Star Trek: Short Treks

spin-off miniseries

Star Trek: Short Treks (2018-2020) is a science fiction television series based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

Season One edit

Runaway [1.1] edit

Sylvia Tilly: I will remember to expect nothing... even from this espresso. Espresso - I release you.

Sylvia Tilly: There was a hormonal space rabbit. He escaped from the lab and then he got loose in here... He's got mood swings.

Sylvia Tilly: When the people who are supposed to care about you don't listen to you, it's frightening and it's lonely and it makes you feel like you're crazy or like you're like, not even there.

Calypso [1.2] edit

Craft: Zora? I don’t know where you are or exactly what you are. I don't know if I'll make it home or what I'll find when I'll get there. But I know you saved my life, healed my body. You reminded me what it means to be Human...
Zora:Please, Craft. No poignant ironies. This is hard enough already.
Craft:Then I'll just say goodbye.
Zora: Craft. On your world, if we were lovers, would you tell me your name, your true name?
Craft: If we were lovers on my world, you would give me my true name.
Zora: Oh, well, then I already did.

The Brightest Star [1.3] edit

Siranna: Look down every now and then. There's beauty there as well.

Saru: My place is no longer here.

Saru: I saw hope, in the stars. It was stronger than fear. And I went towards it.

The Escape Artist [1.4] edit

Harry Mudd: If I had any money, I'd be sipping jippers on a beach somewhere!

Season Two edit

Q&A [2.1] edit

Spock:Sir, Ensign Spock, S 179-276 SP, reporting for duty.

Spock: What are the three most salient facts about Captain Pike?
Number One: One, his capacity for hearing out another point of view is exceeded only by his willingness to change his own once he's heard you out. Two, even though he is the most heavily decorated fighting captain in Starfleet, he views resorting to force as an admission of failure. And three... he is utterly unsentimental except when it comes to horses.

The Trouble with Edward [2.2] edit

Lynne Lucero: Any advice from a salty old captain?
Christopher Pike: Don’t show any weakness or they will eat you alive. Yeah, I’m kidding. You’re gonna have a great time.
Christopher Pike: Just one tip, you got this job because you are a brilliant scientist. But you’re gonna find that not everybody is on your level, if you know what I mean.
Lynne Lucero: You’re right, some are going to be even better than me.

Edward Larkin: New boss huh, barf

Edward Larkin: Well, when you mix human DNA with tribble DNA crazy stuff happens.

Edward Larkin: I made one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time, I’m not the dumb one.

Tribble: We’re pregnant. With flavor!

Ask Not [2.3] edit

Thira Sidhu: Take a seat captain and I’ll ask you to remain silent.
Christopher Pike: There are lives at stake.
Thira Sidhu: That’s not silent.

Christopher Pike: You want to negotiate with the bastards using torpedoes on us!?

Christopher Pike: I know that a challenge like this might seem extreme, even inhumane; but war is both of those things. We need to know that you’ll honor your commitment to Starfleet even with those you hold dear are on the line. Even when old wounds are triggered and loopholes appear.

The Girl Who Made the Stars [2.4] edit

Michael Burnham: Computer, aluminum... I mean… lu.
Mike Burnham: Illuminate?
Michael Burnham: That’s what I said, make it brighter.

The Girl: We can go past the far mountain, we can find new land.
Elder: That journey would take longer than a day, longer than two days and that would anger the night beast.

The Girl: But, how can I tell everyone that they don’t have to be afraid?
The Being: You must show them

Ephraim and Dot [2.5] edit

Dot: Intruder!

Children of Mars [2.6] edit

Computer: This is an emergency alert!

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