Star Trek: Enterprise

American science fiction television series

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005), originally simply titled Enterprise, is a science-fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe. It follows the adventures of the crew of the pre-Federation Enterprise (NX-01), the first human-built vessel to achieve Warp 5.

Enterprise was a prequel to the other Star Trek series and movies. (The pilot episode, "Broken Bow", took place in 2151, ten years before the founding of the Federation and about halfway between the events shown in the movie Star Trek: First Contact and the original Star Trek series.)

Season 1 edit

Broken Bow, Part I [1.1] edit

[observing an unconscious Klingon pilot.]
Admiral Leonard: He's a Kling-ot.
Tos: A Kling-on.
Archer: Where'd he come from?
Commander Williams: Oklahoma.

[The Enterprise is formally commissioned]
Admiral Forrest: When Zefram Cochrane made his legendary warp flight 90 years ago and attracted the attention of our new friends the Vulcans, we realized that we weren't alone in the galaxy. Today, we are about to cross a new threshold. for nearly a century we waded ankle-deep in the ocean of space. Now it's finally time to swim. [audience applauds] The Warp-Five engine wouldn't have been a reality without men like Dr. Cochrane and Henry Archer,who worked so hard to develop it, so it's only fitting that Archer's son Jonathan Archer, will command the first starship powered by this engine. [gestures to Archer and nods to him on heading to the vessel to assume command] Rather than quoting Dr. Cochrane I think we should listen to his own words, from the dedication ceremony for the Warp-Five complex, 32 years ago. [screen opens up]
Dr. Zephram Cochrane: On this site, a powerful engine will be built - an engine that will someday help us to travel a hundred times faster than we can today. Imagine it: thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips. And we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds, and seek out new life, and new civilizations. This engine will let us go boldly, where no man has gone before.

Broken Bow, Part II [1.2] edit

[referring to the new phase pistol.]
Reed: There are two settings : stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them.

T'Pol: You both could be killed.
Archer: Am I sensing concern? Last I checked that's considered a emotion.
T'Pol: If anything happens to you, the Vulcan High Command will hold me responsible.

Fight or Flight [1.3] edit

Archer: Captains starlog, May 6, 2151. After helping them recover their dead crewmen, we had the chance to spend some time with the Axanar. Turns out, they're androgynous and live over 400 years. I look forward to meeting them again, under better circumstances. Before we resume our course, I have agreed to make a brief detour.

Phlox: And crewmen Bennett and Tainum over there, do you see them? If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate. Do you think they might let me watch?
Trip: It's good to see you're enjoying yourself.

Strange New World [1.4] edit

Trip: Where did you put the phase pistols?
Travis: You're going to shoot a bug?
Trip: I'm just going to stun it.

Unexpected [1.5] edit

Phlox: Tell me, did your visit to the Xyrillian ship involve any... uh... romance?
Trip: What?
Phlox: Were you intimate with anyone?
Trip: Doc, I was over there to repair a warp reactor. What are you talking about?
Phlox: Seems you did a little more than repair work.
Trip: Meaning?
Phlox: This is a nipple.
Trip: I beg your pardon?
Phlox: Ah, ah, the blastocyst is located between the sixth and seventh intercostals.
Trip: What the hell are you talking about?
Phlox: I'm not quite sure congratulations are in order, Commander, but you're pregnant.

Terra Nova [1.6] edit

T'Pol: My experience with Humans is limited, but I've come to learn that they are quite resourceful.

The Andorian Incident [1.7] edit

Trip: [to T'Pol, regarding Enterprise not being welcome at P'Jem] It's because Vulcans think we smell bad, isn't it?

Shran: [to Archer] We're in your debt.

Breaking the Ice [1.8] edit

[on learning that Tucker has mistakenly decoded one of her private messages.]
T'Pol: You read my letter?
Trip: Believe me, I don't feel very good about it.

Civilization [1.9] edit

Archer: Starfleet could've sent a probe out here to make maps and take pictures, but they didn't. They sent us so that we could explore with our own senses.

Fortunate Son [1.10] edit

[discussing about Travis parent's cargo ship.]
T'Pol: The Earth cargo ship Fortunate . Y-class freighter. Maximum speed: warp one point eight. Crew complement: twenty-three.
Travis: Not counting newborn babies.
Archer: Ensign?
Travis: I grew up on a J-class, a little smaller but the same basic design. And one thing I can tell you is that at warp one point eight, you've got a lot of time on your hands between ports. That's how my parents wound up with me.
T'Pol: Do you have any helpful information on this vessel beyond its recreational activities?

