Star Trek: Phase II (fan series)

fan-created series based off of Star Trek
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Star Trek: Phase II (previously Star Trek: New Voyages) is a fan series based on the popular science fiction television series Star Trek: The Original Series.

Directed by Erik Goodrich and Marc Scott Zicree. Written by various writers.
The Five Year Mission Continues.

Dialogue edit

(From Episode 4.00: Pilot Episode of the 4th Season: "Come What May") edit

Capt. James T. Kirk: Go to Red Alert. Mr. Scott, divert all ship's power to the engines. I want Warp 8. Lay in a direct course to the outer sheath. I'm on my way.
Dr. Leonard McCoy: What about the Admiral?
Mr. Spock: I'm sure he'll call back.
Lt. Nyota Uhura: (To the ship over the intercom) Red Alert. All hands man your battle stations. This is not a drill.

(From Episode 4.01: "In Harms Way") edit

Mr. Spock: Capt. Kirk, I do not make this request lightly: It is urgent that you alter course for Gateway immediately.
Kirk: Mister... 'Spock'? I don’t know what good one starship can do. I’m sure the scientists there at project timepiece can handle the situation.
Dr. MacGregor: I knew this would happen.
Mr. Spock: Captain, as Lt. Uhura has told you, my request has priority 1 authorization. You may confirm this with Starfleet Command, but you must comply. Spock out.

Dr. MacGregor: Welcome, Captain.
Capt. Kirk: Dr. McGregor, thank you. This is my chief medical officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy -and my first officer, Commander Kargh.
Dr. MacGregor: How do you do. This is Commander Spock...
Mr. Kargh: "Commander?" There are no Vulcans in Starfleet.
Dr. McCoy: There aren't any Vulcans anywhere.

Dr. MacGregor: Captain, until this shift in time, Mr. Spock was your first officer -aboard the Enterprise.
Kirk: "Enterprise?"
Dr. McCoy: There's no ship named...
Mr. Spock: According to my research, you and the crew of the Farragut were assigned many of the same missions, had many of the same experiences, shared many of the same crises as the crew of the Enterprise.
Mr. Kargh: Parallel time and development is not without precedent.

Mr. Kargh: The Enterprise is in the past. Time travel, Captain?
Kirk: We know exactly where and when the Enterprise will encounter the fist doomsday machine. If we could be there at the same time...
Mr. Spock: Captain, the 'Slingshot Effect' is not precise.
Mr. Kargh: We could emerge hours -or weeks -from our target.

Dr. McCoy: If we're wrong about the way this [time travel] thing works...
Lt. Vincent DeSalle: ...yeah. We'll wind up as cave paintings. I know.

Capt. Kirk: How do we know your correct history is the right one, the best one?
Mr. Spock: Because, Jim, here in your time line, billions of people are dead. (To Dr. McCoy) As you pointed out, doctor, Vulcan and dozens of other worlds have been destroyed in the 14 years since the 1st of those machines appeared [since the doomsday war begun]. In my time line, those worlds are still there, vibrant, thriving, filled with life.
Kirk: So, that's what we're supposed to do? Use the vortex to travel back in time to 2254 and stop these things before they can start a war?
Mr. Spock: Without the proper preparation, you would be annihilated along with everything else in your path. First, we must gather more information.

Capt. Christopher Pike: Steve Garrovik is the captain of the Farragut, so who the devil are you?
Capt. Kirk: That’s going to be somewhat difficult to explain. But it’s absolutely vital that you listen to what I have to say. I invite you to beam aboard the Farragut. Bring your senior staff with you if you prefer.
Number One: Captain, I verify their ship’s registry and command code, but much of the vessel’s internal configuration does not match fleet specifications.
Capt. Kirk: I can explain that too.
Capt. Pike: I just bet you can; How about *this*, “Captain”: You and your senior officers beam over *here*, and I promise I’ll have a security team standing by. Pike out. (To 'Number One') Number one, care to hear this explanation?
Number One: Certainly, sir.
Capt. Pike: Dr. Boyce, meet us in the transporter room.

Capt. Pike: Kirk, if that fancy ship of your can get off the mat, it's time we finish this thing off.

Dr. McCoy: All this, for a history that we don't know? For people that we may or may not become? Call it off while you still can.

