Leonard Nimoy

American actor (1931–2015)

Leonard Simon Nimoy (March 26, 1931February 27, 2015) was an American actor, film director, photographer, author, singer, and songwriter. He was known for his role as Mr. Spock of the Star Trek franchise, a character he portrayed in television and film from a pilot episode (shot in late 1964) to his final film performance (released in 2013).

Leonard Nimoy (2011)


  • Live long and prosper!
    • A reoccurring saying by the alien race Vulcans in the science fiction television show 'Star Trek. It first appeared in the season two premiere Amok Time (1967). Leonard Nimoy coined it according to his autobiography I am not Spock (1975).
  • I'm much more emotional than Mr. Spock. Spock rarely betrays what he is thinking or feeling. He's fun to portray. But I hope I won't explode one of these days.
    • "Leonard Nimoy's Confessions About His Emotions", TV And Movie Play magazine (1967)
  • I considered acting an opportunity to express emotions—and I took advantage of every opportunity l got. It took me a long time to discover that restraint can be admirable. Restraint, however, does not mean lack of emotion. The thing that irks me is lack of emotion trying to pass for restraint. Lack of emotion is pathological; restraint is civilized.
    • "Leonard Nimoy's Confessions About His Emotions", TV And Movie Play magazine (1967)
  • If he (Spock) didn’t have any emotions, he wouldn't be interesting. Actually, Spock does have a sense of compassion though he won't allow himself to believe that. I admire his logic. It's so uncluttered. I appreciate the ability to be precise. I like to think that I am logical—but sometimes I look back and wonder if the things I do are logical.
    • "Leonard Nimoy's Confessions About His Emotions", TV And Movie Play magazine (1967)
  • I am very troubled by this horrible issue of "who is a Jew?" I'm very simplistic about it. I ask, if Hitler were here, would he consider me a Jew? And of course he'd say yes, and that's the end of that. If we were all in line to go to Auschwitz, would the Orthodox pull us out of line and say, "You're not a Jew"?
  • "In the same book (I Am Not Spock), I said if I was given a chance to identify with any character on television, I would choose Spock. I admire him, I like him and I respect him. I would rather be identified with Spock than any other character on television. But the mistake I made was in using that title, 'I Am Not Spock,' as the title of the book. People assumed I was rejecting Spock and Star Trek but they didn't read the book. If you read the book, you'll find quite the opposite."
    • Star Trek: The Magazine (2012)
  • A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP

A Lifetime of Love: Poems on the Passages of Life

  • I believe in goodness
    Mercy and charity
    I believe in a universal spirit
    I believe in casting bread
    Upon the waters
  • Whatever we are
    We belong together
    Wherever we are
    We will find each other
    Whoever we are
    We are
    Forever one.

These Words Are for You (1981)

  • The miracle is this
    The more we share...
    The more
    We have
    • "You and I have Learned".
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