Cold Front [1.11] edit

Archer: (to Silik) You keep saying you're here to help us. But I can't stop wondering what kind of genetic enhancements you'll get for bringing back that little prize? Eyes in the back of your head? A pair of wings?

Trip: (about Daniels) I always knew we'd be meeting people from other planets, but... other centuries?

Silent Enemy [1.12] edit

Archer: You're sure there's nothing down there?
T'Pol: Yes, Captain.
Archer: Not even a microbe? I don't want to blow up something that could evolve into a sentient species in a couple of billion years.

Dear Doctor [1.13] edit

Archer: I have reconsidered. I spent the whole night reconsidering, and what I've decided goes against all my principles. Someday my people are going to come up with some sort of a doctrine, something that tells us what we can and can't do out here, should and shouldn't do. But until somebody tells me that they've drafted that directive, I'm going to have to remind myself every day that we didn't come out here to play God.

Sleeping Dogs [1.14] edit

[after boarding a damaged Klingon ship and finding several Klingons unconscious on the bridge.]
Hoshi: Shouldn't we try to help them?
T'Pol: They don't want our help.
Hoshi: How do you know?
T'Pol: They're Klingons.

[the Klingon Captain waking up in sickbay.]
Bu'kaH: I've never seen your kind before, but you have made an enemy of the Klingon Empire.
Archer: From what I've noticed, that's not hard to do.

Shadows of P'Jem [1.15] edit

Shuttlepod One [1.16] edit

[Lt. Reed and Cmdr. Tucker have drunk a whole bottle of bourbon, and are talking about Sub-Cmdr. T'Pol.]
Reed: I think she's pretty.
Trip: Oh, God.
Reed: You ever noticed her bum?
Trip: What?
Reed: Her bum. She's got an awfully nice bum.
Trip: [toasts] To Subcommander T'Pol.
Reed: Awfully nice.

Trip: It can giggle all it wants, the galaxy's not gettin' any of our bourbon.

Fusion [1.17] edit

T'Pol: (about the crew of the Vahklas) Just because they smile and eat chicken, doesn't mean they have learned to master their emotions.

Rogue Planet [1.18] edit

T'Pol: (regarding Archer's behaviour in seeking a very beautiful woman) I wonder if you would be so determined to find this apparition if it were a scantily-clad man.

Archer: (regarding the woman and the aliens who were chasing her) She may just be something I envisioned a long time ago, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let anyone shoot her.

Acquisition [1.19] edit

Ulis: Rule of Acquisition number twenty-three: "Nothing is more important than your health... except for your money."

Krem: I've memorized all 172 Rules of Acquisition. Including the most important one: "A man is only worth the sum of his possessions."
Archer: Back on my homeworld, that kind of thinking almost destroyed our civilization.
Krem: You should have managed your businesses better.

Oasis [1.20] edit

Trip: What if she gets sick, will you create a holographic doctor...? That's crazy!

Detained [1.21] edit

Trip: A Vulcan lawyer! He'd be better off getting the electric chair.

Grat: Have you had a chance to reconsider? I'm willing to compromise, captain. Just tell me what you know about Silik.
Archer: Well... He's about this tall. Little on the scrawny side. Bad teeth.

Vox Sola [1.22] edit

Archer:(Watching a game of water polo) Oh, number eight on Texas just fouled one of my boys. He's gonna be ejected for 20 seconds.
Tucker: Is that fair? It gives your guys an advantage.
Archer: Well, that's the point. I don't suppose it'd be practical to put a pool on the ship.
Tucker: I wouldn't wanna be taking a swim if the gravity plating went off-line.
Archer: No. No.

Fallen Hero [1.23] edit

Mazarite Captain: Just giving you friendly warning: are you aware your engines are overheating?
Archer:: So are yours.

Desert Crossing [1.24] edit

Two Days and Two Nights [1.25] edit

[Mayweather has broken his leg on an alien planet and returned to the ship.]
T'Pol: Why didn't you let them finish treating you on the surface?
Travis: Have you ever been to an alien hospital?
T'Pol: Yes, in San Francisco.

Trip: You think this is my fault?
Reed: You were willing to follow two strange aliens into a basement.
Trip: Gorgeous aliens! Don't forget they were gorgeous!
Reed: They were male.
Trip: Not at first!

Shockwave [1.26] edit

Tucker: With all due respect sir... This is a level of quantum engineering that's beyond anything I ever learned. How the hell do you know this?
Archer: Remember Crewman Daniels?
Tucker: Yeah. I saw him get vaporized by our friend Silik.
Archer: Well for a cloud of vapor, he's one wealth of information. I just spent 2 hours with him.

