Star Trek: Borg

1996 FMV video game

Star Trek: Borg is an interactive video Star Trek game which places the player in the role of a Starfleet cadet who encounters Q, and is transported to the Battle of Wolf 359.

Dialogue edit

Dr Quint: Why is it always the difficult species that are the most adaptable?
Cllr Biraka: The Borg adapt their environment to suit their needs, true adaptability involves changing oneself to suit their environment.
Dr Quint: I'm so glad you cleared that up(!)

Q: Captain, we're hailing the Borg ship, shields are dropping. (to player) Uh-oh!
Cllr Biraka: There's a tight beam transmission going to the Borg cube, computers uploading data about emergency transporters...
Q: The Borg are firing, we're gonna die! (turns to player in a calm voice) And it's your fault!
[The ship explodes]

[After the player punches Q in the face]
Q: Ow! Oh! What was that for!?
Cllr Biraka: For working so hard to make people dislike you
Q: And why would I do that?
Cllr Biraka: Because you're trying to prove that they actually like you!
Q: Oh, spare me, Counselor, you don't have the tools to analyze me!

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