Narrator: A devastating war, that never should have happened, and now our future lies in the past. Two mighty starships - Two courageous captains; One inescapable destiny: To prevent doomsday.

Klingon Captain: This prize is all ours...

Mr. Spock: I suggest you target these coordinates.

Capt. Pike: (To Admiral Kirk) I'm getting pretty damned tired of this. Is time-travel just something you guys do in the future?
Admiral Kirk: Chris? It's good to see you on your feet.
Capt. Kirk: I'm... guessing that you're from the future, Admiral?
Ambassador Spock: That is a logical assumption. 2293 to be precise.

Admiral Kirk: Fleet Captain, Pike, has suffered severe radiation poisoning. The Daedalus will make it to Starbase 11 where he will receive medical attention.
Capt. Kirk: I only wish we could have done more.
Ambassador Spock: We will, Captain. We will.
Admiral Kirk: It's only a matter of time. Oh, and, Jim. Contact [your wife] Carol. It's a boy.

Admiral Kirk: (To Ambassador Spock after he was unable to prevent Capt. Pike from getting radiation poisoning from Pike's rescue of some crew members on a damaged ship) "Ambassador, you're needed back aboard the Enterprise." (Then the future Kirk & Spock return to their own time-line)

Capt. Pike: (Beeps twice to acknowledge Spock.)
Ambassador Spock: (To the injured Capt. Christopher Pike, in a wheelchair and unable to speak) Do not despair. There are alternatives. The 'Spock' you know [from your time-line] will soon arrive. His plan will work, Captain. It is a foregone certainty. But I must know it is what you want.
Capt. Pike: (Beeps twice to indicate 'Yes.')
Ambassador Spock: Captain, do you remember what Dr. Boyce often said about living one's life to the fullest? One lives life as it happens, meeting it head-on -or turning his back on it and withering away. Do not chose to whither away. Live long and prosper. (To the ship) Energize.

Mr. Spock: Spock to Enterprise: One to beam up.
The Guardian: Time has resumed its shape. All is as it was before. Many such journeys are possible. Let me be your gateway.

(From the vignette, "Center Seat" -chronologically between episodes 4.01 and 4.02) edit

Lt. DeSalle: (After steering the wrong way, and nearly flying into the sun with the Enterprise) My first exam in Stellar Nav, I flunked because I'd switched a plus and a minus early in the basic equation. The rest of the calculations were based on that. (Pause) I hadn't had much sleep.
Capt. Kirk: (To Sulu and DeSalle) I'll expect both your reports by 0600.
Commander Hikaru Sulu: (Pause) Computer, begin retrieving navigational archives.
Computer: Working.
Cmdr. Sulu: (To DeSalle) Did you really fly my ship out of the time gateway?
Lt. DeSalle: Hikaru, it was amazing. You should have been there. The thing was huge to begin with, but there were these canyon walls. And wind sheer.
Cmdr. Sulu: Wind sheer?
Lt. DeSalle: That you would not believe...

(From Episode 4.02: "To Serve All My Days") edit

Lt. Pavel Chekov: (Sees Klingon ship decloak) What the hell?
Ambassador Rayna Morgan: What are you doing?
Chekov: Buying time. That debris field might camouflage our image. He might not know what to target.
Ambassador Morgan: "Target?"
Chekov: His disruptors are armed.

Lt. DeSalle: Not a bad piece of flying out there, Chekov.
Chekov: Thank you.
Lt. DeSalle: Considering you're not rated for helm, as well as navigation.
Chekov: Well, it doesn't matter in the shuttle -as I demonstrated.
Lt. DeSalle: Still, a double bridge qualifications means more when promotions come up. (Wink)
Chekov: DeSalle, what's your phaser firing rank?
Lt. DeSalle: Eighty-five.
Chekov: (Pause) Ninety-seven. (Wink)

Cast edit

Actor Role
James Cawley James T. Kirk
Jeffery Quinn Mr. Spock
John M. Kelley Dr. Leonard McCoy
Charles Root Montgomery Scott ("Scotty")
John Lim Lt. Commander Hikaru Sulu
Jonathan Zurge Lt. Pavel Chekov
Julienne Irons Lt. Uhura
Meghan King Johnson Janice Rand
Shannon Quinlan Nurse Chapel
Ron Boyd Vincent DeSalle
John Carrigan Captain Kargh

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