Future Guy: Have your ships bring me Archer, allow Enterprise to continue.
Silik: But we need to recover the disks!
Future Guy: Archer. You know what happened the last time you failed me.

Season 2 edit

Shockwave [2.1] edit

Archer: When I was in my early 20s on a trip to East Africa, I saw a gazelle giving birth. It was truly amazing. Within minutes, the baby was standing up... standing up on its own. A few more minutes, and it was walking. And before I knew it, it was running alongside its mother, moving away with the herd. Humans aren't like that, Ambassador. We may come from the same planet as those gazelles, but we're pretty much helpless when we're born. It takes us months before we're able to crawl. Almost a full year before we can walk. Our deep space mission isn't much different. We're going to stumble, make mistakes. I'm sure more than a few before we find our footing. But we're going to learn from those mistakes. That's what being Human is all about. I'm sorry you can't see that.

Carbon Creek [2.2] edit

Trip: Do realize you've just rewritten our history books?
T'Pol: A footnote at best.
Trip: Footnote? This is like finding out Neil Armstrong wasn't the first man to walk on the moon.
T'Pol: Perhaps he wasn't.

Minefield [2.3] edit

Reed: (Archer is about to give Reed an anesthetic) I hope that's an anesthetic.
Archer: Phlox's own recipe.
Reed: Ahhhh.... Please sir, may I have some more?

Dead Stop [2.4] edit

Trip: [sampling a replicated pan-fried catfish] Cap'n, you gotta try this.
Archer: Thanks, but I'll stick with whatever Chef's serving.

A Night in Sickbay [2.5] edit

Archer: Doctor, are you alright?
Phlox: Oh I'm sorry captain, did I wake you? Just trimming my toenails.. They grow quite rapidly. Have to keep them groomed neatly at least once a week.

Marauders [2.6] edit

T'Pol: (listening from afar) Tessic is explaining that the yield is not what they hoped. (pause)
Trip: Good ears!

The Seventh [2.7] edit

Archer: (about the arrest of Menos) Why did you want me here?
T'Pol: Because I trust you.
Archer: Then trust me- you were sent to apprehend him, not to judge him.

The Communicator [2.8] edit

General Gosis: Dr. Temec has a theory about where you come from. I found it hard to believe until I saw this; it was taken by one of our reconnaissance pilots early this morning. He said the craft was traveling at very high speed.
Dr. Temec': None of the other planets in our system is capable of supporting life. Where do you come from?
General Gosis: Our scientists tell me it's unlikely a craft of this could have traveled from another star system. They suspect a larger craft must be nearby, perhaps even orbiting our planet. Tell me your orders! Have you made contact with The Alliance?

Singularity [2.9] edit

T'Pol: Are you feeling alright Commander?
Trip: ...I know you don't think this chair is important, but you're wrong. What's the most critical component on this ship? The main computer? The Warp Reactor? Huh...?! It's the crew. And the most important member of the crew is the captain. He makes life and death decisions every day, and the last thing he needs to be thinking in a critical situation is: 'Gee! I wish this chair wouldn't such pain in the ass!'

Vanishing Point [2.10] edit

Phlox: Transporter technology is very new. I'm sure Humans were equally frightened when the automobile was introduced, or the airplane. New forms of transport take a while to get used to. I'm not at all surprised at your reaction. You wouldn't catch me using that apparatus.

Hoshi: Ever since I used that transporter, nothing has been the way that it's supposed to be. I couldn't translate a simple bimodal syntax but Crewman Baird could. Crewman Baird doesn't know the first thing about our linguistic database! And Captain Archer told me to stay in my quarters, but my mirror doesn't want to give me a solid reflection and my shower can't decide whether to bounce off me or go through me! And nobody wants to talk to me.

Precious Cargo [2.11] edit

[while in the escape pod, Trip tastes the food Kaitaama discovered in a storage locker.]
Kaitaama: Is it edible?
Trip: Depends how hungry you are.

Kaitaama: Is your entire species so ill mannered?
Trip: Nope...just me.

Cease Fire [2.15] edit

Archer: No offense, but my ears are less likely to draw fire than yours.
Soval: [to T'Pol] What is their fixation with our ears?
T'Pol: I believe that they are envious.

Trip: I don't like pushing the engines to 110%.
T'Pol: They are rated for 120.
Trip: My underwear's flame-retardant, but it doesn't mean I want to set fire to myself to prove it.

Archer: I believe someone once defined a compromise as a solution that neither side is happy with.
Shran: In that case, these talks have been extremely successful.

Soval: [to Archer] Captain. Your presence here has not been... overly meddlesome. [leaves the briefing room with T'Pol and his aide]
Shran: I think he likes you, Pink-Skin.
Archer: I wouldn't go that far.

