. I love flora. I will not fight for Starfleet, but I will defend its ideals. Pacifism is not pacivity, it is active protection of all living things in the natural university.

A Quality of Mercy [1.10]Edit

Christopher Pike: Is this some kind of--
Admiral Pike: Joke? No.
Christopher Pike: How am I supposed to believe--
Admiral Pike: That I'm really you?
Christopher Pike: You ever gonna let me get a word in edgewise?
Admiral Pike: I knew you were gonna say that. Does that help?
Christopher Pike: I've been doing this long enough that I'm not gonna take the word of somebody who shows up in my cabin and says he's future me.
Admiral Pike: Mm. Your first pony was named Sir Neighs-a-Lot. He broke his leg in a rainstorm. Your parents had to put him down, and you cried for a week. Ever tell anybody that?
Christopher Pike: It's hard when your tragic backstory starts with--
Admiral Pike: A silly name. Sorry.

Jim Kirk: Did it ever occur to you that sometimes you can't avoid a fight? If you had just chased that Romulan ship from the get-go and taken it out, maybe none of this would've happened.
Christopher Pike: [regards Kirk] You're a good captain, Jim Kirk. Enterprise would be lucky to have you.
Jim Kirk: You thinking of retiring?
Christopher Pike: [chuckles] No. Oh, no. No, not yet.

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