Judgment [2.19] edit

Kolos: My father was a teacher... my mother, a biologist at the university. They encouraged me to take up the law. Now, all young people want to do is take up weapons as soon as they can hold them. They're told there's honor in victory, any victory, but what honor is there in a victory over a weaker opponent? [...] We were a great society not so long ago when honor was earned through integrity and acts of true courage, not senseless bloodshed.

Horizon [2.20] edit

Trip: We're going to be showing three of the greatest horror movies ever made - Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Son of Frankenstein. We might even throw in Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein.

The Breach [2.21] edit

Phlox: (to the injured Antaran) I have tried to treat you with respect, but I refuse to listen to these insults. You're the reason we haven't been able to put the past behind us. You've kept this hatred alive. No Denobulan would want to be in the same room as you.

Cogenitor [2.22] edit

Archer: (to Trip) You knew you had no business interfering with those people, but you just couldn't let it alone. You thought you were doing the right thing. I might agree if this was Florida or Singapore, but it's not, is it? We're in deep space and a person is dead -- a person who'd still be alive if we hadn't made first contact.

Malcolm: There's an old Earth expression: I'll show you mine if... (cough) you show me yours.

Regeneration [2.23] edit

Archer: (talking about Zefram Cochrane) He was giving a commencement address at Princeton when he started to talk about what really happened during First Contact. He mentioned a group of cybernetic creatures from the future who tried to stop his first warp flight when he was living in Montana. He said they were defeated by a group of humans, who were also from the future.
T'Pol: As I recall, Cochrane was famous for his imaginative stories. He was also known to be frequently intoxicated.

First Flight [2.24] edit

Robinson: (to Archer) You're a great pilot. Maybe as good as me. But you're never gonna get out into deep space by playing it safe. When the first warp 5 starship is built, it's captain won't be able to call home every time he needs to make a decision. He won't be able to turn to the Vulcans... unless he decides to take one with him.

Bounty [2.25] edit

T'Pol: There's no need to be restrained by human morality.

The Expanse [2.26] edit

Phlox: (to T'Pol) It's interesting. You and I, the only aliens on board this vessel. To go or to stay. For me, it was a simple question of loyalty toward the Captain and the sad realization that he'll need me more than ever on such a crucial mission. But for you, it's a more difficult decision. Does your allegiance lie with the High Command or with Captain Archer?

Trip: I can't wait to get in there, Captain. Find the people who did this. And tell me we won't be tip-toein' around. None of that non-interference crap T'Pol's always shovin' down our throats. Maybe it's a good thing she's leavin'.
Archer: We'll do what we have to, Trip. Whatever it takes.

Season 3 edit

The Xindi [3.1] edit

Archer: (in an alien sewer) Sewage takes on a whole new meaning when it comes from a dozen different species.

Anomaly [3.2] edit

[Trip is looking for another treatment for his insomnia.]
Phlox: There is Aldebaran mud leeches.
Trip: What the hell am I supposed to do with those?
Phlox: Place one on your chest and one on your abdomen an hour before going to bed. Their secretions act as a natural sedative. Oh, uh, please be careful to sleep on your back. If you roll over, you might anger them.
Trip: Maybe an hour a night with T'pol isn't so bad.

Extinction [3.3] edit

Archer: Captain's starlog, supplemental. We've given Phlox's serum to the captain of the containment vessel. With any luck, they'll be able to use it to prevent future outbreaks. As for Malcolm, Hoshi, and me, it may be a few days before we feel fully human again.

Archer: We came out here to stop the Xindi from destroying humanity. I'll be damned if I have a hand in destroying another race in the process.

Rajiin [3.4] edit

Trip: (holding spice) On our planet, wars were fought over these.

Impulse [3.5] edit

T'pol: I know you can't keep me here. So just put me on the next M-Class planet we find!
Archer: No.
T'pol: Why not?!?!
Archer: Because I can't save humanity, without holding on to the things that make me human.

Exile [3.6] edit

Archer: (After Archer asks Trip how long it would take him to reinforce a shuttlepod with Trellium) You might wanna stay clear of the launch bay for the next couple of days.
T'Pol: Indeed.

The Shipment [3.7] edit

Gralik: You burst into my home, show me some twisted piece of metal, and tell me it proves I'm a mass murderer? I've never seen your species before, I've never heard of a planet called Earth, and whether you believe me or not, I had nothing to do with killing millions of its inhabitants.

Twilight[3.8] edit

T'Pol: In the corridor, when the anomaly hit, I urged you to leave me behind. If you had, it's likely I'd be the one suffering from this condition.
Archer: Fortunately, I don't take orders from you.

North Star[3.9] edit

Bethany: You must think we're barbaric. All the things humanity's accomplished--building ships like this, traveling to other worlds and we're still down there shooting each other.
Archer: The progress on Earth, it didn't happen overnight.
Bethany: But it was progress all the same. You've managed to change. We haven't. Even if you could take us back, I don't think we're ready.
Archer: It may be a while before we're able to start sending ships here. My guess is, by the time they arrive they'll find things have changed.

Similitude [3.10] edit

T'Pol: Symbiots are living, conscious entities. We'll be growing a sentient being for the sole purpose of harvesting tissue.
Archer: I'm aware of the ethical implications. If we weren't in the Expanse, maybe my decision would be different, but... we've got to complete this mission. Earth needs Enterprise. Enterprise needs Trip. It's as simple as that.

Archer: I don't have to tell you what's at stake. I must complete this mission. And to do that, I need Trip. Trip! I'll take whatever steps necessary to save him.
Sym: Even if it means killing me?
Archer: Even if it means killing you.
Sym: You're not a murderer.
Archer: Don't make me one.

Archer: The most difficult test facing any captain, any crew, is the loss of a shipmate. We've come here to honor one of our own. In the time we knew him, he showed us just how much one life can truly matter. We will never forget what he did for us and for the ship he loved so much. We will go forward with renewed determination to complete this mission, so that his sacrifice won't just have been for the people on this ship, but for all the citizens of Earth.

Carpenters Street[3.11] edit

T'Pol: We just traveled 90 light years back to Earth?
Archer: And 150 years into the past.
T'Pol: Forgive me if I'm not entirely convinced.
Archer: You will be.

Chosen Realm[3.12] edit

Archer: These people you're fighting, what makes them heretics?
Yarrick: We believe the Makers created the Chosen Realm in nine days. They believe it took ten.
Archer: For that you've been at war for over a century?

Proving Ground [3.13] edit

Archer: Why are you here?
Shran: Your world is in jeopardy and where are your friends, the Vulcans? Where is their mighty fleet? They couldn't even spare one officer. She was forced to abandon her career to remain on your ship. A remarkably selfless act... for a Vulcan.

Archer: Give us the (Xindi) weapon.
Shran: I respect your perseverance, but you don't think you'll actually be able to take it from us.
Archer: No. I think you're going to give it to us... willingly.
Shran: [amused] Ha, ha. I should've warned you. Don't drink too much of that Andorian ale in one sitting.

Stratagem[3.14] edit

Degra: (to Archer, about the Xindi probe) When it arrived in your star system, I watched the incoming telemetry with the other members of the council. Seven million lives... were extinguished in front of my eyes. I asked myself, 'How many of those were children?'

Harbinger[3.15] edit

Archer: You weren't sent here against your will. You knew exactly what your mission was. What were your people trying to do?! You tried to destroy my ship! Why?! Answer me!
The Alien: When the Xindi destroy Earth, my people will prevail!

Doctor's Orders[3.16] edit

Trip: No offense, Doc, but under normal circumstances I wouldn't even let you in here without four years of Starfleet training under your belt.
Phlox: These are hardly normal circumstances.

Hatchery[3.17] edit

Reed: Are you planing on shooting me, Major?
Hayes: It's not you I'm worried about.

Azati Prime[3.18] edit

Archer: I've always been much better at avoiding farewells than giving them so I'm not even gonna try. But I'm going to ask all of you to think back to the day when this ship was first launched. We were explorers then. When all this is over, when Earth is safe, I want you to get back to that job. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy. We've only explored a tiny fraction. You have a lot of work to do. Of all the captains who will sit in this chair, I can't imagine any of them being more proud than I am right now.

Damage[3.19] edit

Illyrian Captain: You're stranding us three years from home. Why are you doing this?
Archer: Because I have no choice.

Archer: (to T'Pol) We've had our share of disagreements, but you've never taken it out on my desk before.

The Forgotten [3.20] edit

Trip: Every time I start I hear myself sayin', 'What a fine young woman she was. How... how smart and full of potential.' And I realize I'm not thinkin' about Taylor at all. I'm thinkin' about Elizabeth. So many people dead. I tried not to see her any differently than the other seven million, so I spent the last nine months tryin' to pretend she was just another victim. But she's my sister, T'Pol. My baby sister! I envy you Vulcans.
T'Pol: You think that the loss of a colleague or a friend doesn't affect us? It does, but if we give in to those emotions, they overwhelm us. You're the ones to be envied.

Archer: We're in bad shape. I can't deny that, but we're still in one piece. Enterprise is a tough ship. She took more then anyone could ask her to and then some. And so have all of you. I wanted to say thank you. I only wish I could thank the eighteen crewmen who were lost. Like you, they understood how important our mission is and they accepted the risks. We came into the Expanse not knowing what we'd find. With no one to rely on but ourselves, but we're going to succeed. To accomplish our mission. For everyone on Earth who's relying on us, and for the eighteen.

[3.21] edit

Trip: Only in the Expanse could I have a son who's nearly three times my age.

The Council [3.22] edit

Commander Dolim: (after stabbing Degra) The crew of that ship are the last Xindi you'll ever betray.

Commander Dolim: (After stabbing Degra) When the humans have been eliminated, when the Council has been replaced by Reptilian rule, I am going to find your wife and children and do the same to them. Your traitorous bloodline will end at the tip of my blade.

Countdown[3.23] edit

Archer: Enterprise may be coming apart at the seams, but I can't say the same for the crew. After nearly eight months in the Expanse they're ready to do what they came to do. No matter what it takes, no matter what the cost.

Zero Hour[3.24] edit

Shran: And tell Archer we're not even any more! He owes me!

Season 4 edit

Storm Front [4.1] edit

Storm Front [4.2] edit

Silik: (to Archer) You've proven a worthy opponent, Captain. I would have preferred to die fighting you. But I suppose I can settle for this.

Home [4.3] edit

Soval: Captain, your actions, while being morally questionable... were necessary. I opposed your appointment as captain of the Enterprise, but it's obvious now I was wrong. T'Pol told me that the Expanse would have someday encompassed hundreds of systems, including Vulcan. You've done a great service for both our worlds... Thank you.

Archer: I've been told that people are calling us heroes. When it comes to my crew, you won't get any argument from me. But I think that it's important that we remember the heroes who aren't with us -- the 27 crewmen who didn't make it back. Without their sacrifice, I wouldn't be standing here now; none of us would. But I'm sure I speak on behalf of my entire crew when I say -- it's good to be home.

Borderland edit

Orion Slaver: You are now the property of the Orion syndicate. Break the rules and you will suffer. Obey the rules and you will suffer less.

Malik: To quote one of your philosophers, Nietzsche... "Mankind is something to be surpassed."
Archer: You think he was talking about you?

Cold Station 12 edit

(Archer shoots an Augment three times in order to stun him)
Malcolm: If that's what it takes to stun them, what have you got to do to kill them?

The Augments edit

Trip: (to T'Pol) Come on. It's not like we would have made an ideal couple. A Vulcan and a Human? Romeo and Juliet probably stood a better chance.

The Forge edit

Soval: Of all the species we've made contact with, yours is the only one we can't define. You have the arrogance of the Andorians, the stubborn pride of Tellerites. One moment you're as driven by your emotions as Klingons and the next you confound us by suddenly embracing logic.

Admiral Forrest: Ambassador,... Are Vulcans afraid of humans? [Soval says nothing] Why?
Soval: Because there is one species you remind us of.
Admiral Forrest: [realizing] Vulcans.
Soval: We had our wars, Admiral. Just as humans did. Our planet was devastated, our civilization nearly destroyed. Logic saved us. But it took almost fifteen hundred years for us to rebuild our world and travel to the stars. You humans did the same in less than a century. There are those on the High Command who wonder what humans would achieve in the century to come. And they don't like the answer.
Admiral Forrest: We're not the Klingons. We only want to be your partners. To do what the nations of Earth have learned to do. To work together in common cause.

[T'Pol and Archer discuss the lost writings of Surak, the father of Vulcan logic.]
T'Pol: Over the centuries, his followers made copies of his teachings.
Archer: Let me guess — with the originals lost, whatever's left is open to interpretation.
T'Pol: You find this amusing?
Archer: I find it familiar.
  • A possible reference to the books of the Bible and other religious works.

Awakening edit

Trip: I never got the impression you cared that much about humans. Seems like you were always finding something new to complain about.
Soval: I lived on Earth for more than 30 years, Commander. In that time I developed an affinity for your world and its people.
Trip: You did a pretty good job of hiding it.
Soval: Thank you.

Kir'Shara edit

Soval: You must know that torture is rarely effective against Vulcans. Our mental disciplines allow us to suppress pain.
Shran: Our security division has had a great deal of experience extracting information from Vulcan operatives. This machine doesn't cause physical discomfort. It uses a neurosynaptic field to lower your emotional threshold. (Soval groans) How do you feel? I've seen Vulcans who were broken by this device. They were never the same again. I have no desire to see that happen to you. Where is your fleet?!
Soval: I told you! Our ships are assembling near Regulus! Release me!
Shran: I can't. Not until I'm certain you've told us the truth.
Soval: Then I suggest you increase the setting and get this over with.

Daedalus edit

[Trip primps his uniform in anticipation of Dr. Erickson's arrival.]
Archer: Want a mirror?
Trip: You got a mean streak in you, you know that?

Emory: Those early days were pretty terrifying. I'm lucky to be alive.
Trip: Is it true you were the first person to go through?
Emory: I wasn't about to let anyone else do it.
Trip: You must have been scared.
Emory: Terrified. That original transporter took a full minute and a half to cycle through. Felt like a year. You could actually feel yourself being taken apart and put back together. When I materialized, first thing I did was lose my lunch. [Trip laughs] Second thing I did was get stone drunk. Trick I learned from Zefram Cochrane. Now there was a man who knew the benefits of a little "liquid courage."

Observer Effect edit

Trip: You're a genius. The way you can pick up an alien language you've never heard before and start spouting it back to them. I got to tell you, I've always been jealous you can do that.
Hoshi: I wish I could fix warp engines with duct tape and a pocketknife.
Trip: It's a bit more complicated than that... sometimes.

Babel one edit

Shran: (to Archer) Your desire for a peaceful resolution is blinding you from the truth.
T'Pol: Commander, perhaps...
Shran: I've heard enough from you! Vulcans are expert liars, perhaps your people are behind this.

United edit

Shran: You're not especially difficult to work with. Unlike Tellarites, you understand ethics and you try to live by them.
Archer: "Try"?
Shran: Well, nobody's perfect.

The Aenar edit

Shran: The Vulcans say that the desert teaches men the meaning of endurance, but it's the ice that forges real strength.

Phlox: [speaking to Trip about love] This is one ailment that is universally untreatable. You'll have to suffer through it.

Affliction edit

T'Pol: What are you doing here?
Trip: I was about to ask you the same thing. Is this a daydream?
T'Pol: I'm meditating. This is where I go in my mind.
Trip: Wow, I'd think you'd pick somewhere a bit more interesting. Like the beach, or those fire plains you showed me.
T'Pol: Please leave.
Trip: Exactly where am I supposed to go?
T'Pol: Away.
Trip: This is my daydream. You go away.

Divergence edit

Trip: Somebody hasn't been taking very good care of my engines.
T'Pol: Speak with the Klingons.

Bound edit

Captain Harrad-Sar: You have acquired something of a reputation, Captain.
Archer: Favorable, I hope.
Harrad-Sar: Well, you're wanted in the Klingon Empire, the Orion Syndicate. I don't know. I would've imagined such a man would have a more... robust appetite.
Archer: With all those people after me, I need to stay quick on my feet. [puts down his nearly-full plate of food]

T'Pol: (about the Orion women being in control) It proves that even the most disagreeable species have some positive attributes.

In a Mirror, Darkly edit

Mirror Captain Forrest: This isn't like you, Jonathan. You never lusted for power and glory. That's why I trusted you at my side all these years, because you have no ambition.

In a Mirror, Darkly edit

Archer: Great men are not peacemakers. Great men are conquerors!

Demons edit

Phlox: (on Trip's yet-to-be-seen daughter) You'll also be interested to know that she has your eyes and T'Pol's ears.

Terra Prime edit

Archer: Up until about 100 years ago, there was one question that burned in every human, that made us study the stars and dream of traveling to them. Are we alone? Our generation is privileged to know the answer to that question. We are all explorers driven to know what's over the horizon, what's beyond our own shores. And yet the more I've experienced, the more I've learned that no matter how far we travel, or how fast we get there, the most profound discoveries are not necessarily beyond that next star. They're within us, woven into the threads that bind us, all of us, to each other. A final frontier begins in this hall. Let's explore it together.

These Are the Voyages... edit

(In Main Engineering)
Trip: ...Been a hell of a run, Malcolm. never thought it would come to an end.
Reed: All good things. Captain thinks there'll be another Enterprise before too long.
Trip: I imagine.
(Final words of Star Trek: Enterprise)
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
Captain James Tiberius Kirk: explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations...
Captain Jonathan Archer: ... To boldly go where no man has gone before.

About edit

  • Things were dictated by the times, by it being post-9/11, but I wanted us to hopefully get back to having a little bit more fun on the show and to get out of that whole Xindi thing. That would have been fun. I think we were pointing in that direction. I think the group was ready to go. The cast was ready to get there, and I think we could have had a blast. But we just didn’t get to go there. And I wanted Archer to kind of grow up and lighten up a little bit.
  • Q: The prequel concept sounded so promising, but fans never embraced Enterprise the way they had the other shows. Assuming you agree with that statement, why didn’t Trek fans connect with Enterprise to the same degree they had the previous series?
Berman: I think everything you just said is true. I think Enterprise was embraced, but by certainly a smaller audience. It was not embraced by a lot of people. There are a lot of different guesses one could make about why. I always felt that whoever came up with the term “franchise fatigue” was right, that there was definitely some of that. There was just too much going on at the same time. By then, DS9 had ended, Voyager was still on the air, a third TNG movie was coming out, and there was definitely a feeling that maybe we were pushing it. “Oh, my God, here comes another Star Trekshow.” It was the fourth Star Trek series in a decade. The prequel idea I think was a good idea. After Voyager we certainly weren’t going to say, “OK, now it’s time for a new show. Voyager is going to go off the air in May and in September you’re going to get a new crew on a new ship in the same century.” The idea of going back and learning a little something about what went on for the very first people who were stepping out into space… it seemed to us to be a great idea. Scott Bakula had a good relationship with Kerry McCluggage, who was running the studio at that point, and he was the first big name that seemed to be interested in doing a series for us. He was an actor who I’d enjoyed in his previous series. So we thought that we’d put together something that, again, was fresh and unique and with some wonderful new actors (around Bakula). The show certainly had a great start. It got very good reviews and it had a huge audience for the first half a dozen episodes and then it started to slip. I could take the blame for it. I could put the blame into the scripts. I could put the blame into franchise fatigue. I don’t know why it didn’t work.
  • TrekCore: What were the things on Enterprise that you really wanted to do in the fifth season? The biggest tragedy is when it got cut short. Where were you going to take it?
Brannon Braga: Well, Manny Coto had taken over the reins of Enterprise at that point, I was doing some other show for CBS, we were going to continue on with the Mirror Universe, in a major way, I think the Cold War thing would have continued, but Manny Coto, who’s a great guy to interview, he had some big plans for the Mirror Universe.
The Mirror Universe episodes were very successful. The Mirror Universe of the movie First Contactwhere Zephram Cochrane blows away the Vulcan with a shotgun? I mean, when I saw that, it was like, “This should just be a whole season!” There were some pretty big things we discussed.
TrekCore: I know there’s a large body of work on Voyager and Enterprise where we see the writers credited as ‘Brannon Braga and Rick Berman’. When did that partnership develop between you guys? What was Rick’s input; what was yours?
Brannon Braga: Rick was involved with the writing of every episode. He gave incredibly detailed notes on every episode, so his hand as the ultimate executive producer of the show, for better or worse, depending on who you talk to – I think for the better, there were ideas that he’s not credited with, that would make episodes. It would just make them.
I don’t know why we decided to write the pilot of Enterprise together, the first time we wrote together. We were working out the story; beating out the story, scene by scene, and one of us just said, “We’re practically writing this together. Let’s do it!” We had a great time, here’s how it worked: we’d come up with the story, lay it out, and they we would sit in a room together. I would type, he’d sit on the couch, and we’d just write the episode.
  • It (the romance with Tucker) was so monotonous. There were a lot of feelings, but nothing ever happened. We repeated the same story over and over. Either make it a relationship or don't, but you can't walk this line forever. It's boring.
  • I had assumptions, and we all know what happens when we assume. I assumed that the ending would be about our show and not a wrap-up of the conglomerate.
  • We started out with 13 million viewers on the pilot, and we somehow managed to drive 11 million of them away.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise was the first Trek series to appear after 9/11, and reflected these new realities. The prequel series crew stumbled as they confronted all manner of unfamiliar civilizations, and did not even get along with the Vulcans very well. Then, in season three a 9/11-style attack on Earth forced Starfleet to launch an expedition to go after the shadowy Xindi, who had launched the strike. Making the Xindi potentially scary was the consortium nature of their alliance, including humanoid, arboreal, insectoid and aquatic species. Just as al Qaeda was an international terrorist consortium, the Xindi was more dangerous together than separately — a fact the Enterprise crew use to pry away some of the species from the organization.
  • There was a flood of letters from every corner of the world advocating for this Excelsior series and then Paramount suddenly decided they didn’t want fan advice or participation and went ahead and did what they wanted to anyway with Enterprise which was a disastrous failure.
  • Well, Enterprise too was literally going in the wrong direction. Gene was always forward looking and in terms of drama he wanted the shock of the new: new life, new civilizations. When you go backward people start nitpicking at the cannon and the technology.

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